Monday, 31 August 2009

Beatles Day... and a Bank Holiday...

This is VT leaning on the work top after completing one of his masterpiece pizzas. Yesterday he did a beautiful one, it was Spinach, Ricotta and pine nut, and was gorgeous. Really moist, and tasty. Well done VT.
On the radio today. Bit much actually, a whole day of them. I like the Beatles but after a few hours they can be wearing.
Also Bank Holiday Monday today, so it is quite quiet out. I haven't done much, a bit of cookery book tidying up, and VT is in front of the house doing his car up. He has preened and polished and titivated it up so it is actually gleaming. It is due for its MOT on Wednesday hence the extra attention.
Not very nice weather here but not raining yet. Next door have a line of washing out since mid morning, and it is blowing away nicely, hope it doesn't rain on them.
Haven't heard from our Jane yet, she has been at a Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham. It is described on their website as a nice peoples pop festival. Sounds good.
VT has just come in and gone for a quick bath. The shower isn't working at the moment, it won't pump out hot water, so a cold shower is not what you want really.
Tonight we are having a normal tea.:
Quorn escalopes,
Carrots and beans
Oven cooked baby potatoes.
Mushrooms in a little sauce.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday doings again..

Started late today, probably because we have been up earlyish foir a couple of days, so we both slept through. Little Rusty tends to wake VT up because she sits on his hip and waits.
He went over to Maghull..said it was quite quiet today, peopl;e away maybe, but most of the kids will be back to school next week.
Not exactly barbecuing weather today, fairly cool and has been raining. The cats are well away and sleepy today.
Made our Sourdough loaf this morning as usual, then our pizza dough in the machine. One thing it does is leave a fantastic aroma in the house, there really is nothing like the scent of a home made loaf cooking.
Jane is at some festival in Cheltenham this weekend, but we haven't heard much. One message last night, they were camping, so not sure how she will get on without her luxuries.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta pizza, with pinenuts.
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad and rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Simply Saturday,

Just another Saturday, except VT got up early to go and get a tyre done on his car. It is booked in for it's MOT next Wednesday so he wants to get it sorted. He came back not long later to say that it was too busy, so he's go back later. So we had breadfast and thebn he went off again.
Rang up later to say he had had it done and was in Maghull having a mooch. I have messed about a bit on here, looking things up and generally loking at my favourite sites.
The little cats are very quiet today, and have settled down in their favourite places and are curled up in little furry balls. All they do is get up at about half past one for their chicken. Daily treat, which costs a fortune actually..but they are so worth it.
VT came back with some bargains today. He was thrilled because he had got some of his very favourite Charles Worthington deodorant from Home and Bargains for 99p a can!! How about that.. Also a good book from the charity shop for 49p!!
He's a good little bargain shopper my VT.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..spring rolls
Sauce of some sort,
Stir fry vegetables,
Egg fried rice

Friday, 28 August 2009

Busy Day,

Up early this morning for an appointment at the eye clinic in Walton. It was for9.45 but we got there at about 9.30, didn't seem so busy and didn't wait long. VT parked in the upper car park because it is a pound rather than two pounds in the one outside!
Saw the nurse who did the sight test, then waited for the Dr. she then put the eye drops in and we had to wait for twenty minutes!. VT had a good idea, he said why not go and get the blood test done, so we did. Killed two birds with one stone,went back for the eye clinic part two.Eyes pretty stable really, not a lot to do for the right eye but the left fine.Go back in three months.
From there we went to Sainsbury's ..first stop coffee shop. Sainsbury's coffee is surprisingly quite good actually. You tend to think that supermarket coffees are rubbish, but most of them are very good actually. Did our shopping which is the usual weekend things and came home. Back by 12.45ish.
Sunny now, but we have had a blowy day with some heavy showers at times.
Tonight we are having:
Chilli Quorn, red kidney beans, tomatoes and a taco sauce,
Chopped lettuce, grated cheese, and chopped tomato.
Soured creme.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Birthdays ...Another one.

