Friday, 16 March 2018

A Good Job!

It was a good job we were in today. On Wednesday I ordered a box of Borders biscuits from Amazon. Originally  I was going to get a DVD of Little Women  for Ann for her birthday in May, and was looking for something to make up the money so you get the free delivery. However, when I clicked on these they were free delivery anyway,  so I bought them. They arrived today via the postman, that was super quick. We weren't expecting them that quickly.  Lovely biscuits 48 in the box  four different flavours.  Yum! 
Vin has done the bedding today, and the surgery rang to make an appointment for a review and a check up on something.  So it was as well we stopped in really. 
Nothing much happening online by the looks of it, everything seems to be steady at the moment. At least on the sites I visit anyway. 
Little Jessie seems to be in a bitey mood today and last night too. She was on the bed on top of Vin last night and he went to tickle her as he often does but this time she didn't like it and went to bite him. Not a good idea that Jessie.  He said give her a tickle..erm NO thank you, I'm not soft. 
All nice and quiet and peaceful, looking like she does nothing wrong. Go on tickle her tummy !!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Yesterday and Today!

Did not have time to do a blog yesterday because by the time we got back from Aintree it was time to get changed and go down for our coffee. 
The podiatry clinic was a bit longer than expected . We took the slippers and shoes to have them inspected for rubbing etc., and Ashley took them off for re-doing, something with the insoles I think. The lovely lady who was doing my feet was a little concerned with the right one which has a little ulcer on the top of the toe was still looking a bit red  so she wanted the Dr to give me some antibiotics again to clear it up. Uuugh! Two at a time and big things they are too.  So it was actually quite late when we got home, the traffic was bad as it was getting on for rush hour, which seems to be longer these days. With a clever bit of driving Vin managed to keep us moving even though it was a longer way round. Clever boy. 
Our Jane just rang up before I came upstairs to do this. She was in her kitchen making a batch of curries. She cooks up a big pot full and divides them up into about six portions in pots she got from the pound shop. Some she keerps for now and the rest goes in the freezer for next week when she is on nights. Clever girl. She sent us a picture of what she had made on her phone then did a video link so we coukld see what she was up to. Aaah! The wonders of technology. 
In today therefore,  and a nice normal day. Little Jessie doing normal things, mostly in her basket. 
Vin sent a lovely picture of her to Jane via the phone. One thing about her, she is very photogenic. 

Me with my lovely long thick hair! NOT! 
Let's have a pose then !

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Sunny and Out!

Lovely and bright when we woke up this morning and we got going quite quickly so we decided to go off to Dobbies.  Very bright sunshine for a change  the temperatures have gone up a fair bit so it is a treat to get out.
We had a look round first to see whether there was anything different. In a word No! but at least they had the things we wanted, everything Christmas had gone long since, but all seems to be everything gardening. You can't move for tables chairs and sets of the same. Chimneas, barbecues and other gadgets for the few times when it isn't raining or freezing cold!
We then went for our free coffees. To be honest we missed the ones in February because of the weather mainly or hospital appointments and I think that annoyed Vin because he likes getting those. Well we have had this months anyway!
I had a very nice flat white and he had an Americano  and shared a pack of biscuits they sell there now.  Actually that reminded me to order some Borders biscuits from Amazon, which I did when we got home. £10.47 for 48 individual packs and free P&P. Not bad really. 
Coffees were lovely, then we went for our shopping.  Two boxes of shortbreads, one of twirly biscuits with a long sell by date, two cherry cakes and a lovely little notebook which I fancied but Vin has put away for Ann for her birthday in May.  Then home for our lunch yogit and cripps for me and a sourdough sandwich for Vin. 
Little Jessie  has been in her basket by the looks of it. All the time we were out probably. 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Beautiful Day!

Not!! It is a very wet day today. Not exactly pouring down but it has been drizzly all day and quite cold. Very grey outside. We haven't been out today which is our normal for us we don't tend to go out on a Monday, but maybe tomorrow to Dobbies unless it snows really hard again!!
Quite a sad day for comedy today with the death of Sir Ken Dodd. He died in the house he was born in and married his long term partner two days ago too. No doubt there will be a lot on the local news tonight because being a local lad he was very popular here. They regularly gave updates about him and showed him coming out of hospital the other week after being in for quite a while with a chest infection.  R.I.P. Sir Ken.
The doorbell went at lunchtime, it was our next door neighbour giving Vin a nice bottle of wine for helping them fasten their bikes to their car on Saturday morning. He was pleased with that I think. 
Needless to say our Jessie hasn't been out today because of the weather. She doesn't like getting wet. Who does? 
HaHa ! Not Jessie. It's my little cat called Smudge. Doesn't need feeding, or use cat litter and doesn't cost any money. Perfect!
The other one the one who does cost money for food and cat litter and biscuits! I don't mind though. She is a cute cat, even though she is his princess!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Foot and Mouth!

