Friday, 28 June 2013

Freezing indeed!

Brrrr... and it is the First of July on Monday!! Would you belive it. I am sitting here typing this post with a t-shirt, a fleece and another round my shoulders, and a heater on and I'm still cold. mind you I am always cold! But, you look out of the window, and the trees are blowing a gale in the wind, the rain is pouring down the window, and it is really grey and damp everywhere.
We went off for our shopping this morning to Southport, to the ASDA and the Range. What did we buy in the Range shop? Yep garden bench cushions! let's just hope for some warmer weather some time soon. We have had a terrible time getting cushions for our new bench, but these are perfect. Nice dark green and £9.99 which is a good few pounds cheaper than everywhere else.
Then to ASDA which is on the same site. It's three weeks since we have been there,and it was quite quiet today which was good. We do buy more when I go shopping than when Vin goes on his own, but I buy more impulse things and more stock up items. You do seem to get a lot more for your money there than anywhere else though, and we got a great big trolley load of stuff for £60 ish. So, well stocked up now.
The little cats are inside today. Bobby is sleeping a lot and Rusty is around a bit more but not venturing out in the rain and who can bleme her.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose,
Green beans for moi and some sauteed mushrooms for Vin
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Happy Anniversary !

n the 27th June 2007 I started this blog. On the same day Gordon Brown became the Prime Minister of this country. I am pleased to say that this has lasted longer than poor Gordon. He just couldn't win could he. nothing he did was right, and he went very quickly. I liked him though.
What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, Vin spent the day in the garden painting the garden cast iron table..and a really fantastic job he made of it too, he gave the garden shed another coat of paint too, we had our morning coffee out there n ur new bench, and also our afternoon coffee and cake out there too with sunglasses and a sun hat on !
Today it is pouring down, and really quite cold. vin had soup for his lunch and I had a nice toastie.. You wouldn't think it was the same country. We turned on the tennis at Wimbledon to see what was going on there and the sun is cracking the flags as they say. mind you we did catch the weather after some news and it said there was rain coming there tomorrow.
So it was stop in today. We did a big pile of ironing , all the bedding, and other assorted bits and bobs, and Vin has done some of his paperwork. I have given him the money for the house insurance, £239 so that is paid.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer
Baby jersey royals sliced and sauteed
Remaining vegetables from the fridge
Maybe a small amount of sauce to go with them.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A nice sort of gentle day!

Turned out quite nice actually, it is sunnyish with a really light breeze.Vin is in the garden attached to his paintbrush. He has given the shed another coat of the dark green paint, so that's looking smart. Now after lunch he is doing the table and chairs. i think the colour is forest green.
We enjoyed a lovely coffee outside on the patio this morning, very pleasant, and were joined by both of the little cats too. I do have to say that this beats teaching, just do what you want when you want. great life.
I've just been doing a bit of browsing n here today, had a nice shower and hairwash this morning too. trying some new shampoo which is supposed to make your hair look thicker..Some hope! Since i had the op my hair has become so thin, i can't believe it. Tried all sorts. Presently on a volumising shampoo and conditioner but not noticed any difference yet anyway. Maybe it takes time.
Jane has just rung up she is out in the sun to get a signal, and now she is going back inside to get some work done. She has exams soon so is doing revision. Good luck to her for those.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce
garlic bread for vin
Butternut squash and sweet potato mix.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Veggie Day...

Nice sunnyish day today, so we took ourselves off to Waitrose to get our veggies for the week. Vin had his list, but with me going along as well we got a number of impuls buys as well.  Got a great selection of vegetables, they are good for veg if expensive, but you don't throw anything away from there. Vin got his cheese pasties for Friday and the rice puddings, which are really yummy. I put things into the trolley that he would not have done if he had been on his own..but I don't care! Like the Tassimo carton of Cappuchino coffee drinks ( must get a proper cappuchino cup and saucer) the box of assorted after dinner mints, etc., etc.,
We stocked up with cheese and Quorn things and came out having spent £60 odd pounds. Good side was that we were sent in the post a %10 off card to use till the beginning of July so we got £6 odd pounds off our shopping..
Came home and had a lovely sit down in the garden with a cafe Macchiato which was really nice. This new coffee machine is just absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough. £30 from the Costa site was an absolute bargain.
Vin is doing a terrific job in the garden. He is presently painting our older green cast iron table and chairs, and is really making the garden look much better.
  These hanging baskets are looking fantastic at the moment, all in full bloom.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalopes
Bread sauce
Mixed vegetablers
 Little jersey royals boiled with a tiny dab of butter.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Do i Smell Coffee?