Lovely daughter Jane today. A big 26! Can't believe it is all those years since she came into our lives. Saturday 27th August at 11.O'Clock in the morning. Aaah.

Stayed in today did a few household chores..the top of the cooker, the kitchen floor etc., Then rang Jane up. She said she was going to a Christioan festival in Cheltenham tomorrow with Rachel. They will be on Cheltenham Racecourse camping.
I said I would put some money in her bank account for her tomorrow, since we were not going out today. But, VT went into Crosby after lunch and paid it in for her. So that was his present. He is lovely at doing things like that.
Typing this I am listening to the news, and there has been a rise in the total population to 61 million. No wonder you can't move for people.
Tonight we are having:
No idea..something from the freezer,
Saute sliced potatoes,
Carrots and green beans.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

August..More like October..

VT scanned this in today. It is a picture of Formby in 1957. It hasn't actually changed all that much there, except for Wine Bars where some of the shops were.
There is a Nun in the picture, I went to a small prep school in Freshfield,which was run by Nuns dressed just like this one. Some of them were vicious really, even though they look so saintly. Ah well..all character building as they say.
Rainy, blowy and cool today. The little cats run outside and straight to the hut to shelter, then sit there looking out. Rusty ran back in and had to be dried off with a towel, she was soaked.
We went to Dobbies this morning and enjoyed our nice free coffee and small biscuit. Had a look round but didn't really see anything that I wanted to buy today. VT bought a couple of little books, and I bought some new after dinner mints..and that was it. We had to stop at Tescaw on the way back to get the babies their chickie. At least they ate it all today so must have enjoyed it.
I am on a new tablet today, aimed to stop my hand shaking a bit. It does that when I am writing so the letters go a bit dithery. Went to the Neurology clinic at Walton and the Dr said it was just something called Essential Tremour, and suggested a tablet, so that is what I started last night. 1/4 of a tablet!! Poor VT had to cut them up, but he likes doing that sort of thing.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta Bake..4oz of pasta and
A low calorie sauce.
Maybe a few "meatballs" and asparagus
Carrots to go with.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Day After..

This is Jane and her roommate Rachel in Times Square New York.
What..Nothing in particulat..but couldn't think of a heading today.
Didn't do a lot today. Tidied up the top of the microwave, and did a bit of clearing up.VT is doing a crossword in the garden because the sun has come out and it is quite warm again.
Jane rang up this morning and I told her off for not ringing up her Daddy yesterday. She said she didn't know what the date was!! No excuse really.
Made a loaf of bread this of the Laucke ones, and a wholemeal one, but it hasn't risen as much as I thought it would have.
Blast from the past today. There was an article in the Daily Mail about Masquerade. A book that was written in 1979 and would lead to the finding of a golden hare worth £ then, now worth a lot more. It was massive at the time. I bought the book in London for £3.50 which was probably quite a lot of money then. Never had any idea about solving the clues but enjoyed the book at the time. This was before the days of the would be very different now. You can see many many solutions to the mystery now on the internet. But, that isn't the point.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalope
Roast squash and sweet potato,
Baby roast potatoes.
Mushrooms in a little creme fraiche.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Happy Birthday To Him..

This one os VT on top of the world..Well Mount Washington anyway, after the trip up the mountain cog railway.

This is VT raising a glass during our meal at Flatbreads in North Conway. No doubt we will raise a glass tonight too.

