Thursday, 30 March 2017

IN Today Put Tomorrow!

Since we are up and early tomorrow for an appointment at Aintree at 9.30 we decided to stay in today.
I had a lovely shower this morning , quite a palaver trying to cope  with the Limbo on my foot,the foot is makes it all very slippy, but Vin is great I really don't know what I would do without him Bless him.
He is trying to get us moving today  so we can get to bed a bit earlier in order to get up in the morning. Not really good at getting up early but we will have to bite the bullet tomorrow.
All in all we have not done much today, at least I haven't  Vin does his usual hardworking tasks. He's never still!
Little Jess hasn't moved much today stayed in her basket most of the day, just getting up at some ungodly hour this morning to wake Vin up for feeding time!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Small Steps!

Well that's a first! I was sitting on the sofa after we had had our lunch and little Jessie jumped up on the footstool opposite me. Then she very tentatively went on my knee. Only for a moment mind you, I stroked her and she sniffed my hand and went. That has only taken four months!
Mostly she won't come near me, and prefers her Daddy. 
I had one appointment today over the way at the surgery with the nursie.  At least it was only a few minutes away, and it was empty when I got there so didn't need to wait long. Nice friendly nurse who seemed quite happy with my progress, height, weight, bloodtests all done at Aintree last week so didn't need doing again. Diabetic results fine, as is blood pressure, so we were out in about half an hour in total. Home to soup and a round of toast because it is a grey rainy day today. The weather forecast people were right they said it would be a cloudy grey and drizzly day and so it is. 
I love this picture of the two of them Jane and Jess. She (Jess) is quite used to her really,didn't run away when she came home at the weekend. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nice Surprise!

It was a nice surprise to see our Jane on Saturday morning! She came quite early, the doorbell went and Vin jumped up in his pyjamas,  muttering about me and my parcels, then came back upstairs. I said what was that? and he replied ..nothing! Then Jane appeared in the doorway with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card. Lovely to see her, it is a while since she has been home. I think she wanted to see Jess really, who did disappear under her bed upstairs but soon came out actually. I think she is used to Jane now.
This little monkey has been playing with a really old catnip mouse that we bought years ago from Culpepers in Bath. She really gave that a good licking, and it must be years old! It's like a catty cannabis!
Since we didn't  have any apointments today we had a day in. I have one tomorrow  and should have  had one at the dressings clinic on Friday but I got a phone call from Aintree Hospital this morning from someone connected to Mr Butcher and making an appointment for 9.30. Bit early for me but never mind.  :(  Vin rang up and cancelled the one at the dressings clinic, since the foot will be dressed at Aintree anyway.
Vin did all sorts od bits and bobs today including carrying a very hot bundle of ashes in paper.
Fast asleep in her basket nw. Probably got a catnip head! Vin said she will get the munchies later!! 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Costa Here we Come!

What a treat! Out and about without an appointment. Vin had said we would go somewhere today but wasn't sure where. In the end because  he needed to get a few things from his shopping list we decided on Tesco and the Costa. It is actually seven weeks since we had been there which is longer than I thought. Doesn't time fly!
Parkinjg not too bad, petrol station bit was closed, but he had filled up in Aintree anyway so didn't need any. They seem to be putting new pumps in by the looks of things. 
Went straight into Costa and got a nice table in the corner which we like and Vin went off to get two flat whites. They do a really nice one which we like because our machine at home doesn't do those. They do a lovely fern  pattern on the tops too, I would love to know how they do that! He bought them out of our "winnings" this is money that we get through little lottery winnings or other bits and pieces that come our way.
He went off to get the shopping bits because he is quick, and left me with the boring Liverpool Echo to read.  Back soon and went home  to the little cat who hadn't moved from  from where she was in the front room. Asleep in a nice little sunny spot. 
Jane has just rung on her way home from work, she sid that the authorities have arrested a man from West Didsbury where she lives, she knows the road but it isn't near her at all thank goodness. This is to do with the terrorist attack in London so they are making moves to get people. 
Jessie in feeding mode. She woke her Daddy up this mrning at half past six this morning!  When the clocks go forward this weekend I wonder what time she will be getting him up.? 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

In For a Change...

