Friday, 29 December 2017

One in One Out!

One out today, that was Vin who took himself off to Tesco so he didn't have to go tomorrow. With the New Year weekend looming he didn't fancy going there tomorrow so went today instead. He got some logs from Homebase too so we are sorted for being warm. Goody! 
I was the one who stopped in and Vin came home at around oneish so we had our coffee then. He was telling me that the roadworks are bad round there and it was causing huge tailbacks round the Tesco car park. Took him ages to get out of there. Stocked up again for the week and also got two Costa cards which were %15 off so quite a good deal. All set up for next year then!
Little Jessie who isn't really "little" she is more like a football! was on the bed very very early this morning. I just woke up briefky and saw a head in the dark with two little ears sticking up.  She went after a bit over my feet, and came back again later apparently for feeding.  She knows what she wants that cat!
Jane's Christmas pudding, warm chocolate brownie with a good ice-cream. 
How to enjoy the fire! Laid back catty.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Quiet Day!

Apart from the doorbell going off three times! Firstly was the parcel for our next door neighbour. Second was actually for me except I wasn't expecting anything, it was my delivery from Bullens. Third was the electric man who had come to read the meter.  Little Jessie must be getting used to our doorbell because she doesn't run away upstairs like she used to. So at least we have moved forwards there. 
We didn't go out today mainly because we have got lots of stuff in the fridge and freezer. All we needed was a loaf and some milk so Vin got those from the shop down the road so we were sorted.  He says he might go  to Tesco tomorrow. I don't think he fancies going on saturday because of the New Year buying frenzy! 
Nice to see little Jessie not moving when the bell went  she has been in her basket just raising her head once in a while! She does get up to miaow for food though. 
I love this one. Our Jane took it on her camera phone, really good image.
And this one is one of her best. It was on Christmas day when she woke up enough to go after her Daddy's plate. He was having our pudding which was a nice Brownie, with a blob of creme fraiche and a few raspberries, tastefully decorated with a few white chocolate stars. Very yummy XX

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Been and Gone!

Yes! All over and done with for yet another year. All the shopping and thinking and preparations and it goes so quickly. The really lovely thing this year was that  our Jane was home for Christmas which was a treat. However, she did spend a lot of time in her bed which was understandable because of her awful shifts. She went back last night and is on nights tonight. In at the deep end. We are proud of you Jane XXX 
We did have a good time over the festive period with everybody getting some good things even little Jessie who got a go into hut which she got the hang of almost immediately. Very quick on the uptake she is.  Vin is very proud of her for that.
Loads of food as usual, but Vin reckons there isn't much over, and at least we don't have any meat like a lot of people do. We do however have a terrific number of boxes of chocolates, when we will get round to eating those I have no idea, we don't actually eat a lot of chocolate things and have the occasional one with our coffee on a  weekend. 
Jane used her phone while she was here and took a lot of pictures of little Jessie so will see if I can get one on  here.
Christnas Dinner, our version which is a sort of meat loaf which we have with all the trimmings.  This was Jane's I think because she has all the bread sauce and sweetcorn. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Shortest Day!

It is officially the shortest day of the year and a grey one at that.  It certainly doesn't look like we are going to have a white Christmas, unless you live in Scotland maybe. I can't remember the last time we had one of those, must be a lot of years ago.
Vin went off to Tesco this morning to get some last min ute things kike veggies etc., also Homebase because he had to take something back, and he bought some coal and hardwood logs from there too. Since the Home and Bargain didn't have any on Sunday that was a good buy. Then off to Tesco which is just over the road. He met some people we know from down the road so he got chatting to them then did his shopping. He rang up to say he was on his way back but he would drop off the card for Alex who was Jessies previous owner from when she was a kitten. He said it is a big posh house with a big long drive. I think our Jessie is slumming it now not having a huge house to pad around in! One thing we certainly do not have is space in this house! Ah well it's called downsizing!
Our back room window all lit up for Christmas. 
Our Jane had better hurry up home because little Jessie seems to like the new bedding all made up with a new electric blanket too!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What a Night!

Oh Dear! My fault entirely too!  I knocked a little spot on the top of my nose last night around nine o'clock, and it started to bleed. trickly not profuse but it just wouldn't stop. Vin tried everything, pressure, ice in a paper towel, blotting it, dabbing it, blowing it but it just wouldn't give up. At half past three in the morning it was only just about stopping.  Vin just wouldn't give up and he was getting really tired as was I. Eventually I turned on my side and it stopped, little bleeder! So sorry Vin and well done for perseverance. 
 We did Jane's bed this morning and put a brand new electric blanket on it so it would be nice and comfy for her. I don't know how long it will be before little Jessie will go on it but she hasn't yet so far!

Welcome home our Jane!!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

In Today!

Stopped in today mainly because we had things to do and didn't want to do any more shopping or coffees out! Doesn't really matter it is nice to be in at this time of the year. 
Jane is now off but is probably catching up on her sleep I should think. I hope she doesn't mind the cat being on her bed because she has been there all day up till now when I came up to have a go at the computer. Because it was dark and I put the light on it disturbed her and she jumped down and went off. She came on her daddy last night and again this morning I think she would have stayed there all morning but he had to get up for a shave. She jumped off in a huff!
Home and Hearth. Can't beat it. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

Vin Says It's Mild!

