Friday, 31 July 2009


Little Bobby seems to be a bit under the weather at the moment, very quiet, but eating ok.
Bought a pair of cognac diamond earrings from QVC the other day, and they arrived yesterday. Quite pretty but small, and not as sparkly as I had hoped. VT said this morning was I happy with them so I knew they didn't look right. Therefore they went back. You win some you lose some!
We took my money off to Sainsbury's this morning, and it was really quiet. Must be the big holiday week , there were very few kids about.
Got the usual weekend things,and things for a curry on Saturday night.
VT has rung up Dobbies and got his reward vouchers to be sent, and is trying to ring Formby Hardware to see if they have Cafetiere refills.
I had a break day yesterday..
First knocked the Cafetiere and broke the glass inner, Then was getting glasses out of the cupboard and separating them and one of them broke!! Earlier in the week I picked up the pepper ball and that snapped so we had to replace that. What a week for breaking things!
Tonight we are having:
Butternut Squash lasagne (left from my birthday meal)
Carrotss sliced with onion seeds.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


This is Jane and me in the lounge of her house in Manchester. We went there before we went for our meal at Greens.
Weather that is. Very cold and blowy when we woke up, and rained this morning, but as the morning progressed it cleared up. At last I was able to do the brasses at the front without getting wet.
The paper today was full of pictures of soggy holidays. One picture of swans sailing round two tents on a campsite.. others of people with umbrellas everywhere.
Sheme if you are on fun on a beach.
We stayed in today mainly because of the weather. I did the bathroom out this morning and VT went to the garden centre to get a plant pot for some lavender plants that arrived this morning. Lovely little plants that should thrive.
Baths this afternoon with the candles and a good read and a square of chocolate. Treat.
Tonight we are having:
Small baby potatoes baked with salt and rosemary.
Garlic Kievs,
Mixed vegetables left in the fridge..beans broccoli carrots etc.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

This was taken in the last spell of warm weather..back in june.
Today it is cold and wet and I am back in my sweatshirt.If this was September instead of July we would have the heating on!¬
Jane has just rung up and said that she has come out of tesco's and it is absolutely p*****g down, like the tropical storms you get in Florida. It isn't raining here but it is cold.
VT came up this morning with the coffee and said he had been watching a family being interviewed in Barry Island and they were all huddled together and it was pouring down. The interviewer asked them what they were going to do and they said go bowling . Shame really. You pay top prices for a holiday in the summer and the weather ruins it. At least when you go to Florida you get the sun and fun.
We went to Tescaw this morning primarily to get a pepper ball. I broke our other one last night. VT is going to send that one back with a complaint letter. See what happens.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in watercress sauce,
Rice 1/2 a packet each,
Stir fry vegetables.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

T-Shirts and Sweatshirts...

It's that sort of weather today. I started the day in a t-shirt, and by the afternoon had changed to a sweatshirt again. VT was looking at the paper and found it was the same temperature at the moment as Perth Australia..and it is their winter!!
We decided to stay in today and do things around the house. I did a load of ironing this morning and VT cleared the front room out. Washed lightshades, and decorative plates. I wanted to do the brasses at the front but it has showered with rain all morning so no point really. We need to de-clutter a bit as they say. We have a load of knick knacks that need going through and taking to the charity shops. There was for instance a very large planter in the front room that we originally had a big coconut palm in and that died long ago. The planter has remained not doing anything since. Time it went.
It is actually really quite cold today, and I am watching QVC on and off since it is their summer sale.Full of summer tops that at the moment are too cold to wear. You need lighter sweatshirts and cardigans.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable Moussaka from M&S on special offer,
Caesar vegetables 1/2 price from M&S
So, it is a M&S tea tonight.
Maybe a bit of garlic bread if we have any.
Might have Quorn fillets in a watercress sauce with rice and caesar vegetables,
Miaght have meatballs in goulash sauce with
rice and Caesar vegetables.
Will ask VT what he fancies tonight.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Photos and M&S

