Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tuesday..not Monday..

I have been thinking it was Monday all day today,can never get used to having a Monday off. We went into Crosby this morning to get a few veggies, and VT went to the bank to pay some money in for Janes car tax..her birthday present! That was what she wanted.
I went round to Sainsburys which wasn't too busy, and got our veggies and a few things off the list.VT caught me up and remindd me of what I had forgotten, he is much better at a list than I am! Home in time for coffee and a bit of a sort out before lunch.
I had an odd letter from a clinic appointment that had been made for the 9th of September. It said that the appointment had been cancelled and referred me to my GPs surgery. Rang them up and they didn't know anything about it, so rang the number given on the appointment letter. This was a call line, but the girl was very helpful, and said that it had been cancelled because the clinic didn't feel they were right for the problem.!!! So I need to go back to the GPs. What a performance..All David Camerons fault now of course.
Nice sunny day today actually,very pleasant outside. VT is in the garden sorting things out there.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalope
Little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables with mushroom
Bread sauce.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday Monday...

Not typical bank holiday weather though! It is actually sunny for a change,but fairly cold too.
Have been listening all day to the radio two million selling records for the UK. really good programme actually, and a good mixture of tracks. Some surprises along the way too. Not got to the top ten yet at the time of typing.
VT went out to tidy his car up this morning, he is getting it ready for the MOT on Thursday. He has done the mats, and vacuumed it inside, and he say I am not to get it dirty now...CHEEK! It's him that fills it full of rubbish.
I spent the time while he was doing that getting the bedding and clothing ironed. We have beautiful Egyptian cotton bedlinen, but it gets so creased!!!and therefore needs a lot of ironing. Gorgeous on the ed though.
Nice pizza lunch, the rest of the one VT madelast night,beautiful one too.Nice egg salad to go with as well.
VT is in the garden this afternoon, but has just come in to show me his sunglasses. We each have a pair that go over our ordinary glasses, and they are really good. However, his have just snapped on one of the arms, a real shame and will annoy him I'm sure since they are not that old, and haven't been worn that much. Maybe he can contact the firm? It's really annoying when something like that happens.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and cheese escalope
Mixed vegetables with a spot of hollandaise sauce
Potato croquettes

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend...

Today (Sunday) dawned very blustery and blowy,dull and dark and not the sunny bank holiday weather that was forecast. They seem to come round with a mononotonous regularity these Bank Holidays. The thing is, in teaching, you never really appreciated them because they always fell in half terms or holidays. Most of the children will be going back next week probably by Thursday or Friday, then we can start going out again a bit more.
VT went out yesterday armed with his list to get the rest of the shopping that we missed on Friday, and came back with exactly that. Good Boy! He also went out today to get some cat food too from the Home & Bargain too. Our cats seem to like a variety, they turn up their noses at too much Whiskas..cheeky monkeys! and some of the cheaper tins they really dig into.
VT bought me two paperbacks from a charity shop too yesterday..they look like new and are two more in a series of really silly books that I do enjoy at night time..The Agatha Raisin series. Totally silly. but very readable. He got himself a World War book too and all those came to £2.30 noat bad going.
Made our usual pizza dough this morning,apart from that didn't do much. The crosswords were quite easy today, and VT just had to use the computer to doa couple of answers.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce,
Mushrooms sausage and pepper.
Egg and potato salad, avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potatoe salad and spinach and pesto salad.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Janes Birthday...