He does, he sats it is a mild day today!! I don't think it is mild but there again I  am always cold anyway.  Still have nice fires though, he got some coal delivered last week and he normally tops that up with some he buys from Home and Bargain but they haven't had any for the last two weeks. Wonder why? 
He gets logs from there too, but the chap next door but two told him about a place in Formby to try. 
It has been a weekend of finals this one. Firstly Strictly which I have watched since the beginning, then The Apprentice ditto, Then Sports personality of the year which leaves us totally cold and disinterested. Strictly i was rooting for Debbie who was marvellous but didn't win, she should have won it though I think. The Apprentice was a bit of a surprise because he gave both of them the prize, there was a lad and a girl and he couldn't make up his mind between them.  Quite enjoyable viewing though  both of them. 
Little Jessie has been her usual self today, nice and quiet resting in her basket.  She did chuck up on her Daddy's sofa the night before last though so poor Vin had to wash his covers. Naughty girl!
I think he has forgiven her! Except, she is now being sick on the stairs and he is sighing like mad! I'm keeping out of the way!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Quick Visit!

Doorbells this morning. Firstly the delivery os coal which wasn't expected till Monday but came this morning instead. They left it in the front garden and so poor Vin had to ferry it round to the back garden via the wheelbarrow. Anyway that is safely in the coal bunker next to his logs.
Then it was the nice lady from Hermes with the soap that I ordered only the other day, so that was a very speedy delivery. 
A nice small coffee and then a bit of lunch for us both and it was off to the podiatry  for a three o'clock appointment.  Only waited a few minutes then Helena came to get me, she wanted to check my feet and I also met with the orthotist, who  has written me up for some house shoes. They should help with the getting round the house because the orthopaedic shoes are terrible for walking on. The good news is that I don't have to go back for a month, so the 17th January is the next one. Wow!
Little Jessie seems to be finally getting used to the doorbells!  It went a couple of times this morning and she didn't budge. Normally she races up the stairs like she has been shot! Maybe she is getting used to them! Only taken a year!!
Out of the way and trying to hide!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Yesterday and Today!

Both today, since we were quite late yesterday I didn't have time to get this done.  We decided to go out yesterday which was nice, and off we went to Dobbies. Looking very festive for the season it was actually quite busy. People shopping for the season I suppose. It was a horrible day really, very wet and drizzly and cold as well but nice inside. 
We had a good look round and got some things for Christmas, something for everybody.they were offering a lot of Christmassy things at half price too so when we went to the cash till we got a lovely surprise.  I was really surprised just how much we got for the amount we paid. 
When we got home I went into the dentist to see if they could fit me in because I had a filling come out of a back tooth and it was very sharp and has been for a bit. To my surprise he said he could do me at  two twenty,  so I went back then and he put a filling in. Good job done.
Stayed downstairs after that so didn't get this done . Today it is quite grey and drizzly now, not a very nice day at all. So we stopped inside.  Little Jessie has been her usual self, not been out either. I don't think she likes the cold weather. She will go out if it is sunny and her daddy is out there too, otherwise she isn't bothered. Who can blame her really. 
 Inside looking out!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Really Really Cold Today!

Well we were going to go out today, but Vin went down for the papers and came back to say that it was bitterly cold , take your breath away cold he said so it was a stay in job. I wanted to finish off my Christmas cards anyway and do a few bits on the computer so it was a good chance to do that. Maybe go out tomorrow. He has just come up to say it has started drizzling so it's gone warmer, not to me it isn't I'm always cold!!
Little Jessie of course hasn't moved much today but stopped in her basket near her Daddy. He reached over at lunchtime to tickle her tummy very lightly, and she scratched him! Little minx! fancy scratching the hand that feeds her. Not wise!
Having a play! 

Monday, 11 December 2017


Brrr again! like the other day but colder. Everywhere is snowy but it seems Merseyside at the moment. Trains and planes off and schools closed all over but we carry on.  We did have a bit of snowing yesterday but it didn't stick. Just came down and  then melted although it was cold, clearly not cold enough for it to stay. Some areas have had it very bad with traffic jams all over and bad hold ups. 
We didn't go out today and stayed in getting bits done. Vin printed off my little letter for my Christmas cards which I have now started writing. Each year I say that I will do them earlier, but never get round to it for one reason or another. I do a letter/note on the computer, mainly because my writing is now just terrible, very shaky and scrawly, and even Vin says he can't read it! So the last resort is the latter/note. It says what I would have written anyway. 
Little Jessie is at present in the middle of Jane's bed, all curled  up and looking very comfy. She doesn't seem to mind the noise in the room, and I always have the t.v. on  fairly loud but she doesn't move unless she hears her Daddy around, then she does. In fact she has just jumped down because she heard him.
He tried to get her to go out this morning but she wasn't having any, he says she won't be pushed out but will go out if she wants to.  When she did decide to use the cat flap, she sat on the flags outside for a few minutes then came back in again!!!

