Monday, 31 December 2007

Bank Statement Blip

Got my bank statement the other day. I rarely look at them apart from a quick glance but VT has a good look through. He spotted an error, an entry from Crabtree & Evelyn in Street for the same ammount coming up twice within a minute of each other. Since the sum involved was for £50.96 it is quite an item. So that determined where we went today, to the Nat West in Formby. Left it with them to sort out, but since it is New Years Day tomorrow it will now be Thursday probably.
We then went to M&S to get a few vegetables etc for the next few days, and came home in time for a nice cup of coffee thereby saving about £4!!
Spent the afternoon doing the MOS crossword we didn't do yesterday.
Jane rang up to say she had got her travellers cheques, and dollars for their trip. Hope she keeps them safe.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes,
Potato croquettes 2 each,
Vegetables, peas and sweetcorn or broccolli.
Maybe peaches in brandy with some brandy cream, reduced from M&S.
Happy New Year to all, since this will be the last blog for the year XXXXX

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Usual Sunday ..Bits and Pieces.

Quiet Sunday today, VT let the cat out at 10.30 ish and in again at 4.00ish. Quite a nice day today so I don't think it minded being out. Wonder if it is lonely on its own, but it is sheltered and VT looks after all its food etc. He even took the vacuum cleaner to clean up its cat hairs Bless him..who else would do that?
I did the celebrity birthday quiz, while he was mooching in Maghull. Today's one was Robert Duvall who is 77 on Saturday.
We watched "Hetty Wainthrop Investigates" while having our after lunch coffee and doing our crosswords. It is a good old fashioned detective series with Patricia Routledge and the bloke out of Lost who must be earning millions by now.
The only problem with it is the REALLY annoying theme tune which is a brass band, and really gets inside the brain. It was all I could hear the other night when going to sleep and it kept me awake for ages.
We mmanaged to finish them both with just a tiny bit of help from the Internet.
I made another loaf of the bread mixes I ordered from Lakeland, the Australian ones, and I must admit that I am very impressed. Made a Wholemeal one today, and while it isn't very brown it is a good looking loaf.
Also did some Roast vegetables, with onions, peppers, artichokes which I steam first, and little baby tomatoes.
Also did a Pizza base in the bread makers, very successful too.
So tonight we are having:
Pizza with home-made tomato sauce,
Roasted Vegetables,
Mozzarella or Goat's Cheese not sure which,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Tasty Munchy Seeds.
Yummiest meal of the week...

Saturday, 29 December 2007

New York New York..

No not I but our daughter Jane has booked nine days in New York in January. The 8th to be precise. She is really excited and so would I be too, what a place to go. So much to see and so much to do, and it sounds like they are going to do it all.I think it is a place you need energy to go to if you want to get everything in, and they are young they will do it.
Really manky weather today, rainy, dark and very blowy, the trees way at the back of the house were bloiwing away like crazy, and the cats have barely been out. VT is still looking after the little ginger cat next door, he let it out at about 10.30 this morning and he went off to Formby to the bank and then the garden Centre and when he came back it met his car miaowing to be let in. So it went in for the shelter and has been there since. I hope cats don't get lonely.
We spent the afternoon with the papers and watching hetty Wainthrop Investigates. Quite old now but not a mobile phone in sight and a VERY annoying theme tune which really gets in the brain.
Had a nice drink mid afternoon and a mince pie, won't be having too many more of those eh...back on the healthy eating plan after the new year.
Tonight we are having the usual:
Mini Spring Rolls,
Sauce of some kind,
Mushroom stir-fry,
4oz Egg fried frice.
When I say fried rice I really mean it is done with the oil spray so it is extremely low in calories, not adding extra oil because of Christmas.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Out For A Mooch...

Today we decided to go out for a mooch to Ormskirk, and to give our Friday shopping money to Morrisons for a change. While we were there we had a mooch round Ormskirk. I thought it would be really busy but in fact it was quite quiet.
Got some bargains though...a nice new white jumper from Bon Marche for £6 reduced from £12. A Yankee Candle in a jar called Holiday Sage, we've never had one in a jar since they aare usually too expensive, this was £6.99 from £13.99. Also got some Acidolphus tabs for VT and me and these were half price too. Good bargains today.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish cakes, with Tartare Sauce.
Chips..a measured ammount,
Mushy Peas for VT and green beans for Moi,
Maybe a Tomato.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

6 Months today!!

Today is our six month anniversary.. the time has gone quite quickly really. We began our "Healthy Eating Plan" on the 27th June, the same day that poor Gordon Brown became the new Prime Minister.
Mostly we have done fairly well, with a few hiccups along the route I think. Birthday meals and Anniversary meals, and two holidays away haven't helped, but we have lost mostly about 18lbs each.
Mind you VT has just stepped on the scales and gone "Oooh" meaning that we have gone up a bit. But we'll soon lose that.Won't we!!
There was something on the Delia website today,
"It's not what you eat between Christmas and New Year that matters, it's what you eat between New Year and Christmas". How True.
We have had a quiet stay at home day today, apparently according to the news the busiest shopping day of the year. Since we did a load of shopping in The States, and in Bath, we aren't bothered about the sales. It isn't the same when you don't go to work, you don't have to worry about clothes rfor work etc.
Tonight we are eating out of the freezer:
Wild Mushroom and Chestnut Grill. VT said they look like Burgers!!!
Brocolli Cheese,
2 Potato Croquettes each.
Whether we will eat the remaining Hazelnut Gateau will be seen.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

All Over Bar the....

VT has just gone off to Formby to get a paper. Our local shop is closed today, and who can blame them? it must be Hell being a shopkeeper at this time of the year.
We had a lovely Christmas actually. Just the two of us, but we make a good team. The cats really enjoyed their presents, especially the little cat-nip mouse, and the toy with the feathery bits on the end and the cat-nip in it.Bobby pounced on that as soon as we took it out of the bag, and lay on the floor with her paws round it trying to tear the tissue off.
VT gave me a beautiful Diamond pendant to go with my diamond earrings, and I love it. It is the perfect length and is really sparkly. I gave him a book he had seen in the National Trust shop, and a selection of Nomad Products from Crabtree and Evelyn, so I think he was pleased.
Yesterday we had our Christmas Dinner of course...
Chicken Style Roast,
Bread Sauce and Cranberry Sauce,
Peas, Carrots with cranberries and Maple Syrup,
HoneyRoast Parsnips,
Roast Potatoes
I actually did a pudding too!!!
My traditional Hazelnut Meringue cake, which is two layers of hazelnut meringue, with whipped cream and raspberries, dusted with grated fine dark chocolate. Not just ordinary's Jenny nine toes food!!

Today we are having:
Our usual buffet food. We have done this for years, on Boxing Day we have a selection of picky style buffet things, not very healthy eating plan food but who cares..
Happy ChristmasXXXX

Monday, 24 December 2007

We Wish You A Merry Christmas XXX

Christmas eve, and VT and I have just wrapped the cat's presents! They have done quite well this year, with things from America and Bath and Southport. Lucky little babies.
We started the day by going to Formby because we didn't have any chicken for the babies..well you can't have a Christmas without chicky can you. We got some from Waitrose.Formby was quite busy and VT left me in the shop while he parked the car, and it was pouring down...very Christmassy. Then we walked into the village, and VT got a fantastic set of Apilco crockery from the Help the Aged shop, only £6!!!!! A real bargain...2 coffee cups, a teapot, small jug and a large sugar bowl and a smaller sugar bowl. Quite a buy because it costs a fortune to buy separately. We also got a Chicken style roast from the Health food shop for tomorrow, so we are totally sorted now.
Tonight we had:
Quorn Lamb Grill,
Little baked potaatoes,
Mixed frozen vegetables with Hollandaise sauce.

Merry Christmas one and all from Jenny Nine Toes, VT, and Rusty and Bobby XXXXXXXXXXXX

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas Ready??

Yes pretty ready for the festive season. Most things bought, the only thing we need to go out for tomorrow is some"you know what" for the cats. We never say Chicken because they come running!! VT went to Maghull this morning but there wasn't any to be had.
He got caught by the Carol Singers last night! ha ha it cost him 20p!! normally he ignores the bell, but he had to go and answer it in case it was the neighbours leaving the keys so he can feed the cat bext door.
We did the usual crosswords in record time today all except for one clue I had to look actor in The Godfather..Duvall. The Mail on Sunday crossword is the Christmas one which has a quotation all round the outside of it, and takes ages to do. We will do that in bits.
Made a white crusty loaf yesterday from a box of bread mixes I ordered from Lakeland and it is very good. They are Australian, and we have already done the Soy and Linseed which was excellent, quite impressed with these. I fear the bread machine is on its last legs though, maybe I'll keep an eye out for one in the January sales.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with roast vegetables and asparagus,
Home made tomato sauce,
Mozzarella cheese,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado of the best meals of the week!!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Vincent and Jenny At Home!!

Today we stayed at home. Two reasons, one..the weather was not nice, very wet and drizzly and cold, and two..We expected the shops to be heaving.
So we stayed in, and enjoyed being quiet with the papers, and the cats, lovely.
The only thing is there isn't much to discuss. VT lit a fire this evening and it was the most miserable fire you've ever seen! I said we'll all sit round the roaring log fire...not! it was really funny. Then he came in with more fuel so it now looks lovely, Bless HimXX
Tonight we are having the usual:
Chinese, Spring Rolls,
4oz egg fried rice with fresh peas,
Stir-fry vegetables,
Sauce of some sort.

Friday, 21 December 2007

A Bit of Quiet Shopping...Not!!

Went to Tesco this morning to do our usual friday Shopping. Started by going round and round the car-park before eventually finding a space. Tesco was Heaving!! people everywhere. You'd think that the end of the world was nigh! Got everything we wanted and waited for ages in a checkout. On the way out I said to VT I just want to look at the flowers, and he said I'll wait outside. I walked round the flowers then out of the sign of VT..completely disappeared!! Stood by the bank machine for ten mins freezing..then decided he'd gone to the car. Walked up and down looking for his car still no sign, back tothe store front..getting colder and colder. Went back to the car again!! and still no sign, stood there for ten mins..really went back to the store, lo and behold he is stood like a lemon INSIDE the shop nice and warm!!!!!! Swore blind he had been there for 35 mins! and swore blind he didn't see me either outside the store or going past him..Now..who is the one with the eyesight problem?? By the time I got back to the car I was a block of ice, and all hge did was argue all the way home...
Got home did the scanning then cleared up a bit because Emma was coming to cut our hairs. Had a quick lunch and a bit of a breather.
Glad to have my hair cut and coloured, makes you feel tidier.
Tonight we are having:
Fish Cake,
Chips and mushy peas for VT
Green beans for me.
Lakeland parcel arrived this afternoon too all the things I had ordered so that is everything organised now. All over bar the shouting as they say!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Clearing Up Day..