27 years ago, Jane was delivered into the world,
a nine pound, four week early bundle of fun.. What a smashing baby she was too. and a gorgeous little girl. Never been a girly girl, but always been a barrel of laughs.
She has just rung yup actually, and was on the phone for an hour talking. She could talk for England that one. No wonder she has always done well at interviews.
We went over to Ormskirk this morning and had a bit of a look round there. Went to a different place for coffee, and VT had a latte and I had a black, but it was a bit strong. I think it will be back to Taylors next time.
Got some things at M&S then went down to Morrisons. Didn't do all the shopping because I had begun to have a bit of a hypo, so VT went off and finished and then we went back to the car. Chewed wsome glucose tablets that VT carries and then was better. Must have walked round too much today!
Tonight we are having:
Cornish cheese and onion pasty
Ruce pudding.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Had to go out today to pay some money into the bank for Janes birthday. We asked her what she wanted and she said money badly, so I have paid a goodly sum into her account for her. Went to the NatWest bank in Crosby, and had to wait ages to be served. There were only two cashiers working, and one of those was busy for ages, then the other walked away. So, there were five people waiting when she came back. Not like it is on their adverts!
Went into Sainsburys for a couple of items, and came out only having spent four pounds! not like me at all..didn't even get a basket!
On the way home we decided to go and use our free coffee vouchers from the garden centre in Ince. Wonder of wonders, there were plenty of spaces, and it was quite quiet. Last time we went it was so busy and noisy, we couldn't hear ourselves think, today it was really pleasant. Had a bit of a look round but didn't see anything I fancies today.
Weather has brightened up here a bit today, just heard on the news that there has been no play at the Oval cricket ground due to bad light..funny old country.
Tonight we are having:
Sauteed potatoes,
Mixed green vegetable medley,
Quorn fillet in a sauce with mushroom

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


One thing about having birthdays and anniversaries at the same time is that we get a good amount of cards. got two nice ones from Jane this morning..one for her Daddy with Mickey Mouse on the front, and the other for our anniversary withMickey and Minnie mouse in dark relief holding hands. Quite cute.
She rang up at dinnertime for a good talk.A lot of money things cropping up for her at the moment. Car tax, insurance, and the rest of her college fees to be paid.
Sent some Sourdough flakes off to an internet friend on the site. Hope they work, should do because I have been getting mine going,haven't made a loaf in a while though, must get going again.
Trod on poor Rusty's tail this morning. Felt absolutely dreadful. I didn't see her under my feet, and must have caught her tail, the first I knew was a dreadful cat screech, and she flies out of the house down to the bottom of the garden. VT went and got her, and brought her back, and she sat on my knee in the garden while I profusely said I was sorry. There is some news in the papers at the moment about a woman who was caught on CCTV strokjing a cat (Lola) and then picking it up and dumping it into a wheelie bin and shutting the lid. It was there for 16hrs tiull the owner heard a faint miaow and rescued her. What a B***h, I can't imagine anyone doing that. It is a beautiful cat too..a klovely little tabby. And it had jumped up to greet her too. Awful. I hope all her work colleagues ostrasise her..she works as a cashier for an RBS bank in Rugby. Horrible woman.
Otherwise we haven't done much today, got up atish again, we need to get ourselves moving again, and go somewhere tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
A quorn escalope,
Sauteed potatoes,
Green beans and chanterey carrots
the rest of the lovely apricoty and almond slice from yesterday.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Him...Happy Birthday to Him...

VT's big day today..he is the big 60! My Toy Boy he is. Quite a low key day today though, it isn't the same when you don't have a family to celebrate with. He wouldn't go out anywhere, and he didn't want to go for a meal anywhere, so we have bought some nice food from Waitrose and we will have that tonight.
I got him a card and gave him a cheque which he said he didn't want thankyou, and got him a card from the cats!
Jane rang up early for her, first to wish her Dad a happy birthday, then to moan about her boiler which wasn't working. Rang about six times this morning again to moan about her motor insurance which had just come in the post, and has gone up alarmingly. Then she started talking about her driving licence form which had come here, but her Dad had posted to her about a month ago and hasn't arrived. So he was telling her to get one from the Post Office. He said she is hopeless, I said it's all a learning curve...how to exist in your life.
He went out to Waitrose, because he said he fancied a pizza for his lunch today. Brought back a very nice actually Spinach and Ricotta thin crust pizza and a salad. He had a glass of wine and enjoyed that.
No sign of the Ginger Girl from next door, I hope she hasn't gone missing..I like that little cat.
Weather is awful today Very blustery and bliowy, and torrential showers of rain this morning, but cleared up now, and the sun is shining as I type this.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne,
Garlic bread
Baby carrots and Asparagus.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Wedding Anniversary...