Strange day today.We were woken up this morning to the doorbell going. It was our next door neighbour, who was setting off for the Lake District with her daughter and grandson . They were trying to put bikes on the back of their car, and were a bit stuck, so asked Vin if he could help.  He answered the door in his pyjamas and a coat!!! so the first thing he did was to come up and get dressed, then he went out to see what he could do. He did fix the problem and off they went. 
 I had an appointment at 1.00 at the podiatry clinic to have the toe redressed.  We got there on time because there was no traffic except for ordinary stuff. Waited a little while and Vin went off to park the car. He came back quite quickly because he spotted a man just leaving his car so got a space on the ground floor. The other day he parked right on the top floor, there was nothing to be seen anywhere.
The toe that was quite red the other day was looking a lot better, and the lovely  girl was really pleased with it. Due back next Wednesday with my shoes and slippers to see what the next step is (forgive the pun!) 
For the last few days I have been a bit concerned about the bridge in the front of my teeth, and thought it was getting very wobbly this morning. Didn't want to make an appointment because I didn't know how long we were going to be in Aintree. As it happens we were home by about 2.30 ish so I said to Vin would it be worth nipping in to the dentist to see if they could fit me in. As it happened  she slotted me in right then which was really good of them. So he glued it in again, and it didn't take much to dislodge it either so it wouldn't have lasted the weekend. Great job!
Little Jessie was wandering around just as we were leaving this morning, so Vin said "do you want feeding?" Daft question. Of course she wants feeding. So he goes in the kitchen to feed her then she  goes in her basket and there she remains until we came home. 
The Good Neighbour! Bless him. 
My puss! The only one who will come on my knee!
The other one.The pretty one! 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Snow Again!

Who would have thought it. Snow again this morning, and according to Vin it was quite thick too, with traffic hold ups on the by-pass, and schools shut down! Again!  They seem to shut schools down for anything these days. Anyway it has all gone now, and it looks more like rain than anything.  Vin tried to push jessie out in the garden this morning but she wasn't having any of it, and walked away from the cat flap. 
 Just before I came upstairs to do this he said to  the room "Are you warm enough darling?  I said "yes thanks"  He said " I didn't mean you, I meant the cat!" Huh well that's me told then! Just as long as his little princess is warm then!
Nice soup for lunch today, nothing like a bit of snowy weather to make soup look inviting. We had carrot and coriander, the Heinz one which is lovely and we think much better than the Baxter's one.  Four croutons and a piece of toast, yummy. 

Out today darling ? No I don't think so either. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Podiatry Again!

Yep podiatry clinic again, today the appointment was for 11.0 . We got there early despite sitting outside the dept., to listen to the end of the Popmaster quiz on radio two. We were in the waiting area at about a quarter to eleven and sat for an age today. Funny actually because there were a fair number of people waiting who were mostly on phones engrossed in what they were doing. Not much conversation going on these days. 
Got in eventually at about a quarter to twelve but qu
 ite often I don't wait much at all, so it is all swings and roundabouts as they say. The girl spent ages putting padding on my left foot, and a bit of padding on the other one, warning not to wear the slippers for a bit,  and we then went with another extra appt for friday. 
By the time we left there it was far too late to go for a morning coffee which was a shame because poor Vin was looking forward to that, as was I too. Never mind we came home and had one from the machine instead. 
Little Jessie was in her basket when we got home, the lazy little minx doesn't even get up to greet us at the door.  She has never really been a cat for doing that, the best ones we had for greeting us were Lucy and Rusty. Lucy was a beautiful cat, she used to wait for Vin when he came home from work, and the minute the gate went she would jump down and go to the front door. Really loyal that one. 
Snooty expressions there! 

Touch of Spring in the air today the barrel by the front door looks really nice with the little miniature daffodils in there.  All the snow has gone just some wet muddy looking fields around, and some terrible pot-hol;es in the roads.