Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday...

Never liked Good Friday. Think it goes back to childhood when I was taken to church for the ceremonies of the Stations of the Cross and then the kissing of the statues feet. never liked that at all.
Never liked Good Friday. Think it goes back to childhood when I was taken to church for the ceremonies of the Stations of the Cross and then the kissing of the statues feet. never liked that at all.This morning in the village there was a "Walk of Witness" which started at the war memorial and the C of E church with hot cross buns, then to the village green for a puppet show from the Good News theatre company then on over the railway line to the R.C. church for soup. Well that's an improvement on the  old days!
We stayed in today which was nice after having in the end a busy week. Next week doesn't look to bad at the moment apart from one appointment on Thursday at 3.30 but who knows?
Little Rusty is much better, her nose is almost cleared up and she is back to her perkier self Bless her!  Bobby is presently on the stool in her basket and coughing a bit but has settled down now so she is ok too.
All we have done today is bits and bobs. I sorted out some magazines and Vin sorted out some papers so not a lot done but that doesn't matter.
Tonight we are having:
Crustless cheese and onion flan
Little tin of something saucy and tomatoey
green beans for moi and mushrooms for Vin
Maybe a few chips?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Here's Hoping...

That today's post goes right. Yesterday for some unearthly reason I had no end of trouble getting it done. I think one of the problems was that I had put a photo of little Rusty on and then it all went wrong from there. Goodness knows why. The Internet is still a big mystery to me!
Very good night's sleep last night, but the night before was terrible, again no reason, but left you tired all day. We didn't have to get up too early today,my blood test was for 10 to 11 so a nice leisurely start. Vin brings our coffee up and we have a bit of a chat till he goes for his shave.
over the road to get my blood pressure done which is still low, so stay off the Amlodopine for now, and she took the bloods that the Dr wanted. Asked about the tests that they did at Aintree (yesterday) and it seems that the two results are separate, so not duplicated so that cleared that up. I was worried that the bloods I had done yesterday at Aintree would appear on my computer records as well, but it appears not. Made an appointment for 3.30 next Thursday to get the results but was later contacted by the surgery to say the Dr isn't on till 4 so re-arranged the time till then.
Came out of the surgery and then went along to Dobbies to get our free coffees for this month before it runs out. Had a bit of a mooch round there, I saw some nice little dipping crackers with olive oil for the weekend and a little waxed Cheshire Cheese so got them later after we had our coffees. Quite busy in there,lots of people having big meals very tempting plates of chips! Vin had a flat white coffee and I had my usual Americano. Good coffee there actually. Home by Oneish, so a nice morning. Still cold though and quite windy over there at Dobbies.
Little Rusty seems a bit better toda. Vin had a bit of a go at her tail after lunch, it was getting sticky with her little nose running on it when she sleeps. She didn't like that and struggled a bit. Pity you can't tell them that it is for their own good.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
Remaining mixed veggies
Potato croquettes
A few mushrooms to go with.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Turned Out To Be...

Quite a busy day today. For a couple of days now poor little Rusty has had a really runny nose. Like we have when we get a cold. We try to keep it clear for her, but it became obvious yesterday that it was getting worse, so Vin set the alarm clock and rang the Vets early this morning. Got an appointment for 10past10. better than the Dr's eh! So it was get up early and over to Ormskirk to the Vets.

Had a bit of a mooch after that. He wanted to look at men's clothing and I wanted to get a small omelette pan I had my eye on for ages. Picked one up, they had loads of them today, took it to pay and was told it was £3 cheaper because it was 20 %off. Good deal eh!
This blog is really playing up today. it is showing blue lines and not doing what I want it to. Total pain!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a three cheese sauce and some mushrooms
Garlic bread for Vin
Carrots to go with.
OK Give up now!!!



Tuesday, 26 March 2013

At Long Last...

