Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Coffee Out Today...

Grey wettish and dismal looking weather today. it has been a Christmas of the same this year, not at all wintry, no snow at all, or frost even. very disappointing really. I read in the papers that the retailers are worried about sales of clothing particularly and they are being left with lots of winter coats and the like.  Just isn't cold enough really.
We ventured out for a while this morning to get some things for the week. I fancied a trip to Waitrose so off we went there. That does have its advantages of getting a free coffee and also a free newspaper so that saves 60p to start with.  Quite wet when we got there so Vin dropped me off at the door and went to park. Caught me up in a few minutes at the cash machine with a trolley. I can get round well with a trolley to hold on to so that helps. Quite busy in the store but got round fine. Bought what we needed on our list plus a few extras, well more than a few actually, including a box of cat food for Tootsie. Hope she appreciates Waitrose cat food!

She did come to greet us at the door when we got home which is nice.
We got our free coffee which was nice and then did a bit more, then home. It had cleared up but the fields are very very wet.  The news is terrible at the moment.  floods all over the place, it will take some peaple an age to get straight again.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

What a Surprise!!

Well it was! A huge one. We were sitting watching "Luther" which we had recorded in two parts, so we were getting them back to back, and we were about ten minutes or so from the end when the phone went. It was around ten to twelve and it was Jane. "What are you doing?" watching the end of Luther says I. Is my Dad there? from Jane,  I need help parking> Puzzled we said Why? I'm outside from Jane. Outside where? us. Our house.. she had driven from Manchester and was indeed outside the house. Total surprise because we had thought she was spending the day with Jo her friend. Apparently she had been to work come home tired and then had a sleep and  decided to come home.  I think she had come home to see the cat!
Our Tootsie.  What a treat! Totally made my Christmas, It turned what was going to be a very quiet day into a really lovely fmily day. 
 She had her phone with her which has a really good camera on it so she took loads of photos,and before she went back late on Christmas Day, she put them on the computer for us, so Vin transferred them on to "Pacassa"  this morning for me to use on the blog. We had a lovely dinner and she had all of her favourite things too.
I did a nice "meat loaf" with a burger mix which I cooked in a loaf tin and that proved to be a hit so we had that with gravy and Yorkshire puds. As long as she gets crispy  roasties she is happy. :) The only  thing was, I had cooked some lovely parsnips in honey and some stuffing balls from a Jamie Oliver recipe and plated up the dinners and left them in the oven!!! Stupid woman, and no-one nooticed either. 
After a nap in the afternoon she went back around 8.30 and was at Aintree about twenty minutes later, then Manchester a short time after that. Well done Jane and thanks for coming home it completely made my Christmas XXX
  Thank goodness for the cracker hats which covered my horrible wispy hair. !!! This is one of Jane's selfies. :) 
The headlines today have all been about our weather, which has been flooding alerts everywhere, especially in Cumbria. Just awful. The fields round here are absolutely soaked all the ditches full and over-flowing. The ground is so sodden it can't absorb any more water so it hasn't anywhere to go. Not what you expect for Christmas weather at all. 
So in the end we had a really really lovely time. Thanks our Jane and Vin for making a good family holiday, and Totsie  for being here with us. XXXX

Thursday, 24 December 2015

It's Christmas!!

Well not quite, but it is Christmas Eve and if it isn't bought by now it won't be, and if it isn't done by now it won't be done either.  I had an appointment at the dressings clinic at 1.30 at Litherland and just about got there on time. The nurse was actually waiting for me so I went straight in which was a bonus. I was her last patient and then she was done. Happy Christmas to all the wonderful N.H.S. staff who have dealt with me this year and are still dealing with me for that matter. 
It has been a bit of a rubbish year this year really so we are very much looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas together and enjoy our lovely little new cat Tootsie. I wonder where she was last year? We are convinced she had a home somewhere brcause she has settled in so well, and behaves like she is used to doing things around a home. She came and sat on my knee last night which is a first, and she plays with toys too, really funny to watch. Very different from our other cats, but they are all different with their own characters. 
Not very Christmassy weather I do have to say. Still very wet and weather warnings everywhere especially in Cumbria which has had it very bad. Supposed to be storm Eva due. At the moment they are playing Frosty the chance.
So, Happy Christmas everybody. XXX

Monday, 21 December 2015

Bwest Foot Forward!

Yet another wet rainy drizzly day, although it has cleared up a bit now. Gone blowy through and apparently we are in for a storm due. 
Today we got up early which meant getting the alarm clocks going, we aren't used to getting up early these days, not really having any need to ! I had an appointment at Aintree at the podiatry centre for a foot check and dressing change. We left on time for a change, we are usually quite rushing round last minute, and we went along the new road and were there in twenty minutes. It has made such a big difference that new road,I wish it had been there wheen I was teaching in Kirkby.
Vin dropped me off at the door then went to park the car, i only waited a few minutes and was called in, by a podiatrist who treated my other foot when the toe was removed ten years ago. Lovely woman who happens to live in our village so we swapped tales of how our respective children are getting on. They are all grown up now, one is a pharmacist and the other is working for a law firm and married, and ours of course is a radiographer. Gosh they aren't babies for long are they?
From Aintree we went over to M&S retail park, for a very nice coffee. I had a cappi. and Vin had a latte and we shared a packet of shortbread biscuits for £1.10p that you can buy a box for downstairs in the food hall!!Ah Well!Then we did a bit of food shopping downstairs where it was heaving so Vin wasn't  too keen on that. :) He followed me round going "What are you looking for?" all the time Haha. Then home  and greeted at the door by our Tootsie. Isn't that lovely, she really is a little sweetie.
Vin has just spent the last quarter of an hour looking for her! She had vanished so he was getting worried, looking under beds with a torch, checking all of her usual hiding spots, like the backs of sofas etc., no sign anywhere Eventually he found her, tucked under a throw on a sofa in the front roomk.. Thank goodness! 

Friday, 18 December 2015

Getting Ready,

Everyone getting ready for the holidays. We were thinking of going out today but in the end decided that we were actually quite well stocked so Vin went off to Tesco to get some soft drinks. he went off with a small list of things that we were getting short of and he got some yorkshire puds and roast potatoes which are other things off the christmas day list. The only thing we have to get now really is the fresh veg.
Yesterday i had an appointment at the vascular clinic afternoon at 2 O'clock.  That went fine, and after going for a blood test we got out about 4ish. Then because we had missed our lunch we went to the retail park and the Costa and got a toasted sandwich between us and a cortada coffee which was lovely and just enough. Then over to the M&S to get a few veggies for the weekend. and I wanted some pot-pourri from their christmas range which is beautiful, smells really christmassy. 
Little tootsie is going from strength to strength,  she is finding herself little spots to hide in and has settled down so well it is amazing to think she has been here only just over a week.
She came on the bed this morning which is a first. I didn't know she was there, but Vin ssaid watch out she is on the end of the bed or i would have kicked her when I turned over. Aaaah. She is playing quite nicely now too, and will chase a ball in the kitchen and chase a little furry toy that we have on the end of a rope/ribbon that all of our cats have enjoyed. We definitely love her she has stolen our hearts. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ring Ring..

