Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Its Blown Over!

Well at least the stormy weather has gone.Was quite bad in ireland and is now heading its way overland to Scotland and expected to go towards Glasgow.  Quite nice today, just still breezy but looks pleasant.
Vin did all sorts today, he did a bit of gardening at the front, and put some bulbs in the barrel by the front door. This year we got tete-a-tere which is a miniature bright yellow daffodil which is an old stand by. Last year we used a variety called baby moon and they didn't flower for an age. So much so he took a bulb or two back to the garden centre and got our money back! and then they flowered!! Oh dear. Then when he googled them he found they were a late flowering variety. We didn't know that, anyway we went back to the old faithful this year.
So he got them planted and in after going over the way to get some more compost.
He also printed off the letter to John and Ann today, I had already printed it off but the print was really small, and it needed to be bigger. I didn't know how to do this so he did it, put it into an envelope and took it off to be posted, £2.02. Not too bad.
Little Jessie had a good dose of her daddy at lunchtime jumping up on his lap and gazing up adoringly at him.  Now she is in her basket but no doubt she will be all over him when he has his tiny piece of cream cake. She certainly has a nose for that.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Monday and NO Podiatry!

What a change! I can't remember when the last time was that we didn't need to go to Podiatry on a Monday.  The only appointment this week is on Wednesday with Mr Butcher and that is 3.30 in the afternoon so at least it isn't an early one. Nice.
There were dire warnings about the possibility of a big storm in Britain today , it seems to be causing trouble in Ireland but while it is blowy today, the sun is shining and it is quite pleasant. Maybe it is working its way over towards here from over the sea though. There isn't anything much on the news we shall see what is on the six o'clock news. 
I finished my letter to John and Ann this morning, I have been such a long time doing it but have finally got there. Will post it tomorrow now. Get ready for the Christmas one then. 
The new computer monitor that Vin went for on Friday is working terrifically. As soon as you switch it on it appears, no waiting half an hour for it t warm up or get going. Just shows the difference changing it has made. There are still a couple of tweeks to be done but nothing major at all. 
Little Jessie has been quite quiet today, after being fed this morning she has mostly been in her basket, sleeping. Seems to be what she does. She hasn't been out today, most days she will go round the garden, depends on the weather. When it is nice she will go and have a mooch around and a nosey at what is going on. 
 Having a prowl.

Friday, 13 October 2017

A Very Successful Day!

Well, a very successful morning today. The podiatry went extremely well.  Everybody was delighted with the state of the foot.  The IPOC machine had done its job well doing a great job of healing the wound. The doctor who saw it was amazed at the difference in it from when she first saw it, and there was a big hole there. So, well done all the podiatry girls for being so patient, it has paid off.
I also had a bit of a fitting with the orthoptist who does the shoes. She last saw me in 2016 and fitted one sho sort of, and couldn't do any more because it was a case dressings and a further operation, healing time etc.,  Jo went off to see if they could locate the shoes that she reckoned were probably lying on a dusty shelf somewhere. Anyway they found them, and she came back with the shoes to have a go at fitting them. They actually fit very well, tried them on and I had a bit of a walk with them on. Great! it was lovely to have the feel of a proper shoe again, can't even remember when I last had shoes on. Lovely feeling.
No podiatry next week, just an appointment with Mr Butcher on Wednesday, and I think he will be chuffed with the foot too.
From podiatry we went to get a Costa from the retail park in Aintree. There is a P.C.world just opposite which we had planned to go to afterwards. We both had flat whites which were lovely. The Costa was quite quiet when we got there then all of a sudden it filled up. That branch has a great turnover with people coming and going all the time. Wouldn't mind shares in that one.
After that Vin went over to look at monitors and rang me up from inside,  The one that looked good was an Acer for £128 pounds with a three year guarantee. He has fitted it up and it seems to be working beautifully. Well done Vin XX
Little Jessie was in her basket when we left and was still there when we returned. Didn't look like she had moved at all.  Probably hadn't.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

More Autumnal..

Nicer weather today, more Autumnal with a bit of sunshine and no rain, yet that is.  We are out tomorrow so it will probably rain then!
We did bits and pieces today, Vin went off to Tesco to get some bits he had run out of and left me  on the computer, once he had got it going. 
We have a fairly early appointment at the podiatry clinic tomorrow so will maybe go for a Costa afterwards and visit the P.C. world place which is actually on the same retail park so easy to get to. We are looking for a new computer monitor, at least one that works!
Little Jessie was nice this morning, she jumped up on the bed to sit on her Daddy's front. She allowed me to stroke her for ages, she nuzzled my hand and everything. Very regal of her! Vin was getting a bit jealous he said! 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Windy and Rainy and Sunny!

A little bit of everything today. The weather girl on BBC said that we were going to have a lot of raining and a blustery day today and for once they were spot on. The morning and most of the early afternoon were just that but now the sun is shining even though it is still blowy. 
We decided after looking out of the window that we wouldn't bother going out today so we stayed in. Vin did a bit of washing and I caught up on computer things. Nothing exciting really, but it doesn't matter though. We are out on Friday morning so will get some stuff then. Maybe look for a new monitor for this computer which is playing up badly. It is taking for ever to get going each time it is switched on .  This morning it was terrible and even once it had got going I re started it and was sitting here for about half an hour while it started up again. Grrr.
Little Jessie was up early this morning and jumped up on the bed, even on me which is very unusual for her, she normally goes straight for her daddy. he got up to feed her then came back upstairs.Now she is asleep in her basket on the sofa next to him, and stays there.
Could she get any closer.?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Monitor Trouble!!

The monitor on this computer is being a real pain these days! it takes forever and an age to switch it on each time you use it now. Vin has looked it up on the google and not really found anything useful, so we have come to the conclusion that it needs replacing. 
Not sure yet who we will go for, we shall have to bite the bullet and go for it. 
Yesterday we had the early appointment at Aintree,  at nine thirty. That is early for us but we got there early too, and was seen almost immediately. Out by ten and although we had planned to go for a coffee it was too early for that, so we decided to go home instead, via Crosby so he could get a couple of things from Sainsbury's. We were home by eleven too.  The good news was that I had some of the later appointments cancelled because  I don't have the Ipoc pump which needs redoing twice a week I can get away with only going the once, so that leaves the week a lot clearer. 
Little Jessie is presently on Jane's bed, all curled up on the middle of it. looks very peaceful too. Sorry Jane! 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Hair Cut At Last !

Today he went off to Formby to get his hair cut.! It had really grown and was turning up over his colar at the back. It is very thick hair too so tends to look scruffy but he came back with a great cut. Nice and short and thinner on top, none of your modern cuts thank you. The latest fashion seems to be the longer on top and a shaven sides which I think looks terrible but that is just my opinion. 
I stayed here and played about on the computer. Nothing very exciting though, just following the gossip. 
Little Jessie has been asleep in her basket , nothing new there since she wakes up very early, but isn't getting her Daddy up these last few mornings, I think it is darker to start with so she isn't getting going. She did rise when her Daddy came back from Formby.
 Where oh where has my Daddy gone?