Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes!!

As I type this, looking out of the window of the room the computer is in, there are clouds of smoke billowing everywhere. It's very odd, because you don't see bonfires like you used to do years ago.

Just beyond the shed at the bottom of the garden there is a piece of land between our row of houses and the larger houses at the back. It is landlocked so cannot be built on, and belongs to the house that the Dentist uses two doors down. We have always called it "The Plot" and there are app;e trees on it, and the cats around often wander round on it. There must be someone burning garden rubbish on it at the moment, because it looks quite Autumnal. I love the smell of garden smoke..better than next doors cigarette smoke anyway.
We went for a mooch this morning. We had a few things to get anyway, the cats needed their chicken, and I wanted some things. So we went over to Ormskirk which was really quite quiet. Not many people around, and the shops I go in were quiet. Thursday is Market Day in Ormskirk, so it is much busier, Wednesday is a good day to go. It was quite cool actually, and I noticed a fair number of people with coats on, I had my lighter silver coat on and wasn't over warm either. Mind you I am always cold! Got the last two packs of fishless fingers in Holland and Barratt, and had a look in Waterstones at books. I have a couple of book vouchers I have had for ever, but haven't seen anything that I really want yet. That's the trouble with vouchers, you never know what to spend them on when it comes down to it.
Had a nice coffee in Morrisons..Beans-to-cup..and very nice it was too. Also cheap, they are actually cheaper than anywhere, and you get a proper cup and saucer or mug..not those horrible plastic containers.
Home for lunch, and Vin is in the garden, and in the front fixing his car.
Tonight we are having:
With a pea, asparagus and green bean sauce,
A little bit of garlic bread
A dusting of parmesan.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Mr Fixit Does His Car...

We did get up a wee bit late this morning, so decidid not to go further afield. It was too late to go to ormskirk for example. So I said i'd do the ironing which has been lookking at me all weekend, and Vin decided to go and sort his tyres out. His MOT is due soon and he knew he needed two new front tyres which he has been pricing up for a bit now. The national Tyre Company in crosby had the best deal so he rang them up and they had some in. The tracking was a different matter. they were charging £27 whilst Formby Tyre were only charging £12. So his plan was to get his tyres in Crosby then go to Formby to get the tracking done. So offf he went. I stopped at home with my trusty ironing board and iron!!
He rang up a bit later to say that they were doing the tyres, and they had asked him whether he wanted the tracking done. he said he had a cheaper quote from Formby tyres for £12 so they said they could offer him their best deal of £14 !! So he got that done there saving a load of money. Martin Lewis would be proud of him. At the moment he is re-doing the back licence plate which is a bit damaged, and his side wing mirror which seemed to crack in all the really cold weather in january. Then there are wiper blades which he cheats with. he has a set of new ones which he keeps for MOTs and then puts the old ones back when it's over. They are perfectly good but just to be sure he swaps them.
Not heard from Jane for a few days, she didn't ring on her birthday, and I have rung her phone but keep getting Orange answer ..leave a message tone. I hate those.When it comes down to it, I never know what to say. usually end up leaving some garbled message.
Tonight we are having:
Toad-in-the-hole with Quorn sausages,
Mushroom gravy,
Carrots peas and green beans.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday Monday!!

And a typical one too. We woke up this morning to the usual August Bank Holiday weather. Cold, wet drizzle and blowing wind on the trees. looks more like Autumn than Summer. It's been like that for most of the day actually. We put the heater on in the middle room for a bit, and the cats came from nowhere to sprawl in front of it. At least Bobby did, she loves the warmth. She hasn't been outside today, not even on top of her hut which she loves.
Vin has got his Mr Fixit hat on again. he says the stop tap to the heating tank, the smaller one has a tiny drip now, so he has taken it off to take it down and service it. He does do things properly does my Mr Fixit. Bless him.

It's the little tank to the right of the main one.
He has just come up to say that he can't move the stop tap, so he'll get a new one. What a good job he bought the loft ladders the other month, he has been getting good value from them the last few weeks.
I wonder what other people do on Bank Holidays? I suspect quite a lot stay at home since the village is very quiet today.Makes a difference when there is noone parked for the Dentist's and noone parked for the Chemist. Then there are the cars that are usually parked to go to the train. So the road is quiet , more like a weekend.
Tonight we are having:
Green beans and carrots
Potato croquettes
A little mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quiet for a Bank Holiday Weekend!

Nothing much doing in our house this day. Vin decided to go and get a couple of things he needed to finish off the loft, so he went off to Crosby to a good Do-it-Yourself shop there. Didn't feel the need to go with him today as I did last week. Crosby isn't exactly the most interesting place in the world to go to, and it is dire on a Sunday. He went with a little list of things to get for tomorrow so we are all set, and don't need to go out at all tomorrow.We tend not to venture out on a Bank Holiday..too much hassle. He had a list of about four things to get, and that is exactly what he came back with! Would have been a very different story if I had gone.
We have been catching bits of the news today about the Hurricane in North America, currently travelling up from New york towards new England States. The strength of it has waned somewhat, and it is now categorised as a Tropical Storm, but still High Winds nevertheless. We have been in America when there was a Hurricane scare, it was Hurricane Andrew I think, and it was really interesting watching it on the television. They go into the minutest detail. They do tend to panic though, everythi g was shut down, all the Disney rides and the stores rapidly run out of water and boards and things like generators. In the event it didn't hit where we were, but further down. Mind you when you consider what happened when Katrina hit New Orleans they have a right to panic.
The crosswords were really quite easy today. Vin finished his in record time,mine had one which foxed had to look it up. Suddenly, in musical direction. 6 Letters..I had ?u?i?o. The answer turned out to be SUBITO. Well who would know that?
Tonight we are having:
Pizza, but a bit different. Vin wanted to do a pesto and mushroom one.
Egg and potato salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado.
Potato salad for moi and a couss cous for Vin

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Happy Birthday Jane...