We seem to have been besieged with phone calls these days. yesterday we had the podiatry man come to the house to do my toe..the one that had been amputated, and I don't know whether it is the antibiotics that Vin has religiously been giving me or the constant care and dressings but it does appear to be healing up now. So that's a good sign. I have an appointment at the vascular clinic in Aintree tomorrow afternoon, and he thinks they will be pleased. 
After he had been we went off to the Lidl in Maghull, I had been dying to go there for some macaroons and other bits that I had seen in their catalogue. Must admit I was quite impressed, a lot of their things are fairly cheap, especially compared to some of the other supermarkets, and we picked up some different items that we haven't seen in other shops. Plus I got my macaroons too..hooray! 
Came home with two bags full of items and the bill was only £22 which I thought was very reasonable.
Went back along the bypass to Tesco in Formby to get some Tassimo pods,and we got a nice coffee there before Vin ran round to get the things off his list. We had stopped off at the garden centre over the way  to see if they had a nice holly wreath for the front door, but thought they were a bit dear and we wonderedd if Tesco had any a bit less expensive. They didn't have any actually, so we went back to the garden centre and bought one from them. It's nice too.
Our house all lit up for Christmas. We have an advent arch in the front window, a tree in the bay window downstairs and the wreath on the front door.  It is a little block of terraced houses and they really look nice all decorated for the season,
We have stopped in today and only had about four phone calls, yesterday afternoon the phone was hardly off the hook as they say.  So it was nice today. Out again tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, 14 December 2015

What a Performance!!

Well it was actually quite a performance..having a shower that is.  Two legs bandaged up to the knee, does tend to make it a bit awkward to shower, let alone quickly.I had one "Limbo" which is a cover that you put on your limb to make it waterproof, and the podiatry centre last week gave me a script for two to be given me by the G.P. The chemist only had one however, so I had to use my6 oldish one and the new one. Trouble was that the old one which we used on my left leg seems to be a bit leaky so it has made the bandages damp to say the least!! now sat drying out my leg in front of a heater HaHa.. What fun..
 "Tootsie" is still settling in and is proving to be quite a character. I think she is a keeper.
Jane and me on the sofa during her "early Christmas"
This is our Tootsie on one of her favourite spots on the bacck of the sofa,I suppose she can keep an eye on what is going on from up there. Her markings are really pretty, and we are getting used to her now.
I think she likes it here!
Jane is off to see Madonna tonight so she will be excited about that. Then tomorrow she is going to the Ticketmaster Christmas party which she has never been to yet because of placements and working weekends or exams et., so it will be lovely for her to finish her time there with a last party. She will be very tired this week though!!
Did the Christmas cards last night, just have the neighbours ones to do and that's it. Quite organised this year thanks to Jane's early Christmas in November. She did us a favour there really.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kettle, Cat and Coal..

Quite a day yesterday. We got our new cat, new electric kettle and a delivery of coal, the first for the winter. 
Started off with going to tesco by collecting our electric kettle to replace our old one that had become cracked from their click and collect scheme.  We shoud have been getting it tomorrow actually but we got aqn email to say it had arrived on Tuesday so deecidd to go and get it before we went to colledt Tootsie. Also got some cat biscuits and cat food and some veg for the rest of the week. Then we went along the bypass to the animal rescue centre to get Tootsie. Vin went in to get her because my toes are a little bit sore at the moment.He wasn't long before he came out with her in our carrier.
She was very quiet on the way home, we let her out as soon as we ggot in the house and she had a really good explore of the house, and settled in really well. She has already found a few favourite spots.
Very pretty colours black, white and ginger. 
You would think she had been here all her life. She is quite like Bobby in what she does but is different in colour.So far we are very pleased with her and I thinkshe willenjoy living here.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Getting Nearer!!

It is..getting nearer to T Day..or Tootsie day, and getting quite excited now. A lady rang up last night to say that she was a volunteer for the rescue centre and would it be ok if she came tonight on her way back from work, so we are expecting her about 6-30 to 7-30. So we have got the house cat friendly again. Cosy fire going, tree lights on etc., etc., just have to wait and see now.
 Started off this morning by having a visit from the podiatrist from maghul, he did the dressing again on my foot and was very pleased with it's progress. Apparently the wound is closing up quite nicely which is good news.  I have an appointment at the diabetic podiatry clinic in Aintree tomorrow at 2.o'clock. I haven't been there yet, because I had to cancel the last one due to illness. Fingers crossed for this one.
Vin has been doing some cliearing up today, and also posted the parcel off to John and Ann. hope that gets there on time, it's a bit later than usual. Hope they like the things too. Now I need to get the cards done and a little newsletter done. 
Well done sweetheart..all that hard work was worth it.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

I'm Slipping!!!

Oh dear! It has been a while since I have been on here. Mainly because I have been backwards and forwards to appointments for quite a few weeks so squeezing a few min utes here and there to do my blog has been a bit awkward. The main priority has been to get John and Ann's letter so we can send their parcel off to Australia.The traffic reports on the radio at the moment are terrible. Flood warnings and road closures all over the North of England and Scotland, terrible ones in Cumbria with rivers bursting their baqnks and people being evacuated from their homes. The Forth Road Bridge is also closed due to faults in the structure. This will cause a 50 mile detour!!!! Those poor people who will have to make that will suffer for the next goodness knows how long.
Well for the first time in a long time we are extremely well prepared for Christmas trees ready, decorations up and most of the dinner things bought. It's actually quite nice to be all ready.
This is my Christmas present from Jane, I LOVE hime, he has such a beautiful smile and when he is lit up with a night /tea light he is gorgeous. It is a Yankee candle one and she also bought us a Yankee candle Advent calendar which has a different "flavour" tea light every day that you open. 

Getting Christmas dinner number one ready and very nice it was too. At least Jane got her bread sauce which she adores and her roasties. Her and Vin had a celebration roast, and I did a meat style roaqst which in the end we all shared and the Yorkshire puds to go with it.  I'm going to do thaat again for CD number two.
Very sad news this last week, Jane rang us up on her way home one night to say that one of her group of friends from Uni, who she would have been working with at M,R.I. had died. She was a lovely girl a few years older than Jaane, and we had met her at the graduation in July. Jane has a lovely photo of them together really lovely smiley photo of them in their caps and gowns. She had a smiley husband and two absolutely gorgeous little boys, only small about six and seven Jane thinks. That poor family over Christmas. Their group is just devastated.They were a very close group and all looked after each other. 
Anyway, I shall make it my business to keep this up better this year, I admit I have been a bit lax the last couple of months, not through my fault totally. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Early Christmas!

this year we had somewhat of an early christmas. Jane is working over the Christmas holiday or some of it anyway so wouldn't be able to get home for a real break. She did have a period in the middle of November she would be able to get home for three days so we had a Christmas then.
it was lovely actually, we put the decorations up, and the lights outside and all of our little bits and bobs . Got her presents and other bits of treats, and we had a great day. Our Christmas dinner was nice this year too. I made a "meat loaf and Vin had bought a linda McCartney celebration roast which he and Jane had. little roast potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce carrots and sweetcorn for V&J
Our pudding was chocolate brownie with thick cream and raspberries for vin and me and ben and Jerry's ice cream for Jane.  Yummy.
Yesterday I should have gone for a podiatry appointment at Aintree but couldn't go becaus  I had a bit of an upset with the colostomy so was bed bound, that appt was cancelled and another made for early in December. 
This is my Christmas present from Jane. A gorgeous little yankee candle snowman with a nightlight in him. Isn't he beautiful..I LOVE him, he just makes me smile. Thankyou JaneXXXX

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


ince the nursey at Aintree had done the dressing really badly I was actually quite happy to do that. Lovely nurst at netherton, Did everything blood pressure checked for pressure sores etc., and redid my dressin beautifully, she could do with teaching the nursey in Aintree some lessons in bandaging actually. 
Posted off my Bauble swap yesterday Monday 23rd Nov.  and put together for sending to Australia. Just have to finish off their letter, always a bit late with that.. Never mind it will get there. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Definitely Wintry!!!