Friday, 8 December 2017


Brrr indeed. Definitely cold here today, suppose it is the result of the dreaded storm Caroline that is supposed to be hitting us today. Not that much sign of it yet though it is a bit blowy. A little flurry of sleet this morning  and very grey this afternoon, not really a good day to be out at all. 
Vin has finished  the trees now and everywhere looks great. He has also moved the footstool from the middle room which makes it look a lot tidier too.   It will all stay up for at least a month so you do get quite good value from it all.  I spent the morning trying to think of things to put into my little Christmas not that goes in the cards each year. At least it saves a lot of writing which is so bad now that I doubt whether anyone could read it! 
 Our Jane is on an eight to eight long day again today. Hope she isn't too busy and doesn't get too snowed on when she makes her way back to her car. She says it is too expensive to park in the hospital, and if the parking in Aintree is anything to go on she is probably right. 
Little Jessie suddenly appeared in Jane's bedroom this morning when I was at the computer and has stayed there since then. No doubt she will come down a bit later thinking we are going to have our cream sponge, but she will be unlucky because it has all gone so she will be unlucky ! 
Our tree in the extension always ooks nice and so far little Jessie is keeping away from them. There is one little red round apple without its hanging loop though and  she has had good fun knocking that around. This morning Vin found it in the hallway!!
We have had her a year now, and I wonder just how much of that time she  has spent sleeping?

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Poor Sammy R.I.P.

The doorbell went this morning and it was the husband of the lady who owns little Sammy. He was a lovely little black and white cat who has been visiting us for years. He came to our front door to get biscuits, and Vin would always keep a packet of them in our porch to go and feed him. We will really miss little Sammy, he was a beautiful cat, but was terrible for running over the roads, and in the end that caught him, and he was run over.  We know what that is like having lost our Tootsie just over a year ago now. 
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas round here at the moment . Vin got our three trees assembled yesterday and today we put the decorations on them. Always love doing that, they do look lovely when they are up and lit and decorated. Some of them we have had for years, one, a little box of tiny wooden angels that I got from Liberty's in London. They were £3.50 and I thought that was a fortune. Of course now it isn't.
Little Jessie is very comfortable in the middle of our Jane's bed. Looks lovely all curled up. 
The front of our little house, the tree in the front window and the candle arch above and a wreath on the front door. All set!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


 Started to put the Christmas things out. Vin had stowed everything on the bed and ferried it all downstairs. He put the things over the mantlepiece and they look lovely. One of the best things about Christmas for me actually. 
I love all these things, most of them came from our trips to America. They do such pretty decorations there. Many from craft fairs and stalls.
Also a huge parcel arrived from Amazon, with no order form but containing two beautiful advent calendars. They have tea lights in them, one for each day of the month and a surprise for the 25th.  I love Yankee candles they always smell so gorgeous. You get a different flavour each day which is always really nice.
  Little Jessie  seems blissfully unaware of what is going on around her. In her basket and fast asleep. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Last Friday we got a card through the letter box from the P.O. to say that there was a delivery which was  too large for the letter box. Vin went online to arrange  for it to be sent to our local Post Office, it was there today. No wonder it was too big for the letter box it was huge, and turned out to be an Advent calendar from our Jane and was a Kellogs one.  How inventive, 24 little parcels of cereal boxes all of the flavours I like. Can share them with Vin too  if he is a good boy !  What a great present, really thoughtful XXXX Thankyou our Jane XXX
Surprised us after lunch today, which was a nice carrot and tomato soup, by just how quickly it goes dark.  It was nearly pitch black by the time I came upstairs which was about a quarter past four. Vin was getting the fire ready downstairs but the ashes  were a bit hot from last night, so it was a quick rush outside to get them out before the paper burnt.   It burst into flames once and our next door neighbours thought we were having a the middle of winter!!!
Little Jessie didn't wake her daddy up too early his morning because it was darkish. 
Where is my dinner daddy?

Monday, 4 December 2017


Early appointment this morning to Aintree to the podiatry clinic, at 10.30. We got there a bit early and then had to wait for a while because they were quite busy. Saw Jo who cleared my foot, and made an appointment for the 15th of December to get a fitting for some slippers. At present I am wearing  the orthopaedic flat shoes that are quite difficult to walk in.
After the clinic visit we nipped along to the Co-Op , mainly because I had seen an advert for some nice little chocs that would be a treat for Christmas. They do some nice things in there but not in all the stores.  Vin came out with those on offer so that was a good deal, and worth going for. 
Then he went the back way to the retail park for a Costa coffee.  I had a lovely flat white and Vin had a honeycomb lattee. That came in a tall glass with a swirl of tasty cream on the top and honeycomb bits. I did pinch a bit of his cream when he wasn't looking and it was lovely. 
Home then and by afternoon back in our normal routine. Little Jessie hadn't moved at all, not one little bit. Vin reckons she was tired because she was waking him up at six thirty this morning!
I LOVE this picture! you can just see her uniform. Didshe really go to work like that??@?? 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Busy Busy!

