Friday, 27 February 2015

Little Outing...

Off out this morning for a change. Nice sunny day but still cool, so Vin suggested that we go off to Dobbies to get our free coffees for Feb before the month runs out. 
So off we went.we had a bit of a look round first, then I had a  really nice Cappuccino and Vin had a Latte, and we sat there watching what was going on. really interesting actually. 
Sorry..very short and sweet today Jane rang up chatting just as I start3ed this so we were talking. She has gone off to work now after doing aa full day in Uni. Proud of yu JaneXXX
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasty for Vin
Poached egg for me.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bit of a Blip!!

Once again a bit of a blip healthwise. Missed the blog for a few days so catching up a little today. Just don't seem to be able to get right somehow. meals are becoming quite hard Vin obviously wants a decent meal while i really don't want to eat much. He is doing his best to keep me going with little treats and we enjoyed a nice pudding last night, an Alpro caramel pud, makes a change. 
Jane rang up this morning for a nice chat on her way to work at Ticketmaster. Her mock interview went well the other afternoon she was quite happy with it and found it fun! Well done Jane. XXX
So not much doing in our house at the moment, very quiet. Vin paid some of the bills this morning and I put the money into his bank so we are sorted at the minute. 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and broccoli
Maybe mushrooms for Vin.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Patience is a virtue! or so the saying goes. Done everything I am supposed to do..had the orange juice, taken the tablets twice, warm bath..just waiting for things to move properly! Patience!
Nobody went anywhere today, can't really, anyway it is half term and we don't usually go anywhere over the half term holidays..too many kids. Maybe go somewhere next week.
Jane rang up this morning, she had just got her parcel yesterday so that was good posting, glad it got there. She was pleased with the vanilla lattes and the jelly beans, the jelly babies have gelatine in them so she has taken them to work to give to Olive one of the women she works with who is really nice, but she is keeping the chocolate drops!So they were worth sending. She sent us an email of her chicken wing that they were using for their experiment at Uni..done as an X-ray.. looks very creepy, just like a child's arm.
Vin is at present in the garden chopping up some firewood to get the fire started for later Bless Him XXX Can't be much fun for him at the moment with me the way I am but he is so good at keeping going. Vin the Saint :)
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers 
Chips 200grms
Any veggies left from the week.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

KKKWednesday !!!

Oh Dear! krispy Kreme Doughnuts are in trouble. They have advertised here in the UK a KKKWednesday ! Somebody up top hasn't realised what KKK stands for and now they have had to make a big apology. Apparently KKK was meant to stand for Krispy Kreme Klub !! Oh Dear!
Not too bad a day today, quite bright but cold as usual which is what you would expect for February really. Vin went off fairly earlyish to Tesco to get a few stocks in, veggies and the like. Came back with lots of bits and bobs including a very nice bunch of flowers for moi Bless Him ! New Tassimo coffee disc too..Morning Coffee which has the pack written all in Spanish. Don't know what that is about. When he got back he had one of those with a milk disc and I had a cafe Crema.
Then he went out to redo the lights in the garden that he had put up over where Rusty and Bobby and Lucy and Inky are.  The house is still very odd without Rusty and Bobby..vwery quiet. The times you miss them are especially when you come in from being out, you stil expect her to come trotting out of her little hole under the coffee table. Awww!
 Jane rang up just before lunchtime to say she was on her way to Tesco to buy a couple of chicken wings! Takes a bit of doing for a Vegetarian! Needed for an experiment at Uni, she is going to hate messing with them...
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Veggies of some sort.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Busy Today...

Quite a busy day for us today. Started off with a blood test over the way at the They have been after me for ages so it's done now. Follow up appointment next tuesday for the Diabetic check up.
Then home for our morning coffees. Vin had an Oreo drink made in the Tassimo which he hasn't had for a bit and enjoyed. I had a very nice cappuccino..always forget how to spell that. It appears that is correct though! Then a little bit of a mooch and Jane rang up on her way to work. She had been working on her personal statement and getting it right, then off to work. She was looking forward to that because she is going to the new office which is in a new building and she says apparently is really nice. Probably she will ring when she is coming home tonight.
Then it was a quick snack for Vin, i was still full of coffee and I had my second appointment of the day at Netherton at the Chiropody clinic. It was a bit of a formality really because the toe had cleared up but needed checking apparently.Got there a bit early but as soon as I gave my name in the chiropodist appeared  and I went in. Out in a minute or two and Vin was waiting with a bag of buns he had bought for his lunch. Home for that via the garden centre where he went in to buy a set of solar lights to go over where little Rusty and Bobby lie. So that was our day today.
Tonight we are having:
Am7y's kitchen mac/cheese
Maybe a few carrots.
garlic bread for Vin

Monday, 16 February 2015

Yet Another..

