Friday, 30 September 2016

Back Again!

After yet another visit to Aintree hospital!Basically, I went for a renal clinic appointment about 16 days ago and the woman that saw me wasn't happy with my levels so went off to have a word wiath the consult ant and they deccided tahey wanted me admitted.. and there I stayed. I ended up within the same ward I was in for ten weeks at the beginning of the year! and in the same bed! with the gorgeous panoramic view...of the patient toilet! with the light that is like a searchlight at night time if people don't switch it off or close the door!
Half the staff remembered me from the last time I was in and I got hugs frrom all sorts.
Now spending time catching up, and deleting emails that have built up again amazing how quickly how they do that. Lovely not to be woken up at seven in the morning, and to be in my own bed, with my lovely watm duvet and quilt.
Awful hair. Desparate for a hairwash!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Start of a Busy Week !

Well it is the start of a busy week for us.  Monday it is the District nurse, who arrived about twelve fifteen. A very efficient and quick one she is the speediest of the lot of them. Tuesday will be a visit to the nephrology clinic who rung up on Friday to make an appointment for me, wasn't expecting that one.! Wednesday is the podiatry clinic whic I was expecting, and Thursday is an appointment to have an M.R.I. at eight thirty in the morning! that one I am not looking forward too as it means getting up at some ungodly hour in the morning! Ah well. 
Very cool and blowy today, but not raining yet, might do later.  Vin is  out in the garden tidying up and doing a bit of pruning, and bemoaning the fact that his secateurs broke the other day, and he can't find a spare pair he has. Only plus is that the green bins haven't been emptied yet so it has allowed him to put some more stuff into it.  I think he really misses the little cat Tootsie. She would have been around the garden with him.  I asked him last night would he get another, but he said he was too upset at losing her, so not yet. Don't blame him really.

Monday, 5 September 2016


Ooops indeed ! Very hard to get going this morning!Think there was a blood pressure thing going on, the buzzing in the ears, and light-headed.just about got back to the bed and the District nurse came.  She was a nice one who is very quick and professional, and good aat doing the dressings as well. 
We had Jane home for the weekend, came home Friday night and went back Sunday night because she was going to see another hospital today (Monday). She is thinking about a nights job at Stepping Hill, which at least would give her some time off, and she actually quite likes nights, because she is a bit of a night owl.
I love this picture of our Tootsie.. She looked so relaxed and comfy. Very pretty cat she was with some lovely markings. We so miss her.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Busy Couple of Days!!

Started off on Wednesday. Routine Podiatry appointment. The appointment was for 1.30 which was great because it meant that we could be done and dust6ed and out early to get a bite of lunch. We did get there early, and went to the waiting area, and waited and waited and waited! Eventually at about 2.20ish the girl came out to apologise for keeping us waiting but we had been overlooked. Ah well you win some and lose some. Made our way after that to the co0op and had our lunch. Vin went and did a bit of shopping to get some flans, veggies etc.
Then off we went to the retail park where the Range store is becaus we wanted to get some Easy  Yo Yoghurt packs and that is the only place we know where you can buy them. Vin made one up that evening, a low fat greek youghurt which is really nice. I have ne every day for my lunch so they are well worth buying.

Thursday we had planned to go to Dobbies 
The only trouble was that I had a blood pressure do when at the bottom of the stairs so wasn't fit to go out for a bit till it had gone. Did eventually so off we went but a bit later than we usually are. Don't think the schools are back yet, because we pass a couple on the way there and there aren't any cars in their car parks yet. I guess they are back on Monday. 
Today Friday we are in waiting for the District Nurse, fortunately she phoned to find out what dressings we had so we knew she would be arriving in twenty minutes.Great, that meant we could plan the day instead on hanging around. After she had been Vin stripped the bed, and got it in the washing machine.  He has had a really busy day. Breakfasts to organise, washing to do, washing up assorted, coffees to get ready. Then he decided to clean the coffee machine, and the kettle, so they are now de3scaled and sparkling again. Lunches to organise, then a bit of a breather! Basically, he didn't stop all day. Jane rang up last night to say she was coming home tonight for a couple of days, and will go back on Sunday because she is going to have a look round another hospital where she is applying for a job on nights.