Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Back to Normal..

Getting back to normal after the clocks going forward. It seems that it was like jet lag this time, and it took us ages to get into the routine again. Last night I had just dropped off and there was an almighty thing landing on my side. It was little Rusty..who didn't feel quite so little at that hour of the morning! she felt more like big Bobby actually. Anyway that woke me up and I had the Divil's own job getting back to sleep again. Consequently could have stayed in bed for ages this morning!
Got up and didn't do much, we weren't going out today, but I got a phone call from the Drs and asked me to go in after the blood test. Went at 2.30 and saw the young Doctor.She wittered about my iron levels, and the blood sugar control and the blood pressure!!!Once they get their mitts on you there is no end!. Said I was a bit anaemic so she was going to write to the renal Dr., Why can't people leave you alone?
We were only there a few minutes, and then came home for a tiny cup of coffee, Best part of the day.Made an appointment for the hairdressers tomorrow too. There has been no sign from Emma so I will go to the one in Formby again.
VT is tidying up again today, sorting out things to take to the charity shops. Good for him.
Tonight we are having:
Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese,
Mashed Potatoes
Quorn escallope.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Body Clocks!!

Woke up late again this morning! It seems that we are waking up too early then turn over and then we wake up much later. this morning it was 10 past 10. So, no morning coffee. i enjoy the morning coffee..we generally lie there for a bit discussing things, and I like that.
Just watching QVC and they are doing Biscuits.!Mind you they do look like nice biscuits, but a terrible price.Crispy crunchy biscuits!! They do make you feel hungry though!
Since we got up late we nipped into Crosby for the veggies this morning. Came back with just under £10 worth of veggies to last the week and we were only there for 1/2 and hour.
Tonight we are having:
Drumsticks, with a 1/2 packet of bread sauce,
little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables, carrots green beans and peas.
Sauteed mushrooms.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Forward...

The clocks went forward one hour last night. really threw us. We woke up very early and VT went down to get our coffee then we dozed off again, didn't wake up till much later so everything is delayed today!.
Had a late breakfast and a later lunch and later doing the crosswords! Never mind we will catch up during the week.
Made a beautiful Sourdough oatmeal loaf today, must take a picture of it, and a good pizza dough for later.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Salad with avocado baby plum tomatoes, cucumber etc.,
Pineapple and some roasted vegetables.
Potato salad and a rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Start the Weekend..

With the postman knocking at the door with a parcel. Why is it that they always come on a Saturday, and why is it that they always come early on a Saturday, when for the rest of the week it is normally mid morning?
Nice necklace arrived from Pilgrim in the Cheshire Oaks, it was an exchange for the one I sent back, so everything arrived safely.
VT went out this morning to get some fuel, and I stopped in which is my wont. Saturday papers after lunch and watched last weeks recording of Lewis. Very watchable, but not quite as good as the old Morse programmes.It is the John Thaw thing I think, he was so good in that role.
Quite cold today, but dry. VT saw a weather map on some channel and it showed Perth Australia where John and Ann are and it was 36degrees! that's hot for their Autumn.
Tonight we are having:
M&S Moussaka their dine in for two for £10 range, and
Roasted Vegetables Mediterranean,
A tiny bit of gaarlic bread.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday Foray..

Took my money off to ASDA this morning. We had originally thought that it was The grand national this weekend, so had decided not to go the Aintree way. But it isn't it must be next week. So we had decided to go to the Southport shop.
It is quite easy to get to..a bit of a trek, but the parking is easy, and it is a big quite quiet shop. I like ASDA actually, but not for clothes, I find their clothes very cheap and not the sort I would wear. Always have a look around but never buy anything.
Stocked up on a lot of items especially ones that were on offer, it is a good shop for that, and it is a cheap shop. They seem to have a big range of goods that are on the round pounds..£1 £2 etc.,, so we got jars of sauces that we can stock up. Since we had got our Friday night meals and Saturday night meals from M&S yesterday, we didn't have to spend time thinking what we were going to have for the weekend which we usually do. We had a bit of a look round, and no coffee so we were home fairly early.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and ricotta canneloni,
Mixed vegetables with asparagus,Maybe a tiny bit of garlic bread.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mountaineering Bobby!!

