Saturday, 31 October 2009

Today we are Grumpy...

Quite busy today, bedding to do. The new bedding is a bit of a pain to dry because the tumble dryer sends it into an infernal ball all the time so the middle doesn't get dried. You have to keep stretching it out but you get there in the end.
VT is very grumpy today, maybe because I keep going on about the colour of the new Notebook, but he spent the whole lunchtime grumping about it, and saying it was going back, and he doesn't want it any more, and it doesn't do what he wanted, and he is going to buy a laptop of his own.
grump grump grump...
jane will say I told you so, and so will he. I thought he was getting on with it really well and he was using it enough yesterday.
He went for a mooch today came back with vinegar a big bottle, I think he has drunk some on the way home too!!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice,
Sauce of some kind
Stirfry vegetables.

Friday, 30 October 2009


Woke up at our usual time this morning, well early enough for a nice cup of coffee to start the day.our body clocks must be getting back to normal or at least adjusting.
not musch post today. Wasn't expecting a delivery at all, but there were two letters on the mat when we got back.
We took my money to Asda today, it was actually busy with lots of kids running around.Kids everywhere to be honest..should be in school!
Bought our usual things for the weekend, and I had a bit of a look round while VT went down tio The range shop to get a knife sharpener. It is only to chop the cat's chicken actually!! Didn't buy anything for myself today, but VT bought a new pair of slippers. i wonder if he will get the pipe and the smoking jacket to go with them!
The little Netbook seems to be a hit..with him anyway. He has given it the first charge so it is going full strength again. He worked how to do an email address today I tried to send him one but it was the wrong addy and they kept getting sent back. Try again sometime.
Very blowy today, and apparently the weather is going to get colder over the weekend.Nights are getting darker much earlier these days, it's dark by about fivish now.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me,
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christmas is coming..and..I got a Go!

This morning after most of a week of getting woken up at eight o'clock we didn't wake up till ten o'clock. VT must have been tired because he slept right through. So, we had a later breakfast, but that doesn't matter.We can do what we want.
I wanted to get the Australia parcel ready sometime this week so it was a good chance to do that.
I had bought a really nice Thomas Kinkade calendar, a DVD about Triumph motorbikes for John, (hope he enjoys that), VT spotted that in Dobbies, a set of two really pretty lavender hearts from Laura Ashley, and a dangly christmas snowman from M&S with magnetic legs and hands. We wrapped them all, put labels on them VT sealed and addressed the package and took it to the PO. It cost £13 to send. but it is worth it i hope.
The packet we used was one they sent to us with something in, and VT had kept it, so that was recycled.
VT went into Crosby to get the cat's Frontline flea spray, with his voucher, and was back in time for lunch.
I had a little go on the new Netbook, this afternoon, quite impressive I must say, he says there is anhour left of battery time, so it will probably need recharging tonight.
Tonight we are having:
Possibly a casserole of some leftover veg tonight.
Maybe lamb style grills.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lost Day...and New Arrival

Totally lost the day yesterday Tuesday.Woke up really feeling rough, don't know what it wads, some sort of bug all I wanted to do was sleep no appetite and didn't do anything all day.
Better today though.
Today my new Acer Netbook arrived, we werenT expecting it for a few days so it was a surprise.VT got it going quite quickly, but in order to get it going online it needed a Wifi connection, which is being loaded very slowly as I type. Yt's a lovely looking little thing and very portable, should be quite useful I think.
So we had an unexpected visit to Aintree to PC World and Maplins. Maplins was £30 cheaper actually so we got theirs.
On the way back we called in at the other retail park so I could get a few things fromM&S I wanted to put into parcels.
Home by lunch time and now waiting for the thingy to upload.
Tonight we are having:
Something simple from the freezer,
Vegetables from the fridge.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday Outing..