This is VT in his Sunday pizza mode. Yesterday he made a scrumptious Spinach Ricotta and Pine nut one that we finished off for lunch today. Very tasty indeed and out of our little pizza book. That has turned out to be wll worth the money.
Went out today to get our usual Monday veggies, but went via Aintree ASDA first. VT went in to get the photos he had done n Saturday, 50 free prints with a voucher from the opaper. Worth £7.50. He came out with said photos and two bags of bread mix on offer for £1.
I waited in the car, then we went off up the road to M&S. It is reasonably new and on the B&Q site. made that park extremely busy, there is now a big Boots, a big Next and the M&S all in a row. The M&S is a very good one actually with all of the k own departments if some are a little smaller. There was supposed to be a sale but I didn't see much.
Anyway we had a nice cup of filter coffee in their cafe upstairs, then a bit of a look around but didn't get anything to buy either of us.
Went down to get the shopping in the food dept which is a good one and quite quiet. I bought lots of different veggies, and other bits and pieces, and we were home in time for lunch.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalopes or Garlic kievs,
Baby potatoes, Mixed vegetables, beans and carrots or broccoli.
Mushrooms in a bit of sauce.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

July Lovely Summer Weather..

The back of our house does not look like this today. It is cloudy, grey and cold!
What summer I type this the woman next door is sat in their cinservatory on their new seats, reading a book with a wooly throw round her!! What's that all about as they say.
VT went to Maghull this morning and had to use his umbrella and I had to change from my thin top to a sweatshirt again.
Pity anyone who is on holiday here especially a beach holiday.
VT went down for the Sunday papers this morning and said the ginger cat from next door who gets nmore food from us than them...followed him the whole way miaowing.
Both our cats are curled up in little furry balls wise animals.
The crosswords were not too bad today, VT left me to do the MOS one while he watched a programme on pqasspport controls in New Zealand. I do have to say they are a lot tougher on peiople than we are, if they don't want someone they send them home on the next flight here they keep them for years that is if they don'e lose them!!
Tonight we are having:
Spinach Pine nut and Ricotta pizza ( from the pizza book)
Salad with egg and potato cucumber and avocado.
Potato salad and rice salad.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Washday Blues..

This is the back of the house which at the moment is in full sunshine, and looks lovely with the plants in full bloom.
Not really these days. It wasn't raining, and we have the modern technology such as the washing machine, and tumble dryer. I bought a new set of bedding a while ago from QVC which is 300 thread count cotton and is very luxurious, but it does crease so needs a flick over with the iron. Not really used to doing that these days, but it is worth it because the bed feels lovely. The pillows are gorgeous too. We managed to hang the washing out too which was good because for a time it did look cloudy, but as I type this the sun is shining brightly through the windows. A good night's sleep in the offing tonight.
VT went to ASDA in Aintree this morning to get his prints done. He couldn't get them done in Southport, but the card worked perfectly today in the Aintree shop. They are to be collected on Monday.Maybe we could get the prints then go on to M&S to get our veggies for the week.
He posted my letter to Joh and Ann in Australia yesterday with some prints of the photos we have had on the camera. A selection of them, his pizza, some of the cats at christmas, and some of Jane and us. They should get those in a few days, they seem to get there quicker than we get things here!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Stir fry vegetables,
Egg fried rice,
Sauce probably plum and ginger.

Friday, 24 July 2009


My orchid is now just on a week old in my possession anyway. It is the most gorgeous shade of purple which I love, and VT bought it for my birthday last Saturday. I don't think I have had an orchid before and he chose it instead of flowers. Good choice.
We went over to ASDA this morning mainly because VT wanted to get some prints run off the photo card. he has a voucher for a free 50 prints, but when we got there the card wouldn't work on the machine..Drat..this technology is a pain actually.
So he gave up in the end and we did the shopping. £84 quids worth. We seemed to pile the trolley with things for the weekend and things we needed. I did buy a book, a Maeve Binchy (£3) and a magazine and three bottles of Arniston Bay white for £10.
Along with our salad things, vtoilet rolls for £5 coffee for £ maounts up.The roads were quite quiet really, I expected them to be busier, and the shop wasn't too bad either, not too many kids around yet. They have all broken up now so might be on holiday maybe. The traffic reports on the radio as I type this are telling of awful traffic jams on a variety of roads. This morning was a selection of caravans overturning which would be a mess. That would spoil the holiday without a doubt.
What a pain they are. I have been saving about £100a month for a while now and have about £5.000 but I am only getting 1/2 a per cent interest. £1.74 a month!! Now you need to decide what is the best deal for savers,and the answer is that there is very little out there really. VT suggests the Coventry BBS so he has sent for an information pack from them. Its a minefield really. I don't understand money and don't want to either, and you shouldn't have to move the money around all the time to get little bits more interest. Stupid.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style pasty Quorn,
Little sliced potatoes fried in Fry Light,
Carrots and maybe cabbage.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Stay In Day..