I certainly our house anyway. Our new tassimo coffee machine has proved to be a real hit.  A total bargain from the Costa Coffee club site.. you got the tassimo for £30 and then when it arrived and you registered it with the Tassimo website you got a £20 voucher off your total order as well. So the house is fuill of absolutely gorgeous tasty real looking and smelling coffees. I have had some Americanos. a cafe macchiato, a petit dejuner, and other assorted ones. Vin has had roughly the same but more Lattes. The glasses that arrived work beautifully, and you get a real Costa coffee shop look with those as well. He has some tea type ones but not tried those yet. Yep..a darn good buy.
He has been out in the garden all day today, doing the green table and chairs which was in need of an update, and other bits and bobs.  it loks sunny out there but actually quite chilly because of a breezy wind which makes it cooler. Vin doesn't mind though, he doesn't feel the cold like I do.
I do feel sorry for him must be terrible living with someone who always needs everything repeated to. Gosh I wonder often what it must be like to have good hearing!  He has the patience of a saint..Bless him. XXX What a star!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and mozzarella,
green salad with avocado and mixed baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and mexican rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 21 June 2013

All Change!

Vin decidid that we would go over to Maghull to change my jacket that I had bought the other day. Don't really know why i bought it actually, it wasn't the style that I wanted or the colour, but I was in a bit of a dash to get something within the half hour parking. When we got home I put it on and Vin said "that doesn't suit you" so decided to return it. When I took it back to the counter the girl asked if it was just unsuitable, and I said that my husband didn't like it!!! As soon as I said that I knwe it was wrong...made him sound like a cross-dresser!!! Anyway, I got a refund so am happy with that. Went from Bon Marche to Superdrug where I got some stuff, then the half hour was up. Called in at the garden centre on the way for free coffee but to look for cushions for the bench, and a cover for the bad weather for it.  Got one there eventually, good job Vin took the measurements because a lot of them were too small.
Home for a really nice Cafe macchiato..which was lovely and looked like the real Costa thing.
We had a delivery this morning of the two Latte glasses as replacements for the broken ones. That's good service, we only sent the email the day before yesterday. Hooray, these two are perfect, and the drinks look fantastic in them.
Quite hot today with the sun shining for a change. Vin is out in the garden doing his woodwork, painting and fixing the boards to the end of the shed.Great job he is doing too.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
Tartare saucw.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ooop early...

Woke up early this morning, mainly becaise Bobby had chucked up in her cat basket. Vin must have heard her because I don't hear a thing if my hearing aids are not in. So he had got up, cleaned the basket up, hand washed it vacuumed the cat hair off it and put it to dry. She of course is now fast asleep on his bed without a care in the world!!Little Rusty has the sneezes these days too..she seems to get them in fits then doesn't sneeze for a while. Makes her poor little nose bleed too sometimes..Aaah.
The first thing that Vin did this morning after his breakfast was to start painting the shed at the bottom of the garden. Nice dark green colour...but...after a little while it started raining, so he had to come in. Shame because he likes to get things finished. So, change of plan. He decided to go to Homebase to get some paint for the cast iron table he is presently restoring, and some wood for the apex  sides of the is now a lovely shade of green..looks very smart.
When he came back from his Tesco/Homebase visit he had a Costa Latte from our Tassimo coffee machine. he had decided to try out the new Latte class that came yesterday..there were two of them but one arrived in pieces and he thought the other had a frcture in the handle but he thought he would risk it. The machine makes a FANTASTIC latte. You can clearly see the layers in the glass mugs, and he says the flavour is the same as the ones that you buy from Costa. I had a petit dejuner which is mostly black with a little top of creme. That was lovely.  Actually I do have to say I am thrilled with the machine..especially since it was only £30!!
Tonight we are having:
Crustless flan with cheese and onion
Little baby jersey royals
Small tin of spaghetti hoops
Assorted vegetables..whatever we fancy.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Downside of Internet Shopping!