Awoken early this morning by Bobby crawling all over my head.Very disturbing actually. She tends to come on my pillow, and makes herself comfy on top of my head, which is fine till she starts picking at my hair. trouble is you can't really relax because she just might bite or scratch, but you can't move her, she is so lovely. We are waking up early, VT is getting up at about 8ish because of the clocks going back, but then he goes and gets the coffee and we have a chat till it is get up time.
We went into Crosby to get the veggies, VT went to the Lloyds chemist to see how much the flea treatment is there. He had a voucher for £5 off, but he said he thought that it was cheaper at the vets. Anyway he rang up the vets this afternoon and it is the same price so the voucher is genuine and makes them cheaper! There was a fun fair in the centre today,a bit noisy,but it's the half term and it was quite busy. Some good rides, little teacups, and a train. Good fun if you had a little one.
Went to Sainsbury's to ge the veggies ofr the week, got a stew pack for the first time this winter, I'll do a hot pot perhaps one night. Then got the usual range of veg to go with a variety of things during the week.
Tonight we are having:
Goat's cheese and Cranberry escalopes,
Sliced new potatoes,
Veg with a sauce, maybe cauliflower and broccoli. with mushrooms.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Weekend Things..

Saturday, was a fairly quiet day, nice weather but a bit blowy.VT went to Maghull to get a few things, and also to Homebase because they had an offer on smokeless fuel.
I bought a Netbook the other day. it was a today's special value from QVC.
Acer Aspire 531 Windows 7 10.1" 250GB HDD Wifi Netbook with 1 GB RAM
QVC Price£346.75 Item Number562543 Availability Some choices not in stock UK P&P£9.
We ordered a black one and it should come within 10-12 days.
Jane is mad at me. She thinks I should have consulted her first..when do your children tell you what to do!!
last night we had:
Tacos and very tasty they were too.
Chilli mince with beans and chocolate,
Lettuce. Salsa, Creme fraiche.
Quite blowy today, next door have a washing line full of washing blowing away.
The big event of the weekend was the clocks going back, so you get an extra hour in bed this morning. As I type this it is dark at 5.15 now, pitch black, and lights everywhere. i suppose the nights will rapidly start drawing in now.
VT went into crosby for a few things, then went to Formby to get a magazine for me. Bless him. Easy living magazine for £1 which is a good read. he said there is going to be a Costa Coffee in Formby opposite the Cafe Nero!! apart from coffee shops and charity shops there isn't much else now.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza..we have made our usual dough,
Tomato sauce home made,
Mushroom and a few cheeses.
Salad with baby tomatoes avocado and seeds.
Potato salad and past a salad.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Out and About..

No post today, they are on strike, but we often don't get post on a Friday anyway.
We went to Asda this morning with my money. There were some kids around, and some of the staff were dressed up for Halloween..very scary costumes.But, all good fun.
VT went off to do a bit of mooching while I had a look round. I usually have a look at the books, and sometimes the clothing, but rarely buy anything, Asda vlothing isn't very good value, and the sizing is odd, so I normally end up sending it back.
Got all our groceries, a few imnpulse buys, well, quite a few impulse buys but they are things we can put into stock.
Jane rang up last night..she is convincved that I have made a mistake getting a Netbook,she keeps saying that it will be too small and I won't be able to see it, but we shall see. We will get it and try it and use it for a bit and try it out.I bought it because of its portability really, not a large lap top that you have to lug around. I think she's jealous.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic kievs
Vegetables that we have left in the fridge,
Sliced potatoes, or squashed potatoes.
Mushrooms sauteed.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I've bought a Netbook!!