No appointments today so decided to go out somewhere..ended up in Tesco. We needed a few top up bits and bobs and thought we'd get those then go for a Costa afterwards. I went round with the support of a trolley instead of my wheels, so did a little bit of browsing as well :) Got some things for our Christmas like Christmas cake slices and stollen slices which Vin loves. Also got a few things fr the fridge so I have some items to select from. Make a change from omelettes!
The weather is horrible today, When we came home and were having our lunch it was hailstoning very heavily,Really battering the windows, glad we beat that. Would have been a good day for soup except that we were both full of gingerbread lattees so only wanted a light lunch.
Jane just rang up a little while ago and said it was cold there, but no hail as yet. FB entries from the family in Australia showing bright sunshine and blue skies and lovely beach scenes..seems odd for Christmas weather!.
Cheers to you all in Oz!Wish my hair was like this is so thin nowadays despite all of the vitamins!!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hello My Friend.. Nice To Be Here Again :)

Well..back again.. Been a while. Started on August bank holiday Sunday with a with a badly infected toe which required hospital treatment and one thing led to another and seven weeks in hospital!¬!! two weeks in Aintree then removalto the royal in liverpool for removal of said toe, three and aq half weeks including five days in the HDU unit, and finally two weeks in Aintree for two weeks in the rehab ward where they got me on my feet again. Now home for a month and gradually getting mobile again with the help of all the NHS staff and a Zimmer frame a souped up one with wheels called a Delta frame and a ordinary one for inside and upstairs. is great to be home.
Jane has been home for the last three days for HER Christmas!! It was lovely actually. We have all of our trees up, decorations and everything, and we had a Christmas dinner last Tuesday the 18th of November!. She starts her new job on the 1st of December and will be working at Ticketmaster on Christmas so couldn't get home.

Ooo0psw clicked on the wrong was meant to be a pic of the "Christmas" table. never mind I'll get it right one day!. Jane took some greatt pics on her camera, just waiting for her to upload them for us. We took her back to her car which she parked at Aintree while she was here.Visit was a success I think. poor Vin is ready for a rest now, he has worked like a Trojan over the last few weeks getting everything ready. Bless him XXXX

Friday, 6 November 2015

My Goodness! I Actually Went Out !!!!

Yep..Actually got out of the house..was beginning to wonder if I was wever going to get out. Got up earlyish because Vin had rung a nu8mber he had seen in the village shop tahat he had seen some days ago. It was for a bloke who was looki9ng for bikes to be recycled, and it so happens that we have had two bikes in our back yard under plastic for about three years if not lon ger! Well he rang back this morning to say he would come and collect them this morning which he did. Hooray..they have gone and the yard looks a lot tidier now. 
I got a pair of trousers yesterday and Bon Marche sent the wrong leg length sending 27" instead of 29" that I always get. So I decided that we wouldd go to maghull to return them and get a Costa there at the same time. Great parking and in I went to the shop to change them. The lady swapped them straight away for a navy pair of the right length. While I was in the shop I also got a pair of slipper socks for Jane when she is at home and a pack of three pairs with cute little cats on them. Hope she likes them! Went into the card shop next door and got a card for John and Ann, then into the pound bakery next to there to get a pakin that I had seen in the window for £1..Can't BEAT THAT.
Our Costas were lovely. Vin had a gingerbread latte with a sweet little mini gingherbread man, and I had a salted caramel capuccinno which was nice but I wouldn't rave over it..his gingerbread one tasted nicer. We shared a pack of wafer biscuits.
Home for lunch and a parcel to be collected from the village shop which was a wrap I had ordered for the coldeer weather. Then the doorbell went..Amazon with the things i had ordered.. a calendar for Jane and some coffee pods to make up the amount needed for free delivery. So a very successful day today :) :) 
Tomorrow i havee an appoint,ent ay yhr pofistry clinic in Litherland to get my foot dressed.
Hey Ho  !!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

*I Did Nothing...Vin Bought a Freezer!!

I fully intended to go out today..I really wanted to go and have a loojk at freezers in the shop in Formby, then go for a nice coffee out in the village somewhere, m aybe Cafe Nero...but...
By the time he looked online and rang a coyuple of places up it was getting on for half past eleven so I told ghim to go and buy one then come bck for coffee, therefore I ended up not going anywhere.  So off he went with instructions to buy the Hotpoint one which will be delivered to the shop on Tuesday. At least we will get a freezer for next week. We will then be able to get a bit stocked up for when Jane comes home on the 15th onw.
There was a delivery from Bon marche of some jogging pants but...when I looked at the label the leg length was 227" and I take 29". Grrrr... This means they will have to go back Grrrr. That's a pain, and Vin isn't pleased. He thought I had ordered the wrong size so I had to go online to show him that the website didn't give you an option of leg lengths and it stipulated they were 29" inside leg.
Ah Well!  that was my very boring day today....

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bits And Bobs!!

Today is a day of doing bits and bobs really. Started the day off I with a lovely shower, which is actually quite a palaver because the bathroom has to be got ready, the frame dismantled from around the loo otherwise there isn't any room the bathroom being so tiny. I also have a contraption called a "Limbo" which is used over my bandaged leg to cover it up when in the shower so it doesn't get wet. very clever...but you do have to be a bit careful because it does tend to be a tad slippy on the bath mat. Anyway, job done and  I enjoyed a blissful shower. i have a number of aids in the bathroom, like grab rails over the shower, and by the side of the loo, also a seat over the bath to make getting in and out easier. The occupational therapy girls are great, really helpful.
Then sorted out a drawerful of bras because I had a delivery of two new spare ones from Bon Msrche in a smaller size, my other ones are too big now. trying to find somewhere to send the old very good ones to to recycle them. Have actually been waiting in all day for a delivery from Amazon which was supposed to come today but as of yet hasn't arrived. not sure what time they deliver to though.
Vin has done the bulbs in the barrel at the front of the house this morning, a little bit later than usual but doesn't matter, they will all come up around the same time. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Out For A Costa!!!

Hooray...out for a Costa coffee this morning, at long last! There was a time in the hosps when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get there again, but here we are.
Firstly this morning the District nurse arrived to re-do the dressi9ng on my toe and leg. She rang up first to ask where we were in the village and arrived in a few minutes. lovely young girl, very friendly and nice. She did the dressing and when we said that we could get to a treatment clinic she tried to ring them but apparently the phone lines are out of action so she rang back at lunch time. She or someone else will be out on Friday unless we hear otherwise so at least we know where we are. can plan the rest of the week now.
Arriving at Costa tesco looked fairly busy, but got a good parking place near the entrance. went inside with the help of my walking wheels BUT the Costa was heaving..absolutely full so decided to give up and i went back to the car and vin went to get the bits we needed. Back at the car after that he said there was a space then so off we went back again and lo and behold there were loads of free spaces including our favourite table. I had a lovely skinny latte and he had a Grande soya latte with caramel flavour. Gorgeous...NOW I am on the road to recovery :) :) 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Another hang around day!!!