This is one of VT's home done hanging baskets which are beautiful this year.
Stopped in today mainly because I was getting a delivery of some medication which is delivered every month. It is called Aranesp and has to be injected every two weeks. It came at about two o'clock.
So didn't go out anywhere had to stay in for the delivery.
Sorted through a lot of magazines and did some bits and pieces and not a lot else. But no matter.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kievs..
Broccoli and cauliflower with a cheese sauce,
Sliced and sauteed potatoes.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Silver Surfing...

This is VT's pizza on Sunday. A recipe from the pizza book that I bought from Dobbies..Pizza Margherita. Just a simple bread dough base that we always make with very thinly sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and torn basil leaves. It was really excellent.This is before it was cooked on the pizza stone.

This is his pizza after cooking. A masterpiece.

Did a few things today. I finished my letter to John and Ann in Australia, the first one I have done on the computer. Printed that off and all done very successfully so am quite proud of that.
VT has shown me how to set a new file up too so I can start a new one going.All easy with practice.
Added some photographs to my site at Delia, and put some on the blog so that is another new skill.
This afternoon VT showed me how to transfer some money from my savings account with Ing to my Bank account also so that is another thing done. The interest at present is an absolute disgrace..£1.74 on £5000of money in the account..won't even buy you a bottle of wine these days. Disgraceful. So I have put the money somewhere else and will decide what to do with it later.
He went into Crosby this morning mostly to get our photos onto a disc then get some printed off. I finished off my letter and will post it tomorrow with some of them. We haven't sent any for a while now, so it will be nice to get some off.
Tonight we are having:
Almost cheeseless pasta casserole with mushroom and asparagus.
Tiny bit of garlic bread.
Maybe some raspberries and peaches.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Today's Post Tuesday..

This is "Greens" where we went yesterday. I am stood outside clutching the book that Jane bought for me. A signed vopy of "The seasoned Vegetarian" by Simon Rimmer.

This is our water feature..a fountain that VT bought me for my sixtieth birthday, and looks lovely in the sun. In front is the little Acer tree that he bought from Dobbies and he is giving some TLC to.
This morning we had to go and get some veggies from Crosby, so went off to Sainsbury's because it was nearest and it was raining.
I whizzed round there and VT went to the bank to pay some money in for Jane, Got a basket full of decent vegetables so have a good choice for the rest of the week.Came home for coffee and a sandwich lunch.
Spent the afternoon getting my blogs up to date and putting some pictures on the site. Not too bad actually, feel quite proud that I have done that.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and leek escalopes,
Mushrooms in a white sauce,
Mixed vegetables.
Sliced potatoes Anya.


VT uploaded a lot of pictures from the camera yesterday and this is one from Christmas 2008/9!!!
Lovely day yesterday. We went over to Manchester to see Jane in their new house and go to Greens for a meal.
The house is really nice in a little cul-de-sac, and is well decorated and bright. We went to the restaurant at about 5.30. Nice place..a veggie restaurant, which was really good not having to search through the menu looking for the veggie option.
Very smart restaurant, just right, dark tables, nice white napkins,decent cutlery and good sized white plates. very interesting menu with lots of choices.
There was a "Short" menu which was three courses and a glass of wine for £15.95. Three of us had that, and Jane had her own choices.
VT and Rachel had the taster of vegetarian black pudding with mustard mayo, and jane had garlic bread and bread with balsamic and olive oil. had a bit of black pudding and a bit of bread..Lovely.
The starters we had were goats cheese,Rocket and Pine nut salad which was very tasty. lovely dressing. Jane had Hummus which was served in a little dish with Pitta bread had a tast of that too vey nice texture a little lemony. Rachel had a goats cheese rarebit with a gooseberry chutney which we all fancied.
Mains were Leek asparagus and squash pie with the flakiest pastry you have ever seen, your knife went into it and it all flaked away like tisue. gorgeous, everything insid e the pie perfectly cooked all tender and not overcooked. Piping hot too. Jane had a white bean chilli, which had a bit too much coriander in it for her I think. that came with a bowl of rice, and she had a side of chips with garlic mayo. I had one of those and they were good too, proper home made chips..if a tad greasy, but who cares.
The deal included desert with a glass of wine or soft drink for £15.95. VT and i had a Creme Brulee which was OK could have been a little more set, but a nice crunchy topping. Jane didn't have a pudding, and Rachel had Rhubarb and Apple crumble with a little pot of sauce. She said it was excellent.
VT had an espresso to finish, then we finished for the evening.
Jane Bless haer bought me Simon Rimmer's "The Seasoned Vegetarian" a signed copy which is a superb book with lots of workable veggie ideas. Some i am dying to try.
All in all a good experience,and I would definitely go there again for a special occasion.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Routine..