Just been on QVC and bought a netbook. It is an Acer 531 with Windows 7. I have been meaning to get a laptop for ages now, and this was a Today's Special value for £309 all in but on three easy pay of £99 a month. Three colours, black blue or red. We have gone for the mat black. Can't wait for it to be delivered now, have to wait 10-14 days though.
We were up early this morning, and off to The Cheshire Oaks. The weather people yesterday said that it was going to be wet after lunch and cloudy all day, but it was a lovely day actually. We had our usual trat of a Soy latte at Costa Coffee, and went round everywhere. VT bought some new trousers from M&S and a pair of Pyjamas, and I bought a few things for my Secret Santa presents. the only thing I bought myself was a new silver chain from Chapelle to wear with my larger pendants. I'm pleased with that.
We got our lunch at Pret a manget VT got a vegetable sushi which he really enjoyed, and I got a slim sandwich of cheese and salad and a bag of crisps.
We were home by 3.30 ish, and after a baby cup of coffee i went on the net for a few minutes. Just long enough to do this and buy a Netbook!
So I'm quite pleased today.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs with pasta, maybe spaghetti,
green beans on the side,
Maybe a slice of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

In Today..

We stayed in today, mainly because we are intending to go to The Cheshire Oaks tomorrow, and we like a bit of a breather before we go there.
So we did bits and pieces. I finished my book this morning..a Dexter novel which was very well written actually. Just like the TV series. VT did some phoning he wanted to do,had our coffee, and I worked on a letter to John and Ann in Australia. Unbelievably I started it in August!! and it is now October. Must get it finished and posted off with their Christmas things.
It is a lovely Autumn day here really, clear sky, and leaves falling. I wish we were in New England, driving along the Kankamaugus Highway. Dream on..maybe next year.
Mrs Tyson has just been selling poppies. early this year, but I have seen a few news readers wearing them, including Gordon Brown.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken and mushroom style slice,
Baby potatoes, squashed,
Carrots beans and peas.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All Spinached Up!!

Had my last appointment at Aintree this morning to get the last of five Venofer transfusions. The appointment was for 10.30,and the traffic was really light so we got there at about 10.15ish. Parked quite easily, and went in via the back entrance. VT took the penny in the pound form too so it could be stamped,apparently you can get a claim for a day case visit, and there were five, so we'll see what we get back.
Slow getting done though, had to wait with the heating pad on the arm, so the vein would stand out, then waited ages for the tubes to be inserted. The poor girl was very busy today though, people everywhere all having different things done. Got the venofer going eventually, and a really slow drip, last week she whizzed it through. Poor VT was waiting for me when I'd finished.
Trouble was I also had an appointment for the Mammogram thing, but I decided I'd ring them and get that re-arranged, so we went to M&S for our coffee instead of going home. VT had a loyalty card that he could get a free coffee after five weeks so he got that. No biscuits though in M&S!! can't believe that.Ah well less calories.
Had a bit of a look round, they do have some lovely Christmas things,sweet little trees that light up.
Got a good selection of veggies there, then came home.
Tonight we are having:
Fillets in wine and mushroom sauce,
1/2 pack of white rice.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Monday..Household Appliances..

We decided to stay in today. VT got some veggies yesterday from Morrisons,so we didn't actually need to go out today. Tomorrow is another visit to Aintree hospital for the Venofer infusion, and then maybe a Breast Mammogram thingy in Waterloo later. Not sure whether I am bothered about that really. Anyway tomorrow is likely to be a reasonably busy day, so it is good we stopped in.
I did a bit of Hoovering, and we did the oven . VT wanted to replace the hinges on the oven door, because it is a while since the door shut properly, so he dismantled all the oven door. Now this meant that the glass inner door could be cleaned so I st to with the green pad and the Astonish . Came up really well actually. To be honest, the cooker is very good, and doesn't get badly greasy or dirty, probably because it isn't used for doing meat dishes. The last repairer who came to do something to the oven remarked on how clean it was, he said you should see some people's ovens.The thing is, if you don't have meat roasting and spitting all over the oven it must stay cleaner.
Anyway VT re-assembled the oven door, and now it looks like new. Scrubs up really well. We then had our coffee, and he found the two new hinges that he had forgotten about at the back of the drawer. He had a look at the freezer after lunch. He wanted to check the hole at the back where the water drains into it, but he said that was ok.
So, it is VT the repairman today.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalopes,
Carrots and peas and beans mixed,
Baby potatoes roasted.
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Busy Busy....