Not me! That husband of mine. He doesn't stop, I simply don't know where he gets his energy from! 
I have been on the old computer trying to get the letter to John and Ann  it is actually quite difficult thinking of interesting things to put into the letter, so generally end up with a form of chatter.
Jane rang up last night, she had been on a long day and hadn't rung since Saturday when she had been on nights. She is on nights again tonight and it is very cold, hope she keeps warm, and doesn't get worked too hard. 
Little Jessie doesn't get out at the moment, I don't think she likes the cold weather either. She likes the sunshine on her back I think.
 Far too cold for this!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


We seem to be having a week in this week. Doesn't matter because as he says Vin can always find things to do. I spent the morning after we had got up doing some of the letter.
er to John and Ann which will go into their parcel. We have got a few things for them collected and Vin got a jiffy bag from the post office so when I have finished it, it can go. 
Little Jessie woke her daddy up fairly early because it was sunny this morning. Then after her feed she spent most of the morning on Jane's bed. Our Jane had better get used to her being on her bed because she is getting used to it!
On the prowl!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

A Bit Better Today!

No rain, No wind , No snow, November!
Isn't that how the saying goes? 
We didn't go out today basically because there are few places to go here really, so Vin did the washing and the bedding. Nice re-done bedding to go to bed in tonight. Lovely!
The papers are absolutely full of the latest royal news. There isn't much news at present so it gives them a field day.
The doorbell just went and it was our neighbour to say that the burglar who did her house last December has just gone back to jail for what he did to her house and property. Turns out he was a heroin addict and he had knocked on her door to establish that no-one was in first then went round the back of the house. There were two of them actually, one of them went away over the back fence to the largehouses at the back of ours. He was asked why they went off and he said they were disturbed by a neighbour. Guess who that was ? Our Vin Bless him. He is such a great neighbour. In fact the bell had just rung before that from the lady on the other side to collect a parcel that the Hermes courier had left in our house because she was out. 
Little Jessie hates the doorbell and runs upstairs as soon as it goes off. Don't know why she is so frightened of them. She doesn't like the ones on the television either. Strange. 

Monday, 27 November 2017

Monday Morning Blues!

It should be Monday morning greys really. Very blowy when we woke up and drizzly too. It is now absolutely tipping down, and very dark.  I don't know what our Jane is on today but I hope she doesn't get wet.
The big news of the day is the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghaan Markle who is an American divorcee. Gone are the days when the royals were forbidden to marry divorced people, especially after Charles and his piece got married. The papers now will have a field day from now on with every picture they have and delving into her family history etc., 
Little Jessie came up to get her daddy earlyish this morning. Not too early at the moment  because the mornings are darker off course so she is not getting woken up with the sun.  Then she is the whole morning sleeping in her basket. Good life isn't it.! 
Looking out at the drizzle.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

In Today!

We are in today mainly because we are out tomorrow at the podiatry clinic, and that is an early appointment so it will be early to bed for us this evening.
Quite wet today and at the time of typing this it is absolutely pouring down.  The poor man from Hermes has just delivered a parcel too, I hope he didn't get too wet.  Very dark quickly now too I suppose soon it will be dark in the morning and early in the evening too.
I think our Jane is on eight to eight today, she has been off for a few days so back in the routine for her.
Little Jessie has been asleep  on Jane's bed most of the day. She didn't wake up her Daddy too early this morning, I think it is the darker mornings not getting her going.
No trouble loading up today.

A Step Back in Time!

It was Vin's idea to go out today for a change. To be honest the weather this week hasn't exactly been glorious  Not really much choice of places to go but he thought it would be a good idea to go to the Sefton Meadows garden centres. They are usually good coffee shops places these days, and very often have gift centres too. The two that we normally go to do anyway, but we haven't been to this ne in an age. It is under new management though and that usually means that they are better. When we got there the front entrance where the gifts used to be is all furniture for the garden. Very strange because there is a lot of footfall there towards the coffee area. 
Anyway we found a table and Vin went off for the drinks. He had a latte and I had a cappuccino, both of which came in quite large mugs. Quite nice drinks but not as good as Costa!  
From there we went over to the other section where the gifts were. Oh my goodness it was like going back in time. Very dated and badly laid out quite difficult to get round it really was like stepping back in time. 
Today the Internet is really playing up. Won't let me post a photo either. Sorry!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Maybe Tomorrow!

In today but might go out tomorrow, if we can think of somewhere to go. Won't be dobbies though, we went there last week. 
Vin did a bit of packing for me today, he is brilliant at packaging, he always was , he used to pack Jane's presents beautifully. He just has the touch somehow.  Today it was the bauble swap to go off. I got mine an age ago and  all the way from Australia, via John Lewis. Beautifully packaged too. 
Jane is off today so likely won't ring because she tends to ring when she is on her way to work.
Little  Jessie was asleep on our Jane's bed when I came up after lunch, sat up, jumped down and ran out. Oh she likes me that cat...not!  Then Vin came into the room a bit after that, and said had she been sick on the bed because there was some on the landing. But, it's ok Jane because she hadn't .
She is HIS cat though!  

Monday, 20 November 2017

Mundane Monday!