This is our Sourdough bread that we do most Sundays. Todays is a mix of white and a bit of brown flour, and has risen beautifully.
Jane rang up this morning and asked me to ring her back because she only had 2p left on her phone. That is why she didn't ring me yesterday..she says!! Ah Well!
Still on for tomorrow..looking forward to that.VT says he is having the Black Pudding with mustard sauce..don't know what I'm having yet.
I bought a book about Pizzas the other day from The Cheshire Oaks, and VT reckons he is going through it. So today we are having a Pizza Margherita which doesn't have a tomato sauce but very thinly sliced tomatoes. Must take a photo of it.
The crosswords were quite easy today, but finished the Big MOS one on the Internet. Fairly easy though.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza Margherita
Salad with avocado, baby plum tomatoes cucumber and lettuce leaves,
Potato salad and rice salad for VT.

Happy birthday to Me..

Yesterday actually. Didn't get round to doing this so it is a day late. Nice card from VT..99p (he left the price on the back!) but a lovely card with cats on. Card from John and Ann and a sweet little brooch of a bird.
VT went out later on in the morning and came back with a lovely littleYankee Candles candle in Honeysuckl3e flavour..smells divine. Also an Orchid..never had one of those before. Beautiful purple colour, and lots of buds to come out too. Also a DVD of "The boy in striped pyjamas" which we watched last night.
Very powerful film and very well done. Excellent acting and atmospheric.
Last night we had:
Goats cheese and butternut squash lasagne from M&S
Mixed vegetables..carrots broccoli little potatoes cabbage,
Lemon and Ricotta cheesecake with raspberries and creme fraiche.
Nice Day..

Friday, 17 July 2009

Tipping Down..

Typical Summer holiday weather..pouring down. As I type this the rain is sheeting down the window.
Little bobby is still not too good, but is perkier today. She has had some food but also been sick too. Don't know what is the matter with her, just watching and waiting. VT said she has gone out in the rain and isn't in the hut either. Silly girl.
Took my money off to Ormskirk this morning. bad idea really, because it was that horrible drizzly rain that gets you soaked, and I forgot my umbrella so we got quite wet. Went to the bank, then to Superdrug to get a few things, then had a lovely coffee in our usual cafe. Went to Holland and Barratt to get the fishless fingers for tonight, then to M&S to get some food for tomorrow. Since it is my birthday we were looking for something a bit different. Ended up with a Goats cheese and butternut squash lasagne, and a cheesecake.
Ended up in Morrisons, for the weekend shop. I love Morrisons the fruits and veg are great, and I find it a really friendly shop. Quite cheap too, hope the one in Maghull opens soon.
Bobby has just given us a worry. She went out in all that rain, and VT came up and said that she hadn't come in. It was really really tipping down and you would have thought she would have been drowned. Wrong. She has just come back in and VT said she was dry. They never fail to surprise you cats do.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers.
Mushy peas for VT and Beans for me.
Chips (What a treat)
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


This is our Bobby. She is really off colour today. We don't know what is wrong with her but she is asleep under Jane's bed and hasn't had any food at all. VT said she was very slow going upstairs,It must just be an off day. They get them every now and again.
Stopped in today, did a few chores. Did the kitchen floor which always looks good when it is done. Also a load of washing, and did the top of the cooker.
VT got his premium bond win so he paid that in, and I returned a parcel to QVC, didn't like the pattern. Fussy me.
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all.!!
Baby potatoes boiled and squashed,
Mixed vegetables,
No idea what else.. we have to see what is in the freezer.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