Just had big Bobby on my knee, while I was trying to type. She then decided to climb up on top of the computer, and then behind on to the printer. Naughty girl..she then sat for ages on top of the printer looking cross before climbing down on to the other printer!! Finally on to the floor. What a curious cat!.
Went out this morning over to the new M&S in Aintree. Lovely shop, except it is very difficult to park there nowadays, but we were lucky something was just pulling out. Quite a nice shop actually, and they had a bit of a sale on but the one thing VT was looking for they didn't have in his size. His size must be poplear unfortunately. I didn't see anything I fancied at all.
Then we had an Americano upstairs, and a nice biscuit, and a visit to the food section downstairs. Bought some deals, 3 for £5 deal of spinach and ricotta canneloni in the count on us range, some veggies on 2 for £3, and some of their jars of sauces. Got those then went to go, and decided on the last minute to get their Dine in for £10 for Saturday night instead of the chinese. The vegetarian choice is vegetable moussaka and we got some roast vegetables, and a bottle of lovely chardonnay, and a fresh fruit salad for dessert. it turns out it was a good deal actually.
Tonight we are having:
Roast vegetables, with little potatoes,
A quorn style fillet in tomato and we will have some mushrooms with it.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day in Today

Didn't go out today..didn't do anything much either..couldn't be bothered. VT was looking at my finances this afternoon, and sorting out where my money lies. I haven't really spent a huge amount from my lump sum etc.,Bought the odd holiday and a computer and my hearing aids and that's it really. We are thinking about a holiday in october again,but it will depend on the money rates etc. The last time we went to the States we got a fantastic rate of exchange almost two dollars to the pound which meant that everything was half price more or less. This time the dollar is $1.30 to the pound which is a big difference. We shall have to see. We didn't go away last year so we are due a break. Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in a white wine and cream and mushroom sauce,
Stir fry vegetables,
Rice or 8oz of new potatoes.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blow the Cobwebs Away!

I wonder why we say that? We went over to Ormskirk which is on a bit of a hill, and it was quite busy and quite blowy and quite cold. You'd come round a corner and the cold would get you. Didn't rain though, well not until this afternoon.it is currenbtl;y pouring down.
Had a bit of a look round but didn't buy anything really, certainly not any clothing or make-up today. Didn't see anything I fancied at all.
The people from Pilgrim jewellers rang up this afternoon to ask what necklace did I want. Glad that arrived anyway. It was a necklace that I liked but when I got it home I found it was too tight round the neck. very unusual because I don't have a big neck. Maybe it is just a short necklace. Anyway they are sending it back for me. My OPI things arrived today as well,I only ordered them the other day. QVC is an excellent firm really, never any problem with them. It was a today''s special value with three colour varnishes a nail envy, a top rapid dry coat and an avoplex oil. Plus some bits and pieces. All good value. I love OPI things they are always good quality, you get what you pay for.
Sent Jane some cash yesterday, but no reply yet. Not good manners really, and a bit disappointing. Must admit to being a bit hurt that I didn't get a Mothers Day card, but then she doesn't do birthdays or Christmas etc. Don't know why we always did. Ah Well.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn meatballs in a Goulash Sauce,
Stirfry vegetables, Packet of rice between us.
It is a Delia recipe that we mess around with a bit. Tasty and warming for today since it is quite cold.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Blood Donor..

