Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Busy preparations..

Today we have spent getting ready and organised.
We got up earlyish, after the customary coffee and cow biscuit, and took the Babies after breakfast. They go to a lovely new Cattery called Sunnyview boarding cattery. They both went in the pen beautifully.Bobby goes straight up to a basket and settles in, while poor little Rusty wanders about near the door miaowing. We hate leaving them, and the house is so quiet without them, but they are safe and warm and looked after. We were saying on the way back that we couldn't do the keep them in the house thing, what if something happened to them?
We have done loads of washing..all the bedding and clothes, loads of vacuuming so everywhere is tidy and done. We also do the floors so we come back to clean kitchen floors, I always have to do the kitchen floor..don't know why, just one of those things.
Made a nice loaf odf Sourdough bread too this morning, but for some reason it has cracked on the top. it does that sometimes but no idea why.
Won't be doing this until we get back on December the 6th, which will leave a gap, but never mind.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style drumsticks, Tivall ones,
Whatever vegetables we have left over so we don't have any left behind,
Little potatoes squashed,
Bread sauce.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Getting Ready..

We spend the day getting ready for going to Bath on Thursday. It is our annual Pilgramage, but we have quite a lot to do to get organised.
We do the middle room which needed tidying up, move magazines and papers, and vacuum the floors.VT got the bags down so we start packing our clothes. Every year we say we will take less clothing, but somehow we never do. I still fill a bag full. Well you have to be careful and take the right things.
Tomorrow we take the babies to the Cattery, I hate doing that, but they are safe, and it is a lovely cattery. We will send them a card as we always do.
Tomorrow will be busy, we need to do the washing, ironing and the rest of the vacuuming. I like to do the floor s so everywhere is clean when we come back.
Tonight we are having:
Freezer Fodder,
Not sure what yet, I have got carrots, beans and potatoes, so something around that.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Getting Ready...

Went off to Aldi this morning for a few veggies.Didn't really want to get a lot of stuff because we are away on Thursday down to Bath, so didn't want a lot to throw away. Aldi is quite good and is a new shop only opened a few months ago so neat and tidy and fresh. Now the downside..if you want a big variety.. or small quantities of things it isn't for you, Big bags of potatoes won't do if you just want a few, and there isn't a variety of salads either. I don't think we vould do our bigger Friday shop there but a Monday one is fine.
They diud have some extra items that were tempting..I bought some Elsenham cranberry sauce which looks nice and a Cumberland sauce with orange. There is a lovely range of chocolatey items..very tempting, but we resisted apart from a box of little very dark chocolates, little squares.
My OPI things came this morning too which is nice, so all of my parcels have arrived now. Gorgeous nail varnishes, one a really nice pearly one I will take away with me.
Just listening to Paul McCartney on the Steve Wright Show. He really doesn't change at all, great to listen to, they have played quite a lot of the Beatles records..Paperback Writer for example.Smashing record. they wrote so many..such good records. Steve Wright does do a great interview though, I think he gets on with everyone, and he isn't scared of the interview, so he asks good questions. Good relationship there I think.
Tonight we are having:
Wensleydale and Blueberry escallopes,
Little squashed potatoes,
Carrots and Broccoli,
Mushroom sauce to go with.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday Bits and Pieces...

Very cold today, windy and blowy rainy and even hailstones. it is a real icy blast today.
Made a nice loaf this morning, one of the Sourdough oatmeal ones, which VT is keeping an eye on as I am typing this. He is good at watching the bread. Also did the lovely tasty Pizza dough and that is rising nicely as I type this. Then the roast vegetables. Waitrose best, posh because you get a sprig of rosemary in the tray!
I gave Emma a ring this morning too. She wasn't in but her man was..Russell, and he said that she had had a little girl on Thursday20th, and they have called her Maisy. I like that, really sweet. I always knew Emma would go for a different name. Good for her. So knowing that we packed her parcel up. It is a lovely little musical Steiff Man in the Moon mobile. Hope they like it.Keep it as an heirloom maybe!!
The crosswords were surprisingly easy today. VT seemed to be on a roll, He did his in record time, and finished mine as well. Then he started the big MOS one and did loads of those too.We finished it off on the computer really quickly and were all sone by 5.15ish.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato topping,
Roast vegetables and artichokes,
Rice salad and Potato salad,
Caesar salad for a change, and avocado.
Yum Yum.

