Monday, 22 January 2018

Just Another Monday!

Just another manic Monday! except not round here really. it should be just another quiet Monday!  It was a case of stopping in today to get a delivery from the people who bring the Aranesp injections which I take weekly.  Every Tuesday Vin brings me one of those and says "don't shoot the messenger!" I have done many many injections over the years, but  do have to say that doing that one does hurt, and I am very glad that it isn't done daily!
Vin busied himself doing all sorts this morning and I spent the time on the computer having a bit of aa browse and catching up. We meet up downstairs for coffee and a biscuit.  Then a listen to the recorded popmaster quiz on radio two with Ken Bruce which we both enjoy.  A bit of lunch then upstairs to do this and Vin gets the fire lit. He makes a good job of that with the logs kindling and Homefire type coal. 
Lovely to watch the start of the  new series of "Call the Midwife" yesterday, we really enjoyed that. It is set in 1962 which was a year of the big freeze, and everywhere was covered in snow. Don't know how they did  that but it was very effective. Lovely stories, well acted and real escapism television. 
Little  Jessie has been in most of the day but did go out this morning according to Vin. She doesn't really go far from him actually so probably came back in  pretty quickly. She had a lovely time playing with her little toy that our Jane gave her for Christmas. The idea is to put some Dreamies into it, and the cat has to knock it around to get them out one at a time. She loves that, and gets a treat at the end of it.
 A very contented Jessie in front of one of Vin's fires! 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Brief Outing!

Just a little outing this morning . Off to Formby. Vin rang up for a blood test for me yesterday and was offered one at twenty to twelve today so we took that one.  I had already had a blood test done on Wednesday when we went to Aintree, but that doesn't register on the GPs computer over the way. So since they have been badgering me for a while now we gave in and went and had it done!
It was really sunny when we went there this morning and the sun was right in Vin's eyes when he was driving and worse when he was coming back. Now it is raining and very grey looking and has gone quite cold again. What you would expect for January really. 
We didn't go anywhere else after the blood test mainly because we had already been for a Costa on Wednesday and that's enough really. So we came home and had one from our great machine instead!
Just when we were ready to go out, and Vin was fastening my shoes little Jessie came and miaowed round by his legs. He said ok I'll get you some  biscuits, he reckons she must have thought if they are going out I will get stocked up!  As it happened we were seen really quickly and were back very soon. Guess who was still in her basket? Full of biscuits I suppose. 
No cream cake for Madam this week, so she had a little bit of squirty cream that our Jane brought with her at Christmas! Hand fed of course. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Well They said it was Going to Rain!

They did indeed on the weather forecast yesterday, and proved to be right.Clearing up a little bit now but still in the sky.  Hope young Vin doesn't get wet going down for the coal :)
Stayed in today because we were out yesterday and we are off to Formby tomorrow to the clinic to get a blood test for the GP over the road.  They have been ringing us up for ages now so have given up. I kept hoping they had forgotten but unfortunately they haven't. Get it over and done with. 
So a quiet day today with just our usual routine.   Lovely morning coffees and two popmaster quizzes to listen to which is always nice.  Yogurt and crisps for lunch then a watch of a couple of daytime programmes. Up to do the blog and down for the evening. 
Little Jessie didn't wake her daddy up too early this morning and  has been good today. The days are drawing out a bit now actually, it is now five o'clock and still a reasonable amount of light even though it is raining. She hasn't been out though, she certainly does not like getting wet. 
Good job she doesn't do a post round with Postman Pat !

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Busy Busy!

I had an appointment at Aintree this morning at the Podiatry clinic for 11o'clock. We actually got going quite quickly and got there early. Waited a little while while Vin went to park the car.  Called in by Joanne one of the lovely podiatrists , and I haven't seen her for a while. Vin caught me up later, then said he would go and get my slippers. We had got a letter last week or so that they were ready for collection. Joanne said that Ashley was around and she might have them, but she rang for them instead. They arrived just as Joanne was finishing my feet off so she fitted them to try them. They are a really nice burgundy  colour which is just me.  Very comfortable and a lot lot better for walking on than the other flip flop thingies! 
Another appointment made for four weeks time, I think they want to keep an eye on my feet. That's fine by us!
After that we needed to go and get a blood test done which was way over in the elective care centre.  Vin said it was too far to walk but I thought it would give my shoes a good try, so off we set. Did falter a tiny bit in the middle but kept going and got there, quite proud of that!  Had my blood taken by Jennifer who has done it quite a few times before, and I always say Hello Jennifer and she replies the same. She is really good at doing the blood and gets it first time. 
Went downstairs to the front, and  I waited in the foyer while he went for the car. he was parked right on top on the roof so I thought he would be ages but he was surprisingly quick.  It was just about twelve so we decided to go and get a Costa at the retail park. That was really quiet today not so many people in there despite it being lunchtime. I had a lovely small skinny latte and Vin had an Americano because that was what he fancied.  Sat and people watched for a bit chatted for a bit and then made our way home.  I think we did quite a lot today really. 
When we got back little Jessie hadn't moved. She was in her basket when we left and was still there when we got back. Then she deigned to get up and move a bit.  So she didn't have a busy day!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Another Horrible Day!

