Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sitting Out!

In the sunshine this morning. Vin had put the umbrela up that our neighbour had given us. It had been very slightly damaged in transit and instead of having to return it the suppliers sent another one so she offered us that one, it is only slightly damaged and is a really nice canti-levered one so easy to put up. 
We had our morning coffees outside this morning and it is really nice out there in our little garden. It was lovely and bright and not too hot. Got the sunglasses on and the hat and all good to go! We had a lovely natter and a watch of the bees and butterflies and looking at the weeds growing after the little bit of rain that we have had. Really enjoyed that.
Vin brought Jessie ut to be with us but she wasn't happy about that. She ran back in again. A bit later he brought her out again and put her  on the table. She jumped off and ran back in again.  She came back to him after a bit and started miaowing quite loud, I said what's wrong with her and he said she wants to go back in again! I think it is me, she didn't like me being out there with her daddy! Just  jealous!
I want to sit next to my daddy ! MOVE ! 

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Happy Birthday To Me !

Made it through another year! 72 of them now, where on Earth did all of those years go.? 
Vin bought me a lovely vanilla candle and a Costa coffee card plus a gorgeous bunch of roses Bless him. Really pleased with those. Even Jessie came up to see me on the bed this morning, or it could have been her daddy, not exactly sure about that!
 Today it was an appointment at the podiatry clinic at two o'clock so we had our coffee at the normal time and then went to get ready. We got there at dead on two and Vin ddropped me off at the side entrance where we usually go, he walks me in and gets the door open for me then off to park the car. I was making my way along the corridor to the reception desk and Helena called my name to go in! Didn't even sit down!  Never gone straight in before.  Vin was quite surprised when he fund me in there already. She redressed my foot then we left for home. I had bought them some little shortbreads and chocolate cookies to have as nibbles to go with their coffees, so gave her them. got a chorus of Happy Birthdays, and smiles. I like happy faces all round.  Since we didn't have to wait we got finished early and were home just after three which was good going. 
Jessie hadn't moved as usual, still in the front room where we left her. Vin said later he would push her outside to get a bit of fresh air, if he is out there she will enjoy that.
Nice out here in the sunshine. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Cooler which is nice, certainly not as hot as it has been. The sun is shining now and it is bright quite pleasant.
I did not go out today but Vin went off to Tesco to get a few things, he was very cagey about what he was going for but  did come back with a nice new shirt, which fits him perfectly. 
Vin has been  doing his ironing and I have been catching up on the computer trying to get a little bit more done of the letter. I tend to write them in bits and pieces as things come into my head. Therefore, any letters I do they usually go on for an age. They do get posted sometime though!
Jessie woke her daddy up nice and early this morning, I felt him moving off the bed, to go down to feed her. He then comes back and generally either tosses and turns or goes back to sleep again. Not sure what he did this morning because I dozed off again. She has mainly been asleep all morning just waking up when I came upstairs to do this. 
Bright eyes!!

Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Raining!

As I type this it is actually pouring down and very welcome it is too. It will at least give the plants a bit of much needed water. There have been a few grass fires here and there in the village because the grass is so dry and crispy. I hope it is raining up on the moors at Saddleworth and Winter hill because the fires there have been terrible. The poor firefighters must be worn out.
Monday today so we didn't go out anywhere, neither as Jessie been out anywhere either. She definitely does not like the rain. None of our cats have ever liked going out in the rain, probably something to do with getting their fur wet.  We are out on Wednesday to podiatry again soo that will do for this week possibly. 
Wonder how our Jane is getting on with her eye procedure, she should know by now if it has worked or not, maybe she will ring later. 
The sun has come out now, shining really brightly you just never know where you are with this weather in this country.
Do NOT move me ! I am comfy!!

Friday, 13 July 2018


Rain! After all these weeks without any at all began just after lunch and it will at least if nothing else freshen everywhere up a little bit. The grass everywhere is looking extremely yellow and dry no wonder there are fires popping up all over. 
We went off to Dobbies this morning for a change and for our free coffees for the month. It was quite blowy there but it is always blowy for some reason. Still very sunny though. We had a look round first and decided what we would buy, then went to get our coffees. I had a flat white which is lovely and Vin had a Latte with a flavouring. We sat for a while people wtching and enjoying the sunshine and cooling beeze and then went to do our shopping. We got a couple of cakes and biscuits, and I wanted to get the podiatry girls a few biscuits for next Wednesday, so got those.  Home for around two o'clock. 
Funny thing happened on our way there. On the road out of Hightown, overnight they have been repairing the road, which is fine but... Somebody in their wisdom altered the markings on the road so that there was a stop sign in the wrong place entirely if it had been left it would have caused accidents without a doubt. Surprise surprise, this morning they were there again redoing the road markings. Oh dear ! Someone had definitely boobed there ! Hilarious! 
When we came back from Dobbies Vin put Jessie out in the garden, but she came back in after a little while.  Hope she isn't looking for her cream cake later because it has all gone. Sorry puss!
Is that the smell of cream cake? 

Thursday, 12 July 2018

In Today!

Out yesterday so in today. We are hoping to go out to Dobbies tomorrow though which will be nice. 
Definitely more cloudy today and much cooler but still a bit close, not the bright sunshine though. We thought there would be a few spots of rain this morning but nothing so far as yet anyway. 
Jane rang up as we were having our coffee, she was off to Sainsbury's to get some stocks in for the rest of the week and weekend. She is due to have her eye done tomorrow at two o'clock, so hope that corrects the problem that she has so she doesn't have to wear the prism thing on her glasses. It has been going on an awful long time for her poor girl. It's been a real problem for her and gone n solong now too. terrible really because she works for the NHS as well ! 
Vin went out for a short while this morning over to the garden centre, he wanted to renew the  subscription for the year, and also look round a bit.  He came back with four beautiful little espresso cups mainly to replace a couple of ones that we have that are cracked, and we do use them every day so a good buy. In fact a bargain buy because they were 10.99 and should have been 19.99 well done Vin. 
Jessie has been in and out today, Vin is in the garden at the moment so she is probably out there with him. She didn't wake him up too early this morning possibly because it was duller and fairly dark today. 
What's going on out there? 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Out Today!

Change  to our day today because it was a podiatry day. The appointment was for one thirty so we had our coffee and a biscuit and the got ready to go. By the time we had done all of that we left at around oneish but the journey was good and  we got there on time. Only waited a short while and then Joanne caled me in, to be joined by Vin in a few minutes after he had parked the car. She redressed the offending toe which is looking better and cut the nailos on the other foot which she said were looking like talons!! Slipper and shoe checked and then good to go. We got home about five past three so made good time really. 
Vin has started moving some stuff from the back room which is a bit of a tip quite honestly. It used to be my bedroom when I was smaller till our John left then I moved into the middle room, when  my parents both died and I got married  we moved into the front room. Full circle really. 
Little Jessie was asleep in the front room downstairs when we went out this afternoon and she was still there when we returned, never moved a muscle i don't think.  Vin said she was in the back yard this morning so he said stay there and I will get your brush and she did! He gave her a good brush on one side and then told her to turn over. I said did she and he said no she bit me! Oh dear, biting her daddy, not a good idea ! 
Sorry daddy !