Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Home Again!!

Than  Goodness!  Went into Aintree for a routine test on tthe 15th of July and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low and they wouldn't let me go home again either. Stayed there all day and then they found me a bed to keep me in. So ended up on ward 11 for ten days. like trying to get out of Colditz, had every test known to man and nothing too bad found, so came home yesterday at long last.
Vin was star.. a real star. Kept me going with yoghurts and biscuits and cheerful chatty visits twice a day!! Don't know how he did it really poor lad.  Al the women on the ward fell for him and thinks he is lovely which he is of course. 
Had a really nice surprise visit from Jane yesterday too, she drove from Manchester, and stayed overnight with her Daddy. Left her car overnight at the hospital car park and picked it up on Monday when they finally let me go home. Then she drove back to Manchester. She has an interview at M.R.I. on the 4th August, so fingers crossed that she gets that one. That's the job she wants so hope she is successful.
Jane is top row right.  With some of her friends who are all over the place now. All in their finery and graduation gowns. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

She Made It !!!

Jane and me at her graduation ceremony July 13th 2015.
She made it. She got there after one year at a College doing sciences, and three years at Salford University doing a BSc (Honours) degree in Radiography which she passed with a First! Well done my lovely. I am so very proud of you. 
It was a lovely day...not weatherwise, because it rained /drizzled all day but the ceremony andand everything else was wonderful. So glad I got there,  It was really lovely to meet her friends and  and put faces to names. They are a lovely bunch, she certainly has some nice lifelong friends there. 
This is Jane and her clinical tutor at the hospital where she did her placement. An absolute rock that woman, she helped her such a lot through the three years. It was really nice to meet her and finally put a face to the name. 
 The ceremony itself was very good. We were n the front row!!!  so had a terrific view. A brass band to start with as an introduction, and a very good gorl singer who did three numbers, then the speeches.  The vice prsident gave quite a lng but very good sppech, and two honorary professorships awarded, then the graduates were named individuallly as they went across the stage. The Masters ones one at a time, and everyone else in groups of three. Jane's group were quite quick to go through actually.  She said she saw me clapping from the front. Aaah.  So proud I could burst. 
Outside for more photos, some group ones.
All getting ready to throw their hats in the air. ! Aaah. Quite a moment for them all. 
Finally she had to hand her gown back, and we went over the way to the Pizza Express for some dinner. Very nice place too, we enjoyed that. Nobody had had any lunch so we were quite hungry, even me. I had a gluten free Fiorentina which was egg, spinach a bit of tomato and garlic oil, and Jane and Vin shared a Margareta and dough balls which he said were tasty. Didn't want a pudding so had a Cappuccino to finish and Vin had an Americano.  Jane was quite happy with her Coke. Everything at The Lowry centre had closed down  but Vin went and got a wheelchair because there was a long way to walk to the car parking level. He and Jane were parked on different levels and we wanted to change over things we had both taken with us. Met outside at the drop off point, swapped over things and left for home.
A really really good day. Certainly one to remember.
Well done my darling. XXXXX

Monday, 6 July 2015

Good Job....

Good job we weren't going to go out today anywhere because it has turned into a horrible day. wet and cold and drizzly with the trees blowing like mad. Funny July weather.
 Bedding day today, so stripped the bed and put new on. No drying outside today though so all in the tumble dryer.
Vin has been tracking our Bose parcel it seems like forever, but it must have been stuck on the motorway because it hadn't moved in an age. However, this morning, success because it has finally been delivered!! So maybe things will get moving now. The television that we have has terrible sound, really tinny, and you miss the Bose sound box a lot.
I have also sent a parcel back to QVC today, it was a set that I had ordered forr the graduation on Monday next, but in the end I have bought other things from M&S, a nice kimono jacket and lovely white t-shirt that I can wear with my black trousers and should look smart. I don't want to let Jane down on her big day. :)
I had a lovely shower this morning too, must say the new grab rails and the bath board have made it a lot easier and safer. Funny thing today, there was an item on The Jeremy Vine show about people falling downstairs, some horrendous tales too. Made Vin even more wary now!!!
Jane rang up about half past twelve on her way to work. She was starting at one until nine tonight. Then she was going to the gym after work to use the equipment and get her tired for bed. Good for her :)
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin
Baked potato for me

Friday, 3 July 2015

Signede Off Again...

Not on the dole..never have been I am proud to say, but had a visit from the little Occupational Therapy girl today who has signed me off now. This was the little one who arranged everything for me. She got the rails fitted all over the house, brought a bath board to use in the bath, and graqb rails where necessary. She also had the physiotherapist who gave me exercises and  the dietician who we didn't see actually because I had already seen one in the hospital. So, she was a little star really got things moving. Thankyou Louise. 
We stopped in today because she was coming and were able to sit outside for our coffee this morning. Very nice too, not too hot at the moment a bit cloudy but nice when the sun came out. Vin had a petit dejuner and a milk pod and I had an Americano and a milk pod. Lovely. Well we have the machine so we can have really good coffees ourselves, and we have had two outside ones this week. Can't be greedy can we. 
Vin did the gardening at the front of the house this morning and I did some of a letter to John and Ann. I ordered some things from Lakeland yesterday quite late on and got an email today to say they have been dispatched. That is quick. Vin is tracking his UPS parcel with the sound box that is going back to Bose for repair, and it is still stuck. Must be in that line of lorries stuck on the motorway down south. Grrr. The sound on the television is awful, hope it gets moving soon. 
Jane was starting work quite early today so hasn't rung up yet, maybe later tonight. 
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. Depends on what we have in the fridge or freezer.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Not Out Today...

Didn't go anywhere today, mainly because we were waiting in for a delivery which usually comes in the morning. it didn't today, it came after lunch more or less so later than normal. Doesn't matter though, we weren't planning to go anywhere anyway.
Funny sort of day weather wise. A bit overcast, and looks like rain but nothing happening yet. not as muggy..and a bit cooler. Funny thing...as I type this it is currently pouring down.
Jane rang up on her way to work this morning. She was starting at ne today so getting some good hours in at the moment. i think she is glad that she gave the Salford job back, she is now waiting for jobas at MRI to come up, shouldn't be l9ong. She had a day off yesterday and went to the Imperial War museum at the Lowry centre, said it was really interesting. Then she had a look round the shops but said there wasn't really very much there.
Tonight we are having:
Whatever we feel like really. 
Not a huge amount of stuff in the fridge in the way of veggies. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hot and Humid...

Well the warm weather has arrived with a vengeance . We had lovely sunny day yesterday, but today is cloudy hot aqnd humid. Thank Heavens for the air conditioning n the car which is excellent.
We went out to Dobbies this morning for one of our free coffees for July. (Hares and Rabbits) by the way. 
Must admit i got a bit wilted when we got there..wonder if it is the heat? could be, not sure. So we had our coffees soon after we got there really. Sat people watching for a while, then we got a few things from their food hall area. I wanted a cake and some whirly biscuits, and I saw a nice little tin of biscuits for the little occupational therapy girl who is due on friday. 
Tonight we are having:
Amy's m3eal mac/cheese
Butternut squash