Just another ordinary Monday really. Didn't do much today but Vin found some bags for the things we are taking on Friday, sweeties in one and bissies in the other. Look nice too. 
Little Jessie has upchucked in her basket last night so that has had to be got rid of since it can't be washed apparently.  She spent most of the morning on Jane's bed and after lunch too till I came upstairs to use the computer then she went down. I think I disturbed her. 
We did get an envelope today telling us about our heating allowance. We get £100 each, before he got his pension I got two hundred, now he gets a pension too we get half each. I don't know what difference it makes actually.  
Our Jane was on nights last night, I hope she had a good night there in manchester, some of them are terribly busy. She is off now till Thursday.
Jessie is her normal self, sleepy, and with the nights drawing in apace  she doesn't go out in the afternoon because it is too dark. She stops in with her daddy instead!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Black Friday!

Two things going on here today. One is Black Friday and the other is Children in Need. Neither of which really affects us very much at all. The radio is messed about with and the programmes that we listen to is not normal really, except that they do accept requests which usually means that they play fairly good music.  Black Friday means nothing really, no barrgains jumping out at us. As i type this there are adverts currently on for a black Friday event at Argos!
Very dark very early today, the time of typing is four thirty and is is black outside. The lights are on most of the afternoon now, and the solar lights outside have lit up. 
Little Jessie hasn't moved that much mostly in her basket. She did last night have a lovely play with a feather she had found on the television table. Really amusing to watch. Now she is in her basket, mainly because she is next to her daddy on the sofa. 
I love this one, it is her favourite  spot. She jumps up on  the arm of the sofa, climbs up over the back of it, and snuggles up to his cheek. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Little Outing!

  Dobbies! Off out today. Mainly the idea was to try the new shoes out which went well. I did walk from the car to the front of Dobbies, had a look round the food hall then Vin went for a chair because there is a lot of walking there. You actually cover a lot of ground. It is quite a big place with a fair amount of ground to cover. 
We got some Christmassy things, some nice tins of Christmas  shaped shortbreads to take to podiatry next time I go. I only need a tin of heroes or celebrations to take as well. They have all been so good there, all of them for about the last two years, it has been a long haul but we are getting there. Just need a bit of oomph now!!
Little Jessie has been quite good today  just been nice and quiet really. Mostly stayed in her basket while we went out, then she gets up when we come home. Probably to get some food off her daddy when he is home.

My food bowl is empty Daddy!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Fuel Hunting!

Since the weather is cooling down somewhat  Vin is keeping the fuel topped up. We get coal delivered when that runs low in the bunker, but he gets coal and logs from  Home and Bargain in Crosby too. So off he went this morning there. He thought it was market day there but apparently it wasn't there today so the parking was fine.  He had a few other things to get as well  but was home for a nice coffee later. 
Funny how the nights are drawing in now, it is almost as if the light switch goes off when the clocks go back. We have a fire most evenings now, and I watch the photos from Australia where the relatives are soaking up the sun on their lovely beaches. Beautiful blue skies and blue seas. gorgeous. 
Little Jessie has had a bit of a chuck up morning this morning, don't know why, because he hasn't fed her anything different and she doesn't have any of our food. She is getting quite big though and I keep telling him she needs to go on a diet!
More of this required, running up and down the garden!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Dark Evenings!

Four fifteen and it is going dark already. Coal and log fires most evenings now, Vin gets them ready early afternoon before it gets dark and lights it a bit later. It is a good fire actually and is used for not only keeping the room warm but also heats some radiators and the water. It has a back boiler so will get the water to a good temperature which lasts the next day. Saves us electricity so that is good news.
We stayed in today, I think we are getting used to not going to podiatry really. Plus I was a bit slow getting going this morning too which doesn't help. Not that there are many places to go round here really. I do need to try the shoes out though so will need to get going quicker. 
Little Jessie has had a nice normal day for her, she was up very early this morning as she is used to doing. She then gets fed and tends to sleep for the rest of the morning.Gets going again a bit when we have our lunch and guess what. Goes back to sleep again!
 Catch me while I'm awake!!

Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday Mornings!

Nothing much doing at all today, very quiet all round. The weekend was a nice normal one with our usual routine followed, crosswords on Sunday etc. Always enjoy those on the Sunday, we do three of them, one from the You magazine, one from the Sunday Express magazine and the final one from the Mail on Sunday paper. This is a big one which is general knowledge and we do that together, unless Vin gets his mitts on it first and zips through it! He is very competitive and always rushes to answer questions, whether it is Mastermind, or University Challenge or anything quizzy! He gets loads right too.
Little Jessie meanwhile just carries on as she usually does. She has developed her own little routine which involves being round her Daddy. Hard to believe that we will have had her for a whole year. She still won't sit on my knee either! Oh well she is quite happy with sitting on his.
To be found most of the day, when she isn't after her daddy for a feed!