Belated Saturday..

Forgot to do it yesterday. We got a bit distracted and ended up watching this that and the other in front of the fire, and I didn't get round to doing the entry. Unforgivable really, and felt quite guilty too.
Watched John Sergeant last night doing his farewell dance, a really nice waltz with his lovely partner Kristina. Personally I think it was a real shame, and I would have liked to have seen him go to the end. Some of his dances were wonderful especially the dragging across the floor. I am glad that the girl Rachel finally went in the X Factor though. She needs to get back to her children, her being in it never did sit right with me.
The results of the Strictly tonight wonder who will go from that, maybe the ever smiley Christine.

Last night we had:
Chinese, Poppin Bites which were really tasty,
Egg fried rice, 4oz of rice,
Stir fried vegetables,
Honey and coriander sauce.

Friday, 21 November 2008

It's Christmas!!

Well it's coming..VT is getting his things ready to take away with him, every year he says "I'm not taking as much this year" but he always does Bless him! Mine is done very last minute, just go around collecting things up. he is very planned and organised.
The doorbell went earlier, and it was my Bauble Swap from the Delia site. It is from Jodance..Joanna, and is a really cute little Santa with dangly legs..I love him. Plus somesweet little carved wooden decorations which will look lovely on the tree in the front room.
In the seventies, when VT and I used to go on the train to London, I bought some decorations from Liberty's and thought they cost a fortune. They were £1.50 for six..and that was REALLY expensive at the time. But, we've had them for about thirty odd years and they still look good. Quality really.
Adverts all over the papers and television, and a lot of talk about the credit crunch Christmas. Too much advertising though, especially CD's. They really get on your nerves.
We took my money to Waitrose this morning, mainly because we wanted to go somewhere near to home, and we didn't intend getting a lot of things, bearing in mind that we are away next Thursday.
Still bought quite a lot though, and because they are expensive we still end up spending a lot. It's quality stuff, but you do pay for it.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Toad in the Hole. The reason for that is because it was reduced, and a bargain.
Gravy with some caramelised onion in it,
Roasted Winter Vegetables. Should make a tasty tea.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hair Today...

Gone tomorrow...No! We both got our hair done today. We went into Formby and VT went to his Barbers, and I went into the hairdressers next door. Saw a nice young girl called Charlotte, who did my cut and blow..very well too. £30 later and half an hour and I was done. VT's cost £6.50.. quite a difference.
Came home for a good coffee and didn't do much else today really.
peat delivered today, we are using that as a fuel rather than logs mainly because of the chimney fire we had a while ago. It was apretty bad one, and tends to put you off the logs, nice as they are.
Lots in the papers about John Sergeant today. Still thi k it is a shame, but it is getting a bit much now. Too much on the news.
Tonight we are having:
Veggies to use up, cabbage and leek mixture.
Pork ribster steaks, and apples.
potato of some sort.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Ear Ear!

Up early this morning because I had a hearing test booked at the centre in Southport. Had it done, and the hearing in the right ear is down quite a lot apparently. the aid that I have in that ear is not really helping, so he suggested a different one which is over the ear, and stronger. Not keen on the over the ear types. i did try them once but had a lot of trouble with hair rustling etc, so I shall have to think about that. Since it would be about £1,500 aiat is another item and an expensive one.
We then went to the Pier shop within Homebase to have a look around. i got some tea lights and some little decorative stickers, and some lovely crackers. VT bought some larger candles to go in our box.
Then went to Dobies for our free coffees, took our own biscuits!! so all was free. Lovely. Got some wrapping paper for Emmas baby present, and a little plaque for John and Ann to p[ut into their Christmas card.
Had to call in at Waitrose to get some be boiled to go with our tea.
Last night I did in the end a vegetable gratin and meat free kievs. Proved to be very tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in Swedish style sauce,
Boiled potatoes,
Cumberland sauce,
Tenderstem Broccoli, or cabbage and leek.