Yep another hanging around day. Waited round all day for the District nurses to come and change the dressing on my foot. The Podiatry lady said  she would get in touch with them and they wiould probably come on Monday (today) Anyway, even though Vin rang up and left a message sso far nobody has been and I don't think they will now, so that messes up tomorrow now too. Ah well I am not in a position to moan all of the attention I have had
  So that takes care of tomorrow now too.
Vin did some gardening this morning, he cleared out the barrel by the front door in preparation for planting some daffodils, we are a bit late but they will go in sooner or later. 
I had a bit of a session catching up on the computer. ordered two new bras because i am down to one in the smaller size, and another pair of jogging pants as a spare set for round the house. 
Vin also had a bit of a baking session and made a beautiful brioche loaf. he did the dough in the machine and we always finish it off in the tin in the oven. makes the house smell wonderful.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Footsie Dealings...

Today were  expecting the chap from the podiatry clinic in maghullwho was coming to deal with the dressing on my foot  However he did say he was going to contact the wound nurse to possibly come out with him, but in the end she rang up in the morning to say she would come at about two o'clock which she did.Very nice lady called Sue who spent an age looking at my foot and putting dressings on. Funny how everyone does dressings differently! I now have a dressing half way up my leg and I look like I have a broken leg now! :)  What a good job we don't live in America all this would have cost a fortune by now and we would probably be bankrupt!
Another nice Autumnal day here, sunny but coolish at least I think it is but I am always cold anyway. So we had soup and toast for lunch. We quite often have baxters carrot and coriander but they didn't have that in the small Morrisons in Maghull so vin got some heinz instead and it was surprisingly very nice too..we enjoyed that. He is in the process of sorting out a shoppng list for Tesco tomorrowso I am giving that some thought. Vi9n puts everything on a list and sticks to it, where I am very much a pick things up as I go round and also somewhat of an impulse shopper. Good job we are all different. At present without a freezer it is hard to store things so it all has to be stuff that can be stored in the fridge.Ah well we will get one sometime..hopefully before not too long.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Out..To days on the run!!!

Didn't have time to come on here yesterday because events meant we were out for the afternoon. Vin rang the District nurses in the morning because no-one had turned up from the podiatry service as expected and we wanted to know what was agoing on. It was over a week since my foot was dressed and I didn't want to leave it any longer. Anyway the only slot they had available was at ten to four at Maghull health that was where we went. Very nice podiatrist there did my dressing and said he would come out on Friday morning to do it again.We offered to go there but he said that he was on calls then anyway so he would come to us.Ok then...
Today we took my eight tootsies and my Delta frame off to Dobbies for a bit of an outing. Very enjoyable too. We had a look round lots of Christmas things, bought some for the Christmas box upstairs and a few things for presents.then went for a coffee. I thought we were using our free vouchers for the month but Vin said we didn't have any for October so he treated us to our coffees. I had a lovely large capuccinno and he had a large latte and we shared a shortbread biscuit It was actually quite busy but a large enough place to get round. Just as well since I am still learning how to get around with the wheels!! HaHa.  Home for a soup and toast lunch and eventually up here for a mooch. Lovely to get out though I might add. 
 Very big surprise yesterday. The doorbell went at lunchtime and on the doorstep was a delivery of these from a florist in Waterloo. A most gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a lovely white pot. From Ann and John and Janet, Tony and the Australia mob. How unexpected and such a lovely thought. I was thrilled to bits that they should do that. What a treat..Bless them
The one thing that surprised me going out today was just how Autumnal everywhere is since I was last outside. being in a hospital room/ ward you lose all sense of time passing really, the colours all lovely this year, it was just nice to drive in amongst them. Leaves falling everywhere .
.Me and my beloved before the trouble of the last two months. What a star XXXX

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Another Day !

Just a quick visit today because I have been waiting in for the podiatry person to come and do my dressing n my foot. now presently 5 O'Clock and so far no-one has been so don't think anyone will come now.
It is getting really dark too, the nights are really drawing in but the clocks did go back on Saturday night so that is to be expected really.
Will be going down for my coffee in a minute and a little watch of something.
The physiotherapist did come out this lunchtime, and she had me going up and downstairs for her, and also outside for a little walk up the road with my delta frame . Hope nobody was watching this little old lady walking very slowly with a frame. :) :). Must get vin to take a photo..or maybe not!!!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Here I amAgain!

Well here I am again indeed. Eight weeks in hospital, and home a weekend. To be honest it is just lovely to be home and enjoying the peace a quiet and doing normal things.
Suppose i should change the name of the blog to Jenny Eight Toes now since I am one toe down on each foot now.. save a bit on the toe nailo varnish though :) 
Vin insisted that I went to a walk in centre on August Bank Holiday Sunday with a swollen toe and foot and they wouldn't do it and said it needed to be seen by A&E so off we went to Aintree. 2 weeks there and they decided to toe had to go but couldn't do it there so sent me to The Royal Liverpool where I was for 31/2 weeks including 6 days in HDU unit. Back on ward 8Y then back to Aintree for a further 2 weeks on the rehab ward 35 for a final 2 weeks. A bit of a haul but we got there. Now home wwith a Zimmer frame for inside and a Delta frame for outdoors..lucky me!!!
Vin has been a star! What a trouper, visiting twice a day every day apart from one when we had new carpet fitted on the hall stairts and landing Hooray!! The parking has been horrendous, £7 a day in The Royal, and £3.50 in Aintree so a lot of my money gone on that, plus all of the other extras that were needed. It was so lovely to see him each day that really perked me up es[pecially some days that were worse than others..generally the weekends. Yesterday we did our crosswords by the fire and read the Sunday papers..Lovely.
Can't believe the Autumnal colours, driving home on Friday the trees all golden and loeaves falling remi9nds me of our holidays in New England..Oh to be there amidst the pumpkins and the gorgeous scenery.
Vin had his pizza and salad for tea last night and I had a really nice little poached egg on toast just nice and simple and a real change from the hospital food which was dire in Aintree it has to be said..not much choice for vegetarians. Most days I ended up with egg sandwiches or mac/cheese or a jacket potato with cheese. Being a veggie there isn't easy at all.  Oh well at lest I wasn't paying for it! The food wastage though must be incredible, but that is another matter. 
So to live another day! Will visit again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Been a While...