We got up a bit late this mornng so we didn't go over to the M&S in Aintree as we had thought. In the end I stayed here and Vin went off to Tesco for a few veggie things for the week.
At long last my Lulu Guinness purse/make up bag arrived. This has been ordered twice. The first one was marked as returned when I hadn't even received it, so I contacted them and they did another order, without charging me postage which was good. That was last week, and it finally came today.
It's lovely, very expensive, but quite simply I don't care!! i wanted a bag to put in my handbag so that I could put my stoma bits and pieces in for when I go out. Just the right size's lovely. Glad it came in the end!
Vin came back very quickly, got some veggies and a few other bits and bobs, and arrived home just as the electric meter reader came. Good job the man wasn't leaving, that would have looked odd!
Snow all but gone but still cold not Easter weather at all. reports of lots of lambs dead in some areas of the country, Northern ireland and Cumbria. Poor little things, they didn't stand a chance in this weather.  I don't know how people can eat lamb!!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
mushroom sauce
Carrots broccolli and cauliflower
Baby potatoes sliced and fried.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Change of Plan...

We were expecting Jane home today for a few days, but she rang up this morning to say that she had a lot of things to do so couldn't make it today. Whilst that is a shame, I don't want her getting stressed so it is better for her to have a breather at home than spend a day travelling here and there. I have put some money on her ASDA card for her to use this week for shopping, so did that this morning.
Vin decided to do the cooker hood this morning since there was a change of plan. He collected it the other day from Homebase and was waiting for a free day to do it, so it was a good chance I suppose. He took the old one off, cleaned the front wood panel, and the back of where it had been fixed, then fitted the new one up. I think he thought I was in the way..which I was I came upstairs and started a letter to John and Ann. Must admit I was surprised at lunchtime to go down and find that it was fitted.  Gosh the things that man can do. Amazing! He really should have gone further with his education, pity he didn't pass the 11+ he definitely should have gone to grammar school. It's sliding doors really isn't it..the finger of fate maybe. he has made a terrific job of it actually, it has fitted in like a glove and looks much better than the older one because it is a silver grey colour and has two lights instead of one. Good job Mr Fixit!
A bit warmer today, the sun is out a bit and the snow is slowly going away here anyway. It has gone off the top of the shed roof and there are only tiny bits where the garden is in the shade.
Phew! I tried to put a picture on here of the snowy scene but the darned site wouldn't behave and everything disappeared!! Grrr.. Gosh I wish I knew more about these pesky computers than I do. Actually I was very lucky to retrieve this post. Clicked a bit here and there and got it back. So, give up now while the going is good eh!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza from last night,
Potato salad and Mexican rice salad
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes.and avocado.

Friday, 22 March 2013

It's Snowing!!!!

22nd of March and it is snowing! Here we are nearly at Easter and as I look out of the window it is snowing quite hard. Loads of schools closed and traffic trouble everywhere. What a weird climate we are living in at the moment.
The delivery man brought my Aranesp injections this morning and he told Vin the roads here weren't too bad. So he decided to go over to Tesco to get the weekend things in case it got worse. He also wanted to go to Homebase to collect the cooker hood that he had bought and was delivered there yesterday.  It is actually snowing quite hard now so it is a really good job he did.  We are quite well stocked up for everything and the little shop down the road stocks the basics so we do ok. Hope Jane is warm enough. She was going to Uni this morning then off to lunch with her Uni group, so hope she keeps an eye on the weather.
 The Drs appointment last night was fairly uneventful. Apparently the iron levels are lower than they would like so take the iron tablets and he gave me some forms to repeat the blood tests again next Thursday when I see the Nurse there.  Liver functions are down a bit as well.. probable a result of the aftermath of the op.  Gosh once they get you...
Vin came back from Tescos with another coupon for £5 off a forty pound spend, so they seem to have got us back after all. He took a coupon with him, and said when he got to the checkout the bill came to £38 so he went off and got a bottle of wine to get over the forty. So, in effexct the wine was free!  Funny thing was the Dr., (very nice) last night asked me whether I drunk a lot! I told him chance would be a fine thing! all I have these days is a little tiny spritzer at the weekend. 
Vin took his list and got everything on it. he has really turned into a wonderful little shopper. Good for him.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion paties from Waitrose
Any spare veggies left in the fridge
Clotted cream rice puddings from Waitrose..yum yum

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Busy Busy...