We all stayed in today, even little Jessie. Not that she goes out much anyway. She will follow her beloved Vin if he is going in the garden but this morning he was doing some bits and bobs in the garden and she happened to be asleep on Jane's bed so didn't hear him go out I suppose. She actually stayed there till we had our lunch so had a good sleep today. 
Terrible  tragic happenings in London yesterday. The papers are full of what went on, the Daily Mail has about ten pages of it all. Suppose that is because it is The Houses of Parliament that was involved. Quite a few injuries to pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and all the evening programmes telling of what was happening almost frame by frame. 
Quite nice today, a touch of Spring, not that our daffodils in the barrel are doing anything special 
Little Jess will be unlucky today if she is after a blob of cream from her daddy's plate like yesterday because there isn't any left!! 
In the alcove, waiting for her feed!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tootsie Day!

Up and at em this morning, at least we should have been but Vin slept in a bit. The reason for that was that little Jessie did her alarm waking up bit and crawled about his legs till he got up!. This was VERY early so he had to get up and feed her. Hence when he went back to bed he slept in a bit. Can't blame him really. :) Of course I don't get woken up because I don't hear anything.Oh dear, what a shame. 
Since my appointment was for 1.30 today instead of 2.30 we had to get going a bit differently, had breakfast as usual, then Vin did his clearing up and got the bin round again, and I had a nice hair wash. At least my hair feels a lot better for having had it cut. Then we had a lovely baby coffee and a biscuit to put us on and went upstairs to get ready. Out and at Aintree by 1.15, Vin leaves me in the waiting area and goes and parks the car.  Had to wait a bit today apparently they were extremely busy, "one of those days" the girl who did my foot said. She was very quick and efficient and we were out and off to the Co-Op for our lunch, all prepared by Vin's fair hands! Isn't he a star!
Home to news on the television of a shooting at The Houses of Parliament, so that has overtaken everything on the box. I don't think little Jess has moved at all since we left! Just fast asleep in her basket.
Jess in her basket..All's well with the world :)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nothing Doing!

No appointments today so decided to stop in instead.  Podiatry tomorrow so will go out then anyway.  Did a bit of browsing on the computer, looking for a reading light for my Kindle but haven't found a suitable one yet. You think you find one and then discover it has terrible reviews or too heavy etc., Somewhere there must be a perfect light somewhere surely? 
Vin has done a lot of sorting out today, it's the grey bin tomorrow so aiming to get rid of rubbish. 
Little Jess has been lovely aqnd relaxed today and didn't run off when the doorbell rang either. She normally disappears when that goes and hides under the bed till she feels it is safe again. 
Getting comfy! 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Toothi3es not Tootsies!

Not a Podiatry couch for me today but a dental one instead! I had broken a couple of teeth some weeks ago but with one appointment after another I just didn't get round to getting anything done. The time came round today and made one for twelve o'clock today.At least it was a painless one because no filling needed, they required smoothing off and filing down to make them less rough and all was done.  Just had to pay the £19.70 and that was it. Only thing was when I  looked in my purse I didn't have enough money but luckily Vin was there to bail me out with a ten pound note. How embarrassing :)  So his next job was to go and get me some money from the post office. Good job it is just up the road! 
Horrible wet day to start with today but has cleared up nicely now and the sun is shining through the windows now. Had to avoid the puddles going into the dentist this morning. Disn't want to get the wheels wet. :)
Little Jess is very quiet today but round and about. Vin chased her after lunch and she ran upstairs like greased lightening and under the bed. I think she knows by now it is only a joke, and she soon comes out for more! 
Very good friends really. She absolutely loves him, and he is the first choice to go to all the time.!  

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Change is as good as a Rest!

My hair has been driving me absolutely crazy for months now, and for the last few weeks I have been saying that I must go and get it cut. Well yesterday I steeled up the nerve to go and do something about it and gave the hairdressers a ring. It was the one that I used to go to quite regularly (when I had some hair!) and they are nice. I had been putting it off really because I was ashamed of the state it was in. Got an appointment for a quarter to twelve today so it was up as normal a bit of a mooch on the puter, get ready and off there.  
The woman that was doing it was really really nice and spent an age cutting it for me Trimmed all of the back and layered it a lot and did the fringe all nice and spiky. Well done Helen You have done a beautiful job there and it has made a world of difference to me. 
Home for a nice coffee, a quick cappucinno and biscuit, then up to get changed and a bit of a mooch looking for a hair wax but not much luck really. Not terribly sure what to look for actually. Oh well!Very cold today and a bit wet and rainy, almost gone back to February again except for the daffodils everywhere.  None in our barrel at the front of the house this year though, just spindly leaves.
We usually buy the mini ones but they have been a big disappointment this year for some reason.
Poor little Jessie has upchucked all over today, think it's a hair ball according to Vin. She was in the middle room miaowing then he chased her in the kitchen where there is a solid tile floor. She is now doing a lot of miaowing and even came into this room here for a stroke from me which is unusual.
Poor little girl must be miserable for her. XXX

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nothing Much doing!