Dodgy weekend..seems to becoming a monotonous regularity these days no matter what I eat or what I do. Oh well get sorted some day I suppose. Poor Vin has once again been an absolute star, running up and down stairs, fetching and carrying etc., and looking after himself as well. Hwe did all of the ironing before I even got up this morning! What a star!!!
Getting back to normal today a bit but not got a lot of appetite yet.Bit worried about what to eat really. 
Got a new handbag last week a really nice glove leather one from QVC so have swapped all of my things over from my old one. Lots of room in this one and not a heavy bag either so well pleased with it, it was a bargain price too. Also got another Quacker Factory t-shirt today, which will be nice for when the Spring comes and it is a bit warmer. Can't have enough Quacker!!
Tonight we are having:
{izza for Vin with salad and noodle salad
Not sure what I will have really.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Thank Goodness!!

Thank goodness indeed! well done Jane. XXX She rang us up last night to say that she had passed her exams. She had been very worried because the day she sat the exam she had a bad migraine and thought she had failed it. Anyway she said that she got 56% which is well more than enough to they had cocked the marks up and undermarked everybody's mark so they would all be due sone extra marks. What a relief. I bet she slept well last night.
Today we had planned to go out somewhere for a coffee and since we had some free ones for Dobbies off we went there.  We didn't go early because there were two deliveries. Vin got his NSM vouchers via the postman, and just a bit later I got a courier delivery from QVC which is a very nice handbag that I had my eye on, beautiful eggplant sort of deep purple in glove leather and with plenty of rom inside. Pleased with that.
Then we set off to Dobbies. Had a bit of a look round first, Vin went off to look at what he wanted and I went round the food hall.Spotted a few things that we could put into a little parcel for Jane with her vanilla lattes, and a very nice box of biscuits for our coffees at home. Then we went for our coffee. nice and quiet today, vin had a latte and i had an Americano because I have already had a latte this week. 
Home for lunch, and two nuisance calls. 
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and carrots for moi.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bedding and Baking...

In today,so a bit of a busy day. started with the bedding, stripped the bed and got that in with the washing ball and put the new bedding on instead. Latte this week, doesn't that sound nice.
Vin decided that he would do another loaf so chose one of the sourdough mixes which are really good. Did it in the bread machine, what we do is do the dough first, then get our bread tin ready and when the dough is done, take it out and let it prove in our tin. That way you don't get the horrible shape of the bread machine tin but a proper loaf shape.
Makes a beautiful loaf which lasts him for ages. Sliced for toast and sandwiches.
Two nuisance phone calls of them was a nuisance caller asking about nuisance calls!!!! What on earth is that about.
Still waiting for Jane to ring about her exam results today, hoping with fingers crossed that she gets at least 40% otherwise she will be a not very happy bunny. 

Tonight we are having:
A baked potato each, Vin will probably have beans with his, I just have a bit of spread
brownie with a blob of creme fraiche and raspberries.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What a Busy Morning!!

Up earlyish ( but not too early!). We were planning to go over to either ormskirk or to Dobbies direction today depending. It was a case of fishless fingers. if they had any in stock in the Holland and Barratt in Ormskirk we would go there if they also had the television we wanted in the Argos there. Al very complicated! If neither was in stock it would be Dobbies and the Kew Argos. 
So the first thing Vin did this morning was to ring the H&B and they had two packs which the girl put on one side for us, luckily they also had the television we wanted in the Ormskirk Argos so that was the deciding factor. Off we went there armed with our vouchers. 
Parked in the square behind the M&S but didn't go in there, and Vin ran into the H&B and got our fishless fingers. Great. Then it was off to morrisons to get a bit of shopping. We had a leftover card from there with savings stamps on it so wanted to use them up before they expired.  I had forgotten how cheap Morrisons were actually, we got some Baxters soups which were good value, and also spotted some vanilla Lattes which are a limited edition so got two for us and two for sending to Jane. 
Then we went for our coffees in their cafe. very reasonable and tasty lattes, nothing fancy but a good coffee. 
final trip of the morning over the way to Argos to pick up our television which was reserved online. Paid with ur National Shopping Monitor vouchers so didn't cost us a penny! Good eh.
Home in time for lunch soup and toast, and Vin fitted up the new tele in the middle bedroom in a matter of minutes. really quick. Well done Vin XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce

butternut squash and garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

In not Out..

We had sort of planned to go out today mainly because it is Tuesday and we usually go for veggies etc for the week. However there was a delivery from  Bullens expected with my supplies and we didn't know what time exactly they were coming so had to wait in for those.
In the event whereas they normally come around eleven this one didn't arrive till very nearly twelvish so there wasn't time left to go anywhere. Vin volunteered to go quickly to Tesco to get a few veggies so off he went. He was back withion the hour, and he had a bit of a mooch as well. Saw the television we had our eyes on there for the same price as Srgos but the trouble is we don't have vouchers for Tesco just the Argos ones. Out of stock there so unless we go for another make we will have to wait.  Probably go out tomorrow somewhere, maybe over to the Argos in Kew if they have a suitable television in stock.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
mushrooms for Vin
Carrots, lovely really sweet ones from tesco.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Better Today...

Bit off colour again at the weekend, but recovered today. Had an appointment for my tootsies at thornton clinic this afternoon at ten to four. Tiny bit late which I don't like but it was my fault i take too long getting ready :)  Vin just about got me there on time with his lovely car. Gorgeous car that is, terrific to ride in and lovely and warm. I love it.
The chiropodist did my toe, put another dressing on it and made an appointment for next tuesday for twenty past two at netherton. We were out by a quarter past four all done and dusted!
Nothing doing much today except that the tele in the kitchen has given up the ghost..kaput.. no picture nothing. So it looks like we are going to have to get a replacement. We do have some bvouchers from Argos to use so it won't cost anythin g as it happens, just a matter of choosing the right one. In fact we have been considering getting another one for in there anyway so it has forced our hand so to speak. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with salad and a noodle salad
Baked potato for moi 

Friday, 6 February 2015

In Today!!

We didn't go out today mainly because we have been out quite a lot this week already.
Not a lot doing today really, very quiet here. One phone call from the GP over the way to arrange a diabetic visit with the nursie over there. But I said that I hadn't had a blood test done so she rang back with appointments for blood test and then a follow up with the nursie a week later. One on the 17th of Feb and one on the 24th Feb.So that is the next two Tuesdays sorted!
Vin has been doing a lot of sorting out today, mainly with some batteries the rechargeable ones which have been checked.Apparently they do have a shelf life and wear out eventually. he now has a box of batteries due for recycling.
Cold today, frosty this morning, Jane said her car was very icy this morning and her icer spray wouldn't work.  She was chatting for ages after lunch mostly about her Uni work and job decisions. Very hard choices there.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls Linda McCartney ones
Fried potatoes for Vin and a potato croquette for moi
Something tomatoey

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Two In A Week !