I don't usually like to miss this because it is by way of being my little sort of diary. However, with another health blip for a few days, then appointments when I often type these in the afternoons  I couldn't get it done. Anyway a bit of a catch up.
Yesterday was a Nephrology clinic appointment. At 4.30 in the afternoon, which is not ideal but yu can't pick and choose. We actually got there at four so were in plenty of time. Got weighed, still low, blood pressured moderate and sample in and then it was dead slow stop! Eventually got in at about a quarter to five to see a Dr., that I have only seen once before I think. One of those women who talks to the computer. Spent most of the time looking at things on the screen with the odd question..just to keep me happy I think.
Didn't change anythinggave me two blood test forms with dates on and that was it.
The plan was to go to M&S and get a coffee but we were too late for them so we went to the Costa on the retail park instead. I had a cappuccino and Vin had a Cortada which he hadn't had before. Looked lovely act6ually, came in a glass with no handle and looked very pretty.  My cappuccino had three perfect coffee bean shapes in chocolate on the the way they do that. :) 
In today, Jane phoned at lunchtime, she had been to the hospital to hand in all of her documents, the registration, birth certificate degree award, (did I mention she got a First!!!) proof of where she lives and proof of ID. Everything was photocopied she said and all she has to wait for is the occupational health to sign her off. Then it will be all systems go.  
Vin is looking after the cat from the end house where Michelle and the two girls have gone on a short break to London. It's is a lovely cat called Charlie..a girl, black and white with a persian looking face.  I went in to have a look at it yesterday when we got back from Aintree and when Vin opened the door it was at the top of the stairs waiting and ran down to greet us. I really miss that with our two..they used to do that.
Jane and I are trying to get Vin to get another, there are so many in the rescue centre where we got Rusty and Bobby from and there are some terrible stories. Jane and I fancied one little black one called Tilly, but Jane said that it had got a reserved note underneath it when we lookedd. Aaah I hope she is going to a good home.  There is another called Donna that I like the look of a black one, but don't like the name..that would have to go! Most of our cats have had names that end in a y, like Lucy, Inky, Bobby and Rusty.
Normally here I would always put what meals we are having for tea, but that is all gone by the board these days because of my eating habits now!! Ah well. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer!!

Definitely summer today. Gorgeous blue skies and no clouds in sight..not yet anyway. We sat outside this morning for our coffees in the lovely sunshine and enjoyed that.
After doing all sorts yesterday we are in today not doing a lot.Vin did some weeding and I sat and watched him!! It is surprising just how fast the weeds grow really, but we have had a lot of rain in the last few months so it is to be expected really. Our garden is mainly plants in containers which was supposed to be maintenance free but in actual fact anything but. They get weeds just like anything else, and it is green bin on Monday so Vin wanted to get some of them in that
I was trying at this point to download a pic of the garden but don't seem to be able to do that for some reason today. The photos I want aren't coming up.  What a pain!
Short and sweet today. .

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Killing Two Birds With One Stone...

So to speak...We were up with the lark this morning which is unusual for us, we generally get up in a leisurely fashion!  Anyway I had an appointment at the clinic in Litherland for an eye screening which is done every six months.I used to have to go to the eye clinic at Aintree but a few years ago the farmed them out to community clinics instead. Much better actually, the parking is easier and it takes at most about three quarters of an hour instead of sometimes hours. So, good, today we got there on time and we were out by ten. Then, since I had to have a blood test donefor the renal people at Aintree and we were already halfway there we went on there afterwards. Great plan..saved two separate journeys, the queue was short. Vin dropped me off, walked up to the blood place with me because the eyes were blurry from the drops!! and went to find a parking spot..short stay over the way, half hour free. By the time he found me again I was just going in. Great timing!
So, I decided to treat us to a Costa, and it was off to the one in the retail; park which was quite busy actually. I had a skinny latte and Vin had a soy milk latte with a shot of hazelnut, and we sat and chatted and people watched for a very pleasant three quarters of an hour.
Home again..just in time to see the courier lady pulling up outside the house with two parcels for me from QVC. A pair of black jeans from Quacker factory, and a jacket for wearing round the house with sparkly bits on. Both fit perfectly and even Vin said the jeans looked good! Praise indeed. Can't get used to all of these thinner clothes, the only trouble is that I have a lot of very good things in my wardrobe that are now way too big, I really need to have a huge big clear out. Charity shop here we come. 
Funny thing was that after having the blood test, when we got home a letter had come from the renal clinic with an appointment for next Monday so that was good timing too. Not a bad day in the end..very successful for a change. 
The new hearing aids are really good, they are so much clearer and it is easier to hear people speaking to me which is a big bonus.  Oh dear! I am sounding like a feeble little old woman..never used to be like that..just a blip for the moment I hope. Vin is incredibly patient , does all of the driving without complaint ..I got a diamond there. Thanks Vin XXXXX
Jane is working today 12 o'clock to 8 o'clock, so will ring tonight on her way home I think. She is still getting over her Ticketmaster lurgy and still had a sore throat yesterday but was getting better. She has a couple of days off at the end of the week and is going out on Thursday with her friends for TM for a pizzaq at Crazy Ped4ros so is looking forward to that. She will really miss that job, she has loved it there for the last five years and has made some good friends.  She thinks it will be the beginning of October when she starts at M.R.I. because she has jury service for two weeks an the middle of SeptShe has already deferred it once because she was supposed to go in the middle of her exams in June. It will be good for her to get properly working again, but at least she got the job she really wanted. They interviewed ten people for that job so she did well there. Clever Jane XXX
Jane with her two best friends Jo and Lauren. It was great meeting them, they were all a really lovely bunch..and all with jobs too! Quite something these days. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

All Clear!

Well that is one clinic down. Went off this afternoon to the clinic in Formby where I have been having my arm dressed and when they removed the last dressing it has cleared up beautifully, so I have been discharged from there. So at least we don't have to trek there any more.
Since the clinic was just up the road from Waitrose we went in there to get a free coffee. It was surprisingly busy in the caffe section actually, but when we got a table it started to clear so very quickly it was empty.Funny that! Then we did a little bit of shopping  and home.
This morning was quite quiet, Vin rang up about my Aranesp injections and it is in the process of being sorted. Also he has filled in the Medicash to get the allowance for the hearing aids. They will be blacklisting me!
Tomorrow it is the eye clinic in Litherland which is quite early so it will be an early night tonight I think. Poor Vin he must be getting tired of getting me to all of these appointments! Bless him, he never complains either. Thanks Vin XXXX 

Friday, 7 August 2015

What a Difference!!

A day makes!  Today for me was HA Day. The day I finally got my new hearing aids.  So, this afternoon was an appointment at the clinic in Formby to go and get them. I should have got them some weeks back bbut was too ill to go and had to cancel the appt.  Rearranged and today was the day. Specsavers in Formby. VERY impressed with them and their service, very nice girl who had them all ready for me and turned them on to the computer as soon as I arrived. Bit of tweaking bhecause of some feedback but that was soon done and she explained all about them. What a huge difference!! I am really surprised just how much more I can hear with these, and the technology of them is terrific. They are Siemens ones and come with 4 years free batteries and after sales service as well. Vin had the money from the insurance company so that bit was painless. Great!!!
From there I had to go and get a blood test done in the same clinic as it happened and that was 3.00 so fitted in beautifully The lady there did the test the first time, no trouble at all. I still think it is all about confidence. 
Then I had decided that we would go along the road to Waitrose, to get a few bits of shopping that we don't get any where else. Plus of course get a free coffee! It is an absolute age since we have been to Waitrose and some of the biscuits that we like from there we have run out of plus some other things.Lovely coffees..I had a latte and Vin had a capucinno, then he went off to get the bits n our list and I joined him for the last bit. Job done and a very good afternoon.
Jane rang up just before we were due to go ut on her way to work, she has the dreaded Ticketmaster lurgy..sore throat, cough and generally feeling off colour. Aaah poor Jane.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nice Outing!!