Well the doorbell rang this morning with the postman who had a parcel for us. it was the long awaited Latte glasses that we had ordered to go with our coffee machine. Vin opened the package to find them wrapped in bubble wrap, and one of the packages rattling ominously. Yep it was definitely in bits :( the other glass appeared to be ok but on later examination Vin reckons there is a small fracture near the handle. So, not a good start to the day. Emailed the company and are at the moment awaiting a reply.
We had planned to go to Formby P.O. to collect the parcel that the postman couldn't deliver yesterday. Turned out it was my t-shirt ordered from QVC which is a beautiful blue and goes well with my new blue trousers and jacket.Pleased with that anyway. After collecting that we went on to Waitrose to get a few veggies that we didn't get yesterday, and then on to Dobbies to try and get some cushions for our new outdoor bench. No joy there because they were a terrible price and they only had white. Totally no use really. So thinking caps on again on that one.  Got our free coffees for the mnth while we were there, and sat outside in the sunshine for a change. Really nice out there away from the noise. Very pleasant indeed.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce mushrooms and asparagus
Garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Outing this morning...

I had a saver card from Bon Marche with a few stamps to go on it, so I had been wanting to go to Maghull for ages to use it up. So we went over there this morning..parked in the middle car park where you get 1/2 an hour free parking..I think that's vins way of regulating my shopping time :) Anyway I went in there and he went over to B&Ms to get a few things. Had a good look round and chose a jacket. I was after a light jacket for the summer and got a blue one..not sure whether I really like it though. Got another pair of blue trousers which are fantastic but might just might take the jacket back..I think it's a bit short really. With that purchase I had a card full so opted for a pair of slippers with £5 off because of the card so only had to pay £4. A bargain.
Went to Morrisons but I got a bit wilted so Vin raced round in superquick time and got all of the vegetables and the flans that we wanted. Gosh he is a quick shopper.
called in at the Ladygreen garden centre on the way back for our free coffees for the month and it was really lovely and quiet today. very pleasant. we had a look at the garden seat cushions but we weren't too keen on them. They were very thick and the padding inside of them was a sort of spongy foam which we definitey not impressed with. So, didn't get them, and came home to find a missed parcel card from the P>O> drat. Probably my T-shirt that I had ordered from QVC.
Tonight we are having
escalope with lemon and black pepper
Little new Jersey Royals
Mushrooms sliced and sauteed
bread sauce
Carrots and beans

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Doing day..

A good morning..the weather is ok so Vin had decided to spend the day in his garden getting on top of the weeds and maybe doing a bit of fence painting. However it started to drizzle a bit so he didn't do the fence or the shed, but did clear a load of weeds and said he has filled a green bin already.
Post arrived mid morning..(rubbish) and then just after he went out into the garden the doorbell rang with a delivery from tassimo with all of our coffee order. Well done them..beautifully packed, came in three days and all of the order complete too. excellent that these days with such a lot of Internet deliveries being a lottery.
So mid morning we had our we both had a petit dejuner which was really nice and worked out at about 10p a cup with the discount that we had. £20 off a £36 order !! not bad eh. We now have a big box with lots of choice.It is a terrific machine and you get all the noise of the ones they use in the coffee shops nearly anyway. Looking forward to trying them all, well all but the teas anyway..hate tea.
The music Steve Wright is playing is I can see clearly now the rain is gone...really !!
Vin is now painting the back door with a second coat bless him.. I do love him! Just looked out of the window and he isn't actually, I thought he was but he is fixing a piece of wood across the top of the back gate.I think!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza from last night
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado

potato salad for moi and sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin.
Our back garden with pots either side some of which have now gone because of the frost this Winter. the back gate at the bottom alongside the shed.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Internet Shopping!!

I do have to say this Internet shopping is very good on the whole. You can of course buy whatever you want somewhere n the net, and browse to your hearts content. I bought the other day a Taqssimo machine for making coffees, and yesterday ordered all the discs that we thought we would need from their website.  Today we were looking for Latte glasses so you can get the proper looking coffees in the glass, but tescos didn't have them. So, went online, ended up on the Amazon site where there were loads on offer,sets of two, four or six, whatever you want. We settled for a set of two with free spoons for £6.55  which we thought was quite reasonable, and free P&P too. Ordered on the i-click, and just had an email to say they have been dispatched. Not bad eh! So Vin now has a complete little coffee package.
We went off to Tescos this morning for our weekend things, fairly quiet, not too busy at all and Vin did his speed shopping but we got everything that we wanted plus a few extras.down to me and my impuse buys probably...such as the tempting little box of Maltesers for £1 that I spotted. Two big bags of shopping and petrol at the pumps spent near enough £100 all in all, so tescos did quite well out of moi today.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
A few green beans for moi and a few sliced fried mushrooms for Vin.
Rice pudding from Waitrose for afters. Yum Yum..
We have had a clematis plant outside the front door for donkey's years, and it used to have lots of flowers over the years. However,as the years have gone by the flowers have become less and less until this year there is one maybe two!! Aaah poor little flower XXX

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Deliveries and Orders!