Emma is coming tomorrow, so we are doing the clearing up. We generally do the kitchen floor and make sure it is nice nd clean. Emma is the hairdresser who has been coming for years, since Jane was small. In the meantime she has trained to be a Radiographer and is now a fully qualified one. Wish Jane would take the hint!
We also do the bathroom floor and the porch and clear up a bit too, so the place looks nice.
VT has just said he read yesterday's blog, and "Where is the Meatballs?" Well, what happened was that I went to the freezer and couldn't find them!! so had to think on my feet, and in the end we had Squashed potatoes, gravy with mushrooms and caramelised onions, carrots and green beans, and a Quorn Cornish Pasty, which proved to be very nice actually. So I hope VT wsn't complaining!
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a Pasta with Seeds of Change Tomato Sauce,
Something simple, OR
Something out of the Freezer..God knows we have plenty in there.
Last night we actually had a DRINK!!! I had a G&T and VT had one of his Whiskies, and we shared a pack of smoked cashews...very naughty, but it is the Festive Season, and I can't remember when we last had a drink!
Happy Christmas!
Poor VT is a bit grumpy, and who cam blame him. He came down this morning and found the cats had chucked up in a variety of places..Yuk!! might be due to some reduced chicken we got them from Waitrose as a treat, so they aren't getting any more of that..

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Change tack day!

Today was a bit of a change really. the phone went during the morning, and it was the hearing aid clinic, to say that my hearing aid had come back from the repairers. The receptionist said she was going out this afternoon so we decided to go and get it in the morning. So that was an unexpected trip into Southport. On the way back we called in at the ocean plaza as we were going past, and went to the pet shop. I bought the cats some Christmas presents. A new collar each, and a pet chum which is like a little doggy with cat nip in it, and a long chasy feather thingy that they will love. £10.96!! on cat presents!!! but they are special...and we did put them in the cattery for three weeks poor little things.
Apparently little Rusty up and barfed on the quilt last night at 3.30 in the morning. Poor VT got up..sorted her out, sorted the quilt out with the light on and I was fast asleep, never noticed or heard a thing!
The new covers came yesterday for the suite in the front room, so VT has spent the afternoon putting them on. Must say they look really good, he has made a lovely job of them. The new colour makes quite a difference to the appearance of the room.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs Quorn ones,
With tomato sauce and mushrooms and baby leeks,
Pasta 4oz and Carrots.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

We just need a few vegetables...

Famous last words!!!!!! We go into Waitrose for a few vegetables and a few other things that only Waitrose sell, and come out about 40mins later having spent £85. We had a coupon for £5 off £50, and at one point I said to VT have we got £50s worth and he said I don't thionk so , so we put 4 bottles of wine in, then found thatwe had spent 85 pounds worth!! We now have a groaning larder and freezer and enough things to sink the Titanic! They do sell nice stuff in Waitrose smoky oatcakes, and giant pretzels and very good veggie things.
We did get a few vegetables though..
Today the new covers for the sofas in the front room were delivered from Kirkdale. They are a fetching shade of green, a sort of mid-green not too dark. So that held us up really, we didn't go out till aboiut 11.30.And, didn't even get a cup of coffee either!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes with goats cheese and cranberry,
Chanteney carrots and green beans,
Baby red potatoes probably baked.
Maybe...a little hollandaise sauce?

Monday, 17 December 2007

Twas On A Monday Morning......

Everybody came to call....postman early with a parcel...left behind the plant pot! from my good friend Jayne. VT rang the Satellite man who initially said he was too busy but would put us on his list. (The satellite conked out last night completely) Anyway he rang later to say he would come round later which he did so that is fixed. The parcel from Lakeland also arrived at least part of box of flour/ bread mixes to be precise.
We had originally decided to go to Formby because we wanted to go to a few shops..Waitrose Julian Graves etc., so that has had to be postponed till tomorrow. Tonight we will be eating out of the freezer then;
Mashed Potatoes..frozen,
Sausages and gravy,
Whatever vegetables I can find.

Saturday, 15 December 2007


Spent the morning...well the day really doing the Christmas newsletter. It has taken quite a while to organise, since this year we have included some photos to make it a bit more interesting. I have tried to keep it fairly simple because I don't like the ones which are one long brag from beginning to end. So just wrote about what we have done in the year really.
The technology is beyond me so VT did most of the work. I did type it in though!
Today was Delia Secret Santa day too I opened mine this morning, and have got a scarf and a book called Clangers to something else I can't remember. VT immediately picked up the is just up his street actually. It's not about recipes but more about the history of regional food dishes, for example it mentions about Bendicks Bittermints, which originally came from a chocolate shop called Ben Dicks in London.
Tonight we are bacxk to our normal so we are having:
Egg fried rice with 4oz rice,
Stir Fried vegetables, with a sauce of some sort?
Spring Rolls
Be nice to get back to our normal routine!!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Brrrr Cold Today.

Very cold today, we had to go out this morning because VT had a dental appointment . he has a cracked tooththat needed a filling. So we went to the library first, and then he walked down the road a bit to the dentists. I got a few decent books to see me over the Christmas period and he got some of his local history ones. He rarely reads novels, I read nothing but...
Then we went to Crosby village, and I nipped into Sainsbury's, for the Magazine. While there I got a few items..of course..what do you expect!! Got some Covent Garden soup on offer..and a couple of party boxes for the buffet thingy we have on Boxing Day. Also bought our stuffing, so now we have almost everything we need for our Christmas Dinner.
Tonight we are having:
Delia Smith's
Madras Egg Curry with Spinach and tomato cachumber
2Poppadums, and
4oz of White Rice.

Brrrr Cold Today.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

When its Cold..go shopping!

Really cold this morning, quite frosty. I hope the poor little ginger cat next door hasn't been out all night it would be freezing.
VT has a dental appointment tomorrow morning so we did the weekend shopping today instead. This time we gave our money to ASDA in Southport. Didn't intend to spend that much but in the end spent £83!!! Got all sorts of bits and pieces for Christmas, and a bottle of Talisker Whisky for VT which was on offer at £17 which is a good buy for a 10year old malt. We have actually been to the Talisker Distillery on Skye which was lovely. Bought some frozen things because we have a buffet type meal on Boxing Day so got some bits for that. The frozen lines nowadays are really good.
Last night we had our Hot-Pot in the end and really tasty it was too.
Tonight we are having:
4oz Potatoes gently fried.
Crispbakes from Asda Leek and Broccolli'
Whatever vegetables that are left over on the veg rack.
Got a lovely new CD today from Amazon Rick Wakeman Christmas Variations. Played a bit of it at lunchtime and it is really good Carols, but beautifully done. Some of the piano work is gorgeous.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Clearing out The Freezer..

Took a look at the freezer and decided that it needed sorting out to make way for Christmas goodies. You know the sort of thing, bits and pieces of things that you put in there and think you will use but never do. Or things that I bought when reduced and haven't got round to using. When it came to it though there wasn't a huge amount but enough to fill a bin bag! One was a nut roast that I had bought for last Christmas!!!The bin men are coming tomorrow so it is a good chance to get rid of things.
Haven't decided what we are having for our Christmas Dinner yet..I bought a Quorn Roast last year and it really wasn't too good at all. Very dry and tasteless. Might get a "Chicken Style" Roast from the Health Food shop,or something else that takes our fancy, but not a nut roast, don't really go for that.
The post came this morning, VT gets it held up while we are away, then delivered (should have been Monday) but it came today. Very boring post actually, one appointment for Walton, and my Olive Magazine, and loads of junk mail. Sounds like VT has had a lot of junk mail too judging by the way the shredder machine is going!!!
Last night we had QuornEscallopes with cheese and broccolli,
Carrots and parsnips,
Little baked new potatoes, and cranberry sauce.
Tonight we are having:
Hot-Pot with vegetables OR
Casserole with chicken style pieces and apples and cider.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Back from Bath and Surroundings.

Well we are back from our holiday..again... it only seems a few weeks since we went to New England but we go every year to our cottage in High Littleton between Bath and Wells.
Tell the truth we are glad to be back for a rest. We went somewhere every day, well you wouldn't do that at home would you?
We did the Christmas market in Bath, very pretty but very wet. It did rain a lot last week, and it was stormy rain too,felt sorry for the stallholders.
Didn't buy much actually but it is nice to look round.
Did Street a couple of times, and bought a gorgeous new picture for the middle room, of a barn and buildings by Michael Cooper. Looks really nice and suits the middle room beautifully. Had a few Starbucks and other coffees, and a really good look round.Bought quite a few things but no clothes this time.
Wells is still a lovely city, and this time we walked round the Bishops Palace, which we have never done before, because it has always been closed, but they are keeping it open this year as an experiment. It was lovely to go round there.
Glad to get back to my gas cooker, the cottage has an electric one with a halogen hob and it nearly drove me mad, I like the instant heat.
Surprisingly we haven't put weight on at all in fact I have lost a couple of pounds must be the walking.
Tonight we are having:
I think a nice casserole something like a hot-pot easy to do and tasty.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Ready Steady........

Getting ready to go on our annual pilgramage to Bath tomorrow. We got organised this morning, made a nice Sourdough Loaf to take with us, but put more white flour in it this time. It is presently proving while I am typing this.
Took the poor little pusses after our lunch, little Rusty has been following us about all morning, I'm sure she knows what is going on. As soon as VT got the cat baskets out of the shed she disappears..Cute eh!
We have had to take them to a new Cattery, because our old one that we have used for years has closed down BooHoo..Peter Walker has been a good friend to our two for a long time now.
This one is called Sunnyview Hotel..and is over in Lydiate, quite a bit further on but it is really nice for them. Peter Walker recommended it and he's not wrong. Beautiful pens and plenty of toys for them to play with. At least they're safe.
Came home, mopped the floors and then did our packing, not taking a lot with us, and we can always buy things there, it's not like going to America. We always mop our floors! it's something silly I have to do before we go away. I wonder what other people do?
Tonight we are having:
Fish Cake and Chips, and Mushy Peas if we have any or something out of the freezer if we haven't.
So this will be the last I will be doing this for about 9 days.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Getting Ready!!

VT is preparing for our journey to Bath. He has a formidable list and never forgets anything. It all goes on a list and then there are lists about lists...but it's all useful.
I am off to the dentist later about a back tooth with a little chip in it, but I don't want to leave it till we go away or something is bound to happen. We did the bedding today so have a nice clean bed to come home to..that sounds as if we don't wash the bedding but we do, and it happens to be the right time.
I'm sure the cats know when we go away because they adopt a strange manner. Follow you round the house, and peer into the boxes! Lovely little Rusty is presently on my knee as I am typing this, and it is very difficult to type like that, but you go round them. Bobby is stretched out on the middle room floor in front of the heater trying to tell us it isn't warm enough! This little Rusty's ears are gorgeous, so velvety and soft, I could stroke them for hours..
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and Pepper Quorn Escallopes..mainly because they were only 99p at Sainsburys!
Carrots,maybe some peas,
Some little potatoes left from the other night.
Mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Library Books and Bits..