Because yesterday was different and we did our weekend shopping instead of Friday, we ended up doing the bedding today. This actually involves two loads of washing and about three loads of tumble drying. none of which you can leave because the tumble drier is not a large one, and it tends to ball up the washing so that it continually has to be unfolded or it just doesn't dry.
The new bedding is lovely but it is a bit of a pain to launder with it being 100% cotton and it needs ironing. I get away with some of that though because the duvet cover is covered with a quilt, and the bed sheet straightens out on the bed, so you only have to do the pillowcases actually.
Started the day with making the Sourdough loaf. That has just come out of the oven, and has made a tasty looking loaf. Then did the pizza dough for tonight, and the roast vegetables for the top of the pizza.
Crosswords this afternoon by the fire that VT laid, very cosy. Mine the "You" magazine was a bit difficult today, he finished his "Sunday Express" very quickly then had a go with mine. My brain isn't working today and I had made a few errors that threw me off kilter. South Pacific Island ending in i 6 letters. I had put Hawaii but the answer was tahiti. Made a difference. So a bit of Tippex used on mine today. VT nearly finished the MOS one too except for a few answers. His brain is top rate today. You get days like that sometimes.
Just finished the bed off and finished the last of the crossword. Busy day in the end.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes and seeds,
Potato salad and Pasta salad.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A Change is as good as a Rest...

Saturday today, but it was unusual for us because we didn't do usual Saturday things. We got up at the normal time then went and did our Friday shop. Since the fridge man came yesterday afternoon quite late, we couldn't go and get anything in case he didn't come.
So, we went this morning. I decided we would go to Tescaw, where we never go these days, and was dreading it really. I thought it would be heaving, and we would be going round the car park for ages looking for a spot. Not at all, there were plenty of spots, and the shop was no busier than out normal Friday shop. So we whizzed round and got everything we wanted and bought petrol in the petrol station on the way out as well. So, we had a Tesco fest today. Haven't been in there for ages.
Otherwise our Saturdays were much the same. Papers in the afternoon, and out meal at eightish.
tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me
tartare sauce.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Funny friday..

Totally different from our usual friday, which is when we do our weekend shop. Our routine varies little really, and we generally go somewhere to do the shop either Sainsbury's Asda Waitrose or Morrisons.
Today we had to stop in. The fridge is still very dodgy. It has come on and gone off again so we can't go out to get the salads etc in case something happens and it goes off.
So this morning we wiped down the front of the fridge and the freezer, removed the magnets, and VT found some cleaner to get the doors clean.I found new homes for some crockery that has been hanging around for ages. Difficult to find places in cupboards though. We have an awful lot of clutter, so many mugs etc.
So today is different, not like a normal Friday at all. Very strange. You have the same routine week in week out and then it changes. I think a lot of people get used to their routines though dare I say it especially as you get older. A lot of what we have been doing recently has centred around hospital appointments, and car things. We could do with a few days out really. maybe next week.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer.
Don't know what yet, maybe an escalope.
Chanterey carrots, and peas,
Squashed potatoes.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Funny Day...

As VT keeps saying..
Started the day latish, I had my usual rice cakes and Dairylea, and VT had his slice of toast and marmalade. Then he said..this butter (Benecol) spread is soft!
He went and had a looksee at the fridge, and lo and behold it has gone off! completely off..kaput. So that is the day set. We were going to have a quiet day with not a lot doing because we have had early starts and appointments this week, and the fridge gets us.
VT had a quick look at it, and it seemed to revive a bit, but dodgy. So, he rang the firm that came out when the freezer needed attention.
As luck would have it..their man was in Southport, and ws coming back this way so he could come on the way back!!!! How often do you get that?? he was in the house within an hour! and said it was the compressor. he didn't have one on the van but could get one tomorrow afternoon, and fix it! That's good service eh! Lovely Liverpool lad. VT said he had a bit of aglance round in case we had hidden cameras! only kidding.
had to throw a few things out like milk that had gone off, and hummous and dip, mayonnaise etc, but not too bad. Lucky eh.
So that's the day really. Tomorrow of course we can't go and do the shop, we will have to do it later.
Tonight we are having:
A sort of hot pot.
Layers of potato, carrot a bit of leek

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

In Which VT Has A Busy Day...