Today the weather is back again to being cold and wet! You just don't know where you are with the weather in this country at all. I have gone back to putting a fleece on because I feel the cold anyway, could do with the cat's furry coat!
We were stopping in today anyway because i was expecting a delivery from bullens healthcare with my Colostomy stuff replacements.That meant that it was the day of the big ironing session. All of the bedding and assorted tops and shirts etc., so got that done. The delivery came mid-morning so Vin hopped off to tesco's to get some Tassimo discs to try out the new machine. You would think they would give you one little disc tot ry it out with but you can't complain, the machine was so cheap anyway!  He came back with a carton of Americano and one of Latte (Costa). One was £4.99 the other £4.29 with double the numbers of the Americano one. We tried that one first, and I do have to say it makes a beautiful Americano, very compatible to the ones you get in the Costa Coffee shops. We are both well pleased I think.
Of course the next job was to place an order on the Tassimo website which we did because we wanted to use their £20 voucher. So we ordered8 packs of all assorted types that suit both of us, Order came to £36 odd with free P&P and the £20 off that came to £16.61 and we have enough coffee to last us for around the next three years!!!! HaHa:)
Got a letter to ring for an appointment for the Colo/Rectal clinic today so rang the number and to my freat surprise got through almost immediately. The girl gave me a date for 16th April!! I said next year??and she said Oh sorry read the month wrong saw it was an A it's August. that's better.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
Mixed vegetables
The remaining Jersey Royals with a touch of spread and parsley
Maybe a bit of sauce or gravy.
My little Buddah. I love him he is always there smiling away. makes me feel happier just looking at him. i got him when I retired from school in 2000 and there he sits all weathers just looking happy XXXX

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

We are going to be coffeed up!!

Didn't go out today since we went out yesterday, so stopped in, at least I did. Vin went off to the garden centre, the old fashioned on over the line to get some plants for the barrel at the front of the house. There are two garden centres over there. One is an old fashioned one where the chap owns it and gives you advice about what you need, and the other one is the one where we get our coffees free and it's very poncy with a big gift section and you get no advice about your gardening needs, because the staff don't know anything!
He came back with a nice foliage little conifer for the middle, and some lovely purply red flowery plants for round the outside. Looks great now. Good Choice Vin.
We also took delivery today of our coffee machine. A Tassimo T 4000 that the Costa Coffee club website were selling for £30 !!! So we jumped at that, and bought one. An email came this morning to say that it would be delivered between 13.18 and 14.18 !! It actually came at 13.19 !! that's good eh. Anyway it is a smashing machine and now all we have to do is buy the TDiscs that you use with it. Lookking forward to a Costa Americano at home. Vin can have his Lattes. First we have to find a place for it in the kitchen, which might be a bit difficult..I'm sure it will fit in somewhere.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato and mascarpone sauce maybe done as a bake,
Mushrooms and butternut squash
Garlic bread for Vin.
Vin has got the garden looking great at the moment. Well done you!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Off Out..

Since we stopped in yesterday we went off out today for a change. We had decided to go over to Aintree to have a look round at the retail park. I had thought that Vin wanted to go to Homebase to get some fence paint, but he said on the way that he wasn't going there, because he didn't have his points card! I had a bit of a blip too since I had left my debit card by the computer so didn't have that either.  The intention was to go to M&S anyway for our weekly veggies so I could use their card and no problem there in the end.
Vin had a walk to Halfords..didn't buy anything, while I looked round M&S. I do have to say that I am very disappointed with their clothing. Very expensive for what it is, and thin materials and poor quality finishing. Nothing that really appeals to me. I picked up one top that looked fairly nice but then looked at the price..£29.50 ! for something that really didn't look anything special.
So..Vin found me in the store looking at jewellery!! as usual, and we went for coffee! very nice coffee..we both had Americanos.. and a biscuit.Busy in the cafe as usual, they could do with expanding's way too small. Came out and Vin spent some time looking for slippers for the house. He had a voucher for £5 off £25 which is quite good, but he only saw one pair that he liked so in the end didn't buy anything.. All i bought was a pan and a bag of tealights for the table.
nice ittle mooch round the food section to get our veggies, although it is quite hard to find anything there. Did get what we needed though, and a few extras.
Home for lunch. Vin had a leftover pizza plate with the remaining salads from last night, and I had a little cheese toastie.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with cheese and leek
baby jersey Royals with a tiny pat of butter and parsley
Mixed veggies with a hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Did Loads Today!!