No particular rush this morning, so up leisurely. Had to go to the Homebase in Formby to collect an iron that we had ordered online yesterday and do a bit of shopping at Tesco over the road..very handy because we could then go for a Costa!!
The iron was ready for us. In actual fact they keep a few items in stock even though it is a collection point and that was one of them. So we are now the proud owners of a mew Russeell Hobbs colour changing iron bought with our vouchers from the National Shopping Monitor that we scn our groceries for. 
Then it was over the road for our coffee out for the week. Vin had been looking online for something different and he had a Mocha which is a chocolate with espresso. I had my medio skinny latte which was lovely.Some nice little wafer biscuits and we were done. I sat with the bottom half of my latte while he ran round the shop getting the things on the list. Good job Vin.
Jane rang up this morning on her way to work at Ticketmasters. She is going for waffles and ice cream tonight with one of her soon to be colleagues at M.R.I. Gosh it was a good job she got that job I think she would have been devastated if she hadn't. She is really going to miss Ticketmasters though. :(
Big day tomorrow. I am off to the clinic in Formby to get my hearing aids at long last.Looking forward to that. Then a blood test at 3.05 which should leave enough time to get them done.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hooray!!! Our daughter the radiographer.

Well, our Jane didn't ring up till quite late ast night after her interviewso we were beginning to get a bit worried. Turned out she had a bit of a run in with a woman who is in charge of the department, who had told her that she was silly giving up the job at Salford, and they had interviewed some very good candidates already. Well that threw her confidence she said and affected her performance in the interview. Oh dear!!
Anyway she rang this morning to say that she would have to give up her job at Ticketmaster which she is really sad about, because they had just informed her she had been offered the job at M.R.I. 
So it is now all systems go..she has her First, and now the job she wanted, and she had done really well in the interview too.
Really really well done Jane..we are so proud of you. !XXXX
We stayed in today to do bits and bobs. Makes a change not having anywhere medical to go to. Vin came up to say the iron was leaking very badly, maybe because it was dropped yesterday! so we went online to Argos to order another. Very painless, just click and collect tomorrow from their depot point at Homebase at Formby which is just opposite Tesco so I feel a Costa coming on :) :) 
Vin also rang up about my blood test and conveniently got an appointment at the clinic in Formby for 3.05 and since I am going to get my new hearing aids at 2.30 is excellent timing. Well done Vin..
Jane..Clever girl..with her mentor who was terrific through her three years, Carol. I love this picture. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back again like the proverbial...

Not been on for a bit for one reason or another. Started on the 15th of July when I went for a routine endoscopy test at Aintree and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low, and they wouldn't let me go home either. So they found me a bed and there I stayed for around ten days. Had loads of tests and they didn't really come to any conclusion but have tweaked my medications a bit. 
Then when I finally got home the computer decided to play up and is  still going off as I type this. real pain in the are typing away and the annoying lady's voice says " Goodbye" and everything locks. Grrrr.
Seem to be spending our time going to medical things these days. Poor Vin is very patient, but the waiting around must get to him. No wonder he is getting grumpy with me, and I am getting more depressed by the day. Ah well onwards and upwards as they say.
Today was a waste of a day because I was supposed to go over the way to the surgery for a blood test but the nurse couldn't get any blood out so she has given us a form and said go to one of the clinics. That wasn't a good day to begin with.
Jane is off to an interview at M.R.I. this afternoon for a radiographers job.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Home Again!!

Than  Goodness!  Went into Aintree for a routine test on tthe 15th of July and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low and they wouldn't let me go home again either. Stayed there all day and then they found me a bed to keep me in. So ended up on ward 11 for ten days. like trying to get out of Colditz, had every test known to man and nothing too bad found, so came home yesterday at long last.
Vin was star.. a real star. Kept me going with yoghurts and biscuits and cheerful chatty visits twice a day!! Don't know how he did it really poor lad.  Al the women on the ward fell for him and thinks he is lovely which he is of course. 
Had a really nice surprise visit from Jane yesterday too, she drove from Manchester, and stayed overnight with her Daddy. Left her car overnight at the hospital car park and picked it up on Monday when they finally let me go home. Then she drove back to Manchester. She has an interview at M.R.I. on the 4th August, so fingers crossed that she gets that one. That's the job she wants so hope she is successful.
Jane is top row right.  With some of her friends who are all over the place now. All in their finery and graduation gowns. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

She Made It !!!

Jane and me at her graduation ceremony July 13th 2015.
She made it. She got there after one year at a College doing sciences, and three years at Salford University doing a BSc (Honours) degree in Radiography which she passed with a First! Well done my lovely. I am so very proud of you. 
It was a lovely day...not weatherwise, because it rained /drizzled all day but the ceremony andand everything else was wonderful. So glad I got there,  It was really lovely to meet her friends and  and put faces to names. They are a lovely bunch, she certainly has some nice lifelong friends there. 
This is Jane and her clinical tutor at the hospital where she did her placement. An absolute rock that woman, she helped her such a lot through the three years. It was really nice to meet her and finally put a face to the name. 
 The ceremony itself was very good. We were n the front row!!!  so had a terrific view. A brass band to start with as an introduction, and a very good gorl singer who did three numbers, then the speeches.  The vice prsident gave quite a lng but very good sppech, and two honorary professorships awarded, then the graduates were named individuallly as they went across the stage. The Masters ones one at a time, and everyone else in groups of three. Jane's group were quite quick to go through actually.  She said she saw me clapping from the front. Aaah.  So proud I could burst. 
Outside for more photos, some group ones.
All getting ready to throw their hats in the air. ! Aaah. Quite a moment for them all. 
Finally she had to hand her gown back, and we went over the way to the Pizza Express for some dinner. Very nice place too, we enjoyed that. Nobody had had any lunch so we were quite hungry, even me. I had a gluten free Fiorentina which was egg, spinach a bit of tomato and garlic oil, and Jane and Vin shared a Margareta and dough balls which he said were tasty. Didn't want a pudding so had a Cappuccino to finish and Vin had an Americano.  Jane was quite happy with her Coke. Everything at The Lowry centre had closed down  but Vin went and got a wheelchair because there was a long way to walk to the car parking level. He and Jane were parked on different levels and we wanted to change over things we had both taken with us. Met outside at the drop off point, swapped over things and left for home.
A really really good day. Certainly one to remember.
Well done my darling. XXXXX

Monday, 6 July 2015

Good Job....

Good job we weren't going to go out today anywhere because it has turned into a horrible day. wet and cold and drizzly with the trees blowing like mad. Funny July weather.
 Bedding day today, so stripped the bed and put new on. No drying outside today though so all in the tumble dryer.
Vin has been tracking our Bose parcel it seems like forever, but it must have been stuck on the motorway because it hadn't moved in an age. However, this morning, success because it has finally been delivered!! So maybe things will get moving now. The television that we have has terrible sound, really tinny, and you miss the Bose sound box a lot.
I have also sent a parcel back to QVC today, it was a set that I had ordered forr the graduation on Monday next, but in the end I have bought other things from M&S, a nice kimono jacket and lovely white t-shirt that I can wear with my black trousers and should look smart. I don't want to let Jane down on her big day. :)
I had a lovely shower this morning too, must say the new grab rails and the bath board have made it a lot easier and safer. Funny thing today, there was an item on The Jeremy Vine show about people falling downstairs, some horrendous tales too. Made Vin even more wary now!!!
Jane rang up about half past twelve on her way to work. She was starting at one until nine tonight. Then she was going to the gym after work to use the equipment and get her tired for bed. Good for her :)
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin
Baked potato for me

Friday, 3 July 2015

Signede Off Again...

