Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ring! Ring!

At long last I have moved into the 21st C., Bought a mobile phone! it is actually quite natty and is a flip top style but with easy to see buttons and a big screen. It has all sorts of features including a camera!  I got it from Tesco direct and had it delivered to my local store in Formby. Email came to say that it was ready for delivery today a day early, so we got it on the way to Dobbies this mjorning. It cost £40 and you get a £10 top up free. Then Vin set it up for me and registered it and you get another £20 free !!! EXCELLENT.  Really pleased with the looks of it, at least it doesn't look antwacky I think even Jane would be a bit impressed. It isn't one of those smart phones , didn't want one of those but it does look good enough. At least now I can contact Vin from the hospital which can only be a good thing when we are in appointments. We certainly could have done with it a few weeks ago when poor Vin had to walk miles for the parking and I was finished so early.
Today we went to Dobbies this morning for our January coffee, just got those in. Vin had a Latte and I had a black one..lovely. Bought a candle too a Yankee candle for £10 on offer. I haven't been to Dobbies since May last year, so we are turning the corner.
We won a DVD last week from a magazine called Red Dwarf something or other, a type we don't watch anyway, so Vin put it on Amazon this morning for sale. Well...this afternoon I got an email to say it had been bought! That was quick!! So he has printed off the label and has posted that off. Well done Vin, we will get about £8.50 for it which is better than having a DVD sitting around doing nothing.
So another good day today, no District Nurses today, someone is coming tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Small new potatoes with herbs and butter
Something from the freezer.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yay..I've been out!!!

Big step forward for me today. The lovely District Nursey came early today to do my wound so Vin and I went over the way to the garden centre at Ladygreen for a mooch, a coffee and a shortbread. What a treat!!  This is the first time I have been out since the beginning of June apart from hospital appointments so it was  a leap really, and did me a power of good.
Bought a birthday card for John hoping that the parcel from Amazon had arrived. It had and was on the doorstep when we got home..bit naughty that!  Only trouble was, that I have ordered "The best exotic Marigold Hotel" in the wrong region :( stupid me! The other DVD that I ordered..Last Tango in Halifax was fine and can be used in Oz. So what we have done is put an IOU in the parcel for one DVD and I will reorder it asap. Slly me!
The other bit of good news today was that the District Nurse said that they are going to reduce my daily visit to every other day because the wound is doing so well and healing nicely with no infections going on there. Next week will probably be Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that's excellent. maybe at long last we are turning the corner!:)
The weather is clearing up a bit at long last., today has been blowy and just as we came out of the garden centre it was starting to rain. by the time we had got in the house it was torrential but a short sharp burst. All of the snow has totally gone, and there doesn't seem to have been the flooding they were worried about either.
So a good day today!!

Tonight we are having:
Pasta Bake with a tomato and mascarpone sauce,
A bit of garlic bread for vin
Some green beans and broccoli.

Friday, 25 January 2013


Spent a bit of time this morning looking at mobile phones..Lord it's a minefield!  I don't want an all singing all dancing thingy just one with big buttons that I can see, easy to read screen and is hearing aid compatable. Amazon has hundreds of them all different. Different prices and all do different things. The reviews aren't exactly helpful either as they can vary quite a lot.  Vin has decidid that he knows what I want, so maybe I'll leave it to's easier.
Did a bit of nline banking this morning too, and transferred some money from my accout to Vins to pay for passports and the Norton security set up on the computers.  I got notification from Medicash that they have paid me £280 for being an in-patient for the eleven days, so that was good. That's a couple of years subscriptions so that's good, and doesn't include any glasses or dental work I might have done either.
District nurses still coming daily at the moment, two today one and a student. Funny how they are all different, and have their own way of doinng the dressings. Today's one put quite a big dressing on which is better, it covers the area more and is flatter.
Snowing when they came but it hasn't stuck. It is snowing a bit now too whiloe Vin has gone down for the coal and wood for the fire.  We were watching little Rusty this morning sitting in the window of the extension looking out at the snow flakes in front of the window. Her little head was going mad, and she was trying to catch them with her paws. Aaaah!!!
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to work at Ticketmaster. She had been to a sports shop in Manchester and seen a really good pair of shoes for work so her feet will be comfortable. She said they were Adidas and trainers but didn't really look like trainers so she thought she could get away with them for work. They were in a clearance and should have been £80 but were £35 so she was a happy bunny.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
A few green beans
Rice puddings from Tesco..Yum Yum !

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Sort of nothing Day Really...

