Friday, 17 November 2017

Black Friday!

Two things going on here today. One is Black Friday and the other is Children in Need. Neither of which really affects us very much at all. The radio is messed about with and the programmes that we listen to is not normal really, except that they do accept requests which usually means that they play fairly good music.  Black Friday means nothing really, no barrgains jumping out at us. As i type this there are adverts currently on for a black Friday event at Argos!
Very dark very early today, the time of typing is four thirty and is is black outside. The lights are on most of the afternoon now, and the solar lights outside have lit up. 
Little Jessie hasn't moved that much mostly in her basket. She did last night have a lovely play with a feather she had found on the television table. Really amusing to watch. Now she is in her basket, mainly because she is next to her daddy on the sofa. 
I love this one, it is her favourite  spot. She jumps up on  the arm of the sofa, climbs up over the back of it, and snuggles up to his cheek. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Little Outing!

  Dobbies! Off out today. Mainly the idea was to try the new shoes out which went well. I did walk from the car to the front of Dobbies, had a look round the food hall then Vin went for a chair because there is a lot of walking there. You actually cover a lot of ground. It is quite a big place with a fair amount of ground to cover. 
We got some Christmassy things, some nice tins of Christmas  shaped shortbreads to take to podiatry next time I go. I only need a tin of heroes or celebrations to take as well. They have all been so good there, all of them for about the last two years, it has been a long haul but we are getting there. Just need a bit of oomph now!!
Little Jessie has been quite good today  just been nice and quiet really. Mostly stayed in her basket while we went out, then she gets up when we come home. Probably to get some food off her daddy when he is home.

My food bowl is empty Daddy!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fuel Hunting!

Since the weather is cooling down somewhat  Vin is keeping the fuel topped up. We get coal delivered when that runs low in the bunker, but he gets coal and logs from  Home and Bargain in Crosby too. So off he went this morning there. He thought it was market day there but apparently it wasn't there today so the parking was fine.  He had a few other things to get as well  but was home for a nice coffee later. 
Funny how the nights are drawing in now, it is almost as if the light switch goes off when the clocks go back. We have a fire most evenings now, and I watch the photos from Australia where the relatives are soaking up the sun on their lovely beaches. Beautiful blue skies and blue seas. gorgeous. 
Little Jessie has had a bit of a chuck up morning this morning, don't know why, because he hasn't fed her anything different and she doesn't have any of our food. She is getting quite big though and I keep telling him she needs to go on a diet!
More of this required, running up and down the garden!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Dark Evenings!

Four fifteen and it is going dark already. Coal and log fires most evenings now, Vin gets them ready early afternoon before it gets dark and lights it a bit later. It is a good fire actually and is used for not only keeping the room warm but also heats some radiators and the water. It has a back boiler so will get the water to a good temperature which lasts the next day. Saves us electricity so that is good news.
We stayed in today, I think we are getting used to not going to podiatry really. Plus I was a bit slow getting going this morning too which doesn't help. Not that there are many places to go round here really. I do need to try the shoes out though so will need to get going quicker. 
Little Jessie has had a nice normal day for her, she was up very early this morning as she is used to doing. She then gets fed and tends to sleep for the rest of the morning.Gets going again a bit when we have our lunch and guess what. Goes back to sleep again!
 Catch me while I'm awake!!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday Mornings!

Nothing much doing at all today, very quiet all round. The weekend was a nice normal one with our usual routine followed, crosswords on Sunday etc. Always enjoy those on the Sunday, we do three of them, one from the You magazine, one from the Sunday Express magazine and the final one from the Mail on Sunday paper. This is a big one which is general knowledge and we do that together, unless Vin gets his mitts on it first and zips through it! He is very competitive and always rushes to answer questions, whether it is Mastermind, or University Challenge or anything quizzy! He gets loads right too.
Little Jessie meanwhile just carries on as she usually does. She has developed her own little routine which involves being round her Daddy. Hard to believe that we will have had her for a whole year. She still won't sit on my knee either! Oh well she is quite happy with sitting on his.
To be found most of the day, when she isn't after her daddy for a feed!

Friday, 10 November 2017

A Good Day!

revolved around the appointment at Aintree for podiatry and also to see Ashley the orthoptist who was dealing with my shoes. 
We got there a tidge early, about a quarter of an hour because the traffic was light. Bright sunshine then but quite blowy.  Waited a few minutes then Cathy called me in so in I go to the middle room.  She redid my plaster and took a bit of skin off around. It just has a nice light plaster on now. Thanks to the little machines that I had on for weeks that did a wonderful job of healing the foot. It seemed that everyone was really pleased with the progress and in fact they all came in to look at it. Felt like a celebrity :) Cathy took some photos I suppose for continuity because they have taken photos all along the long path to healing. 
Then Ashley came in with my SHOES! Can't believe I have shoes now . They look nice too and at least cover my foot beautifully which is a bonus for Winter and the rain. 
I thought we would have been there longer and Vin had taken his vouchers for a coffee at the Ladygreen garden centre but we were out by two fifteen so we decided to leave that and go again later on in the month. We came home instead. 
Meanwhile back at the ranch, little Jessie after waking her daddy up for a feed at seven thirty was asleep in her basket all morning. When I say all morning I mean ALL morning. She just about moved when we came home. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bath Day!!

Jessie woke him up fairly early this morning, so he went to feed her then went back to bed for another sleepie. Only trouble with him is that is that once he is awake that is it he tends not to go back to sleep again so he wriggles around but no matter nothing wakes me up. Definitely not a morning body. 
I had decided to have a nice shower this morning which is a bit of a faff because the foot still needs to be covered with the limbo which is a bit of a pain to put on but works beautifully.  Lovely shower really nice hot water and smelly bath foam by L'Occitaine which smells gorgeous. Good hair wash too which saves doing it tonight. 
Vin is now in the bath  having just done the fire, emptying out the ashes and the coals were so hot they were setting the paper on fire nearly.
Our Jane rang up at lunchtime during her break. She has been off worrk for a couple of days with a dreaded bug. Probably as a result of all the horrible shifts she has done recently, and she is on another 8 to 8 today which is a long day by anyone's standards. She will ring again on her way home at eight.  
Little Jessie asleep most of the day after waking him up for her feed, but hasn't pestered him much at all. She is quite well behaved really. 
In pensive mood , she spends quite a lot of time looking out of the window.  What is it with cats and windows.