Thursday, 25 May 2017

Warm Day!

Beautiful warm day today, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the cat is in its basket in the front room keeping cool.
Vin went off to Formby this morning to sort out his MOT on his car and get it booked in. He had called in at the tyre place first to see about the back tyres and the chap there said that one of his back ones might get an advisory note but the bloke in the MOT garage had a look and said it looked ok, so he was happy about that. Next Tuesday it will be done. He usually takes it in for the test then walks to Tesco which is over the road, so it is a handy place to go. 
Jane rang up this morning on her way to get her glasses done so we were chatting about all sorts of bits and bobs. She is off till Tuesday, which gives her a nice break especially after  Monday night. She must have been so shattered.
I have been doing bits and bobs on the computer today when I had time, in between talking to our Jane, having coffee and lunch. Makes us sound really busy doesn't it! 
Tomorrow we have an appointment at the podiatry clinic in Aintree, which is a fairly early one, so we will have to get up and going. Little Jessie will have to be left to her own devices, but I expect she will have a nice restful sleep in her basket. 
I am always quite surprised that she doesn't topple out!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Out and About.

We were aiming to go out somewhere today but didn't have a clue where. Vin had been fretting about my foot which was last dressed on Friday when we went to see Mr. Butcher, but we don't have another appointment until Friday and he said that was too long. He did ring up the Health centre the other day but there were no appointments available so he had to leave it. Anyway he rang up this morning to see if there was anything going and there was a cancellation at Litherland so it was there for 2.15 which we made on time. Lovely woman did the dressing called Cathy, and she was quick too. 
On the way back home Vin suggested that we go to the garden centre to get our free coffees for May, which we did. Very nice too, we got large cups as well which was a bonus. Quite quiet in there mainly because there were a lot of orople outside in the sun but it is a bit bright for me without sunglasses anyway! We were fairly early as well so it was a nice relaxing coffee. 
Don't think little Jessie had moved, she was still in her basket where we left her, but when we came home Vin opened the catflap, and she went running out to sun herself on the patio. 
This cat looks so peaceful when she is asleep. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Terrible Events!

Well what a night that turned out to be!  The last thing I said to her when she rang up  on her way to work was " I hope you have a quiet night!"  However, later on in the evening there was an explosion at the Manchester Arena at a pop concert given by  Ariana Grande, with 22 people killed and about 60 injured.Can't go into any details about what she was working on but enough to say she said it was horrible. A lot of children injured also adults, parents who were there with their children. She started off in the main hospital dealing with x-rays and ended up in the Children's for around five hours because she was familiar with their wquipment and they only had two on duty so she volunteered to go and help there.  They were doing adults as well because the parents understandably wouldn't leave their children. 
She rang us up this morning from her bath where she was trying to unwind but I don't know if she would get much sleep.  Good luck with that sweetheart. 
There has been news coverage all day today with bits and pieces being leaked out, it seems the authorities know who was responsible, and they have arrested a young man also. The suicide bomber was of course killed at the scene.  No doubt there will be a lot of information on tonight's news. 
We stayed in today because we were expecting a delivery which came at lunchtime, also Vin was doing a lot of paper clearing out for the brown bin tomorrow. 
Little Jessie has been outside a bit today, sitting in the sun. It is quite warm today which is nice to get some sunshine. 
Vin has fitted a new doorbell on the front door, she tends to scoot upstairs whenever the bell goes, but she still did it with this one even though it is quieter. Don't know what it is with doorbells, she absolutely hates them and appears terrified when they go off. Poor little thing.  

Monday, 22 May 2017

Twas on a Monday Morning...

Nobody came to call really. It was a day of bits and pieces, we both made a few phone calls, my one was to Bullen's who rang me up last Friday but we were out. They said they would ring back but didn't so got in touch today to find that there would be a delivery tomorrow. Unexpected, and also delivering a few items I didn't want. Never mind they can go into stock. 
Vin has been sorting all the papers out and doing some gardening because it is green bin today, usually they collect later afternoon or early evening. 
Lot of banging outside this morning our neighbour next door but one is having his front garden redone. They seem to be doing the paving stone pathway and a green plastic lawn! He must have given up on the lawn mowing because he has one at the back as well. 
Vin has been doing all sorts in the garden, trying to tidy up . He also fiddled around with a pair of wiper blades that he had in the shed refurbishing them so he has a spare set now to go with the  ones he bought last week. He said he was chasing little Jess around having a play. I bet she enjoyed that. She seems to like him chasing her, and doesn't run away now but comes back for more!
I see!!!
Toorrow we are having a delivery apparently so won't be going out because you never know what time they are due, but never mind.  Vin is fretting about my foot a bit because it was done on Thursday and he rang the health clinic this morning but there are no appintments available. I am due at the podiatry on Friday but he said it is too long so he will do it!!!! Good grief, is there nothing the man can't do :) :) 

Friday, 19 May 2017


Today we took ourselves off to Dobbies, the garden centre over near Southport. We go there most months because they do a lovely free coffee if yu are in their garden club which we are.  Plus this time we wanted to get some hanging baskets to replace the Winter ones at the back of the house, and the slightly bigger one at the front of the house.  I like the hanging baskets it is almost instant gardening, and they give lvely colour all summer. 
We had a bit of a mooch around because it was also20% off day so it was worth getting a few bits that we needed. We got some nice candles, a couple of cakes and biscuits and of course our free coffees. Quite busy today probably because it was the discount day, it is worth getting the plants and things at the discount.  We went back to the car, and then Vin went to collect the baskets which he brought back to the car. Done and dusted and home by about a quarter to two.   Jessie of course was asleep in her basket.
She did get up to greet us though, probably because she was hungry!!


Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment at Aintree Hospital with Mr Butcher who did my right foot, very successfully too. After the foot had been undresses frrom all its bandages etc., he came in to say what he was thinking of doing. Basically it was to remove the sigmoid bones from under the big toe, and remove the first bone of the third toe which has an ulcer on it. Insert a wire to support it and thus solve all of the problems!
H the file down for pre-op. The nurse contacted them and we went upstairs for that to be done. Very time consuming and we only left at ten to five, after having blood pressure, weight, height and an E.C.G.. Then a lengthy talk with a male nurse who went through the medical history very thoroughly and carefully. That took ages, but like I said to Vin at least doing it that way saved us a separate journey. One odd thing was that when Vin was waiting in the waiting area he heard a name called which was my name before I was married! The exact same name. He said he looked round in case they had got my name wrong but another woman had got up!. Last thing was blood tests and then that was it, homeward bound! Finally getting home about fiveish.
Little jessie I don't think had moved at all, she had been in her basket all of the time we were away. 
Couldn't finish this yesterday because the computer network was really playing up badly and would only let yu type a couple of minutes at a time so I gave up in the end. Managed to save what I had done and just finished it off now.What a pain!! 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nowhere and Nothing!

Nowhere to go and Nothing much to do really, so we stopped in today and yesterday. Vin has been doing a lot of bits and bobs round the house and is working away at clearing up. Quite a job in this house with all of its clutter!  There is stuff everywhere, sometimes I'd like to have a big chuck out and start again!
Little Jessie has got herself into a really nice little routine. She tends to wake him up first thing in the morning and gets him up to get her breakfast, then goes into her basket to have a nice sleep. This morning was quite dark so she didn't come up too early, so he had a sleep in. The day is spent between sleeping and going outwhich she does very confidently through the cat-flap. 
Presently well away in her basket. What a life!
Jane s on nights again tonight so she will probably ring about 6.30ish. They have had a rough week in the NHS with the cyber crash last Friday. Ransomware was to blame also some hospitals using out of date systems apparently.  Don't know whether my appointment tomorrow will be affected, hope not, it is a lot of faff to go all the way there to find it isn't on, but I'm sure it will be ok.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bits and Bobs...

Stayed in today since we are out early tomorrow for a 10.O'Clock appointment at Aintree. Started off the day with a lovely shower and my favourite hair shampoo Linco Beer. I have just one tube left which is very precious since they stopped making it years ago for some reason. Can't imagine why it was a really lovely shampoo. 
Vin has been in the garden in bits and pieces today doing some pruning in the back garden and tidying up the front too. Very nice coffee at midday and a break for him. I have been catching up on here a bit trying to get on top of the posts in various forums. It is surprising how much you miss when you are away from the computer. 
Little Jessie is at the moment asleep in her basket, she did come up to see us before we got up this morning whichis getting to be a bit of a routine now. She sits firmly on her Daddy but she will let me stroke her. Just!
Look at that little face and imagine that staring at you in the morning till you get up to feed her! No not me, but her Daddy XXXX

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hobble Hobble,

Along to Podiatry today at 1.30. We had a babyish coffee before we went, and then a bit of a lunch in the Co-op car park when we had finished. 
Quite good feeling about the foot which is good news, Joanne did some clearing out, and a very good dressing which is always comfortable when she does it. Very good she is. 
Little Jessie was of course asleep in her basket when we got home. A nice few hours left undisturbed so she makes the most of it. Vin is presently in the garden so she might be out there with him in the sunshine. When we are out he locks the cat-flap so she can't get out otherwise he worries about her.  He has just come up to say she has come in because it is too warm, I suppose she feels it with all the black fur.
Look at these faces, aren't they gorgeous! 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Nothing Doing!

Not today anyway, just enjoying being at home and not tied to a hospital routine, not that much happens at the weekens there anyway.
Little Jess is still waking Vin up at some ungodly hour in the morning, meithering for a feed, so he goes down to feed her then she follows him back to settle on his stomach and only moves when he gets up for a shave.  She greeted me very nicely at the front door when I came home but doesn't actually go near me apart from that. 
A favourite pose of madams!
Jane rings up  most days . Yesterday she called on her way to manchester to go for an eye test, she then called afterwards to say she had chosen  some new frames that were Tommy Hilfiger ones. She was deciding whether to get two frames or just the one. I thought that it is always useful to have a spare pair, and she could claim on her Health plan anyway, so would get a good bit of money back.  She ordered those and they would be ready for Thursday..good going.
Vin has been doing bits and bobs in the garden, at the moment he is weed burning.  Why is it that weeds grows so much faster and more vigorously than anything else. !
 Beautiful show of daffodils in the barrel at the front of the house. 
 Real look of Spring if they are a bit late!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Home Again!