Got a phone call from the clinic this morning to say that we could go for my blood test anytime rather than the appointed time of twelve twenty. So we went at about eleven ish. It was pouring down with rain and very blowy and cold.Quite a difference from last week. it has cleared up now though and the sun is shining but is still cold. Couldn't help thinking of the Blood Donor sketch of Tony hancock, when you see the tubes of blood being taken. Never bothers me when they do that, but some people really lose it.
package arrived this afternoon which was the two shelves that VT had ordered for the gas cooker. One of the little spindles had broken off, so he rang up for a new one then ordered two. They look lovely actually all nice and shiny black.
Went to Sainsbury's this morning, just about escaped the rain, and whizzed round the veggie dept. Got a mixture of vegetables, enough for the week. Put some money into Jane's bank account for her to tide her over.
Tonight we are having:
no idea actually..
Maybe sausages and squashed potatoes and carrots and swedes.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's day..

What day?? you wouldn't know it in this house!! Jane doesn't do Mother's day, or birthdays or Christmas. God knows why not, we have always enjoyed birthdays etc in this house. Maybe they don't have card shops in Manchester?
Sunday dawns quite nice but cold. VT didn't go out this morning but did a few things outside this morning and came in saying that it was cold, his hands certainly were. We did a bread mix bread for a change today, a Hovis white one, and it does give good results. The only thing that you have to watch is that you get the right consistency of the dough, make sure it isn't too dry or wet. I do it in the machine on the dough cycle, and it is done much quicker than the Sourdough. We then did the roast vegetables, and then the pizza dough, which we have to a fine art now.
The crosswords were fairly easy, I just had to look up some of Sebastian Faulk's novels to finish mine, and the name of the headmaster of Hogwarts for VT's one.
Yesterday..Saturday I forgot to do this but it was a very uneventful day, with not much going on. VT went out in the morning, otherwise we stayed in and read the papers.
We had:
Chinese, Quorn dippers,
Honey and cashew sauce,
Stir fried vegetables, with pepper for VT,
4oz egg fried rice with spring onion and peas.

Sunday..We are having:
Pizza with our home made dough,
Tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables we have done,
Salad with Ceasar salad bag,
Potato salad and Rice salad. baby plum tomatoes and avocado pear.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday Shopping..

Today we took my money off to sainsbury's in Walton. We won't be going there next week because it is grand national day, and it will be crazy round thee. We went there last year, and never again..it was mad.
It was quite quiet today actually, and we were back by one ish and that was with a cup of coffee also. Bought our usual weekend things, and I got grumpy because I couldn't decide what to have for our tea. Eventually after a lot of humming and hawing we decided on a chilli. Didn't buy many bits and pieces today, mainly because they didn't have many tempting offers.
VT sorted me out with my necklace this afternoon. I bought it at Cheshire Oaks yesterday, and when I tried it on it was too tight, so I thought I might as well send it back since it could be returned. the only trouble was that we wouldn't be going there any time soon, so I thought I'd post it. That cost two pounds which is less than the price of the tunnel fees both ways anyway.£1.40 each way!! and then there is the petrol.Having a Bobby day today..Grumpy! VT has his whale watching times, when he is grumpy.
this stems back to a holiday in New England when we went on a whale watching tour by boat, and we sailed for hours, and barely saw a glimpse of a grey mark on the horizon! He was really grumpy and sulked for the evening! He was only pacified by an outing to a pizza parlour and a trip to the cinema to see The General's daughter, which was a good film actually. So, now we have Whale Watching moments!
Tonight we are having:
Chilli with Quorn mince,
1/2 a packet of rice,
Green beans.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Out for the Day..

Well half a day actually. We were up early this morning, and went off to the Cheshire Oaks this morning. left the cats some food, and were out by 9.10 ish. There was quite a lot of traffic just going into Liverpool, looded like census patrol, and the queues were slow moving but we got to Ellesmere Port by a quarter past ten. Worked our way around,some shops have gone since the last time we were there, the big Raebok has closed, and some of the ones we used to go in have gone. new ones opening in their place though. Had our usual lovely coffee in Costa, and went round to the Colliseum to the M&S to get our lunch sandwiches.
I didn't buy much, some of the fashion shops I used to go in have gone, the Elvi store for one, and M&S didn't have anything that I fancied. That's the thing there though, sometimes you can get loads of things other times you get nothing. Bought a new Bobbi Brown eye shadow in a fetching shade of eggplant! and a necklace from a shop next to Revlon, and a cotton jumper from Cotton trader in blue for wearing round the house when the weather warms up a bit.
We came home fairly early, and were in the house by 2.45 which is early for us.
Nice sunny day today, but on the cool side when we got home.
the news today seems to be sadd, a mother and a young girl who had been missing were found in a lake near her home, and the actress natasha Richardson has died following a skiing accident in Canada. Tragedy everywhere today.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes ,
Sauteed potatoes, done in fry Light,
Carrots and green beans,
Mushrooms done in a little bit of sauce.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sunshiney Day..