Had to make a special journey to the library this morning. VT rang up yesterday to renew the books and some stupid person wanted the book I was reading. Can't think why since it is absolute rubbish, an Agath Raisin book . So I had to skip read it last night and take it back .
Went to the dentist since a bit has chipped off my back tooth last night and fortunately they can fit me in tomorrow at 5.10 so that was lucky. VT also called in at his dentist too and made an appointment fior after our holiday.
Last night we had:
Tomato Qourn fillet,
Tesco frozen pasta and vegetables in garlic sauce,
carrots and green beans.
Tonight we are having:
Goulash with veggie meatballs,
4oz rice

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Christmas here Already??

Spent the mornin decorating the Christmas trees. We have three, one in the front room window, one in the middle room, and one in the extension. Each one is a bit different the extension one is very simple just lights and silver decorations. The front room is mostly older decorations, a set we got from Liberty's years ago, I thought they were so expensive at £1.75, well that was a lot of money then.. We used to go to London on the Persil Vouchers.
Grumpy VT has been huffing and puffing all morning poor boy, it's his shoulder, still sore. He rang up the library to renew our books and one has to go back. It's the one I'm reading at the moment which is a pain but never mind.
Tonight we are having:
Totally and completely no idea!!! It will be something out of the freezer since we wanted to use things up.

Monday, 26 November 2007

A Pain in The............

VT has taken it upon himself to start getting all the Christmas decorations down. Now this is despite having a sore shoulder and walking around like Quasimodo with a list to one side! I wanted to wait till the house is clean and ready, but no..ever impatient VT has to get going. So now we have boxes everywhere and two trees out ready to decorate.
The reason we are doing this early is because we are away next Saturday, so if we wait till we come home it will be a rush.
I am putting him in a hot bath this afternoon, that will keep him quiet!
Doorbell busy this morning, first a delivery of Peat from Hortex, and then my parcel from QVC...busy busy.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
Carrots and peas,

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Bread and Pizzas

Started the bread off this morning, a nice Oatmeal and Potato loaf with sourdough starter. Then put our pizza dough in afterwards. Just a simple dough with wholemeal and white flour, yeast bread improver and honey. It is presently rising like mad in the coolish kitchen with the loaf.
The crosswords have proved very awkward today with the big Daily Mail one not finished yet. One or two particularly difficult ones to do, which take a lot of finding.
Tonight we are having:
Sourdough pizza with home made tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables and Asparagus we are posh tonight.
Salad with butterhead lettuce, avocado, cucunmber and baby tomatoes.
Poor VT has hurt his shoulder today, he did it last night reading the newspaper!!!!! I have been putting Ibuprofen gel on it for him today and he says it is easing.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

All Singing All Dancing printer..

VT has spent the morning installing our new printer, copier, photo printer etc. It looks a nice machine and a good colour, much tidier on the desk top. It has replaced our old one which is a bit antiquated now, and this one does so much more.
It is an absolutely horrible cold wet windy day here today, not a day to be going out, and I fell for anyone who has to set foot outside. Going dark about fourish now and completely black by five.
Says on the news that Australia has a new prime minister and has gone Labour. Wonder how they all feel about that. Maybe John and Ann will say in their next letter. I posted their Christmas card and present today with a quick letter inside. Bought them a Crabtree & Evelyn scented amulet with a bottle of oil to go with. We got one as well in the C&A shop in Sturbridge US. They had some lovely stuff there but we had to watch the baggage!
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable spring rolls,
Egg fried rice with 4oz rice.
Stir fry vegetables with a sauce to be chosen later.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Yet Again Friday Shop Day..

Took my money to Tesco this morning. Friday comes round with monotonous regularity, but we have to stock up for the weekend. Next weekend we are off to Bath again for our yearly visit, so the idea was to not buy very much, just the basics of what we need! Ha Ha we still came out having spent £50 !! Mind you that included wine because it is on offer at 25% off for 6 bottles. Got 4 of white and 2 of red . Two bottles of Kumala which I like, at 3.99 which is a good buy.
Bought plenty of veggies but didn't want to get too many since we are away next weekend.
Had to give poor little Bobby her anti-biotic today, poor VT tried to use the pill giver but she spat it out again. Then tried to give it to her in the chicken but she licked round it. Crafty VT stirred the chicky up a bit and she ate it then, so she has had most of it. The lengths you have to go to!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish cake..
A few chips,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi, I don't really like mushy peas..
A few baked tomatoes or maybe some tomato sauce, not sure yet.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cheshire Oaks Visit

Well we did get up early this morning and took ourselves off to the Cheshire Oaks. The day didn't start promisingly because it was raining quite heavily, but it actually cleared up during the morning.
Had a good look round, bought some origin chocs at Thorntons, then into Next. Never find anything in there though the clothes aren't as good as they used to be. Saw some beautiful little espresso cups in the kitchen shop which we later went back for. Round to Costa Coffee for our usual tipple, a soy latte for me and one for VT with a shot of something in. Quite crowded in there. I think it is the first stop after the coach station!
Round to M&S and Smiths. Bought our Christ,as Crackers in M&S. Last year we got some cheap ones from Range and they were awful, I'm looking for a big improvement this year!
Beautiful sandwiches from Pret a Manger, Brie and Cranberry. Really really nice, some of the tastiest sandwiches we have had since we came back from US.
Walked past Clarks, and went in to see if they had any slippers. When we were in about Aug. they said too early for slippers!! Daft that is! They had a deal, £8 a pair or 2 pairs for £10, so I am now well stocked up on slippers. We had looked in almost every shop for sweat shirts, but couldn't find any till we went in Cotton Traders. £7 each so we bought one each, mine is a fetching shade of pink VT's is a fetching shade of dark bottle green!
Then home..quite pleased with the purchases today, pity they weren't at US prices though.
Stopped at Sainsbury's on the way back to get the babies some chicken, well they have been on their own all day, and got some nice pasta and sauce for our tea so tonight we are having:
Pumpkin Ravioli.
Tomato and Goats cheese sauce
Asparagus and a tiny sprinkle of parmesan.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bits and Pieces.

The little cats seem to be better today. Bobby is still quite tired but Rusty is back to her usual self. Poor little Bobby it has really knocked her out.
VT is messing about in the garden, filling the green bin day you see. he has planted some spring bulbs in the containers. Last year the daffodils were gorgeous, and the little pots of snowdrops really pretty. Well worth him doing. Get in the garden James!!!
We are off to the beautiful city of Bathnext week. Well just outside Bath actually. We go every year to stay at High Lyttleton in the same cottages we have stayed in for years. We used to go at Christmas, but it is a bit expensive now and we miss the cats. Plus we have some nice things at home and prefer our home luxuries. It is a great time of the year to go, because the Bath Christmas Market is on and that is really pretty with some lovely stalls. You always get something unusual. We like going to Wells as well, that is a lovely small city with some great shops and a small town feel. They have a good market too on a Wednesday and a Saturday, with a little farmers Market.
Not going to take a lot of stuff this time, it's only a week and you do end up wearing the same things all the time.
VT went out to Crosby to get some smokeless fuel and came back with the USB lead for the printer as well.
Going to finish this as I am going to have a bath. Candles, nice bath foam and a good book..can't beat it, and it beats teaching anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato with celeriac,
Carrots..well we got a big bag and they need using up,
I think sausages but not sure, I will see what is in the freezer.
In the papers today that Saint Delia is returning to the screen in a new series of Cheats Cooking. Well I've been doing that for years, a bit of home made cooking and a bit of convenience foods as well. Good blend of both.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Poor little Pussies!

They had to go to the vets today for their yearly check ups and vaccinations. They absolutely hate going in the car and cry all of the way, and one or other of them usually has a wee or worse in their basket. And, they didn't disappoint either. VT has a rescue bag and stops to sort them out. When they get there they are as good as gold though and take all the poking and prodding like troopers. Bobby has a prblem with her teeth so has some antibiotics, and has to go back when we come back from Bath. rusty is fine. She has lost 1/2 lb., which is more than we have!!
Then we came home had a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and went off to Tesco. Yesterday we noticed that they were selling a printer (Epson) for £49.99 so we went back today to get one. Our printer is quite aged now, it was bought when Jane had her first computer, so doesn't owe us anything. This one is a printer, copier, scanner and does photos as well.It should free up a bit of space on the unit.
Tonight we are having:
Roast Vegetables, onion pepper, courgette and the remainder of the butternut squash roasted.
Quorn sausagesor a chicken style steak.A few new potatoes roasted in with the veggies.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Proper Post now!!

Monday today so we generally go for some veggies for the week. Went to Tesco's for a change don't really like going there but they do have a good range of goods. Got a wide pile of veggies, carrots, onions leeks green beans etc., so have a lot to choose from for the weeks meals.
Managed to get £44 worth of stuff in the time, God knows what we bought really, just seemed to get a load of things we had run out of.
Went past a display of printers reduced for early sale, one type was an Epson DX400 which we looked up on the internet. Seemed to be a good buy at £50, for an all-in-one printer copier and scanner. Will probably go back and get one..then I bet they have all gone!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes, with soft cheese and ham,
Small potatoes,
Carrots and butternut squash. Maybe a few mushrooms.

Sunday's Post...A Day late..

Got caught up in the crosswords today, they were particularly awkward with a number of clues that were difficult to finish. So, therefore I was left with no time to do the blog.
VT @s mission was accomplished...he came back from Maghull with his two free bottles of Bishops Finger Ale. Big bottles too so good value.
Tonight we had:
Pizza with a dough mad3e separately,
Home made tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables onions pepper tbaby tomato etc.,
Goat cheese and mozzarella
Salad with golden baby plum tomatoes avocado and cucumber.
Gorgeous pizza too..wholemeal flour and some spelt for flavour.
VT is good at these by gum!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday Do Not a Lot Day..