It is VT's 59th birthday today. So far no phone call from daughter number one.As usual. She doesn't do birthdays really, which is a shame.
When she was small we used to go away for this week, so that we would celebrate our Wedding Anniversary on the 23rd, VT's birthday on the 24th, and Janes birthday on the 27th. When we went to Florida it was great because there was always somewhere to go. Not quite the same here.
Not a lot going on this week. We went to Formby this morning to get a few veggies and to get something for VT;s birthday tea. He decided to do a Risotto so got some things for that, and we bought a nice Creme brulee to go with some raspberries for a dessert.
Things seem to be getting back to normal today, new series of Countdown..yawn yawn, and Deal or no Deal yawn yawn. Good for having a coffee with in the afternoon.Not the same without Richard Whiteley..never will be, and since Carol Vorderman left even worse.
Tonight we are having:
Porcini mushroom and spinach Risotto,
Asparagus steamed,then roasted
Creme brulee with raspberries. Yum Yum
Sounds a classy tea actually.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Happy Anniversary..

To us. It is our 35th Wedding Anniversary today..Coral I believe it is.

This is one of my favourite photographs of us that we have. it was taken when we were enjoying a "Flatbreads" pizza in North Conway US.
Usual Sunday doings today. Didn't make a loaf, because we are going to make a Laucke loaf tomorrow instead. Did make a pizza dough though, to our usual recipe. VT is going to make a really nice Pizza Margherita today. I love that one, it is simple and lovely. Just sliced tomato on our base, little puddles of Mozzarella, and torn basil leaves. gorgeous.
VT went over to Maghull today, and came back with the usual cat food and bottles of wine. He says that Threshers have a bin end sale on at the moment, and he brought some back for £2 a bottle!!! and surprise surprise it is lovely too. He is such a good shopper. All that good training.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza Margherita as described earlier,
Salad of new potato and egg.
Potato salad and Pasta salad,
Green salad with a Caesar salad base and baby tomatoes, avocado etc.

A Pudding!!!!
A baked cheesecake from the seriously good pudding company.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bright and Sunny..

Enough to put the washing on the line anyway. Do the bedding today, and with it being all cotton it is a bit of a pain to wash and dry, so it is good to get it on the line, even so it needs a few minutes in the drier to finish off.
Watched a programme on Benefit busters after lunch today. it was about this group of women, single mothers who were trying to get back to work, and a course they were going on to help them. In the end most of them got a job at poundland, and all stayed there apart from one who gave up because the benefits she was getting was more than her job paid at the Poundland store. Not right that, I think there is something wrong with a sustem where someone is getting more for being off work than in work. No wonder there are queues at Calais!!
VT went on one of his mooches this morning, and came back with cat food and a lovely bunch of roses for our anniversary. Tomorrow we will have been married for 35 years. Not bad going.

This is us on our last holiday, taken by someone else in a layby in New England.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn dippers with sweet chilli sauce,
A bit of a fried rice.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Posh Nosh

Today..Went posh!! We took my money off to Waitrose in formby this morning. It is a nice shopping experience, and a nice shop to go to but you do need a deep pocket.
It was actually quite busy this morning, a lot of older couples, the well off pensioner types, and Mothers and daughters and friends types. VT calls them the Beige anorak brigade.
We bought our usual weekend things including a few nice salads etc., and things for our pizza. VT is going to do a pizza Margherita one which is rapidly becoming a favourite. We also treated ourselves to a pudding from the serious pudding company. They are supposed to be restaurant quality and do look very nicely done.
Rained when we came out of Waitrose, then the sun shone and it is quite nice now. typical holiday weather..poor holidaymakers.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas and green beans
aA baked tomato.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Following Cats..

Wherever VT goes the cats will followhim. When he goes to take the wheelie bin round they will trot down the entry after him, and sit on the step at the end watching him. Talk about loyal. Little Rusty will sit on the bed at night and wait for him to come to bed then settle down while he reads his book.
The little ginger girl from next door does it too. If he goes down to the shop o5r the post she will follow him there and back. Wonder what it is.
Didn't do much today. Stayed in and did bits and bobs. So had a generally quiet day really.Bit of ironing, bit of a bath with candles and a book and that was it.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really. Maybe garlic cheesey kievs
Spinach with creme fraiche and mushrooms
Saute potatoes.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fresh Air..