Happy Birthday Jane. 28 today...So far she hasn't rung up, and her phone is on answer message, but she's probably busy. Might even be working, I'm not sure.
I hope it isn't too bad where she is in Manchester, the day started very wet and rainy here but has cleared up and is quite nice now.
Vin went out this morning to get some stuff, and said it was quite warm as the morning went on. He called in at the garden centre over the bypass, to see if they had reduced the price of the wooden seats that I fancied. They haven't. Why is it that the things you don't want are reduced, but the things that you do aren't. Typical. Talking of garden centres..Dobbies the other dday were beginning to get ready for Christmas. They had a sale section with last years Christmas Candles on it, and some of the cards and wrapping papers were out. Gosh it must be awful working in a shop like that, you never stand still. Always some seasonal thing to get ready for!
He is up in the loft again measuring the space between the joists for insulation. You would expect them to be the same, but they aren't. Some are 12" some are 14"..he says "No problem" Definitely got the house fixing bug now!!.
I wonder what Jane is doing? we used to have such good times when she was young. mostly we were on holiday, so we would arrange something special to do on the day. best times were in Florida, in Orlando where she could choose which Disney thing she wanted to go on. and which place to go for dinner in the evening.
Can't believe it is 28 years ago since we had her. 9lbs and a month early..she should reaklly have been born on Sept 21st. She has always said that it was a pity she wasn't a few days later on the 1st of Sept., then she would have been the oldest in her class rather than the youngest. Ah well these things happen.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Goujons with a sweet and sour sauce,
Stir fry vegetables
1/2 a packet of rice each.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Packages and Parcels...

Everything seemed to come at once today. We just arrived back from our weekend shopping and had let ourselves in when there was a toot from over the road. The lady courier had brought our Yankee Candles that I had ordered. I love Yankee Candles. the "Flavours" are lovely and I often have a number in the bathroom and in the kitchen and living room. Just love candle scents.
Then after our lunch..I had a really nice potato and egg salad and Vin got a meal deal from Sainsburys..A mozzarella rocket and pesto sandwich on malted bread, a bag of baked crisps and a bottle of diet pepsi for £3. The doorbell went and it was the book people with our order. i have a multi pack of Hamish McBeth novels by M.C.Beaton and Vin has a book about tracing your family tree. So everybody is happy.
We went over to the Sainsburys in Walton this morning to get the weekend things.Bank Holiday weekend so we were expecting everywhere to be busy but it wasn't actually, the shop was quite quiet. No kids running around, maybe they are finishing off their holidays. Got our stuff for Saturday night and Sunday.and a few things to keep us going on Monday. Funny thing..I haven't noticed the furniture sales adverts on the television recently, maybe they are saving those for Christmas.
Vin is in fixing mode again and has his "Plumbers hat" on again. For some time now the water hasn't been draining in the washbasin in the bathroom. This is despite putting bleach etc down, and special sink unblockers. So, he decided to unblock it this afternoon. What a job!! it was full of gunge, I suppose years of soap and shaving foam etc.,Yuck! I said it was a good job we didn't have a house with three bathrooms! Not sure whether he wants to be a Plumber now after all. Still Mr Fixit is doing a sterling job.
I wonder what his next project will be?

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Green beans for moi and mushy peas for Vin
Chips..200grms between us.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Seems like a Spending Spree!!

Firstly we went to Dobbies to see what they had in their sale, and to get our last free coffee for the month! On the way Vin said he was running short of petrol so we stopped at the BP garage, and that cost me £40..not that I mind all the running around clinic appointments he does for me. Called in at the tyre depot on the way because he wanted to price up two tyres for his MOT coming up. £50 each, which is quite normal he says, because he has had a few quotes. Then tracking n top which is up to £29 !!
Diversion on the way to Dobbies which as usual takes you "round the mountains" added about ten minutes on to the journey. Had a bit of a look round when we got there..unfortunately no wooden seats only benches that we don't want. I want one of those tete-a-tete benches with a little table in the middle. They had some in the other garden centre that we go to, but they weren't on sale yet. Got our coffees. Vin has a "Flat White" and I have an Americano. Great big SALE signs all over in big red and white letters sayibng buy me buy me! Mostly resisted till I spotted a nice regatta chech shirt for Vin at %50 off a good £10.He muttered a bit saying I've got enough shirts..but I said I ironed one for him the other day and it was so thin you could practically see through it. So we got that. Then he spotted some new table mats that were proper Melamine and most important for him made in britain. We currently have Portmeirion on the table but they have become very wrinkled and worn so did need replacing. Since these were %50 off as well got those. So..the free coffee turned into a bit of a spending spree.
Called in at Waitrose very quickly on the way home to take back a box of crackers. I had opened them on Saturday for our lunch and they were all crumbled and broken. Since you do pay over the odds for Waitrose stuff we decided to return them, and we got double our money back which is very nice. Got the few things we needed and came home for lunch.
Very pleasant lunch, we had the remaining salads from last nights meal and half of a cheese and onion quiche between us that Vin had spotted in the reduced section. Lovely.
Went really dark here this afternoon, looked like it was going to thunder etc., but went over and cleared up. Cool though.
Vin is up in the loft again...titivating!! He says he is checking things and sorting out some more rubbish etc.,

Looks all ship shape to me anyway.
Talking of ship shape. There is a little gem of a programme on BBC4 on a Wednesday night at 8-30. Timothy Spall and his wife Shane taking a barge..The Princess Matida around the coast of the briti Isles. Last week the programme was about Liverpool and up the North West coast. He had a look at the Anthony Gormley statues just up the road from us.

They are beautiful. Really make you think. Anyway, yeaterday they were on the Isle of Man, then went to Ireland then to the beginning of Scotland. Wonderful programmes. Even the Queen watches them!!

Tonight we are having:
Cheesey kievs
Mixed gree vegetables
Potato croquettes.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Vin...

