Monday, 30 April 2012

What a Difference a day makes!

Today has dawned bright and sunny but cool. Yesterday (Sunday) was an utterly horrible day. Drizzled and poured all day and quite breezy as well. Vin went into crosby and said the roads in places were quite flooded,especially little crosby where it can be bad. We decided to have a quick trip to waitrose this morning, and then use our free coffee vouchers at the garden centre over the road before they ran out. So, that is what we did, very quiet shop today and parked right outside, whizzed round and got all our veggies etc., then off to the garden centre. Bit of a browse round, but didn't see anything that I fancied so for once didn't buy a thing. They didn't make anything on us today, because we too our own biscuits and got two free coffees and that was it. Vin has been getting at me to get my "review" done at the surgery. All my repeat prescriptions lately have been having review printed on the bottom in increasingly large letters so couldn't put it off any longer really. Absolute pain! our practice leaflet was out of date, so he went over and got a new one, and made an appointment for me for 10 to eleven tomorrow! he got me in the end! While we were having our lunchwe were watching Dickinson's real deal programme ..well just after lunch with our espresso actually, and there was a chap on who had bought a bowl in a charity shop. he said he knew it was lalique!!!!! and the dealer made a bid for it. eventually getting to £300!!!! the bloke was smirking as the money was being offered, and the dealer asked him how much he paid for it. Then he said £1.50 !!!!! Don't these charity shops have any sense? he said he had only bought it four weeks ago so it wasn't like he had had it for years. terrible that, some of these charity shops need a wake up call. i suppose they are staffed by well meaning little old ladies who don't know what they have. What a shame. Our next door neighbour, the other way from the ones who have lights up everywhere, has just gone down south to see her new grandson, born las week at 10lbs 1 oz. That's a good weight. Our jane was 9lbs though, and she was a month early. Apparently he is to be called Roman ! wonder where that came from? Tonight we are having: lemon and black pepper escalope, Little new jersey royals while they are in season..lovely Mixed vegetables from Waitrose..carrots and brocolli. bread sauce.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Killing Two birds With One Stone....

As the saying goes... A couple of days ago I got a phone call from the Aintree Hospitals, about my appointment on Monday.This is the clinic that are always changing appointments or delaying them! Anyway, it seems that they are overbooked for Monday morning, and so my consultantwas holding a special clinic this morning (Friday) and the woman was asking me if I would mind putting my appointment forward to today at 9.40. So i said yes, and we decided thaat we could then go to the Walton Sainsburys up the road, so killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Somehow your body clock wakes up specially early if you know you have to get up..strange that, and in any case there was a cat sitting on my hip from quite dark in the morning. So we were ut early, and were at the hospital for 9.20. Parking today wasn't bad, usually you have to go round and round the multi storey, but we got a space on the second floor fairly quickly.Got to the clinic, weighed..the same..blood pressured..not bad..sample given in..that's ok..and then sat down to wait. often you have to wait for ages, but he called me in in a few minutes. it seems that my kidney function is stable..keep on with the same medications,forget the tablert that doesn't agree with one of the others and my next visit might be a "Virtual clinic " one. This is a new innovation, where a patient who is stable, sensible and isn't showing any problems can be contacted by phone by a nurse who will discuss procedures with you. The next visit after that would be a hospital one. it appears that I am an ideal candidate for that. Well if it saves waiting around in clinics..that's fine. Said my goodbyes to the Head Honcho, and left to get our weekend stuff. At least the Virtual Clinic would save £2.50 parking fees all the time! off to there by ten thirty..we are usually just leaving the house at that time!Got most of what we needed..just a few odd things Vin will get tomorrow, and we were sitting in the car park having a lovely cup of coffee by twelve. It's an awful long day though when you get up so early.! So that's it for another six months or so. All I have to do now is go for a medication review at the GPs next week sometime. I hate those..really hate them..and try to put them off for as long as possible, but the note on the bottom of the prescription repeat form is getting bigger now and more threatening! Ah well..bite the bullet as they say. Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers, baked tomatoes green beans for Moi and mushy peas for Vin Our fortnightly treat of chips! 200 grms.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A Drizzly Outing...

