Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rather An Odd day!!

Opened the curtains this morning to a grey rainy and wet day. Typical actually, since vin was out in the garden yesterday watering his plants. We had to go into crosby this morning to the bank to pay jane's rent money in for her. What shuld have been a simple operation turned into a major exercise!! The intention was for me to get £250 out of my bank machine which is my limit for the day, and Vin was going to get £50 out of another account that we have to make up the shortfall. he got to the machine first and proceeded to get £250 out of the other account. That completely confused me, because I was getting the £250 out.! he couldn't see that what he had done was not right..and I couldn't for the life of me get him to admit his error. So we had the makings of a tiff.. I was completely confused and he was arguing the toss. So, instead of being a really simple transaction it turned out to be a mega one. He ended up paying the surplus £200 back in the other I ask myself who is in the right... Answer...MOI! On the way back from a wet and horrible Crosby, we called in at the garden centre over the road, because he wanted to get a new fitting for his hosepipe. I let him go in on his own while I gave my poor befuddled brain a rest! At least he was happy when he came out, he got just what he wanted and it was on offer, so problem solved. he said the girl was laughing..pouring down with rain, and he is buying hosepipe fittings! Just had a major scare. I was typing away on this and all of a sudden it goes"Goodbye" and shuts down! Gosh I hate it when it does that, you think you are going to lose everything. Somehow..Lord knows how, got it back. More by good luck than good management. The weather has cleared up a bit today now, and isn't raining any more. Wonder if the Olympic Torch got is due round here in the next day or so. About the computer going down..Vin has just come up to say his netbook had done the same downstairs. must be something with the broadband. Tonight we are having: pasta Bake with mushrooms, A little bit of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

National Shopping monitor...

for years and years we have been members of the National Shopping Monitor. Whenever we go shopping we have to scan it all in to them. We get points for till receipts, and sometimes I do surveys which also get us points. We have used some points over the years, but never really bought anything huge. Anyway we have around 400,000 points now which is worth about £400. They have mounted up over the time and we have not used any, so there has been a buildf up. Anyway I was using our vacuum cleaner in the extension this morning, and realised just what a rubbish one it is, so I said to Vin that we might as well "cash ibn" some of the points and get a new one. You can get Argos vouchers so that is quite handy for bigger items. We had a look at a couple of sites and also a look at the QVC one which has a a number of cleaners one of which looks good. The Miele S6 which is good for cat and dog hairs. It's the same price at Argos so we decided to get their vouchers and get one from there. it's round about £200 but does seem to have high recommendations .Vin has done all the online work, so we sit back and wait for the vouchers now. jane rang up just after lunch, she is still innundated with work, but is getting to the end of it now I think. She's a bit strapped for money so I said I'd put her rent money in for her this month, reminding her that it is nearly three quarters of my old age pension money for the month. She said she felt really bad now... must admit I didn't expect to be still keeping a child in cash at the age of 28..but hey it's only money.. Vin is out in the garden this afternoon doing some weeding, but he came in before because he said Bobby was looking thirsty.
We gave her some lacto free miklk which she slurped up, and then went out again. He said he'd come in if it got too hot. It does get really sunny at the back of the house in the afternoon. he says the pots are getting very dry, and some of the spirea are shrivelling up a bit. Trouble with pots and containers is that they dry up very quickly in the sun, so need a lot of watering. Tonight we are having: lemon and black pepper escalope potato croquettes bread sauce mushrooms and vegetables.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Easy gardening...

Beautiful day today, so we decided to go over to Dobbies to get some plants for the hanging baskets at the back of the house. We have a longish wall which separates the houses because they are terraced, and Vin painted it a lovely off white creamy shade last year. we now have three hanging baskets which have had primroses in all Autumn and Winter. He had put yellow ones in this year, and they have been really gorgeous, a splash of colour in all of the dark days of the last few months. We had a look round at all of the different plants, and didn't see any that jumped out at us. They do mixed boxes for hanging baskets, but they are quite expensive, and didn't look that great either. then he spotted some already planted hanging baskets which were only £5 each, so we decided to get those instead. So, there it was, easy gardening..just buy them and bring them home and hang them up. lovely. Noticed on the way there that there are signs up for the arrival of the Olympic flame on friday. I have an appointment in Southport on Friday morning, so I hope there won't be any hold ups. Vin reckons it will be ok.It is due in Ormskirk, then through to Southport then formby and crosby on its way to Liverpool.Don't think we'll bother going to have a look, probably might have done if it had been when Jane was small. Typing this listening to the radio Two as I always do in the afternoon, and it is playing "Somewhere over the rainbow" by the Hawaaian bloke called OZ. gorgeous rendition by him, one of my favourite records, but Steve Wright has such an annoying habit of talking over the ends of songs. he always does that with Harry Nillson "Without her" which drives me mad. That is my favourite song of all time, and I want it played at my funeral!! very sunny today and warm at the back of the house again, Tonight we are having: Pear and Stilton tart, Egg and potato salad, various salads left from yesterday.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Scorching Again...