Just a bit of this and a bit of that today. Bit of washing and a bit of reading the papers, so quite a quiet day really. The thing about being retired is that you don't have to rush out on a Saturday any more you can spread things out through the week. Your weekends sort of disappear really.
Coupon in the Saturday Express for £5 of a spend of £10 in Crabtree & Evelyn, so VT rushed out to buy another paper! Well it saves money and we like their things. Since there was also a coupon for a buy one get one free bottle of beer at Threshers it is q2uite a good buy isn't it. We can use the C&E coupon in Bath when we go in December there is a nice store in The Podium.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring Rolls,
4oz Egg fried rice,
Stir Fry vegetables,
Honey and Coriander sauce.
We seem to be stuck in the Stones routine again. Not putting weight on but not losing any either..a bit boring really. If we could drop a pound or two every other week that would be good, but it isn't happening. I think it must be the cheese and crackers at the weekend that does it, but we like those. We do eat carefully during the week and have cut out a lot of the things we used to have, and certainly cut down on the portion size so there should be a bit more progress. It's a bit disheartening but we'll keep at it till Christmas..

Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday Shopday..

If it's friday it must be a shopday. We decided to give our money to ASDA today, so we spread our money about a bit! Went to the Southport one, so had a cup of coffee at the Range store first. They do a surprisingly good and large cup of coffee, but no biscuits maybe we should take our own ha ha..
Nearly bought a diamond pendant from ASDA today, in fact I would have but there was no-one at the jewellery counter. So they lost out. I have a very favourite pair of diamond earrings that VT bought me some years ago when we were going on holiday to New England, he bought me them at the airport and I love them. Need something diamondy to wear them with to match. Sorry I didn't go back now. Got a mini statement this morning and both my pensions have gone in, the staate one and the teachers one so my bank balance is looking more healthy than it has ever done. I never had this much money when I was working anyway, was always in the red, now I have pots of money, and buy what I want. Lovely!!
VT has bought a digibox from ASDA, he won a premium bond so has spent that on it. He has put it in the bedroom for now, and I must say that it has a very good reception. Just been watching the news on it, excellent.
Did a load of shopping, got all the weekend stuff, and a good bargain in wine with Baanrock reserve Chardonnay at 3 bottles for £10 so I got 6 bottles of that. Should be £8 a bottle so a great saving there and a really nice wine.
Tonight we are having:
Shepherds Pie, with Quorn Mince,
Mashed Potato topping, with cauliflower,
Haven't done a Shepherds Pie for ages so that will make a change.

Still wish I had bought that pendant now boo hoo!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Slow Day Today..

We were thinking of going out today, maybe Cheshire Oaks, but found our bed was so comfy we didn't stir. then VT bless him got up and made us a cup of coffee and a cow biscuit so we really didn't move. But, that is the joy of being retired, if you don't want to do something you don't. What the Hell, no-one cares do they!
Did some ironing, vacuumed a bit, wrote a bit of a letter to John and Ann in Perth Australia, had a bit of a mess around on the puter then lunch. Very busy day eh!! Cats booked in for their check-ups next Tuesday 10.45 poor little things hate taking them there. They cry all the way, but it's for their own good . They will be going to a new cattery this time we go away, because the one we usually use is closing down Boo Hoo! they have been going there for years so it's a real shame.
The post seems still to be rubbish at the moment. I got a parcel from QVC this morning that was shipped on the 2nd November, and they usually take about 5 days. This took more like 11. Also got a Secret Santa parcel from the Delia Website. Looks interesting, all wrapped up in brown paper and rattles a bit. I sent my Secret Santa off to Cellardoll (Nina) in Germany yesterday and the bauble to Chillie in Switzerland. Got them off in plenty of time because going abroad you have to allow for the delays etc.
Tonight we are having:
Another of my not sure days really!!
Maybe a pasta meal since we haven't had pasta for a while now. I have some frozen pasta dishes from Tesco in the freezer so will use one of those, and have something with that. I will see what the freezer shouts out at me.
Sometimes it's a case of just looking to see what needs using up, or what is in the fridge or freezer and working around that.Sometimes you know exactly what you are havin, but I don't really plan menus at all, and try to vary what we have. A lot of Quorn though but that is the nature of being a Vegetarian.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Quietly Mooching.

Nipped into Crosby this morning for a few bits and some smokeless fuel. We haven't had a fire yet this Autumn/Winter so that will be a first. I went into Sainsbury's for a few items, I really hate that shop. You can't move in there it's so small, and if you get someone having a chat in the middle of an aisle it all backs up. They need to move to a bigger shop.
Just messed about today really, not intending to do much..nice isn't it.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and Black Pepper Escallopes,
Cauliflower and broccolli Gratin,
4oz saute potatoes.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Secret Santa- Secret Bauble-and Rain!!

Today is the sort of day that you are really glad that you don't have to get up and go to work. You can just stay in and do whatever you want.
So...We started the morning by getting the things ready and packed for the Secret Santa parcel on Delia website. Mine has gone off to Cellardoll (Nina) in Germany. She is going to Australia for Christmas so wanted to get that off early. I bought things in US and tried to get fairly light things but the postage was still over £5. I sent...a little wish list book for putting on the tree, a set of cocktail napkins from The Pier, a set of silicone cupcake cases in bright colours, and a book about cupcakes, and a little microplane zester.
I also did the Santa Bauble which went off to Chillie in Switzerland, I bought this from a Craft fair in North Conway so that will have been well travelled. I sent her a little wish list book too, from Sturbridge village. We have packed John and Anns present too and that is awaiting a letter to go inside. Well organised this year for a change!
It is absolutely tipping down today and is really quite cold so will have a gorgeous bath today with my book and my teaching eh!!
Tonight I am going to do a casserole of some sort, we have plenty of veggies and some baking potatoes I can use as long as not too many.
I shall use a leek, carrot, celeriac, and a couple of lamb burgers, so it will be like a hot-pot. Haven't had one of those for ages so will be a change.
Sign of winter coming on doing casseroles.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Oh What A Night!!

The little cat who was so loving the other day caused me problems last night. She settled in the middle of the bed between VT and me, but more on my side. I woke up at 4.40 and found myself getting colder, the quilt half off my side and a draught of cold air blowing in. Once awake I couldn't get back to sleep so tossed and turned till we got up at 7 am.
Early rise today because I had two appointments at Walton Hospital, the first one at Mr Graddon's clinic at 9o'clock. The second in the Diabetes clinic at 9.45. Didn't think we would make them both on time but we did, and with time to spare too.Made full use of the NHS today alright, had a chat with all of the Dr's and most pleased with the weight loss.
VT drove me as usual bless him, and waited patiently inside fo me to come out. Since he normally sits in the car this was nice. It is good to have someone to talk to while waiting to have the various tests etc.
Then we went to Sainsbury's for a nice cup of coffee and a shortbread, and get a bit of vegetable shopping.Got a few more bits for the freezer since they had some offers and it is now so overstocked that you can barely open the door!! must refrain from buying any more till we have used things up....
Tonight we are having:
Goats cheese and cranberry Quorn escallopes
4oz small potatoes probably baked,
Vegetables, maybe cabbage and leek, maybe carrots with ginger.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Love of a little Cat...

Just come upstairs to use the computer. put the lights on drew the curtains, it is now pitch black and only 5o'clock. Waited for the computer to warm up, and heard a thump. Little rusty who had been fast asleep on Jane's bed all curled up and fast asleep had jumped down. Sorry for disturbing you Rusty. next moment she is on my knee, in between me and the keyboard purring away like an engine. god I love that cat.. what a little darling.
Had a busy morning. Made our usual Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal loaf in the breadmaker, we use the dough cycle only. Then did some Roasted Vegetables for the Pizza. VT went to Maghull to get some bits and have a mooch, and returned at lunch. Then he made a batch of tomato sauce for the pizza bases. We do a big batch then freeze it in little tubs for about 6 weeks.He makes a damn good topmato sauce too.
So the sauce is cooling and the dough is rising and all's well with the world.
Now come upstairs to do the crosswords as we do every Sunday.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made sourdough base,
Tomato sauce home made by VT,
Salad with avocado if it is ripe enough!
Baby plum tomatoes cucumber and salad seeds,
Potato and pasta salads to go with.
Nice eh! it's one of the best meals of the week!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Spreading the Word..

VT who has been glancing at this Blog of mine, mainly to see what I am saying about him I think, pointed out that it is referred to in Google search. I had no idea really, I use it as a sort of diary, charting what we are doing and to keep a record of what we are having for our veggie healthy eating plan. VT says he looks on occasionally to see what we are having for our evening meal!! Funny man.
Must admit I have a real yearning to bake something today. A lovely sponge cake or a poppy seed loaf or a nice batch of scones...why is everything so tasty so fattening?? Who could imagine a small scone with butter and jam and clotted cream could be a zillion calories..Just not fair!!
Yesterday the doorbell went and it was a parcel. Quite a big parcel and it was labelled chilled products. No idea what it was and was surprised to see when I opened it up that it was a tub of Clover Margarine. Now this is special Clover margarine because it is a new lighter version that I have been asked to try. Nothing on the tub so it looks very unusual. I did an online survey a few days ago about spreads and this is the result. Must admit I am a Clover fan so it isn't a hardship, and so far anyway it is proving to be a tasty spread.
Tonight we are having:
Guess what Chinese.
4oz rice egg fried, VT does this and beautifully,
Stir fried vegetables,
Chinese sauce of some sort,
Quorn Goujons or Dippers we shall see.
Lovely to get vback into our usual chinese routine again.

Friday, 9 November 2007

If It's Friday It's Shop Day!

We like to spread our shopping around a bit, so today we went to Morrisons in Ormskirk. When we arrived there were stalls in the centre, and you couldn't park easily. It transpired that it was a Farmer's Market, and quite a good one too, but the only thing we bought was a Honey comb included for VT who likes such things. Quite a lot of cheese stalls which we would have bought from, but being on our Healthy Eating plan we didn't. Aren't we good.
Mooched around the town a bit, I bought a new nightshirt from Bon Marche with a beautiful little kitten pictured on the front and the words "Sweet sweet Dreams" Aaaw. Well a girl can't have too many nighties! and a bargain bra! only £7 in the sale..Well a girl can't have too many bra's either!!
My little cat keeps jumping up on my knee when I'm on the computer..stands there for sometimes ages then jumps off. Bless her..she is the sweetest little cat, a perfect cat really, never does anything wrong and is so affectionate. About 18months ago , a year last February she went missing for 5 weeks till we got her back from one of the big houses over the line. She was extremely thin like a razor blade actually but recovered with lots of TLC.
Our other cat Bobby (Robyn) is completely different. No-one would say she is the prettiest cat in the world but she makes up for that with personality. And, Boy does she love her Chicke, if you stand at the door and shout Chickie Bobby, she will run from anywhere. Bobby is a big bruiser of a cat but very loving in her own way.She is a sort of Jo Brand of cats I think.
VT is shredding again!! All I can hear from his "Study" is the steady whine of the shredding machine as he gets rid of things. God knows what he did before he got it..
Tonight we are having:
Vegetables of the mixed variety since I have a bag left over!
Vegetarian Kievs from M&S,
4oz potatoes unless they have gone green!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

What a Grey Day!

