Thursday, 20 July 2017

From Cloudy to Sunny,

Started off very overcast and cloudy this mornibng, but it is now lovely and sunny. Good for the golf in The Royal Birkdale course just up the road from here. Definitley not a good week to go into Southport because the traffic will be horrendous.  Not much better on the railways either because the trains are running a  weird service. Vin heard lots of express ones going through the village earlier. 
Didn't do a blog yesterday, we didn't move from the middle room after coffee and lunch, but it doesn't matter, it wasn't a very nice day actually so no problems.
 Little Jessie is out and about a bit, Vin had to shove her out of the cat flap earlier because she was upchucking all over in the kitchen, so that made him sigh.  I said "well it's your cat" and that made him more grumpy as well. 
Sorry Daddy she says!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Happy Birthday to Me !!

Yet another one, they come round with monotonous regularity don't they? 71 this year can't believe how the years have gone really, I can well remember my 21st, that was a special occasion in those days, not so much now, it's more the 18th I think.  My parents took me for a meal in the River Room which was at the Pier Head in Liverpool, it was lovely actually and a terrific evening with a beautiful sunset. 
Mostly my birthdays have been in schol or on school trips, so not the best. 
Vin gave me a lovely card, with a lottery ticket for tonight so here's hoping it is a winner. Also an absolutely gorgeous bunch og beautiful white roses, haven't had fresh flowers for ages so that's nice. and..a very pretty little black and white cat that looks like Jess but is MINE. Really cuddly and appealing. I am going to call her Jinnie, always liked that name. 
Jane was on nights last night, so will be asleep for most of today. Goodness knows how she manages to get to sleep in the sunshine though. 
Little Jessie is asleep in the front room again, did surface we came down for coffee this morning . She had a bit of a look at my Jinnie but then ran off. Don't think she was too impressed. ! 
 Giving me the evils !!!

Monday, 17 July 2017


At long last the day arrived and Friday was the day of the foot operation. Been a long haul but hopefully it is nearing the end now and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 
Got there very early actually about seven thirty! which seems like the middle of the night to us, but Vin had all sorts of alarms going however, we were up before them. He waited with me in the waiting room, and we were called in for the various tests, exams, questioning etc., saw Mr Butcher, who drew a nice big arrow picture on the leg pointing to the place he was going to work on.   Eventually got changed and was taken off mid morning to the operation. Woke up in recovery with lovely hot blankets! Bliss for me! Soon moved to a different recovery room and coffee and toast, then home mid afternoon. 
Saturday didn't do much, mostly watched the tennis finals which was a disaster for Venus Williams, Sunday had a bit of a go on the computer, and did the crosswords, so brain still working! and watched the men's finals in the afternoon. My Roger Federer won for the record eigth time, absolutely amazing, what a player! He is always so nice too, never loses his temper or has a hissy fit like some of them. Well done my Roger. 
Little Jessie has been round and about as usual, broke a glass vase on Saturday night which didn't please her Daddy because it went everywhere and he had to clean it up. Oh dear! 
Ah but she loves him really!  

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Prep !!

Today we stayed in because we are out very early tomorrow morning. Not going to be easy that, but never mind! 
Today was largely a day for getting ready.  Nice shower this morning, always a bit of a faff, because it involves getting the cuff on the foot and leg, the waterproof one so the bandage stays dry.  Jewellery off, nail varnish removed, clothing washed and all done. Pretty good.
Vin has just been trying to get some photos on snapfish which he was ages doing, since he had to load them one at a time. I would have given up long ago, but he kept going. and got there eventually. Well done lovely. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today, asleep quite a lot, but did go out with Vin earlier.  The doorbell went at about ten to four, and it was a courier with a parcel for next door. Nothing odd about that, except that little Jessie didn't get up and scoot away upstairs like she usually does. So that is good, I wonder if  finally she is getting used to the sound of it. 
 This is the basket that was meant for the charity shop because she never used it. Then she started and now she is always in the front room, especially when she wants peace and quiet. 

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Nice and Sunny !

Woke up this morning to a much better day. Lovely and bright and sunny and totally different from yesterday. So we decided to do what we were going to do yesterday but didn't. 
So off we went to Dobbies. it is nice in the sun, and you can have a good look round inside at the gifts etc., there was a sale on but there wasn't anything that we fancied. The house is pretty full of clutter anyway and we aren't really looking for more.  :) 
We did have a good browse inside, and bought a few foodie things that we will use anyway, but no candle things much. At least not the Yankee candles, they seem to be disappearing from there. 
Went for our coffee, and found a nice quiet table in the shade. We both had flat whites which ended up being mostly in the saucers. No just kidding, the girl had overfilled the cups so they spilt over the tops a bit ! Nice though, and since they are free you can't complain can you !!
 Little Jessie hadn't moved when we got back, She was still in her basket on the sofa in the front room.  She seems to like the peace and quiet there. 
Now where shall I goto trip her up?  Coming downstairs after changing my clothes, there she was lying full length along the bottom step!!!  Trying to get her daddy on her own?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Are we Hibernating?

No not really. The thing is when you are retired you can choose just what you want to do, and this morning we woke up to dark and drizzle and very uncertain weather so we decided we would stop in since neither of us was fired up to go out anyway.  Probably tomorrow. 
It is actually quite cool today too, I have put my fleece jacket on again after wearing a much lighter one for the past few weeks.  Vin got a letter from Ebico the gas firm today about the gas bill, and it going up. It was very confusing and he was an age working out which was the best tariff to go for, when he did he then tried to contact the number but was put on one of those music hold lines for ever. Why are they always awful tunes. When he eventually got through he was dealt with quite quickly and efficiently by the sound of it and it was all sorted.
Little Jessie hasn't been around much but then again she never is once she is fed and watered at morning time.  Shr did move around lunchtime to crawl up to her Daddy's neck and give him a nuzzle. AAAh!
 She sprawls on the back of the sofa looking  lovely. XXX  doesn't come on me though.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Pigs Ears!!

We will get to them later. Just another Monday otherwise. Vin decided to do the ironing mainly of the bedding. We will probably have a fairly quiet week, with no appointments apart from the foot operation one on Friday. That will be a very early start since we have to be there by seven in the morning. Oh my goodness that is so early for a person who isn't a morning person. Never mind, bite the bullet. 
 Not too bad today, a bit overcast and cloudy now but was quite nice earlier. Sine little Jessie woke her Daddy up at six o'clock this morning she had some food then went into her basket. This is the basket that was destined for the charity shop till she decided that she was going to use it in the front room where it is nice and quiet. She did wake up around lunchtime, ours not hers although she does get fed when she wants some. She certainly has her Daddy wrapped round her little paws! 
This is what she does most evenings, she likes nuzzling up to his face from the back of the sofa. Judging by the look on his face he doesn't mind very much either. 
Now to the Pigs Ears. We got a leaflet through the door this morning advertising all manner of goods for sale of items for dogs and cats for delivery. You can apparently get a bag of them, plus other horrible stuff like tripe and "other" offal , liver, etc., etc., Absolutely horrible especially for Vegetarians, which we are. 
Jessie isn't though, she eats normal cat food.