Wow what a scorcher today. So glad I'm not stuck in a hot kitchen in school, trying to keep moany kids happy, with all the ovens on etc. Horrible, much better being retired. You can do what you want when you want. Disappointing weekend for television. We started to watch the Eurovision on Saturday night. Englelbert did very well, with a good performance, but we ended up next to the bottom!! It was such a pretty song too, I thought we had a decent chance this year. Won't bother watching it next year, especially if they have Cliff Richards !!! No.. I don't think so. Last night was some awards ceremony, so we ended up watching a Lewis that we had recorded thank goodness. Went into Formby this morning, mainly because we had a coupon for M&S for £5 off £25, so not a bad deal. Vin also had a £5 voucher too from the Daily mail, so he got a nice bottle of Chardonnay with that. "Old Man Creek" from Australia. We had a mooch around and got some salads and vegetables for the week, and some treats to make up the money like decent shortbread biscuits.You don't really want the oven on too much in this warmth, and we have some nice quiches in the freezer to fall back on. Little Bobby is outside in the shade Vin says,Rusty is inside on the sofa in the shade. The back of our house is very warm, and gets the sun all afternoon, from mid morning, whilst the front is quite cool. We wake up to the sunshine in the morning though, and it gets light quite early these days, so that wakes the cats up, and they come and see us early on. very loyal creatures cats are, last thing at night little Rusty is on the bed with us for a while, then she jumps down and goes off somewhere, then first thing in the morning, there she is again. Aaah Bless !!
I love our cats. They are such a part of the family. Tonight we are having: The remaining pizza from last night, egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salads and pasta salads and sweet noodle salads. Yummy XX

Friday, 25 May 2012

Phew!! Scorcher today..

Really warm today. The sun is cracking the flags, and the summer dresses and the shorts are out today. The back of our house at the moment is in full sunshine which we get every afternoon, and poor little Bobby has deserted her usual place in the basket in front of the window in Jane's room. We went over to Sainsbury's in walton this morning to get the weekend things, quite busy actually. The Next shop was full of young things buying new summer tops. Didn't linger long in there, personally I think the clothing is terrible. No quality, and not that cheap either. Went round Sainsbury's and got most of what we needed, although a few things for vin to get tomorrow. No big mushrooms!! can't believe that. Found a shady spot in their car park to have our coffee..very nice, and home by one ish. Funny thing...I had a delivery from QVC behind the door when we got home. It's an umbrella by Lulu Guiness.. the hottest day of the year and I get an umbrella. Tried it out..outside the house not inside,bit supersticious that way.You don't open an umbrella in the house. I bet all the barbecuers will be out this weekend, hope next doors aren't too keen, they had one last week and our house was full of meaty smoky smell. Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers and tartare sauce Chips Green beans for moi and mushy peas for Vin.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dusty Vinfield!

