Monday, 30 November 2009

Quite a Normal Monday...

For a change, not housebound or bed bound. We nipped out to Tescaws this morning and for the first time in a long while we did a fairly normal shop. We got a few big bags full mainly because we needed to stock up a bit too. When we got home VT made a comment that I wouldn't have spent so much if he had gone on his own. Probably quite right too, I tend to pick things up as I see them on 6the way round, whereas he goes out with a list and sticks to it.
Nice to go round without feeling wilted though, must be on the mend at long last.
Very cold out today, with a nasty biting wind, I think I shall need to get the gloves and scarf out soon, there is talk on the weather forecasts of a cold snap and snow. We shall have to wait and see, at lest we are stocked up a bit.
We did buy a few Christmas frozen foods this morning to keep in the freezer. It is quite difficult trying to buy Vegetarian foods, the supermarkets tend to have just a few, so it is a case of getting different ones from each one, and then put them all together. The freezer needs a bit of clearing out first though.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Toad in the hole,
Mashed potatoes,or potato croquettes.
Green beans and carrots,

Saturday, 28 November 2009


Grrrrr...I spent an absolute age yesterday doing my entry, pressed post, and it all disappeared!! god knows where to, somewhere in Cyberspace my little post is whirling around.
So, today is Saturday. I did write about going out to Dobbies to get a Christmas Tree that VT had ordered and we had seen to go into the front window. The present one is loking very straggly and doesn't pwe us anything, so we thought we would get a bushier one. We had seen a nice little tree but they didn't have any in stock but the delivery came in yesterday and they put one aside for us. £39 less %25 less a voucher that VT had worked out to about £25 or thereabouts.
Then we called in at Waitrose to get a few bits and pieces. it was the first time I had been in a supermarket for weeks actually, and VT whizzed me round at speed to get me out of there I think.
Today have done the bedding, so a lovely clean bed to get into tonight. I think if I ever won the lottery i would pay someone to do the beds every day with fresh linen..can't beat it.
Tonight we are having:
A burger with a bit of lettuce and a bit of tomato and a bit of cheese and a few chips. Dead common tea!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

What Might have been...

As I type this we shoud be in Little Paradise getting our things unpacked. What a shame but i think this year it would have been a mistake. My little outing to Dobbies yesterday proved a problem so I can't for the life of me see me wandering round the Christmas Market in Bath. I do have to say this virus whatever has knocked me out this time, it seems slow picking up, but each day getting a bit better. Had a lovely bath this afternoon with my candles and my book, not quite so knocked out than I was like last week, took me ages to get over that. Got too warm I think.
VT went into Crosby today to get a few bits and pieces. He said they are putting the lights up there..very festive..not really..Crosby is a dead and alive place these days, nothing would entice you to do your shopping there really. He got some Dr Otker pizzas very cheap on offer,we are still not yet making our own again yet, and a tub of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream which uis also on offer, plus other items we had run out of. He has turned out to be a fantstic shopper actually, armed with his list he gets everything on that plus if he sees a bargain or something we could use he will get that. He is a little treasure!

Family of the few we have these days.
Jane rang up just before he said , she was on her lunch break at about fourish!..she is dealing with customers now, and says it is ok.Must be more interesting dealing with actual people.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some kind,
VT's home made pasta tomato sauce and quorn meatballs,
A bit of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Blissful Ignorance...

As I type this, one of the little cats is in the basket in front of the window, all curled round and fast asleep full of chicken. The other little cat is all curled up and fast asleep full of chicken and cat milk on a blanket on the bed behind me. The pair of them sleep on in blissful ignorance of the fact that they should be in "Sunnyview Cattery" today and for the next ten days. VT keeps saying things like..there;s a nice sunnyview out of the window..aaah bless them.
He rang the cottages this morning and spoke to beth, who said they had let little Paradise to someone who was working in the area and didn't want to stay in a hotel, so they had let it for the whole period via the tourist information office. So that was good, they will probably end up with more money in the end.
We should be going tomorrow morning, but I think this year it would have been a mistake really.
We did the kitchen floor this morning and cleared up the middle room a bit, almost like getting ready for going away too. Never mind these things happen.
VT has been doing bits and pieces today sorting out things and making phone calls.
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato,
carrot and Swede,
Sausages..Quorn ones.
Maybe a drop of gravy.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ventured Out..