Yep two in a week! This came about because I got a delivery the other day from Bon Marche of things that I had ordered. Vin's shirt was great, firred him beautifully, but the pair of trousers that I had ordered as a size 16 came with the right label but the label inside said size 12!! now I have lost weight but not that much!!! So that meant a trip back to their store in Maghull to take them back. No real hardship because there is a very tempting Costa there and a few places Vin goes in to.
So, ioff we went to Maghull. very bright sunshine with a low sun too which is quite dazling, but no wind to speak of today so not as bitterly cold. Quite pleasant actually.
Loads of parking in the centre square and the parking machines broken so free which is always a bonus. Took my things back to the BM  and changed them with apologies from them for the mistake  (which wasn't theirs!) and bought something else instead.
Then to our coffees, I had a skinny latte and Vin had  a Soy milk latte. Lovely break and aq people watch. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure, something from the f5reezer 
Veggies left over.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Up earlyish this morning because I had an appointment at the Thornton clinic with the chiropody service. The plan was to go over there first, then off to Ormskirk to get some fishless fingers from Holland and Barratt. But, Vin rang up  after they had opened and they didn't have any in stock, so there really wasn't any point going there.
trouble was, there wasn't anywhere else we could fancy going, and we didn't need any shopping, so we decided to come home instead afterwards.
Got to the clinic on time, it is nly about ten or so minutes away, gave my name in, waited about five minutes then went in. You have a pair of nail clippers that you have to take with you, and you get told off if you forget them!!but I remembered mine.  very nice girl, I think her name was Olivia, and she made a good job of doing my toenails. I did however have a small sore on my big toe so have to go back next monday at ten to four. Just for checking.
Home via the garden centre over the way, the Ladygreen one. Pity we didn't still have the free coffee coupons for there because it was early so really quiet. Also very cold, the people in there were wearing gloves!! Vin was looking for some tealights and I was just browsing, but did get a box of the biscuits that I like, and he did get the tealights he wanted.  Then home, given the lack of anywhere exciting to go, plus the fact that it is very cold today. 
Nice coffee at home today with the machine. Vin had a Colombian with a milk pod and I hadan Intenso with a milk pod. Very nice too.
Just mooched for the rest of the day. One delivery, from the postman, of the parcel from Bon marche. A shirt for Vin which was in the sale and really very good too, only nine pounds, and a pair of trousers for me which were ordered as a size 16 but had the wrong label on them and were a size 12 !! I have lost weight but not that much!!! so I guess they will be going back to the Maghull shop and that will mean another Costa coffee at the shop there!! Aaah what a shame.
Baking potatoes today this afternoon, 59p for four from home and bargain, and we bake them till they are done then let them cool and freeze them like the McCain ones which are double the price. Good eh!
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni cheese with a cheese sauce
butternut squash and sweet potato mix 
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Short and Sweet..

Yep, short and sweet today, mainly because i have run out of time. We went off to Tesco this morning because we had a bit of shopping to do for the week, veggies and stuff, and I had a fancy for a coffee at the Costa :)
 Phone call before we went from Bullen's healthcare about my supplies. They are very good about ringing when they say they will and the delivery will be next Tuesday. They usually deliver early so that's not a problem.
Quick whizz round Tescos and got everything on Vin's list,we had run out of some things so stocked up a bit. Then he went and put them in the car, and I waited in the Costa which was really quiet. Lovely. I like it that way. Most of the people in there were older ones..probably with money :) 
Vin had a Cafe Mocha which looked absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful heart on the top of it, and I had a rather boring but nice Americano. I think I will have what he had next time !! We sat for about half an hour chatting and people watching. Very pleasant.
Home to lunch a bit later of carrot and coriander soup and toast, then I had a really nice long scented L'occitane bath with my book and scented candles and came to do this. So, got to hurry now it's time for Countdown and coffee:) :) 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with mixed veg and gravy.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Bread or Brick!!

Bit of a doing day today. After breakfast Vin did my hair colour, just a touch up roots one. Doesn't need all over yet! he is really good at it actually and gets the coverage over the centre where my hair is losing the colour a bit.  So that took a bit of the morning.
Then we decided to make a Gluten free bread mix that I had ordered from Lakeland. It is an Australian one which has very good reviews online with the firm and we made it up according to the instructions. Bit difficult because of the size of the bread tins given etc., and we were making half of the quantity given because it  looked like it made a very large loaf. Anyway it was a Laucke mix and I can't say I am very impressed at all!!!.It didn't rise like it said it would, and we left it longer than it said too. neither did it rise when it went into the oven and when it was done and turned out it looks like one of those old fashioned cell phones that you used to hold up to your ears! Feels quite light but just no size to it. Don't know what it will cut like. Maybe it will toast ok or maybe it wil be an expensive mistake. Grrr.
No deliveries today and no post really to speak of either. Quite a quiet Monday. Next door is having their drains done, and have had a van outside most of the morning with Drains and Toilets blocked written on the side ! At least the van that came to do ours had a discreet signage!
Tonight we are havaing:
Pizza for Vin with salad and a pasta salad.
Poached egg on a piece of toast for moi