Back in the fold again!  The thought of yet another boring weekend in Aintree was driving me mad. However, after a lot of badgering  eventually I persuaded them to set me free. So home I am and having a lovely  "normal" day today. Nice for Vin to have some respite from all of the visiting, I know he was getting tired of it, and I don't blame him. 
Little Jessie met me at the door when Iwe came home, so don't think she has forgotten me, at least she didn't run upstairs out of the way!
While I was away, Vin said that the kettle had broken, so Itold him to get another one which he did from Curry's.A nice Russel Hobbs one for £39. Then he rang the firm to mention that it had broken because he had found it was still in guarantee, and they said they would send a new one!! That arrived this morning which is next day delivery. Good service eh!  We can return the new one back to Currys, probably next week sometime, and get a coffee somewhere at the same time! 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Been and Gone!

Another Easter done and dusted for another year. Can't say we do anything special really these days, once Jane had grown up you don't tend to do as much.  Spent a nice quiet weekend with very mixed weather, some sunshine and some drizzly but today is nice and bright .Vin went off to Tesco on Saturday, but everywhere was shut on Sunday so he did the Sainsbury run on Monday instead. 
Today we have stopped in to get some household stuff done mainly he does the washing, and we are out quite early tomorrow to an appointment at podiatry 11.30 so we will be out early for that.  Possibly go on to M&S afterwards since we should be fairly early there. 
Little Jessie has had a nice weekend, very relaxed and laid back. She came up on the bed last nigght and flopped on her daddy's tummy and promptly went to sleep. However, the moment the light went out and I turned mine off she sped off the bed like she has been shot! So timid.
Such a cute face.
Last night was the last ever episode of Broadchurch. That has been such a good series all the way through, and we have seen all of them. Well I didn't guess who the culprit was but the clues had been there.  The other good one we have been watching was Line of Duty which is getting towards the end, in two weeks. That was a good series too withlots of twists and turns to keep you guessing.  Like it that way. 
Jane was off this weekend for a change, usually she is working very odd hours. But, she is in today on an 8to8 shift and nights tomorrow. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Three Weeks!

Went off out this  morning to Tesco's which just happens to have a Costa in store. We both had a very nice Latte which went down very nicely. It was actually quite busy in there, all sorts of couples, and mother's with children, and girls in groups.  Interesting to watch people's behaviour in there.  Vin left me with a little coffee in my glass while he whizzed round and got a ffew things he needed then came back for me for the drive home.
Lovely sunny day today, but very cold actually, deceptive weather really. 
Little Jessie was at the door to greet us when we came home again with her little nose pressed against the glass in the door. Then she miaows at her Daddy, probably looking for some food :)  She even followed us upstairs when we went to get changed so she must have been keen.  She certainly knows who to get round to get fed!

Is it cupboard love or adoration?  I know what he would say :) 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


The doorbell went quite early this morning. Vin went down quickly to answer the door and met Jessie running up the stairs past him. She hates doorbells.
Anyway it was a courier with a parcel for him, so he couldn't blame me :)  Turned out it was the present from our Jane for Easter. It was a cheese EGG! a lovely 8oz piece of cheese shaped like an egg and delivered the next day too. He was really pleased with that, so that is our cheese and biscuits sorted for the weekend.  He said it is nice cheese and has already had a tiny slice off it!! Thankyou Jane that was a lovely thought. 
We woke up this morning to a very grey and blowy day, so we decided that we would stop in instead . Doesn't matter  we will go out tomorrow instead.
Our Jane has just rung up on her way home. She was supposed to have an interview tomorrow (Thurs) for a C.T. Trauma  job which is a band 6 one and would be a promotion. She said she wasn't hopeful of getting it because you normally have to have done two years beforehand. Anyway she rang up to say that the interview was today and she had fibbed about it being tomorrow. Anyway...she got the job! So well done Jane we are so proud of you. It does mean more money too which is only good.SWhe has just said Happy Days!
Little Jessie has had a nice relaxing day today with her Daddy at home. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sorting Out!

Today was a sort of sorting out day. It is the recycling bin day tomorrow so a good chance to get rid of packaging, boxes etc, and papers. We seem to collect a lot of papers during the week and the Sunday ones take up a lot of space. We watch a programme called "Escape to the country" and the houses they show are always immaculate with nothing out of place. I often wonder where they put their clutter, because you never see any.  Sometimes I'd like to clear out and start again, do things differently. Or would we? Mmmm.
Little Jessie came n the bed this morning really affectionate she was, snuggling up to her Daddy, and even greeted me with a miaow too. Then downstairs to have a sleep in her basket.Jane rang up at lunchtime on Vin's newish camera phone, it was one of those video links. She had a chat with us then wanted a look at Jessie on the phone, Jessie was more interested in the dangly thing at the bottom of the phone and chased that. 
One of her favourite spots, I like this photo, it just sums up their relationship.

Monday, 10 April 2017


Just come back from the podiatry clinic. It was a 3.O'clock appointment, so we had our morning coffees and our lunch before we went,which made a change.  It was the Doctor day today and he was the nice Dr Ooi who is always smiley. Jo did my foot and she is great, tells you what is going on.
Lovely sunny day today but still quite cool, with a blowy breeze to keep everywhere on the cold side. 
Little Jessie was at the door when we returned. Aaah! She doesn't do that very often, and had her nose pressed against the glass. Then when we opened the door she started miaowing like mad. Obviously wanted food, but we went up to get changed  she followed us upstairs and kept on miaowing. 
Short and sweet today, run out of time! 