Very sad today. John Sergeant has pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing..That is a real shame. I thought he was wonderful.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Where there's Muck there's Brass!

Wonder where that saying came from? We stayed in today and didn't go anywhere. Since we are going away next Thursday to Bath, we need to get a bit sorted. Going out tomorrow to Southport to get my hearing aids tested and hopefully a hearing test also, so needed to stay in today.
We did lots of bits and pieces. I did the shelf in the kitchen, it does get quite splashed so needs doing more than I do really. Anyway that's done. Then we did the shelves in the middle room, the mantlepiece wasn't as dusty as we were expecting but that is ready for the Christmas Decorations now. I know it's early but we put them up before we go away so they are nice when we get back.
Then after lunch we did the brasses. I can remember when I was small doing them each week with my Mum, but now they are lucky to get done every six months!! My mum would be turning over in her grave! I bought a plate thingy last year in Wells at an antiques fair. VT was very sceptical, but it does work, and cuts out all of the scrubbing and polishing. Excellent for the small things, but still have to do the copper kettle and other things by hand. Dang!
Must remember to do the brasses on the front door always forgetting them, and they look nice when they are done.
Going really dark now at a quarter to five. The nights are really drawing in.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in Swedish style sauce,
Cranberry sauce,
Tenderstem Broccoli,
Boiled Potatoes.

Monday, 17 November 2008

A Change is as good as a rest...

A bit of a change to the routine today, VT got up early this morning because he had to take the car to get a new clutch. Last time he went to Southport with the car, he got the train back and it took him two hours to get home. This time they are letting him have a courtesy car so he was back in about the hour. What a difference.
It was a nice little Mazda in shiny black, so we went over to Ormskirk to give it a run and get out veggies. Very drizzly day, but the rain kept off when we were there. It was really quiet, and the shops were empty. Had a nice cup of coffee in our usual cafe, and were home early. Did the veg shopping in M&S and Morrisons so are set up for the week.
Rang Emma this afternoon, but she is going into hospital tomorrow to be induced two weeks early. Hope it all goes well for her. Wonder what she will have.
VT has gone back for the car, so shouldn't be long, I'll go and get the coffee on in a minute..he likes his coffee.
Tonight we are having:
Escallope..we have quite a few that need eating up,
Carrots..but not chanterey ones..sick of them.
Baby new potatoes crushed.
Mushroom sauce

Sunday, 16 November 2008

What's Cookin?

The usual things on a Sunday. Today we made a Laucke loaf with Soy and Linseed. It is a strange bread to make because when it is doing it smells of putty! but it does make a lovely loaf. They are excellent bread mixes, which come from Australia, but there is nothing here to compare actually. I like the brown bread mixes but we have used all of them up and now only have a sweet one left. We can do that one with some Maple syrup and walnuts and that makes a good sandwich loaf.
We also did our Pizza dough, with the basil oil, mixed italian herbs and honey. VT puts the flour in, and I think he has done the Oatmeal flour today. We do the 5roast vegetables, and our home made tomato sauce so it is quite a home making day on a Sunday.
The crosswords weren't bad today, but the one I do in the Mail magazine proved to be a bit awkward, because one of the clues was a hymn of which I wasn't familiar I'm afraid.
Looking forward to Strictly tonight, can't wait to see if John Seargant has got through again, I hope he has, I love his dancing, and his American Smooth last night was gorgeous. That little walk away at the end was just lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables
Goat cheese,
Salad with baby tomatoes, mixed lettuce, and avocado pear,
Potato salad and rice salad.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Afternoon Naps..