Beautiful sunshiney day today, the sun was streaming through the window this morning. VT was awoken by the postman this morning because he had a parcel for guess who! another QVC delivery.This time a really nice blue shirt I bought on their clearance offers. A gorgeous blue colour.well worth the money.
We decided to go to Dobbies for our coffee, and VT went to Homebase for a new tube for the lights in the kitchen. I nipped into the Aldi which is nearby because I wanted some yogurt for the tea tonight. It is quite a busy one actually, and I got a few things while I was walking round. They don't have baskets which is a pain, so you end up carrying things round with you, you'd buy more if they had baskets!I got some honey in a big squeezy bottle good for our bread, and a small jar of acacia honey too. A pack of small Ritter sports chocolatesa couple of good things for our dips at the weekend, and a big pot of yogurt, a pack of mushrooms and a bag of Toblerone dark miniatures. All only £9.
Came home for lunch, and VT fixed the cooker..well done him. The ignition spark has been a problem for a while and he had been looking on the internet for a replacement..£30! anyway no-one had one, so he had left it by the computer while he looked around. I came up this afternoon and moaned because he leaves things on the flat surface round the screen so he took it off..and lo and behold he fixed it !! So that was a good job.
Tonight we are having:
Almost Cheeseless Pasta casserole
This is a beautiful recipe I did last week and we really enjoyed it. because it has so little cheese in it, it is a good healthy one.
We will have a few green beans to go with, and a bit of garlic bread to go with too.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's a Quiet Life..

This retirement malarkey! We didn't want to go out today so we didn't. maybe tomorrow. VT got up and got our usual cup of coffee this morning then he started reading his book. At present he is reading "The Diary of Anne frank". We bought it the last time we went to Cheshire oaks, only 2 or 3.99 can't remember which. Lovely little book with a reddish cover, and a small book to hold. he keeps reading me bits from it, the girl certainly knew how to write, and her vocabulary was brilliant. Very smart girl, with a great sense of humour. there was an excellent series on BBC a while ago, and the girl who played her was a very good likeness. Very good casting too.
VT mended the socket this morning under the sink. The plug was very burnt and was looking quite dangerous to me. He turned the electricity off and did that fine. He is good at repairing things, very good with his hands. It's a real shame he didn't have a better education he could have been a professional something. Jane's education would have suited him down to the ground. Haven't heard from her for a few days, she rang up the other night to say that she had bought something good in tesco...Marmite Cashew nuts!!! Wouldn't mind trying those, but nuts not good for moi.Potassium and salt..
Tonight we are having:
Lamb grills (Quorn)
Mashed potatoes with leeks,
Mushroom gravy,
Cabbage and leek..green beans maybe.
I was going to do the almost cheeseless pasta casserole, but forgot to buy the greek yogurt so we will have that tomorrow.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Nice Trip Out!!

Not..VT said at lunchtime did you enjoy your nice trip out? I ask you..a shopping trip to Crosby!!!! not exactly a real trip out.
We niped there to get our weekly veggies, the Sainsbury's is a horrible little shop..far too small. But, the veggies are good and they do have a good variety, with some offers. I get the usual, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and leeks, mixed vegetable selection, green beans etc. VT was saying at luch that our shopping trolley is actually very healthy looking with a lot of vegetables and little fatty foods or ready meals. we don't buy meat obviously and get Quorn products which are useful.That was a quick outing, and we were back for a coffee mid morning. Nice!
There actually was a real touch of Spring in the air today, beautiful sunshine, and the spring flowers out, but no blossom on the trees yet. A bit early for that.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes gruyere cgheese and leek,
Baby squashed potatoes,
Broccoli and carrots, with a mushroom sauce.
Cumberland sauce.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Baking Beautiful bread.

