Friday, 29 May 2015


Nice little outing this morning. Started off very dark and overcast this morning but it has cleared up now and is nice and sunny. I went out in my wintry coat with the fur hood but it did get a tad warm as the morning went on. You just can't tell what to wear these days.
We went over to Dobbies mainly to get our free coffees for the month. Vin's car is great, really comfortable and rides like a dream, lovely to go out in. 
 Had  little mooch first and spotted some nice hanging baskets on the way in by the front door so planned to get them later. They were £5 each, but with the garden club discount they work out at £4 so a good buy.
Lovely coffees two large lattes and we take our own biscuits there so no expenditure. Mind we made up for that later :) 
People watching today as usual. Funny little kid in a high chair in the cafe part. It was having a really great time chuicking things out of its chair. Every time the mum and gran gave it back again it chucked it out again. Hilarious. Another interesting couple sat by the window. An old gentleman and a young very attrative girl with him. I thought she was his daughter, but Vin said that she was too young, maybe his grand daughter, then he said probably his carer. Wonder which?
Vin went off to get the hanging baskets and I qent to the food hall bit and got some of our biscuits that we like, and some cheese and onion croquettes, and some shortbreads. Then home via Tesco to get some soup for lunch.
Jane rang up this afternoon, she has a flat tyre so Vin told her to ring the AA and get it changed, that's all she needs poor kid.
Tonight we are having:

Something tastyish from the freezer probably. Not sure what yet.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Oh Dear!

Nice and bright and sunny today, but still very blowy and you can smell the sea outside the house which is not a good sign. Vin is presently in the garden doing a bit of sorting out but not the weedkilling because it is just too blowy and he would waste the gas in the cannister. 
Jane has just rung up in a bit of a crisis of confidence because she had her vivas today. This is an exam where thy have to face a panel and they ask you questins about anything that you have done over the past three years. of course there was one question that she said she couldn't answer so she thinks she has failed..we can only wait and see, so fingers crossed. 
She was on her way into Ticketmaster to work a shift for one of the boys who wanted the night off, then she was going for a burrito after work to make her happy! 
I had a visit from a physiotherapist this morning so we had got up early to get ready. She was very nice, asked a lot of questions and gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my leg muscles, so shall do those while watching t.v. tonight etc.,
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a pasta meal with leftover veggies.
Garlic bread for Vin

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Just a Bit of Shopping!

Off out th9isw morning once i got going! Haha.. Tak3es me a bit to get around but we did get out today. We needed a few things like veggies etc so I had thought that we could go to Waitrose for a change. Seems ages since we went there, probably is actually and they do have some things that we like from there.
Unexpected phone call from a physiotherapist this morning called Loise. She is coming out tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning so we will see what happens there.
Not too bad this morning but cool, I am still wearing my thicker coat with the fur hood actually, but looking around most people were in anoraks etc too. In fact it is pouring down now and very overcast and blowy too, not a nice May day at all.  Really odd weather considering because it is getting on for June now too. 
Had a bit of a mooch round Waitrose, Vin had a list and we got most of the things on it, apart from their cheese pasties which he likes, but they seem to have stopped making those unfortunately. he got some other things that would make meals and a few veggies to go with them. They do have some nice biscuits that we have to go with our coffees at home so we got some of those too.
Nice free coffee then, we both had a latte in their cafe which was quite quiet, we thought it would have been busier really, but there didn't seem to be many kids around at all.
Home for a carrot and coriander soup lunch with honey and sunflower  bread for Vin, which looked very tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Sojmething that we got today I think. 
Not too sure what yet, but we did get some nice butternut squash, 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer? What Summer?