Thirty six years and still counting! 23rd August 1974 at The Alexandra Hall Register Office in Crosby. Now demolished and made into apartment building.Shame really, it was a lovely building.
No particular plans for today, we don't seem to celebrate anniversaries any more...too many of them I suppose.
VT hits the big 60 tomorrow, and Jane is 27 on the 27th, so a big week for our family. The best times for birthdays etc., was when we used to go to Florida, and there was always somewhere good to go as a treat. Not a lot of choice here really.
Got up late again this morning, it seems to be getting to be a habit these days! I think it was very dark this morning, which was the trouble. So we went to Waitrose to get some treat items. We were looking for something for tonight, and also for VT's birthday tomorrow. Not terribly impressed actually, not a huge expanse of vegetarian meals to choose from. We ended up with a Spinach and mushroom lasagne, and we will have that with some nice baby vegetables and garlic bread. VT chose a pudding that he fancied.
He didn't want to go out for a meal, he says none of them are as good as eating at home!
The weather is horrible at the moment. As I type this it is absolutely pouring down, typical August weather!!
Tonight we are having:
Mushroom pies,
Dauphinoise potatoes
Mixed vegetables.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Another Quiet Weekend..

As usual didn't have to go anywhere today, so didn't have to rush to get up. Bobby has taken to coming to share my pillow in the early morning, so I have a sort of dozing sleep till VT gets up to get the coffee.
We then sit and discuss things. What is going on in the world, or in the neighbourhood or what is coming up in the week. Anything really. There is always something to talk about. We have some lovely chats in the mornings, usually accompanied by one of the cats.
Yesterday VT had to go and get some more of Rusty's tablets that she needs for her thyroid problem. That seems to be well under control, mainly because VT religiously gives her one tablet twice a day.
Last night we had:
Gougons Quorn
Sweet and sour sauce and stir fry vegetables
1/2 a packet of fried rice.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato saucve
Roast vegetables
salad with egg and potato
potato salad and wild rice salad
I am cutting this short, because I have just realised that I have forgotten to put the roast vegetables in the oven. Oooops

Friday, 20 August 2010

Funny Weather...

What a weird day today! It started off with bright sunshine, and we decided to go to Aintree to the Sainsbury's to get our weekend things. On the way there, a journey of about twenty minutes, the skies darkened, and big fat raindrops plopped onto the windscreen. brightened up when we got there though, then it started absolutely chucking it down. By this time we were under cover fortunately.
I nipped into the Next clearance shop, but I have no idea why..their clothing is rubbish..terrible quality and nothing in the home and wear department either. VT went next door to the Pundstretcher shop..but he didn't get what he wanted either.
Then into Sainsburys...no coffee..we took our own..good idea saved a load of money and the coffee was much better too.
It has cleared up now, and the sun is shining again. I really feel for people on holiday, they must wonder what to put on, and where to go. It is quite humid too, so we had our lovely soaking baths this afternoon..my book and my candles one.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chicken...and a Delivery...

Poor VT had to go out this morning to get some chicken for the cats. We had forgotten to get any yesterday when we went to Morrisons. So off he went to tesco to get them some.
Just as he was going out of the door, a delivery came for me. it was a new carpet sweeper that I had ordered, so he had to get that going before he went out. it came in quite a small box, which surprised me, but the handles of it slot together very cleverly. The other thing that surprised me was that it came charged, I was expecting to have to charge it up before use.
I actually bought it for the new carpet in the extension, and it seems to work really well in there. In fact after one go in there and a bit in the living room, there was a big matt of cat hair in the dust tray!!!!! We were amazed by that.
Started off really sunny this morning, but is now cloudy,quite overcast actually. Jane has just rung up, and is making queries about loans for students again. She is having a long chat with her Dad at the moment which is nice.
Apart from that, very quiet today, not much going on in the village either, The Dentist is having work done at the back of his house, and the Pharmacist is having his place remodelled..there must be money in the NHS!!
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey garlic kievs,
Sliced new potatoes,
Any left over vegetables, done as a mixture.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fresh Air..