And he is having a very well deserved breather today. I gave him two cards, one from me with a card from M&S in it so that he can get himself a treat or two, and three lucky dip lottery tickets for tonights draw. Well you never know! The other card was from the cats! we always do that..silly, but it doesn't matter.
The postman arrived earlyish for once and brought ..surprise surprise some cards from Jane. Now this is extra special, because she doesn't do cards. So that was nice. Also a lovely Anniversary card from Judy (who I sometimes send books to) which was lovely, and then ..wonderful timing! a parcel from John and Ann in Perth!!! Arrived today and posted on the 19th in Australia. now that's good going isn't it. A cute little ornament, one of those that has dangly legs that hang over a shelf, a book to put photos in and some cards. Also a card and little present for Jane which was a bit of a shame because we had just a few minutes before posted our cards to her for her birthday on Saturday.

First the fence which Vin put up last week. beautifully done too and as firm as a rock, no wobbly fences in our garden!

This shows the end of the wall between the houses where the concrete post was crumbling, and the top of our neighbours sort of conservatory, and the side of the dentist's house just beyond.
Now the loft and the work Vin has done to install the new cold water tank..

This is the old tank with the pipes in front which someone had lagged with old cloth!!Loads of straw which had been used to keep the rafters from frost I suppose which Vin got rid of.. about five or six bags full.

Now the new..Old tank out of the way, and new tank installed. Just look at the copper pipes and all the connections all soldered and flux cleaned off. new wood underneath so there isn't any overhang like on the old tank on the right hand side.I think he has done a fantastic job..I'm so proud of him. When he was doing it he kept saying..look all the secondary Modern School metalwork lessons came in useful. He's right too.He should have gone to Grammar School, can't imagine why he didn't. He should have been a scientist or a Pharmacist or something like that. Funny how life turns out really.
Tonight we are havving:
Vin's Choice since it is his birthday..
Spinach and Ricotta Pizza from M&S,
A side salad with baby plum tomatoes and pasta salad and potato salad,
Bannoffee Cheesecake which he fancied from M&S.
So..Happy Birthday my Darling..I Love You XXX

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Happy Anniversary...

Firstly, a very strange writing yesterday. I wrote a long piece mainly about the saga of the tank, only for it to dissapear when I pressed submit post. Sometimes happens like that, I have no idea why, I didn't do anything that I don't always do. Gremlins I suppose!
Well he finished the tank at about sevenish with all the water connected, upstairs and down all running smoothly. What a Star!! I'm so proud of him. Must admit I was a bit worried when he said he was going to do it..but I shouldn't have doubted him The tank is in place..all pipes attached joints soldered and everything connected. Brilliant! must have saved us hundreds. He finished off with a good hot shower to clean all the loft grime , and a good dose of Neutrogena hand cream to soothe his Plumbers hands!!HaHa. He says his legs are tired today with the crouching and kneeling so he is having a breather today..very well earned too.
Started this morning with an appointment over at the Surgery with the Nursey who was supposed to do my blood pressure..which she didn't, take some blood which she did..and a Diabetic check which she didn't. Sat in the waiting room from ten to ten when my appointment was until quarter past ten when I went in. So a bit of a waste of time really. One youngish man..good the waiting room spent the whole time on his phone clicking away with his thumb..then another youngish woman came in and started doing the same. Good grief..maybe they were having the surgically removed!
Then went from there to Ormskirk for a bit of fresh air. We wanted to pay some money in for Jane's birthday..she has bought a new lap top and also needed some software for it and some new shoes and clothes for college. So she is sorted..she rang up before to thank us which was nuice.
Went to M&S to get something for our tea and also something for Vins Birthday meal tomorrow. He chose an Italian Meal deal which was a Spinach and Ricotta pizza, some garlic bread and a side salad. he also chose a cheesecake pudding as well
, so naughty treats for us over the next two days. Got some of our fishless fingers from Holland and Barratt, they haven't had them for ages, and a book from W.H.Smiths. never go in there, but vin wanted to look at something and i spotted a James Patterson thriller for half price on offer.
Home to two little cats waiting for their chicken in their beautiful new collars and tags.
Tonight we are having:
Butternut Squash tarts with potato croquettes and mixed green vegetables
Rice puddings which we didn't have at the weekend.

Monday, 22 August 2011

It's T Day...

Today is T-Day..or Tank Day. All of Vin's preparations and work is coming together today. He is fitting a new cold water tank in the loft!!I'm so proud of him..he has always been good at fixing things but this is a big project even for him. He has been up and down the ladders to the loft all morning and half the afternoon doing the necessary work.
The first thing he did this morning was to fill pans and the bath with water so we had some spare, then the water was turned off. He emptied to eld tank, and brought down four or five buckets full of the filthiest sediment you have ever seen!!! The new tank has a lid on it, the old tanks didn't have to have that. Vin said there was all sorts in it..including insect wings!! Then I thought..if there are insect wings in it where are their bodies? Yuk!
He has done all the pipe work and all the soldering, he did that outside so it wasn't done in the loft itself. He has a lamp around his head, he said he got from a cheap shop for £1.99 a couple of years ago and he looks like a miner.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Out and About...

Vin started wriggling early this morning and started chatting, so he went to get our coffees (he has a large mug, I have a really tiny one) and we had a bit of a natter till we got up about ninish. After breakfast I decided to go into Crosby with him this morning because I wanted to get Jane her birthday card and also Vin's card too. Made a change going out on a Sunday because he usually goes on his own to get his stuff. he had a couple more things to get for his big plumbing job tomorrow so I went into the card shaop while he did that. I sat on the seat outside waiting for him and a man in a beige anorak/jacket walked past me about three times. I wonder if he had arranged an assignation? and was waiting for a lady in a blue jacket, or maybe he was just being friendly. Who knows?
The object was also to go round Sainsbury's to get some veg to tide us over till we go out again on Tuesday, and leave Vun free all day tomorrow to do his work.
I have an early appointment with the dreaded nursey on Tuesday, so we will go somewhere then.
In Sainsburys car park you get 1/2 free parking..even on a Sunday!!!and Vin was a bit annoyed that we had only gone over the 1/2 hr by fifteen minutes so it cost us 770p. Would you be bothered..No!! He went round to the Barnardos shop which is always open on a Sunday..and was quite busy..I sat in the car listening to Michael Ball while he went in. Came out with a brand new pair of shoes which cost him £5 british made too and leather uppers..should have been £45..and he is worried about 70p!!!
Rusty and Bobby have had a makeover..they both now are showing off beautiful new collars and tags. I'll get Vin to take a photo asap. Rusty red tag and Bobby blue tag. Actually when Rusty went missing about five years ago now the person who found her spotted her tag so they are useful. our cats have always had collars i think they look loved with a collar.
Tonight we are having:
Our pizza with portobello mushrooms tomato sauce and pineapple,
Egg and potato salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado.
Potato salad for moi and cous cous for Vin