Had a nice little outing over to Ormskirk this morning. VT said "It gets you out" !!!'d think I never went anywhere.
Funny day today, one of those days when clothing is tricky..could be warm could be cool. In the end it was both. Ormskirk is quite hilly so it is as well to have a light coat.
Got a few things..a top from Bon Marche in their sale for wearing round the house. Some card for people,and other bits and pieces. Bought some new food from Holland and Barratt which is a real eat version of Chorizo. Looks promising but now I have to work out what to do with it.
Back in time for our lunch just..and fed the babies their chicken.
On the way to the shops we went past the cat's Vet, so I said to VT to go in and ask about little Rusty's blood test, so he did. After a bit he came out and said that Mr Dixon had come out and said they were absolutely fine, so that is good news. The pills that VT gives her twice a day are working well then.

She is definitely better these days, not as jumpy and hyper and mithering for food all the time.
Tonight we are having:
Either Italian meatballs (Quorn)
Quorn fillets chasseur,
1/2 a packet of rice
Vegetables, carrots beans and broccoli mixed.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Early Up..

VT and Jane..the loves of my life. Apart from the furry babies that is!

Up early this morning to go to an appointment with the Dr. They rang up yesterday to say there had been a letter from Walton about the medicine so I had to go for a consult. That is sorted and is now with the chemist.
We went from there to the Homebase mainly because we need some new lampshades for our bedside lamps. The shades on them is a dark wine colour, and VT feels that a lighter shade would give us more light to read by. I must admit I struggle sometimes,especially if my book has a smaller print than usual. He bought me a while ago a little lamp gadget that you attach to the book and it gives a brighter light, but the other night he complained that it dazzled him. I had a mega sulk and said "What did you buy it me for then" totally childish..but there was a point. He didn't say anything last night though. Thought better of it I think.
Tonight we are having:
A Rosemary Conlet recipe
Quorn Chasseur done with fillets onion, red wine (a tiny amount) and tomatoes,
8oz potatoes
Carrots and beans.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Busy monday..

Here he is. Chief coffee maker. Chief computer fixer. Chief cat looker after, and all round good man.
Awoken this morning by the least VT was, I don't hear the bell. It was a parcfel for moi from QVC, which was a watch I had ordered. This time it is great. I haven't had a lot of luck ordering watches. The first one was fine but the dial wasn't clear enough for me. The second ones were far too big, and I don't have a small wrist. This one is lovely. Black strap, and a lovely old fashioned dial, with dianmonique all round the face. I actually love this one.Hooray.
Then the phone went and it was the surgery to ask me to go in for an appointment. That is tomorrow at 9.30.
Then I try to put the computer on. Nothing. blank screen.
So we went to Crosby for the shopping..mainly vegetables and back for coffee. VT then sat down in front of the computer to see what was going on. Couldn't spot anything, and it wasn't responding to anything either. Eventually he took the side off and spotted some loose wires. He said he would have a go after lunch, and he did. Put the wires back and lo and behold it worked. Isn't he a clever boy. Well done VT.
So I am back online this afternoon and he is in the garden. Back to normal then.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalopes of some sort.
Mixed vegetables,
Mushrooms in a bit of sauce,
Small squashed potatoes.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bread and Pizza and Crosswords