I had thought that I would end up doing the ironing this morning, because it is sitting on a chair looking at me, but VT said we should go out for some fresh air. So, I got ready, and off we went over to Ormskirk.
It was certainly fresh air over there, it was actually quite blowy with
quite a breeze blowing. Mind you it is on a hill so not unsurprising. A few scattered showers too, a few people getting caught up in them.
We had a good look round, and I went in my usual shops, plus a few others. Had our coffee at our usual little cafe, but getting bored with them now, their coffee could do with a makeover. Instead of buying a big new television screen for the far wall, they would have been better buying a new coffee machine. Still, they are cheap, so can't complain.
Went to Morrisons where we had parked, so had to go inside to get our parking fee back. VT got himself a nice wholemeal loaf, and I got a bag of salad plus a few other things. Still can't get him to put salad in his sandwich..he just gives me a dirty look if I even suggest it. What is it with men and salad?
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with spinach and ricotta sauce,
Asparagus and fresh peas and green beans.
A small garlic bread.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Yesterday afternoon a filling in my tooth dropped out. i wasn't doing anything, not eating toffee or anything, but it dropped out. So i rang the dentist up..who is two doors down, and asked for an appointment. The girl said friday..so I said it's a bit jagged (which it was) I couldn't keep my tongue out of it. So she suggested I went in today at eleven, and they would dress it and that would do till Friday. Anyway, went in this morning at due time, and he filled it on the spot because there weren't any problems. So, job done and £16.50 poorer. Well not actually, because I claim it back of the Medicash..which is a great scheme.
Didn't do anything else actually, was going to do the ironing, but couldn't be bpothered in the end, will do that another day.
Weather again very mixed, showery spells with pouring rain and sunshine spells. Jane rang up before,she is off till Friday so she was enjoying that. had a nice chat, then she had to go.
VT packed up my parcel to Australia this morning too. This had the rest of the set of Hamish McBeth novels in it so was quite heavy. That cost £11 to post, but they enjoyed the last ones I sent, so I hope they will enjoy the remainder.
Little Bobby was funny this afternoon, VT had left a Hotter shoe box on the landing, and the next thing is, she is trying to get into it. Marks all the corners, then turns round and round and decided it isn't big enough, so ends up on the bed behind me. Now fast asleep on her blanket.
Tonight we are having:
Minced quorn and onion pie,
Mushroom gravy,
Mashed potatoes 8oz
Mashed carrots.

Monday, 16 August 2010


We succumbed this morning and went to tesco. VT wanted some petrol and to use their air line, so did our weekly shopping there as well.
Still a horrible shop...too busy, and just not nice. I did pick up a few offers though, like Quorn escalopes, etc. Very unexciting shopping though, I just cannot bring myself to get anything out of shopping there, and I begrudge giving them my money.
VT got his petrol, but there was a huge line of cars waiting for the air line...I wonder why that would be?
Then nipped to Waitrose, and parked right outside the front door!! wonder of wonders..pity I only wanted a couple of things. Home in time for our coffee quite early.
Last night we watched the last of the docummentary programmes about the Amish teenagers who had been living in this country for four weeks. Totally fascinating programme. It compared their lives at home with what they experienced here. In this one they were staying with a couple in Cornwall, who were living together but not married yet. The teens couldn't understand that, since it is totally against their religion. they seem to live such a simple life, uncomplicated yet tightly structured so that each person has his or her place in their society. Hard to imagine a life without mobile phones or televisions or any other forms of technology.
They had the opportunity to go sea surfing, which they did, and their simple joy at seeing the sea was a delight to watch. An excellent series, we missed the third one of them since we forgot to record it, maybe catch up on the i-player?
VT is out watering the plants. He says some of them are very dry, even though we have had quite a lot of rain recently. He has just come in to say he has been brushing Bobby. She likes a good brush and will turn over for you, but you have to watch she doesn't turn on you and give you a scratch. She was up round my head this morning at some ungodly hour..wonder why she does that? she stays for a long while, then jumps off and goes and finds her own space.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere cheese Quorn escalope,
Mixed vegetables,
Baby baked potatoes,
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Usual weekend things. Saturday and Sunday papers, not a lot of news at the moment really, everywhere is quite quiet. probably because of the holiday season. VT went out yesterday and this morning for his usual things, and to collect his shoes from the cobblers. they were ready for him and they are a good job. At least he seems pleased with them.
He went out this morning to get the cats some chicken since they had run out, which proved to be a shame because he had a minor bump in the car. Pity though the man was sitting in the car, so he had to own up. he said it wasn't much of a bump, he did it as he was backing into a space. the spaces in the Maghull car park are quite small actually, so it is surprising there aren't any more.
Weather is quite nice this weekend, fairly sunny and the back of the house is very warm at the moment.
We did some nice roasting vegetables for the pizza this morning, and the bread dough for it after lunch. Bedding day today, so that will mean ironing next week one day. Don't mind that, I quite like ironing, except for Janes school skirt which was a nightmare. it was box pleats, and each one had to be pressed individually..total pain.
The crosswords were more tricky today, one or two awkward clues in the bug Mail one, that had to be finished off on the computer. Thank Heavens for Answerbank which is a Godsend.
Last night we had:
Chinese spring rolls
1/2 a packet of rice
stir fried vegetables
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Mushrooms, roasted vegetables sausage and pineapple
potato salad and spinach and pesto salad.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Another dark morning!