we have both been busy beavers today.  On Saturday we went over to a garden centre that we often go to, to buy a companion garden bench. One of those that has two separate chairs with a small table attached in the centre. We had a £50 voucher from You Gov who I do surveys for, and a £50 winnings from the Daily Mail crossword competition, and the garden centre were doing a promotion online with a 20% voucher off garden furniture too, so we jumped at the chance and went to get ne before they sold out. Then when Vin went to pay for it we were given %40 off, so we got the bench set for just over £100 instead of £199 !!!. Bargain eh!! We also went to get Rusty's tablets from the Vets which is a roundabout route home, so killed two birds with one stone.
Anyway, Vin is refurbishing the garden a bit, well quite a lot actually, so Saturday he put the bench together. It looks fantastic! really fantastic!.
So, this morning he decided to have a good day in the garden,cleared all the top bit by the shed where their little hut has gone. replanted two of the Spirea plants that were in broken pots, that had bitten the dust in the frost.  We did the bedding today as well because of maybe rain tomorrow, so some of it is actually out on the line.<3 p="">I spent the morningclearing out the clothes in my chest of drawers. I now have two carrier bags full of clothes for the Charity shop, and a smaller pile of cotton things for Vin for his car etc., And, loads of space in my chest for more clothes to go in!!!! I do have to say that the ones I have given away are ones that are now too big for me, so not wearable for me any more. Some good stuff too, hope the charity shops get something for them.
So all in all a good day today I think. jane rang up before just as we were doing the bedding in the front room, she was in Tescos, buying soft foods to eat. She went to the dentist this morning and she has a gum infection so has antibios to take and go back next Tuesday. So she didn't want foods that will hurt her mouth.
I put £100 in her bank for her yesterday, so at least she will be able to pay for it.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce pizza cheese, mushroom and pepper for Vin
green salad with baby plum tomatoesand avocado
Potato salad for moi and cous cous salad for Vin.

This is the clematis overhanging the fence where our patio is. beautiful at the moment.


Friday, 7 June 2013


busy morning this morning. Stared off with a mystery. When Vin went out to get the paper, he came back in with a parcel that had been left on the doorstep. That was ok.,, it was a QVC one, had been opened! with a pair of scissors, then left and put on our doorstep. Wonder who on earth did that, and who it was delivered to. One of lifes little mysteries.!
Had an appointment this morning for a medication review over the way at the surgery. For quite a while my prescriptions have had big rings round the due review date, so couldn't put it off any longer. Saw a "locum" haven't seen him before, and he was one of those fairly difficult to understand ones, and spoke to the computer so I found it hard to hear him. Anyway he was clearly in a hurry, because he was rushing through everything, and I wanted to ask him about the vitamin B12 tablets that I am trying. He said you need to see your dr about those!!!! Huh...I thought he was one!! Then he did a very cursory blood pressure test and stood up ready for me to go before I had finished. Came out of there in not the best moods I can tell you! Don't ever want to see him again!
Vin had been back over to our house to see if there was any post, and to get Rusty sorted, and put my phone on charge. By the time he got back I was out..not that I had been in there long actually..
Went then to the ASDA in Southport. We wanted to go to the Range shop to get the cats a new hut for their shelter, so it was kill two birds with one stone so to speak. had a good look at ASDA and got our usual weekend things plus a few extras that we haven't had for ages.  Then it was off to Dobbies for our coffee that we were ready for and we took our own today..saved some money and didn't use our free ones up.
Phone call at lunchtime from Bullens healthcare to order my supplies for the next month. Lovely helpful girl there too, really tries hard to get just what you want.
Tonight we are having:
fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
Chips!! 200grms

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Little Mooch!

