Thursday, 17 August 2017

Day of Rest!

Out yesterday so we were in today, and we are out tomorrow to two appointments, one at the podiatry and the other at nephrology. just so happens they are on the same day whichmeans a bit of juggling but we will manage. At least Vin will! Bless him. 
Today has been very quiet day on the whole. Something going on over the road at the bus stop, hoardes of people waiting for the little bus to take them into Crosby, because the trains were off. There was an incident on the line between Hall Road and Waterloo which usually means someone on the line. Poor person.
Little Jessie has been out in the sunshine a bit, this morning having a bit of fresh air. Vin always keeps an eye on her, so he doesn't let her wander far. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Out and about today,for us for a change! No appointments and nothing to go to at Aintree. Isn't that lovely!
So we set off. First detour was at the end of the road which wouldn't let you get on to the Bypass but we were expecting that. Went along the bypass  without any trouble, then we hit it! traffic cones for pretty nearly the length of the bypass!. What a pain, traffic crawling along in one lane and nothing you could do about it. pretty bad the other way too. Eventually we got going but we had given up a lot of time crawling.  By the time we got to Dobbies we were glad to be there.
Had a bit of wheeling around and a little mooch, but there seems to be something going on because a lot of the shelves were quite bare.We were looking for the candles actuall6y because we like the Yankee candles tealights, but couldn't find any, so Vin asked a girl where they were. She said it was all being re-organised, because there were new owners and they wanted to put their own stamp on things. 
So we went to get our coffees, I had a flat white and Vin had a large latte which was twice the size of mine! Actually mine was very tasty.
Then we went to do our shopping, we needed to get a cake, their cherry cakes are nice, shortbread biscuits, fruits for cheese and Vinspotted some wheat biscuits he liked the look of. Then that was it really, time to go home and face the traffic going back.
Surprise Surprise, it wasn't bad at all. A little blocked but at least moving fairly well, and they seemed to be in the process of removing the cones, so it was all flowing. 
Got home and little Jessie hadn't moved at all. She was still in her basket. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Disaster Zone!!

That's  me!  My life seems to be one disaster after another,oh dear!!
This time it is my loose tooth in the front of the mouth, would be the front wouldn't be anywhere else would it? Has to be the front :) I think it is probably to do with the operation that I had a few weeks ago. Vin went round to the dentist for me, only two doors down, and the next slot is a week on Thursday!!!!  Not like the oldd dentist Nick who had been there for Donkey's years and we used to know very well, this bloke is new with all new ideas I suppose! Oh why do have to change. 
Vin has been very busy today, been doing a lot of phoning round for various things, he tried to contact Barclays,terrible trying to get through. It was holding on for ages, then spoke to an Indian and got cut off. So he tried again, and  eventually got an English woman who said he couldn't get a new card over the phone you have to go into the branch!   he has also done the bedding this morning and hung that out on the line it being a nice sunny day for a change!.
Little Jessie has been out today getting a bit of sunshine, she was out with Vin when he was in the garden. I think he was trying to get her to run around for a bit because she is getting a wee bit tubby! 
 She adores him and he adores her so the feeling is mutual.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Tootsie Time!

If it is Monday it is Tootsies to be done at the Podiatry clinic in Aintree.  Got there on time because we were listening to the opmaster Quiz on Radio two which we like. Then I went in while he parked the car. 
To be honest I was really glad to get the dressing off because it had been buzzing like mad, most of the weekend. There is a little motor which goes into my side pocket, and if it buzzes it means there is a leak in the dressing. Sometimes it works if you just rub the place around the dressing where you think it is leaking from, but it just wasn't playing ball at all on this weekend. So we often ended up switching it off.  Anyway she changed the dressing and put a thinner one one, and so far touch wood that is working very well.
Following the appointment we went off to the Aintree retail park and got a Costa. Really quiet in there which is unusual because they are often very busy. We both had flat whites which are nice because we can't make those at home on the Tassimo machine.  Still don't know how they are made actually. 
Vin got his driving licence back today which was really quick. He says he can drive an electric bike, a tractor and an electric quad bike! Can't see him on a tractor any time soon. 
When we got homelittle jessie was at the front door. She doesn't do that very often so she must had  been peckish. She was miaowing too which is nice. Vin let her out for a bit while the sun was shining but she came in again quite quickly. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Tootsie Day!

Today really revolved around the fot appointment at podiatry in Aintree. It was at 2.00 so our morning was changed. Instead of having our mid morning coffee we went to our lunch a bit earlier. For me it was the usual "yogit"  and crisps and Vin had a cheese sandwich with his vegan cheese. 
Got to our appointment n time, and apparently after removing the Picu pack the foot is healing very nicely now. Still a bit to go but it doesn't look so red any more, and Jo is quite pleased with it. 
Been quite sunny this morning but has gone a lot cooler now. In fact I have just put the heater on in here!! I notice that next doors have clouds of steam  coming from their boiler so they must have their heating on! 
Little Jessie as usual hasn't moved very much if at all. Apparently she did wake her Daddy up early this morning and he went down to feed her. I think he quite enjoys the cup of tea that goes with it though :) When we came back from podiatry  she just about raised a sleepy eye to have a look. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

In today Out Tomorrow !