At last, went off to Dobbies this morning to get a coffee and have a look round. Did admit I started to get a bit wilted after a bit, and VT dispatched me off to the car while he went to get a Christmas tree that we had seen. We are looking for a new tree for the fronty window, but it can't be any higher than four feet, and this one looked ideal.
He came back after a while and sid that they were out of stock! Typical, when we see something that we like it's out of stock. So the only thing I bought was a pack of shortbread biscuits. They didn't have any of the mints we liked or the little pots of fruits for cheese. More stock of the Christmas trees coming in at the end of the week apparently, so will have to be patient.
Called and got some petrol at the BP garage on the way back, and home for lunch..which is becoming a regular toastie in the lakeland bags. Good product those.
Still raining up North in Cumbria, and severe weather warnings in place for gale force winds tonight. Becoming a very wet November this year.
Jane rang up just before, she is on her lunch break because she is on 12-8 shift today. She said the solicitor had been in touch and she is to have a conference with her barriste and solicitor. Must be nearing the end now I should think, it has all been going on for ever it seems.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalope, Goats cheese and cranberry,
Some vegetables, carrots and beans and peas,
Mashed potato.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Morning Chats...

One of the blessings of being retired is that you don't have to rush up to work early in the morning so we can get up in a leisurely manner. VT usually wakes up at about8.30 ish or nine, and then he goes and gets us a cup of coffee, and a cow biscuit. We then enjoy the drink and have a chatter, could be about anything. This morning we discussed all sorts of things, including what VT had dreamt about the previous night, the very stormy windy weather during the night and so on. I didn't hear any storms, but once the hearing aids come out that is me sorted. He says he could do with ear plugs, because the wind kept him awake. One advantage to being deaf I suppose, but I am at a loss to think of any others! We don't tend to have a chat in the evening, since we both read our books, and he listens to his radio via earphones. So, the morning talks are a nice way to catch up.
VT went off to Crosby Sainsbury's this morning, very quickly to get a bit of shopping. Came back with a good mix of veggies, and potato products..croquettes etc. Two little flans, and some Quorn escalopes, so a few good meals there.
Very dark today, it seems that we have had the lights on all day, everywhere you go is dark and gloomy. Seems that the flooding is still a problem up in Cumbria,
Tonight we are having:
Small flans,
Potato croquettes
Maybe some carrots or a tin of spaghetti.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Saturday..A bit late..

Did a bit of searching this morning (Saturday) then didn't get around to doing the blog later. We were watching something on the television, then it got dark, as it does very early these days, and we were warm and comfortable, so just didn't feel like moving really.
VT went to Maghull to get a bit of shopping, came back with a Dr Otker pizza which we have been having for the last few weeks, and a small side slald to go with it .
We have not really got back into eating as our normal routine yet, we have dropped the dips and hummous that we normally have on a weekend lunch, and no olives for a few weeks now.VT reckons he is under 11st now, and I know I have lost about 1/2 a stone since i got the lurgy.
VT cooked last nights tea. He did a tasty fried rice with some packet rices he had in the cupboard, and Quorn dippers and a lemon sauce. Very nice too I enjoyed that.
He had go t a DVD from Blockbusters, but unfortunately it didn't have subtitles so was fairly hard to follow,Their voices were quite low too, and I found myself dropping off. When I woke up later the film had finished and I asked VT how it had finished, and he said he had dropped off too!
Upshot was he put it in the player this morning and we watched the end of it. Made perfect sense when when we saw how it had finished. Quite a good film, and I would like to see it again with subtitles, maybe it will be on Sky.
Haven't done any of the crosswords yet, but have done the Birthday Quiz quite easy. Terry Gilliam who is 69today.
Floods still causing problems up in Cumbria, bridges looking like they are dangerous and being closed off and checked.
Tonight (Sunday) we are having:
Pizza Dr Otker,
A bit of a side salad.

Haven't done any of the crosswords yet, but have done the Birthday Quiz this morning.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Pudsey Day today...