We decided to take ourselves out today..mainly because we needed some chicken for the cats!! We have made a routine for them of giving them a cat treat of chopped up chicken breast when we have our lunch. Serves us right really! Anyway we had run out. So VT decided we would go and get our free coffees at Dobbies.
Nice there, we had a bit of a look round and VT spotted a really nice little Acer tree for a fiver so said he would buy that later. He also bought a Spirea in their sale, and some plant food. I got a new little book about Pizzas..only 2.99 some shortbread biscuits fruits for cheese, and some meringue shells. Spent £27 odd so their free coffees do them a favour.
VT went into the garden after our lunch. He has developed a regeneration unit where he tends plants that need extra care.The little Acer tree falls into this category, and is presently being cared for. The plants that he does this to seem to thrive, the tiny little seedling that he was sent is now a flourishing tree. He is doing wonders in the garden and has quite a few really lovely plants now.
He has just come in actually saying that it is too hot! Our back garden does get very sunny in the afternoon, and since we had the tree cut down it is quite hot out there.
Jane rang up last night about the restaurant "Greens" in Didsbury near where she works. We have arranged to go over on Monday, and she can show us the sights, where she works, and where she used to live etc., and where she lives now. looking forward to it, I have fancied going there for a long time. I like Simon Rimmer.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with
Asparagus, green beans peas and broccoli, with
A light sauce made from Greek Yoghurt.
Meringue with strawberries and raspberries.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Brain Works...

Up early this morning, but not before I had my cup of coffee that VT brings upstairs.Little Bobby had already found me at about six o'clock and was doing the whisker torture. This wakes you up because she ever so gently strokes your cheek with her whiskers, and purrs in the ear. Lovely really, but it is hard to get to sleep while she is doing this because there is just the slight risk of her biting the jugular!! not that she has done of course. I usually put my arm round her and she settles down.
So we were up early because I had an appointment at Walton General Neurology clinic, for 10.30.
Very difficult to park there so we left fairly erly. In the event the traffic was light and we did get there early. Parked in their main car park and walked quite a way to the centre. Never been there vefore, and we ended up waiting for aages. The Dr I was to see had a 45min delay, but I eventually got in. She was a very nice Spanish I think Dr., and asked lots of questions took lots of notes and did lots of different tests. Told me eventually I had an "Essential Tremour" which is often genetic, but not always. Nothing serious like Parkinsons though.
Came home in time for coffee, so saving a good few pounds by not going to M&S.
VT was going to work in the garden this afternoon, but it started raining so he came in . Funny weather these days, and the children will be breaking up in the next week or so for their summer holidays. They are off for their six weeks break so the shops will be full.
Jane rang up this morning to ask about gas meters so VT was looking it up for her. Then she mentioned Greens restaurant. I have always fancied going there so she has suggested Monday. She will ring up later.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escalopes.
Mushrooms and creme fraiche.
Baby new potatoes sliced and sauteed,
Mixed vegetables.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Sunshine and Showers..

Started the day with bright sunshine. VT went down to make our coffee and came back up to say it was like all the lights were on downstairs, then when he had come upstairs it had gone darker and overcast. It's been like that all day today. Little Bobby goes outside for some sun then ends up in her hut to keep dry.Today's photo is of her in the hut that we bought because we had the tree cut down that they used to shelter under.
We took my money off to Sainsbury's this morning for the veggies for the week. We park for a half hour and whizz round quickly. Just got the normal vegetables, and a few extras then home in time for coffee at noon.
VT tried to get into the garden but has had to dodge the showers all afternoon. I think he has given up now and come in to do a bit of mooching.
He put the bread on as well..clever boy, he is getting so well trained. His pizzas are fantastic, yesterdays was superb.

I hope I have got these the right way round. This is VT in the kitchen making his creation.
There seems to be a problem here with the swine flu. Said on the news just now that a Doctor has died of it, he was in general paractice in Kent, and also a 6year old girl. Neither had propr health problems, so that is all a bit worrying.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Cornish Pasties,
Mixed vegetables with mushrooms.
Maybe berries and soya cream.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I hope this is a picture of one of VT's great \Pizzas. His pizzas are wonderful. different every Sunday.
Didn't make a loaf today, we were going to use a Hovis bread mix but decided to do this on Monday instead so it would be fresher. They don't tend to keep as well as the Sourdough ones.
Usual Sunday things, apart from the bread. Made the roast vegetables and the pizza dough later in the afternoon.
The crooswords were fairly awkward today. I finished mine no trouble, but VT had some very difficult clues today we had to look up. The big MOS one was not too bad but needed some looking up to complete. I don't know how anyone could do them without access to the Internet. We used to do them with books, but you couldn't do that now. Some of the sporty and popular culture ones are very obscure.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough, and tomato sauce,
Roast tomatoes, peppers, red onion courgette.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado,
potato salad for me and rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday is Washday!