Had a little outing this morning. it was a sort of non day really with nothing planned. Vin clearly wanted to go out somewhere so I suggested that we nip over to maghull which we did. I wanted to have a look at the Bon marche store there since the ormskirk one has closed down it is the nearest. Got a pair of trousers for the house, and a bra in a fetching shade of....Purple!! Everything was 20% off today, so saved quite a bit of money. The store is wall to wall short sleeved tops and sleeveless vests etc., which is a bit oddd since the weather outside is drizzly and grey. getting ready for when it warms up I suppose. i said to the girl behind the counter that I was a refugee from Ormskirk and she said You're very welcome! Vin had some stuff to get, and I went down to the Superdrug because I had forgotten my night cream. I slap it on every night in the hopes of keeping the wrinkles at bay..but I'm probably wasting my money. Keep trying though. Tonight we are having: Something from the freezer butternut squash mashed Some squashed Jersey potatoes.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shopping Around...

We stayed in today..for one thing it was a horrible wet rainy day, plus there was a big pile of ironing to do. So i tackled that while vin vacuumed up Bobby hair which is appearing with monotonous regularity all over the carpets. Big clumps of white must be moulting season. After that he tackled his car insurance. he has had a variety of quotes and got it down to around three hundred.. anyway he saw an ad in the Daily mail money pages for a company which was offering good rates so he rang them and saved himself fifty pounds. So he is well chuffed. it offers the same products as he is getting now, and this one is cheaper than the AA, SAGA and a few others he has used. Jane rang up at lunchtime..first call in over a week. She said that her phone had broken and she had to return it, so was phoneless for a while. Also she had been ill for a few days too with some bug that has been going the rounds, and had to take a few days off work. Her exams went well but the chemistry one which she usually excels at she got 78 for because she missed out a whole question on the back page she didn't know was there. She is gutted about that, because she got a merit instead of a distinction. i don't think she will do that again!! Tonight we are having: Macaroni Cheese low fat one, Butternut squash and a bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

been a While...

Had to go to the vets in Ormskirk this morning to get the thyroid tablets for little Rusty, so we decided to go into Ormskirk as well. Nice sunny day if a tad cold, but we parked easily in Morrisons..loads of parking spaces. Firstly walked up to holland and Barratt to get our fishless fingers, they had two packets so that was good. Vin got some of his Blueberry manuka honey and that was on a reduced price so that was a good bargain too. My lovely Bon Marche shop is no more...Deep Sighs..I do miss that shop, I always bought something in there, and the girls in there were so nice. Wonder where they have gone. Terrible shame that was. The shop is totally empty and a sign "To Let" is over the shop door. probably become another charity shop!!! Walked down to H.Samuels to get a short silver chain. I have loads of 18" chains which are often just too long, and I wanted to get a short one to lie under my neck. Got one..can't say it was that cheap though, you tend to think of Samuels as being cheap but they aren't actually. Vin bought nothing he said!! sad boy!! proceeded to walk down to Morrisons to get our coffee. Their coffee is excellent, and extremely reasonable.Very busy though, and as we got up from our table there were a couple of lads waiting to take it over.. went round the store and got some stuff we didn't get in Waitrose yesterday, then home for lunch. no little cats waiting for us at the door!!! Charming...they aren't doing their jobs at all. in fact Bobby was still curled up in a ball in the middle of the bged where she was when we went out!! Nice life eh!. Tonight we are having: Crustless cheese and onion quiche Something tomatoey, A few sliced sauteed potatoes.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Takes a Bit of getting used To...