Not on the dole..never have been I am proud to say, but had a visit from the little Occupational Therapy girl today who has signed me off now. This was the little one who arranged everything for me. She got the rails fitted all over the house, brought a bath board to use in the bath, and graqb rails where necessary. She also had the physiotherapist who gave me exercises and  the dietician who we didn't see actually because I had already seen one in the hospital. So, she was a little star really got things moving. Thankyou Louise. 
We stopped in today because she was coming and were able to sit outside for our coffee this morning. Very nice too, not too hot at the moment a bit cloudy but nice when the sun came out. Vin had a petit dejuner and a milk pod and I had an Americano and a milk pod. Lovely. Well we have the machine so we can have really good coffees ourselves, and we have had two outside ones this week. Can't be greedy can we. 
Vin did the gardening at the front of the house this morning and I did some of a letter to John and Ann. I ordered some things from Lakeland yesterday quite late on and got an email today to say they have been dispatched. That is quick. Vin is tracking his UPS parcel with the sound box that is going back to Bose for repair, and it is still stuck. Must be in that line of lorries stuck on the motorway down south. Grrr. The sound on the television is awful, hope it gets moving soon. 
Jane was starting work quite early today so hasn't rung up yet, maybe later tonight. 
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. Depends on what we have in the fridge or freezer.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Not Out Today...

Didn't go anywhere today, mainly because we were waiting in for a delivery which usually comes in the morning. it didn't today, it came after lunch more or less so later than normal. Doesn't matter though, we weren't planning to go anywhere anyway.
Funny sort of day weather wise. A bit overcast, and looks like rain but nothing happening yet. not as muggy..and a bit cooler. Funny I type this it is currently pouring down.
Jane rang up on her way to work this morning. She was starting at ne today so getting some good hours in at the moment. i think she is glad that she gave the Salford job back, she is now waiting for jobas at MRI to come up, shouldn't be l9ong. She had a day off yesterday and went to the Imperial War museum at the Lowry centre, said it was really interesting. Then she had a look round the shops but said there wasn't really very much there.
Tonight we are having:
Whatever we feel like really. 
Not a huge amount of stuff in the fridge in the way of veggies. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hot and Humid...

Well the warm weather has arrived with a vengeance . We had lovely sunny day yesterday, but today is cloudy hot aqnd humid. Thank Heavens for the air conditioning n the car which is excellent.
We went out to Dobbies this morning for one of our free coffees for July. (Hares and Rabbits) by the way. 
Must admit i got a bit wilted when we got there..wonder if it is the heat? could be, not sure. So we had our coffees soon after we got there really. Sat people watching for a while, then we got a few things from their food hall area. I wanted a cake and some whirly biscuits, and I saw a nice little tin of biscuits for the little occupational therapy girl who is due on friday. 
Tonight we are having:
Amy's m3eal mac/cheese
Butternut squash

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Busy Week !

We have had a busy week so far this week. yesterday was a stay at home day, but started off quite early, Vin was awake so he did the ironing! what a star!! Then we did bits and bobs pretty much all day.  A few phone calls, including one from the Specsavers girl who said she had ordered some hearing aids for me and she had gone with the £2,225 ones which are right for my level of hearing loss, and were Siemens which were the ones we were keen on too. So they are on their way, should take about two weeks. then she will get in touch and make an appointment to arrrange fitting etc., So that was a good thing done.
Today I had an appoint6ment at Aintree at nine o'clock so we had to get up early today to get going and beat the traffic. In the end we did it and got there on time. Not long to wait, weighed and blood pressured..low blood pressure again,  then caled in to the doc. he seemed quite happy apart from the weight thing so told me to eat more and drink more. We were out really early but had to wait around for a bit while  Vin went to the pharmacy to collect some Aranesp injections in the larger strength. So that wasted a bit of time, and we left finally about a quarter to eleven.  We made our way to the Costa on the Aintree retail park, and had our coffees there for a change. Vin had a Soya milk latte and I had a sdkinny medio cappuccinno. Beautiful, and a really good people watch. very pleasant way to spend the morning. Nice this retirement lark.
Jane rang up for a good chat yesterday too, she had been to Salford and given them their job back so she can wait for one to come up at M.R.I. I think that was a l9oad off her mind, she wouldn't have been happy there she said.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin,Orzo salad to go with. 
I might have a poached egg with a bit of chopped spinach.

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Mundanity of Life....

Poor Vin...He has really been lumbered with moi.  Seems ages since we went anywhere or did anything really, he must be getting tired of life in the Mac household. Running round after me is making him sigh a lot, and I never wanted that. Fingers crossed for better days eh!
The labels came this morning for us to send the Bose box back to them for repair, trouble is it is extremely difficult to find a box f the right size. You can't buy them anywhere except in numbers for moving etc., He is going to try some places tomorrow to see if he an get hold of something. trouble is it is an odd shape long and also fairly thick which is an unusual shape.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work while she was driving. She had got up reasonably this morning and gone over to the cinema over the road to see "Minions" They are cute little blue and yellow characters, and it is a cartoon film. She said it was really cute, the cinema was very quiet and it was well worth going. So glad she is having some fun at well deserved. Day of big decisions for her on Monday, she is going to Salford where they offered her a job before she got her results, and she does not want to go there. So, she is going to give them their job back and wait ofr M>R>I> to put some jobs up which she says should be soon. Till then she has her job at Ticketmaster which she loves anyway, so she has morny coming in for rent etc.,
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Turned Up Again...

Nt been on for a few days again ..another digestive blip which held me back. Wish i knew what is the real cause of them. poor Vin leads a merry dance up and down stairs and getting no sleep, just doesn't seem right somehow. 
The weather has been a bit unpredictabe these days quite nice today and we were able to sit outside this morning with our coffees. Jane rang up for a chat on her way to work, whie she was in her car. She had rung up briefly earlier to give us the number and heading for her professional registration which has to be sent by cheque the only other way was to get a postal order and that would have cost another fourteen pounds. No point in wasting money she says.We had a look at last year's graduation ceremony online and it looks quite nice. It is at The Lowry so should be a nice day. Gosh she has worked so very hard for that, can't believe the time has cme.
Tonight we are having:
Meals are very difficult at the mment. I must be driving Vin mad because there are so many things that I'm a bit wary of eating. 
Last night he had a lovely looking pizza and salad,
I had a blob of mashed potato and a poached egg.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Waiting Around!!

The district nurse was supposede to be coming today, as of yet mid afternoon, no-one has come yet. Think they have forgotten. Never mind. My legs feel better anyway definitely not stinging any more so must be healing.
Bedding done today, enforced actually we won't say why :) :) but it was ready for doing anyway.  So we have mooched around the house today at a bit of a loose end, always the same when you are waiting for someone.
Quite cold today, not at all like summer weather, must be one of the coldest Junes on record. So far we have only sat outside once this year because it's been too windy and cool.  Still warm in Oz according to their FB posts, and it's their winter. Maybe they will send us some sunshine later. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure.. depends on what he feels like and me.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Things Done....