Friday, 10 November 2017

A Good Day!

revolved around the appointment at Aintree for podiatry and also to see Ashley the orthoptist who was dealing with my shoes. 
We got there a tidge early, about a quarter of an hour because the traffic was light. Bright sunshine then but quite blowy.  Waited a few minutes then Cathy called me in so in I go to the middle room.  She redid my plaster and took a bit of skin off around. It just has a nice light plaster on now. Thanks to the little machines that I had on for weeks that did a wonderful job of healing the foot. It seemed that everyone was really pleased with the progress and in fact they all came in to look at it. Felt like a celebrity :) Cathy took some photos I suppose for continuity because they have taken photos all along the long path to healing. 
Then Ashley came in with my SHOES! Can't believe I have shoes now . They look nice too and at least cover my foot beautifully which is a bonus for Winter and the rain. 
I thought we would have been there longer and Vin had taken his vouchers for a coffee at the Ladygreen garden centre but we were out by two fifteen so we decided to leave that and go again later on in the month. We came home instead. 
Meanwhile back at the ranch, little Jessie after waking her daddy up for a feed at seven thirty was asleep in her basket all morning. When I say all morning I mean ALL morning. She just about moved when we came home. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bath Day!!

Jessie woke him up fairly early this morning, so he went to feed her then went back to bed for another sleepie. Only trouble with him is that is that once he is awake that is it he tends not to go back to sleep again so he wriggles around but no matter nothing wakes me up. Definitely not a morning body. 
I had decided to have a nice shower this morning which is a bit of a faff because the foot still needs to be covered with the limbo which is a bit of a pain to put on but works beautifully.  Lovely shower really nice hot water and smelly bath foam by L'Occitaine which smells gorgeous. Good hair wash too which saves doing it tonight. 
Vin is now in the bath  having just done the fire, emptying out the ashes and the coals were so hot they were setting the paper on fire nearly.
Our Jane rang up at lunchtime during her break. She has been off worrk for a couple of days with a dreaded bug. Probably as a result of all the horrible shifts she has done recently, and she is on another 8 to 8 today which is a long day by anyone's standards. She will ring again on her way home at eight.  
Little Jessie asleep most of the day after waking him up for her feed, but hasn't pestered him much at all. She is quite well behaved really. 
In pensive mood , she spends quite a lot of time looking out of the window.  What is it with cats and windows. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Going Out !

I think Vin would have liked to go out today, but quite honestly I didn't want  fancy it really. Basically the only reason would be to get a coffee somewhere and our coffee machine is hard to beat really. Also and this is a big also, it is still quite hard to get around. Maybe after Friday if I get some new shoes it will be easier. We3 shall have to wait and see.
Vin has been transferring some of his pots to the front garden this morning. These are ones that have bulbs in them but he can't remember what is in them. Probably some sort of baby daffodils. 
These were last years ones. Some of them anyway. Not the ones in the barrel which were terrible, hardly flowered and extremely late too, in fact Spring was nearly over. 
Little Jessie has been good the last few days. Didn't meither Vin too much at all, in fact she has been nice and cuddly. She was up on the bed last night before she went down for the night, snuggling up to him for a stroke. 
This is what she does on his front while he is trying to read his book or Kindle etc., 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

What a Grey Day!

It is indeed! We woke up this morning thinking we might go out somewhere, but then looked out of the window and it was so grey and breezy, and when Vin went down for the papers he said it was cold so we didn't bother. Maybe tomorrow.  Thing is there isn't exactly loads of places to go to here, and we don't go into any towns really at the moment.
Vin has done the bedding today, so we have a nice clean bed tonight.  He has just gone down to do the fire, and little Jessie who has been asleep  in the middle of our Jane's bed all morning, has just gone down to follow him.
Don't go too far Daddy XXS

Monday, 6 November 2017

Monday and no Podiatry!!

My goodness, what a difference! No podiatry for us on a Monday, makes a real change.  Vin had said that we wouldn't go out anywhere, which was fine with me. Planned to stay in, then he went down for the papers, the little general store down the road, didn't have a Daily Express, and he always does the crossword in that. So it was a case of nipping into Formby to get one. Then he said he would go and get some petrol while he was at it, and off he went to Tesco.
He came back with his car full of petrol, a few bits and bobs, and a pair of jeans!!! He spotted them in the sale, and they were only £15 which is pretty good value, for a pair of nice looking jeans with a distressed look. That isn't to say they had torn bits all over the legs like they wear nowadays, just that they look bashed about a bit :) 
Bonfire weekend this week, and we were a bit concerned about little Jessie, but she wasn't bothered at all. Not one little bit. The only thing that really seems to bother her is the doorbell. Goodness knows why. 
Spot the tail. Ready to be tripped over! 

Friday, 3 November 2017


Vin has just said that this retirement is so busy, he hasn't stopped. He has just done the ironing, done the fire, at ll
east got it ready for lighting in a bit, and now he is about to clean the carpet after "his" cat. 
Jane rang up last night on her way to work on nights. She has done two nights on the run and has another on Saturday night. Terrible shifts they work really, I don't know how she keeps track of them all. 
I have been in again today from choice really, we have been out for so many weeks on a Friday it is nice not to have had to get up and go to the podiatry clinic. 
Little Jessie woke her daddy up at about a quarter . He said she has a new trick now, she tries jumping up on the bed and if he hides she jumps off, then comes back in about ten minutes and tries the front approach. This involves crawling up his front, and very gently pulling the quilt back so his face is exposed and he gives up then and gets up to feed her! It works Jess ! 
She doesn't like her food bowl empty!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

In Again!