But we will get there one day. just that it isn't what I am used to and as I think I have already written..Me no like change!! Monday already, and St. George's day too. April 23rd...not that you would notice anywhere. Seems to me that a fuss is made of St. Patrick's and St. David's Day but nothing for the English Patron Saint. Shocking. Also the day when The Great bard was born and Died, unusual that to be born and die on the same date. Also the day when my Dad died too, many years ago now, of bladder cancer. lovely Dad XXXX Today we went to Formby to get our usual things for the week. Very quiet actually, and we parked right outside QWaitrose. Had a quick whizz round then home for coffee a bit later.They do have some nice veggies there I do have to say, a bit dearer than elsewhere. Well, a lot dearer actually, but you get the quality. Just tried to put a picture up of my orchid which is flowering again, but has had a bit of an accident when I knocked her off the table. Vin taped the stem for me, and it is still going, I think it is now in its fourth flowering. What a bargain it has proved to be, much better than a bunch of flowers. Tonight we are having: Escalope of some sort, mixed vegetables from Waitrose..chanterey carrots and baby broccoli, baby jersey Royals, baked mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Giants On a Sunday...

Today in Liverpool has been the street theatre commemorating the anniversary of the Titanic. We have seen bits of it on the news, the local one anyway, and the Marrionettes are amazing. There is a special programme on Wednesday night showing everything that hapened.Extremely busy in Liverpool, with hundreds of thousands expected to watch. Glad the weather stayed good for them. Vin went out for a bit this morning, there were a few things he had to get, then we did our usual crosswords this afternoon. Finished fairly early today so doing this while he is outside with a cup of tea. Bit too cold for moi outside, I prefer being in like the cats. Not much time though, so it will be a quick note. I'm still getting used to the new way of doing these on theExplorer. Have to say, I don't like it really, prefer the AOL system. Tonight we are having: Pizza, with mushrooms, courgette, pineapple and pepperoni. Egg and potato salad with avocado pear Rice salad for Vin and potato salad for moi.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Bit Of A Hiccup!!!

Well! A lot of a hiccup actually. For the past two days I have been unable to access my Blog! Deep sighs! To be honest I am a creature who doesn't like change, and this one was thrust upon me. I kept getting a message in the middle of the page when I tried to make a new post, and it wouldn't go away, or let me access my page to write my update. What a pain! Vin has eventually solved it., and it appears I now have to enter via my Internet Explorer rather than my favourites which doesn't work any more. What is most annoying is that there was no email would have been at least useful, something to tell you what to do. The whole page is different, and nothing is the same as it was. What a pain. This all happened on Thursday/ Friday..a day when loads of things just went wrong. it was as they say, "One of those days!".We had been to Dobbies on Thursday, and Vin had bought some new solar lights. When he got them home, the black plastic pegs were missing. Quite funny really, because he had picked up abut three boxes, and finally selected one..which was of course, the one with the missing bits!!! Typical. Came home and one or other of the caats had overshot the end of the litter tray, so that had to be cleared up..then the blog started playing up! Lovely day..What a performance. Today I am having a quick go on this to see if it works really, so a short blog. vin has gone off to crosby to get the naughty cats some chicken, and a few other things. Tonight we are having: Chinese Dippers with a sauce, Stir fry vegetables Egg fried rice 1/2 a packet between us Plum and ginger sauce.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Twas on a Wednesday...

The coalman came to call! We stayed in today and did bits and bobs.Vin had ordered three bags yesterday.£55 for three bags of coal now! quite a price. it is smokeless, but still quite pricey.Came at around twelve o'clock so we weren't hanging round.
I did the ironing while we waited, mostly jane's bedding and other things. I actually quite like ironing like getting the creaswes out of things.
Just listening to Engelbert Humperdink singing his Eurovision song entry..he makes a good job of it I think, and he still has a powerful voice for a seventy five year old. Good luck to him.
Next door new neighbours well him at any rate..seems to be doing something else in his garden. There are a load of flagstones in their garden and a bag of cement. He's a scream when he gets going..he puts a flag down then stands and looks at it for about five/ten minutes. Lord knows what else they are putting in there, they already have..a great big table and chairs, a swinging hammocky thingy, a chimnea, and assorted other items. It isn't a big garden iether. Oh well, maybe they just like a lot of stuff!
Little Rusty has just about come back into Jane's room, she was on the bed this morning when I was doing some typing up here. Taken a while though.
Quite cloudy and a bit drizzly today, and not warm at all, mind you I am a cold person..always coldlike to be on top of the fire. At least we have some coal now.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese onion and leek tarts,
Mixed green vegetables with mushrooms
A few boiled potatoes.
A piece of cheesecake from the weekend.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Feels Like A Monday!!