Grey and dark today and a bit blustery. Went to Formby briefly thius morning because I needed some Ryvita rice cake crispbreads from Waitrose. These seem to be getting in short supply and we cannot buy them anywhere else but Waitrose now.
Lovely shop to browse around though, they do have the more unusual items, and are beginning to get the Christmas things going. Very tempting and have to resist items that are bad for us.
Big weigh in this morning and we are still the same..stuck on the stones..11 and 12!! Mind you we did go over the top a bit on holiday for the two weeks, so lucky to have got away with that really. I am still amazed we didn't put loads on, but we must have done more walking.
Nowhere to walk round here exactly.
Tonight we are having :
Carrots with ginger, because I have a big bag of carrots that need using up.
4oz small potatoes boiled then fried in fry-light.
Probably a quorn item of some sort.

VT did his deeds with the Big Green Wheelie Bin this morning. Still seems silly not to have a weekly service wonder what it will be like in the summer??

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Mystery of the Vanishing Post.

I spent ages yesterday typing in a post only to have it vanish when I went to look at it. God Knows what happened because I don't. Maybe some button I pressed wrongly knowing me. Ah Well, perhaps today will be better.
Big thing happened since we went away was the delivery of The Wheelie Bins!!!!! One back for general rubbish and one Green for garden waste. Removal every other we have to remember which week is which. Today VT has been clearing the garden to fill the green one, so now we have a leafless and clear front garden. This is what is called progress! can't see it myself. We do our share of re-cycling, bottles glass and papers etc., and don't actually generate a lot of garden waste.

Back on our healthy eating plan...since we came home we have been careful again, and we are sticking around the stone mark...again!!
Tuesday night the 6th we had a very tasty evening meal:
Tomato Quorn fillet,
Tesco Penne and vegetable pasta with garlic sauce,
Mushrooms and Asparagus with a small dollop of 1/2 fat creme fraiche.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages with gravy,
Small new potatoes baked in the oven,
Cabbage medley with apple.

I kept a record when we were away of the money we spent on food and roughly speaking we spent about $300 a week.
This included a few very good meals..2 Flatbreads and one special meal at Cedar Street Restaurant of $85!! a lot for us.
The food was quite mixed some excellent some absolutely awful. Fairly difficult to get good vegetarian food especially evening meals. I don't think we had any fresh vegetables all the time we were away. It was lovely to get home to some Quorn and veggies!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Going Dark Part Two..

Part two here. Since we came back from America the nights have been drawing in with speed. Five to five now and it is very nearly dark. What was funny was the fact that the night we returned the clocks went back so that was really confusing. Weather not so wintry or even Autumnal yet though. We went to the library this morning and were too warm, VT went to the dentist for some new teeth this AM so I had a good browse amongst the cookery books. Nothing new though.
Last night we had: Leek and Broccolli bakes from ASDA which were excellent,
Mixture of small potatoes, carrots broccolli and cauliflower with mushrooms in a savoury white sauce.
Very tasty actually.
Tonight we are having:
Tomato Roma Fillets Quorn type,
tesco frozen penne with green vegetables.

Going Dark..

Monday, 5 November 2007

Back in the Old Routine...Yay!!

Saturday night we had our usual Chinese..and very good it was too. When we were away in North Conway we went to a Chinese restaurant called "China Chef" which was actually quite good. Not like ours..but not bad! and VT enjoyed the free tea! I didn't. Can't stand tea, haven't had tea since I had Jane 24 years ago!!!
Sunday was the usual crosswords and bits and pieces day. For our evening meal we had:
Pizza!! A real home-made sourdough pizza with tomato sauce
Salad with Avocado and yellow baby plum tomatoes
Roast vegetables and some frozen artichokes which were a real success.

Today we went to Tesco to get some vegetables, and ended up spending £47.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Busy Day Today.

Early start this morning because of a hearing aid clinic appointment, supposed to get a hearing test, but apparently the ears are blocked with wax so wouldn't give a correct reading. So short and sweet in there.
Went to Boots to get some pictures developed, which was quite good, then went to Range to have a lovely cup of coffee.
ASDA next to get the pictures put onto a CD but this proved to be very long winded..and took ages. We ended up with about 6 CD's for some reason, but they are gorgeous photos, some of the colours are fantastic.
Didn't do the blog yesterday because we were watching the photos on the screen, so last night we had:
Quorn Garlic and Herb fillets,
Mushroom sauce,
Chantnay Carrots,
4oz of little fried potatoes each.

Tonight we are having:
4oz of chips each,
Fishless fishcake,
Mushy peas for VT and Green beans for Moi.
Tartare sauce.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Back to Normal..

Went to Ormskirk this morning so back in the old routine. We have missed half term so that was a bonus and the town centre was quite quiet. Stocked up on some items that we had run out of like Quorn slices etc., so are really nearly back to where we had been.
Big weigh in this morning. VT is 11 stonesw and I am 11stones 12lbs, so gone down to where we had been before we went away. I am still very surprised that we hadn't put a shed load of weight on but maybe it is the walking? We certainly had our share of cookies and meals out Pizzas etc.,anyway it is nice that all my clothes still fit!!
Last night we ended up having.. Quorn Gruyere cheese escallopes,
Cabbage Leek and Broccolli M&S,
6oz tiny little baked potatoes between us
And it was really tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Thai style stir-fry,
Loyd Grosman curried quorn bits, with mushrooms and a green thai curry sauce.
4oz of white rice.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Spent the morning putting things away, of vcourse we bought loads so it all has to be put into a home. Started with my clothes so had to throw away a drawer full of redundant items to make space for the gorgeous things I bought in Dress Barn and Liz Claiborne, where everything is $9.99 or less. Which is of course £5!! What bargains.
Good news about our weight eh.. only put on about 2 maybe 3 lbs., I thought it would have been at least 7lbs. We ate our share of choc chip cookies and muffins etc but we did watch it and didn't go mad. A lot of Pizzas but we always had salads with them, and some fantastic Flatbreads...God I love that place.
Getting back to normal now, we were both quite tired over the weekend, especially with the clocks going back too. Very confusing. VT had a really quiet spell on Saturday night but is totally normal again now Bless Him.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallope,
Vegetables butternut squash and others,
4oz small potatoes baked in the oven.

Monday, 29 October 2007

We are Back!!

Back from our wonderful holiday to New England. We visited two areas, North Conway of the famous outlet malls and Sturbridge of the Old Sturbridge Village fame. Both terrific bases for exploring.
Weather was great, it rained the day we arrived then it warmed up, one day being so hot I had to go into a shop and buy a cool shirt to wear!
Food...well the food is let's say American! very big portions, and I do mean very big, and very little for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet. An awful lot of large people about..not as many as in Florida, but enough.
We had a few memorable meals while we were there, two at "Flatbreads" where we had oven fired Pizzas, and one at a very "posh" restaurant called Cedar Street, where we had our special meal. The one we didn't have last year when I was sixty and we missed VT's birthday because I was having my toe done.
I had Mixed Olive Tapenade with pitta bread and roasted garlic,
VT had a platter of cheese tasters,
Then.. Pumpkin and Pear Rissotto, and a Penne Pasta dish with a spicy romatoish sauce.
We shared a trio of Sorbets, Blood Orange, Guava and Strawberry..All Delicious. The bill for this sumptious freast was $84.36 or about £43!!!

Now to The Healthy Eating Plan!!!!!
News is, we barely put anything on!!! about 2lbs at the most!! we couldnt believe it either of us...I had fully expected top put on about 1/2 a stone. We didn' t stint, but we were careful-ish. We had cookies and Pizzas etc., but we did do a fair bit of walking I suppose.
Anyway we are back on the Plan today..
Normal Breakfast, Normal lunch and...
Leek and Butternut Squash roast for our evening meal
Vegetables...probably roasted and there is a tomato sauce in the roast.
VT is 11 Stone and Jenny nine toes is 12 stones GOOD EH!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Packing Up A Storm!! Bye Bye Bloggie XXX

Well my case is packed and ready to go. If I have forgotten anything it's too bad, it's not as if we are a million miles away from civilisation anyway. I've tried to cover evcery eventuality, warm clothes and decent clothes etc. It's very difficult knowing what to take and you always take too much anyway. Probably bring half of it back unworn.
So I won't be posting for two weeks now, I shall miss it actually because I've become quite used to doing it most days. I'll try to keep a bit of a log while we are away so I can make a record of what we have had.
Weigh in this morning showed both of us to be a pound under the stones mark. VT 11stones so 10stones 13 lbs, and myself 12stones so 11stones 13 lbs. So I can say it has been a successful exercise since June 29th when we started.
It remains to be seen what we will put on when away, we will try not to go overboard, but there will of course be more meals out and Pizzas etc.And...American portions are HUGE! Sometimes a child's portion is enough.
Tonight we are having:
No idea..Something out of the freezer, something light really,
Carrots to use up.
So Bye Bye Bloggie for the time being....
I Will Be Nack!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Up Up And Away...Nearly..

Today we spent most of the day packing. Making terrible decisions about what we are taking to wear etc.,
My suitcase is now done so if I have forgotten anything it's too bad, we will just have to buy when we get there.
The poor cats have got wind of what is going on and little Rusty keeps sitting on top of the case and going to sleep, so I can't pack anything in. Crafty.. They have had their chicken treat and are off to the cattery tomorrow morning. Absolutely hate that bit, you feel that you are deserting them.
Tonight we are having:
The Thai fillets
Stir fry vegetables
Mushrooms and a green thai sauce. 3oz rice.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Last Minute....

Last minute bits and bobs. Went into Formby to get my new glasses this morning. VT is such a gorgeous man, whatever I ask him to do he does bless him, so we went to get the new specs. I ordered them from Specsavers, mainly because I wanted Reactions lenses. The sun on holiday tends to be quite bright and I didn't want to be fiddling with sunshades.
Then I went to M&S to get a new belt. Since we have lost the weight some of my tops are too loose and I wanted a belt to nip them in a bit.
Then we went to Maghull so I could take a twin-set back. I swopped it for a nice new top and a new bra. Well a girl can't have too many bras!! and it is a pretty one.
Didn't buy a speck of food today except for cat food!!
Tonight we are having:
Cauliflower and Broccoli au gratin,
Something from the freezer, new potatoes.
Thai fillets,
Stir-fry vegetables,
3oz rice

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday Crossword

Usual Sunday crossword day, today they were quite easy to do with the help of the Internet of course. Made a nice Sourdough bread too so have been rising that all day, well all afternoon anyway. We use some of the dough to make the Pizza as well so that saves a job.
Didn't do anything towards the holiday today except worry about what clothing I am going to take. Don't want to take too much, but need to cover all sorts of weathers.
Tonight we are having:
Our usual Pizza, Sourdough base, Home made tomato sauce,
Roasted Vegetables,
Goats cheese,
Mushrooms in brine,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sorting Out..