It's quite funny when you don't have any appointments really. Just a lovely normal day in with lovely husband and lovely cat. It has actually gone fairly cold again today so Vin is still on fire duty. 
The only big thing I did today was to ring up the hairdressers that I go to in Formby for a cut and blow dry. I used to go there quite regularly but since I have had the health bothers it has been difficult. Actually the last time I had my hair cut was in The Royal hospital when a lady came round the wards and Vin reckoned that was about eighteen months ago!!! The hair is so thin I have been too embarrassed to go to a hairdressers but it is growing a tad now so I made an appointment for 11.45 tomorrow.  Here goes! I'm looking for a miracle really if truth were told.:) 
Vin and little Jess have been having conversations! I hear them one miaowing and the other chatting away to her. He let her out this morning while we had breakfast and she came back in on her own and upstairs to look for him. Plonked herself down in the middle of his paper and wouldn't move till he sneezed then she shot off the bed like a bullet :) She is such a timid little thing if you make a sudden noise she runs off. Aaww.
I love this one when she is really comfy and lollops all over the basket. Vin usually ends up tickling her tummy and she rolls over for more!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Podiatry Today!!

Today was centred around the appointment at the podiatry clinic at Aintree, 2.30 so that governs the day really. 
Didn't get up early because there was no need so we could have our morning coffee and cow biscuit! It's a little routine that we have :)  It was get dressed, have a little peek on the computer and then down for coffee, very nice Macchiato for me today for a change. Up to get the slap on and clothes changed, and away  off to Aintree. 
 Podiatry was a bit of a surprise really,  apparently the toe on the left foot they have been treating for an ulcer, has now become infected so they have referred me back to Mr Butcher for a consultation, so that probably means chop chop.  Ah well. 
Little Jessie went outside on her own today  and came back in too after a bit, which was good. When we went out he locked the catflap because he didn't want her to be going out on her own when we weren't there.:)

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Up and At Em !

This was the cry at Disney to get you going. This morning it was up early to go along to an appointment at Aintree for the renal clinic.That was for 10.15 so we had to get going early. Got there on time in fact early and just about parked on floor two. That is always a bother the parking,then Vin went off to get some wheels for moi, he was back in a couple of minutes which was good and we set off for the clinic. Did the weight, blood pressure etc., quickly and sat and waited outside.  Saw a nice Dr who had seen me last time when the nurse practitioner got me admitted. He said I looked better, probably because I have put a bit of weight on due to Vin's good care and nutrition. Now 56kgms which is a bit more and probably better for me. He sent me for a blood test, this time with Maxine who works alongside my namesake Jenniger. Always enjoy a bit of banter in there. 
After that it was off to the M&S retail park for a coffee at Marks. Had a lovely flat white which I like because it's a bit smaller, doesn't fill you up so much. Enjoyed that, and a look round the food area, and bought a few things there, including a three bean wrap for Vin's lunch. Jane had told him about those and he really enjoyed that.He nipped into the Next shop which is new for a quick look. Said it was huge and the Costa in there looked really good so might try that next time we go there. 
Little Jessie was still in her basket when we got home, she doesn't come to the door when we get in, maybe she will in time. 
She does like waiting for us on the stairs doesn't she. Then when you try to step over her she moves quickly and runs off. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Out with the old and in with the new !