This is one of the few pictures of the "Woodford" team. We have plenty of VT and plenty of Moi but not very many of the two of us together. This was on holiday about two years ago, in the Flatbreads be recommended. A wonderful pizza place in North Conway which is one of our favourites.
In my Mum's day Monday was always washday. Tuesday would be ironing and Wednesday would be cleaning upstairs and Thursday cleaning downstairs. friday woud be shopping and baking day. We tend to wash on a Saturday, I think mainly because when you work all week then Saturday is your first free day to do the household things.
I bought some new bed linen about six weeks ago which is lovely. Plum colour and 300 thread count so it is very comfortable to sleep in. Looks gorgeous on the bed, the only downside is that it does need ironing. but, that is a small price to pay for having a luxury feel to the bedding. So, it is all washed, dried on the line today, ironed and back on the bed by five to six. Not too bad really.
Otherwise not much on today, and very quiet. Next doors are out on both sides, so no barbecues today for a change.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese week. Spring rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz
Stir fry mushroom vegetables,
Sweet and sour sauce.

Friday, 10 July 2009


Nearly forgot to do this today. i was busy doing a letter to John and Ann in Australia, and must have thought that I had done it already.
VT has shown me how to do the word processing programme, so I have a letter on going in the same way that I do the hand written ones. looks tidier though.
we took my money off to Sainsbury's this morning. We got up reasonably, so went and got the reserved library book on the way. Dewey..the story of a library cat. VT was looking at it at lunch time and was reading me bits from it. I think it is going to be one of those books where he reads bits at a time. Looks a lovely book with little pictures.
Bought the usual weekend things, and they had a wine offer so got that. Three bottles of Blossom Hill white for £10..not bad.
VT got a large plant pot from Instores next door, to put a small tree into, and he bought me a cup of coffee. Very nice too.
Tonight we are having:
Tacos with..
Chilli mince,
tomato salsa, lettuce, and a bit of grated cheese.
It is a taco kit so makes it easier.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Error Message..

This is the reason the blog is called Jenny Nine Toes. Three years ago pretty much to the time, I had a toe removed for a malignant melanoma. I had it for quite a while and just thought it was a discoloured nail so ignored it until I had a routine Chiripody appointment. Referred from there to Walton, then to dermatology, then to plastics and it was "cancer..toe off" So that was it. All recovered now, just a gap where the toe was.

Poor VT..all he did today was ferry me around. He does it so patiently too, never complains.
First stop was the hairdresser where I went for a cut and blow. He went to Homebase and then Waitrose and waited for me to come out. They left me waiting in the chair for fifteen minutes while the manager was having her colours done!! Eventually I was done and the hair feels much tidier now.
Then back for our coffee and a bit of a mooch and lunch, then it was off to the GP to get my blood pressure done as requested by them. They don't leave you alone these days, I think it is all about money, the more checks they do the more they get paid! Maybe that is a cynical view but I fear not. She did the blood pressure..fine..poked about my feet..fine..referred me to a chiropodist and gave me a form for a blood test and let me go. What a pain. Couldn't even go and get the Dewey book from the library either because they are shut on a Thursday afternoon.
It was cold when we were out this morning, but it has cleared up now and the sun has come out. Blowy though.
VT is in the garden mending his ladder..putting some new feet on it. Chiropody for a ladder.
Last night I did a vegetable gratin in the end, broccoli, cauliflower and potato in a cheese sauce, and a Quorn escalope to go with.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe lamb grills
new potatoes,
Carrots and green beans.
Mushroom gravy.
Might do meatballs in swedish style sauce, potatoes and mushrooms and same vegetables.

Poor VT..all he did today was ferry me around. He does it so patiently too, never complains.

In Which VT Plays Chauffeur!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Out and About..