Trying to sort out clothes etc., for our holiday this morning. What a job... i was determined not to take a load of stuff this time so I have plenty of room to buy things when I'm there. But...I keep seeing things that I think I will need, and I know I won't. What happens is that you end up wearing the same things you wear when you are at home. One of the troubles is that since losing the weight clothes are fitting better so it makes you want to take more.Then there is shoes and make up and toiletries and jewellery and......
VT is painting the front door, well around the front door, it was looking scruffy and the paint was peeling off a bit, so he has re done the black gloos. He's done well this year. I have spotted a nice restaurant cxalled Cedar Street in Sturbridge so I am planning to take him for a nice meal there when we are away to make up for all of the ones we missed last year, my 60th and our anniversary and his birthday. We had a horrible year last year really so will make up.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Mini Spring Rolls from M&S,
Stir-fry veg done in fry Light,
Honey and coriander sauce,
4oz of Egg fried rice.
Weigh in this morning a mini one and we are both down another pound!! so that is good, and a bit of a boost. I reckon we have lost about 16-17 lbs each.

Friday, 5 October 2007

More Getting Ready.

Did our weekend shopping in Ormskirk this morning. Changed my £100 in pound coins into Dollars to be used for trips etc., when we are away. VT did that and he got $1.97 to the Pound!!! Can't wait to go..all that shopping and at half price, you look at everything in Dollars and halve it, wish you could do that here.
Bought some more toiletries, I like to take everything new so got a new lippy and mascara etc.,so have a nice new set of things in my make up bag like Bobbi Brown eye shadows..There's posh!!
Tonight we are having:
Fish Cake and Chipss. Calorie counted of course.
Carrots and Mushy Peas for VT.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Getting Ready..

Got the suitcases down today ready for the holiday next Friday. We have lots of things ready to go including new coats and other bits and pieces. All my parcels have been delivered which is just as well since there is a postal strike for the next three days!
Have to decide what clothes we are taking now, the trouble is you always take too much and end up not using most of it. The clothes are so good there anyway and so cheap compared with ours, if you run out of anything you can always buy it.
Tonight we are having:
A cheat meal!!
I bought 2 Spinach and Ricotta Lasagnas at the new M&S in Formby,
Sliced green runner beans and carrots.
Come on weight...SHIFT!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Housekeeping and other things...

Raining at the moment, which is quite a good thing since it hasn't rained since the roof was repaired. So it will be a test.
Did boring things today like the ironing and the kitchen floor which was getting grubby. Would have loved to make a cake really, but no go. I am at the stage where everything is looking tempting and I could really eat something very tasty, but must remember what we have accomplished and resist!!
Big weigh in today and guess what!! we are firmly stuck on a big plateau just on the stones 11 and 12 and not moving. It is SO frustrating when we aren't cheating at all. But, we have been here about 3 weeks now and it isn't fair. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopeswith mushrooms,
Crushed potatoes 4oz.
Carrots peas and beans.
Let's see if we can shift another pound or two.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Busy Day in the end..

Today was supposed to be quite a quiet day , but turned out to be a fairly busy one in the end. VT started off early ringing the PO to arrange for a parcel to be delivered to the PO down the road. We missed it yesterday because of the hospital appointment. Then he set about arranging the holiday insurance. That had proved to be a problem yesterday mainly because of my toe!! You start filling out the forms then get to the pre existing conditions section and have to go through screening. When you get to the bit where you say there was an operation last year most of them don't want to know! This morning he looked at the Martin Lewis website which recommended another one that he rang up and got that sorted. £140 instead of £240 for 2 weeks from Saga!!
So we then went to Formby to arrange for me to get a new pair of glasses with Reactions for the sunshine. I get £75 back from Medicash so am quite chuffed. Whilst we were there we had a look at the new M&S which is very impressive, even has the Per Una clothing range as well. Bought a bag full of stuff and VT had a £3 voucher so we only paid £2.18 !! very restrained for us!
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in Goulash sauce mushrooms and peppers for VT.
4oz pasta or rice,
Carrots on the side.

Monday, 1 October 2007


Today has been a day of appointments. First one was mine in Walton Hospital with the diabetic nurse. She was quite pleased weight has gone down and the long term control has gone down as well so good news there. She also gave me a letter to take to the airport confirming needles etc., so that was useful.
Next appointment was VT at the dentist to get some teeth done. Since his was gfor 12.30 we had some time to fill, so we did some shopping in Sainsbury's for the weekly veggies, and had a cup of coffee there too. Then we called in at the library to change books and see if there were any new guide books for our holiday. I got some good reading books including a new "Cat Who" one which I haven't read before. I love those books..
Then we came home for lunch and had the remainder of the Pizza with salad. Lovely the next day.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn of some sort.
Cauliflower and Broccolli with a little cheese sauce,
4oz new potatoes boiled and crushed with butter buds.
I am determined to shift a few more pounds before we go away. Another 2-3 would make a difference. Just get below the Stones mark!!

Sunday, 30 September 2007


Because it is Sunday we do the normal crosswords. Today the computer is being particularly slow, and I mean REALLY slow. Each query takes for ever to process and then freezes so you can't get anywhere. Pain!
Ah Well we did get them finished even though it seems to take ages.
Just watching David Cameron on the news aat the Conservative Party Conference to be honest I can't stand the man, and would hate to see him as a Prime Minister. Hope Gordon Brown stays around for a bit longer.
Tonight we are having:
Sourdough Pizza with tomato base and
Roast vegetables
Goats Cheese topping,
Salad with baby golden tomatoes and avocado.

Saturday, 29 September 2007


Spent a happy while browsing the web for places to visit when we are in New England. Can't wait to go on our holiday, two weeks today and we will be there enjoying the Fall sights and weather. Got plenty to spend so will have a great time...oooh all that shopping!!
VT is in the garden pricking out his little plants, he has been to the garden centre to get some compost etc and is now tending to them. Little Rusty is asleep on our bed looking beautiful, but it is a bit of a pain since we want to put the electric blanket on and do the bedding. It is beginning to get quite cold at night now but the new quilt is beautiful. I ordered it last week from QVC as a Today's Special Value. Under £50 and you get a double quilt, two pillow shams and a cushion. Makes the bed look really posh and finishes the room off beautifully. Took me a while to explain to VT what a pillow sham is, he can't get the hang of not actually using tham to sleep on...but we are getting there.
Tonight as on every Saturday night for eons we are having:
Chinese...Spring Rolls, vegetarian of course,
Stir Fried vegetables, with Fry Light,
Egg Fried Rice 4oz.,
Sauce, not sure what kind we tend to decide when we open the cupboard.
STILL on the stone mark...cannot shift down at all. Don't really know why and it is very disappointing, not to say disheartening, wouldn't mind if we were eating cheating things but we aren't. Mind you we have lost about 18lbs so am pleased with that anyway.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

More Shopping and an Update.

Yesterday's blog was done too quickly, I ran out of time for doing it, and VT was coming in so finished it too soon.
Anyway for tea last night in the end we had:
Fillets in Green Thai Curry Sauce,
4 oz of boiled crushed potatoes with butter buds on them,
Tenderstem Broccolli and baby courgettes,
Mushrooms sliced and served on the Quorn fillets.
And, that was very tasty too.We both enjoyed that.
Today we got up early and went to The Cheshire Oaks for an outing. We had a walk round, VT bought a smart new coat from the Regatta shop, brown which is a new colour for him. I didn't buy any clothes (saving myself for US!) but did buy some more perfume, and a Bobby Brown new eye shadow, and really exciting!!!2 new pairs of slippers!! one to take away and the other to have in store.
We went to Costa for a lovely cup of coffee and Garibaldi biscuit, and Sainsbury's for lunch.Very irritating!! no paninis which is what we usually have, only chickeny ones. And, no sandwiches for veggies either. Therefore no choice if you don't want a cooked meal..
We ended up having to buy 2 packs of healthy choice sandwiches from the sandwich bar, in the end cheese ploughmans because there were no others..and sat and ate them in the car.
Why on earth don't the supermarkets have a better choice for boring, cheese ploughmans or egg and cress !!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn sausages,
Pasta and vegetables in a garlic butter (Tesco Frozen)
Carrots and broccoli.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Twas on a Wednesday Morning the Roofman Came to Call!!

Wednesday morning and the roofmen are presently on the roof of the extension repairing the leaky roof. Hope it works this time.
Been waiting all morning to hear from them so that means that we will be able to go out tomorrow. Goody.
No idea what we are having tonight one of those undecided meals.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Roof and Delivery and Journey..

Roof man came to check the leaking roof in the extension. It drips water when it rains heavily and it appears that it is something to do with the tiles round the Velux window. So they will be coming tomorrow to fix that. Post delivery of my black pearls and earring set from QVC. I am still awaiting the delivery of our quilt and pillow set, but that will come by courier so it takes a bit longer. Like the pearls, very classy. Nice little trip to Ormskirk, had a good look round my clothes shop and took a 0pair of trousers back, they didn't have the ones I wanted so will try Maghull later. Bought a load of things in Superdrug for my holiday, I like to take new things away so bought mascara and foundation, these were on offer 2 for £10 so saved a bundle really.
Ended up in Morrisons getting the veggies for the week.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes of some sort,
Baked new potatoes ,
Mixed vegetables, with a sauce.
Want to try and get under the stone mark for both of us, I must admit it is nice getting into clothes of a decent size instead of tents, and VT bought a beautiful shirt from a charity shop in Ormskirk. Brand nmew!! and £3.49...what a bargain.

Roof and Delivery and Journey..

Monday, 24 September 2007

Jenny's Toothy Pegs...

Dentist this morning..a renewed filling in one of my front teeth, and a filling in one of my back teeth. So my mouth is numb round my nose and round my chin. Great!!
It has become very stormy and wet, blowing a gale. Little Rusty has just come in with soaking wet fur, and has had to be dried. I think she likes it though, she purrs as you are doing it. VT went shopping to TESCO this morning with a list, and came back with the things on the list! Why is it that when I go out we come back with a trolley full!
Can't eat pizza for our lunch so we are having it for our tea tonight with some extra salad, so that is our tea tonight. For lunch we are having a sandwich instead of the Pizza.
Gorgeous pizza last night, really tasty, VT put some artichokes on it and it made for a very juicy and moist pizza. I must admit that VT is a great pizza maker, and he has been trained very well.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Quiet Sunday

Quietish day today, as usual doing the crosswords, the Daily Mail small one is easy to do today, and VT did the Express one very quickly too. A few awkward ones on the big Daily Mail one but did them by 7.00pm.
Made some good bread dough again today, Potato and Oatmeal, and left some for the Pizza dough.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with the sourdough potato dough,
Tomato base sauce from the freezer,
Roasted Vegetables,
Salad with the lovely golden plum tomatoes, avocado and cucumber.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Holiday Anticipation..