Lovely bright sunny day , but a ni in the air with it. We went to crosby to get the veggies for the week from Sainsburys. Had a half hour parking so whizzed round there getting what we needed for the rest of the week. Got my money out of the bank in the wall to replace that which I had given Jane yesterday.

Just listening to Adele on the radio "Someone like you" what a gorgeous record that is, never tire of hearing it. Saw a concert on the television a few weeks ago where she sung that, and the lights were out, and all the audience had their little mobile phone light on and swaying to the music. just beautiful. What a voice that girl has got. No wonder she has made 14 Million pounds in a year!!!
Called in at Aldi on the way back wanted to get some of those baby Toblerone bars..but they didn't have any! Typical.Got a couple of things but wouldn't like to do a big shop there, not enough choice of veggies for me.
The little cats still haven't come back into jane's room. I thought they would have been tempted back today, but Bobby is down in the middle room, in her basket that she is too big for, and little Rusty is asleep in the middle of our bed..looking very cute.
Vin has ordered three bags of coal today, will come tomorrow, and he has just been to the garden centre to get a bag of logs. Still getting fuel in therefore, a bit too early to think about turning everything off, and since we don't have central heting the fire is our main methios keeping the house warm..and us!!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with
Mixed vegetables
Hollandaise sauce with mushrooms
We did buy a bag of baby jersey Royals from Sainsburys this morning, the first of the season. Terribly expensive, but who cares..we don't buy meat.
Maybe a little portion of cheesecake!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Back In The Old Routine...

Jane has gone...back to manchester. We took her back this morning because she wanted to get settled in so she could do some of her revision before her exams tomorrow. We got up early..she didn't. left it till last minute Went back with a load of stuff from the freezer and the bank of Mum and Dad!
Very good journey both there and back a bit quicker coming home if anything.We had a coffee when we got there and although we took our lunch with us, it was too early so we had that when we got home again. I think the little cats wikll be pleased to get their room back again,they haven't really known where to go over the last few days, because they go into her room a lot actually, it's nice and least when she isn't there.
Vin spent ages getting Jane's car put right when he got there. he is such a lovely man..I hope she appreciates him, and what he does. he put new wiper blades on her car all round, and fixed the mirror inside which had come off the glass. he went out and got some special glue and a kit to do that with, then did all that when he got there. Aaah Bless.
Saturday we watched the grand National as we do every year. We have about five horses each mostly with £1 E/W bet..great big gamblers we are...Not! Great race this year, very exciting, but marred by the death of two horses that had to be put down..According to Pete, and Synchronised which was a favourite. I got excited because my horse looked like it was going to win, then a grey horse came up from the side and won by a...nostril! I was robbed..i would have won £16, but my one was second..what a shame!
yesterday was a longish day. We stopped indid bits and pieces.. Vin did his Hairdressing bit, and coloured Janes hair with a permanent dye, and also did mine with a touch up roots one. Jane's hair is quite grey, much greyer than mine actually, don't know where she gets that from!last night we had:
Pizza with our sauce mushrooms and pineapple and courgette,
Jane had a frozen Pizza Express one..she hates mushrooms!
Tonight we are having:
The remaining pizza with a titchy bit of extra cheese on
Egg and potato salad with avocado pear
Potato salad for moi and sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ladies day...

At Aintree, and they are out in their finery..enormous heels and everything. We went over to Aintree Sainsburys this morning to get our weekend things, the traffic was a bit heavier, but the store which is just up the roadd was quite quiet.
Did quite a big shop, and got some stocjk in as well.beautiful day too really warm and sunny. However when we got home there were spots of rain, and the television of Aintree races were showing lots of umbrellas up. So all the ladies in their skimpy finery would be getting wet. Big race tomorrow, so well have a go on that.There is one running called deep purple I'll have to back that.
Jane is still here, she says she is going back on Monday at the latest. The little cats will be glad to get their room back!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200 grms
green beans for moi and mushy peas for Vin.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 2 Royal Visit...