Well this has been a looong Spring with no real sign of any warm weather any time soon. We did sit outside for our coffees on Saturday and it was really nice, blue skies and warm outside, but it didn't last and by Sunday it was cold again.  Vin has been out on the odd occasion to do some weeding etc but kept coming in because it was too cool. Got an email from Australia today which said they were still watering their plants and wearing summer clothes, and, it is supposed to be their winter!!!
Today Vin has gone off to see a financial advisor about his pension pots etc., he has a good idea about what he wants, but is going for advice. I have stopped in. He has just rung up actually to say he is on his way back which is earlier than I thought. 
Jane has been busy..very busy with her dissertation which she emailed to us last night. Can't begin to understand what it is about but it reads really well and she has obviously put a hge amount of work into it poor kid. just hope she gets a good mark now. She is now revising for her exam on Thursday..all little steps towards the end result. 
I had my appointment with the gastric man on Friday at four o'clock but was delayed by about half an hour or so. Anyway he is a bit concerned about the falls etc and is referring me to a haemotologist about the blood count which he says is too low whatever that means. Vin went in with me which was good because he is a good pair of ears, and asks good questions. 
Tonight we are having:
Lasagne for Vin 
garlic bread and sweetcorn for him.
Not sure what I will have yet, maybe a baked potato.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


A bit of a mixture today. Vin did quite a bit of ringing up this morning because he wanted to arrange his financialadvice about his pension amounts etc., So he made an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. he also rang the Specsavers hearing clinic for me to arrange an appointment next friday at one o'clock. That was a rearranged appointment because I had to cancel the last one that was made due to illness.  Fingers crossed for this one. 
Nice coffee in today, I had a petit dejuner and Vin had a Colombian with a milk pod, both made a lovely coffee.
Then the nice little occupational therapist came dead on time at half past one with a board for the bath/shower. She fitted it on the bath and showed vin how to do it and we tried it out. She showed me how to use it properly so that will be useful I think. Makes it much easier and steadier to get in and out of the shower. looking forward to a really nice shower now with my L'Occitane bath shower gels. Oh luxury. 
 Weather still cool, and still got heaters on but the sun is shining but no warmth there yet and still not sitting outside.  Vin has gone out this afternoon to do a bit of tidying up and tending to his plants. there is an orchid in the house which has been going for a good few years now but is not doing anything at the moment so he is looking at that.Maybe it will regenerate. Fingers crossed.

Tonight we are having:
No idea whatsoever, apart from veggies in the fridge and mashed potato.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Still cold today, sitting here with the heater on and it is the 20th of Maay. Supposed to warm up over the Bank Holiday weekend which is next Monday, but will have to wait and see.  Very blowy today but sunny too which is a shame. Still not sat outside yet and the bench is still covered.  Vin sat outside yesterday but came back in for his coat!!
 An outing today. We went along for a Costa for a change. Tesco proved to be very quiet,and the Costa remarkably so. We found our usual seat vacant so that was good. Vin went and got the coffees and came back with a Soya milk Mocha Latte for him and a Ski9nny latte for moi which were lovely. His mocha looked really good I do have to say,quite dark in colour  and the froth was very tasty!!
people watched for a bit, all sorts in there from the very elderly to the quite young and women in pairs and people on their own having their lunch. One man to the left table from us had food, a cup of something and a bottle of water. sat for an age on his phone playing with it..wonder what he was doing?
Vin left me with the residue of my latte while he went off to get a couple of things that we wanted. he got me a paper to read while I waited. "The Star".. OMG you must need a reading age of about five to read that!! Turn to page three and you get a blown up booby girl with h8ige silicone breaasts. Thought they had gone out. Seemingly not! I can see just who that paper is aimed at. 
Then home..bit of a mooch on here then a soup lunch. Wonder what our Jane is getting up to she hasn't rung up for an age..must still be working on her assignments, you do begin to worry after a couple of days though.
Ton9ight we are having:
Amy's kitchen mac/cheese
A bit of garlic bread for Vin and some butternut squash. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Remembering Bobby...

Our Lovely Bobby (Robyn) One year ago since we lost her. it was a Monday and we had watcched her deteriorate over the weekend and decided to take her to the vets on the Monday. He said she had a big tumour in her stomach so  she went. She is buried in our garden along from Lucy and Inky and a bit later next to rusty.R.I.P. little Bobby. Much loved friend.XXXX
Vin had a busy day today.  Delivery from Aranesp early on. Brought me breakfast in bed this morning a nice bowl of frosties, then he did some ironing. off to Crosby to get his car M.O.T.d at twelve o'clock. Apparently there was a delay at the garage, and he rang up twice to say he was coming home for his coffee. Had a 
lovely cappucinno each at home he finished off the ironing then went back to get his car on the bus. Home with his car all done and dusted and  ready for another year. 
Lunch then, still cold so we had some soup and a breather. Busy day for Vin today.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the hole with mashed potato and a bit of butternut squash and broccoli for Vin.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Soup for Lunch !!