Vin is vacuuming today, he says he is doing the Spring Cleaning ready for Christmas!! Funny thing is, in my magazines this morning there was a Christmas Catalogue! and it isn't even the end of May yet. The problem in our house is the cats, we only have two but they shed an awful lot of hair, we could do with one of thoses cat and dog vacuums that are advertised, maybe that would get them up. Vin reckons that the vacuum cleaner bag is full of cat hairs, and you can recycle it by just taking them out in one go!! I have sorted some of my books oyut, I seem to hae accumulated a lot of books again, so need to get them into a bag for the charity shops, of which there are many round here. Vin was saying yesterday that in one charity shop in Ormskirk that the chap was talking about the fact that less goods are coming into them these days. I expect it is the recession, suppose people are keeping things longer and not getting rid of things the way they did. I would have thought that books were a constant though, if you are reading a popular type of book, you don't tend to keep them for long. i don't generally read a book more than once, unless it is a classic . A thriller or a crime novel I read then give to the charity shop. It is a way of donating then. Quite warm today with the sun shining, and Vin has his shorts on..great legs! Tonight we are having: Lamb grills with a madeira wine gravy Baby boiled new potatoes green vegetable medely.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Decided on a little trip out today, so we took ourselves over to Ormskirk. Pleasant little market town with a market on a Thursday and a Saturday. So nothing on today. Quite quiet and very easy to get round. We needed some fishless fingers from Holland and Barratt and Vibn is running out of his blueberry honey so worth going for those. I had a look round Waterstones, but couldn't see any books I wanted and no-one to ask for help either, so gave up and came out of there. One or two places i wanted to go to so did that, and ended up in Superdrug for my night cream which isn't doing my wrinkles any good whatsoever!! Maybe i need the £75 a pot stuff!! Some of the shops are looking a bit bereft these days, some closed down so empty..will become charity shops i suppose eventually. Gosh I really do miss my Bon Marche shop..feel totally lost without that, always got something in there, and the one in Maghull definitely isn't the same. I think Vin misses it too, he used to shove me in there and knew I would be a while!Shorts beginning to appear today, some men just shouldn't be seen out in them.. and plenty of the young ones in summery clothes. Not that it was that warm actually, but very pleasant. Strolled down to morrisons where we had parked the car, and got our coffees there. Excellent for coffees and extremely cheap too. An awful lot of Grannies and Grandads with small children in there. Must be saving the nation a fortune in childcare costs. Only intended to get a few things which we did in one basket, but it was still £19..God knows what I bought for that. Home in good time for our lunch and the cats waiting for their chicken. Little Rusty is a bit off colour today, chucking up a bit here and there. Always on the carpets..typical.
Tonight we are having: Pasta..maybe a macaroni cheese A bit of garlic bread Mushrooms.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Busy! Busy!!

Another nice day today, but I can't say it's terribly hot yet though. QWe had to wait in today, because there was going to be a delivery from the medical couriers of my "Aranesp" injectins. They come about every eight weeks, but it goes very quickly.ONly seems like about two weeks since the last delivery. Since we were in for the day, I decided tog et the pile of bedding ironed and out of the way. Vin did loads of bits and pieces, including vacuuming under the fridge and freezer which he said was very dusty. I just ignre the dust since it is quite hard to see it actually. Thing is, the sun is starting to shine through the window and does make it show up more now. More mundane bits and bobs and gorgeous baths this afternoon with candles book and a tiny little toblerone mini chocolate bar. i wonder if anyone reads a kindle in the bath? i think I'd be scared of dropping it in the water, but it's very tempting. My book at the moment is so lovely.."The Knitting Circle" just a joy to read, one of those books you will be really sorry to finish. I wish Jane was a reader. She isn't which is odd since Vin and I are surrounded by books. Tonight we are having: Something from the freezer, not sure what yet, Maybe pasta actually

Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm a Convict!!

Not literally. Just look like one. Over the weekend Vin discovered that our passports were due to expire,so need renewing. He has got some forms and I needed to get some new passport photographs. He already had some for his. Since we were going to Crosby this morning to get the weeks veggies etc., we could go to the photo shop in the village. Quite a few regulations about the photos, they have to be the correct size, it is recommended that you don't wear glasses, must be done on a white background etc., etc., Anyway, the girl was very nice and took two because Vin thought the first wasn't very good and the second was ok. All done in about five minutes at a cost of £5.99 not too bad. Only trouble is they do make you look like a convict...real mug shots they are. Dreading what the passport will look like when it comes back. Went from there to the Sainsbury's to get our veggies. Crosby was looking quite nice for a change maybe because it was sunny. makes a difference. According to the weather forecast we a re due to have a mini heatwave this week. We'll see. It is nice and sunny today though.
It's a pity you can't get a reasonable picture like this one!! Ah Well. Sainsbury's was quite busy actually,union jack bunting everywhere. Suppose they are hoping people will buy loads of extra shopping for the Jubilee weekend. It's all commercial really isn't it. Tonight we are having: Escalope with mozzarella and pesto Baby squashed potatoes, Mixed vegetables. Mushroom sauce with hollandaise.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Short and Sweet...