Jane rang up last night and said that she had a bone to pick with me because I had posted a rubbish picture of her. trouble is we don't have a lot of pictures of her, and she hides her face. Don't know why she is lovely.
All the radio shows today are not normal, they are all playing records with donations for Children in Need. Actually they are playing quite good music, a lot of old favourites.Just heard a Neil Diamond which immediately reminded me of our travels in the Morris traveller.
VT went into Crosby this morning mainly to get some photos printed off, which he did and sent some to Emma. Little Maisy is a big 1 today, doesn't time fly. He also got some bags of fuel from the garage..pity you can't get it delivered. Wonder if there are any coalmen left these days. We always used to have ours delivered, cheaper prices in the summer, and wet coal in the winter.
Haven't done much today..again.. VT has done some planting in the garden though it's getting quite dark now 4.15ish. Weather here is a bit blowy but reasonably mild. However up North in Cumbria they are haveng a very difficult time of it. Big flooding in Cockermouth, Kendal and Keswick with eight inches of rain falling in a few hours. The pictures of the flooding on the TV are terrible, it must be heartbreaking for the home owners, five feet of water in their living rooms. Poor Gordon, another lot of flooding to blight his reign.
VT said the ditches round here are quite full, and we haven't had much rain either.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a garlic Kiev
Carrots and peas,
A few chips VT has lost quite a bit of weight over the last few weeks, must be smaller meals, and less dips and things at the weekend. Can't say I have my appetite back yet , but eating a reasonable evening meal. I have lost about half a stone, mainly due to the Horlicks and digestive biscuit diet. Not really to be recommended though.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Done In...

VT went out to Sainsburys this morning because we had run out of a few things. He didn't go anywhere yesterday mainly because Emma came which was a nice surprise.
I decided to have a bath this afternoon and was really surprised how debillitating that has been. Good grief , a little bath..
Jane rang up early this morning on her way to work, the bus had got there early. She didn't get the Email with the baby pictures on but she did see the ones on here.

Sweet little baby, One tomorrow so VT bought a card and we have sent it off.
Tonight we are having:
A cheese and onion quiche from Sainsbury's
A few potato croquettes
Maybe a few carrots.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

An Outing and a Visit..

Well I went out for the first time in about two and a half weeks today. We took the cats to the vets for their booster injections. So I went with VT for the ride. We didn't have to wait long really, and we saw a nice male vet who had someone in the room with him..don't know why though. The cats both behaved beautifully, and Bobby in particular was lovely stood as good as gold on the table while she was being examined. She was a little minx in the house before we went though..hid under the bed in Jane's room and poor VT had a job to get her out. Rusty has stayed the same weight and Bobby has lost a little bit of weight.They are both fine however, so we came home relieved. That all cost £71.31 but that included rusty's tablets as well.
Had a nice coffee when we came home and VT was intending to go out to Sainsbury's to get a bit of shopping when the bell went.
It was Emma with her beautiful daughter Maisy.

What a beautiful baby, really pretty and smiley. Wobbling on her legs and about to walk I think. Very good baby just content to explore and play with her Mum's keys.

Hard to believe she is One on the 20th..and Emma is expecting again due at the end of january.
Tonight we are having:
A pasta bake with VTs home made pasta sauce and some mushrooms.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Where oh where has the energy gone??

Up and about today, but no energy at all. Need a big booster.
VT rang the vets this morning and made an appointment. (not for me) for the babies,to have their booster injections tomorrow. If it goes past the date they have to have a complete new one so it needs doing.
I made an appointment for the renal clinic, I had recieved a letter so rang up. The speaker went off on the phone as I was using it so VT took over, the phone is quite faint without it. Anyway that is for the 8th Feburary or thereabouts.
VT did the barrel in the front garden this morning, took out the old plants and put the spring bulbs in. He also did some tubs in the back garden too. He saved the bulbs from last year, and also used some he had bought so should have a nice show in the Spring.
Getting very dark quite early now, it is all but dark by 4.30. and been a bit mixed today. Rusty came belting in about ninety miles an hour just after lunch and she was a bit wet, then the rain started pelting down. Horrible afternoon actually, it's a good job he did his gardening in the morning.
Tonight we are having:
No idea again.. not on proper food yet, there are two pasties in the fridge so might have those.
Last night we ended up having... A quorn escalope, a few carrots and a few chips. Quite enjoyed that actually.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Mending Slowly....