Well Monday again.  18th of May and you would expet the weather to be warming up a bit, at least so we c ould sit outside with our cups of coffee. Not a bit of it. Today dawned grey breezy and drizzly. It has brightened up as the day has gone on though, enough to hang the washing outside for a blow. bedding done today,and the sun is shining on it but it is certainly not a hot sun, and no warmth in it.
Haven't done a lot today, at least I haven't Vin has been his usual busy self. He has his M.O.T. tomorrow so he has been checking his car. My little occupational therapist phoned this morning and she is coming n Thursday with a board to go into the shower which will be good. 
He spent the weekend putting up the trellis and the clematis in a lovely pot by the front door. Looks terrific. Just waiting for a piccy to put on here. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with salad for Vin,
Not sure what I feel like yet.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hello Again!!!

Been a while!  Started off with a blockage on Election day and have had a few very dodgy days this time. Just picking up a bit now. Had to cancel two appointments on Friday as I was bed bound, one for the hearing aid clinic in the morning and the other for the little occupational therapist girl to come with a board for the shower in the afternoon. That was a shame but couldn't be helped.
Seems to have taken an absolute age to get going again this time, and I feel really sorry for Vin. Can't be much of a life for him. Still onwards and upwards eh!!
A very nice man from Sefton Council came this morning, he was supposed to come at between nine and ten and he arrived spot on nine-o'clock. He was here about an hour and three quarters and fitted hand rails on the other side of the stairs, outside the bathroom and a grab rail at the top of the landing and one in the bathroom. All very smart, and very neatly fitted too, and a really nice bloke. The hand rail certainly helps, makes it much easier going downstairs. When he had been and finished we had a coffee in the kitchen. I had a nice cappucinno and Vin had a chai latte. Lovely. We were a bit early because we had got up early which was a good job.
Vin went off garden centering then. He wanted to get another clematis for the front door. We have had one there for years called Nelly Moser but gradually bit by bit it had gone downhill, and finally gave up the ghost last year not producing any flowers at all. He came back with a new trellis with a curved top and a beautiful Nelly Moser with lots of buds on it. Also the biscuits that I like and some tea lights. Good shopping Vinnie XXX
Jane hasn't rung up today but didn't expect her to. She is bang in the middle of doing her dissertation and her assignments too and snowed under with work.  She rang Vin last night to ask for advice with an essay and he gave her some tips, which she seemed happy with. Keep going our Jane XXXXX
Tonight we are having:
Foodwise no idea at all, Vin went to Tesco yesterday and came back with odds and ends so he can choose something nice.
I am still off my food at the moment.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Voting Day!!

Thursday May7th..and it is the day of the General Elaction.At least it will put an end to the relentless amount of politics on the television, and the Party Political broadcasts, most of which have been quite dire.
went round mid-morning to the local church hall to cast our votes and it was fairly busy too, seems most of the village have turned out. I voted for my usual party having working class roots I am not deserting them in their hour of need. It will be very interesting to see who exactly gets through tomorrow and who ends up in bed with who. Just hope it isn't the SNP though..not a Nicola Sturgeon fan at all.
When we had voted we went on down the by-pass to Tesco for a Costa. Tesco itself was remarkably quiet and Costa extremely so. We had a good seat away from the shoppers and a really nice coffee too. I had a skinny latte and Vin had a soya latte with cinnamon which smelled lovely. Most of the people in there today were older..who says coffee shops are mostly frequented by the youngsters! Costa certainly isn't. Couple on the side table to us were funny, they had their noses in papers the whole time, both had large coffees and food, then the man went back to the bar and came back with another medium what looked like cappuccino for the woman. She must have a cast iron bladder that woman!! 
No shopping done because we have enough of everything and there wasn't anything we needed, so home.  
i rang up for my appointment at the co/rec clinic and was given 22nd of May at ten past four. Funny time we usually go in the morni9ngs. Doesn't matter though. 
Tonight we are having:
Root vegetable mash
Mixed vegetables
Something from the freezer to go with them.
gravy maybe

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Change of Plan...