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Vin was on a washer hunt today. He needed a specific washer to go on a fitting on the tank, so he went to Homebase to get one, but theyid't have what he wanted. He knew of a place over in Aintree and was going there, so I said what about the place you went to yesterday. He didn't think they wouyld be open, so rang them up. They were closing in fifteen minutes so off he hurried. Got there in time and they had exactly what he wanted, saving him quite a journey over to Aintree.
New neighbours have nmoved in next door, and have already put a line of washing out. That was quick!! Trouble is, it started raining rine at first then quite heavy, and the washing is still there! I don't know what it is about that house, everyone in it seems to leave washing out through the rain. Don't get it. You do a load of washing..get it all smelling nice then leave it out in the rain!! Not like there isn't anyone there because there have been people in the garden all day. Poor little Bobby, who was trying to get either in or on her hut came in drenched..absolutely drenched! I had to get a towel to dry her off. She looked really funny with a towel draped round her.
Vin says the leak has dried up in the tank..he doesn't understand it. Nevertheless he is planning to do the big tank installation on Monday.
Tonight we are having:
Thai green curry with quorn pieces
Stir fry vegetablesand
1/2 a pacxket of basmati rice.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Can't Leave Him Alone For a Minute!!

Went to Waitrose this morning for our weekend things.It is only about fifteen minutes away in Formby if that. Car park quiet and we parked right outside even though it was well mid morning. Definitely the holiday season, makes a big difference.
Vin had his list of what we needed and I just go round and pick up what I want! He left me to go off to get a courgette for our pizza on Sunday, and came back to say he had been chatted up by a blonde woman in the vegetable aisle.

Well he's not bad is he!! Pity about the pumpkin..looks like a time bomb!
They had a conversation about the fact that a plastic bag that you put vegetables in costs 1p !! You wouldn't think that but it does!! If you weigh a courgette on its own it will cost 1p less than if you put it in a plastic bag!! Isn't that amazing.. Surprised me anyway.
I do like shopping in Waitrose but...
1. It is very Posh..
2. Everything is a lot dearer.
3. They have an array of exotic cheeses etc., but they don't have my Dairylea light spread I put on my rice cake in the morning!!
4. The shop is so practically need a thermal vest in there.
Next door new neighbours are moving in this weekend. He has been in the garden all afternoon erecting a huge garden of those with glass and a metal edge,and six big chairs surrounding it. Nearly fills the garden!
Vin has been varnishing his wooden boards to go under the tank in the loft. He says he is going to do it ion Monday because he needs a full working day to do it. Well it is a tricky job.
Tonight we are having:Cheese and Onion pasties from Waitrose,
Rice puddings from the same..

Thursday, 18 August 2011

All Tanked Up...

The cold water tank is still leaking from underneath. Poor Vin had to get up twice during the night to empty the container he has put under it. I didn't hear him because once I take the hearing aids out I'm dead to the world. He will be tired tonight.
The plumber rang up quite early with the price for doing the work, but Vin had already decided to do it himself. The plumber didn't mind, he is a really nice bloke, and said he had a tank that he had just taken out of a house which was nearly new, and the size he wanted. He was going to take it to the tip and said he would deliver it here, saving us an arm and a leg. He said he would drop it off too..what a nice man. Vin was thrilled to bits because he hadn't been sure where to get one from so it saved him looking around. He had the fittings and went to a place in Crosby to get some other things. Of course the plumber arrived with the tank just as we were about to leave for my hair appointment but no matter...we got there.
I had a new girl today, called Rio..very unusual name..she was called that when she was born she says. My lovely Laura who I had really got used to and had for quite some time now had left aopparently two weeks ago, to spend more time with her daughter Ava. Still, Rio did a good job and cut it the way I wanted. We had a bit of a spat in the car after Vin had picked me up. He said it was a good cut, and then said that was it the same sort of style..pudding Basin!!!!!! I could have smacked him!!! Not what you want to hear when you have just spent £30 on a hair do. So there was sulks from me on the way home via Waitrose. I shall put it down to the fact that he was probably tired from a disturbed night's sleep. Less than tactful though.
He has just rung up from Homebase where he went to buy some plyboard to rest the tank on. It had been put onto a piece of wood between two joists which is wrong apparently, so he is going to put that right. I shall nip down and put the coffee on for him.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey Kiev
Carrots with green beans
Sliced fried potatoes 8oz.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Vin has the Bug..

Good and proper. He was up with the lark this morning before I was awake, and tackling his fence panels. He bought two really nice panels in a sale from the garden centre and the fence post yuesterday.0So, he was up this morning fixing them properly. I must say that he has done a great job too,I'll get him to take a photo as soon as poss. He then put three new hanging basket brackets on our wall too, so they will be pretty when filled. He was going to put four there but I said it would be overkill, so he decided on a tasteful three.
Now we have a problem with a leaking cold water tank in the loft, so he is going to replacve that with a new one. he has convinced me that he knows what he is doing..and he does. He knows a great deal does my husband, and when he get going on one of his "projects" he dioes them well.
He has just come back from Formby where he has looked at tanks, and come back with a new outdoor light so that will be another little project...
All i did, was clean the top of the cooker, clean the brasses at the front of the house, and started a letter to John and Ann in Australia. Very mundane.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a spinach and ricotta sauce
green vegetable medley
A bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Calm and Calmer!!

