Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nice Surprise!

It was a nice surprise to see our Jane on Saturday morning! She came quite early, the doorbell went and Vin jumped up in his pyjamas,  muttering about me and my parcels, then came back upstairs. I said what was that? and he replied ..nothing! Then Jane appeared in the doorway with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card. Lovely to see her, it is a while since she has been home. I think she wanted to see Jess really, who did disappear under her bed upstairs but soon came out actually. I think she is used to Jane now.
This little monkey has been playing with a really old catnip mouse that we bought years ago from Culpepers in Bath. She really gave that a good licking, and it must be years old! It's like a catty cannabis!
Since we didn't  have any apointments today we had a day in. I have one tomorrow  and should have  had one at the dressings clinic on Friday but I got a phone call from Aintree Hospital this morning from someone connected to Mr Butcher and making an appointment for 9.30. Bit early for me but never mind.  :(  Vin rang up and cancelled the one at the dressings clinic, since the foot will be dressed at Aintree anyway.
Vin did all sorts od bits and bobs today including carrying a very hot bundle of ashes in paper.
Fast asleep in her basket nw. Probably got a catnip head! Vin said she will get the munchies later!! 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Costa Here we Come!

What a treat! Out and about without an appointment. Vin had said we would go somewhere today but wasn't sure where. In the end because  he needed to get a few things from his shopping list we decided on Tesco and the Costa. It is actually seven weeks since we had been there which is longer than I thought. Doesn't time fly!
Parkinjg not too bad, petrol station bit was closed, but he had filled up in Aintree anyway so didn't need any. They seem to be putting new pumps in by the looks of things. 
Went straight into Costa and got a nice table in the corner which we like and Vin went off to get two flat whites. They do a really nice one which we like because our machine at home doesn't do those. They do a lovely fern  pattern on the tops too, I would love to know how they do that! He bought them out of our "winnings" this is money that we get through little lottery winnings or other bits and pieces that come our way.
He went off to get the shopping bits because he is quick, and left me with the boring Liverpool Echo to read.  Back soon and went home  to the little cat who hadn't moved from  from where she was in the front room. Asleep in a nice little sunny spot. 
Jane has just rung on her way home from work, she sid that the authorities have arrested a man from West Didsbury where she lives, she knows the road but it isn't near her at all thank goodness. This is to do with the terrorist attack in London so they are making moves to get people. 
Jessie in feeding mode. She woke her Daddy up this mrning at half past six this morning!  When the clocks go forward this weekend I wonder what time she will be getting him up.? 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

In For a Change...

We all stayed in today, even little Jessie. Not that she goes out much anyway. She will follow her beloved Vin if he is going in the garden but this morning he was doing some bits and bobs in the garden and she happened to be asleep on Jane's bed so didn't hear him go out I suppose. She actually stayed there till we had our lunch so had a good sleep today. 
Terrible  tragic happenings in London yesterday. The papers are full of what went on, the Daily Mail has about ten pages of it all. Suppose that is because it is The Houses of Parliament that was involved. Quite a few injuries to pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and all the evening programmes telling of what was happening almost frame by frame. 
Quite nice today, a touch of Spring, not that our daffodils in the barrel are doing anything special 
Little Jess will be unlucky today if she is after a blob of cream from her daddy's plate like yesterday because there isn't any left!! 
In the alcove, waiting for her feed!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tootsie Day!

Up and at em this morning, at least we should have been but Vin slept in a bit. The reason for that was that little Jessie did her alarm waking up bit and crawled about his legs till he got up!. This was VERY early so he had to get up and feed her. Hence when he went back to bed he slept in a bit. Can't blame him really. :) Of course I don't get woken up because I don't hear anything.Oh dear, what a shame. 
Since my appointment was for 1.30 today instead of 2.30 we had to get going a bit differently, had breakfast as usual, then Vin did his clearing up and got the bin round again, and I had a nice hair wash. At least my hair feels a lot better for having had it cut. Then we had a lovely baby coffee and a biscuit to put us on and went upstairs to get ready. Out and at Aintree by 1.15, Vin leaves me in the waiting area and goes and parks the car.  Had to wait a bit today apparently they were extremely busy, "one of those days" the girl who did my foot said. She was very quick and efficient and we were out and off to the Co-Op for our lunch, all prepared by Vin's fair hands! Isn't he a star!
Home to news on the television of a shooting at The Houses of Parliament, so that has overtaken everything on the box. I don't think little Jess has moved at all since we left! Just fast asleep in her basket.
Jess in her basket..All's well with the world :)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nothing Doing!

No appointments today so decided to stop in instead.  Podiatry tomorrow so will go out then anyway.  Did a bit of browsing on the computer, looking for a reading light for my Kindle but haven't found a suitable one yet. You think you find one and then discover it has terrible reviews or too heavy etc., Somewhere there must be a perfect light somewhere surely? 
Vin has done a lot of sorting out today, it's the grey bin tomorrow so aiming to get rid of rubbish. 
Little Jess has been lovely aqnd relaxed today and didn't run off when the doorbell rang either. She normally disappears when that goes and hides under the bed till she feels it is safe again. 
Getting comfy! 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Toothi3es not Tootsies!

Not a Podiatry couch for me today but a dental one instead! I had broken a couple of teeth some weeks ago but with one appointment after another I just didn't get round to getting anything done. The time came round today and made one for twelve o'clock today.At least it was a painless one because no filling needed, they required smoothing off and filing down to make them less rough and all was done.  Just had to pay the £19.70 and that was it. Only thing was when I  looked in my purse I didn't have enough money but luckily Vin was there to bail me out with a ten pound note. How embarrassing :)  So his next job was to go and get me some money from the post office. Good job it is just up the road! 
Horrible wet day to start with today but has cleared up nicely now and the sun is shining through the windows now. Had to avoid the puddles going into the dentist this morning. Disn't want to get the wheels wet. :)
Little Jess is very quiet today but round and about. Vin chased her after lunch and she ran upstairs like greased lightening and under the bed. I think she knows by now it is only a joke, and she soon comes out for more! 
Very good friends really. She absolutely loves him, and he is the first choice to go to all the time.!  

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Change is as good as a Rest!

My hair has been driving me absolutely crazy for months now, and for the last few weeks I have been saying that I must go and get it cut. Well yesterday I steeled up the nerve to go and do something about it and gave the hairdressers a ring. It was the one that I used to go to quite regularly (when I had some hair!) and they are nice. I had been putting it off really because I was ashamed of the state it was in. Got an appointment for a quarter to twelve today so it was up as normal a bit of a mooch on the puter, get ready and off there.  
The woman that was doing it was really really nice and spent an age cutting it for me Trimmed all of the back and layered it a lot and did the fringe all nice and spiky. Well done Helen You have done a beautiful job there and it has made a world of difference to me. 
Home for a nice coffee, a quick cappucinno and biscuit, then up to get changed and a bit of a mooch looking for a hair wax but not much luck really. Not terribly sure what to look for actually. Oh well!Very cold today and a bit wet and rainy, almost gone back to February again except for the daffodils everywhere.  None in our barrel at the front of the house this year though, just spindly leaves.
We usually buy the mini ones but they have been a big disappointment this year for some reason.
Poor little Jessie has upchucked all over today, think it's a hair ball according to Vin. She was in the middle room miaowing then he chased her in the kitchen where there is a solid tile floor. She is now doing a lot of miaowing and even came into this room here for a stroke from me which is unusual.
Poor little girl must be miserable for her. XXX