Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Sometimes they just get on your nerves!  I have had to restart this one twwice today, to get it going. What a pain!  You see them on the TV and on films using their computer and everything is done immediately. They press a button and it is done. They never break down and never have to be rebooted either. Proper fiddle.
Today it is cold and a bit miserable. Vin went off to the garden centres over the way to look for plants  for the barrel at the front of the house. The daffodils eventually died off and were removed for the green bin and there is just a baby conifer in the middle . So he wanted to fill round it with  some small plants that wouldn't grow too high or leggy. There are two garden centres over the by-pass in Ince, both next to each other. He went to them both and got what he wanted  at the smaller one actually.   The other one is much bigger with a big cafe  and tends to be quite expensive, the smaller one is a bit cheaper usually. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today, not out very often because it is drizzly, she doesn't like being wet.
Oy Look at me Daddy.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

In Today!

We did indeed stop in today, at least I did but Vin went out to crosby to Sainsbury's because he didn't go there yesterday. So it will probably be a short and sweet post today. 
I did get a phone call from the Dr that I saw yesterday to say that as a result of the blood tesst I had done my sodiumlevel was a bit low, so she would like another one done because sometimes it can vary and it might be a one off. She would leave a form with the podiatry dept., and I could collect it so we will do thaat next time I go there. 
Apart from that call one from an indian site who rang off when we picked the phone up. Why do they do that? it's so annoying. 
It was quite dark this morning and a bit blowy, and little Jessie didn't wake Vin up so he had a lie in a bit this morning. When it is sunny she is up with the lark. He fed her eventually, and she then went back to sleep again for most of the morning. Only waking up when he came back from Crosby. 
Very tiring being a cat isn't it?
Poor Vin has a terrible cough, he got some cough mixture from the pharmacy over the road,  so he is taking that every two hours. Hope it works for him it sounds rough poor lad. XXX

Monday, 26 June 2017

Podiatry? Diabetic?

We were out today for our last appointment of the week. It was actually at the Diabetic clinic, which is in the same building as the Podiatry and shares the same reception desk.  It was funny today going in the same entrance, and using the same entrance but not going to get my foot done!
 Saw a couple of the Podiatry girls who greeted me with my name, which is nice but went to sit over the other side. Only there a short while then called in to get my weight, blood pressure, and urine done, finishing  with a blood test, then the waiting area again. Vin had parked the car by then so he waited with me and we chatted for a bit and was called in very soon. Saw a nice Dr., Allen female, who went through all of my readings and everything appears to be very good. She was pleased with all of the results and said I was actually on the borderline of being diabetic now which is good.  See you again in a year, and the appointment was made for then at the desk and we went off to the Co-op for a little picnic lunch!
Vin went in to get a couple of things from the store and we returned home about ten to three. Good going. 
Little jessie was in her basket, having not moved since we left. We had sat down with a tiny coffee when she decided to have a bit of an explore around. She climbed up on the television table and had a sniff about, jumped on to the chair and had a sniff at the things on the unit. Wonder why she is doing that she has never done that before. Must be getting curious. 
She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth really doesn't she.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Much Cooler Today!

Thankfully! It has been very hot for the last few days but today there is a nice fresh breeze blowing in from the coast I think. It does look a bit like rain, but that won't do the plants any harm and will water the surfaces at least. 
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up at around half past seven this morning so he went down to feed her then came back to bed. I didn't hear that at all, he said he went into the bathroom and when he came out there she was on the landing looking at him then went straight downstairs to her feeding bowl. Talk about getting him trained. 
She knows what she like too, is inclined to be a bit fussy when being fed, likes some more than others. I can just imagine Vin perusing the aisles looking at all of the different nes to see which she would prefer!!
Our Jane rang up this morning when we were about to have our coffee to say she was on her dinner!, I was expecting her to ring at half past four which is what her shift should have been but apparently she had volunteered to work till eight because they were stuck. She took the other afternoon off as holiday because she was really tired so she says this will make up for that and she won't lose any of her holiday.  She will probably ring up again about eight tonight on her way home. 
Nothing much in the news today, it mostly seems to be about "Brexit". Hate that name they use it all over the place now. The Tower disaster has slipped right down the ratings, except for the odd article now and then in the papers, it hardly figures. 
We didn't go out anywhere today, we were out yesterday, and we have the cancelled appointment on Sunday so that will do. For this week anyway.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Out and About!

Out and around today, since we haven't been out this week we thought we would today.  One of the reasons we didn't go out yesterday was simply that it was too hot. However, today it was lovely and fresh when we got up, although it is now really warming up again. 
We got to Dobbies, and Vin went for the wheels to get me round and we started looking at the food hall, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off so it was everybody outside. I felt sorry for the people who were in the middle of coffees or meals, they would have had to leave those.  We werelet in again after about ten minutes, and everything seemed normal so maybe it was a fire drill. If it was I wasn't very impressed because I didn't hear anyone tell me to clear the building!
We had a look at the bedding plants because we wanted some for the barrel, but there was nothing suitable, everything was either too pricey or would have grown too leggy, we want something that would be slow growing and not too high. We will try the little one over in Ince.   We did have a lovely coffee there our free ones for the month. I had a flat white and Vin had a latte sat and people watched for a while. A lot of young mums with babies in buggies, and grandparents with little ones. 
Home to a sleeping Jessie in her basket doesn't come to the door to greet us. Charming!!
She did get up a bit later to get a bit of food though. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Still a tad warm!

Bit overcast this morning with a bit of a breeze going as well, but it hasn't actually cooled down much.  Vin went over the line just before to take a prescription to the Dr's and he came back to say it was really hot again. Supposed to cool down by the weekend though. Steve Wright has just said on the radio that this is the hottest June day for forty years! 
Not much activity today, Vin went down the road to one of our friends to get an insurance form signed. He was a man I used to work with, and we used to share cars back in the day. They have three children and the oldest a girl they said is retiring!!!! Couldn't believe that, it only seems like yesterday when they were all in the back of my car being dropped off at school. Good grief, talk about ageing!
Vin said that little Jessie woke him up a little bit later this morning. He says she doesn't even have to keep miaowing now, she miaows once then makes her way down the landing because she knows he will get up and feed her :)  Talk about wrapping him round her little paw!
One phone call from and Indian caller, and ne from Bullens the healthcare people, and that was it this morning. The day was left in the air really because the appointment at the dressings clinic was cancelled for this afternoon, we might go out tomorrow now to Dobbies. 

We need some bedding plants to replace the daffodils in this barrel 
which have well finished and gone. Head gardener pulled them all out to put into the green bin. All we have to do now is decide what to put in next for the summer.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Another Hot One!

Really is another hot one. Little Jessie is currently sprawled out on the landing keeping her cool. Vin was in the front garden this morning doing some pruning, weeding and pulling out the well finished daffodils from the barrel in front of the house. It is cooler out there because by the time he got out there the sun had gone round to the back of the house which is now sweltering. One of the joys of living in a terraced house is that you only get the sun on two sides. Front and back , sides are adjoining.
Hanging baskets looking good in the sunshine though, hope they don't get too leggy. The one by the front door is looking really nice, haven't got a photo of that though, must get Vin to take one of that on his phone.
Love this photo of our Jane on her graduation, taken just on two years ago, at The Lowry centre in Salford. Lovely memorable day, except it rained all day but it didn't matter, they all look so happy. Hard to believe it was two years ago.