Early awakening this morning. The doorbell went, not that I heard it..poor Vin had to jump up to answer it, and it was the delivery of injections that I take every two weeks. Aranesp...something to do with the absorbtion of iron in the body. Horrible little injections they are as well..I do my insulin twice a day and don't think avbout that at all, but this one really hurts, Hate them..good job it is every two weeks. Funny little syringes too, you open it up, insert the needle press the plunger then remove and the needle springs back into the syringe. Very clever. Anyway, that got us up early.
I had an appointment over the road at the Dr's with the nurse for a Blood Pressure test, so Vin went to see if he could get his fence post. Nothing at Homebase, so he decided to go to the Garden Centre over the bypass to see if they had what he wanted.And , of course, to get our free coffees for August.
Nursey was quite pleasant, did my BP twice and chunnered away to the computer screen. I did keep telling her to speak up a bit, and eventually gave up. Just not worth the hassle.So I sit there saying what I think is yes or no in the right places..Scream really, they must think I'm a complete eejit!! What they should do is red fl;ag on your computer notes to:
1. Look at the patient when you are speaking
2. Speak clearly, not necessarily loud or shouting
3. Remember not to look at the computer screen when discussing notes, medications etc.
So, Nursey was asking me about the Diabetic clinic and when I last went, which was february, so she said that they need to do the follow up appointment..Oh God..another one!! So she makes an appointment for next Tuesday...Once they get you they really get you!!
Went from there to the Garden Centre.. very busy and noisy, and full of couples with men in beige anoraks..Vin said he is never ever going to buy a beige anorak! He has been looking for a new summer jacket for years but hasn't found anything that he likes. There actually does seem to be an awful lot of men's Beige coats out there.
At the moment he is up in the loft again because he suspects that the leak in the bedroom has started again. The problem was with the water tank which was repaired some weeks ago. So he is cjecking what is going on.
Tonight we are having:
Cornish Pasties with gravy,
Green vegetable medley
Squashed potatoes.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Watching the proceedings...
Vin's fence panels arrived this morning, and they are really nice actually. He has beenmost of the afternoon erecting them and has made a good job of them too. The old fence panels had the dreaded Ivy growing in amongst them, and he showed me some of the tree trunks. Terrible stuff, it has got behind the fence post and has crumbled it awa. He has filled our Green Wheelie bin for this week with what has come off the two panels!I would never buy a house with Ivy growing on it, it gets everywhere and into the brickwork and ruins it. Ours are just little wooden panels but they are ruined with the stuff. So vin has got a great bargain actually, 2 panels for £58 and the man delivered them too. They are called "Grange" very posh..
Funny thing, I just heard on the news that the fences at Aintree Racecourse where the Grand National in run are being altered to make them smaller. This follows the deaths of two beautiful horses this year. They are making Beechers Brook safer and one or two others.
it all seems to be fences today!!
We nipped into Crosby to the Sainsburys to get our veggies for the week. You get half an hour free parking, and by the time I had walked down to my bank and went round the shop the half hour was up, and we didn't dawdle either. So from there back home for Vins coffee..but I think he was keen to do his fence really. They are really nice panels though,with a curve over the top, pity they only had the two really. He says they are part of his plan for the refurbishment of the garden..Bless Him..

My beautiful Orchid, still in glorious flower after nemerous weeks. Amazing flowers.
Tonight we are having:
Potato Croquettes
Mixed vegetables and a mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weekend Doings!!

Both days this weekend have been really nice and pleasant. Quite sunny but with a breeze as well so not too warm.
As I type this Vin is sitting outside with his mug of tea (which he is welcome to!). He went out this morning to get his things from Maghull, and he wanted to have a look at some fence panels that he had seen in the smaller garden centre over the bypass. He spotted them yesterday, but wanted to check the measurements.We have fences either side of the garden and the ones on the right between us and our new neighbours wanted replacing. Someone a bit ago planted ivy plants there, and they have pretty much destroyed the fence really. Vin has removed the ivy a bit deviously and he went today to have another look at the fence panels. Turned out that they were the same size so he bought them. Bargain price at £27 each!!!. They only had two left, which is just what he wantedd, so they are being delivered tomorrow.
We did our crosswords quite quickly this afternoon. I love that time on a Sunday afternoon after lunch when we sit down to do them. Keeps your mind going tooAlways did like doing puzzles, I remember doing the Sunday Express crossword with my Dad when I was young,but we didn't have the Internet to help out in those days. Not like these days, you type in a query and the answer is there is a matter of seconds. Mind you we only use the computer to get the really hard ones, or the ones we just can't get from the reference books.
Jane rang up last night to say that she was on her way to work, and it was quite quiet in the middle of Manchester. I did tell her to be careful on the way home though. She said she wasn't wearing her hoddie today!!!
Tonight we are having:
Our Pizza with our tomato sauce
Portobello mushrooms pineapple pepper for vin and emmenthal cheese.
potato and egg salad with avocado
Potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Good Result...

Nine O'Clock this morning we had a phone call from Chris (The Rock Star looking vet) to say that Rusty's thyroxin levels were 39 right slap bang in the middle of what they should be. So, pat on the back for Vin who remembers to give her the tablet every twelve hours, and makes sure she is up to date with them. Very good turn around i do have to say..24 hrs from blood taking to result, certainly better than mine which take about two-three weeks.
We didn't fancy going too far afield for our weekend things so decided to go to Waitrose, which is only about ten minutes away in Formby. This waitrose used to be a Safeway, then a Morrisons then the Waitrose. Do have to say that I wish it were still a Morrisons, I love that shop. Waitrose is very expensive really and very well Posh!! However, we whizzed round with Vins list, and got just what we needed and no more, well a few impulse things as well to be honest. very quiet, I think half of Formby is on holiday.
Fortunately, just as we were leaving in the car, the postman in the van with the parcels yelled over "I've got a parcel for you"..It was the order that I had placed a bit ago for two Thomas Kinkade Wall Calendars, one for us and one for a Christmas present for John and Ann in Australia. They are absolutely gorgeous calendars and make really good presents.