Friday, 7 April 2017

Dobbies Visit..

Out today and off to Dobbies for a little mooch and our free coffee for the month.
Just the two of us! well before all my health troubles. I do like this  [icture it's one of the few where we are both smiling at the camera. 
Anyway it was Dobbies today, Vin took a photo on his new camera phone of the barrel with it's manky looking daffodils that never came up. Just a load of leaves, and very sadlooking. He pulled a bulb up and took that with him as suggested and got his money back in the form of a gift voucher. Actually they got it back anyway because we bought some Yankee Candles tea lights, one lemmony fragrance and the other a christmas wreath one which we will keep for Christmas!. Oh dear, shopping for Christmas already!!
Little Jessie hadn't moved. She was in her basket when we left and still there when we got back.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

In Today!

Since we have been out for the last two days we decided to stay in today. I thought Vin might like a breather, but think again! He can't stop doing things. Always on the go then he starts sighing which isn't good. He is a bit worried about the cat at the moment because she chucks up most days then he has to clear that up and since it is a carpeted household mostly that isn't easy.  Then she sits there looking so innocent like butter wouldn't melt and he forgives her :) 
Best of pals really. She has this way of looking at you that melts your heart really.
The Aintree races are on this weekend starting today. Tomorrow is Ladies day, when all the women go in their finery, skirts like belts and great high heels etc., it's quite a big thing in Liverpool. The big race of course is the Grand National which we always have a bet on, it's the only race that we do, but it makes it a bit more fun watching it when you do.  Don't know what is running yet, I generally go on names and anything that appeals, or sounds familiar.  Vin does it online these days which is much easier, and you get instant results.  Hope the weather keeps nice for them and the girls have their thermals on !!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Groundhog Day!

It really was like a groundhog day today.same routine, same things to do same trip to the hospital. Just different departments. Yesterday was the MRI scan, today was the podiatry department. 
Really busy in the waiting area there, usually it is just us there and maybe ne other, but today they had the Diabetic department going as well. People and nurses everywhere, you can see where the money goes in the NHS.
After waiting a bit I eventually went into the dept and the lovely Lyndsey did my foot today. Very quick and efficient she is too. Took some photos of the foot,and I amdue back there on Monday for the one that you have with the Dr.
Little picnic in the co-op car park again then Vin went in to get just a few things and was out in minutes. Home to a lovely baby coffee and the afternoon as normal.
Little Jessie hadn't moved again! Same as yesterday!
She did try to trip me up on the way downstairs though. I said it was so she could be on her own with her Daddy :) 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Busy Day Today!

Today revolved around the appointment at Aintree for an MRI scan. They rang up on Friday and  offered me on for 1.O'Clock today so it was all systems go to get ready for that.  Hairwash before I went, and then a baby coffee for us both and upstairs to get ready, going out clothes, slap on and attend to the rest and then downstairs to go. 
Beautiful sunny day today with a little breeze to keep it cooler. We left quite early and went into the high rise car park up to the third floor, Vin went off to get some wheels and by a very circuitous route we got to the Radiology dept., on the ground floor. Didn't wait long, and a nice young bloke came to get me and wheeled me outside where the mobile van was. Up some rickety steps and got rid of all the metal bits and bobs then into the machine. Earphones on and horrible noises. God knows what they must be like for people with normal hearing!
Off to the Co-op then for a "picnic" lunch in their car park and Vin went for just a few bits from there. Back home via the Ladygreen nurseries for a voucher coffee, it was still quite early in the afternoon so we thought it would be quiet but... it was really busy. Vin said there was a leaflet through our door for a Bogoff for afternoon teas so that must have been it. 
Home to find little Jess asleep in the basket to be honest I don't think she had moved at all since we left the house!
She did rouse herself a bit when her daddy came home though. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Monday's bits abd bobs!

In today because we are out tomorrow and Wednesday. No doubt little Jess will be happy about that because she is quite sociable really, and seems to like people around. The weekend was normal Vin did his usual shop in Tesco on Saturday and Sainsbury in the other direction on Sunday so stocked up for the wee.
He has been getting used to his new old phone and playing with that. I do have to say that the camera is fantastic.There are so many features on it and so much to learn. 
One thing that is very apparent is that she loves looking out of windows. Whether it is upstairs or downstairs doesn't matter she will just sit for ages looking out onto I wonder what?  Even through the net curtains at the front of the house. The back ones are her favourites though with clear glass plenty to see. 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

IN Today Put Tomorrow!

Since we are up and early tomorrow for an appointment at Aintree at 9.30 we decided to stay in today.
I had a lovely shower this morning , quite a palaver trying to cope  with the Limbo on my foot,the foot is makes it all very slippy, but Vin is great I really don't know what I would do without him Bless him.
He is trying to get us moving today  so we can get to bed a bit earlier in order to get up in the morning. Not really good at getting up early but we will have to bite the bullet tomorrow.
All in all we have not done much today, at least I haven't  Vin does his usual hardworking tasks. He's never still!
Little Jess hasn't moved much today stayed in her basket most of the day, just getting up at some ungodly hour this morning to wake Vin up for feeding time!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Small Steps!