"Twas on a Monday morning the gas man came to call"
Or so the old song goes. In our case it wasn't the gas man but the electric man, or rather two of them.  Some weeks ago a man came to fit a new smart meter, but was only here a few minutes and went because he couldn't get a phone signal. Could have told him that, no-one along the terraced road can get a phone signal, usually end up standing in the garden or sticking your phone out of the window to get anything. :)  Anyway he said the cable was unsafe and needed  replacing, well it has been there since the house was built over a hundred years ago now. 
This morning they came to do it, the girl on the phone said about eight thirty  so Vin got up early to get ready for them. Dead on eight thirty they arrived, the electric was off for about half and hour and it was done. He was very impressed. Good job. 
Of course poor little Jessie disappeared as soon as she heard them and flew under the bed upstairs, came out about an hour after they had gone for a cuddle with her daddy!
Trying to hide! She did come out eventually. She is such a timid cat, hates doorbells, even those that are on the television!
Fairly busy this week, appointments tomorrow at the renal clinic, and the podiatry on Wednesday, and the dressings clinic n Friday. not much time for us this week! No doubt we will get a coffee in somewhere!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nice and Quiet!

No outings today or appointments, but I do have one at the dressings clinic tomorrow, so we stopped in today. In between doing his chores, cat cleaning, the fire, bits of admin work Vin like to catch up on his bits and bobs.
Winnings today, were £4.01 from the football pools he does. I asked him where the penny comes from and he said it was the share of the pool!!! He's done quite well for winnings this month, £25 on the premium bonds, £25 of f the scanning firm so the total is respectable. Never anything life changing but not too bad eh!
Nice and sunny today but still probably cool, a bit like the other day really. At least it isn't wet, the winter has been a wet one this year, very little frost and no snow here but presently the fields round and about are quite flooded and the ditches are full. 
Little Jessie is quiet today, went out a bit this morning, but came back in quickly. She doesn't stay out for long if Vin isn't there.
She does look gorgeous when she is in her basket, so relaxed. Until the doorbell goes then she flies up the stairs!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Out in the sunshine!

Since uit was quite a nice day today when we woke up, and we didn't have any appointments either, we decided to go out for our coffees. 
So it was Dobbies for us. You do get a really nice coffee there and there are a few bits that we get from there as well. It is always a good place to look round, and quite spacious and since he wheels me round that is always a plus. It's funny being in a wheelchair, you can't look at things high up, or very low down and it is quite hard to pick things up if you are whizzing past them :) :) It is good fun though, and at least it enables me to get round without using the feet at the moment. 
We both had a lovely flat white which would have cost £4.50 and a bit of a people watch which is always enjoyable. Lots of yummy mummy types and older couples. and groups of women who look like sisters or good friends. Very sociable place.
Then we went round and got our bits and home by half past one.  Jane rang up to say she had been to Manchesterand got her trousers for work from Next but  not her trainers, she didn't see any she liked so will try again on Sunday..
Little Jessie was in her basket when we got her home she doesn't seem to be a cat who runs to the door to greet you. I think she has only done that once.  Very nice just before lunch she threw up all over the kitchen floor, so Vin was in clearing up mode poor lad. Then she was all over him on the sofa. 
What a nice life!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Quiet Day after yesterday.

Since yesterday turned into a busy day we had decided to stay in today and try and get back to a routine again. Everything was late yesterday, our coffees and meals were all late so it was all a bit hurried.  Today has gone nuce and quiet so far which is how we like it!
I love this picture, little Jess with Vin, who she clearly adores. She is always rubbing round his neck and butting his face. She was miaowing on the landing to wake him up for feeding this morning. I don't hear her I take them out  at night   soam deaf to the world :) Sometimes there are advantages to being deaf!!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Busy Day,

It turned out to be a very busy day in the end. It was just supposed to be an appointment at the podiatry clinic  but the phone went and it was the roofing man to have a look at the leak in the roof over the bathroom. So he was up on the roof and little Jess was keeping a very watchful eye on him. 
He finished up and went and Jess settled down then while we had our coffee. Then it was all change and out for our appointment. The back way in was still open, so Vin left me in there while he went to park. I was called in very quickly by Cathy who had a medical student with her. She was in her fifth year and was interested in forensic work.  Anyway it was keep on with the antibiotocs and another prescription for two more weeks worth. :( :(  I think I will be turning into one big antibiotic. Otherwise progress being made, dressings redone and off we went with more appointments on the card.  My secretary takes care of them. :) :) 
Little picnic in the coop car park while Vin went to get a few things and off home. 
He let little Jess into the garden for a bit of fresh air just before, and she had a good look round. As soon as he opens the door  she comes running to him.  Aaaw!