The pictures are just beautiful, he is such a gifted painter every month you get real pleasure from looking at the picture for that month. I think they are good value too, come in a lovely cover and would make a good present for anyone hard to buy for.The advantage of going close to home is that we were back in plenty of time for Vin to have his cup of coffee..I swear he would have it piped through his veins if he could...
next door (new neighbours) had vertical blinds fitted today, upstairs and down and front and back. Not sure they go with these types of housesm they look a bit office like, but each to their own taste. They are the only ones in the row with blinds which says something I think. Oh well. She who is always having something done is quite quiet at the moment.. No work and no garlic either..She's slipping..
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose,
Butternut squash and broccoli
Maybe a couple of potato croqueattes and a bit of tomato sauce.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Up With The Lark...Again...

Twice in one's getting to be a havit. Today we had to take little Rusty to the vets for her blood test. She has a Thyroid problem and has a tablet every 12 hours. So, every now and again she has to have a blood test to monitor her levels. Off we went because we had to get her there by about 8.30 and it's a half hour drive over in Ormskirk. They took her in and did the blood test and the Vet called us in afterwards. he was nothing like you would expect of a vet, looked more like a rock star, long hair tied in a pony tail. You could imagine him in wellies at Glastonbury, and he speaks so quietly that I can't understand a word he says..what with being as deaf as a post. Anyway Vin told me after, that he said she has lost a bit of weight,400grms..but she was doing fine. We get her results in a day or so, not like mine which take two weeks. But there again, I don't pay £80 for the privilege either!!
Home by 9 O'Clock ish, so we had our breakfast..all of us including Rusty who isn't allowed anything after midnight.
We needed some chicken for the cats and some Quorn deli range for our lunch so we nipped out to Formby. Called in at Waitrose for a really really quick shop and our pasties for tomorrow first, then to the dreaded Tescaw.. Hate that shop, but they do have a good range, and better than Waitrose.Got our things and we were home by 10.30. Good Grief...isn't it a long day when you get up early!
Vin is in the garden checking the roof of the extension, it appears we have a small leak under the tiles which became apparent yesterday when the rain was lashing down. He says it needs the lead flashing doing . It's still cold here today, nost people out in coats..Where is that long hot Summer they were talking about in the Spring? Hah!!
Tonight we are having:
Small potatoes sliced and sauteed,
Mixed vegetables
Maybe sausage Rolls to go with.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Rain Stopped Play...

What a Day!! You would not believe that it was the middle of Summer and the second week of August. The trees are blowing a gale, and the rain is lashing down on the windows. Thankfully, we didn't have to go anywhere today, so we stayed indoors. One of the big benefits of being retired..yoou can do that.
I do feel sorry for anyone on holiday in this weather, it isn't what you plan for when you book, and it's no wonder really that people go abroad. I remember when Jane was small we used to go to Angelsey on holiday..nice island but not a lot to do when it rained, and I can remember sitting on the beach with goosebumps minding the stuff while Jane and Vin got cold in the sea. The last time we went I swore we were going somewhere warmer the next year. I had an insurance policy mature so we went to Orlando. Little cheapo Motel but we had such a fantastic time, and it was certainly warmer!
Well the riots got a bit closer to home last night. Jane works in Manchester City Centre on 2-10 shift at Ticketmaster, so as soon as her Dad heard that Manchester was involved he rang her up. She rang back a bit later to say that they had closed down and let them go out in groups. She had to walk through the centre to get a bus because the busus had stopped at oxford Street, and it was beginning to get dark. She said there wasn't much Police presence then, and it was a bit hairy, three youths
/men passed her carrying stuff under their jumpers. They were wearing hoodies, generic track suits and trainers and had scarves round their faces, so she avoidid them.Anyway, fortunately she got home OK and isn't there again till Saturday. Jane was saying that it was the high end shops they were going for, like the Rolex shop, phone shops of course , Swarofski Crystal and Bang& Olafson. It seems to be just criminality, mindless violence and you wonder what sort of backgrounds they come from. An absolute disgrace. I imagine there will be a lot of parents worrying what sort of place their student children will be going to in a couple of months.
Pile of ironing this morning, all the bedding needed doing so might as well make the most of the bad weather. The cats haven't moved much today both asleep in nice little cosy spots. One of Bobby's favourites is on the bed in our room, and we haven't moved the quilt off the bed yet..not warm enough. Some summer Eh!
Tonight we are having a:
A simple pasta bake with a tomatoey sauce
Carrots to go with an
A little bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I am Definitely NOT a Morning Person!!

Definitely not..mornings and me are just not compatable..I had an appointment at the Aintree Hospital this morning at 10 O'Clock in the Ultrasound Department. This wasn't the problem. The real problem was that I had to drink 2litres of water 90 mins before the appointment. So that meant getting up quite early. I woke up at ten to five I think there was a cat around somewhere, and decided I'd better go to the bathroom since i couldn't go later. Big mistake..couldn't get back to sleep again i think I was worried about oversleeping, and then there really was a cat traipsing around the top of my head.So tossed around for quite a while until Vin came up with a quick cup of coffee before getting up.
Then it was the Marathon drink..I don't drink a huge amount at the best of times and 2 litres is definitely a torture. I have no idea how people drink these bottles of water all the time. Got my four big glasses down in the required half hour, then got ready to go out. I fully expected Vin to turn taps on and put the fountain on outside, but he was a good boy and didn't. Left at nine to allow for traffic, and actually got there at half past, which was very good traffic and quiet roads. Must be the holidays. Parking is always a problem, but we had to use the outside park today since I had to go to the main building, not the new one. Loads opf parking spaces which was a surprise and got to the Ultrasound Dept at half past nine. Radiologist/Dr came out almost immediately and asked if I had drunk enough water..Oh Yes says I.. It was like the scans you get when you are fear of that this time!! Did the bladder, full then empty, then the kidneys..I will never know how people can eat kidneys!!My appointment should have been for 10 but actually I was out and finished by ten.
Home via the BP garage, because Vin wanted to use his Daily Mail £5 voucher..£10 of petrol for £5..not bad.
Then home neither of us fancied going anywhere else so we came back again. Cats asleep on the bed..don't thi k they missed us at all.
Bit cloudy today with a smattering of rain, but it has cleared up nowand Vin is in the garden doing some bits and bobs.
She who is always having something done must be cooking today. There is a huge smell of garlic coming up through the workmen today though.She loves her garlic that woman, she uses an awful lot of it. Funny in a terraced house, you do get cooking smells coming through the floors. I remember when Jane was small, the neighbour we had then used to run a small coffee shop in the garden centre that is now th big one over the bypass. She used to make cakes every day, and you could smell the aroma of baking cakes when we came home from school. That was nice though.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly..I shall see what is in the freezer.
Maybe a toad in the hole with mushroom gravy,
Mixed veg.