Nothing on today in particular. How nice! What a change to have some time to ourselves without appointments or anything to go to.  It has been so long since that has happened we don't know ourselves. 
The only trouble though with going to the two garden centres before the end of the month which was Tuesday is that we can't really go again for a few weeks, so maybe it will be a Costa in Tesco for a bit of shopping. Or might get a visit to Waitrose, I did get some vouchers for there, probably because we haven't been for an age, and you do get a free coffee too so may well be worth going too. 
Little Jessie has simply enjoyed being in with her Daddy today, she goes in her basket at the side of him on the sofa and will stay there quite happily for as long as the doorbell doesn't ring !
Spot the cat!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

In Today (for a change!)

Since we have had a busy start to the week with two outings, we had decided to stay in today. Vin had an appointment for a flu jab over the road at the surgery at ten o'clock  so we were breakfasted early then he went for that.  He was back remarkably quickly by about a quarter past ten actually having had it done with not much waiting he said. 
Otherwise it has been an uneventful day little Jessie well behaved, today, she gets up fairly early depending on the light that comes into the middle room, and Vin said she didn't meither too much this morning either. She did however, lick her bowl clean so had eaten all of her biscuits. 
Favourite spot on the back of her daddy's sofa. She loves it there as near as she can get to him!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Two Days Out!

Well, we have done the garden centres!  Both of them on a run. Yesterday we were so early coming back from podiatry, that we had our coffee at the Ince Blundell  garden  centre., and a look round too. Didn't buy much there though they really didn't have what I was looking for. 
Today with it being the last day of the month, also Halloween too as it happenss, we went out to Dobbies, to get our free coffees before the month ran out. We had a little list of things to get so we had an idea of what we were looking for. Had a bit of a mooch first then went for our coffees. We both had flat whites which were a nice smallish but lovely and hot.  Had a good chat and a bit of people watching then went to do our shopping. I wanted to get a Christmas bauble and Vin spotted some great ones. Little figures with little dangly legs. We also got a few things for keeping for the Christmas stores, like cranberry and orange jelly, some tealights the cinnamon ones that smell lovely. Quince jelly and a few others that we can keep. Also some cakes for using when the cream cake has run out. 
Little jessie like yesterday hadn't moved from her basket, barely got up to see what her daddy was doing! 
Aaah! What a pussycat.  

Monday, 30 October 2017

A Good Morning!

Quite an early start this morning. Vin got us up and going very well. He is good at doing that. 
We set off for Aintree podiatry at around a quarter to ten,the traffic was very light and the roads clear so we actually got there at ten past ten which was really good. I got to the reception and had a laugh with Laura, then barely sat down and Cathy came along and said "Hello Jennifer do you want to come down" well before Vin came back, from parking the car. We were out in about a quarter of an hour, having my foot dressed and inspected, and the next date will be on a week on Friday when we go to the orthoptist for my SHOES ! I can't remember the last time I wore shoes, instead of these podiatry sandals flip flopping about ! 
We were actually out before we were due to go in! So Vin had the bright idea of using up the garden centre free coffee vouchers from over the way and went for our coffees. We both had a nice latte and a good chat, then back home again.  Lovely.
Two deliveries this afternoon, one was the router for the WiFi box thae last one had broken, and the other one was my revised Aranesp injections. Vin said that was good timing because you are due one today. HaHa!
Little Jessie didn't move when we went out and she barely moved when we came back either. Just about managed to. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

In Today!

We decided to stay in today mainly because it was the last day of half term and we thought everywhere would be busy.Hopefully next week it will be quieter.
We have an appointment on Monday at podiatry and then might go to Dobbies on Tuesday because it is the last day of the month and the last chance to get our free coffees for the month. 
Vin decided to contact the phone company about a new router for the internet, but had real difficulty getting  through. One said that he would test the line and ring back but no ring back. Typical! So he left it for ages and rang them. Got through to an Indian woman who said he would have to pay for a new router, which he knew you didn't. So he rang them back again and got through to another Indian man who he said knew what he was talking about, he said to send the old router back to them via a pre-paid jiffy bag and they would send a new one, should arrive in a few days. Result! Well done Vin!
Little Jessie woke him up early this morning, he said he went to the bathroom and it was still dark so he came back to bed. She must have heard him because she came upstairs to get him going. She sat on his front and extended a paw very slowly on his cheek. He carried on hiding!  She jumped off then returned a bit later, this time it worked and he got up to feed her.
At this point I would normally insert a photo of our Jessie,  but when I click the image icon it keeps coming up with "Load Failed! Goodness knows why. All this technology is beyond me! 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

An Ordinary Day!

Which makes a b
nice change after yesterday really. Poor Vin must have been worn out from all that happened yesterday with the preparation for the chimney sweep and  the moving round of the furniture. A lot of shifting around for him to do.  What a star. 
Today we have stayed in  so it was just another day really. I have been getting round the new things on the website. When you are used to what there has always been there it comes as a bit of a shock to find that it has all changed. Sites that you previously clicked on to now have to be logged on each time you use them so if you forget any of the passwords you are stumped.  An absolute pain!!
Little Jessie is of  course oblivious to it all going on round her, except that she did run away when the sweep came. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Technology Gremlins!!!!