It was aayof getting a variety of things done. We weren't going out so started off by getting up earlyish for us. The chap from the council was coming this morning to fit the shower rail in the bathroom at nine, and he arrived spot on the time. Did the fitting in about ten minutes and it is excellent, solid as a rock. I think that will be really useful.
Last night the lady came as recommended from Specsavers to clear out my ear of the wax deposit. She was excellent, used a vacuum to get it out and it was totally painless, all you could hear was a sort of sucking and a few high pitched whines. Then she did the impressions for the aids so that saved some time too. 
This morning then we weere able to proceed with the insurance claim, and Vin made quite a few phone calls. He contacted the lady from Specsavers to find out what is the correct way to go. they had sent an estimate and some information, and they would deal with the insurance co. That was next so he rang them and was told to email  them with the estimate and contact information. This he has just done so that is well under way now, and all we have to do is wait for the insurance now. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really at all.
Probably something from the freezer and any veggies that we have in the fridge. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Out Today !

We escaped the house this morning. Nothing in particular on today, well not until tonight anyway so we went to Costa for a coffee out, and to get a little bit of fresh air. Horrible day here today. very cool and drizzly, Vin had his windscreen wipers going most of the way there. that sort of rain that gets you wet without you realising.
Costa was moderately busy and we had to sit on a table around the corner, not our usual bench seats, but it waas nice anyhow.  Vin had a mocha with a shot of espresso and a beautiful chocolate heart shape on the top, and i had a skinny latte medio which was lovely. i do like Costa coffees they can always be relied on. 
We didn't need any shopping today, but i did want to get some flowers for the kitchen, so spent a whil;e looking. Chose some pink roses for a change and a nice bunch of irises which has done two vases so not too bad.  We shall have to see how long they last. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to Tesco to get a card for her tutor at M.R.I. then off to Greens to get a voucher for a meal to go with it, then off to the hosp  to give her locker key back and have a chat about jobs there. She really doesn't want to go to Salford and wants to stay there so she is going to get the lie of the lanmd. It's all decisions for her, but i really hope she goes where she is happy.
I have a lady coming tonight between 7 and 8 to do my ear wax removal and do the impressions so hopefully we can move on with the insurance claim, and get some new aids. 
Tonight we are going :
Amy's meals mac/cheese
Butternut squash
garlic bread for Vin and mushrooms

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Well it turned into a busy day what with everything going on. 
We got up earlyish because we were expecting the district nurse to dress my legs as ordered by Aintree Hosp. In the event she arrived about three o'clock so we were waiting round most of the day and beginning to think that no-one was coming.  Anyway she did and will come again on Friday, then it will be a case of go to a dressing clinic somewhere. 
Also contacted by Specsavers because we hadn't heard from them Vin had rung yesterday. The lady said she would contact the audiologist and ring back. She did and gave us the number of the lady who does ear wax removal. Duly rung and she is coming tomorrow between 7 and 8 to do that. £30.  She will also do the impressions for the moulds so that's moving forward. 
Jane rang this morning too to ask if I could write a cheque for her professional registration fee. Delighted to do that anyway. It appears that they will only accept a checque or postal order, but you pay another £14 for one of those! and she says it is a waste of money. Good for her! She is off to see Jurassic World tonight with one of the boys from Ticketmaster, they are going to a late showing at a cinema in Manchester. Nice to see her having a bit of fun XXX
Vin sorted out his pension plans and insurances so he did a lot of that today. He seems too be a bit further on now with that. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with salad and pasta salad for Vin
Poached egg on a slice of bread for moi. I actually had an omelette last night.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Back Again !!

Like the proverbial...been away for a few days. Started with a phone call from Aintree to say they had a bed for me that day !!!! was supposed to be an overnight stay, it was for a CT scan with a special contrast so I needed to be admitted for renal function observation. Then it turned into a two day stay. Did the scan on Thurs which was clear apart from a lung infection which I am being treated for now, and blood pressure problem which is called postural hypotension. This means when you are sitting down your blood pressure is fine, but when you stand it drops drramatically. This was probably why I fell down the stairs. and up the stairs for that matter. So, I escaped on Sunday on another set of tablets, which touch wood seem to be working. 
While I was in there Jane rang on Friday to say she had her results, and wanted us to know first. She had been to her badge ceremony that morning, and the results we4re emailed through to them. She got a FIRST !!!! Isn't that amazing. So well done, and so well deserved, she has worked incredibly hard for that. All the way through at Ticketmaster during the evenings at weekends with barely a break with her placements.  She has a job at Salford, but isn't sure about that at all. She quite wants to stay at M.R.I. where she is happy and likes the people. Tricky decision.  We are delighted for her, gosh has she worked for that. Well done our jane. Only four in the year too so really well done XXX
Poor Vin is having a bit of a breather today he has been visiting me of course twice a day bless him, which is tiring in itself. I rang the community dietician to cancel the appointment there in July since I saw a dietician oin Aintree last week.  Vin has rung Specsavers to enquiere about the hearing aids which we haven't heard about. They have left a message at Southport for the girl tomorrow.  So, all underway. 
Two proud parents and a clever girl. XXX

Tonight we are having:
pizza and salad for Vin with a pasta side salad
Poached eggon a slice of my toast for moi.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Very big news here today. Jane has just rung up to say that the results came out at four o'clock and she has passed everything and is now a fully qualified radiographer. Isn't that amazing. It has been a long hard three years but she got there in the end clever girl. She isn't sure what grade she has got but at the very least it is a 2.1 might just be a first, she isn't sure. Fingers crossed! So..well done our Jane.She can have her car now...that was her graduation present a year early because she got it last year :)
Other things going on, I haven't been n for a couple of days because I had another digestive blip, the usual sort of thing, very debillitating but we get there in the end. Poor Vin, is so patient and kind, I must be wearing him out.  It is all so unpleasant and embarrassing but he never complains. Bless him XXXX

Our clever Jane XXXX

Friday, 5 June 2015


The main purpose for me today was an appointment with Specsavers at their hearing aid clinic. This was a departure for me because  for years I have been to Ormerods in Southport. However they have moved to within Boots and not as easy to get to. So, since the Specsavers is in Formby nearly fiv/ten mi9nutes away from us I had decided to go there. 
Before we went there, we both had some hone calls to make. Vin had to phone his insurance companies and I had to phone the dietician only got a recorded message so had to leave name address and phone number and they would ring back. They did mid morning and gave me an appointment for the 8th of July, so that was done.
Then off to Formby after a nice little coffee at home. We got there on time, and we were asked in on time too which is a good start. very nice girl who asked me some general history questions then got to some hearing tests. The usual ones invol;ving headphones and a button that you press when you hear specific sounds. Some high pitched some medium and some low sounds.  She said I had some wax build up in my left ear so had to get that cleared then the impressions could be made for the hearing aids. We didn't discuss types of aids but she did say she would put some things in the post. All in all I was very impressed with her, thought she was very good.
All that took half an hour, and we were out by half past one so on the way back called in at the garden centre over the way to get something for the barrel that Vin cleared in the front yesterday. We ended up with some nice little allysum I think they are called. Whites, pinks and purples, and these are not supposed to grow too tall so should be good in the barrel.
Turning out not too bad this afternoon but by no means heatwave weather. Vin is in the garden now loking after the bulbs and might be doing the frnt garden barrel depending on time.

Tonight we are having:
maybe Linda McCartney kievs which are quite tasty,
Any veggies that we have left over in the fride.
Mashed potato from last night.