Turned out to be quite a busy day in the end. We got up latish this morning, then did all the ironing after breakfast. lots of bedding and trousers and tops to do, so that was best part of the morning.  We were staying in because of a delivery expected from Bullens healthcare with all of my colostomy things. That came at lunchtime in a great big cardboard box. Goodness knows where we are going to store it all, this is only a little terraced house. Most has gone in a cabinet outside the bathroom and Vin will find a spot for the rest. It's a big learning curve is this!!
Vin has been waiting for a phone call from Homebase about the cooker hood which he ordered weeks ago, so he rang them to be told that it hadn't arrived yet. Anyhow mid afternoon the phone went from the delivery man who hadn't got an address where it was to go to, so Vin told him and it has clearly arrived.
Phone call for moi this morning from the GP's over the road to ask me to go in for an appointment. Apparently the blood results have come back and I am a bit anaemic so needs to be discussed. Good grief..once they get their claws into you ... Good job I'm not paying for this in the States eh!! So the appointment is for twenty to six.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
Baby potatoes
Veggies left over

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Plan Was....

To go over to Ormskirk this morning to get some fishless fingers, mainly because the Holland and Barratt store is the only one that sells them. So that's what we did.  Very grey day, and overcast with an icyish wind, not good in Ormskirk which is quite high up. Bit disappointed with Ormskirk actually, nowhere really to browse and buy things. Since the lovely Bon Marche closed there isn't anywhere for me to go which is a bit off putting, and I think the town centre is looking a bit sad these days. Needs something to give it some oomph!
Parked behind M&S but didn't go in there because there wasn't anything we wanted from there. Maybe go to the one in Aintree later on. Holland and Barratt was a big let down, no fishless fingers at all which is a bummer, so didn't get much from there either.
Drove down to the Morrisons and got our morning coffee there. Nice coffee..proper cups or mugs and only £2.70 including biscuits.  Had a breather there then did a bit of shopping. Hot cross buns at two packs for £1 which is good value, and a few other offers we saw.
Home for lunch at about 1.45.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato and mascarpone sauce
Butternut squash to go with and a few mushrooms.
A bit of garlic bread for Vin

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Thankyou NHS!!

Up early this morning because I had an appointment at the treatment clic at Formby to get the wound dressing checked.  Hooray! it has finally closed up and only needs a protective dressing on it to keep it clean for now which I can do myself.  So she has discharged me today and I don't have to go back any more there. That's progress. The District nurses have been terrific actually, coming out in all sorts of weather from the First of January when the staples were taken out until today the 19th of March. For many weeks it was a daily visit, then every other day, then twice a week, then finally once a week till today and that is it now. Well done the NHS for their care and attention.
After we had been to the clinic we went along the road to Waitrose to get some veggies for the week and a couple of other bits and bobs. We were all done and dusted and home by 10.15 and sitting listening to the radio with a tiny cup of coffee to put us on for a bit.  Waitrose was really quiet too, we parked right outside which was good.
Still cold today, in fact there is snow up in Scotland which doesn't surprise me at all.
Tonight we are having:
Goats cheese and cranberry escalope
Baby baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom sauce.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Is It The Gremlins???

Very odd in our house over the last couple of weeks. We seem to be having a lot of electrical items going down. Started with the cooker hood a few weeks ago when the light completely went requiring a new cooker hood. On order waiting patiently for delivery from Homebase...very slow!!  Then the fridge thermostat went two weeks ago on a Saturday, that was £50 for the chap to come out and repair. Now this last week two of the electric timer switches that Vin uses for security lights went and needed replacing. Bought yesterday from Home and Bargain. Then, last night as we were going to bed I switched the hall and landing lights on and the whole house downstairs was plunged into darkness. Fuse blown...first ever in Donkey's years... wonder what the heck is going on. Vin was wondering if it is one of those electrical surges. He did do a great job at twelve thirty at night replacing the fuse though. Proper Mr Fixit he is.
Nice day tday. Had another appointment this morning at ten thirty for a blood pressure test with the nurse in the surgery over the road. Blood test as well for kidney function. The blood pressure is still on the low side which they are pleased about, but she reckons that is due to the losing weight. Stay off the Amlodopine until the next blood pressure test on the 28th march. Came out of there quite quickly so went to Formby to Tesco for petrol. £38 to fill up a bit, then got a few items from the store. . I then suggested that we call in at Waitrose for our pasties for friday which can be frozen, so we went there.  Then home as I thought, but Vin said he would treat me to a Costa from Tesco so we ended up there again. Very nice it was too. We both had Americanos and little shortbread bites and Vin paid which was lovely, an unexpected treat.
Home for lunch and Vin helped me do a standing order for Jane from my online bank. Must say that is very useful. So Jane will get £100 on the 28th of each month starting in March. That will pay her bills I hope.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and cheese and pepper for Vin.

Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and aubergine and rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 15 March 2013

The ides of March!

Beware of the Ides of March or is it ia coincidence that I abroke the fan heater in the computer room this morning? probably just one of those things. I went to switch it down and there was a whirring noise and a burning smell and it went off. Vin has taken it off to the great heater tip in the sky. Doesn't owe us anything actually it has been on most of the Winter while I have been in this room anyway. Poor heater.
I didn't go out today, but vin did. He went to Homebase to get some logs to top up the coal, and rang me up from there to say that the store was closed because of a fire drill, but was opening up shortly. He was intending to get a hair cut but the barbers he usually goes to was full, so he was going bac later. Still full so he ended up going to one in Freshfield. Three girls in there. Wonder what the attractin was for Vin eh! Anyway his hair cut looks quite good, and a lot tidier. When his hair needs cutting it goes all fluffy and long looking, a bit unkempt, it's much tidier when it is short.
No post and no deliveries and no phone call from Jane either, but she did say she was taking today off probably.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Green beans for moi and mushy peas for Vin

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Yet Another Appointment.

This time for the hearing aid clinic in Southport..the David ormerod one. I have been going there for years and have had a few lots of hearing aids from them. Haven't been since June last year, my appointment was for Dec but that had to be cancelled because of the operation. Parked in Sainsbury's and it is a short walk over the road. There were some people waiting so Vin decided to walk to the town centre and get a new watch battery for my watch. Quite a walk, but he was back before I went in. Fairly quick in, another new bloke to get used to, and he adjusted the volume a bit to make it clearer for me. Next appointment in September.
Drove from there to the Range and ASDA park, got some new toastie bags in the range and looked at new huts for the cats. Theirs is pretty worn out now. Found a nice quiet spot in the car park and had our coffee which we had taken with usWe have had two coffees out this week so we took our own today. Then went into ASDA to get a few things. Haven't been there since June either, so it was nice to have a bit of a mooch around. We got some things that we don't get anywhere else, then home for lunch. Missed the phone call from Bullens the healthcare people so am presently waiting for a ring back from them.Order for next weeks delivery.
jane rang up as we were unpacking the shopping, she waqs on her way home because she wasn't well. Still suffering from the effects of the flu she had over the weekend.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn steak syle and mushroom pies
Mushroom gravy
Potatoes with herbs and butter
Mixed vegetables/

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day In!

Stopped in today. No appointments and nowhere to go, we have done two coffee shops this week already! so it was a stay at home day today.
We cleared up the kitchen, did the tile floor, the top of the cooker, and other bits and bobs. Quite a nice easy day actually in the end. 
Very sunny out but Vin said it is cold nevertheless.  Pictures in the paper of the women at the Cheltenham races wearing fur coats, so it must be cold.
One parcel delivered today from Amazon with a book I have ordered for John for Christmas!  I saw it last week in Dobbies for full price £9.99 but Amaxon had it for £6.80 so I got it free p&p as well. Must say they are very quick with their deliveries that firm.
No word from jane for a couple of days, she had flu over the weekend and said she wasn't going to work on Monday, so hope she is ok.
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni cheese using penne pasta and a tub of cheese sauce from somewhere.
Carrots to go with
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Nothing much doing today until my appointment at the Formby clinic for my dressing change. That was twenty to twelve, so we planned to go and get the shopping afterwards. Short and sweet in the treatment room, the wound is nearly closed now so she just put some iodine on it to finish it off and made another appointment for next Tuesday at 9.25.
From there we went to Tesco to get the veggies etc. They have a new Costa coffee section in store so I treated us to a coffee. Really lovely section with comfy sofas , tables and chairs. When you are in there you wouldn't know it was part of Tesco at all. Vin had a soya latte medium and I had an Americano small, and we shared some ginger biscuits. We had a really nice sit and chat. Very impressed, wouldn't go every time we went to Tesco, but nice for a treat. £5.55 for the coffees and biscuits so it is a treat too, but I don't care.
Then went round and got the items on his list for the week, and a few extras and home by 1.30ish. Must admit I was getting a bit tired by the time I had walked round the store and back to the car. Must take longer to get back to normal than I thought. My aim is to get to The Cheshire Oaks, but certainly not yet while it is so cold!
 No post today either but my parcel of soap and hand cream did come from QVC.  A few things coming in the post this week, might come tomorrow.
Extremely cold today, with a biting wind, snow last night with people stranded in their cars down South, but it was light here. Mostly gone by this morning, just bits lying at the side of the roads and in the shade.
Tonight we are having:
lemon and black pepper escalopes
Bread sauce and cranberry sauce,
Mixed vegetables
Potatoes in a herb butter.