Up early this morning, so out and about. Left the house at around nine o'clock and we were at the Cheshire Oaks by 10 o'clock so good going. It was empty with loads of parking spaces, but by the time we left at 2.30ish it was filled up.
Changed somewhat, there was a new Cafe Rouge restaurant on the left where the information centre and toilets used to be. New Past Times outlet on the right hand size by Whittards, which has actually shrunk and is half its former size. One or two other changes but nothing we go into. We bought a goodly amount of items, I got a new shirt, as did VT from Cotton Traders. Bought a book by Stephen Fry for a bargain 2.99 about his series America. Some new cat bowls for the babies,and some mints from Thorntons which have melted in the car!!!!!
Got our lunch from Pret a Manger which was really nice. I had a single cheese salad sandwich, and VT had an avocado and salad wrap, and we shared a bottle of water and a packet of crisps.
Had a really nice day, and were home by 3.15 so beat the rush.
very annoyed when we got home..there was a card from the l;ibrary to say that a book I had ordered months ago. We only went past the library twice today..wouldn't you know it..what they call Sods Law.
Watched the Michael jackson Memorial concert last of it were very moving parts of it cheesy, but it was better than I expected. The most moving moment was his little girl at the end who said she had the best Daddy in the world, then burst into floods of tears. There was a good performance from Stevie Wonder and from the lad from Wales Shaheen something who sang his heart out.
Tonight we are having:
No idea today..
Somethinfg from the freezer,
New potatoes boiled and squashed,
Carrots beans and broccoli.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Nice loaf this one. A sourdough, which lasts us most of the week, for toast in the mornings and sandwiches.
VT spent a lot of time this morning trying to get and fit a new toilet seat. Unbelievably hard to get one the right size actually. Went to Homebase in Formby to get one and came back with a white wooden one. Looked the right size but unfortunately it was too short. Left a gap at the back and front, so he took that back. Came back again with a "Soft Close Lid " one..Oooh Posh! which fits perfectly and looks lovely. Smart and white and beautifully clean. Does make a difference to the bathroom actually. So he's a happy bunny now. Shame it takes a morning and two journeys to get one.

Our new toilet seat is a lot like this. I hope it turns out. By way of an experiment.
He is presently in the garden and doing something with the weeds. Why is it that weeds grow stronger than anything else?
Made a phone call to the hairdressers this morning too for Thursday morning at 10 O'Clock. And, renewed the library books for both of us till the 4th August. So, bits and pieces day today.
Tonight we are having:
Going to try..
Quorn Fillets Chasseur,
1/2 pack of white rice each,
Carrots and beans.

Monday, 6 July 2009


I hope this has turned out. i wanted something cheery to liven up my posts a bit, and have been messing about with the computer a bit. I hope it has worked. i thought this was a lovely colourful picture of cakes.
Went into crosby this morning. We didn't need much, just the weeks veggies and one or two bits. VT went to the Do It Yourself shop to get a window cleaning kit. You get all the bits and a pole, and he has bought an extension pole so that he can do the upstairs windows. Trying to find a window cleaner round here is like looking for hens teeth. We had some years ago, then they stopped coming, I think it was the people a couple of doors down who had new little tiny cottagey windows, and they got fed up doing them!
VT has been out doing the windows with his new gadget..I should get him to take up window cleaning!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalopes,
Vegetables, carrots cauliflower and broccoli,
Little Jersey Royals maybe sauteed.
Mushrooms in a little sauce.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Made our usual Sourdough bread this morning, but with wholemeal flour instead of white. VT thopught we didn't have any white but he found some , it has fallen down in the cupboard.
This is the starter I use. it is a Red Sea starter that I got a few years ago from my friends in Recipezaar. Works very well each time. You start it overnight, feed it with a cup of flour and a cup of bottled water, then leave it. the next morning it is bubbly and ready to use.

Wimbledon men's final this afternoon, and a very good match it is too. Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Two sets all at the time of typing, and a really well matched pair. Could go either way.
The crosswords were fairly tricky, but5 we got them finished by 5-15, so not too bad.VT did his quite quickly, but I got one wrong which threw it out. I had put transcript instead of transcribe, which meant I didn't get the beatles track Get Back. Soon put it right though.
Then did the roast vegetables, then the pizza dough.
The cats seem very tired today, and didn't come down for their chicky which they have at lunchtime. Must be the weather tiring them out.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Salad with avocado and cucumber and baby plum tomatoes,
potato salad and deli style coleslaw, Rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Wimbledon.. Weather..