Have we joined the band of people who nod off in the afternoon? Not really, but we did have a disturbed night's sleep last night. We both seemed to wake up at about half past two. VT got up to go to the bathroom and that woke me up. It doesn't usually, but I had been awakish for some reason. Anyway he looked out of the window and there was a family walking over the road with a small child. So he tells me. So I am wide awake then. He gets back into bed to go to sleep again, but I know I am wide awake, so tickle him a bit which annoys him so he is wide awake!! Upshot is we put our lights on and he goes down to make a lovely drink. We read for a bit then eventually go to sleep.
Consequently we have a nap after our lunch this afternoon..and why not! We were watching Heartbeat, and if anything is guaranteed to make you drop off it is that!
Bed washing day today, but can't hang things out because it is too colkd, mind you it is all back on the bed by 5.30 ish.
Tonight we are having:
Delias Madrad egg and spinach curry.
Stir fried vegetables,
banana and chutney
Tomato and red onion
One packet of basmati rice between us.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday visit to....

Sainsbury's this week. We decided that as we were going to Southport on Monday with VT's car we would go the other way. It isn't a bad journey, through Little Crosby with the autumn colours was quite pleasant.
We had a cup of coffee when we got there but VT wasn't happy with the coffee, he said it wasn't warm enough, so we got another, then the girl put the out of order notice on the machine, and we got our money back. So we got free coffees. VT was a happy shopper he loves a bargain!
We were trying to curtail the shopping a bit, because we are going to Bath in two weeks time, so we don't want a lot of stock in the house. We are trying to get things used up really.
Booked an appointment at the Hearing Aid place for next Wednesday at 10.30 so I can get them serviced and the hearing test done. Had the wax removed last friday so there shouldn't be any problem.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers
Chips..a measured quantity,
Mushy peas for VT and Carrots for me.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Parcel Post..

Spent the morning packing up the Secret Santa parcel to send to the Delia online Member who is my partner for this year..Baking Jean. VT is wonderful at packing, he does parcels so well. neat corners, and beautifully labelled. Puts me to shame. I also did the bauble swap one too. That is going to Jodance..Joanne Saunders. but will send that later I think.
My SS parcel contained:
A book..Have cake and eat it..
A set of heart shaped cookie cutters,
A set of celebration cutters ,
An apron..James Martin apron. Quite nece things I think, and some of the things she had asked for.
Then we did the kitchen floor, and the bathroom and the front porch, so all is tidy.
Then lovely bath, book and candles this afternoon.
Tonight we are having:
HotPot..with assorted vegetables, and Quorn beef style chunks.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I love reading..I could read anything, except perhaps science fiction, and biographies, but most novels I love. The one I am reading at the moment though is so hardgoing I am almost giving up.
The Resurrectionist by James Bradley..

That does not happen very often, especially since I bought it, but it is wordy to extreme, the characters are not developing, and neither is the story. If I read the phrast "for a long moment" again, I shall throw the book out of the window! Quite how it has got through the proof reading without anyone spotting that I will never know.
Went to Ormskirk this morning for a bit of a look round, did a bit of shopping, and got a few bits, and went into W H Smiths and came out with a James Pattison book, You have been warned. Read a couple of chapters downstairs, and that will do for me especially after the book mentioned above. Much pacier.
Went past Costa Coffee where they were advertising Maple Syrup Latte's..Oh Yum and had a coffee at our little cafe at Taylors. It's a lovely little old fashioned place, where they sell good coffee, nothing fancy, and anything on toast that you could imagine. The cry goes out..Two Thick Toasts, and someone will come running! Wonderful. Full of very interesting and ordinary looking know they have stories to tell.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with Spinach and Ricotta Sauce,
A bit of garlic bread if we have any!
Green beans and dare I say it Carrots.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Messing About in the Little House.