He got up with the lark this morning, about sevenish. i was still asleep. The first I knew, i was woken up with a kiss and he said there is a cup of coffee bless him. He had got up in the dark, got dressed in the dark, gone down and had breakfast, and I hadn't heard a peep.
The reason..he was taking his car to Southport to get the Cam Shaft done, and the drive belts too what ever they are.
He scooted off to Southport, and was back by a quarter to nine!! £3.75 on the train!!!! couldn't believe it when he said.
After lunch we watched Doctors then we went to get the car. it is free for me because I have the bus pass. Toy Boy doesn't. Never mind he will in six years.
Southport is looking a bit decrepit really, especially the back streets. The shop the used to be Morrisons, then Waitrose looks really dreadful..awful actually, all boarded up and unkempt.
Home by five.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion crispbakes,
Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
Saute potatoes.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Crack of Dawn..

Not really, but it seemed like it. We were up at seven because I had to be at Aintree Hospital at 9 O'Clock. We drove a different way to our usual because the traffic would be heavier, and only got caught in Maghull going up to the lights. After that it was a breeze, and we were in the hospital by ten to nine. Walked up to the ward and went straight in. Quite quiet then, not many in the ward, and got hooked up after a time under a nice warm pillow to heat the hands up! The Venofer whizzed through very quickly today, and I walked down to the car even before VT had had his coffee. he usually waits for ages, so had taken a flask and coffee with him, and was all settled in, in his nice little warm nook, then I arrived and spoiled it. never mind we went from there to M&S and got a lovely coffee there sitting on the sofas. Very pleasant. VT will be pleased next week, he gets a free coffee on 6their loyalty card..
He nipped up to Halfords while I had a look round M&S. I was looking for a pair of earrings to go with my necklace from Past Times, but didn't see any. Have sent the QVC ones back, not really what I wanted. next time we go to The Cheshire Oaks I will see what they have to match. Must admit I like things matching.
We then went to the next retail park, he wanted to go to Homebase so I nipped into Laura Ashley outlet shop. They do have some lovely things, but quite expensive. Did buy some lavender hearts which are really pretty, to send in John and Anns parcel for Christmas.I suppose we had better get that off soon the way the post is going here, talk of strikes all over. The sooner things are posted the better really.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages in mushroom gravy,
mashed potato with leek and a bit of creme fraiche,
Cabbage and leek.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Let Loose..

Nearly got away this morning! We went into Crosby to get the veggies for the week.VT got a half hour ticket from the machine,went to the bank machine, then he went to put the prescription into the GPs and I went round Sainsbury's. Let loose round the to half an hour though.
Break in our routine for the past few weeks I have had to go to Aintree hospital to get the Venofer injections,so we have been going to M&S, so it made a change to go somewhere different. They do have a good range of veggies actually, I got most of what I needed. The only thing we didn't get was basil oil, which we use for our pizzas. Have to get that from Morrisons or Tescaw.
Wasn't long before VT caught me up I sent him off to look for the basil oil, while I got around a bit more.He caught me up again at the Horlicks where I was buying some sachets at 18p instead of 25p.
Just listening to Leona Lewis on the radio..what a good voice that girl has and a real star now. good for her. Steve Wright has just played SuBo's version of White Horses, what a great version too. Quite some finds those two.We watched the X Factor and can't say that there are any stars like those two.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and garlic kievs,
Baby potatoes, squashed.
Carrots and beans,
Mushrooms in a bit of creme fraiche to make a sauce.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weekend Doings..