They have spent millions on putting a roof over the centre court at Wimbledon and it hasn't rained at all there this week! Normally it pours down and the players have to go off and resume the match later. Now they have a rain! Oh how fickle is the English weather.
It was the Ladies singles final this afternoon. Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams who won it last year.Serena won it this year.7-6 6-2. Quite a good match but nothing to write home about as they say.
Barbecues are a pain in the neck. Next door are having onem, first the house is filled with the smell of petrol fumes from the lighting, then the smell of cooking meat..sausages and steaks. You can smell it all over the house. Horrible.
VT has gone to sit in the garden but he says the seats are wet, so he will have todry them off.

This is VT with his hat on. He always looks worried in a photo because he is convinced that I am doing it wrong.This photo makes him look really like a grumpy old man but he isn't at all.Well not often! He is the kindest nicest man you could wish to meet, and I wouldn't swap him for anyone...except perhaps george Clooney..No i don't think so either!!!
P.S. I think they are burning something..there is a distinct aroma of burning meat coming through the window. it's a wonder all the cats in the vicinity aren't around!
Tonight we are having:
Something with Chicken style chunks.
maybe a curry,maybe green thai not sure yet.
1/2 a pack of white rice,
Pack of stir fry vegetables.

Friday, 3 July 2009


Went out today to get the weekend things and it was one of nasty drizzly mornings. People in summery clothes because it was still muggy and humid, but with umbrellas.
Went to Waitrose today, because we got up latish, and we didn't want to go too far.
We have had a real Waitrose week this week, don't think we have been anywhere else.
it was quite busy today, but you can get round without any trouble.
We have been doing the National Shopping Monitor for round about ten years now, and everything we buy is scanned, then all our receipts are sent off to them, and we get points for doing that. Every now and then we cash them in and get things. We have had Crossword machines, a Breadmaker and vartious other items.
Now sunny and quite bright, we get the sun in the back of the house in the afternoon, so it gets hot in the kitchen and the back garden, which VT is tending at the moment.Bobby has just jumped off the bed and gone to join him. Aaah.
Andy murray is playing for his place in the Wimbledon final at the moment, and they are one set all. Roger federer is already through so the winner of this one will play him. be a noisy final if Andy Murrat gets through.
Tonight we are having:
Nachos with salsas, and a cheese sauce.
Strawberries and either creme fraiche or ice cream.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Even Hotter,

Very very hot today. We sat outside for a little while after lunch and I could feel the sun beating on the top of my head, like we were in Florida. Quite humid too, and very muggy last night, we rolled the quilt back so we were just covered with the sheet. I kept waking up it was so hot, and little Bobby came on me at about 5O'Clockwhich was a bit warm to say the least. very loving though, except she picks at the front of my chest and she has very sharp claws!!!
We nipped into Formby this morning to Waitrose to get a few salady things for tonight, mainly because we didn't fancy cooking.
So our tea tonight is in the fridge.
News report this lunchtime about two German Shepherd Police dogs who died because they had been left in a car, outside the Police station! Wouldn't you think the dog handler would have known better!! Poor things, I'm not a dog fan but I know not to leave animals in a closed car in this weather.
The tennis players at Wimbledonlook like they are baking too, how they keep going I don't know, they must have fantastic energy.
Tonight we are having:
from Waitrose..a Frittata with asparagus and parmesan,
Salad with egg and new potato,
Pesto and pine nut salad and Potato salad.
Looking forward to a cool, no cooking tea./

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hot! Hot! and Hotter!

very hot today, must be the hottest day of the year so far. Sun is shininmg brightly, and the back of the house is bathed in glorious sunlight. must be flaming July, not flaming June this year.
I remember three years ago on the 6th july when I had my toe taken off, or half of it, it was even hotter, and the coolest place was the operating theatre which was air conditioned otherwise you baked.
We went to Dobbies this morning, had our usual coffee and it was quite quiet actually. bought a new set of plants for the basket in the back , a bag of compost, a large flowering plant for one of the pots, and a couple of things from the food hall. Car was blazing hot when we got back to it. Wish we had air conditioning.
The little cats seem to be tired out, but Bobby is in the garden with VT. He is doing a bit of planting, and doing very well to keep on top of the weeds.
Tonight we are having:
No idea really, but maybe
Some pasta, possibly a pasta bake with a few meatballs,
Carrots and mushrooms.