Usual Sunday baking, but today we made a really beautiful loaf. I will get VT to take a picture of it before it gets cut into. Sometimes the loaves turn out reassonably nice but occasionally one turns out really well and the one today is lovely. Really well risen and fluffy looking, and the perfect colour. i am dying to cvut into this one to see what it will be like.
Also did our Pizza dough which is a light and silky dough too, with little flecks of herbs throughout the dough. I think sometimes it is the flour, today he used mainly white flour with some malted grain flour too, must be the right mix.
Last night was funny. we were getting the curry ready and the Dance celebrity programme was on the television. One of the dancers was Robert Webb who did a Flashdance routine clad in a Leotard! When he started he removed his cape, and VT looked at the screen and went "Phwoor"! I said I didn't know you were that way inclined..and he said "Why"? Then i told him it was Robert Webb! Really hilarious..his face was a picture! His excuse was he was looking from the other end of the kitchen!!
He did have gorgeous legs though!!!
The crosswords were easy today, hardly had to use the internet at all. All three of them were done without a problem.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our home made dough,
tomato sauce base,
Salad with avocado cucumber and baby yellow plum tomatoes,
potato salad and pesto and pasta salad.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday as Usual..

We do tend to do the same things on a Saturday. Except that VT went over to Ormskirk this morning to get something he wanted. he said it was quite quiet and he could park easily despite the fact that it was market day. Might go and have a look at the market one day, it is a long time since I have been to that.
He did go into M&S and brought a pack of nice pears for our lunch, which we have with a tiny bit of blue cheese, lovely mix of flavours.
Washing day today, it is a good job the washing machine was repaired, it is a big job on a Saturday, two loads, and a lot of tumble drying. God knows how our parents used to manage especially with the drying. i can remember the washing being done on a Monday, and hung outside to dry unless it was pouring down, otherwise it was dried round the fire on maidens. I wonder if anyone still does that?
Tonight we are having:
Delia Smiths egg and spinach curry
1/2 a pack of basmati rice each,
Stir fry vegetables,
banana, poppadums and tomato and red onion cachumber.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief day..

Not affected us today at all really. We went to ASDA this morning, and there was nothing going on there, maybe it is just Sainsbury's that just take part. it seems to be their thing.
ASDA was quite quiet actually, very easy to get round and full of bargains. Spent £65 on bargains anyway. it is a cheap shop, I got some Gold Blend coffee for £3 which is very good, and a bag of reduced fairtrade coffee beans for £1.30. Got a new washing up bowl for £1 so the old one has gone out of the door. lots of items for the store cupboard, and very good offers. Not so struck on the clothing though, i think it is more for the younger person, wear it once or twice and throw it away mentality!. I like my clothing to keep.
We went into the Range shop, and didn't buy anything there, or have a cup of coffee either which is unusual for us! then went to Au Natrel a few doors down, and I spotted a really great little table for the side of my sofa for my cup of coffee etc., really pleased with that, I had been looking for something like that for an age and only seen nests of tables which we didn't want. £25 which wasn't bad.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers,
Chips 200grms,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me.
Baked tomato.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hair Do's..

Didn't rise too early this morning..well one early start is enough for one week!
The cats, one or the other tend to wake us up with their early morning rambles over the bed, then we turn over and grab a bit longer. That is until you get a furry face in your eye, and it is time to move.
VT went into Formby for a haircut this morning. his hair grows really quickly, and becomes fluffy quickly too. he came back at about twelvish for his coffee which suits me fine. My hair wants cutting too, but Emma hasn't rung me back so I well have to go to the little one in Formby by VT's barbers. Got it done there last time and it was quite good.
Tonight we are having.:
Something with pasta I think, but I'm not sure. I was going to do the pasta dish from the 101 website, but haven't got any butternut squash, maybe I can adapt the recipe.
it well be a pasta dish of some sort anyway.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Isn't it a Long day When...