I love that word mooch! it sort of conjures up connotations of browsing or delving into the unknown regions of the stores. We went over to Taskers in Aintree this morning. it must be years since we have been there. It is a huge shop which sells everything for the home and the garden ( but not animal huts!). Vin wanted to get two plant pots for two spirea plants that are in good condition but are living in cracked pots. The pots went in the bad winters we have had, so needed replacing. he has been looking in the garden centres, particularly the two main ones that we go to for our free coffees, but they are on the expensive side, I thought that they had some reasonable ones because we used to go there years ago when we first had the garden paved over.
Fairly quiet with not a huge number of cars in the car park and not a hge number of people there either. We had a really good look at the plant pots, i didn't want plastic ones, i hate them, and actually they are quite dear for what they are anyway. We saw some that looked ok but Vin was a bit worried that they wouldn't be big enough. he had measured the old ones and decided that if he chopped off some of the roots they would be fine. We had a little bit of a mooch in the store which is really big and spread out, then went to their coffee shop for an Americano and a biscuit. very nice area too.  Went back to get the pots which are really nice actually, and a fairly reasonable £16.99. So, job done!
The garden is looking nice at the moment. He has worked well on it. I have just spent ages trying to find the pictures but can't get them anywhere. Given up now.
try again when I have a bit more time.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey kievs maybe..
Jersey Royals sliced and sauteed,
mixed veggies
Maybe a mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

getting to be a habit!

It is indeed, getting to be a habit, this nice sunny weather. No wonder the British have a reputation for their obsession with the weather. You have a six month long Winter it seems followed by a cold and wet May then some sun! What a surprise.
Vin was out in the garden this morning and doing some tidying up ready for the green bin on Thursday. He says if they are going to charge for the green bins he will make use of it while he can!  We did bits of clearing up in the extension this morning too, some tidying up there was needed and some vacuuming. The new vacuum is a bit had going I do have to say but very good at picking up the cat hairs of which there are plenty at the moment. Bobby is shedding hair like nobodies business and leaving great clumps of it all over the places she has been. Ah well if you take a cat on you know what to expect.
Actually the Vet has just rung up because Vin rang and ordered some more of Rusty's thyroid tablets, he mentioned that she hadn't had a blood test to check her levels for a while and was asking how she was. I said that she was doing ok, and he then said that they didn't have to do a bolld test, that it was recommended but but not essential, and might distress her more than necessary, bearing in mind she is an older cat. So he can collect her tablets whenever we are passing. She hates going in the caar anyway so that is a good thing. Reprieve Rusty.
Nice of him to call personally though.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a pour over spinach and ricotta sauce
Garlic bread for Vin
A few carrots to go with.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wow It's actually warm!!

Well it is quite warm today, nice and sunny with a blue sky and no cooling breeze as there has been in recent weeks.
Day started well with my lovely littlee purple pendant arriving from QVC.will go nicely with a pair of purple earrings that as yet don't have a they do, so the set is complete.  Went out to Tesco's this morning to get our weekly veggies, mainly because we were late getting up this morning, not that it matters! the cats are the trouble, with the light mornings they wake up early and wander ibnto our room and settle on us which wwakes us up so you turn over and then go back to sleep, consequently you oversleep.
Tescos was very quiet which is always a bonus, so we got round quite quickly, and got a good selection of stuff. Then I suggested we went for a coffee in their Costa which was really quiet, and very pleasant. vin had a soya latte and I had an Americano which was a medium, more like a soup bowl than a cup. too big for moi really so he had some of it on his latte.  A good chat then home for lunch.
Vin said that our nighbours the other way, not the overstuffed garden way are having agarden party on the 23rd of August!!!!  Well, that is a surprise, bearing in mind the size of our gardens. Interesting. It happens to be our wedding anniversary too..don't think we will be invited though somehow!
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalopes
baby Jersey Royals..oooh yummy
Broccoli, carrot and baby corn
Cranberry sauce and bread sauce.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Oh What a Beautiful morning!!

Well it is. the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Vin has been in the garden doing the hanging basket for the front of the house. he had some plants leftover so he put them into spare plant pots. Give a bit of colour in amongst the greenery. he ran out of compost so nipped over to the garden centre to get some and then we had a really pleasant coffee outside on the patio. very nice, the cats came out and joined us so we were all out there.

Somewhere in here there is a tired little cat who has been running round the garden all morning chasing Vin. She follows him everywhere, he went to take the wheelbarrow round to the front garden this morning and she followed him, so he had to post her back through the front door.
Didn't go out today stopped in and enjoyed the outside a bit. vin is very good a tidying up all of the plants and sorting them out. We have a lot of greenery out there so need to put some colour in for the summer sun.
Tonight we are having:
leftover pizza from last night
green salad with avocado and baby yello and red plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and celery and nut salad for Vin.