The usual Sunday things! A nice Oatmeal sourdough loaf, a batch of pizza dough and the crosswords. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
Too cool for VT to sit out in the gaarden this afternoon with his cup of tea and I think I am about to go and change my thinner top for a sweat shirt again. Typical August weather...
Been searching the Ebay site this morning for another Apilco breakfast cup. VT was putting them away the other day and one slipped out of his hand and unfortunatelycrashed on the floor in hundreds of pieces. They are beautiful cups actually a real dark green with a gold rim so I am on the lookout for a replacement because we love those cups for our morning coffee. Tragedy.
VT went to Maghull this morning to take the DVD back to Blockbusters. We got "Changeling" with Angelina Jolie and others. Excellent film actually. We really enjoyed it. It was based on a true story, very sad, about a serial boy murderer in the late nineteen twenties. Clint Eastwood directed and it was a really good one to watch for its period atmosphere. Fashions, cars, houses buildings everything was well done. Highly recommended.
Tonight we are having:
Sundried tomato pizza, (a new one out of the pizza book)
Salad with baby pomodorino tomatoes avocado etc
Potoato salad and celery fruit and nut,

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday Post..

At the time of typing this the sun is shining down on the back garden. What a strange day though. We awoke to dark, trees blowing, and the look of rain. Then by lunch time the sun was cracking the flags. Then mid afternoon the heavens opened and the rain was lashing down. Gosh I feel sorry for people on holiday, they pay full whack for places in the summer and then get faced with weather like this. Not exactly go out and do things weather, or go down to the beach weather. I'm glad we go away in the autumn or winter.
VT went to Maghull this morning and decided to get a DVD mainly because the television tonight is such rubbish. So he came back with "The Changeling" directed by Clint Eastwood so should be good.
Jane rang up not long after VT and she sounded better this morning, a bit more chirpy. Poor girl, it must be hard to have constant pain like that in her shoulder. I hope someone can do something for her soon. She has an appointment with a specialist to do with the claim on October 8th and then things should start moving.
VT is presently sitting outside with a nice warming mug of tea!Probably a cat to keep him company.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring rolls,
Egg fried rice,
Peking lemon sauce,
Stir fry vegetables,

Friday, 14 August 2009

Waiting for Lakeland..

Look at this pretty picture of our little Rusty. What a baby! Just gorgeous.
We are carrying the doorbell round with us all the time we are in the house. We are expecting a parcel,and it is due any time. Hence the doorbell. No doubt it will come tomorrow morning when you want a lie-in.
We are waiting for the results of little Rusty's blood test too. The vet usually rings early in the morning but he didn't this morning. No doubt he will ring tomorrow morning as well.
Went over to Sainsbury's this morning with my money,bought the usual weekend things. VT is going to do a sun dried tomato one this week.
Tonight we are having :
Weightwatchers flan,
Potato croquettes.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Rusty's travels..

Little Rusty in the sunshine.
We were up early this morning to take her off to the Vets in Ormskirk. She had to have another blood test so we had to get her there by a quarter to nine. So up early for us. She didn't have to go without her breakfast, but she didn't want any . She miaowed all the way there but didn't tip up today.
We waited for a while when we got there and then the girl took her off and brought her back in a few minutes..all done.
Bobby slept through it all at home.
The only trouble with getting up early is that it makes a very long day.
The weather cleared up when we got back and it is quite hot and sunny now.
Tonight we are having:
No idea again..
Have to look in the freezer once more to see what we have.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Best Laid Plans...

Our bread for sandwiches.
Of ours was to go out this morning to get VT some petrol and a car wash, and maybe get a DVD because there is nothing on tonight.
Jane rang us up as I was getting ready to go out, and it was one of those days she wanted to chat. I talked to her for ages, then her Dad took over because the battery was going on the speaker phone and I found it hard to hear her. She was talking about all sorts, and was very fed up about her shoulder pain. She didn't have very good news from the physio people,it seems that it is likely to be ongoing for a long time. Her case is still being dealt with by the solicitor, and they are now waiting for the next medical stage. This has all been going on for two and a half years, and does affect her life quite a lot. I hope it gets sorted out soon.
So, we had an early coffee and then went out 6to Formby for the petrol and the car wash, then to Waitrose for a few extra veggies.
Home for a nice lunch of the bread that we made yesterday, a white Hovis one.
Last night in the end we had a Quorn chicken style curry with a Shar2woods curry mix with coconut and pineapple.
1/2 a pack of basmati rice each,
Mushroom stir fry,
Poppadums (one each)
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalopes with gruyere cheese,
Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese,
Small potatoes sliced and sauteed.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Did Things...

