Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Two years On and Counting..

Two years ago on the 27th june we started a Healthy Eating plan. It has met with some success. We both lost about a stone and a half in some months following a low fat diet.
We now no longer have olive oil, large portions of carbs such as potatoes and rice and pasta. We don't have deserts unless it is Christmas or Birthdays, so I think we have done pretty well. We seem to have reached a plateau now, and don't lose any but don't put any on either.
Wimbledon this week As usual the TV is concentrating on the singles, and Andy Murray of course. He is through to the quarter finals now so we will have to see how he gets on. The present match is a women's singles with a lot of grunting and squeaking on the court. very noisy to listen to.
VT has been out in the garden this afternoon, it rained this morning but has cleared up now. He said that he sat down for a couple of minutes, and little Rusty came on him and flopped. The trouble is that when they do that you don't have the heart to move them so you leave them in peace.

We did a load of ironing this morning, VT had a lot of shirts for some reason, he has just come upstairs to put them away.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages with Bramley apples and a golden delicious apple and
Mushrooms baked,
Carrots to go with.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Cats and Monday Shopping..

This is my Buddah that I got when i retired from teaching. he always has a lovely smile, especially in the sunshine. That and the fountain are my favourite things in the garden

Very warm today. The people on the radio are talking about what you should do in the heat. personally I don't think it is that hot, but it is nice and sunny. VT has been in the garden and says that it is too hot to work, and he has come in all sweaty.The British people and their weather are a scream..we moan if it is too hot, or too cold, or too rainy..or too snowy. never satisfied. I like the Autumn really, nice colours,and cooler weather. They are saying that it is the hottest day of the year so far.
it really rained last night, and VT couldn't get the next doors cat to go in. She was round the back and was sheltering as best as she could in the corner on top of a bunker. Poor little thing. Then VT had the bright idea of going in and opening the back door but when he got there the door was shut fast. So he opened the window in their conservatory climbed out in torrential rain..really torrential rain..and picked her up and posted her through the window, and VT said that she ran off up the stairs, safe and sound. Aaaah! It is a lovely little thing and must have hated being out in the rain.
Today we went Posh..to Waitrose. Got our veggies so have a good selection to choose from for the week. VT also wanted to get a new door mat for the porch so we got one of those from The kitchen Shop opposite the car park. He got a nice patterned one for a change, and it looks quite different and very good.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escalopes,
Baby new jersey Royals,
Roast vegetables with spinach and smoked garlic cream.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Change is as good as a rest..

VT had the bright idea of doing our loaf tomorrow, Monday instead of today. he has some Sourdough left, and he pointed out that the loaf would be fresher. Quite right too.
We did the Pizza dough, and the roasted vegetables though so they are waiting to go on the Pizza. (Musn't forget the basil today)
Mixed today. VT wanted to go out with his tea but it started raining so he didn't. Little Bobby ran into the hut to shelter. it's a good job we bought that, it is a really good shelter for them, and they do use it quite often.
VT said he was woken up this morning by two ginger cats in our garden Caterwauling. So he got up and put some biscuits out. This was half past four a.m. I don't hear anything of course, being deaf, when I take the hearing aids out I am dead to the world. he says that I wouldn't hear a bomb if it went off. Probably true.
The crosswords were a doddle today. He finished his, the Sunday Express one except for one, and he finished mine off too, I was unsure of three. The MOS one which is a big general knowledge one wasn't too bad either and i finished that off quite quickly.
Bobby is now on the table outside in the sunshine. She loves it there and will sit happily for ages.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,Roasted vegetables.
Salad with cucumbers and avocados and baby lum tomatoes.
Potato salad and rice salad.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday Post..

