Thursday, 21 September 2017

Dobbies and More!

Yesterday it was up at a reasonable time and off to Dobbies for a look round and our free coffees. Quite a nice day, in the morning that is, the afternoon started to rain. Typical British weather really! 
We had a good mooch at the seemingly refurbished store they have moved a lot of things around  and made more room for wandering around, and some different products on the gifts sections. Not much Christmas stuff out yet which surprised me but we did buy two of the Thomas Kinkade calendars, one for us and one for John and Ann. Had a look at the Food area which doesn't look much different, decided what we were going to buy later  and then went for our coffees. very pleasant flat whites, and we had taken our own biscuits mainly because they sell mostly cakes which we don't want in the middle of the day.  We had previously had a look at hanging baskets one for the front and one for the back, got them after the rest of the shopping.  Away home after a by trip to Tesco for a few veggies that Vin wanted to get. Rainy afternoon so stayed in. 
Today was strange, it started off quite drizzly but has cleared up i the afternoon and is now sunnier and brighter.  Vin is outside doing a bit of sorting out, and no doubt HIS cat is out there with him as she ften is.  Good job our Jane wasn't home yesterday because it was on her bed all afternoon. She wouldn't have liked that! 
HIS cat :) 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bits and Bobs..

Friday we were up very early to get to the podiatry clinic for an early appointment so didn't do this on because we both dropped off in the afternoon. Old fogies that we are Ha Ha. We did go for a coffee when we finished though at Costa, and it was quite busy but we got a seat so that was ok. 
Monday we had another appointment at the same clinic. Jo who usually does the job was off for the day so Cathy did it instead, and I do have to say she made a terrific job of the foot it hasn't buzzed once since she did it. That in itself is very unusual because it normally buzzes like mad especially at night. Well done Cathy.
Today Tuesday we decided to stay in and possibly go to Dobbies tomorrow. We do need some more cakes and also have a look at hanging baskets for the winter. Also of course to get our free coffees for the month.  Flat white here I come. 
Little Jessie has been her usual self, she went outside this morning because it was nice at sunny at the back and sat in the sunshine for some time before she came in. 
Having a prowl in the sunshine.   

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Weather Change!

Writing yesterday about the funny weather. More of the same today, sunny bits and rainy bits. Mid-morning there was an absolute cloudburst, really torrential. If you were out in it you would be drenched. Thankfully we weren't out today because we are out early tomorrow. So it will be an earlier night tonight so we can get up in the morning.  I hate mornings as does our Jane, and she is on three long days this week poor girl, that will tire her out. 
Little Jessie has been in her basket next to Vin today quite a lot. She was miaowing too but he couldn't figure out why, there didn't seem to be any reason so he tickled her a bit and that seemed to appease her. 
This is her other favourite spot, as long as she is close to her daddy she is happy. She will spend ages just looking. All cats we have had have loved looking out of windows, wonder what they see. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Well!  According to the weather forecasts yesterday we were due for 70 mph  gales today.  So far today it has been blustery  with the odd heavyish showers. A very strange weather day really all in all .
We had stopped in today but Vin needed to get a few things from Tesco, so after we got up and breakfasted he went off there. He actually needed to get some petrol and it is easier qqqqqqqqqqquite often to get that mid week rather than the weekend when there are queues.  He was back by our coffee time so we had a lovely mid morning coffee mine was a skinny macchiato and he had a latte I think. 
Little jessie has been her usual self, she came up to see Vinlast night, she woke him up actually, he was reading and on his back, and she jumped up on the bed crawled up his middle purring and sat there adoring him! All I see of her is her disappearing off the bed and going out of the room!!
This must be what she sees.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Monday and Tuesday !

two for the price of one today. Didn't do one yesterday because we were both up early to get to an appointment at ten o'clock at the podiatry clinic in Aintree.  This is the one where they rang up to ask us to go an hour earlier, and we rrived about a quarter of an hour earlier than that. We didn't get in till about twenty to eleven so  we shouldn't have hurried, but you can never  tell. We never mind waiting there because those girls are terrific and I am sure people have waited around for me to finish before they went in. 
Since it was early we had intended to go to M&S to get a cup of coffee and do a bit of food shopping. Vin had a couple of vouchers for there from his Maikl numbers so used them for the shopping bits. You know what it is like going round  there you pick up all sorts of things you never intended to go for, but they look so tempting.  We both had a lovely cup of coffee a flat white which the girl said was quite  strong but actually we enjoyed them.  It seemed to be mums and babies day there because there were a lot of them. No screaming kids though they appear to be back at school. 
Today we stayed in as we usually do when we were out early the day before. So quite a quiet day all in all. Jane is off today so not expecting her to ring but she might if she goes out to the supermarket. She did nights on Friday and Saturday so has been off since.   Little Jessie has been behaving as usual, nice at night time coming up to sit on her daddy but letting me have a stoke as well. 
Favourite spot, on her daddy's shoulder, or sitting on his knee these days. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

One out One in!

One out, Vin, one in Me.Vin went out to Tesco to get a few things to keep us going,he reckoned we had run out of some things in the fridge so wanted to restock.   He also went over to the Homebase store because he was loking for light bulbs. After re-doing the light fittings yesterday he needed a stock of those as well. We are now all stocked up in all areas. Well done.
I stopped in since it was a quick trip for him. Had a look at the computer because I was I have been looking at monitors, Vin reckons this one is knackered because we have a terrible  job getting it on and going , it is a real pain  in the neck! 
Little Jessie has been nice and quiet today it is quite overcast and now quite wet so she has been in today. Mostly asleep..what else!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Change of Plan!

This morning when we woke up neither of us was fired up enough to want to go out anywhere, so we didn't. !  We stayed in instead. Vin said he had plenty of things to do and I wanted to have a go at a letter to John and Ann so we stopped here. 
It is a funny sort of day actually a bit sunnyish and a lot overcast and also blowy, so Vin decided to wash his coat  and get it on the line to blow and dry. At least the rain has kept off , and it has blown dry beautifully. He did a load of ironing too,cheifly the bedding that was washed the other day. What a busy boy. XXXX
Little Jessie didn't wake him up this morning as she often does, probably because the sun isn't shining through the window and waking her.  He fed her when he went down to get our morning coffee then she  had a bit of a run round and went in her basket later on and stayed there most of the morning till just about now and he came up before and said she had just been up for food.