Monday, 8 August 2011


Quite dark this morning when we got up which is not usually a good sign. The trees were blowing and there was a definite touch of rain in them there clouds.
We went off to Formby which is our nearest shopping area actually, but Vin wanted to get some petrol so went to the BP garage first. Quite a scruffy garage nowadays, it needs a spruce up. They will have to watch it because there is a new one being built on the main road in Formby and they will be losing business. Surprising how much difference the appearance of a building makes, even if you are only getting petrol.
Went from there to Waitrose. Parked right outside, and everyone was saying on the way in.."Isn't it cold for this time of the year...and..Isn't it nippy?"Really got people talking. That shop is cool at the best of times, and the aisles where the chilled foods are were like walking into a fridge. People were hugging themselves and clapping their hands against their arms. We didn't linger long there. Vin was keen to get back for his morning fix of coffee, if he doesn't get that he isn't a happy bunny at all.
it's cleared up this afternoon actually, the sun is shining and Vin is in the garden doing a sterling job of clearing up the flags. He bought the paint for our wall yesterday, he got Sandtex in the end in a clotted cream colour. He took the lid off to have a look, and it is a beautiful cream ice cream colour, should look really nice on the wall.That will smarten up the yard area quite considerably.The present colour is a sort of very patchy drab white with bits of the old pink on it, so it will be a big improvement.

he's done some lovely hanging baskets this year, this is the one outside the front door, and the two at the back are really nice. A well painted wall should help a lot.
Jane rang up mid afternoon, on her way to work. She is beginning to move some of her stuff to her new room in her new house. So glad she has got that sorted.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalopes
Carrots beans and peas
little baked potatoes.
Bread sauce.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

C\tch Up...

Missed yesterday's entry, don't know why, just didn't get round to it. Pretty ordinary day anyway with Vin going out to get his things yesterday morning while I stayed in and had a go on the computer. Everywhere very quiet must be the holidays making a difference. it is a big holiday fortnight after all. Still activity both sides iof our house. She who is always having something done was showing off her new pepperpot chimney top to Vin on friday, thrilled to bits..till he said "Hang on,,you can't have a fire and that sort of chimney pot you won't get a draught", so the chimney pot came down yesterday and a new one with a proper hole in it replaced.The other side were fiddling about in their house and went off leaving a landing light on last night. Quite strange, an empty house with a light on..a bit creepy really.
Did all the bedding today, so I know what I shall be doing next week. Didn't hang it out because it has looked like rain all morning today, but it has actually cleared up now and Vin has gone out to have a cup of tea outside. He's welcome..I hate tea..don't know how people can drink it. The last time I had a cup of tea was 28 years ago when I had Jane because there wasn't anything else and I was parched. Goodness knows how I drank it..must have been very thirsty.
She rang up today to tell me about an offer that tesco are doing..if you order on line and are a first customer you get £15 off your order. Trouble is we don't go to |Tesco unless absolutely necessary and we don't buy online. She is going to use it to get some stocks in for her new house so she will have the basics to begin with. She seems to be quite excited about the move.
This is a family photo, one of the few we have together, it was taken on the way back from the States, and very very early in the morning when we have been flying all night and worn out. Nice pic though.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce, portobello mushrooms and pineapple,
Potato and egg salad
Potato salad for moi and sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin..

Friday, 5 August 2011

Sharp Eyes...

Went over to Walton this morning to their Sainsburys. It is about a half hour journey but it is a pleasant one on the whole and the traffic was light today. We quite like going there because it is a big store and you can move around easily, a bonus in the school holidays.
Vin wanted a look in the "Cheap shop" next door, because he is trying to find a cheapo pair of sunglasses he can canibalise to mend a pair of wrap around ones that he loves. The arms have snapped off for some reason, which is a shame because they are really good glasses, polarised for the glare, and go over your normal glasses really well.
I had a look in the big Next Clearance shop next door and spotted some good topwels for the kitchen. Couldn't see a price on them so took them to the counter and the woman said £6,. She said these are a set you know? Oh says I but there are only two! Anyway she said £6 so i bought them both..great for the kitchen.
Went into Sainsburys then to do our shopping, always get quite a lot of stock up items in there and came out for our coffee in their car park. I was telling Vin about the towels being a set and he went round the back oof the car to have a look. Lo and behold he finds a label on the towels..neither I nor the assistant spotted that..and the label said Egyptian Cotton Towels £5 !! Cou5rse Vin is thrilled to bits to find a discrepancy, and by the fact that I had overpaid! So I went back in the store, andreturned them.and got the money put back on my card. Sharp eyed Vin saved me £2 there. Well done VT...
Home in time for lunch.. a lovely egg salad for me, which Vin won't have, so he has some small Quorn sausage rolls and some beans.. Yuk, I hate baked beans. Give me a salad any day.
Lovely warm day today,sun is shining and there is a nice breeze to keep everyone cool. The cats seem to be quite quiet today, Rusty is having a sleepy day it seems, but she does run around a lot in the evening. I like this idea of cat naps..lovely idea.

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips! 200 grms between us
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi,
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New project...I Wonder...