But we did get up earlier today. The idea was to go over to Ormskirk to get our shopping and have alook round. Really quite cold, there weren't many people out without coats, and even the youngsters had jackets on. Talking of jackets, VT has been looking for a new jacket for a long time now. He wants a light one but no-one seems to sell what he wants. they are either high fashion, or old mens beige ones. I don't know where ordinary men do their clothes shopping these days, even M&S ones have something about them he doesn't like. Maybe he is picky! it does seem to be so much easier for women to get clothes. I certainly don't have any problems getting what I want.
Went to Holland and barrett to get some fishless fingers but yet again they didn't have any. They had everything else but those, but the girl behind the counter said they would get some in for us. Hope so, we like those on a Friday with some chips for a treat.
I bought a new top from Bon Marche, they have some really good bargains in the sale, some items really cheap. I do like that shop, always get something to wear. Suppose they are making way for the Autumn and Winter stock now.
We seem to have a wasp problem in the middle bedroom. the little begagars are getting in somehow, but we can't make out wheree, and in the morning we find the corpses of about three or four on the window sill. once as many as eight. Little beggars.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable pasties from Waitrose. VT picked them up on Monday, so we will have them with a drop of gravy.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Up Really Early...

No! Far from it. We overslept this morning, didn't get up till quite late. i think the trouble was that we were both engrossed in our books last night, and didn't put the light off till twenty past one, which is late for us. Bobby was mooching around my head this morning too at some really ungodly hour, and I was only dozing after that. She tramps around my head, and purrs in my ear, and tickles my face with he whiskers. Wouldn't that make a good line for a song? I just haven't the heart to shove her off so put my arm around her and she settles down. But, i can't move then. No matter, she is a lovely cat.

I think this is a picture of Bobby...
VT has had another bout of home improvement this morning. He decided to repair the first step of our stairs, which has looked worn for a long time now. The rest of the stair carpet is fine actually, vut the bottom step spoiled the lok.
He has ripped up the old one, and fitted another piece, and I do have to say that he has made a fantastic job of it too, it looks like new again. he amazes me at the things he can turn his hand to. We did the kitchen floor and that was it today. We will go somewhere tomorrow.
Jane rang up before while I was in the bath, and she said they were having a terrific thunderstorm in Manchester. She held the phone to the window for VT to hear and he could clearly hear the thunder. Nothing like that here, it is blowy today, but not rainy or stormy.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta cheese slices,
Sliced and sauteed potatoes,
Green beans and carrots that are left.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Out for Chicken...

We had to go out today for some cat chicken! Every day they line up in the kitchen at about half past one for their chicken treat! and we didn't have any. So we went off to Sainsbury's and came out with £37 worth of shopping!!! Well we couldn't deprive them could we. the said chicken is kept separate from our shopping, so it doesn't infest it..and they get half a breast between them chopped up small. I did want a few veggies for the rest of the week too. so got those. Wasn't expecting to spend that much, but it mounted up.
Just noticed VT in the garden, it has suddenly become sunny, and the weeds are growing fast, the dandelions are as high as the cats hut now. What is it with weeds, that they have to grow stronger than anything else in the garden. Once you pull them out, that should be it, but no, they grow back with a vengeance.I must admit I am not a fan of gardening, it all seems so pointless to me, the pulling out of weeds and then they grow back. i like the garden loking nice though, and VT does a good job out there.
Jane rang up earlier and was doing some clearing up. She said there was a sink full of dishes and pots so she was clearing it away. I'm surprised she doesn't buy disposable plates!!
We cleared out our freezer this afternoon, not too bad actually, just a few things that were left over from Christmas, and some stuff that was freezer burnt, so it is now nice and tidy.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn lemon and black pepper escalope
Rumbledethumps potatoes
bread sauce
Mixed vegetables.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sugar Soap..