You get up early! I had an appointment at the Doctors this morning at 9.am so we got up at a quarter to eight. What a long day it seems. My appointment was on time, and I got my ten minutes VT said. I have had a really bad neck since before Christmas and thought there could be something else to be done. She thought it was a muscle strain and that Physiotherapy could help. Worth trying anyway. Got a repeat prescription and a form for some blood tests, to be done later.
We then decided to go on to Ormskirk, and we were there for 10 o'clock. Never been there that early. It was quiet! and there were huge numbers of parking spaces. Nice look round but didn't buy much, bought a book 2.99 with a copy of The Times Looks a good read actually.
Had to go into Morrisons to get a few things to get the money back on the car parking, so got a few extra vegetables etc.,
We were home for 12o'clock. Asleep by 3 o'clock after our lunch! Doesn't do any harm though.
Tonight Iwe are having:
Moussaka with Quorn mince and assorted vegetables.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Twas on a Tuesday Morning...

The washing machine man came to call.. Up early this morning to get ready for the arrival. Did the kitchen floor, vacuumed the downstairs, mopped the bathroom and VT cleaned that, and big general tidy up. Mostly moving magazines off the floor. The house is lovely and tidy now!!
Said washing machine man came at 2 O'Clock as he said he would and had a quick look. About half an hour later it was fixed, it was a loose connection apparently and that would have cost £100 !! We had taken out an extended guarantee on it so nothing to pay. It was the end of a real problem week for us with all sorts going wrong.Looking forward to a bit of a respite now.
Got a load of washing on now to test it, it is surprising how the washing accumulates, and we haven't had the bedding to do this week yet.just general clothing.
Funny today..we have noticed a very strange smell in the house over the last day or so. VT said it was some leeks that I had bought on Monday, but I didn't think it was. it seemed to happen every time we opened the fridge, the room smelt like a rubbish tip! Anyway VT went down to make our coffee this morning aqnd the scent was really strong. He said it was the Broccoli in the fridge. Not out of date or anything but the smell!! No good..it had to go..neither of us fancied eating it...so it ended up in a plastic bag and he took it to the bin on the way to get the papers. Took a very good blast of the Yankee candle room freshener to get rid of it!!
Tonight we are having:
pork ribsters in gravy and mushrooms and apples,
Mashed potatoes with leeks,
Carrots and Peas. ( Not..tenderstem Broccoli)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Start of the week..

Monday already. A fairly busy week this week. VT wanted to take the old heater to the tip this morning so we went there first. The tip has been re-arranged, and is all skips with flags to say what to put in them. Completely blocked and Recycling assistants running around. Of course the skip we wanted was at the farthest edge of the place so VT had to wend his way round all the parked cars.
Did that then went to Tesco's because it is about two minutes up the road. Not from choice that is. Got the veggies for the week, and the few extras that we needed like rice cakes etc., VT got some petrol, so they did quite well from us today.
The washing machine man is due tomorrow afternoon, so that will give us some time to do the floor and tidy up a bit. VT wants to replace the socket in the cupboard under the sink too.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
vegetables of choice from the fridge, Carrots, tenderstem broccoli,
White sauce with mushrooms,
Baby potatoes sauteed in fry light.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's the Weekend...

Saturday and Sunday together again.
Saturday we fiddled around a bit really. nothing too much to do. VT went out to get a few bits and pieces and I worked a bit on the computer. Spent the afternoon watching a few things we had recorded since the television was generally sport or old films of no interest.
Last night we had:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice,
Stir Fry vegetables, plum and ginger sauce.