Spent some of the morning looking for information about tours "On Golden Pond" in New Hampshire. In four weeks time we are off to New England again for 2 weeks holiday. Really looking forward to it as well. We are staying in North Conway at the Merrill Farm resort, not new to us since we have been before three times, but it is a lovely area, and the shopping...well...everything says buy me buy me!! Then we journey to Sturbridge for a further week. The planning is good makes it more exciting somehow.
Last night we had a pasta meal in the end with a jar of M&S Tomato and Aubergine sauce, 4oz of pasta, and one piece of sourdough bread between us.
Today we are both exactly on the stones..11 and 12. VT says he is going to wait now till I catch up with him!! Cheeky Monkey..
Tonight we are having:
Chinese!!!!! are we boring or what.
Stir fry vegetables,
Honey and coriander sauce,
4oz egg fried rice.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Friday Shopping

Woke up late this morning because it was so dark. It was absolutely tipping down outside, and little Bobby was sitting by the cat flap just staaring out didn't want to go out and who can blame her. At the time of writing it is nice and sunny though so a real changeable day today.
The QE2 is due into Liverpool today, there is a big new crise ship terminal at the Pier Head which is being opened so at least the weather will have cleared up for that. We wouldn't want all the posh cruise ship passengers to get wet would we...
VT and me are both on the stone mark that is good. We seem to have been stuck for ages, maybe we are moving at last.
Tonight we are having:
Spaghetti Bolognese, made simply with tomatoes onion and Vegemince.
Green Beans
4oz of Spaghetti.
And a tiny bit of grated Parmesan.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Marmalade Making

This morning we made 8 beautiful jars of Orange Marmalade with Cointreau. Cheating really since we use Mamade, but it makes lovely marmalade at a fraction of the price of shop bought and you can add your own liquor to it. Usually we add whisky or brandy, but I have a bottle of Cointreau that needs using up so used that. It is all sitting on the unit now waiting for the labels. Makes you feel good when you make things like that.
Weighing ourselves every morning and are still stuck at around the stones mark. Must admit it is a bit dispiriting when we aren't cheating at all, makes you feel like having a blow out and what the hell! but know that would ruin things.
Tonight we are a bag in the fridge that needs using up,
Potatoes of some a bag on the veg rack that needs using up..
Chicken some in the freezer that need using up.
Not chicken at all of course, but meatless ones from ASDA.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

More Buying!

Went over to Maghull this morning to see if the shop there had the jeans I couldn't get in Ormskirk yesterday. They did so I got them, and another new bra. Got enough bits and pieces now, must save some room in my case for things I buy when away!! Looking forward to going to the Liz Claiborne, I really miss that one in The Cheshire Oaks. Still wonder why it closed, what a shame.
Cold and blowy today and quite rainy. Big weigh in too...we are still stuck fast at just over the 11 and 12 stones mark. Mind you we do tend to go down on a Thursday and Friday so maybe we should do the big weigh in on a Friday instead! Not like we are cheating or anything either, just have to keep on trying.
Tonight we are having:
A Quorn thingy of some sort, maybe a green thai curry,
Stir-fry vegetables,
4oz rice
Tend to be a bit stuck on a wednesday, generally see what is in the fridge or freezer and work a meal round that.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Buy Buy Buy!

Went over to Ormskirk this morning, the shop I usually buy my clothes from was offering 20% off everything over £20, which is quite a good deal. Since I have been on "the healthy eating plan" all my cklothes have got looser, especially my trousers, so I was looking for some new ones for the holidays. Bought a lovely new jumper, 2 beautiful bras and a great pair of trousers. Spent a bit but have some good clothes now for my trip. The weather here is definitely getting cooler so it is difficult to know what to wear. I wonder what it will be like there... At least I have a good Regatta coat with a fleece so that will be warm.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Feta parcel..just one this time!
Frozen vegetables with pasta and a garlic sauce,

Monday, 17 September 2007

Using Up...

I was very restrained in Tesco this morning. Since we are going away in 4 weeks time we have decided to use up what is in the freezer and the store cupboard. VT went through the cupboard yesterday and threw out a number of tins etc that were out of date...some by a year or more. Not much though, but still a waste of money. I also have a freezer that is jam packed full of Quorn products and the like so I am aiming to go through and use them up.
We bought a Tesco finest Sourdough loaf was reduced to 79p from £1.05, and had a tiny piece to try it. Very impressed actually, it has a lovely flavour and a good crust. Is it as good as mine?? well I shall leave that to the Gods..
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
Cauliflower and Broccoli in a cheese sauce,
4oz new potatoes, and mushrooms.
Still stuck at the 11 and 12 stones mark, and can't seem to get below that, so we will have a concentrated effort to move down over the next few days.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Short and Sweet

Quick one today...usually I do this after we have finished the crosswords, but there was a difficult clue today which meant that we were delayed. What a was some obscure Latvian town and we couldn't get it.
Blowy today, it is quite rainy and windy outside.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with a beautiful Sourdough base,
Tomato sauce again home made,
Roasted Vegetables and artichokes,
Goats Cheese,
Salad with avocado and baby tomatoes.

Saturday, 15 September 2007


Today is our wash the bed linen day. We do ours every two weeks ubnless it is extra warm of course. Seems next door do the same since we both have a line of washing blowing about in the breeze. it is a lovely day today actually, much nicer than the weather we had in the summer!
VT had his head in the tins and packets cupboard this morning, looking for the tin of Mamade ready to make some marmalade . but he came across quite a number of tins and jars that were about a year or more out of date. It is amazing how quickly you lose track of things. I think the trouble is that there are so many things in the cupboard that some get pushed to the back and thus forgotten. Mind you we don't throw much away really. I just wonder how long past the sell by date you can use things up. We have decided to use up for the next 4 weeks till we go away, the freezer is jam packed full of things that need using, so that is the aim. And, to stay within the calorie count too of course.
We got weighed this morning...I know that you are supposed to only weigh yourself each week, but I like to do the weighing most mornings, and we were both down about a pound. I think we are down about 18lbs now, which is excellent isn't it!!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese Spring Rolls, vegetable of course,
Stir-fried vegetables,
Sweet and Sour sauce from a jar from the cupboard. On its sell-by.
4oz egg fried rice, using the fry light products.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Going Mexican

Did the weekend shopping in Sainsbury's Walton this morning. We were up early, at least VT was because he haed an appointment at the Dentist. He walked along from the library yesterday and got a cancellation for 8-45. He is at last getting some new teeth!
Then we went shopping, and he bought us a cup of coffee. Sainsbury's coffee is quite nice actually. Trying to decide what to get for our tea tonight, and eventually went for Mexican wraps. They had Aniston Bay wine for 3.50 which is a good price and it has a competition on it too. I thought Aniston Bay was in Australia but it turns out it is in South Africa!! Oh Well geography never was a strong point.
So tonight we are having:
Wraps..2 each with
Quorn Fajita strips,
1/2 a packet of mexican rice
Sliced tomato,
A blob of Fat free Creme fraiche.
Maybe....A skinny cow ice cream afterwards!!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Library Day..

We took ourselves off to the library in Waterloo this morning. It is ages since the last time we went, and I was expecting a lot of changes. However, there weren't many actually. They have moved a lot of the book around, and it took me a while to find the Cookery section, but I did eventually. Couldn't see anything that jumped out at me, but did get a low-fat book which is fairly good. Don't like it when things are moved around, takes so long to find everything.
Last night's tea was very tasty in the end. I did a Thai stir-fry, and a Tikka Fillet each, and 3oz of rice which was plenty, and really nice. We both seem to have gone down about a pound this week, I am just nudging over the 12stone mark and VT is nudging the 11stone mark. He says we should wait now till I catch up with him!! cheeky monkey!!
Tonight we are having:
Roasted Vegetables...squash, courgette, leek, aubergine and tomato,
Tomato sauce (bought from Tesco)
4oz pasta and a dollop of yogurt.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Gorgeous Day!

What a lovely day today, much better than in the so-called Summer!
The sun is shining and the sky is blue and I actually walked around Ormskirk without my coat on, and wasn't cold at all.
Big weigh in this morning, we have both lost about 16lbs in total. We seem to have reached a bit of a standstill, and the weight is not going down dramatically, but it is going down so I suppose that is the good thing.
I tried some new things on in the shop this morning and they looked quite good so was pleased with that.
I have no idea what we are having tonight so will have to make it up as I go along. I did buy a Thai vegetable stir fry so will probably do something with that. God knows what though. Sometimes you just have to play it by ear really. No doubt I will turn out something tasty.
Sent Jane a congratulations card tonight, she has done well really. Good Girl;/
VT is painting the front gate. He has some spray paint he has had for YEARS but it still works. He is pleased because he bought this battery charger from Argos..he loves gadgets Bless Him XX

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Chutney Queen!

Spent the morning making Sweet Tomato Chutney. The whole house now reeks of vinegar and chutney. Made about 6 1/2 jars of beautiful chutney with sun blush tomatoes in it too. Used the food processor to chop them small, I have previously done that by hand and I must have saved hours doing that.The worst bit is peeling the gaarlic, you have to do 2 whole heads of it, horrible job!
VT has done the front garden tidied up the weeds, and cut the hedge, removed the dead hanging basket etc., and is now painting the front garden gate in the entry. He's a good boy isn't he.
Jane rang up this morning for a chat and stayed chatting for ages, we have some lovely chats over the phone. She is now Restaurant Manager and is in charge of where she works. She is really chuffed with this, and is beginning to make plans. Good for her!
Tonight we are having:
Sausages, meat free of course,
Potato and Celeriac mash,
Carrot and Swede mash
We both reckon that we have gone down a bit, about 16lbs so far which is really good.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Supermarket Treks!

Did our usual supermarket trip for the weeks veggies and other bits and pieces this morning. We started in Tesco and got everything we wanted plus quite a lot more! £36 worth! Decided to get the tomatoes for some more sweet tomato chutney, and tesco have some lovely big on the vine toms so bought a big bag of those. Then needed the garlic and root ginger. Garlic no problem, the root ginger was..they didn't have any..not due in till it a weekend thing? can't be..Anyway had to go to Waitrose for the ginger then, VT said just go in for the ginger and we'll come home!!!!!! fat chance!!! everything saying buy me buy me! especially some reduced Green and Black's praline chocolates!! but I didn't buy them.
Did buy £14 worth of other things though, and the root ginger was only 13p!!! It is a lovely shop, but SO expensive, wouldn't want to shop there all the time. Got a few reduced things though for the freezer. Actually my freezer is full so mustn't buy anything else.
Tonight we are having:
Reduced Quorn Escallopes with gruyere cheese,
Fried new potatoes done with fry light,
Tenderstem Broccoli with a sauce, probably savoury white.
Green beans. Maybe?