The poor little cats have been thrown out of their room and aren't sure where to go. Last night was odd..they weree both asleep n the same cushion of the sofa!! extremely unusual they never sleep together.
We went off to Formby this morning, i wanted a couple of things from the shops, and Vin wanted to get Jane a new wiper blade for her car from the car shop. We got Jane a Tesco gift card with £80 on it half each, so that should keep her going for a while.
Gorgeous day today, with racing at Aintree in readiness for the Grand Natinal on Saturday. Beautiful sunny day, but cool still, some of the ladies in their skimpy frocks must have been frozen, or maybe they don't feel the cold.
Whizzed round Tescos quite quickly, just got what we needed, and got some petrol on the way home at texaco. Vin wanted to see what it had cost to go to Manchester and back, and since the tank was full before we went a top up was required. It was around £20 which isn't bad for three people there and back to Manchester.At least it's door to door, and no waiting around for trransport.
Tonight we are having:
Kedgeree with Quorn chicken style pieces,
Eggs, curry powder, and cashew nuts.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Royal Visit...

A bit different today. We went over to manchester to get Jane to bring her home for a few days.We had orders not to go too early because she was waiting in for a new phone to be delivered, so we left the house around tewlvish and were there by around a quarter past one. traffic was fairly heavy, but lighter coming back. got home about three thirty.
Tragedy today, i knocked my orchid off the table, broke the stem but vin has taped her back together. Hope the first aid has done the trick.
Quick note today because jane is wanting to uuse the computer.
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni cheese with mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread
A few carrots.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Big Clean Up...

Big ironing session today,I did that downstairs and Vin vacuumed jane's room upstairs. Trying to get rid of cat hairs is a real problem especially Bobby ones which are white and show up keep cats so you know what you are taking n.

Bobby the white haired cat moulter...but we love yu Bobby XXX
Then the kitchen floor which hasn't been done for a few days and general clear up.
She is coming home tomorrow for few days which will be nice,wev'e got some stuff in that she likes, although the Cherry Coke that we bought last week isn't the one that she'd think they were al;l the same!
She has just rung up actually to say that she was waiting in for her new phone to be delivered today, and it didn't come, so she has organised another slot for tomorrow between half eleven and half one so she was saying don't arrive too early. It's a four hundred pound phone!!!! which she pays every month for and is an upgrade from her last one..Good grief!.
Tonight we are having:
freezer fodder..something from the freezer that will be easy,
Mixed vegetables
Mushroom sauce
Little squashed potatoes.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Extravaganza...

Well not really. We had a normal weekend with our usual evening meals. Since we don't have a family there really isn't any need for a big Sunday Lunch. We don't have Sunday Lunches at the best of times, the only day that we do have a proper lunch is Christmas Day. Saturday was quite nice but cool, although Vin didn't light the fire till lateron. Next doors have obviously bought a new barbecuse because they were out cooking stuff on Saturday..we got a brief smell of sausages coming over the wall later on. Hope we aint going to have a long hot summer of barbecues coming up HaHa.
Sunday was ok actually, Vin went to crosby, and he said there was nothing open except the Martin's newsagent, and the Costa Coffee shop..wonder if he went in for a quick one??
Crosswords in the afternoon, which weren't too bad, although Vin's one was a Jumbo oneit wasn't too difficult.
Today Easter Mondy is wet and rainy..little Rusty who jumps on our bed very early came in quite wet. Vin said she was soggy!! but he left her. She will balance on your hip and stay there quite a while till you move a bit, then she either jumps off to return a bit later, or she jumps over to Vin and goes on his hip. I wonder if she thinks she is guarding us? We watched the britain's Got Talent auditions yesterday afternoon while we were doing the crosswords, and there was an amazing little dog on it called Pudsey. Absolutely terrific, even got Simon Cowell on his feet. Wouldn't be surprised if it isn't inb the final this year.
Last night we had:
Pizza with tomato sauce, mushrooms courgette andpineapple
Egg and potato salad with avocado
Wild rice salad for Vin and potato salad for moi.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalope
bread sauce and cranberry sauce
baby baked potatoes
Chanterey carrots and green beans.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday!