Bit of this and a bit of that today. The weather is a bit iffy, not raining but blowy and cold. You wouldn't want to go to Ormskirk today and be blown off your feet.
We started the day watching the remembrance service to mark the 90th anniversary of the Armistice Day. It was quite moving actually, the sort of thing the BBC does extremely well. It's such a shame that they bother with people and programmes like the Ross character, when they do the period classics and special occasions so well.
The three surviving members of the forces from the First World War were there. One is 112 years old, and the other two well into theircenturies. Amazing, and the oldest wanted to place his wreath himself, beautifully done. What those men gave up was such a sacrifice. We should remember.
Otherwise the day was very uneventful, did a bit of ironing and not much more really. VT said the Christmas Tree has been put up on the village green, no lights yet though. Suppose they are getting ready early. It looks nice when it is lit up, they have a lighting ceremony round about the beginning of December, with the band and a "celebrity" to switch them on.
Tonight we are having:
Lamb Grills, (Quorn ones) that I do in the oven,
Carrots and beanss or Broccoli,
Mushroom gravy,
Squashed Potatoes, with rosemary salt.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Stormy Night..

it was quite stormy last night. It even blew my Buddah over in the garden, which is quite unusual.I got it when I finished work, and it has stayed in the garden smiling away ever since.
I took my money to Sainsbury's in Crosby this morning for the veggies. Also went to Farmfoods, their Quorn ranges are very cheap, and they are the only ones who sell the Pork Style Ribsters which are well worth buying.They don't have a big range but you can't quibble at the prices. Got a lot of veggies in Sainsbury's including Chanterey carrots on offer bogof., so we will be a bit sick of carrots by the end of the week I imagine.Never mind..can't resist a bargain!
It's beginning to go dark fairly early these days now, it is a quarter to five and the dark is descending already. Definitely winter setting in. VT has been planting bulbs this afternoon, we have miniature daffodils and narcissi, and some snowdrops. They look lovely in the tubs and pots in the Spring when they start coming out. he's put some in a hanging basket too, so they will brighten up the wall outside the kitchen.
The little cats are all outside with him watching. They are incredibly nosy, and watch whatever you do, and follow him around the garden. He even has next doors little ginger girl watching him too, it was worth it though since she got a bowl full of biscuits.
Enjoying Strictly Come Dancing this weekend. Have voted for John Seargant every week. Mainly because he is such fun to watch, but also because the judges are so horrible to him. They are like bullies in the playground picking on one of the weaker ones.Nasty. I'm glad he got through, even though his sha sha sha wasn't that good.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion Quorn escallopes,
Carrots or a vegetable gratin..not sure yet.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Loaves and Veggies...

As I type this there is a wonderful amoma of baking bread in the air. Started the day watching the remembrance Day service on the television, then got our bread going. we did mostly a white loaf, with 1/2 a cup of Jumbo oats in it. Then watch the liquid going in. If you don't add enough you get a heavier dough, but today's is just right,. It has risen beautifully, well over the top of the pan, and it is nearly baked now at 5.45. Making a Sourdough takes best part of the day, but it isn't exactly onerous, and you do get a wonderful loaf.
Did our Pizza dough as well, and the Roast veggies for the top also. VT didn't go out today because the weather turned really manky during the morning, so he stayed in. We actually had thunder and Lightening this morning, but it didn't last long.
The crosswords today were mixed. VT did his in record time, but mine was trickier because they were all Capital Cities, and some of them were tricky. But we got there in the end. The Mail on Sunday was quite easy. VT did quite a number to begin with, then we finished them off on the Computer. Love doing those,you get a sense of accomplishment when they are done.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough,
Tomato Sauce ( just taken out of the freezer) We usually take it out first thing in the morning but we have forgotten today, until I have just typed this on here!!
Salad with our salad mix and usual veggies, and avocado., and baby plum tomatoes.
Potato salad and Rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

No Title Today...