Good night's sleep, probably the new clean bedding, very comfortable. Woke up this morning to little Bobby stroking my cheek with her whiskers, really tickles. She has been a star these last two weeks, a reall little companion, sitting on the bed and good company. VT has been the real star though, don't know what I would have done without him. He cancelled the Cattery this morning, a real shame but these things happen as he says very philosophically.
Went very dizzy when I got up this morning, but VT said I probably got up too quick which is right. Anyway got down for breakfast, and had a toastie for lunch so eating a bit more. Can't say the appetite is back though.
VT has been doing bits round the house this morning, and went to Crosby to get a few supplies chicky for the babies really.
Going dark quite early now, it is 4.30 as I am doing this and it is getting too dark to see outside. Very blustery and some squally showers today, with bright spells. Sound like Heather with the weather!
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. VT brought some pasties from Sainsburys so he might have one of those.
Not sure what I fancy getting a bit tired of egg on muffin.
We are not eating normally at all yet, but we did have a nice Dr Otker pizza last night with a bit of SALAD!!!!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bite the Bullet...

Unfortunately we came to a decision this morning to cancel our trip to Bath in ten days. Hopefully they will be able to relet the property, otherwise it will be an expensive decision. VT says that I would find it hard going round the Bath markets and Wells etc., and Street, and he is quite right at the moment I would. At least the cats will be happy.. I just feel guilty, that I am letting him down, he loves going there. Maybe we could go in the Spring for a bit?
He went off to Maghull this morning to get some shopping we had run out of, and a free can of shaving gel, but they had run out, so he was a cross bunny when he came back, but not for long. He got loads of things we had been running out of, like kitchen rolls, and QT tea etc., cat biscuits and cat food. He is a supershopper, knows where all the bargains are.
We did the bedding today,so we have got lovely clean bedding on the bed tonight. It is beautiful bedding but needs ironing, I never thought I would go back to ironing bedding, but it is worth it.
We did the crosswords quite quickly today, finished the MOS one with the small computer downstairs. I'm glad we kept that, I was on the point of sending it back when VT was stroppy about it, but that was because I moaned about the colour. Should learn to keep the mouth shut!!.
Tonight we are having:
A bought pizza with a bought salad. Tut Tut!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Hello Again..

Well haven't written on here for a while. had the Mother of all viruses, bugs whatever. Like a version of swine flu without the cold or sore throat thing, everything else though. Worst has been the extreme tiredness, totally feel like a deflated balloon.Good point though lost seven pounds, hardly eaten for the last week, and survived on half mugs of Horlicks and M&S digestive biscuits. Funny the things you fancy when you are under the weather! Hopefully turning the corner now and will pick up before we go to Bath in a couple of weeks.
Little Bobby has been my pal..she has really turned up trumps, sitting on the bed and purring on my chest etc.

My other saviour has been Saint VT. Uncomplainingly he has looked after me beyond the pale. brought me the drinks, made sure I had water, and kept me company. The man is a Saint. Only the first sign of a moan this morning when I was trying to get him to buy some veggies for his meals! Turns out he hates carrots, and says he doesn't want any more Broccoli. that might be because he bought a head the size of a football the other day!!
He has catered for himself very well actually, had a Curry and rice one night, pasta another, burger , beanburgers and mushrooms and potato croquettes anoth. Beans on toast for lunches, and soup a few days. I'm very proud of him actually.
Pat on the back VT !!
Jane rang up this morning. She has started a new job in a call centre today..ticketmaster in Manchester. Three weeks training then she is let loose on the public. She is good with people, and excellent on the computers so should do well. She is going to do an Access course starting next September for science, and with a view to doing a course to become a radiographer eventually. Hope she makes it I really do.
Tonight VT is having:
garlic bread? and maybe some mushrooms.
(He came home with 3 carrots..says that is his veg rack!
I am having:
A poached egg on a toasted english muffin.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

What a Week!