Didn't go out today because we are out tomorrow at the podiatry clinic at Aintree.  It is an afternoon appointment so at least we don't have to get up with the larks which suits us both nicely.
Don't like this typeset because it is too small for me but for some reason the print size will not operate today. What a pain!.
Everything looked so small. Now it has decided to work properly I have absolutely no idea why I haven't pressed anything unusual. Hmmm Technology!
Vin got a letter this morning about the Smart meter but we already had that fuss in february when we waited in all day for them to come and fit one, and after around five minutes they said that they coudn't get a line so couldn't do it.  ! He went to phone them this morning and explained that had happened so she took us off the list for at least a year until the technology was better!
He also got a letter about his driving licence which needed a new photograph, and renewing. He could do that online which is good and he did that on his netbook. That is working really well now (touch wood) as we say. 
Little Jessie woke him up quite early and get a cup of tea. He brought that back upstairs but I was asleep, yesterday I was awake for ages waiting for him to come back but he didn't! 
Upstairs or down? Not quite sure.
Quite sunny in the back garden today, gets fairly warm when the sun comes round in the afternoon. Vin has said it is the green bin on Monday so he's gone out to pull anything up that has grown in all of the rain we have had.

No idea why all of these have uploaded, it should have only been the last one!!!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Rainy and Wet!

Horrible day today, very wet and rainy, so we didn't go out anywhere. I would hate to be on holiday in Angelsey in this weather, stuck in some grotty holiday let . Mind you in those days we never had enough money to stay anywhere nice, it would be a bit different 
not that the weather helps. 
Jane is just ringing up, having finished her shift and is on her way home, just gone into the shops to get something for her dinner! She's gone posh now she lives in Didsbury, it was always tea in our house.
Hope there is something on the television tonight, it is terrible at the moment. A huge amount of sport which is of no interest to us. Once the Wimbledon has finished that's it, it is generally the holiday season so they tend not to put anything decent on. You end up watching rubbish.
Little Jessie is tending to wake  her Daddy up very early, like half past five!  so he gets up to feed her and then she goes to sleep again. 

Monday, 7 August 2017


Up and at em this morning off to podiatry, although not as early as Friday, that was a bit too early for both of us. Today the appointment was for 11.30 so was nicely doable for getting there and back and have time for our coffee before lunch. Great! 
It was mainly to redo the sealed dressing on the foot which seems to be doing its job very well ads everybody says that the wound is closing up nicely. Just a matter of keeping on going till it is done .
I wonder if our Jane has got up and going , she had been on nights the night before yesterday so was asleep most of yesterday but was off today also. depends how much sleep she got  after her nights and how tired she is.  She needs to get her hair cut really but can't get round to it somehow. 
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up fairly early and he went off to feed her, but  then left him alone. She was asleep in her basket when we went out this morning and was still there when we came back.  We were listening to the radio when we were going to Aintree, and there was a man on who said that he had a British Blue, and it caused havoc all night and slept all day. Sounds like par for the course. 
Our version, looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

In Today Out Tomorrow!

 In today mainly because we are out tomorrow at an appointment in Aintree, the second for the week. It is my one with Mr Butcher to have the stitches removed and the wound etc., looked at. What fun! 
The tube is still attached so that is ok, hope it is doing its job, it seemed to be working when she looked at it on Monday. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime she had been on her way to Greggs to get something but they didn't have anything, so was going to get a Costa on her way back and get something when she was on her way home I think. 
Vin has just come in and said that he was texting a competition outside but the cold had made him go to the bathroom, not really what you expect for the middle of summer. I noticed on FB that the temp in Australia is the same, and it is their Winter. Crazy world. 
Jessie has hardly shown her face really, but Vin did say that Alex had said that she slept a lot. Well that is true she does. Most of the day in fact.  The doorbell went when we were having our lunch and it was the meter man to read the meter, and she belted upstairs.  She soon came down for a bit of reassurance from Vin though. 
He is quite upset today because Michelle, the girl in the end house has lost her cat. It has been missing for two days now apparently, so he is on the lookout. Hope it isn't too far from home and turns up. When our Rusty went off she was missing for  a month and it was terrible. We put notices up all over the village, everywhere we could think of, and eventually after a very long month and absolutely terrible weather, because it was February  She was incredibly thin when she came back, she had been spotted in one of the big houses over the line in their garden and ran to Vin when he was contacted and went over. It was lovely to get her back.
I don't think this one would go missing, she is way too timid and rarely goes even to the end of our small garden. Aaah!
Having a look but that's all. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Here we Are Again!

Back on the blog, couldn't wake myself up enough yesterday to get going , let alone do the blog. never mind, better late than never. 
 Something has made me incredibly sleepy, Vin thinks it is the antibiotics that I was given on Friday. Probably is too, just have to wait to get used to them. 
Friday went for the podiatry appointment at Aintree, and was ages waiting, mostly for the doctor to get round to see the foot. In the end they decided to put a dressing on that is called negative therapy, and consists of a vacuum pack dressing which goes on the wound, and is attached to a tube which goes up the leg and into a meter thingy which goes into the pocket and keeps going all day and night. It doesn't bother me at all, in fact I can't hear it.
Monday I had to return for a redressing and it is looking better even after a few days so the therapy must be working!.  We did manage a nice coffee out on Monday at the Costa in Aintree retail park, it was quite busy but there is always somewhere to be seated. We had skinny lattes each which were lovely but I think next time I will have a smaller one, the medium is a bit big nowadays.
The weather is really weird at the moment, no way of knowing what it is going to do. At the moment it is really overcast but hasn't rained..yet! Looks af it will though. 
Little Jessie seems to have got herself into a fair little routine in the mornings. She thinks it is fun to wake her Daddy up at around half past five in the morning, so he goes down and feeds her. Then you don't see much of her for the rest of the day because she is asleep in her basket in the front room all the time. I suppose it is nice and quiet in there and she is undisturbed. 
What a great life!!