Made a loaf. A bread mix one which is a Hovis white crust loaf and has turned out beautifully. We added a 1/2 cup of Jumbo oats to the dough which adds to the taste and texture.
Did a load of ironing this morning while VT sorted out the back of his car. Wonder how much room is left now?? methinks not a lot.
Was sunny this morning but it is now going dull and cooler. Still not the sort of weather you expect for August. It will probably get hot in September when the kids go back, is what usually happens. VT has been weed zapping in the back garden. Rusty is up here out of the way, and Bobby is in the garden keeping him company. She is a lovely little loyal cat, and will run to you as soon as you go out there.
Had a dispatch from Lakeland Ltd., that my order sent yesterday has been "picked packed and dispatched" and will arrive shortly. That was quick only ordered them yesterday. Must say it is an easy site to use too. very user friendly..which is fine by me.
Jane rang early this morning. She has had a letter from her solicitor to say that the other side have agreed liability. So that is a major step forward..she might be in line for some dosh now. It has been going on for a long time, and she has had a lot of time off work, and prescriptions etc. I hope they take that into account.
Tonight we are having:
No idea really. One of those days when I will look in the cupboard and see what there is.
Might do quorn meatballs with a goulash sauce.
That way I can use the mushrooms I have left over.
Or might do quorn fillets in a sauce.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday Drizzle..

VT's pizza last night was a really tasty one. He did a blue cheese, and mushroom and walnut one. Very tasty with the crunchy nuts and the lovely portobello mushrooms.
Very drizzly this morning, but has nicely cleared up this afternoon.So much so that VT is in the garden zapping some weeds.
We nipped over to the new Morrisons in Maghull for the usual Monday veggies for the week. It is done on the same lines as the old Somerfield but with the Morrisons signage etc., Not a huge amount in the way of vegetables, just the basics really, but I got a few standby's and the main things for the week.
We didn't have a look round mainly because of the weather, and we were home in time for our coffee. Hooray.
Not much post today, and it only came at lunchtime. I got a questionaire from Nat West.. very interesting..not.
Quiet today with little going on. Not a huge number of kids around,must be a lot away on holiday. I think they are about half the way through the six weeks at the moment, we will go out again when they have gone back in Sept.
Tonight we are having:
Sage and Onion Fillets,
bread sauce,
Carrots and beans,
Baby new potatoes roasted .
Musghrooms with a little creme fraiche.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Things..

Little Bobby back to normal after being out of sorts last week. She came on the bed this morning andsnuggled up beautifully, I had my arm round her and she was purring like a mad thing.
Started off with a load of washing this morning. Since it was a nice day I thought I would get the towels done so gathered all the towels I could find upstairs and get them done. Nice sunny day so hanging them on the line for a change.
VT went out for a mooch this morning ended up in Maghull. he said it was quite quiet
The crosswords were quite good today apart from one clue problem which was Damascene.. Ornament on one on me.
Didn't make a loaf today we will make one tomorrow instead. Probably a bread mix one.
Got the pizza dough going. VT is making a different one today.
Watched "Revolutionary Road" last night on DVD. It was excellent actually. Kate Winslett and Leonardo de Caprio. Both extremely good.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with walnut, mushroom and blue cheese topping .
(Out of the little pizza book)
Potato salad and celery nut salad
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes and cucumber.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

New Store and Washing...