Due to the fact that we took a bit longer doing our crosswords this afternoon. The big Daily Mail on Sunday took longer than expected but we got there in the end. The sun is shining as I type this, and the weather forecast at the weekend said we are going to have a mini heatwave. Hmmm, I wonder, but it is nice in here with the sun shining through the windows. Quite a quiet weekend as is our normal, jane rang up yesterday to say that she was innindated with her work, and had so much to do before the end of term. Only a couple of weeks off now so it's a last gasp for her really. Vin went out this morning for a short while but he said it was very quiet and yet another shop closing down in Crosby..a little gift shop that had been there for years. Probably become another charity shop. Tonight we are having: Pizza with our own base and tomato sauce Portobello mushrooms and courgette and pineapple potato and egg salad with avocado pear Potato salad for moi and a pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Friday so it our weekend trip out. bit of a roundabout trip though, since we had to go via Formby Waitrose to get Vin's favourite pasties, and egg salads. Parking ok and Vin did his sprint into the shop to get his stuff. Then on to ASDA to get everything else. Sunny today, but quaite cool though. may hasn't really warmed up at all. We had a fire last night, and very welcome it was too. ASDA has union Jack bunting everywhere, looks quite festive really. He went down to the Range shop because there was something he wanted, and Ilooked at the clothes..Rubbish..and books. Saw a couple I fancied for my Kindle. One is a Tami Hoag that is in tiny print that I couldn't reade any more, but can on the Kindle. Wonderful thing. Vin got a read out on Jane's student card and there is £47 on that left, so I put another £53 to it so she has a£100 on that which should help a bit. She hasn't rung up for a bit, but she did say she would be terribly busy getting all her work done and up to date. Hope she is looking after herself. ASDA was busy today,but we got round quite quickly, amd then went on to Dobbies for our coffees. So a really roundabout trip today, but enjoyable. Home a bit later than usual, but we did get up a bit later, so no matter. Tonight we are having: Cheese and Onion Pasties from Waitrose, A baked tomato for the sauce A little pack of mixed vegetables. Rice puddings!!! I wonder why it is that when i type this I do it in paragraphs, with lines separated, but when it is printed out it comes out as a prose!! Really, really annoying. I much prefer the old AOL way of doing it, not the Internet Explorer. Absolute pain in the neck!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Full Steam Ahead!!

Our electric kettle has been leaking for a while now. it dripped when you poured it, and for the last few nights there has been a leak from the base. It is a lovely looking of those plastic body ones which lights up a beautiful blue when switched on. But, it drips, and Vin had a look at the back of it, and there were loads of little cracks in the plastic. So, unfortunately it had to go. So, that was this mornings job, to go and get a new kettle. Not so simple!! There are..big kettles small kettles, tall kettles short kettles, fat kettles thin kettles . black ones, white nes gold ones and red ones and purple ones. We went to Comet in Aintree, and spent ages walking round and round the aise looking at kettles. Discounted some immediately because they weren't in stock, and others because they had something or other about them we didn't like...wrong lid or wrong handle. Eventually we got it down to a short ist of about three, and came home with a russell hobbs Chrome effort that lights up a bit, and boil quite quietly. Not too happy with the way it wobbles on the base unit, but we have swapped it for the chrome one from the last kettle which fits very nicely, so it is better. So, that was the day really.let's hope this one lasts longer than the two and a quarter years we had the last one. While we were there vin also went to maplins for something which they didn't have, then he went to Halfords for something they didn't have, so he didn't have a good day. never mind, he'll get them eventually. Home for a latish lunch, and the cats fast asleep. Charming!1 You'd think they would be at the door to greet us! Tonight we are having: Chicken style drumsticks, little baked potatoes Butternut squash and sweet potato bread sauce and cranberry sauce.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day Dawned...

bright and sunny , a little bit blowy, and still cool. we thought we would go. out somewhere for a bit of fresh air. In the absence of wonderful places to go round here, we actually ended up in Maghull. I don't mind going there because there is a Bon Marche, so I can have a look round, and Vin wanted to go to a couple of places. parking OK and had a mooch in my shop. In the end bought a top, reduced in the sale, then went on to Superdrug. On the lookout for a good shampoo, but ended up withmy usual Pantene 2 in 1. Typical. You look up and down the endless rows of types of shampoo and end up with the same one. Vin nipped into Morrisons to get the cats their chicken, which is one of the things we went for, and we made our way to the garden centre on the way home for our free coffees. Fairly busy, but I've seen it busier. Wonder of the recession is hitting these sort of places, although they are doing well by the looks of them. Wouldn't mind shares in that firm anyway. Had a bit of a look at the garden furniture, but nothing caught my eye really. There is a nice seat in Dobbies that I like...hardwood, a sort of Jack and Jill seat with a little table in the middle, would look just right on the patio. Vin doing the garden..and me sitting there with my Kindle reading..Yes i can get that picture! Wonder how Jane is getting on? she hasn't rung for some days, but she did say that she was innundated with work, assignments and essays etc., so no surprise. At least she had her required number of distinctions for her place in Sept. She likes to do well though, and she has certainly done that this year. Tonight we are having: Pasta with a tomato sauce..probably a pasta bake A pack of mixed vegetables to go with A bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...