And other cleaning materials...VT has got the clearing bug. not content with doing the extension, he has now started on the kitchen. After breakfast this morning he started doing the kitchen cupboards. it is actually quite surprising how grimy they were. I have had the odd go at doing the ones over the cooker, but didn't really have the right stuff. VT has got this liquid wood cleaner, which you wash over the wood, and works ectremely well. The cupboards weren't really bad, because we don't do any frying or heavy cooking with fat or meat etc., but there is a film that you can feel on the wood. Now they are smooth again. I thought he had finished and he has just come upstairs to say he has done the ceiling!!! i didn't know he was going to do that. He seems to love doing things on his own, then makes me feel guilty.
Mind you I remember when I was working, he would come and collect me, and there would be a smell of polish in the house, i think he used to spray it around a bit before I came home! he now says he used to have a nap in the afternoon too and then wake up with a start at the time to come and get me! We did use to get up early every day then though.
Nowadays we go to bed later, then read for some time and generally go to sleep about oneish, so we get up later. that seems to suit us these days.
Jane rang up again this morning, and she said she had woken up at half past six and was wide awake, so got up and went to tescos. She said she got some croissants and some jam and they were beautiful. She had another letter from the solicitor..asking for more details. poor kid, it really seems to be dragging on, but I think it is nearing the end now.
It is quite sunny this afternoon, after all of the dull days we have been having. Wouldn't say it was hot though.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with mushrooms and broccoli
A bit of garlic bread.

Monday, 9 August 2010


Yes it is raining again. Not downpours, but light drizzles that get you wet without you realising. The cats go out, and come back with a light brushing of wet, so have to be rubbed down.
Didn't do this blog yesterday, seemed to run out of time, but nothing unusual happened. We did our crosswords quite quickly, and we had the usual pizza for tea. home made of course..one of VT's masterpieces.
Jane rang this morning, she has an appointment with the neurologist for the beginning of September, so that came through fairly quickly. Maybe getting towards the end for her we hope.
I have spent the morning typing my letter to John and Ann. Can't thi k of too much to say though, i just witter on, probably bore them to death. I want to get it done so I can send the rest of the hamish McBeth books that I have finished bnow. They are a good read..not great fiction by any means, but entertaining.
VT went to Waitrose this morning with a list, and came back with exactly what was on the list. I don't do that, I keep throwing things in so the bill is much higher. He writes down what to get and gets just that. he did come back with two pasties though
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey Kievs
Sliced and sauteed new potatoes
Carrots and beans
Mushrooms and white sauce

Saturday, 7 August 2010


This is the back of the house with the extension window that we have just made over.
VT has a pair of Clarks shoes that he has had for some time, and they are beautiful shoes. Good leather uppers, which he polished yesterday and put new laces in. So the tops look great. Trouble is the soles have a crack in them..not too bad but it won't get better. He decided to take them to the just about only Cobblers that we know of in Waterloo, which he did this morning.
The chap that used to own the shop has now retired and there is another man in there. VT had a chat with him, and he said that he could repair them for him for £19. Seems quite a lot, but bear in mind that they are good shoes and to replace them would cost about sixty quid now. So he was quite pleased, it means he will get a good pair of shoes for twenty pounds.
It seems fairly hard to get a cobbler these days, they all appear to have gone. I suppose people get rid of shoes when they get worn, and don't wal;k as much these days, we travel by car everywhere now. I can't remember the last time I had a pair of shoes mended, school shoes probably. There are going to be an awful lot of shoes with pointy tips and great big heels on the tips soon..can't see them lasting!
Jane rang up again this morning, a bit fed up again because she has had another letter from her solicitor, with the details about what the court requires. It all seems to be dragging on and needs to be finished off. She did say that the injections that she had the other day had helped her, so that is good.
VT went off on one of his mooches this morning, and said it was quite quiet. I should imagine it is one of the busy holiday weeks this week. The back to school adverts have already started in the papers and on television, all the supermarkets vying with each other to see who can produce the cheapest outfit. Must be an awful lot of factories in China turfing out school uniforms.
Tonight we are having:
With quorn mince, grated cheese, tomato salsa soured crea, and lettuce. Tasty.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Wet Outing...