All the news today is of Michael jackson. Pages and pages of it. Since i was never a Michael Jackson fan it is all becoming quite boring now. the endless opinions and theories etc., questions about his death and all of that will go on forever I suppose.
Overcast today loked lke rain most of the day but it hasn't materialised, and at the time of typing the sun is trying to peep through.
We washed the new bed linen today for the first time, and have just put it back on the bed at ten to six. Took quite a lot of drying probably because it is pure egyptian cotton, but we got there eventually. The quilt and pillowcases did need ironing they were quite creased, but they look good on the bed. Shame we have to cover the bed with an old duvet cover because of the cats, but they are still nice to sleep in.
VT is looking after Cat next door. He went to get it in last night and came back and said it had no litter tray so he took it our cats one because they have a cat flap, that doesn't. He went to let it out this morning and it pelted down the path, and ran around for a while. Don't know where it has gone now it isn't in the front.
VT went to get Rusty's tablets this morning then on to Maghull. He was going to ask the vets whether we could get a larger amount of tablets when the receptionist said that in future the tablets would be delivered in packs of 100, which will be beter for us..but dearer. Present price is £17 for 60 !!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese week.
Spring Rolls with sauce,
4oz Egg fried rice with spring onions and peas.
Stir fried vegetables done in Fry Light.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Muggy and Moggy..and Media..

These are our two little Moggies. Bobby and Rusty. Bobby is the black and white one, and this is about the nearest they will get to each other. Never bosom buddies, but they are often to be found near to each other.
Big day today in the Media world, with the deaths of michael jackson and farrah Fawcett. jackson was 50 and died of a Cardiac Arrest, and Farrah was 62 and died of bowel cancer after a long fight. Both a shame and died too young.
Today I took my mney off to Sainsbury's in Walton. Quite busy but no kids around yet so easy to get round. Sainsbury's suits us well actually, they have everything we need and is well stocked. Got all our things for the weekend and were home fairly early because we didn't have a coffee. That saves half an hour. I had a lovely egg and potato salad for my lunch and VT had some Quorn mini cornish pasties and a bit of my salad!!
Got a phone call from the surgery this afternoon to say that a prescription had arrived from the hospital. It would be delivered from the chemist. Turned out to be some anti biotics for a water infection that I knew nothing about!! That Dr on Monday was a twerp! truly a twerp.
Michael Jackson all over the radio this afternoon everyone is playing him, and there are tribute programmes on everything as well. Getting boring now.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers, with tartare sauce,
Mushy peas for VT and Fine beans for me,
Chips...200grms between us.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hair Do's...

Started the day by using the treatment conditioner that came with the Ojon set |I got the other day. By God it smells horrible!!! You are supposed to leave it in for at least twenty minutes or overnight..couldn't stand it overnight..you'd never get any sleep! Leaves my hair looking lank and greasy but we will see how it does when it has been washed. The shampoo and conditioner are very good though.
Quiet today. Stayed in because we didn't want to go out, so we did the kitchen floor and the bathroom and the front porch. and VT put some of the wax on his hair. Very quickly washed it off too!
A bit overcast today, not as bright blue sky as yesterday but beginning to be sunny now. Good day for washing.
had the first of my anarmia injections today. You do the injection then throw the syringe away. Very easily done..all pre loaded. Still haven't heard from the hospital but these things take time.
Tonight we are having:
New potatoes remaining from the bag.
Mixed vegetables in a cheese sauce. Coleman's.
Lamb grills Quorn ones or Sage and onion fillets.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flaming June...Yes!!