Well that's a first! I was sitting on the sofa after we had had our lunch and little Jessie jumped up on the footstool opposite me. Then she very tentatively went on my knee. Only for a moment mind you, I stroked her and she sniffed my hand and went. That has only taken four months!
Mostly she won't come near me, and prefers her Daddy. 
I had one appointment today over the way at the surgery with the nursie.  At least it was only a few minutes away, and it was empty when I got there so didn't need to wait long. Nice friendly nurse who seemed quite happy with my progress, height, weight, bloodtests all done at Aintree last week so didn't need doing again. Diabetic results fine, as is blood pressure, so we were out in about half an hour in total. Home to soup and a round of toast because it is a grey rainy day today. The weather forecast people were right they said it would be a cloudy grey and drizzly day and so it is. 
I love this picture of the two of them Jane and Jess. She (Jess) is quite used to her really,didn't run away when she came home at the weekend. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nice Surprise!

It was a nice surprise to see our Jane on Saturday morning! She came quite early, the doorbell went and Vin jumped up in his pyjamas,  muttering about me and my parcels, then came back upstairs. I said what was that? and he replied ..nothing! Then Jane appeared in the doorway with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a card. Lovely to see her, it is a while since she has been home. I think she wanted to see Jess really, who did disappear under her bed upstairs but soon came out actually. I think she is used to Jane now.
This little monkey has been playing with a really old catnip mouse that we bought years ago from Culpepers in Bath. She really gave that a good licking, and it must be years old! It's like a catty cannabis!
Since we didn't  have any apointments today we had a day in. I have one tomorrow  and should have  had one at the dressings clinic on Friday but I got a phone call from Aintree Hospital this morning from someone connected to Mr Butcher and making an appointment for 9.30. Bit early for me but never mind.  :(  Vin rang up and cancelled the one at the dressings clinic, since the foot will be dressed at Aintree anyway.
Vin did all sorts od bits and bobs today including carrying a very hot bundle of ashes in paper.
Fast asleep in her basket nw. Probably got a catnip head! Vin said she will get the munchies later!! 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Costa Here we Come!

What a treat! Out and about without an appointment. Vin had said we would go somewhere today but wasn't sure where. In the end because  he needed to get a few things from his shopping list we decided on Tesco and the Costa. It is actually seven weeks since we had been there which is longer than I thought. Doesn't time fly!
Parkinjg not too bad, petrol station bit was closed, but he had filled up in Aintree anyway so didn't need any. They seem to be putting new pumps in by the looks of things. 
Went straight into Costa and got a nice table in the corner which we like and Vin went off to get two flat whites. They do a really nice one which we like because our machine at home doesn't do those. They do a lovely fern  pattern on the tops too, I would love to know how they do that! He bought them out of our "winnings" this is money that we get through little lottery winnings or other bits and pieces that come our way.
He went off to get the shopping bits because he is quick, and left me with the boring Liverpool Echo to read.  Back soon and went home  to the little cat who hadn't moved from  from where she was in the front room. Asleep in a nice little sunny spot. 
Jane has just rung on her way home from work, she sid that the authorities have arrested a man from West Didsbury where she lives, she knows the road but it isn't near her at all thank goodness. This is to do with the terrorist attack in London so they are making moves to get people. 
Jessie in feeding mode. She woke her Daddy up this mrning at half past six this morning!  When the clocks go forward this weekend I wonder what time she will be getting him up.? 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

In For a Change...

We all stayed in today, even little Jessie. Not that she goes out much anyway. She will follow her beloved Vin if he is going in the garden but this morning he was doing some bits and bobs in the garden and she happened to be asleep on Jane's bed so didn't hear him go out I suppose. She actually stayed there till we had our lunch so had a good sleep today. 
Terrible  tragic happenings in London yesterday. The papers are full of what went on, the Daily Mail has about ten pages of it all. Suppose that is because it is The Houses of Parliament that was involved. Quite a few injuries to pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, and all the evening programmes telling of what was happening almost frame by frame. 
Quite nice today, a touch of Spring, not that our daffodils in the barrel are doing anything special 
Little Jess will be unlucky today if she is after a blob of cream from her daddy's plate like yesterday because there isn't any left!! 
In the alcove, waiting for her feed!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tootsie Day!

Up and at em this morning, at least we should have been but Vin slept in a bit. The reason for that was that little Jessie did her alarm waking up bit and crawled about his legs till he got up!. This was VERY early so he had to get up and feed her. Hence when he went back to bed he slept in a bit. Can't blame him really. :) Of course I don't get woken up because I don't hear anything.Oh dear, what a shame. 
Since my appointment was for 1.30 today instead of 2.30 we had to get going a bit differently, had breakfast as usual, then Vin did his clearing up and got the bin round again, and I had a nice hair wash. At least my hair feels a lot better for having had it cut. Then we had a lovely baby coffee and a biscuit to put us on and went upstairs to get ready. Out and at Aintree by 1.15, Vin leaves me in the waiting area and goes and parks the car.  Had to wait a bit today apparently they were extremely busy, "one of those days" the girl who did my foot said. She was very quick and efficient and we were out and off to the Co-Op for our lunch, all prepared by Vin's fair hands! Isn't he a star!
Home to news on the television of a shooting at The Houses of Parliament, so that has overtaken everything on the box. I don't think little Jess has moved at all since we left! Just fast asleep in her basket.
Jess in her basket..All's well with the world :)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nothing Doing!