Sunday.. Far more to do. We made a nice loaf in the breadmaker. Today for a change we used a Hovis bread mix, a wholemeal one. That has turned out beautifully, but not got the flavour of the Sourdough that I usually do. Still well worth making. Then made the Pizza dough in the usual way to our normal recipe. VT does the flour for that so each time it is a bit different, today he put a bit more spelt flour in it for a change. Did our own roast vegetables, which are turning out to be far tastier than the bought ones, and not so much onion in them. VT did my hair colour today. I have been walking round with white patch of hair at the front of my head where the colour has gone,so he puts the colour on for me. We had a funny little talk about where you go for your holidays and he said don't make him laugh because it makes him put the colour on wrong. He made a really good job of it actually Bless Him.
I like Sundays. We do so many sort of creative things and they all turn out well. I love my bit of cooking but am sorry I can't do cakes any more having to be healthy.
The crosswords are fairly easy today. Mine ..the Mail You magazine was a mass of football teams so VT finished those off otherwise that was quite easy. he had a few awkward ones on his but they were quick on the puter. He nearly finished the MOS one all on his own, just left a very few for me to look up, I was quite impressed with him today.
Mind you the two machines help. He has a britannica one which is very good.I have a little crossword solver which I like and is really useful.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza as usual with Roasted Vegetables and our tomato sauce.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes, cicimber and avocado and seeds.
Potato salad and Coleslaw.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday Shop...

Took my money off to Sainsbury's in Walton today. Seems like a while since we have been there,it is a bit of a trek, but the Sainsbury's is so small and a horrible shop. We got a package from Horlicks today, with an envelope in it, and a voucher for £5. Quite generous considering it was a pack for £2 on offer. The carton has now been returned, so it is now a matter of waiting to hear from them. No doubt that will take a long time. I bought two refill packs of Horlicks so did well out of that deal really.
We were undecided what we were going to have tonight, and had almost settled on a Chilli,then we saw a Toad in the Hole reduced so decided on that. Sainsbury's is quite good for reduced stuff, and it is a good way of saving a bit of money. We bought all the weekend things, and salads etc., but don't tend to buy wine from there. ASDA is better for wine with good offers.
VT is at present in the kitchen trying to mend the sparker unit on the hob. We are having abig difficulty finding another one of those, it seems that no-one is manufacturing them any more.What a pain. There is nothing wrong with the hob that a few little things wouldn't put right.
I am typing this in what used to be Janes room upstairs, and one cat..Rusty is curled up fast asleep on the basket on the stool in front of the window. The other cat Bobby is curled up on the duvet that is on the bed behind me. They both look gorgeous, really comfortable...Aaah.
It is exactly three years today that we got little Rusty back from going missing for 30 days. We were beginning to lose hope a bit really, and then we got a phone call froma man over the line to say she was in his garden, so VT went racing round and she was....He brought her straight back and she was so thin!! you could feel the bones on her back like a razor blade. Poor little thing she slept for a week, just getting up for a bit of food. She hasn't gone very far since. We are grateful every day for her coming home..and so grateful to the people who spotted her.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Toad in the Hole,
Carrots, Baby Portobello Mushrooms

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Gremlins Week This is turning out to Be!!