Up early this morning because I had a hair appointment at 10.30. It's surprising that however early you get up, you still leave the house in a rush. Got there n time though, hate being late for anything. I go to the same place about every three months or so, and have the same girl. My last girl left to spend more time with her baby, so had to get used to another, but she's ok. Did a good job today, a nice layered bob is what I have with a fringe, to cover the wrinkles, and just below the ears to cover the hearing aids!! What a scream. Vin waited outside for me, and walked over to the library to take some books back, and he got some others he hadn't read before. He likes books on local history, and that library had some different ones. Home for coffee after getting some petrol on the way. What a price thaat is getting to be now. Enjoyed a programme last night called 56Up. This is a docummentary which is shown every seven years, and has followed a group of children from all walks of life every seven years . Fascinating programme. I have seen them all now, and feel like you have grown up with the children. One boy a little Londoner from a care home, ended up in Australia, and we saw him last night in a happy and stable relatinship with two children and five grandchildren. Lovely to see how they had turned out, not what you would have predicted I don't think.Maybe the most controversial was Neil, who was such a sweet boy at seven, fresh faced and full of ideas. He wanted to be an astronaut or failing that a coach driver. Went a bit astray in his twenties, dropped out of university, and wandered round Scotland. He is now in Cumbria where he works as a Liberal Democrat councillor. Clearly had mental issues but seems to be OK now. Fascinating programme. Look forward to the next one on Monday. Quite sunny today, but still cool. I read in the paper that in Gran Canaria they have had a heatwave with temperatures of 100* and english tourists are dropping like flies. One man died while on a walking tour!!! can you believe that, a walking tour in those temps. You wouldn't do thaat here. Funny old world this is. Tonight we are having: Crustless cheese flan With sauteed new potatoes Small tin of something tomatoey, Mushrooms.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Just sat down to look at emails etc., this morning, and the phone went. it was BT wanting to speak to Vin. he said he'd pick it up downstairs and I listened in upstairs. naughty I know..but it wasn't that private. Anyway, I was sitting at the computer with the phone in my hand and he comes round the door and catches me!! I fet so guilty..God knows why. Was funny though..he will never let me live that down now. Ordinary weekend, Vin went out to his usual mooching haunts and I messed about on here. Weather yesterday, here anyway was very blowy,good for drying though. Watched the Britain's Got Talent along with millions of others on saturday night, and what a good show it was. A few too many singers, but who could fail to be astounded by the voices of the operatic duo. Although, I think their choice of song could have been better. And Ashleigh and Pudsey!!! What stars they are. We had voted for them in every round so were delighted when they won. Such a beautiful girl too. So the little dog is half a million pounds richer this morning. terrific act, and I'm sure The Queen will thoroughly enjoy that act. it will make a lovely change from the street dancers and singers they have had in the past. Don't suppose that the opera duo will lose out..look at Susan Boyle for example and she came second. She sang a song on Saturday and was excellent as usual. Today we went out to get our weekly stuff, we hadn't really decided which way to go, if we turn right at the bend in the road out of our village it's Crosby and Sainsburys if we turn left it's formby and Waitrose. We ended up in Waitrose. Nice selection of veggies there I do have to say, but the store is short on offers, and a few things we wanted out of stock. Then home in time for our coffee, and the post on the mat..for a change. gas bill from Ebico for £15 so not too bad, I bet there are a lot of people in our village paying a lot more than that. Vin went down to the Post Office to pay that, so that's done and dusted as they say. Tonight we are having: Gruyere cheese escalope baby jersey Royals Mixed vegetables Mushrooms in a sauce.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Weather Forecast...