No appointments today so decided to stop in instead.  Podiatry tomorrow so will go out then anyway.  Did a bit of browsing on the computer, looking for a reading light for my Kindle but haven't found a suitable one yet. You think you find one and then discover it has terrible reviews or too heavy etc., Somewhere there must be a perfect light somewhere surely? 
Vin has done a lot of sorting out today, it's the grey bin tomorrow so aiming to get rid of rubbish. 
Little Jess has been lovely aqnd relaxed today and didn't run off when the doorbell rang either. She normally disappears when that goes and hides under the bed till she feels it is safe again. 
Getting comfy! 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Toothi3es not Tootsies!

Not a Podiatry couch for me today but a dental one instead! I had broken a couple of teeth some weeks ago but with one appointment after another I just didn't get round to getting anything done. The time came round today and made one for twelve o'clock today.At least it was a painless one because no filling needed, they required smoothing off and filing down to make them less rough and all was done.  Just had to pay the £19.70 and that was it. Only thing was when I  looked in my purse I didn't have enough money but luckily Vin was there to bail me out with a ten pound note. How embarrassing :)  So his next job was to go and get me some money from the post office. Good job it is just up the road! 
Horrible wet day to start with today but has cleared up nicely now and the sun is shining through the windows now. Had to avoid the puddles going into the dentist this morning. Disn't want to get the wheels wet. :)
Little Jess is very quiet today but round and about. Vin chased her after lunch and she ran upstairs like greased lightening and under the bed. I think she knows by now it is only a joke, and she soon comes out for more! 
Very good friends really. She absolutely loves him, and he is the first choice to go to all the time.!  

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Change is as good as a Rest!

My hair has been driving me absolutely crazy for months now, and for the last few weeks I have been saying that I must go and get it cut. Well yesterday I steeled up the nerve to go and do something about it and gave the hairdressers a ring. It was the one that I used to go to quite regularly (when I had some hair!) and they are nice. I had been putting it off really because I was ashamed of the state it was in. Got an appointment for a quarter to twelve today so it was up as normal a bit of a mooch on the puter, get ready and off there.  
The woman that was doing it was really really nice and spent an age cutting it for me Trimmed all of the back and layered it a lot and did the fringe all nice and spiky. Well done Helen You have done a beautiful job there and it has made a world of difference to me. 
Home for a nice coffee, a quick cappucinno and biscuit, then up to get changed and a bit of a mooch looking for a hair wax but not much luck really. Not terribly sure what to look for actually. Oh well!Very cold today and a bit wet and rainy, almost gone back to February again except for the daffodils everywhere.  None in our barrel at the front of the house this year though, just spindly leaves.
We usually buy the mini ones but they have been a big disappointment this year for some reason.
Poor little Jessie has upchucked all over today, think it's a hair ball according to Vin. She was in the middle room miaowing then he chased her in the kitchen where there is a solid tile floor. She is now doing a lot of miaowing and even came into this room here for a stroke from me which is unusual.
Poor little girl must be miserable for her. XXX

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nothing Much doing!

It's quite funny when you don't have any appointments really. Just a lovely normal day in with lovely husband and lovely cat. It has actually gone fairly cold again today so Vin is still on fire duty. 
The only big thing I did today was to ring up the hairdressers that I go to in Formby for a cut and blow dry. I used to go there quite regularly but since I have had the health bothers it has been difficult. Actually the last time I had my hair cut was in The Royal hospital when a lady came round the wards and Vin reckoned that was about eighteen months ago!!! The hair is so thin I have been too embarrassed to go to a hairdressers but it is growing a tad now so I made an appointment for 11.45 tomorrow.  Here goes! I'm looking for a miracle really if truth were told.:) 
Vin and little Jess have been having conversations! I hear them one miaowing and the other chatting away to her. He let her out this morning while we had breakfast and she came back in on her own and upstairs to look for him. Plonked herself down in the middle of his paper and wouldn't move till he sneezed then she shot off the bed like a bullet :) She is such a timid little thing if you make a sudden noise she runs off. Aaww.
I love this one when she is really comfy and lollops all over the basket. Vin usually ends up tickling her tummy and she rolls over for more!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Podiatry Today!!

Today was centred around the appointment at the podiatry clinic at Aintree, 2.30 so that governs the day really. 
Didn't get up early because there was no need so we could have our morning coffee and cow biscuit! It's a little routine that we have :)  It was get dressed, have a little peek on the computer and then down for coffee, very nice Macchiato for me today for a change. Up to get the slap on and clothes changed, and away  off to Aintree. 
 Podiatry was a bit of a surprise really,  apparently the toe on the left foot they have been treating for an ulcer, has now become infected so they have referred me back to Mr Butcher for a consultation, so that probably means chop chop.  Ah well. 
Little Jessie went outside on her own today  and came back in too after a bit, which was good. When we went out he locked the catflap because he didn't want her to be going out on her own when we weren't there.:)

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Up and At Em !