Can't think of one, my mind has gone blank. Never mind eh.
Not done a lot today, messed around a bit, while VT went on one of his mooches. He came back with a pair of pears, and some cat food. The little catties seem tired today, Bobby went on VT's pillow as soon as he got up this morning and hasn't moved a lot since. She did come down for her chicken at lunch time though. They really enjoy that. It used to be once or twice a week, now it is every day, and proving to be quite an item. But, never mind they are worth it.
Jane rang up this morning and we had a nice little chat. She has been signed off for a month, and is wondering what she is going to do to pass the time,she has bought a lot of boxed sets of things though so I expect she will watch those on her new television.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese week.
Spring rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz worth,
Stir fry vegetables,
Sauce of some sort..depends what comes to hand.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Ear Ear!!

Today has been the day of the ears! We got up early because the plan was to go to the Royal Hospital in Liverpool to get my ears done. I had a hearing test booked, but the audiologist wouldn't do it until |I had my ears syringed.
The trouble is, the GPs surgery won't touch them nowadays, especially if you have perforated ear drums. So you have to get a referral letter then go to The Royal.
Now this is quite a journey, entailling going into Liverpool, and parking in the multi storey, which was easier than expected. Found the department.."M" Clinic, and sat in line waiting. About an hour later I got in, and the nurse said that the right ear was clear, but the left had hard wax that needed removing with the micro suction. They had a cancellation at 1.40 this afternoon, so we went for that. This meant of course we had to go to Walton Sainsbury's to get the shopping, have a coffee, and get back to the hospital. All done. This time there was only a little wait, and then the nurse came out, asked for names, then said youre not on my list. But she found my letter, so I went in. She put a little instrument in the ear, I heard a few crackles then it was done. Only took about five minutes!

Home, to unpack the shopping and have a tiny coffee, and mooch a bit for the afternoon.
VT really made me laugh this morning..sitting waiting for the longest time in the corridor..he said I wonder what the "M" stands for? I know perhaps it is M for MuttnJeff!! (Deaf).
He is funny. God Bless him..he does all the driving, steering me up and down stairs etc., and never moans. What a Gem! XXXXX

Tonight we are having:
Spag Bog..4oz wholemeal Spaghetti,
Quorn mince sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms,
Carrots on the side.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bits and our Bobs..

By Bobs i mean our Bobby, who had to go to the Vets this afternoon for her vaccination. The appointment was for 25 to 4 and we finally got in at 4o'clock. We were out in about five minutes, and that cost £38.99 but we had a repeat prescription for Rusty as well. Bobby was perfectly behaved miaowed a little bit on the way there then went to sleep in the basket and had to be woken up. The only problem with her was putting her in the basket before we went, she disappeared and hid under the coffee table right in the corner of the middle room, and poor VT had a struggle to get her out.
How do they know???
Otherwise we had an uneventful day really. VT has booked his car in at the garage in Southport for next Friday.
Tonight we are having:
Lamb Grills,
Mashed Potatoes with a bit of mustard,
Cabbage and Leek.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fireworks and Obama.

November the Fifth today traditionally firework day. Anniversary of The Gunpowder Plot. Although quite why we want to celebrate that I have no idea really. The only problem in our house is that we have two little cats who hate the fireworks. Little Rusty especially disappears when they start. There is a pub over the road and they have a very big very noisy display and they are terrified. We keep them in and lock the cat flap, we don't want them going missing.
Today is also a momentous day in History because America has elected its first black president. Barak Obamaq has won the election.It is all over the news, papers and everything you look at or listen to today, and probably will be for weeks.
Tonight we are having:
I think a sort of hot pot.
I have a bag of vegetables and will do something with those.

VT has been ringing round all day about his clutch. This is going to be quite an expensive job, but it has to be done. Well into several hundred of pounds. He won't say exactly no idea why, but there you go. It's what he does.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

America Votes!!