Didn't get round to doing the blog yesterday for some reason. No particular reason, just missed the opportunity, but it doesn't matter.
Last night we had:
Chinese..Spring Rolls,
VT's special egg fried rice, which is lovely and tasty,
Plum and ginger sauce,
Stir fry veggies with extra mushrooms.
Very tasty. I do have to say that VT does a really good egg fried rice, it is much better than the takeaway shops, and you know what is in it too.
Didn't do a lot yesterday really. VT went to Maghull, then we sort of lazed about in the afternoon, reading the papers etc.
Latish getting up this morning, but there is no rush is there. We can get up when we want, and we tend to lie in and VT brings a cup of coffee and a cow biscuit, the cats are on the bed. Bobby is in the middle, and little Rusty sits on VT's front, like a sphinx.It's so peaceful really, and warm and cosy. I aint a morning person and have never liked getting up in the morning. I think Jane is the same from what she says.
Didn't do a loaf today, we will do an Aussie one tomorrow. Their loaves are really good and rise beautifully. Seems awful to get bread mixes all the way from Australia, but they are much better than ours!
Tonight we are having:
pizza margherita, with beef tomato and mozzarellqa and basil,
Potato salad and Pasta salad for VT
Salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday Shop..

We took my money off to Asda this morning. Got up fairly reasonable, and were out by 10.45, not too bad. We don't have a cup of coffee out when we go there though so that saves time. Asda coffee is terrible, it is served in plastic beakers!!! the only supermarket to do this. Even Morrisons have nice cups and saucers, and their coffee is good. Asda need to be told really. We would have coffee there if it was pleasant, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
We got quite a few things there, including bargain Whiskas cat food for the babies, 24 pouches for £3 VT reckons it works out at 12 1/2 p a pouch..which is brilliant. I wish I had got more actually. Got some nice mints, and some good biscuits for cheese. VT went off to The Range store for a look round while I perused the books and clothes. The clothes are rubbish really, but I did change a jumper for a necklace and matching earrings for the same price.So quite happy.
VT said in the Au Natrel shop, they had some fake ears, for the over the help with hearing!!!!!!! That's terrible, I wish I had been with him, I would have said something, he said he was glad I wasn't with him!! Coward.
Home by lunch time, and a bit of post, not very interesting, but my jewellery had arrived from QVC, late actually, I was beginning to get worried. Just a pair of earrings to go with a necklace I had bought from Past Times in The Cheshire Oaks.
Intending to watch the last episode of the series that has been running all week, each night at 9 O'Clock. What a good series it has been too. Criminal Justice, with Denis Lawson and the excellent Maxine Peake, and Sophie Okinawa. Can't wait to see how it ends.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Green beans for me and mushy peas for VT
Chips!! our once a fortnight treat.
Tartare sauce

Thursday, 8 October 2009

In Today..

Started the day early, but then had a lie in. Little Rusty was on both of us but more on VT..she just loves sitting on him, and will perch there for a long time. She tends to go on my hip, which is funny when you wake up, and she is perched on the top..wobbling.
We were going out to Maghull, but in the end didn't. I decided I had enough clothes, so we did the kitchen floor instead. We now have a sparkling floor, and a load of washing done.
It is a glorious day today actually,if you were in The cotswolds you would be thrilled, alovely Autumn day. There are loads of leaves outside, and they weere only cleared up last week.
VT is enjoying a cat book at the moment, and keeps reading me bits or telling me what they are getting up to. It is about a woman and her Siamese cat called Claudius who travel across America together. Sounds a good read.
I am reading a Dexter book at the moment, which is sort of a black comedy really. Quite funny,written in the style of the television series which is quite a cult here.
Jane rang up this afternoon, I missed her, but she had a good chat with her Daddy, and filled him in on her progress.
Tonight we are having:
Tomato and Basil sauce,
Broccoli and asparagus.
One slice of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Out for Coffee...