It is a flaming June day today. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Gorgeous day. I am actually sitting here typing this with a sleeveless top on amd am not cold!! For a change.
We had to wait in this morning for a pacel to be delivered from The Book People, but it arrived at about 10.30ish so we decided to go out and get some fresh air. Since there is a distinct lack of places to go around here we ended up in Ormskirk. There's a surprise.
Went into my usual haunts, got some cheap tops in the Bon Marche shop, will wear them in the summer and ditch. Not the sort of clothes you keep, more for wearing a few times then discarding. But they are cheap. Little vest tops and strappy ones in a three pack. then went to Superdrug to get some more deodorant and other bits, and H&Barratt to get our fishless fingers and meatfree pepperoni for out pizzas. nice cup of coffee in the thich toast cafe and a quick visit to Morrisons to get our car park money back and home. Just about get home for 1.30 ish which isn't bad going.
VT is in the garden filling up the green wheelie bin since it is green bin week.
Tonight we are having:
Some sort of pasta dish.
I have a tub of spinach and ricotta sauce and some asparagus remaining so will use that
mushrooms to go with, and some green beans for moi.
A small bit of healthy eating garlic bread to go with.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Just spent the last forty minutes trying to get an image on to this to make it a bit more interesting! What a performance! VT came up and made a pigs ear of it too. Then he starts getting tetchy and blames ME for not letting him near the computer!! Cheek. When it really means he has no idea either.
Gave up in the end. it seems to be difficult to get the image from the computer on to the site here, can't make the link somehow. I did it once because I got the photo of moi on my profile but cannot for the life of me do it again.
Got a lovely letter from Ann and John this morning. Really chatty with news of their busy life. They have quite a large family over there in Perth, and you get newsy bits about their lives.
Cleaned out the bathroom cabinet this morning. Filled a carrier bag with things that were out of date and no longer used cleaned it out and it now looks like new. Also did the top of the cooker so that is gleaming. Pity the rest of the house doesn't look the same!
Tonight we are having:
No idea really!
Maybe meatless meatballs in a Swedish style sauce,
new potatoes 8oz
Carrots and broccoli.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Up Early..

Up very early for us this morning. Alarm went off at ten to seven and we got going. I had an appointment at Walton at the Diabetic clinic this morning at nine O'Clock. We set off at about five to eight expecting to be caught up in traffic, but in the event the traffic was light and we got there by eight thirty so we sat on the car park and waited for a bit.
Terrible appointment! Saw the one who is away with the fairies! He sits at his desk and goes through all your file seems to be page by page, and mutters. Asks silly questions and has a ten minute phone conversation with his secretary in the middle of the session. Says how busy he is and he is snowed under with work!!! This is now nearly ten and he has only seen me!! Says I am doing fine and stay on the levels I am and see you again next year!! Don't know why I bother..
Went to see the renal nurse as well about the injections that were sent, and she said I should have recieved a letter which I haven't. One of those days today.
Went to Sainsbury's and had a nice coffee to keep us going, then went round and got the veggies for the week. Usual choices..small potatoes, carrots green beans asparagus cauliflower and broccoli. Enough to choose from for the week.
Looking for Colman's sauces and surprised to see that they have gone up. Used to be 37p ish, now 54p in Asda and 62p in Sainsbury's!!!! Wonder why they are so dear!
Came home and had another drink becaus we were so early..then a really nice salad and pizza lunch. Leftover pizza from last night.
Rained this morning as we were going out, but cleared up beautifully this afternoon and went quite sunny. Next doors little gingert cat ran up to greet our car when we arrived. beautiful little cat..really friendly.Our two appeared at lunch time to get their chicken..then disappear.
Wimbledon starts today. This year they have a new centre court with a roof, but they were saying that it wouldn't be needed today because the weather there was good.
Tonight we are having:
Meatfree garlic Kievs.
Small Jersey Royals Squashed.
Mixed vegetables..carrots, green beans and asparagus.
White sauce with mushrooms.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday Again..Father's Day..

Not that you would know here. No card from Jane and no phone call either. She can be so selfish sometimes..He says he doesn't mind but I do, it just shows a thoughtless attitude which is a shame.
Busy as usual today, started with the Sourdough loaf which has risen beautifully. Tend to get it going after breakfast, and it goes into the oven after lunch. it needs a long slow rise to be a success. Then did the pizza dough both in the bread machine. That is rising at the moment. Roasted a few vegetables for the topping. Courgette tomatoes and red pepper for VT. I don't eat pepper, never liked it somehow. It is surprising how many vegetarian recipes have pepper in them too.
Lovely batch of tomato sauce in the freezer so took one of those out for the topping.
Weather a bit mixed today. VT wasn't going to go out today and was going to do some gardening, but it looked like rain, so he went into Crosby instead. It is raining a little off and on and looks overcast, not exactly flaming June again, but it is supposed to be a heatwave next week!! believe it when I see it.
Crosswords fairly reasonable today, but the You magazine was tricky. Had three palindromes in it which I had never heard of.One..Step on no pets!!!
I ask you! Anyway with the help of the Quizzes and Answers site we got them finished.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato topping,
Pineapple, mushroom, red pepper, courgette etc.,
Salad avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes.
Potato salad for me and Deli coleslaw for VT.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Heat Wave??