What a week for things going wrong. I have lost count of the things that have happened up to date. The Horlicks being "OFF"., the washing machine breaking, the cooker hob shelf breaking off, now VT was repairing the leak behind the sink with a new part, and has found that the strange smell was a socket under the sink that was completely burnt. Good Job he found that eh! Just one of those weeks, you didn't think anything further could happen and it did.
We went to Dobbies this morning for a bit of fresh air, and it was quite cold actually. VT wanted to get some compost, since he has run out. I bought two nice Yankee Candles electric room fresheners, in Clean Ctton.Bogof offer actually.
Then we went to Waitrose for the chicken for the babies, they had run out. Picked up a few other things and spent £23. Lord knows how.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta, 4oz between us, with mixed vegetables,
Half fat tomato and mascarpone sauce.
I shall do it as a bake I think.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Odd things happened today. Started as a very ordinary day, VT went for the paper and then did a few things like taking some flowers round to the front of the house etc. I did the brasses on the front door. Then I cleaned the top of the cooker, the hob part, and a piece that is attached to the hob tray just snapped off when I dried it. So that will require a new one. VT wanted to wash a light coat he has, so he got that in the washing machine, and came up a bit later on to say the washing machine was making funny noises, and the lights were flashing. So that is Kaput as they say.
Requires a phone call to the Hotpoint people. they can send an engineer round on Tuesday, so not too bad. At least it isn't full of water and leaking all over the kitchen.
VT found the booklet to go with the machine and discovered how to take the top off the hob. There was no stopping him then. He found that the sparker that lights the gas and hasn't worked for quite some time just comes off, so can be replaced...
he has just come up to say that the shelf is out of stock, and they are getting some more in, and they don't stock the unit but have given him a website for a firm that has them. So he will do that later.
Good job we stayed in today...
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Meatballs with swedish Style sauce, and mushrooms.
Boiled Potatoes 8oz.,
Carrots and Peas and Sweetcorn.
Cranberry sauce.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Events of The Day..

Up fairly early today. I had an appointment at Fazackerley Hospital with the Dietician at 11.05. No problem with that except that the parking is dreadful. We were in a queue for about a quarter of an hour, and so eventually I left VT in the queue and I went off.
We left the house too early but the traffic was quite quiet so we called in at ASDA to get some Horlicks for me.
Story is..I have a small mug of Horlicks every night and have done for years and years and years. Well..I opened a new one last night and thought it had a weird smell, then when I tasted it at bedtime it was very definitely off. So for the first time in a long long time I went to bed Horlicksless. Not a happy bunny..couldn't sleep and I'm sure it was that. VT rang them up first thing this morning and they are sending a bag to send it back, and some vouchers to replace it. So OK, we called in at ASDA and bought another pack, and some wine 3 for £10.and a couple of other things. We were very quick, so we could keep the appointment.
I was only in with the dietician for a short while, and she didn't really say anything new, just repeated what the last girl had said. Boil the veggies, watch the coffee, and no salt.
Then we went to the new M&S in Aintree, which is a lovely shop. I had a bit of a look round while VT went to Halfords up the road! well each to their own! While he was away I bought a new watch! it's really nice with big numbers, and a good black watchstrap. I have had a watch from Past Times for an age, and it is beginning to look scruffy sohave been looking for another to reoplace it for ever. This is just right and I don't have to be careful with it. We had a lovely cup of coffee in there too, and bought a few things in the home dept. Mostly candles and some vegetables from downstairs.
So a good day today..did a lot.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage Rolls, 2 each..
Mashed Potato, Morrisons Finest,
Cauliflower and Broccoli with a cheese sauce topping.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Tidy Up..

We stayed in today. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Dieticvian at Aintree Hospital, so VT got some vegetables yesterday in Maghull. That means we didn't have to go out anywhere today as we usually do. Makes a change really.
I did some ironing this morning, and VT did some sorting out in his "Study". He said that he had a big black bag,I wonder if he is going to fill it? Lord Knows he could! He has actually thrown out a number of books, like economics books that haven't been opened for years.
We had the remainder of the pizza for our lunch with the remaining salads. I sometimes think it is nicer the next day, I can see why people eat it cold for breakfast..No..maybe not!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
Baby potatoes, boiled then sauteed,
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunday Busy as Usual..

1st March already..seems only a few weeks since Christmas. Hares and Rabbits..I wonder if anyone else says this.
Busy day for us since we do quite a lot of baking etc., Made a nice Sourdough bread today, to keep the starter going. Then did our Roast vegetables,and later in the day the Pizza dough which is now rising.
VT went off to the Farmers Market in Maghull brought some very tasty lancashire cheese spread back, and some vegetables so we don't have to go out tomorrow.
The Spring flowers are beginning to come up. VT planted a lot of miniature daffodils and snowdrops etc before Christmas and some of those have buds on them. Hope we don't have any snow to spoil them now.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes,
potato salad and rice salad.