Arrived at Dobbies to the strains of Peggy Lee singing "Black Coffee" on the radio. very appropriate. She had one amazing voice that lady. Then we had a conversation about plastic surgery..shame what she did.
Dobbies is getting ready for christmas, with the trees and decorations going up everywhere. The food hall has all the Christmassy food out,and you can't move for decorations and cards. VT got some bulbs for planting,some nice little dwarf ones for the pots. I resisted the urge to get anything today. Very restrained.
Called in at Waitrose on the way back, we wanted to get some coffee beans, and I wanted some lettuce. Got those plus a few other things, treated the cats to some chicken, and new cat food in little tins that were on offer. Their shopping came to more than ours!
Just home in time for lunch, no post, that arrived mid afternoon!!
The books from The Book People arrived this morning, but I am still waiting for my QVC thing. Definitely something wrong with the post these days..mid afternoon delivery just isn't good enough really. Remember the days when the post arrived before you got up, then you got a midday post as well!!
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion crispbake,
Potatoes sliced and sauteed,
Beans carrots and butternut squash.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On The turn...

Definitely colder today. Awoke to a dark morning, with leaves everywhere, probably from the blowy day the other day. Then mid-morning it started chucking down, VT went to Aldi to buy a knife sharpener. They had them on sale for 6.99 electrical. Of course when he came home he had to try it out. It seems to work better anyway than the one I bought from the Betterware man. That was £4 and is absolute rubbish..sorry betterware.
Still raining now, it hasn't really warmed up at all today. we have had lights and heaters on everywhere today.
No post, or book delivered yet. VT has been carrying round the bell all day, we did think that the book people ones would have come, but nothing yet. They usually deliver quite quickly.
Nothing on the premium bonds either, so VT will have to work another month!
A funny day really. A nothing day. Nothing doing..nothing happening..nothing to report.
Tonight we are having:Meatballs in a goulash sauce
Meatless balls..with mushrooms and spinach,
goulash sauce made with tomatoes and smoked paprika,
Rice 1/2 a packet,

Monday, 5 October 2009

Spinach Muscles again...

Three down two to go. Off to Aintree again this morning for the weeklsy dose of Venofer.. Bit of a faff today though. Parking was a bit of a pain but eventually got a spot in the upper car park, so that was ok.
The nurse decided my hands were too cold and it would be hard to get the vein, so went off and came back with a wheat pillow which I had to keep my hands under. that took twenty minutes. Then the blokey staff nurse came and moved it to my arm and went off again. Another ten minutes went by, and he then came and put the saline in. Another ten mins and the Venofer went in. That was all ok, till after about twenty mins it stopped dripping. Twenty mins after that he came to attend to someone else, and sat talking to her for ten mins, caught his attention, and he got it going again. Boring.... Drip drip drip..but a bit out of there at 11.45!! Poor poor patient VT..sat waiting so patiently..Bless him, and never a word of complaint. God love him.
Then went to M&S for a coffee well earned. Nice coffee shop there, Sainsbury's could do with a visit there. Lovely coffee and nice surroundings, and spotlessly clean with tables cleared as soon as you leave them.
Got our vegetables and a few bits and pieces and came home just in time for lunch.
Next doors little ginger cat came out to greet us as we arrived. What a little star that cat is. It doesn't come out for anyone elses car just VT's..aaah.. then it runs up the path for its biscuits.Its a lovely cat, I wish it was ours really.
Tonight we are having:
vegetables with a sauce, something from the mix I have in the fridge,
Sliced potatoes.Maybe sauteed.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Busy Sunday..