Exactly! A nasty grey and rainy day with some hail. Needless to say none of us went out today, not Jessie or Vin or I, we stopped inside in the warm. It was a case of dodging the rain spells today with Vin going out as little as possible. Very blowy too, the trees are going like mad. Actually it was a case of being retired is a bonus after all! Poor Jane was on an eight to eight day today and she has to get up really early for that shift, round about sixish for that. 
Little Jessie hasn't moved much at all today, certainly not gone . She actually came on top of me this morning which is extremely rare. In fact she has never done that before, she had come up to get her daddy and went on top of him, then I think he moved and she sort of slid over on to me. She wasn't there long though !!Soon moved!
Our lovely babies!!

Monday, 15 January 2018

What a Grey Day!

It is indeed a very grey day too. Rainy and cold. Apparently today the 15th is the worst day of the year, and is called Blue Monday. Well I suppose you have had the festivities of Christmas over and only the cold weather to look forward to for the next couple of months. 
We stopped in today mainly because we are due out on Wednesday for a podiatry appointment, so that will do for this week.  We do have to collect some slippers from Aintree so will do that as well,  and I also need a blood test before the kidney clinic later in the month. With a bit of luck we will do all of those in the one morning.  We also got a call from the surgery over the road too today, a reminder to go for a blood test at Formby and then ring up for an appointment with the clinic nursey later. That was a pain because I thought they had forgotten all about that. Oh well. 
Our Jane rang up as we were having our coffee this morning, she had been to ASDA to get a pizza for her lunch. She had done some shopping for bits that she needed too. She is lucky with the supermarkets because she has all of them within quaite easy reach to get to. We haven't been to an ASDA for a long time really because the nearest one is over in Southport, and is a real trek to get to. Luckily though we do have all of the others in easy reach so we are well off there. 
Little Jessie has had a nice quiet day today as well, she had woken her daddy up early, she tends to sit on top of him till he gets his glasses on then jumps down and waits somewhere on the stairs. One morning she draped herself right over the very bottom step and he said he had to contort himself to get over her. 
Nice and relaxed eh!!!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Yesterday and Today!

Yesterday  we went out to Dobbies, it was quite a nice day, sunny but still cold. We haven't been out for a while, at least I haven't but Vin has of course been to the various supermarkets. It was quite quiet really probably because the children are all back at school. There certainly wasn't any around the store as far as I could see anyway.   We had a bit of a mooch around first  because we were looking for a present for our John for his birthday.  We spotted some items that had been reduced from their Christmas stock so kept them in mind for after we had our coffees. 
Nice flat white for me, and a latte for Vin, but not as frothy as they usually are from there but very tasty despite that.  We take our own biscuits so that keeps it nice and very cheap! 
We then went back round the shop to get our items, including an extremely expensive little box of mints that we both fancied but was greatly reduced.  Two really nice boxes of shortbread that we had bought before Christmas and liked a lot, and a variety of other things. Were surprised when we got to the till  and the money started counting up, but then the reductions come into place at the end and it is all half price. What a relief!
Home then and because we were a bit later I didn't fancy going upstairs again to do the fiddling with the computer, so stopped downstairs. 
Today we have both stayed in. Vin has done bits and pieces and I have had a play on here and also tried to write a note to our John and Ann. That is meant to go into the package with his present, so need to get a bit of a move on with that. Will do a bit more tomorrow.
Little Jessie has been up to her usual tricks, she seems to have her own things in her mind. She decides when she is going to come upstairs to sit on Vin at bedtime, and also when she is going to wake him up too. She is a good miaower so does make herself heard in the morning.  Also she does love her daddy so he is the one she will jump on first thing in the morning. Thankfully not me!

 Look at this for appealing!