This was the cry at Disney to get you going. This morning it was up early to go along to an appointment at Aintree for the renal clinic.That was for 10.15 so we had to get going early. Got there on time in fact early and just about parked on floor two. That is always a bother the parking,then Vin went off to get some wheels for moi, he was back in a couple of minutes which was good and we set off for the clinic. Did the weight, blood pressure etc., quickly and sat and waited outside.  Saw a nice Dr who had seen me last time when the nurse practitioner got me admitted. He said I looked better, probably because I have put a bit of weight on due to Vin's good care and nutrition. Now 56kgms which is a bit more and probably better for me. He sent me for a blood test, this time with Maxine who works alongside my namesake Jenniger. Always enjoy a bit of banter in there. 
After that it was off to the M&S retail park for a coffee at Marks. Had a lovely flat white which I like because it's a bit smaller, doesn't fill you up so much. Enjoyed that, and a look round the food area, and bought a few things there, including a three bean wrap for Vin's lunch. Jane had told him about those and he really enjoyed that.He nipped into the Next shop which is new for a quick look. Said it was huge and the Costa in there looked really good so might try that next time we go there. 
Little Jessie was still in her basket when we got home, she doesn't come to the door when we get in, maybe she will in time. 
She does like waiting for us on the stairs doesn't she. Then when you try to step over her she moves quickly and runs off. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Out with the old and in with the new !

"Twas on a Monday morning the gas man came to call"
Or so the old song goes. In our case it wasn't the gas man but the electric man, or rather two of them.  Some weeks ago a man came to fit a new smart meter, but was only here a few minutes and went because he couldn't get a phone signal. Could have told him that, no-one along the terraced road can get a phone signal, usually end up standing in the garden or sticking your phone out of the window to get anything. :)  Anyway he said the cable was unsafe and needed  replacing, well it has been there since the house was built over a hundred years ago now. 
This morning they came to do it, the girl on the phone said about eight thirty  so Vin got up early to get ready for them. Dead on eight thirty they arrived, the electric was off for about half and hour and it was done. He was very impressed. Good job. 
Of course poor little Jessie disappeared as soon as she heard them and flew under the bed upstairs, came out about an hour after they had gone for a cuddle with her daddy!
Trying to hide! She did come out eventually. She is such a timid cat, hates doorbells, even those that are on the television!
Fairly busy this week, appointments tomorrow at the renal clinic, and the podiatry on Wednesday, and the dressings clinic n Friday. not much time for us this week! No doubt we will get a coffee in somewhere!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Nice and Quiet!

No outings today or appointments, but I do have one at the dressings clinic tomorrow, so we stopped in today. In between doing his chores, cat cleaning, the fire, bits of admin work Vin like to catch up on his bits and bobs.
Winnings today, were £4.01 from the football pools he does. I asked him where the penny comes from and he said it was the share of the pool!!! He's done quite well for winnings this month, £25 on the premium bonds, £25 of f the scanning firm so the total is respectable. Never anything life changing but not too bad eh!
Nice and sunny today but still probably cool, a bit like the other day really. At least it isn't wet, the winter has been a wet one this year, very little frost and no snow here but presently the fields round and about are quite flooded and the ditches are full. 
Little Jessie is quiet today, went out a bit this morning, but came back in quickly. She doesn't stay out for long if Vin isn't there.
She does look gorgeous when she is in her basket, so relaxed. Until the doorbell goes then she flies up the stairs!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Out in the sunshine!

Since uit was quite a nice day today when we woke up, and we didn't have any appointments either, we decided to go out for our coffees. 
So it was Dobbies for us. You do get a really nice coffee there and there are a few bits that we get from there as well. It is always a good place to look round, and quite spacious and since he wheels me round that is always a plus. It's funny being in a wheelchair, you can't look at things high up, or very low down and it is quite hard to pick things up if you are whizzing past them :) :) It is good fun though, and at least it enables me to get round without using the feet at the moment. 
We both had a lovely flat white which would have cost £4.50 and a bit of a people watch which is always enjoyable. Lots of yummy mummy types and older couples. and groups of women who look like sisters or good friends. Very sociable place.
Then we went round and got our bits and home by half past one.  Jane rang up to say she had been to Manchesterand got her trousers for work from Next but  not her trainers, she didn't see any she liked so will try again on Sunday..
Little Jessie was in her basket when we got her home she doesn't seem to be a cat who runs to the door to greet you. I think she has only done that once.  Very nice just before lunch she threw up all over the kitchen floor, so Vin was in clearing up mode poor lad. Then she was all over him on the sofa. 
What a nice life!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Quiet Day after yesterday.

Since yesterday turned into a busy day we had decided to stay in today and try and get back to a routine again. Everything was late yesterday, our coffees and meals were all late so it was all a bit hurried.  Today has gone nuce and quiet so far which is how we like it!
I love this picture, little Jess with Vin, who she clearly adores. She is always rubbing round his neck and butting his face. She was miaowing on the landing to wake him up for feeding this morning. I don't hear her I take them out  at night   soam deaf to the world :) Sometimes there are advantages to being deaf!!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Busy Day,

It turned out to be a very busy day in the end. It was just supposed to be an appointment at the podiatry clinic  but the phone went and it was the roofing man to have a look at the leak in the roof over the bathroom. So he was up on the roof and little Jess was keeping a very watchful eye on him. 
He finished up and went and Jess settled down then while we had our coffee. Then it was all change and out for our appointment. The back way in was still open, so Vin left me in there while he went to park. I was called in very quickly by Cathy who had a medical student with her. She was in her fifth year and was interested in forensic work.  Anyway it was keep on with the antibiotocs and another prescription for two more weeks worth. :( :(  I think I will be turning into one big antibiotic. Otherwise progress being made, dressings redone and off we went with more appointments on the card.  My secretary takes care of them. :) :) 
Little picnic in the coop car park while Vin went to get a few things and off home. 
He let little Jess into the garden for a bit of fresh air just before, and she had a good look round. As soon as he opens the door  she comes running to him.  Aaaw!