Started after breakfast with a Sourdough loaf in the bread machine. We do the dough, then when it is done we leabe it to prove then finish it off in our own tin. We used a mix of white and malt flour with grains which has given it a lovely colour.
When that was done we put the batch of pizza dough in. Not quite decided what sort of pizza we are doing yet though. Leave that to VT.
Crosswords after lunch and we finished the series of Land girls, excellent series well worth watching. Crossword proved to be a bit of a pain..well the big MOS one did. i spent ages looking for an Italian racing driver beaten by Nigel Mansell and eventusally got the answers of the Quizzes and Answers site.
VT went out for a bit this morning, but came back for a coffee later. it is calmer today, but cool, and beginning to go dark as I type this at 6.45. The clocks go back at the end of the month so we will notice the difference then.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza..not sure what sort yet though,
Salad with baby tomatoes and avocado etc.
Potato salad for me and Pasta salad for VT.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Washing day..

Very blowy today. We did the bedding, but didn't hang it out because it looked a bit like rain. next doors were doing the same by the looks of it, but she hung hers out where it was blowing like mad, but it was taken in a bit later and is now out again blowing away on the line. Ours is dried and back on the bed by now.
Bobby lost her collar this morning. VT looked around for it after lunch but didn't see it, and found it later on the ground by their hut, looking like it has been there all night. The collar is all fluffy and rain sodden, so she has a new one now. I like cats in collars, it makes them look like they are cared for I always think.
Nothing doing much today,very quiet out. We watched an episode of "The land Girls" this afternoon. What a good series that has been, really good characters, and well acted and with excellent story lines. We have seen three and there are two to go.
Strictly tonight with Andy Williams on it..What a legend. i remember well seeing him in Liverpool three years ago. Super, but only quite small. Terrific voice though. We watched Barbra Streisand last night, good interview, and still has an amazing voice.
Tonight we are having:
Wholemeal Bun, with a slice of tomato and cheese and a bit of lettuce. VT doesn't want a lot of salad.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday Foray..

We decided to go to the Walton Sainsbury's today with my money.We had been the other way a few times and I had to get another..yet another blood test at Walton so it was kill two birds with one stone.
Didn't have to wait too long,my ticket was 00, and they were on 92 when I arrived. Girl got me first time, most of them dig around a bit.
We then went over to Sainsbury's. Coffee time..we took our own biscuits! No stirrers! they need a kick up the proverbial ****.
The cafe could do a lot better than they do.The coffee is good, but there is a lot of wasted space. The Waitrose cafe is far superior, but expensive, the M&S cafes are just excellent. Sainsbury's need to be more along their line. Maybe it is just the Walton one that isn't good. We have been to the Ellesmere Port one by the cheshire Oaks and that is good.
Came home to be greeted by the little ginger cat next door. It's a lovely cat, it hears VT;s car drive up and comes trotting out of it's path..aaah. it has a really cute little bobbly tail. Love it..must take a picture of her.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta 4oz with
A three cheese sauce,
Asparagus, green beans, peas, mushrooms.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hair Do's..

Went into Formby this morning to get a Cut and Blow at the hairdressers..Venue VT very kindly chauffered me there and back, but I did buy him a car wash for doing so! The appointment was for 9.30 and I was wspot on time. Unlike last time, the girl set about my hair straight away
, and I was out in three quarters of an hour. It does make you feel better having a haircut, and she does it well. We were having a conversation about where we live and when she asked me where I was from she said "Do you know Jan Williams?" I said she was my next door neighbour. Small World.
When we got home Jane rang up and it turns out she was going for a haircut as well.. but mine cost #30 hers cost #4 !! she gets hers done at some student place. I told her to get all that fringe off her face Ha Ha

Aaaah shes a good kid though.
Lovely scented bath this afternoon, I was trying to finish my book but a bit to go yet. Very good actually, by Tess Gerritson..Keeping the Dead. A good thriller and a clever pleot. Well worth the money.
Last night's tea was nice actually. Thought the sauce was going to be a bit hot and chillish, but in the end it was tasty. All the veggies were well put together, and it was very simple to do.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escalope with broccoli and cheese,
Tenderstem broccoli,
Mushroom sauce to go with
Baby saute potatoes.