Bank Holiday, and dawned sunny but coolish, but by tghetime I am typing this it is raining. We went off to get our weekend things and only went to Formby because we were late getting up, and we didn't fancy going anywhere too far. Waitrose is only around ten minutes away and we can get back for Vin's coffee.
Naughty little Rusty keeps jumping on my knee while i am trying to type thisn and it is very difficult typing round a cat's legs.Then she decided she would jump up on the printer and sat looking at me over the top of the computer..What a Minx! She is now on the bed in front of the big basket that bobby is all curled up in. Aaaah!
So, we whizzed round waitrose, and got our things, easy parking too, I thought it would be busy today.Did buy some Hot cross Buns as a sort of nod to Easter, which look quite nice, but no big Easter lunch in this house on Sunday.I wonder just how much the Easter Eggs will be reduced by next week?
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from waitrose
baked tomatoes to go with
Rice puddings from Waitrose too..Vin's favourite.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Funny how what you do determines what day it is in your mind. Today dawned bright and sunny, so we decided to go to ASDA to get the things that Jane wanted.As a result it now definitely feels like a Friday now. We had a really good look round the ASDA store, and got her paper that she uses, Cherry Coke, and lots of other things that she said she wanted. It was odd going round because we had to not think about what we usually get for the weekend.Vin went off to get a student card from the customer services desk. This is a god system where you get two cards, one that you put money on and the other that the student or daughter in our case can keep and use for shoppingin their ASDA.So we put £50 on that which should keep her going for a bit when she gets home. All she needs to do is make sure she doesn't lose the card. I said I'd go and look at the Quornstuff, which I did, then i decidd to go back to where he was to find him,, but we must have crossed and he found me a bit later. Typically, he was a bit cross about that..with a "Where were you going" sort of manner.Typical...has to be my fault! So I let him!!
Went out to the car in bright sunshine, gorgeous day. It was a bit too early for our coffee so we made our way to Dobbies because Vin wanted to get some more logs from there. We have bought their logs all Winter and they have been terrific, burn beautifully, and don't spit..kiln dried hard wood.

Rusty is a lot better over the last few days. We have been watching the "Street cat Called Bob" who seems to be doing the rounds of sites promoting the book. i downloaded a sample of the book on to my Kindle and Vin has read it, says it is quite good. It's a gorgeous cat, just sits on the couch looking so placid , sits up for a biscuit, and does a high five too. very intelligent cat that one.
Lovely cup of coffee at Dobbies sitting in the car in the sunshine. Very pleasant.
Tonight we are having:
leek and cheese escalope
Mixed vegetables
Hollandaise sauce
Little baked potatoes.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Well it's cold today. Quite a lot of snow around especially up in Scotland. Vin said one weather man was saying this morning..think January day and you'll be about right. Someone on the Delia site that I go onto had posted a picture of snow about three feet deep in their back garden yesterday and her two little kids standing in snowsuits in the middle of it. She said it seems hard to believe that they were having a picnic in the garden this time last week! Tornados in texas..what a weird world.
Jane rang up before to say she had been to the pain clinic for her follow up appointment today and got on fine. she was going to tescos to get some bits and bobsthen home to do her washing!
We were going to go out to ASDA this morning but we got up too late so didn't bother, stopped in instead and did bits and bobs, at least it was warmer. we shall have to get up earlier tomorrow!
Lovely item on the television this morning about a man and his cat. he has a book out called a "A Street cat called Bob" and the cat was in the studio, sitting beside him as good as gold and doing high fives to him. Gorgeous ginger cat. had a look at the book on Amazon but it is in hardback so a bit expensive yet, but read a bit of it and it looks really good. I'll wait till it gets cheaper.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a green bean and asparagus sauce
A bit of garlic bread

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Snow in the Highlands!