Just made the bed. Lie on it later.. Today was nice and bright and sunny without too much in the way of breeze so a good day for putting the washing out on the line. The bedlinen that I have is fairly new and 300thread count cotton so it is nice to be able to hang it out. All it needed was a couple of minutes in the dryer to finish off and it was done. Looks lovely on the bed and even nicer to sleep on.
VT went over to Maghull this morning to get a couple of things we had forgotten. So he went into the new Morrisons. He said it was actually much like the old Somerfield with things in roughly the same places.
Sat out for a while this afternoon, but I am getting very tired of the metal chairs, they are really quite uncomfortable so maybe we will look for something a bit better for next for a change we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.
Tartare sauce.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday Outing..

We took ourselves off to Ormskirk this morning. We got up fairly early, and were out by 10.30. Had quite a lot of places to go there, I had run out of the tablets I get from Holland and Barratt, so needed to go there.The skin, hair and teeth ones I had run out of were on offer at half price so got two of those, also the Acidolphus ones were on sale too so got two of those. Spent £24 in there today stocking up.
Got a new top from £3 !!! to wear around the house, and a few things from Superdrug..anti wrinkle cream that doesn't work..but you have totry!!
Finished at Morrisons to get the weekend things.
Fancied an egg and potato salad for lunch but they didn't have any!! VT got some sausage rolls Quorn ones..So, we diverted when we finished our Morrisons things to M&S. They didn't have any potato salad either!! or any egg and potato salad either!!
Very disappointing so got an ordinary salad then boiled my own egg when we got home. Very tasty actually.
VT is out in the garden again this afternoon, he is doing a lovely job out there it is a nice day today and the little cats have gone out to join him..Aaah.
Tonight we are having:
With a weightwatchers tomato sauce,
Butternut squash and sweet potato,
Asparagus and
A little bit of garlic bread.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Sun has got his hat on..

And the weather is nice today, quite warm , so we went out without our coat on.
Off to Dobbies for our first coffees for August.
Had a bit of a look round first, then bought a fgew things later.
VT fancied a lemon balm, which smelled beautiful, and I had a look round inside. Got some Fruits for cheese in Fig.. some cheese biscuits, and some dipping crackers. Then I passed a stand of Yankee candles,and noticed they were %30 reduced. I picked up a nice one of Clean Cotton, which smells gorgeous. No price on it so I asked an assistant and they said they should be £15, reduced to £10.49, so I got that. I love Yankee candles.
We were home by lunch time and had our usual sandwich.
VT pottered about in the garden this afternoon and repotted the lemon balm. He has turned into a really good gardener, he looks after his plants and some of them are really thriving. The back garden looks lovely. All pots and containers and very green at the moment.
Well done VT.
Should have mentioned that the vet Mr Dixon rang up early this morning with little Rusty's rest results. Her thyroid test is good apparently, but her blood urea is up a bit. He wants her back for another blood test next week but this time not a fating one thank goodness. He also wants a urine sample !!!!!!!! That's easier said than done!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Lamb style grills,
Mashed potatoes 8oz,
Mixed vegetables.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Bit of Tidying..

We were going out this morning but got up later due to the early mornings in the last two days.So, we decided to stay in. We did a bit of
clearing up instead, tidied the front bedroom, andVT vacuumed the landing. He took the landing carpet outside and battered it, and said it was really dusty. One of the penalties of having cats I suppose, they shed their hairs everytime they move..but who cares.
Little Rusty seems to b3e fine after her visit to the vets yesterday, Sometimes it tires them out, but she is ok. The vet tried to check her heartbeat yesterday but couldn't because she was perring too much...Aaaah bless her. When she (the vet) took her off for the blood test she came back and said they did get a check and she was fine. We are awaiting the results now of the thyroid test.
It is much warmer today for a change at least the sun is shining. I had a lovely salad for my lunch and VT had Quorn sausage rolls and beans which he enjoys. I love salads and could eat them every day. This one was a potato and egg one from Waitrose, not cheap but very tasty.
VT was doing the phones this afternoon, the one in the middle room has gone faulty, so he has put a new one in. So it turned into a clearing up fiddly sort of day today. We will go somewhere tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli Quiche and
A tin of spaghetti to go with.
Maybe a few sliced potatoes but not sure.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Off to The Vets...