Monday, 11 March 2013

I Looked out of the Window and saw....

Snow!! and it is the 11th March!.No wonder the poor little daffodils are late this year. Mother's Day yesterday and usually they are well out for that, but not this year. We looked out of the window just a bit before and there was a blizzardy snow coming down which wass sticking, but now fifteen minutes later the sun is shining and the snow has stopped. The back garden looks quite wintry.
We had to go over the road to the GP,s surgery for an appointment with the nurse to have my blood pressure taken. The on call Dr who came out a week ago was concerned that it was a bit low so he told me to stop the blood pressure medication and get it checked. Seems it is still a bit low, so the nurse ssaid to keep off the Amlodopine and go back next week at 10.30.   Vin had really nicely wrapped the two boxes of biscuits and the tin of biscuits for the District Nurses  who are based in Thornton and I had written a thankyou card, so after we had been to the surgery we decided to go there to take them, which we did. I left them in reception so hope they get them ok.
Came back and went via the ladygreen nurseries to get our free coffees for the month. It was really quiet there today, suppose they were heaving yesterday for the Mother's Day. 
It is so lovely to go out for a nice coffee and chat without having to go near a bathroom all the time. Thank goodness the NHS sorted me out, I have a lot to be grateful to the colo/rectal team at Aintree for.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza like last night with mushrooms pineapple and cheese,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
Potato salad for moi and celery fruit and nut for Vin.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Out we Go!

very busy everywhere because it is Mother's Day weekend. I would have liked to have gone to M&S in Aintree, but that was out, it would have been heaving and you wouldn't have got near the coffee shop I'm sure. We'll go next week when it is quieter. So we went off to Dobbies. I always call it Dobbles because the i looks like an l to moi.  Very busy there too, but it is such a big place everyone is spread out., they are currently running all sorts of offers there so I expect that was why. We had a bit of a look round, Vin wanted to get some tealights which were on offer and I wanted a look for something for the District nurses, who have nearly finished with me now. At least the ones in Thornton have. Wanted to get them some biscuits and a tin but didn't see a tin I liked.
So we went and had our coffee. Not free ones today because Vin had a coupon from the post for a buy one get one free so he bought them today. Thankyou sweetheart! Lovely cup of filter coffee and he had a latte, and a nice shortbread.  Cafe part was quite busy today, much more than normal. Vin spotted some little boys filling their pockets with something and then climbing up the outdoor slide and throwing gravel down the slide. Boys will be boys I suppose. By the time they progressed to a rock their mum had spotted them and told them to go and put it back. little imps.
Had a bit more of a mooch round after that. Vin got his tealights and then in the food hall he spied a nice round tin of deans sghortbreads so we got that with two "refill" boxes for the Nurses so I was happy with that. All we need now is a nice thankyou card and some wrapping paper and sorted! great, they can use them for their meetings.
Home for lunch, one phone call missed probably jane on her way to work, and not much post.
Tonight we are having;Pasties from Waitrose
A few beggies to go with,
Rice puddings from Waitrose.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Day In..

I had an appointment..yes another one! for a phone call from a Dr from our surgery this morning at 11.15. So, couldn't really go anywhere. I had to ring the surgery at 11.15 so I did a few minutes later to be told that  he was with his last patient and leave it about fifteen minutes. Anyway he rang me at around twenty to twelve to say that the results of my blood test from the diabetic clinic showed a higher cholesterol level than they liked so try increasing the tablet I was on for that by double. Oooh what a pain! that is the bumbling person from the clinic that I saw last Monday...least said about that visit the better!!
While i was waiting for the phone call I started doing the pile of ironing that was looking at me..all the bedding from yesterday, and a pile of clothing also. Very boring but has to be done. Wonder how we used to manage before I retired?
Vin went off to Waitrose to get some veggies because we had niothing on the shelf/veg rack. Last night we ended up with a simple pasta bake which was very tasty in the end, actually. He got the pasties for tomorrow and some egg peaching pouches too for moi to try. I love a poached egg and have great difficulty getting them right without the yolk becoming too hard. These are like little tea bags for want of a better description, and you are supposed to get the perfect poached egg.
Very cloudy and overcast today, not a nice day at all actually, not like the beginning of the week.  Nowhere to go tomorrow so maybe a gentle little outing somewhere. Vin says we haven't had a coffee out this week which is true. We are slipping!!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom sauce
Potato Croquettes

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hope This Works!