Well we were going to go out today somewhere for a bit of a mooch and a coffee somewhere. However, when we awoke this morning it was to a horrible day. Wet, windy,and not like May at fact it is more like March.  Cleared up now thoughand some sunshine coming through. 
Started off with the ironing..I stood and watched and lovely Vin did most of it.  Since the new tablet arrived yesterday and had been charged up overnight it was ready to get going. Ermm..easier said than done. Took a good half hour to get somewhere. Vin hwever, is good at techy things and he got things going quite quickly and it is amazing just what he got going in a few minutes. My problem is with the print size, a bit small for moi, so have to work out just how to get it larger. Nice touch screen which is something we haven't had on anything before, so quite new to us anyway.
My little occupational therapist rang today to give us an update abut what was happening. She has contacted the dietician for me and the physiotherapist who should be getting in touch. She has also ordered the bars and rails for the house and wanted to see us about coming with a board for the shower so it will be easier to get a shower. She also contacted the stoma nurse who is going to ring at the end of the week about my CT scan etc., What a lovely helpful little girl she is. NHS at its best.
Vin has just come upstairs to say that he was sat outside for a bit to do some of his planner, but had to come inside because it was too cold! And it's MAY not March!
Voting day tomorrow..time for a change? doubt it. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really. Maybe a pasta of some sort, with a cheese sauce.
garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Not like Spring !!

Not at all like Spring. dawned dull and went decidedly blowy as the day went on. Wet windy and blowy, altogether a horrible day and very unspringlike. 
Vin did all sorts of things today, one thing was to ring up about his pension which he has sorted for September which will be his first payment. He is pleased about that, get some dosh coming in. 
He went off to Tesco this morning just to get a few veggies and things. We didn't need much actually because we are very well stocked. In fact we could well survive a seige. :) Home in time for a nice coffee. He had a Chai Latte and I had a cappuccino, lovely. Really like those at the moment.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was off to the town to get some supplies for her box to keep her going. The American sweet shop is favourite then M&S for some jelly sweets she likes, then the Bar Burrito to get a burrito for tonight for her tea. She is working hard on her dissertation and said she needed a break from it.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and butternut squash.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Banki Holiday Weekend...

Started off nice and sunny but overcast at the time of typing. Washing hanging on the line which should dry, given a touch of tumbling later. 
Quiet for us here today. We don't tend to go out on a Bank Holiday mainly it tends to be busy so we don't bother. So, did bits and bobs. Vin did his crossword and I had a mooch on the computer. I did do a questionnaire which took me ages sorry I started it after a of those ones that went on and on and didn't get anywhere really, all about media. 
Jane rang up yesterday. She is in the middle of working on her assignments and her dissertation and has "escaped" the house to go and get some provisions to keep her going.  I do have to say that they do keep them busy on this course, however, she is getting towards the end now. Then end of the tunnel in sight Jane XXX

Main excitement over the weekend was the birth of the new royal baby. A little girl born on Saturday and named today as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Very sweet looking baby too.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with a green salad..lucky boy.
Not sure what I will have.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Picking Up...

Slowly but surely. Jane is off at the moment, she has ttaken holidays from Ticketmaster, and has finished her placement yesterday, so she is cleared for finishing off her assignments, dissertation and her revision. My goodness that sounds a lot Bless Her..
She rang up this morning on her way to tescos which is just over the road from where she lives, she was going to get some food in, and also to get out of the house for a little while.Then back to her dissertation she thought. One thing about our Jane, she is a grafter. :)
Vin went off to Crosby this morning. He was going to see about getting some photos put onto discs, but when he got there he found it was about £4 each, so he said he could do it himself and did when he came home. What a clever boy. He also did a bit of shopping at Sainsburys, but didn't buy a huge amount because he has aa good discount voucher for Tescos where he is going tomorrow. Something like £6 off 40 which by any standards is a very good saving.
May 1st today. How did that happen. It nly seems like yesterday it was Christmas, and now it is nearly a year since we lost Bobby. That was May 19th.Seems like yesterday. 
Beautiful she was. This was her at her cuddliest!
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato with cheese,
Little yorkies with baby sausages in them,
 A few veggies