Well ! What a day yesterday!  I used the computer as usual yesterday morning and went down for lunch. When I returned ready to go on as normal there was a log in box. Nothing new there, except that when I tried to log on as normal I kept getting a red box saying that AOL had discontinued the provider and we had to log in again for the updated version which would cost . Like Vin at first we thought it was a scam but that was not proved right, and we were unable to proceed further until he fiddled around with all sorts of technical matters I know nothing about. Nothing. We were locked out of the AOL and couldn't see a way out. What annoyed us was that it all happened without  warning. Nothing at all. 
We gave it up then went down for our coffee and countdown as we do, and it also transpired just before we went down that the Internet had gone down as well!! Nothing from there at all. Vin didn't know whether that was to do with the faults online or was totally separate. We thought maybe it was a blip and would come on again, but it didn't, and his tablet wouldn't work either.he could not get the WIFI on it at all.  Gave up for the day in exasperation, and went to bed, then he had a brainwave, he went down and fitted the old modem and lo and behold it worked!  Well done Mr Fixit! 
This morning Wednesday he had arranged for the chimney sweep to come this afternoon at 2.30, so pretty much everything was arranged around that. I stopped up here mostly out of the way. When I went down he had it all covered with plastic and cotton sheets, ready for him. He actually came at 2 o'clock, and used his vacuum to clear the chimney. Little Jessie ran out of the way when he came in, and is currently on Jane's bed behind me, while I am on the computer. That has proved to be a pain because having a whole new AOL  it meant that all my log in details have been lost so have had to do that all again, still can't complain since the whole thing is working again. It is all working again now but still needs a bit of tweaking. Like the Facebook which is centred on the right side instead of being in the middle as it used to be. If our Jane rings up maybe she will help me get it right, she is great on the computer. 
Out of the way!

Friday, 20 October 2017

New Monitor..

The new monitor which is an Acer one is working great touch wood. Comes on immediately, and while I have been struggling a little bit with the size of the lettering on the front, Vin did a bit of tweaking last night and got it back to what it used to be on the last monitor we had, which has now gone to the great tip of electrical goods.
Today we were going to go to Dobbies but decided not to when we got up , mainly because neither of us was really fired up to going. We will probably go for a coffee after the appointment at Aintree on Monday,  and go to Dobbies later on in the week.
Since we were at home we did bits and bobs, Vin had some paperwork to do,and I did some catching up on the computer.It is surprising how much goes on in 24hrs  loads of emails to start with.
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up this morning miaowing very early so he went to feed her. after he came back with our morning coffee and biscuit she came up and settled on his front. Looked lovely, really appealing and cuddly. At least she is with him.
She is never very far from him, if he goes into the kitc hen she will follow him, if he goes into the hall she will sit by the door till he comes back, or go and search him out.  What a little duo!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Out Yesterday In Today!

I had an appointment  at Aintree yesterday afternoon at 3.o'clock to see Mr Butcher who did my foot operation back in July. We got there well on time and Vin went off to park. I was sitting in the waiting area for a few minutes and then my name was called by Steve who said I had to get an x-ray done on the foot. So off I toddled down there. Sat there for a few minutes and Vin found meHe had asked one of the staff where I was and they sent him along to x-ray. Then off I went for the s-ray and back to the original waiting room. And waited and waited, they were rrunning about an hour late! but eventually got in to see the great man who was really pleased with the progress, had a bit of a chat then showed me some exercises to do to strengthen my calf muscles. Consists of leaning against a wall and bending the legs and stretching the legs. Do for five minutes twice a day. Said he would see me again in three months which is next year!  We were only about ten minutes in there after all of that waiting. Oh well we have been lucky with appointments.
Today we are in, we got up later than normal because little Jessie didn't wake Vin up, just came in the room miaowing a bit Started off quite nice but now is horrible. Very drizzly and grey looking.  At least the wind has gone.
Little Jessie been asleep most of the afternoon.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Its Blown Over!

Well at least the stormy weather has gone.Was quite bad in ireland and is now heading its way overland to Scotland and expected to go towards Glasgow.  Quite nice today, just still breezy but looks pleasant.
Vin did all sorts today, he did a bit of gardening at the front, and put some bulbs in the barrel by the front door. This year we got tete-a-tere which is a miniature bright yellow daffodil which is an old stand by. Last year we used a variety called baby moon and they didn't flower for an age. So much so he took a bulb or two back to the garden centre and got our money back! and then they flowered!! Oh dear. Then when he googled them he found they were a late flowering variety. We didn't know that, anyway we went back to the old faithful this year.
So he got them planted and in after going over the way to get some more compost.
He also printed off the letter to John and Ann today, I had already printed it off but the print was really small, and it needed to be bigger. I didn't know how to do this so he did it, put it into an envelope and took it off to be posted, £2.02. Not too bad.
Little Jessie had a good dose of her daddy at lunchtime jumping up on his lap and gazing up adoringly at him.  Now she is in her basket but no doubt she will be all over him when he has his tiny piece of cream cake. She certainly has a nose for that.