We did the bedding this morning stripped it off and put new on later in the afternoon. Gorgeous bedding..really good quality cotton sheets and very luxurious to the touch.  QVC's best actually..egyptian cotton no less.
Vin took his car to the garage this morning because he is still worried about his brake, so he has booked it in for tomorrow morning when they can get the right part.
I waited around all morning for the District nurse who I was expecting today, but they must have thought that because I had been seen by the wound clinic yesterday morning that I could wait a day. That's fine, Suppose they will come tomorrow.
Jane has just rung up so this will be short and sweet. She was walking to her car and said it was really cold. She did an ankle today on her own so she was happy about that.
Tonight we are having:
Baked potatoes with cheese or other item.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Out yesterday and today. No prizes for guessing where either. both visits were to Aintree hospital for appointments on consecutived ays unfortunately. Yesterday was a real problem parking for poor Vin, and he ended up in a car park miles away from where the appointment was.  I had to see the Stoma nurse because the thing was causing a bit of a problem which she sorted out with a pair of scissors and a bit of deft cutting!  The district nurse came yesterday too in the morning and because my appointment was at the wound clinic today they haven't been but will come tomorrow. This was a follow up from the day I went after the nurse had removed the staples, but they were pleased with the progress and I don't need the a follow up appt. so that's good.
When we came out of the hospital and Vin had picked me up., we went to M&S in Aintree for a cup of coffee. he said later from his diary that the last time I had been out was around the second of June which was a trip to the hearing aid centre and ASDA in Southport. Unbelievably I haven't been out anywhere except for hospital appointments!!!!
So our coffee upstairs in M&S was a real treat. Ir was a lovely cup of coffee too and I found a sofa at the far end so it was really nice. We also had a look round the food hall as well and got some veggies and other bits and bobs.  I wonder what it felt like for Vin to have me around again? he is used to going round with his list and a basketetc.,
Still snow on the ground lying on the fields but the roads round here anyway are fine.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with potato croquettes
Mixed veggies
Mushroom sauce.

Friday, 18 January 2013

It's Snowing!!

Well the weather forecast yesterday did say it was going to snow...and it has. Started this morning and came down quite heavily. Lying everywhere and does look pretty as long as you don't have to be out in it.
The District nurses rang first to ask if my wound was ok., and if so could it be left till tomorrow. Of course it could, certainly wouldn't want the poor girls coming out in that just to doa  dressing. They must have plenty more priority patients on their books.  Then the Stoma nurse rang from Aintree to suggest that I put off my appointment with her till Monday at 2.30 so that was fine too. At least poor Vin doesn't have to turn out in this weather either.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work. She was on till five so at least she wasn't out too late.  She said that she had to mop up someone's sick this morning. That would be a new experience for her.  She said the poor woman kept apologising to her..but Jane said it was ok, she knew where the mop lived now anyway! Well done Jane!!
Very dark and grey looking now, and it looks like there might be more snow on the way.The little cats haven't been out today at all, the most they have done is sit on the table or the window sill looking out onto the garden. The back of our little house looks quite pretty actually, but Vin says it is really cold having to go down for the coal and the logs. Aaah Bless him.
Tonight we are having:
No idea. Maybe something with chips, will be something from the freezer anyway.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Still being visited by the District nurses who came in two today, one the nurse and a student. They are trying a new type of dressing since it seems that I am allergic to the ones they have been using which leave red marks all over the skin. Typical of moi...nothing straightforward. At least the wound is nt leaking as much and seems to be getting better which is really good.
This is the orchid that Vin bought me around two years ago which is agin in bud. it is a gorgeous colour and has flowered about four times now. Well done mrs Orchid..
Delivery also today from the Stoma healthcare firm. They rang up yesterday and were going to come on Tuesday but I have an appointment then so she said it would be tomorrow, (today). Great big bag of stuff. lord knows where I am going to keep it all..we only live in a little house, and storage is at a premium. Two boxes of bags, wet wipes dry wipes dispiosal bags barrier wipes barrier spray etc., etc., good grief. it's a steep hill rather than a learning curve. You could do with a dvd to explain everything to you. i do have an appointment with the lovely Stoma nurse tomorrow because I am a bit concerned about it. I think it looks like something from Alien, but she seems to think it is ok. Ah well...learning curve.
Jane rang up this morning to say that she had been to Uni to hand in her essay and the proof of why it was late. She said it was a bit tricky but she saw different people and got it sorted in the end.
The above photo is by way of a bit of an experiment because I seem to be having trouble getting them uploaded these days. It is all a bit hit and miss but trial and error and we will get there.
Tonight we are having:
An escalope of some sort
The leftover veggies from the fridge
A little sauce to go with them
Some roast potatoes from the freeezer.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Getting there..slowly but surely. The lovely District nurses still coming in every day to change the dressings on the wound, and it is getting smaller which is good.  I now have silicone dressings because the other ones have nmade the skin sore apparently, so every day it seems there is a new script for something else. What would all this have cost in the States..dread to think.
The stoma nurse rang from the hospital and has ordered some bags for me, and they rang later around lunchtime and they are coming tomorrow. there's service for you! Good Grief!!
Vin says it is nice to have a breather these days..and he is right. That poor man must have been driven to the ground over Christmas with everything going on. A star..he deserves a medal.
Short and sweet today because Jane has just rung up so had a long chat with her.
maybe make it longer tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lost my Mojo!!