What heat wave? We are supposed to be getting ne next week. Flaming June it isn't. In fact VT is at this moment sitting out on the patio with a cup of tea he has brewed up on his camping stove. He was just trying it out he says. Bit too blowy for me, he doesn't feel the cold like me,lucky beggar.
Nothing doing today it is actually very quiet. Had a bit of a look on the net this morning and not a lot doing n there either. Seems to be in a dormant phase everywhere. Calm before the summer holidays I suppose.
Next doors have put their washing out but I thought it looked a bit like rain so didn't bother, and did them in the tumble drier.It has cleared up a bit now though but not sure whether they will dry.
It has been a week since we put the new bed linen on the bed and I must say we are very pleased with it. Feels lovely to the skin and looks lovely on the bed too. Shame we have to cover it up with the quilt cover in case the cats go on it. But, that is what you do with cats.
VT went out for one of his trips this morning, and said the Morrisons in Maghull seems to be getting the inside ready but there are no notices to say when it is opening yet.
Next doors little ginger cat..called "Cat" was in our garden this morning after our cats catmint! It makes them wild..and she was chewing it for ages and ended up rolling over on her back. It is a bit like catty LSD!
Tonight we are having:
A bit of a concoction with some Quorn tikka flavoured strips,
1/2 a packet of rice each
Mushroom stir fry.
VT says he will concoct something.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Today we..

Took my money off to Asda in Southport.Since we are going to Sainsbury's direction on Monday for an appointment in Walton we decided to go the other way to Asda for a change.
Quite like going there, it is usually easy to park and you get your parking money back which is good. Had a look in the Doulton shop while we were there but didn't see anything that I fancied. It was a bit like the vultures gathering, with everything reduced because they are closing down.
Asda was the usual tempting impulse buy shop, as well as the weekend things that we get.the only thing that annoyed me was that Colman's sauces were 54p!!!! Can't believe they are the right price! they are only 37p in Morrisons. Ah well we will get some in Sainsbury's on Monday.
Very blowy today..not really Flaming June at all. You couldn't go out today without a coat, and VT went into the garden before and came back in because it was too cold! Talk about climate change!!
Tonight we are having:
Almost cheeseless pasta casserole
A 101 Cookbooks recipe I have made before and it is delicious,
Carrots and green beans to go with.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sweet Smell of.....

Tomato..everywhere in the house! We started a mega batch of tomato saucee for our pizzas this morning after breakfast, and kept it simmering all morning on the stove. Tok it off after lunch and left it to cool. It makes enough for at least eight pizza tops maybe more, and is a good standby in the freezer. Muc much cheaper than buying the jars of pizza sauce and we know what is in it too which is a bonus.
Funny day today..we had the shooting on the rifle range at the back of the house. It is actually quite a way away but you can hear it very clearly. That was going all morning. people complain about it but they know what they are doing when they buy their property. You do get used to it..we don't notice it all the time. Today also the baby police were doing their training in front of the house. Poor little things they look so young barely old enough to have left school. So it was like being in a war zone front and back today!
VT was in the garden this morning too planting the things we got yesterday at Dobbies. He has some lovely plant pots now with some really pretty flowery things in them. The boy done well!
He also did the little lavender plants that he got free from the Daily Mail. Beautiful little plug plants and he has potted them on to give them a chance to grow. We have one on the patio area that he got maybe last year and that is gorheous..a real deep purple lavender shade and the bees really go for that.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic and Herb fillets,
Cauliflower with a bit of sauce on,
Saute potatoes, and any other veggies that need using up.
Thursday is turning out to be a use up day.

VT has just put his head round the door to say the tomato sauce mix has made 10 pots of pizza sauce!! We reckon that the jars cost about £1 each and we used three tins of tomatoes which was about £2 so that is good valus.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wet and Windy..Again!!