There was a picture in the paper today of prince Charles doing the weather forecast in Scotland. he actually made quite a good job of it...not a Charlie fan, but it was a good effort. then there was an item on the radio asking people to give their own forecasts for where they ive. A couple of quite interesting ones too. If i was doing one for today, it would pretty much cover all sorts. Very cool and blowy when we left the house, drizzle in parts, and sunshine in the later afternoon. A real mixture. Apparently the drought measures have been lifted in some areas, because it was the wettest April on record, but because there have been two dry winters it is still necessary to conserve water. We went off to Sainsbury's in Walton this morning, it's a bit of a trek, about half an hour, but it is much bigger than the Crosby one and we jnow where everything is. We seemed to get a lot of stocking up items, the bill came to about £75..this included jars of coffee which were quite dear, n abd other bits that we needed. Had a nice coffee in their car park at the back of the store which is empty. there was a row of little white vans though, looked like they were having a conflab or a meeting. We wondered what that was about. Home for lunch, got everything unpacked and I was just putting some new hearing aid batteries in my bag when the doorbell went. it was the girl from the end house, asking us if we minded taking in a parcel tomorrow for her. certainly not..we're in all day so no trouble. It's her youngest little girl's birthday at the weekend, and I couldn't believe she is five !! And her older sister is starting secondary school in September. Amazing how time flies.Had a bit of a chat with her, and found out all sorts..including her cat's name. I have often asked Vin to find out what it is called and he never has. It is a beautiful Persian one..with one of those sort of grumpy looking faces, but she says it is a beautiful cat. Aaah. It is a house cat, so doesn't go out but sits in their window looking very regal.our two don't know it because it doesn't go out in the back like them. It's a real little cat community along here. Thomas next door..who does go out, and our two are a bit wary of him, then our two Bobby and Rusty, then Maisy at the end now. There is a little black and white one that comes to visit too, and occasionally a big black one that our two run away from. Bobby was very tired yesterday, she seemed to sleep in her basket all day. Vin says that is normal for a cat, but she didn't move much. I think she was under the weather, but she seems fone today.
Out and about a bit. Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers and tartare sauce Chips 200grms Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi A baked tomato.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sorting Out...

This has just lost my post!! Grrrr.. What a pain it is on this site. I much prefer the old AOL site, but for some reason it doesn't work any more. We decided to stop in today mainly because there wasn't anywhere in particular to go and we are out tomorrow anyway. Did some sorting out. I did the brasses at the front of the house. i have a brass letterbox, name plate and keyhole, and it ALWAYS rrains when i do them. Just did them in between little showers, what tends to hapen is that you see them as you are coming n the door, and think they need doing, then you forget them. Vin sorted out a lot of his papers and magazines etc. Funny thing happened. We had been expecting a parcel sometime, a book from Amazon about his car. We were in the kitchen and Vin said I'll just go and check the bell is working. It's one of those cordless quite loud ones so you can hear it all over the house. he had just gone out of the kitchen, and it went!! I said That was quick! When he came back, he said he has just got to the door, and it went. The postman was standing there with his parcel!! Spooky... So that was it today really. very boring day, but doesn't matter. Tonight we are having: Escalope with broccoli and cheese Squashed potatoes Butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Start the day with a pile of...

Ironing!! it has been in the extension in the kitchen since Sunday looking at me, so decided to get it done today. It's all the bedding, plus assorted clothing so quite a lot. Why is it that cotton bedding comes out of the dryer looking so creased? Still, it looks lovely when it is done, and even nicer on the bed. fantastic to sleep in and well worth the effort. Vin went off to crosby to the exhaust place to get his car finished. he had taken it in last week to get a new bit of exhaust, and catalytic converter but they had run out of exhaust sealant. He rang me up when he got there, said it would be around an hour, so he had a mooch around Crosby..not the most exciting place in the world I do have to say.But, he had a few places to go so that was fine. Crosby town centre is extremely boring actually, they need to jazz it up..a lot! There is nothing that would attract you to stop there, and the shops are terrible. Home in time for his coffee any way so that was ok. The cats are quite quiet at the moment, not going out much, I think it's too cold for them, they like being in the warm..who can blame them.
They both have their spaces in the house, little Rusty is in her basket downstairs and Bobby is in her basket upstairs. they have never slept together, unlike the two cats we had before them..Lucy and Inky who would often be found all curled up together. These two have never done that, even though they have been in the same house for teens of years. Tonight we are having: Pasta maybe a macaroni cheese A bit of garlic bread Some carrots and beans.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

keep Thinking It's monday...