Off we went over to Ormskirk this morning. Before we went I asked VT what the weather was like, he having been out for the paper already. Not bad says he, so I put my sandals on and my coat. Sitting in the car just before we set off I noticed a few spots of rain on the window, so he suggested he go in and get my shoes which he did. Fine rain on the way but not too bad. We both did our respective things in the town, VT was after shoe laces which proved to be a problem to get, and I went in my usual places. No fishless fingers in Holland and Barratt so annoyed about that. Never mind.
Went to our cafe for our mid morning coffee, and they have sprouted a huge television at one end of the room..it seems every time we go in there there is something about David Cameron..getting fed up wioth that. Today there was news about the floods in Pakistan..don't really want that while you are having a nice coffee.
Went to M&S (on my own) while VT chased up laces in the market. Started buying things and was joined a bit later by VT who had got some great laces. I was saying it was the sort of thing you missed from the old Woolies.
We crossed over the road to M&S and the Heavens opened..it absolutely poured down when we went back to the car. Didn't have an umbrella of course they were in the car. Got the rest of the weekend things in Morrisons, after mopping ourselves down, and it was getting late for some reason. Must admit I do liike Morrisons. No pretention like some of the other supermarkets, and good value.
Home quite late for lunch, and after the scanning and the packing away we were ready for that.
The xtension is back to normal now, and there is a lovely smell of new carpet when you come in the house. I love that smell.
VT has put the plates back for me. These are the Clarice Cliffe ones that I have had for ages now. Not real, but I like them.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion tart,
A few chips,
Some spaghetti hoops for a change.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day of the Makeover..

VT set his alarm this morning and was up with the lark..well it seems like that.
The carpet fitter was due at between 9.30 and 10.30. and he arrived at ten o'clock. Very good. He had to get the old carpet up and the lining to be ready.

So we had an early breakfast and he got going. We were surprised how big a room it looked when everything was out of it.

The new carpet looks really nice, different from the last and it goes with the brickwork beautifully. It's no Grand design our house but we like it, and the extension looks terrific now.
Spot the Rusty!

Aaah we will have to be careful, she is the same tone of colour.
So, a really good job done. Well done VT. Be proud.
He took all the bits to the tip, so everything is done now. Curtains dry cleaned, ceiling painted twice, woodwork all varnished and the brickwork all vacuumed. Excellent.
Jane rang up this morning, very fed up. She has another letter from her solicitor, and has to see another pain specialist and neurologist as requested by the other side. She was hoping with the last one that it would be settled, but they seem to be dragging it out. She was going off to buy some ice cream to cheer up.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages Quorn,
Squashed potatoes. Might do a toad in the hole with gravy and a few potatoes.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Decided to go and have another look for a blind this morning. The local Homebase to us only had a few none of which were suitable so we thought we woud go to the bigger one in Kew. They had a better selection, one of which we thought would fit well. Since there was a B&Q very nearby though, we decided to have alok there as well. Theirs were quite good, but just not the right colour, or not the right pattern, so eventually we returned to homebase and bought the one we had almost decided on earlier. Quite nice cream colour, with japanese loking sprigs on it of the same tone of colour. VT is putting it on the window as I type.
We went from there to Dobbies, on our way back to get our free coffees for the month. What a defference a few weeks make. Kids everywhere, running round all over the place, and screaming. Should be in school more!!
Bought a few things from the food hall, including some little pots of fruits for cheese which we both like, but they had stopped selling. they have them back in stock now. I got some crackers for the weekend, and some of the after dinner mints that we like. Bits and pieces really, but things we both enjoy. Hang the expense!
Jane rang up this morning just before we were due to go out, she was on her way to the hospital to get an injection in her shoulder. She rang up later when we got home, to say that the consultant said that the planned injection was no good for the problem that she had, and they would do another type. This involved seven injections around the site of the pain, so she wasw on her way home on the bus instead of having to be picked up. We will have to wait and see what happens next. hope that works for her.
Tonight we are having:
Fillets with mushroom in a white wine and chablis sauce,
1/2 a packet of rice,
Carrot batons.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Got a phone call yesterday from my GPs Surgery. They had received a letter, she said from the Urology clinic and could I go in and discuss this with the Doctor. The appointment I was given was for 3.30, so off we went at the due time. Waited till ten to four, then went up to the room. She said "What can I do for you?" obviously having no knowledge why I was there. I said I was summoned to discuss something to do with the Urology clinic. She came back with a letter, from the Diabetic clinic suggesting that I be referred to the Urology clinic. mGod!! Once they get you they get you good and proper. So I have yet another clinic to go to!! Talk about a pain...
VT has finished all the work in the extension/dining room, and it looks splendid. He put the curtains back this morning, which smell lovely from the dry cleaners, and my Clarice Cliffe plates back on the wall. All there is to be done is to take up the old carpet and wait for the new one.
Didn't he do well!!
Tonight we are having:
Small quorn shicken style pie
Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
Squashed potatoes.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Man At Work...