Strange old country isn't it. last week we were warm and in our lighter clothes, this week we are back with fires and warmer layers. When he brought up the coffee this morning, Vin said he had been watchibng a bit of the news and weather. There was a lady reporter up in Scotland who was standing ovverlooking a motorway, all wrapped up, and snow covering her face..she was saying that last week she was on the beach in Aberdeen eating an ice cream..Weird. it rained here this morning, but the pots in the garden can do with that, Vin said they are very dry, and as I type this it is sunny, but cold. Vin has been out to wash the back window which a bird had used for target practice, and he said it was really cold. Doesn't look it though.
Stopped in today, and this morning we cleared ut the freezer, since the bins are due tomorrow so a good chance to get rid of stuff. Surprising how much there is to clear out actually, bits left from Christmas, and lots of bits of bread, that gets put in there and not used. The birds will like that.Wanted to clear it out a bit before Jane comes home so we can put some stuff in for her. She has just rung up actually, and given me some ideas of what she we will have some shopping to do. A few things that we don't normally buy, like strong cheddar cheese, we don't get a lot of cheese any more. While we were talking on the phone there were a lot of sirens in the background..she said it looked like a bad smash, and she could see two cars badly bashed up. trouble for someone there.

Little Rusty is more settled today, and much better in herself. She definitely wasn't herself yesterday, but she is a lot better today, thank goodness.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cornish pasties from our cleared out freezer
Mushroom gravy
Carrots peas and beans.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Decidedly Cooler!

Definitely cooler today, I had my thicker coat on to go out in, have been wearing my thinner one, but Vin said it was deceptively cool today. Went out to crosby this morning to get the things for the week, veggies and stuff mainly. had our free half hour in Sainsbury's which tends to make you hurry round a bit, but there is enough time to get everything. We had one of those checkout girls who was in a hurry to get rid of us though, and threw everything down the conveyor belt before we had time to get the bags ready!! can't be doing with those types..I like to get them packed properly and not be hurried. I think she was on a go fast programme.
back in time for coffee which pleases Vin, and the boring post had arrived. We never seem to get anything interesting these days, you certainly don't get letters any more, those days have gone. All we seem to get is building society things and bank statements. I'm still waiting for one of my many competitions to come up..Dream On...

little Rusty is a bit under the weather at the moment, she was sick again this morning, and is quite quiet at present. Vin will keep an eye on her, and hope it's one of those short term things.

Thinking about letters..haven't heard from John and Ann for a bit...
Tonight we are having:
lemon and black pepper escalope
bread sauce and cranberry sauce
Little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hares and Rabbits...and April Fools Day!

1st of April already, doesn't the time go quickly,doesn't seem that long since Christmas, and here we are another school holiday.
No Dancing on Ice to watch today, so back in the routine of doing this at the normal time. Vin is presently sitting outside drinking his cup of tea, he is welcome, it's too cold for moi.It will need to warm up a lot before i get out there.
Jane rang up this afternoon on her way to work, she is putting things on a list for us to get her before she comes home! Cherry Coke from ASDA... cheap paper from Tesco, and Vin has to look out for wiper blades for her car. She said she is thinking of other things too!! HaHa..
He went out to crosby this morning to get some stuff that he wants, at least he was early today. Yesterday he went to maghull, but was very late going because Rusty had us up..well Vin up at some ungodly hour chucking up in the bedroom..fortunately on the carpet..which is cleanable. Does break the sleep though, so we were up late as a result. never mind..poor little Rusty can't help it.
I finished my first kindle book on friday..really enjoyed that too. Quite miss it at the moment. vin is now reading his broadmoor book which he says is interesting. that was a free book. I have ordered another 10th Anniversary, by james Patterson and will read that when he has finished his.
It's a great thing, and I'm glad I bought it.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with Pesto and mushrooms, pineapple and courgette
Egg and Potato salad with avocado
Potato salad for moi and coronation rice salad for Vin.