Tomorrow there will be a new President of America. They are voting today, and the radio, television and newspapers are full of the two of them Barak Obama, and Joh McCain. it seems to be a close run thing, and the polls suggest Obama is in the lead, but it isn't cut and dried. So we shall see tomorrow I expect.
Today I had a visit to the dentist..a long way to go..two doors down!. It was a check up, but I did have a filling at the back that needed re-doing so he did that. Go back in a year.£16.20 but the Penny in the Pound will cover that, so not bad. VT filled the form in straight away. Will be back by friday he says. Bless him.
Then we went to Maghull for our veggies. I wanted a look at the Bon Marche shop there, because they have an offer on %30 of everything if you spend £20. I bought a new jumper and two pretty new bras, and saved loads of money.
Home for a lovely cup of coffee and saved money by not having one out. VT does lovely coffees..he calls them his concoctions and puts a mixture of all sorts in them, like flavoured coffee, milk powder etc. really nice.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes..mainly because we have a lot of them!
Mushroom sauce with extra mushrooms,
Sliced potatoes sauteed
Carrots and Green Beans.
Tomorrow is another they say.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Train and Planes and Automobiles!!

Well not the planes, but the others.
VT had to take his car to the garage in Southport this morning to get a service and something else done. he got up early, and the plan was, to take the car, and come back on the train and have breakfast. He should have been back by 10a.m., but he rang up at 10.30 to say he was stuck in Formby. The train wasn't going any further up the line because something had happened on the line. They were setting up buses but there would be a delay. Eventually he decided to walk to Formby village and got a bus to Crosby!! Then get a bus from Crosby which is totally the other way and get the Shoppers bus back to Hightown!
What a circuitous route to get home. It isn't any wonder that people use cars. He eventually got home at 11.25. 2Hours to get from Southport to Hightown...a 20 minute journey by car!! Poor VT.
We had some lunch then went back on the train to get his car. Only problem here was that my stupid..very expensive..David Ormerod hearing aid got blocked on the train. Don't know just happened. VT usually clears them at home no problem, but of course we didn't have the gear on the train. So we ended up going into a shop to buy a needle to unblock it. What a pain! Anyway we whizzed round M&S and got a few salady things and then went for his car. No probs with that I'm pleased to say, and it took us 1/2 an hour to get home.
Horrible smell in the village..just awful, smells like the compost heap over the bypass. isn't nice at all.
Tonight we are having:
The remaining Pizza we usually have for our lunch,
Salad from M&S and other remaining salads.
Plus a couple of extra ones I bought.

We had a sandwich for lunch today instead of our pizza turning things around today...

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday Sourdoughs...

Quite a nice day today, not weather wise, it is fairly cloudy and not as sunny as it was yesterday. We made a lovely Oatmeal Sourdough loaf today. Last week's one was quite dense, this one has risen beautifully, and has some beautiful jumbo oats and honey in it. Looks really good.
Also did the Pizza dough, well VT did that, he puts in whatever flours he fancies, and all the ingredients and sets the button to go. The roast vegetables we did at lunch time so we keep an eye on them.
Crosswords were reasonable today. I had to look up an author..of There Will Be Blood..Upton Sinclair. Not familiar with his work so didn't know that one. Otherwise they weren't too bad, with one or two tricky ones.
I am now in the Delia Online site at Multiply at long last..that has taken ages to organise, but we got there in the end. Not as easy to get around as the MSN site, but I expect we will get used to it eventually.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza..with VT's wonderful dough,
Home made tomato sauce,
Roast Vegetables, Goats cheese
Salad with avocado and baby pomodorino tomatoes and cucumber and seeds.
Potoat salad and Rice Salad.
Total Yum Yum !!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Strictly and Beds..

Watching Strictly Come Dancing as I type this , one of the best programmes of the week. All good, dancing, frocks, and no swearing!! Love it. Good Saturday night viewing. I do root for John Seargant though. There are a lot better dancers, but he is such good him.
Did the bedding today too, but went to put it back on the bed and poor little Rusty is asleep on the end of the bed. We had to move her in the end, but hated doing that..really hate doing that. They get so comfortable, a little bundle of fur. Oh dear.. Anyway she has gone downstairs and is licking so seems to have forgiven us.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai Curry with Quorn pieces and mushrooms.
Mushroom stir fried vegetables,
Packet of basmati rice between us.