Not used to the monday off thing. Thought it was monday when I woke up this morning. We normally go to the s/market on a Monday, but we didn't with it being the Bank holiday so went out today instead. We took my money off to the horrible tesco's..I really do not like that shop at all and avoid going there but we did have a voucher for £2.50 off the shop which needed using up so went today. Awful selection of vegetables i do have to say,Sainsbury's and Waitrose and for that matter Morrisons are far superior. No choice and not well stocked, reminds me of the supermarkets in Florida where the veggies look so appealing and fresh. Their veg looked tired somehow. had a quick whizz round and got some items that we can't get anywhere else, for example a lacto free cheese spread which is gorgeous. No bargains shouting out at us so we came home pretty quick. called in at their garage on the way out and got £20 worth of petrol. vin tends to go to the new garage now because they give vouchers..ever wtchful of the pennies my Vin... Jane has just rung up to say that she now has 33 distinctions on her course. She had to get 30 to be able to take up her offer of her place on the radiography course and she had worked so hard this year on this science course. i'm so proud of her. well Done Jane XXXX Vin has just come back from the post office where he took the parcel for Ann's birthday in Australia. We sent.. three Hamish Mcbeth books..not part of the present... A pretty sparkly bracelet from next, a DVD of Call the Midwife, I'm sure they will enjoy that, a couple of nice coasters from the garden centre, and a scented drawer sachet. A letter and of course a card. I try to get light things to post, but the books weigh heavy of course. Hope it gets there on time. Tonight we are having: Lemon and black pepper escalope Little baked potatoes carrots and beans and some mushrooms Bread Sauce

Monday, 7 May 2012

Typical bank holiday!!!

Yep...the usual. Grey skies and drizzle and really quit cold. not the sort of day you want to sit out in the garden . The cats have got the right idea, they are inside where the heaters are, keeping warm. Thought our newish neighbours next door would have been out in their garden with all their stuff, but no sign of anyone. Way too cool. We spent the morning making a huge batch of tomato sauce for our pizzas. we use ..a small onion, a dollop of garlic puree and a small tin of tomato puree. A good spoonful of mixed italian herbs, a spoon of bouillon powder, and around five tins of chopped tomatoes. The onin is sweated, then basically all the other ingredients are added. We put a squirt of honey in this one also, to give a little sweetness. Then the pan is simmered..really slowly for hours until the mix has reduced by aat least half and it is nice and thick. Cool, then potted in little tubs for the freezer. makes about 12 so well worth making. Vin also made some blueberry vodka this morning as well. he had seen a pack of really nice big blueberries in M&S the other day, and he had fancied making some for a while, so he got it going this morning. he is using a jar, because he doesn't want to make too much..pricked the blueberries and put them in the jar. then basically you drown them in vodka!! leave them in the fridge for about a month. he says the colour is beginning to come out of them already, and it is going a nice purply pinky colour. Hic !!Bit of a Good Life morning.... Watched the Britain's Got Talent last night. very good show with some terrific acts. A great violinist and best of all was a little dancing dog with a lovely girl trainer. Ashleigh and Pudsey. Such a sweet girl and an adorable dog. i aint a doggy fan always liked cats, but as dogs go this one is just fantastic. Hope it wins the whole thing, I'm sure the Queen would love to see a dancing dog! Tonight we are having: The remainder of last night's pizza, Egg and potato salad and avocado potato salad for moi and celery and nut salad for Vin and a pasta salad.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend...

Quite quiet out though. A bit grey looking, with an overcast sky and touches of rain. Typical bank holiday weather really. We took my money off to ASDA in Southport. Vin wanted to go to the Range shop to take back a windscreen wiper, so he went there while I had a mooch about the clothing, and the books. Their clothing is terrible actually, it is very cheap, but it looks cheap too. loads of very thin materials,and bright colours around this year. really bright oranges, and pinks and florals. Didn't see anything that I fancied Clothing is very disappointing at the moment. had a look at the books to see what is current, but didn't see anything there either. I am really enjoying "The knitting circle", but that isn't the sort of book that you see in the best sellers sectin, perhaps I should have a look in Waterstones. Went round the store quite quickly, and got our weekend things,I always feel that you get good value when you go thereyou seem to get a really good trolley full for a reasonable amount. came out from there and went to Dobbies which is a bit of a detour. Vin wanted to get a few more logs, but they didn't have any. We had our coffee in their empty car park bit, very pleasant actually, listening to the Jeremy Vine show.Talking about the latest round of council elections where the Conservatives and Lib dems have lost countless seats. Can't say that I'm surprised, they are out of touch, and the "Posh Boys" need to listen more to the people. The granny tax and the pastie tax won't have helped either. Home via Waitrose for Egg salads then back for lunch. Bobby sitting waiting in the kitchen. Their food plate was empty, and her tactic is to sit beside it looking patient. Rusty however, just jumps about where you are and meithers the life out of you till you give in. Totally different. Tonight we are having: Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose Baked tomatoes Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Very Pleasant..