Still stuck in the plateau, really annoying, especially since we are not eating heavily either. See how it goes till The Big Weigh In on Wednesday.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Bread, Crosswords and Pizza.

Just made a lovely Sourdough Potato Oatmeal dough. This will give us a pizza base, and a loaf for during the week. The sourdough starter is amazing, I just give my leftover starter a cup of plain flour and a cup of bottled water, leave overnight and hey presto all bubbly and gorgeous the next day. I use a recipe from Recipezaar and 2tspns of bread improver and a tiny amount of yeast and it usually works like a dream. There is something wonderful about making a loaf of bread, and with the price of bread going up it can only be a good thing. Makes gorgeous toast too. The bread machine does all the work making the dough, then all I do is the folding and put it into my bread tin for rising. Easy.
Tonight we are having:
Guess what??
Pizza, with said sourdough base,
Home-made tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables,
Healthy living Mozzarella cheese.
Salad with golden baby plum tomatoes,
Avocado, Lancashire salad leaves,
Seed Mix to sprinkle.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Bugs...go away!!

Not the creepy crawly bug type, but the nasty virus ones. I have had a cough for ages now, but the last week or so it has been a real pain. Coughing at night and waking VT up too. I lie there trying to not cough and that makes it worse. No point going to the Dr's can't get an appointment for one thing, and all they will do is give out a cough mixture, but it's a throat thing. Anyway, enough moaning.
Quiet day today, reading the papers etc., Jane rang up to say the manager from her work has been sacked and she has the job. She is all excited now, and is making plans for a car etc., I just hope it isn't one of those Puma things. but something smal;l and sensible. Dream on Mum..
Tonight we are having:
Yes that's right...Chinese...
Plum and ginger sauce,
Stir-fry vegetables,
4oz egg fried rice,
No oil and no extras.
Still we seem to be stuck, at about 1 or2 lbs over the 11 and 12 stones mark. VT reckons we are at the stage where our intake is balanced by our energy, and that is why we are sticking. It's blooming annoying though, we aren't eating anything wrong and yet not going down. It's enough to make you want to eat a big load of something naughty!!!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Shopping Again..

Friday's seem to come round with a monotonous regularity..this week it is ASDA for a change. Had a bit of a look round, nearly bought a book but resisted, I love books, and I am always seeing ones I want. But..I have a pile by my bed and if I live to be 90 I don't think I could read them all.
Bought the usual weekend things, salads, nice healthy melon, stir-fry, avocado, tomatoes etc., etc.,
We are down by a pound or so this morning, and VT was looking at Mexican Fajitas for tea tonight. But..I said if I have struggled to keep the calories down all week, you aren't going to ruin it by having mega calories with wraps etc. So, tonight we are having:
Curry with egg and spinach,
4oz rice,
Banana, and tomato cachumber.
Carrots, or green beans.
That should be tasty anyway.

Thursday, 6 September 2007


VT doing his car today, went to Crosby this morning to get his tyres checked, and they are alright. Having the car MOTd this afternoon, so hope that passes.
Quiet day today since we were out all day yesterday, not doing much at all really. I have a real yearning to make a nice cake, but can't do that...think of the calories.! We seem to have been on the Healthy Eating plan for ages now, and are at the stage where the progress is sloooow. We could do with a bit of a boost, a few pounds down in a jump would be nice. It isn't like we are cheating either, because we aren't so it's a bit mean. Maybe tomorrow eh!!
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potatoes with cabbage..a sort of bubble and squeak,
Lamb Grills,
Carrots and gravy.
Not like we have big puddings either, we never eat puddings. Come on gone!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I Love a Bargain!

We got up early this morning and took ourselves off to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Mall. We go there quite often especially when the kids are back in school and it is nice and quiet. We walk all round and have a lovely coffee in Cost Coffee which is a treat for us.
New Regatta shop opened there just by Thorntons so we had a look in. Saw a beautiful coat that would do for our holidays. Waterproof, windproof and £36.99 which I thought was a good price. When I got to the counter the girl said it was on special promotion and was £29.99 ! so even better. Then she said that if the weather got cold there was a fleece that zipped inside and that was £9.99. So I bought that as well. Got a great warm coat now for every weather.
Had our lunch in Sainsbury's a tomato and mozzarella panini at 256 calories and VT paid too.
Bad queue fot the motorway coming home apparently a tanker was leaking chemichals on the motorway and it was closed both directions. Luckily VT noticed and did a quick diversion nearly into Chester but at least we kept moving. Glad to get home.
Tonight we had:
Quorn Shepherds Pies very nice too and only 136 calories,
A side vegetable of cabbage medly with fresh tomatoes and dry fried mushrooms. Much tastier than it sounds.
And we are both down 1lb today as well so going down again.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The Royal Visit..

Emma came today, to give us hair-do's. This means a Royal Visit as we call it. Everywhere gets spruced up, all is vacuumed, tidied, and the bathroom is given an extra special clean and polish and the kitchen floor is mopped and done. So everywhere is looking lovely.
She has been 4 weeks in China, and has some gorgeous pictures, she travels all over. Done India, Mexico etc., very intrepid.
Lovely hair cut and colour, and VT had a thinning out of thatch. Feel much tidier.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetables with Penne and a balsamic sauce (frozen) from Tesco.
Quorn steak in Roma Tomato glaze,
Trying very hard to keep the calories down since we are both stuck so need a boost. Big weigh in tomorrow so want a pound or so off.

Monday, 3 September 2007


We seem to be stuck on a plateau at the moment. We have been very good but are not moving down with our healthy eating plan. I think we need to reduce the cheese spreads and crackers at the weekend but apart from that I can't really see what we can do. Belly be gone...a bit easier...
Emma my lovely hairdresser is coming 2.30 tomorrow thank God, my hair is well past needing doing and VT looks like Einstein. Quick tidy round in the morning, at least the middle room is presentable now.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallope
Cauliflower cheese with mushrooms and a low cal sauce,
4oz Potatoes maybe mashed not sure yet.
Made a beautiful Sourdough Oatmeal and Potato loaf this morning, because the Rye one I made yesterday didn't rise as much as I wanted so will not be good for sandwiches. The Rye breads are a bit fickle really, they don't always turn out the way you want them to.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Keep the brain Active

Today is Sunday therefore it is the crosswords day. I must admit I enjoy doing them, and it does keep the brain quite active. VT asked me to name a famous clown...I said Bobo...he said from 1779 !!! got that one wrong, the answer was Joseph Grimaldi of course!
Who would know that the name for one swoop of a scythe is a swath? not me..had to look that one up. I did know that Alice Walker wrote The Color Purple though.
I have made a Sourdough Rye bread today but am a bit disappointed with the fact thaat it hasn't risen and is very flat on the top. I like my loaves to be well risen so we can use it for sandwiches. I think this one will taste nice but not make good sandwiches. Have to make another one tomorrow.
VT has just done the Pizza base and left it to rise he is really good at making Pizzas..all my good training.
Today we are having:
Pizza with our home-made tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables ( red onion, red and yellow pepper, courgette and baby tomatoes.
Goats cheese or Mozzarella cheese whichever.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and goji berries to sprinkle.
Yummiest meal of the week...

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Wash Day..

Quite cool to start with today. Every other Saturday we do all the bedding, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as the washing is finished and it has all been tumbled dried, the sun comes out! VT has just come up stairs to get a sun hat, he is going to sit in the garden with his cup of tea, and it is too bright. He said he sat down and "that cat" came and sat on his knee. Meaning Bobby, who is a lovely cat, but doesn't sit on your knee that often, so you feel quite honoured.Aaaah!
1st of September today and the last weekend before the children go back to school next week. Can't say I miss that, the last week of the holidays would always be a bit of a black week, wondering where all the time went, and knowing that you had the whole year before you got another long bread. Mind you there was always half term.
Tonight we are having:
The Chinese again..Spring day I really will have a go at making my own.
Sweet and Sour Sauce,
Stir-Fry vegetables,
4oz fried rice with egg.
Still going down but we tend to stick at the weekend a bit, mainly because of the cheese and cracker etc lunches Sat and Sun.
Tomorrow is Maghull Farmers Market. It is only a snmall one now, a lot of the earlier stalls have gone now and there are only a few regulars, and it usually rains!!

Friday, 31 August 2007

Power Monkey!!

No I'm not the power is a newish gadget for the digital camera which can be used as a battery charger. The best thing is that it can be used abroad so we can take it to New England with us. It is VT's birthday present really but he had to get it on order from Maplins. They rang up this morning so we did our weekly shop in Sainsbury's Walton then collected it on the way back.
VT rang the Sturbridge Repertory Theatre last night at 11o'clock it was 6o'clock there! and booked our tickets for "The Night of the Living Dead" on the Saturday night of the second week. I'm really looking forward to that , it should be good fun.
Tonight we are having Friday Night "Common":
Fish Cake,
Mushy Peas/Green Beans
Sliced Fried Potatoes done in Fry Light.
Noted this morning that we are still going down, I reckon about 15lbs now.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Day of Organising

VT did a lot of organising today, mainly for the holiday coming up to New England.
He rang American Airlines to set up Vegetarian meals for both flights, rang the Airport car parking to set that up too. Went to the Cattery to give them the dates...BUT...a bit of a problem here. They can take them for the America trip, but not for Christmas because they are retiring. It's a real shame that since we have used them since they opened. In fact Lucy and Inky were their first two cats, so our cats will be the first in and last out. But they've given us the name of a new place in Lydiate to try, and it's a cat hotel..very posh.
Last night we had the Thai meals, stirfry, thai fillet and some rice 4oz.
So tonight we are having:
4oz pasta shapes,
Baby courgettes, asparagus, peas and a
Mediterranean sauce.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Very quiet day today so far anyway. I have an appointment this afternoon with the Diabetic nurse at Walton, so we ain't doing much this morning. VT has been tending to the photocopier and putting toner into it so we can get better copies.
Last night we had a sort of mixed grill in the end, tomatoes, Quorn sausages, little potato slices dry fried in Fry Light, mushrooms and broccoli. All with about 10 sprays of fry light. Marvellous stuff that.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with asparagus,
Baby courgettes, bits of broccoli,
Big weigh in this morning! VT has lost another 1lb or so, I think I have stayed the same which is a tad disappointing since I have been quite good and not had too much over the top. Apart from that is the two celebration meals we had. I will watch what I have during the next few days and try to lose a bit more.
Actually tonight we might have Thai fillets and a Thai stir-fry not really sure yet.