Yesterday I had no end of trouble with this site. Kept going off and I kept losing the post. Got about half of it completed eventually then gave up the ghost.Just couldn't be bothered doing any more. Hope todays goes better.
In house day today. Didn't have to go anywhere  and we had to stay in for a coal delivery. Possibly the last of the Winter. £74 for four bags, but it is our main fuel. Heats the few radiators we have and the hot water in the evening so a good method of heating. Plus it looks nice too. Did the bedding today too so nice new egyptian cotton bedding on now. So, the tumble dryer and the washing machine has been going pretty much all day, bit noisy they are too.
Not been a particularly nice day, rather overcast andgrey, looks a bit like rain but nothing materialised.  Two deliveries today, one a QVC for moi..and another for our next door neighbour. At least us taking it in saves her having to go to the post office in Formby which is a pain.
Finished my antibiotics today so hope the kidney infection has cleared up, sample to the GPs tomorrow. The Dr is ringing me tomorrow also, something that has cropped up from the blood test when I went to the Diabetic clinic on the 28th feb. Grrr that man!!
Tonight we are having:
No idea!!
Something from the freezer obviously, we shall have to see what there is.
Will report back on this tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Trials and Tribulations!

Not been on for a few days. Been a bit under the weather. Started Saturday with shivers and being cold then Sunday night got quite bad. Vin rang the NHS direct answered a lot of questions then they got in touch with the out of hours Dr from the GPs surgery. he came out poor man at 1o'clock did some tests and diagnosed a kidney infection. So he left some antibiotics which seem to be doing the trick.
Poor Vin didn't get any sleep then because he said he was watching me Bless him. What a star. he slept well last night to make up for it though. Till I tripped up going to the bathroom and went flying. What a Dumbo!
Antibiotics working today (Tuesday) but Bert the Spurt is working well too. Too much in fact...too much information this is.
Went to Formby clinic to the treatment room to get my dressing done. very nice nurse and the wound is pretty much healed now so didn't need packing and she put a very small dressing on.
Went to Tesco to get some petrol,


This site is driving me mad today. Keeps going off then I can't get it back so this is a continuation f the last one. Part two in fact.
Tonight we are having:
Rice and macaroni cheese
garlic bread for Vin and
Maybe some sweetcorn.

Friday, 1 March 2013

My last Visit...

From the District nurses today. Two came this morning one the proper one and one a student. They did my dressing, at least the student did very well, the the one in charge said that i could probably go to one of the "treatment" rooms that they have in a variety of clinicsin the area. Maghull, Waterloo Formby etc., so I said that the Formby one would be good since it is only ten minutes up the road. So she rang them up and i have an appointment for five past two on Tuesday. The advantage of that is that we know the time instead of waiting around, and also it means I am off their lists too, which is good for them. These women have been really good actually. Since the first one came on New Years Day to take out my staples they have been regular visitors ever since and it is March the first today. They started with daily visits for a few weeks, then every other day for a few weeks, then twice a week, and now I am off to the treatment rooms in Formby. Good progress eh!
My other bit of news today was that I got a letter from America this morning. I had corresponded with a woman who was in Fazackerley hospital at the same time that I was having Jane, and we had kept in touch. Latterly it had been news in a note or letter at Christmas, but it was nice to hear how her daughter was getting on. Anyhow today's letter brought the sad news that she had died, very suddenly really from Pancreatic cancer in August 2011.  it sounded extremely quick only a few months from diagnosis to her passing. her husband and family must be devastated. It's a terrible disease, and that is one of the worst types. What a shock for them.R.I.P. Eileen XXX
Vin went off to tesco as soon as the nurses had been this morning, and came back quite quickly with the things for the weekend. Great shopper he is now. he is good at getting the best value. Well done Vin XX
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips 200 grms
 Mushy peas for vin and green beans for moi
tartare sauce.