We went out to Dobbies this morning because Vin wanted to get some gravel for the soak-away under the back door, and I wanted a look at their sale which started today. i was interested in a new outdoor seatone of those for two with a table in between. However, the only one they had was sold so was a bit disappointed with that. Might have a look at the garden centre over the Bypass which has a better stock.
Had a good look round at the sale stock but didn't see anything that took my fancy, and Vin had a look outdoors. We met up for coffee and he had some brochures with him..Hmmm..they were brochures of sheds, and well outdoor rooms. Big variety in price ranging from a couple of hundred to many thousands. Some absolutely gorgeous and fit for lottery winners with acres of gardens. I think he has a new project looming and a fancy for a storage shed with an area in front that he can sit in. He is measuring up as we speak..
I had a good look at a new jewellery stand that I hadn't seen before and Vin quickly said "You've got enough!" Cheek..he can talk, he is the one who hoards least I wear mine.
On the way back Vin noticed a new sign on the Formby Bypass..Pause for Hitchcock type stabbing in the shower in Psycho screech... CHRISTMAS TREES COMING 25th November !!!!! Talk about early warnings. Good grief.Mind you it won't be long before the Christmas stuff is in the shops..
She who is always having something done next door..has british Telecom today..but at least they aren't banging. She can't stand still that woman.
Jane rang up last night, she has her new house sorted..paid the landlord his money and put the money I lent her in my account and paid her friend back so she is back at square one. She has a good sum left over so has given that to us as well to keep for University when she starts her radiography course, So, she seems quite happy at the moment. I think I will keep the money she has given back to me in the same account and that will be a bit of a boost for Uni for her. We'll see.

Tonight we are having:
Maybe Pasta with a tomato sauce and mushrooms and asparagus.
A little bit of garlic bread to go with.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We were expecting Jane to ring up at lunchtime about her appointment at the bank. Which she did and she was very upset that apparently her cheque hadn't cleared, the money was in her accounts but it wasn't cleared for taking out. No, I don't understand it either.. This meant that she would have a problem when she met the new landlord this evening. She has a deposit to pay and a first months rent etc which came to a fair bit. She said there was a block on her account for some reason which was being dealt with so we couldn't put money in for her either. Complicated lives there kids lead! Anyway, she rang up some time later to say that she had been in another branch of NatWest and got her money out without any trouble! So what on earth is that about? Poor Vin got a real earful..every little detail..but that's Jane Bless Her!
Vin has been in the garden all day today scratching away at the paving flags trying to deal with the moss. One of the troubles of having plants in pots is that they do get weeds round their bases, it is by no means maintenance free gardening as he has found out.
Dobbies has a sale tomorrow so we will probably go there to see if they have any wooden seats reduced.They might do..
Banging everywhere today..the neighbour who is always having something done is having something done to her chimney stack..the one the other side is is tiling his bathroom, very nice for the landlord..mind you he was complaining that his wife had bought cheap tiles and they were proving hard to get what you pay for obviously. And, the dentist two doors down, not to be outdone is having a brand new upstairs bay window fitted. What is it with all these alterations!!

Vin's little patch of Heaven..

Tonight we are having:
Squashed potatoes
carrots and beans
Mushroom sauce

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sunshine and Showers...

What a funny day today, very warm this morning with bright sunshine. I'm not keen on that it's quite difficult to see in the sunlight, Went to Sainsburys to get our veggies for the rest of the week, but there seemed to be a fridge malfunction with their fridges. Their veggies had quite a lot missing and they didn't have a good choice. The thing is, you get used to supermarkets having a wide range and when they haven't you feel let down, So got some boring carrots and beans, a tray of asparagus and a pack of frozen peas which I never buy. The milk fridges were empty too, definitely something going on.
Came home and the Heavens opened big showers with the rain running down the wiindows. No sign of that now as I type this, bright sunlight again. What a country.
QVC parcel sitting on the doorstep when we got home in full view..good job we live in an honest area. Nice necklace I had ordered that I am pleased with. I think Vin thinks I am mad ordering jewellery from them, but I don't care..I like my bling, and I only buy tasteful things..and it's my m,oney that I worked hard for all my life.
There was an item on one of the sites I use about Michael Douglas seen with a cigarette smoking on holiday. What an idiot..he is just about recovering from throat cancer!! wouldn't you think he would know better. Apparently Catherine Zeta jones smokes too..feel sorry for their kids, they look like lovely children..Stupid people.
I notice that our new neighbours are both smokers..when I was at school I used to notice that it was the girls who were increasingly the problem with smoking. More and more they used to come in after breaks smel;ling of smoke. Horrible, all over their hair and their breath, you would say have you been smoking and they would say "No Miss"..don't know why they bothered.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese flan with tomatoey sauce
A few sliced fried potatoes.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hares and Rabbits..Again!

Another month starting today.. Can't believe it is August already!
Not exactly a hectic day today..both still a bit dodgy from the disturbed night the other night. it's a bit like jet lag..takes a bit to catch up. Vin went out to Waitrose to get our few things and we will go somewhere tomorrow properly. He said it was really quiet, which is unusual for Waitrose, and there were loads of parking spaces right in front.
Vin posted the parcel off to Judy this morning. We had an envelope that already had some usused stamps on it so he handed it in for weighing and we only had to pay another £1. Cheap for three good books. So they have gone on their way.We shall see how long they take to get there.
Very changeable day today, a bit drizzly and a bit sunny, Bobby was out in the garden in her usual spot on top of the hut, but went in when it started drizzling. I love that word is just right for the type of rain that it is.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to work, she has her appointment at the bank on Wednesday to clear up her debts etc and get herself straight. She is quite excited about her new house, I think it will do her good and give ner a new start. She has a year at college to get her science A Level then she has a place in Salford the fokllowing year ro do Radiography. So she has a four year plan really. Hope it all goes well for her this time round.
Vin has just come in and said it has gone dark again, we have blinds at the back of the house because we get the sun in the afternoon, and the rooms get quite dark when the sun goes in, you have to go round pulling them up again.
Tonight we are having:
The remainder of the pizza that Vin makes,
Egg and potato salad with an avocado
Potato salad for moi and couscous for Vin.
And the pudding that we didn't have on Saturday.. Lemon Cheesecake slice.