Funny how yu get out of the rhythm of doing these posts. Since i came back I have found it quite hard to get going again.
District nurses still coming each day, and every day a bit more encouraging, the wound is getting smaller etc., so that's hopeful. They must be getting fed up of coming out to here just to do a dressing everyd ay.Good job we don't live in the US, imagine the cost of all that.
I do have to say that living with a stoma is quite a big learning going up a steep hill in fact. Some days are better than others, but it all takes a lot of getting used to.All of the bits and pieces that you use are provided but it is quite a journey. We will get there in the end I'm sure.
Vin has gone off to Tesco to get some stuff in, mainly because we are running out of things.  He goes with his list and gets what we need. Excellent at shopping now he is. What a star he has been over the last year, driving, visiting, shopping all of it. well done lovely Vin XXXX
Jane rang last night to chatter about her essay that she is putting in ate, also to order some biro's that she likes for Amazon via moi. So i ordered her two boxes, that should keep her going for some time!!
Stores closing this week..Jessops the camera store, and last night HMV both with the loss of thousands of jobs. Not going to be a  new year for those people.
Tonight we are having:
not exactly sure, depends what Vin comes back from Tesco with.
Maybe baked potatoes.

Friday, 11 January 2013

A sort f Blur!!

Well the days are sort of blurring together. The llovely district nurses are continuing to come every day to change the dressing on my war wound which still has a gaping hole in it. dread to think what all of this would have cost if we loived in the US.
Vin put the last of the Christmas decorations away today, including the pack of crackers that I bought Last year  for this year, and obviously haven't used. Poor Vin hasn't had much of a Christmas at all this year. He did a bit of a Christmas dinner last night. he had a cranberry and goats cheese escalope, roast potatoes carrots and mushrooms, and some bread and cranberry sauce. Lovely roast potatoes..I had two, really tasty for Aunt bessies!
Definitely colder today, there is a nip in the air and quite darkish.
I still can't work out how to put pictures on here since they changed the layout of the blog. i do wish they would leave things alone i could quite happily manage the other one, and then we get the new improved version! Rubbish.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Mushy peas for Vin and a carrot for moi
A few chips.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Deja Vu!!

We settled down on Saturdy evening to watch "Call the midwife" the Christmas one. half way through we looked at each other and said that we had seen it before! turned out that we had seen sort of watching it one afternoon after I had come back from hospital and just thought it was an old ne!!  We enjoyed it anyway..very good acting and characters.
 Started taking the decorations down on Sunday, Vin took the trees down and just had the remaining decorations in the front room. He is now putting them up in the cupboard in the bedroom..quite a job really.
The District nurses have been every day,each day someone different but all really nice. Funny how they all do the dressings differently, some tighter than others but all very thorough and efficient. Good job we don't live in America, this would all be costing a fortune.
Poor Vin had a bit of a strop yesterday, I think his halo is slipping a bit!! Don't blame hime in the least really. he had a right grump on him last night, started with his pizza sticking to the baking tray.Then he moaned about his "skanky" salad. He isn't a salad fan at the best of times, but he wasn't keen on the one he did yesterday at all. Oh Dear!!
Last night we had:
Pizza with a questionable salad!
potato salad to go with.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Hello Again!!

Well here I am again, a bit worse for wear and poked and prodded to bits with holes all over my body, but we survived. Turned out to be quite a big op., and I am now the possessor of a Stoma bag, a real life one, not a practice one like I had before the op.
The nursing staff were fantastic., both on the ward I eventually got to, and the Critical Care unit where I spent a few days. They greet everything with humour, kindness and care., and now the District nurses are superb. lovely friendly girls. Everyone we have come into contact with has been terrific.
Vin has been an absolute star..What a man!! visited me twice every day, wouldn't hear of not turning up. Brought me little sandwiches and all sorts of bits to keep me going. The hospital food I do have to say was terrible, great plate fulls of food, so you lifted the lid of the plate and it just put you off. nice ice cream though!! even though by the time you got it it was milk soup.:)
Lovely to be home again, but we have had a few trips back to Aintree for bits of treatment. Out yesterday and the day before but not out today which is nice, just the district nurse visit.
Lovely to see the little cats again, Rusty is keeping guard on me most nights, Just get back to a bit of normallity really.
So, my blog.. a bit of an absense  with quite a lot happening over the last few weeks. Christmas was cancelled, poor Vin didn't get a Christmas dinner this year, jane wasn't interested which was a shame. She did do a bit of visiting which was nice though.