Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Been and Gone!

Another Easter done and dusted for another year. Can't say we do anything special really these days, once Jane had grown up you don't tend to do as much.  Spent a nice quiet weekend with very mixed weather, some sunshine and some drizzly but today is nice and bright .Vin went off to Tesco on Saturday, but everywhere was shut on Sunday so he did the Sainsbury run on Monday instead. 
Today we have stopped in to get some household stuff done mainly he does the washing, and we are out quite early tomorrow to an appointment at podiatry 11.30 so we will be out early for that.  Possibly go on to M&S afterwards since we should be fairly early there. 
Little Jessie has had a nice weekend, very relaxed and laid back. She came up on the bed last nigght and flopped on her daddy's tummy and promptly went to sleep. However, the moment the light went out and I turned mine off she sped off the bed like she has been shot! So timid.
Such a cute face.
Last night was the last ever episode of Broadchurch. That has been such a good series all the way through, and we have seen all of them. Well I didn't guess who the culprit was but the clues had been there.  The other good one we have been watching was Line of Duty which is getting towards the end, in two weeks. That was a good series too withlots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.  Like it that way. 
Jane was off this weekend for a change, usually she is working very odd hours. But, she is in today on an 8to8 shift and nights tomorrow. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Three Weeks!

Went off out this  morning to Tesco's which just happens to have a Costa in store. We both had a very nice Latte which went down very nicely. It was actually quite busy in there, all sorts of couples, and mother's with children, and girls in groups.  Interesting to watch people's behaviour in there.  Vin left me with a little coffee in my glass while he whizzed round and got a ffew things he needed then came back for me for the drive home.
Lovely sunny day today, but very cold actually, deceptive weather really. 
Little Jessie was at the door to greet us when we came home again with her little nose pressed against the glass in the door. Then she miaows at her Daddy, probably looking for some food :)  She even followed us upstairs when we went to get changed so she must have been keen.  She certainly knows who to get round to get fed!

Is it cupboard love or adoration?  I know what he would say :) 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


The doorbell went quite early this morning. Vin went down quickly to answer the door and met Jessie running up the stairs past him. She hates doorbells.
Anyway it was a courier with a parcel for him, so he couldn't blame me :)  Turned out it was the present from our Jane for Easter. It was a cheese EGG! a lovely 8oz piece of cheese shaped like an egg and delivered the next day too. He was really pleased with that, so that is our cheese and biscuits sorted for the weekend.  He said it is nice cheese and has already had a tiny slice off it!! Thankyou Jane that was a lovely thought. 
We woke up this morning to a very grey and blowy day, so we decided that we would stop in instead . Doesn't matter  we will go out tomorrow instead.
Our Jane has just rung up on her way home. She was supposed to have an interview tomorrow (Thurs) for a C.T. Trauma  job which is a band 6 one and would be a promotion. She said she wasn't hopeful of getting it because you normally have to have done two years beforehand. Anyway she rang up to say that the interview was today and she had fibbed about it being tomorrow. Anyway...she got the job! So well done Jane we are so proud of you. It does mean more money too which is only good.SWhe has just said Happy Days!
Little Jessie has had a nice relaxing day today with her Daddy at home. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sorting Out!

Today was a sort of sorting out day. It is the recycling bin day tomorrow so a good chance to get rid of packaging, boxes etc, and papers. We seem to collect a lot of papers during the week and the Sunday ones take up a lot of space. We watch a programme called "Escape to the country" and the houses they show are always immaculate with nothing out of place. I often wonder where they put their clutter, because you never see any.  Sometimes I'd like to clear out and start again, do things differently. Or would we? Mmmm.
Little Jessie came n the bed this morning really affectionate she was, snuggling up to her Daddy, and even greeted me with a miaow too. Then downstairs to have a sleep in her basket.Jane rang up at lunchtime on Vin's newish camera phone, it was one of those video links. She had a chat with us then wanted a look at Jessie on the phone, Jessie was more interested in the dangly thing at the bottom of the phone and chased that. 
One of her favourite spots, I like this photo, it just sums up their relationship.

Monday, 10 April 2017


Just come back from the podiatry clinic. It was a 3.O'clock appointment, so we had our morning coffees and our lunch before we went,which made a change.  It was the Doctor day today and he was the nice Dr Ooi who is always smiley. Jo did my foot and she is great, tells you what is going on.
Lovely sunny day today but still quite cool, with a blowy breeze to keep everywhere on the cold side. 
Little Jessie was at the door when we returned. Aaah! She doesn't do that very often, and had her nose pressed against the glass. Then when we opened the door she started miaowing like mad. Obviously wanted food, but we went up to get changed  she followed us upstairs and kept on miaowing. 
Short and sweet today, run out of time! 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Dobbies Visit..

Out today and off to Dobbies for a little mooch and our free coffee for the month.
Just the two of us! well before all my health troubles. I do like this  [icture it's one of the few where we are both smiling at the camera. 
Anyway it was Dobbies today, Vin took a photo on his new camera phone of the barrel with it's manky looking daffodils that never came up. Just a load of leaves, and very sadlooking. He pulled a bulb up and took that with him as suggested and got his money back in the form of a gift voucher. Actually they got it back anyway because we bought some Yankee Candles tea lights, one lemmony fragrance and the other a christmas wreath one which we will keep for Christmas!. Oh dear, shopping for Christmas already!!
Little Jessie hadn't moved. She was in her basket when we left and still there when we got back.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

In Today!

Since we have been out for the last two days we decided to stay in today. I thought Vin might like a breather, but think again! He can't stop doing things. Always on the go then he starts sighing which isn't good. He is a bit worried about the cat at the moment because she chucks up most days then he has to clear that up and since it is a carpeted household mostly that isn't easy.  Then she sits there looking so innocent like butter wouldn't melt and he forgives her :) 
Best of pals really. She has this way of looking at you that melts your heart really.
The Aintree races are on this weekend starting today. Tomorrow is Ladies day, when all the women go in their finery, skirts like belts and great high heels etc., it's quite a big thing in Liverpool. The big race of course is the Grand National which we always have a bet on, it's the only race that we do, but it makes it a bit more fun watching it when you do.  Don't know what is running yet, I generally go on names and anything that appeals, or sounds familiar.  Vin does it online these days which is much easier, and you get instant results.  Hope the weather keeps nice for them and the girls have their thermals on !!