We had decided to go out today somewhere. I think Vin wanted to give his car a runanyway, sowe decided on a trip to the bigM&S over at Aintree. It actually turned out to be a very pleasant trip. The roads were quiet, and the car park had loads of spaces which is very unusual for there! I had a mooch round the store, and Vin went off to Halfords because there were a few things he wanted for his car.I bought myself another pair of slippers because my current pair were lethal.Then had a look at wrapping papers so we can get Ann's parcel posted asap, and treated Vin to a big container of Woodspice talc which is lovely. Coffee bar upstairs was really quiet. so much so that we actualy got one of the sofa seats, so spent a nice 1/2 hour with our coffee and chat. Lots of young mums with babies, seems to be a sort of mums and babies place. Had a look at the foods section and bought ourselves a few treats then home for lunch. Stopped off and voted on the way past the village hall, so done our duty. Vin has gone off to Altcar to get something for his car, and the cats are with me in the middle room. Finished a book on the Kindle last night, and vin was reading something else so started another one. it's called "The Knitting circle" by Ann Hood. It has started really beautifully, one of those books yu know you are going to enjoy every word of. Put me in mind of my very lovely Mum who was a terrific knitter. She always had a garment on the go, and could knit anything. Fair isle sweaters, Aran sweaters, and jumpers with the most intricate of patterns. there used to be a wool shop over the road from us and she had an account there so would always be on the look out for something new to work on. One jumper i particularly remember when I was very young, had a plain back, but the front was the story of Cinderella all done in pictures. The clock, the slipper, the ugly sisters and the coach, everything. Was a work of art really. I think she really missed her knitting when her eyesight got bad, and she couldn't read the patterns. Vin's sister berys was a very talented knitter too. She made some absolutely gorgeous things for jane when she was small, some of the baaby things were just beautiful. She wouldn't just knit the little coat, there would be little mittens and a hat to go with it as well. I think I am going to enjoy this book a lot. Just in the middle of typing this and the blasted computer goes"Goodbye" so I thought that all my blog would disappear. Luckily it didn't i don't think I would have the patience to do it all again. Tonight we are having: Cheesey kievs Squashed Jersey Royals Mixed vegetables.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Car day Today..

Vin was out earloy with his car this morning.I was going to read the rest of my book on the Kindle till bobby decided to jump on my front. That stopped that, so i got up and had a go on the computer. Been trying to finish my letter to John and Ann in Australia. It is her birthday later this month and I have some stuff to go into a parcel for it. The one I sent to John for february seemed to go well, he enjoyed the motor cycle magazine anyway..thought he would. As I type this, he has just rung up the garage and the car is ready for collection so he has gone off on the little bus to Crosby to collect it.Bit of a faff, but there aren't any garages nearer. I had a day in today, did bits and pieces, worked on the computer a bit. Vin was on edge waiting to hear about his car, but that is fine in the end.
The car in front of our mansion....not.... Tonight we are having: freezer fodder. pasta of some sort with a tomato sauce. possibly a simple pasta bake with mushrooms. A bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hares and rabbits!

May day today, and it dawns fairly dullish and maybe drizzly. flood alerts over quite a bit of the country, but it seems not in the North West, so we are alright for the time being. We had an appointment over the road at the GPs surgery for a review with the Nurse at ten to eleven . Got there around five mins early, and punched myself in at the machine. Saw her at five past eleven so not too much of a wait. She had her usual conversation with the computer. Took my blood pressure and said something about it could be a bit lower, but it's ok actually according to the nephrology consultant on Friday. Then took some bloods for the Diabetes, filled one tube and the other wasn't playing and didn't fill, but she said there would be enough. Went through my medications, asked me what some of them were for!!! and gave me another repeat prescription, which she would fax through to the chemist over the road. So that's it...done...keep Vin happy for another year!! and stops the big "You need a review" statement at the bottom of my
prescriptions. Went from there into Crosby. Vin has noticed the exhaust of his car making a strange noise over the last few days so he wanted t go to the exhaust place to get it checked. They put it up on the ramp, and said there was a crack in the pipe, so he has booked it in for tomorrow to get it replaced. called in at Sainsburys on the other side of the road, and got a few things..cats chicken mainly, and my genius bread. then home for a restorative coffee. Think I fancy a trip to Amsterdam, apparently there the coffee shops are all full of wacky baccy smokers!! makes our coffee shops look tame!
This is by way of an experiment. I haven't put any photos on here since I have had to use the internet explorer for the blog. Still don't like it, but never mind eh! Jane has just rung up. She had locked herself in the house and couldn't get out, couldn't find her keys, but did eventually when she had turned her room upside down. Tonight we are having: Chicken style pie with a light mushroom gravy Some little jersey royals sauteed Mixed veggies.