This is little Rusty , who we took to the Vets this morning.
VT rang up the other day for a repeat prescription, and they said she had to have a check up. So we took her today. The appointment was for 9-20 and we got there about a quarter past nine. Went in and sat down and were called in a few minutes later. She had a check, and was taken off for a blood test, brought back, and we were given some more pills for her a few minutes later! Out by 9-30.
Better than my Doctor, my appointment there yesterday was for 9.30 and I was still sitting there at gone 10.00.
Poor little Rusty miaowed all the way there, and tipped up round a particularly bendy bend. So i hung on to her for the rest of the way.
Came home and had a cup of coffee and a rest, then decided to go to Formby to get a new Cafetiere glass. (I broke the last one the other day). Decidied to have a look in Waitrose, and lo and behold they had one. So that is sorted. Bought a few extras that we usually get from there, and were home for our proper coffee at 11.30 !!
The only trouble with getting up early is that it makes a long day!
Tonight we are having:
Sausages with gravy and mushrooms,
Cabbage and leek stir fry,
Mashed potatoes.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Long Day...

My beautiful orchid is still a picture to behold.
When you get up early..I had an appointment at the Dr's surgery today at 9.30. We got there early as we always do, and registered in, to be informed that there would be a 14min delay. So we sat in the waiting room, and waited. Half an hour later we eventually got the bleep. Up I went for her to tell me that they had a letter from the hospital and she was going to contact the renal people to check on a prescription. Why she couldn't have dont that by phone I don't know. Ah well.
We then went over the road to Sainsbury's to get the veggies for the week. Just got the 1/2 hour parking so we were out in a few minutes, with one bag of veggies and £17 poorer.
Then we went to the library mainly to return the book Dewey the library cat.Very good read, we both read and quite enjoyed that. I had a quick look round, and got some different books, and VT got some of his local history books.The library was fairly busy today, with children screaming in the background. Better when the schools are back, but at least they are reading which is a good thing.
The sun was shining this morning but coolish. It was one of those days when there was rain on the windscreen, but the sun was shining also. Now it is dull and coolish. Next doors had a line of washing out, but have taken it in when the drizzle started.
The cats are both inside, in their different spots, if it is sunny, they go out, so it must be cool.
Tonight we are having:
Goats cheese and cranberry escalope,
Sliced potatoes sauteed,
Carrots, beans and broccoli,
Sauce with mushrooms.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday proper now!

Sunday is when we do most of our baking really. Started off with a Sourdough Oatmeal loaf. The starter I leave overnight to mature then it is used the next morning.
As I type this it has just come out of the oven and the whole house is smelling beautiful.
VT went for his usual mooch this morning and said it was the market in Maghull, but not many stalls now. he said mainly meat ones and no veg ones or other types. I'm surprised it is still going actually.
Morrisons there is getting ready to open..due tomorrow, which will be good I like Morrisons..excellent for fruit and veg and I like the offers. The only problem will be parking!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza, a Tomato and Mozzarella one,
salad with agg and potato,
Potato salad for me and pasta salad for VT.

Hares and Rabbits..

1st of August today but you wouldn't know it. Quite cold and dull not at all summery.
Quiet day today, VT went to Maghull.I stayed here with the little cats who seem quiet and subdued. Maybe the weather affects them also?
I finished my book which I ordered from the library ages ago. Nice book on the whole, "Dewey...The library cat" easy to read but quite a lot about the woman who wrote it also. It was a little cat that had been dumped in a book drop on the coldest night of the year in Spencer Iowa, and became famous throughout the world. the inevitable sad ending but there are plenty of videos on Youtube with footage of him. He does look a lovely cat.
Last night we had:
Delia's egg and spinach curry,
1/2 a packet of rice,
Banana, onion and tomato, mango chutney,
Weightwatchers naan breads.