Definitely work in progress. VT got going early this morning, and started on the ceiling. He had bought a roller from B&Ms for only £1.99! and he said that worked well. He put masking tape all round where the ceiling meets the brickwork..very proficient. The ceiling looks fantastic, so white. It only takes four hours to dry apparently so he did the varnish then. When we designed the extension, we had deciced on a brick finish, which is excellent, and then left the woodwork plain so it could be varnished. I was quite surprised at how little the paint smells these days. Even the varnish doesn't have a smell. I remember the paints of the old days that used to smell the house out for days and would knock you out.
After lunch he cleared the room out and moved the table into the kitchen area and wow..the space that was left was amazing! I was really astounded, it looks so much bigger without clutter. This is a terrible house for clutter really, but that is the way we are.
I did a pile of the bedding ironing this morning while he was working. Phone call from the Village Surgery this morning, to say they had a referral from the Urology clinic, and could I go in to discuss this tomorrow.. Gosh, once they get you, they necer leave you alone. I wonder what this one is about. VT said it is a "Naughty Step" appointment..I must be doing something wrong. He's so funny. He would love to go in to the appointments with me..he's so nosy. I let him in once to a Dietician one, and never heard the last of it. He started rationing my coffee and all sorts. The last clinic appointment I had at the Diabetic Clinic, the Doctor saw him waiting with me, and said "Do you want to come in?" I said "No" very quickly to that..He'd never leave me in peace.. plus i couldn't get away with the odd fib either..
Tonight we are having:
Sliced sauteed potatoes,
Mixed vegetables with a sauce.Mushrooms.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Out Of favour...

On friday afternoon, I typed in a page of my witterings, only to find that when I turned my back to turn something off EVERYTHING had disappeared except for the last line I had typed.! Totally disappeared. Gone into Cyberspaceand lost forever. No idea why that happened, I didn't press anything I shouldn't have, so where it went I have no idea. Total pain in the neck. It was of course the best blog I had ever written.
Yesterday we had an ordinary sort of day..didn't do much and had our usual Chinese for tea.
Sunday...Hares and Rabbits..it's the first of August, and the sun is shing..well a bit anyway. We have done the bedding today, and hung it out on the line to dry. It seems to be blowing away nicely, so shouldn't need to be put into the dryer which is good. Did the crosswords this afternoon, the theme of mine was planets. I used to know a nmenomic for the nine planets but can't remember it now.
Something along the lines of..Men Very Easily Make Jugs Serve Useful Nocturnal Purposes
Quite a good one to remember them. VT did his one in record time and he said it was easy today. He only had two to get on the computer..both names.
He went into Crosby today to get a couple of things for the week. He said he was only ten minutes in Sainsbury's. he doesn't browse like I do. the idea is tomorrow he will get on with the decorating, I will do all the bed linen and get that out of the way.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Fresh pineapple, mushrooms pepper for him . Goats cheese to top it off and fresh basil.
Potato and egg salad for both and
potato salad for moi and spinach and pesto salad for VT.