What a weekis right. Terrible week really,been in bed for a lot of it and haven't felt like moving. Think it is some sort of bug or flu virus's totally debilitating.
VT has been wonderful,a real trooper. Kept me going with M&S digestive biscuits and half mugs of Horlicks. Absplute lifesavers. Funny the things you gancy when you are un der the weather.
Little Rusty I have barely seen only when VT is in the bedroom. Little Bobby has beena star. Kept me company all week, nuzzling round my face and purring on my chest...Aaaah!
I don't know what I wou;d have donw without VT though he has been fantastic. He has fed himself all week, had all sorts of thin gs he says he likes, like curry and rice, pasta with sauce and broccolli. Quorn curry and rice last night with some cauliflower and he is having a Dr Otker pizza tonight with NO salad.
I've typed all this on the new netbook, and I'm don in for now.
So, till next time.....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Parcels and Baubles and Videos..

Quite a lot done today really, the first thing we did after breakfast was to post off the Secret Santa parcel to Chillie in Switzerland. I had bought quite a lot of things in the Cheshire Oaks last week, apron from M&S,two silicone stirrers from Le Creuset, a dangly snowman from M&S, a Mrs Beetons christmas book and a block of Cacao from the Willie wonky chocolate factory.VT did some expert packing which he is so good at, and found a box big enough to put everything in. Then we packed the Bauble swap. I got this from Villeroy and Bosch just before it shut down and have been keeping it for a while. It was in a lovely box too, so wrapped it in christmas paper and did a card to go with. VT overwrapped it in brown paper, and addressed them all. Took them down for posting..£9 for the one to Switzerland, and £1.38 for the bauble. All done, thank goodness for that. Well organised this year.
VT then spent most of the day setting up the new video that we bought yesterday. toshiba £299.99. Bought with the heating allowance!
He recorded the Doctors episode at lunchtime, and that worked fine. He's very good at the technical stuff.
Still not decided about the Notebook. VT hasn't used it since I moaned about the colour, I think he is being a bit pig headed really. I need to be making my mind up soon, so we can organise its collection.
Very windy and blowy and rainy today, VT said rusty went out this morning, but came back in really wet and had to be dried. I think she likes the attention ..bless her.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic kievs or sausages..not sure,
Mashed potato and celeriac.
Vegetables..carrots and peas and sweetcorn.

Monday, 2 November 2009 that means Veggie shopping..

Went into formby this morning to get our usual veggies. the main reason for going there was to get a new video recorder for the main television in the middle room. When the Analogue goes off very soon there will be problems because the recorder we have there at the moment won't record. So VT saw one in the Toshiba shop in the Cheshire Oaks which takes VHS DVD's and has a hard disc. So he has gone for that one.
We bought it with our last years heating money from the government. thankyou Mr Brown.
We got it from Smiths in Formby , they had them in stock, and they were £10 cheaper than Argos too!!
Went round Waitrose first, and got the veg, a good mix for the week, and enough to keep us going.. Potatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms etc. Also got one of those blocks of cacao to go into the SS parcel.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and leek escalope,
Veggies..carrots and beans
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

A Big Attack of the Grumps...

This is the first Blog I have written on the new Notebook. Yesterday VT had aa mega strop about it and said very firmly that he was sending it back on Monday. I thought I would have a go on it this morning, and did the Birthday quiz in the Sunday Express on it. Not bad actually, it worked fine, and I got all the answers.
He says I have spoiled it because I kept goin g on about the colour, since I wanted the blue, but the colour doesn't matter really. The black is fine.
The screen is small, but clear and I cn see it ok. It is portable, and quite light, and would be good ton take away to do crosswords and blogs etc. I do find my nails hit the wrong keys sometimes but I get that on the other one as well.
At the moment I am sitting in the living room by a nice warm fire typing away and it is very pleasant actually. No I don't think I will, there's nothing wrong with it. Slightly different typing action, but nothing you can't get used to.
Today we made a lovely Sourdough loaf, the recipe we always make with white flour and oatmeal. Bit burnt on the top, because I put the oven on a bit higgh but it will be a good loaf.
Then did the pizza dough to our normal recipe and VT did the roots colour on my hair so that is done for a few months. He has just made a comment that I am hunched over it..can't resist a comment.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with mushroom and tomato and goats cheese,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes,
Potato salad and pasta salad.