Friday, 24 February 2017


Today I had an extra appointment at the dressings clinic because the girl at the podiatry clinic on Wednesday didn't want it to be left till next week. So Vin rang up Netherton and got one for today at 1.15. That was the day then, by the time we had got up, breakfasted dressed and did some bits and bobs it was time for our coffee. The plan was to have that, then go there and have our lunch when we got back. 
Beautiful bright sunny day, so much s it was a case of putting sunglasses on or be dazzled. Got there on time and you generally don't have to wait long so was seen within a few minutes. Very nice girls too, two of them one regular and one must have been a trainee one although she wasn't young. Did the foot quickly and efficiently  and we were out by two. 
Vin left me in the car and he went over the road to the Iceland shop to get a few things. Jane had said they had a very nice Pizza Express goat's cheese pizza with pesto and tomatoes for a pound so he got two of those, also quite a few other things and he said he only spent about eight pounds or so.   Home for a quick lunch then a bit of computing for me and Vin did his jobs downstairs.
Little Jessie has been playing a bit today so when we went out she got into her basket then stopped there till we came home then she was all over her daddy!. He let her outside this morning in the sunshine, and she had a bit of a mooch in the garden, but came in after a few minutes out there, I think probably because he wasn't out there.

Postman Pat is coming for you Jess!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storm Doris,

We were expecting storm Doris to hit us today, which it did this morning. Very heavy winds and pouring with rain. Altogether a horrible day but since we weren't going out anywhere it didn't matter too much. It was a day for hunkering down anyhow.  It has brightened up now, late afternoon and the sun is shining through the clouds.
Even little Jessie didn't bother going out today, too blowy for her really. Don't blame her.
 This is lovely Jane and our Jess, at Christmas when she was home,Great hairstyle. Jane I mean. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Today was arranged around the appointment for the podiatry clinic. That was for two o'clock so we had a small coffee before went and didn't have lunch so we had a toastie when we came home. 
We got there early and parked up on level three and Vin went off to find a wheelchair because it is miles to walk.Off to podiatry and was seen pretty much straight away . Changed my antibiotics and thank goodness they are the capsule rather than the great big ones we were given last time. So Vin went off to take the prescription to the pharmacy and picked me up after that.  I had to go for a blood test before a renal appointment in March so he wheeled me up there. We expected  a queue but to our surprise there was no-one waiting!so did that immediately.  Great!!
Home then via the pharmacy where he went to pick up the tablets. 
Little Jessie was fast asleep in her basket, I don't think she had moved all the time we had been out.  She just loves that basket, plus it is next to Vin on the sofa which really makes her happy. 
Nothing on tomorrow so a nice quiet day for us I think, then out on Friday afternoon to the dressings clinic again.  Oh what a busy life we do lead.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Waiting in today for a delivery from Bullens with my health care products. No knowing what time they come, sometimes early morning, the last time it was four o'clock. It is now four thirty and no sign. 
Otherwise not much doing today, very quiet. Little Jessie is enjoying our company I think. We have had her twelve weeks now so is used to us and our routines now.
 think she is hiding from him!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Out and About!

Up early this morning because I had a dressings appointment at Netherton clinic at 10.00.  The good thing about going there is that you know the time instead of waiting sometimes for the District nurses to come. Mind you they were wonderful when they came. 
So it was get going quite quickly and off there. The sun was shining when we woke up, but it was beginning to cloud over, and now later afternoon it is very rainy and grey and not a nice evening at all. 
The nurse at Netherton was efficient and capable and quite quick as well, so we were out in about half an hour.  We took ourselves off to M&S in Aintree.  It is ages since we have been there and it has changed a lot actually. There is now a big new Next store next to M&S and that has a Costa inside. So next time we go there we might try that instead.  The coffees we had in Marks were nice though, we both had Lattes. You pay for them though!
Little Jessie we left in her basket with the radio on for company, so she hears some noise.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Bits and Bobs..

Short and sweet today, nothing much happening. No post much and no phone calls apart from our Jane who rang up at lunchtime on her way to work, she is on a two till ten today so will probably ring up on her way home to see what the cat has done. Not a lot actually, she did poke her body outside briefly but soon ran back insidee. That happened yesterday too because she heard some seagulls squaking overhead. :) 
Bit of a grey day today but Vin did say it was a bit milder and the bulbs are beginning to show their little heads above the soil. Hope it won't be too long baefore the daffs are out, I love the Spring flowers, they are such a splash of colour after the dull grey Winter, although it has to be said we have had a very mid Winter, no snow here at all and only a bit of frost really. 
We buy the little tiny ones, tete-a tete usually which are just a bit bigger than the pot or barrel.