Woke up this morning at what I thought was early because it was still dark. Went along to the bathroom and found it was 8o'clock ish! Very dark everywhere. VT then went down to make our coffee and came back and said it was pitch black. Was that our summer I wonder? I am now back in my sweatshirt, and VT has swopped his shorts and shirt for trousers and a sweatshirt again.
We went off to Dobbies this morning to get a bag of compost and a few plants to fill up the last of the planters. got a nice mug of coffee and the compost and the plants and nothing else for a change. Usually we spend money in the food hall but didn't today.
Very wet and rainy and blowy there, so VT isn't planting them today.
Went to Waitrose on the way back to get a free bottle of fabric conditioner with a coupon in the paper, and got a couple of things from there..well £23 pounds worth! No doubt their stuff is dearer but it is a nice shop to go to.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Italian style "meatballs" in
Tomato and basil sauce
4oz pasta,
Steamed/microwaved vegetables to go with.
Bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quiet and Sunny..

Very quiet out today, not much moving. The cats are in the garden and Bobby in particular is a real sun baby. VT reckons she comes running when he shakes the hair brush at her. She loves getting a brush. Little Rusty is in her usual place in the basket on the stool in Jane's room. Gosh they sleep a lot. I'm coming back as a cat next time!!
I went to the Physio this morning.. waste of time actually, he said to keep doing the exercises and that was it.No need to keep going now, and he would inform the GP, so that is it there.
We called in at the garden centre on the way back and got some nice little bedding plants for the pots in the garden. VT has spent the afternoon putting them in, he said a couple of the pots have cracked, over the winter. He has not long come in because it is too hot he says. Well that makes a change!
Tonight we are having:
Escallopes..not sure what type. Will see when I look in the freezer.
Vegetables of some sort..
Small Jersy Royals.. Well quite big potatoes now actually. I think it is getting to the end of the season and they are getting quite big. Shame!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Today my money went to....

Sainsbury's in crosby. two reasons, first we wanted to go somewhere close to home without a trek to get there, and second we didn't want to go to Tescaw..
They had offers in the Mail on Sunday yesterday offering money off shopping, but when you read the fine print you had to spend out to get them. For example you have to spend five pounds on fruits and veg to get one pound off. Too much of a palaver, and we are trying to keep out of tesco.
I bought quite a lot of veggies enough for the week anyway, and a few other things we had run down on. Home in time for a good cup of coffee so everyone was pleased.
Very quiet today, and nothing much doing this week. A physio appointment tomorrowapart from that nothing else. Might go to The Cheshire Oaks this week.Haven't been there for ages. Wonder what has closed there now. Last time we went didn't buy much at all.
VT has been in the garden doing some watering, he said he has run off about twenty watering cans of water so he had come in for a piddle!!! Not surprised.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cornish Pasty,
4oz new potatoes with butter buds and parsley,
Mixed vegetables and mushrooms or maybe cauliflower and broccoli cheese.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Slumber On...

Further to yesterday's post about our new bedding..What Bliss..
Beautiful classy bedding..looks fantastic, and feels so soft against the skin. Very impressed with this purchase. The only thing is that it is a shame that it has to be covered up in case the cats go on it, but never mind we know it is there.
Did our usual Sunday things..made a loaf of granary bread, roasted some vegetables for the pizza, made the pizza dough, so all is done.
The crosswords weren't too hard or awkward today and didn't have to use the crossword answers site at all. Even got the birthday quiz one too which was Boris Johnson..45 on friday..if anyone cares.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce,Roasted vegetable topping,
Salad from M&S
Potato salad and Rice salad for VT,

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Luxury Bedding!!

After quite a long time searching for some new bedding linens, I eventually took a risk and ordered some from QVC. I haven't had any of their bedding before, and was initially put off by the idea of ironing them. But there were six pages of reviews mostly highly recommending the range, and they were on the easy pay, so I decided to go for it.
http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/app.detail/params.item.827367.cm_scid.cswb/walk.html.%7Cukhtml%7CCor_uk_MyAcct,htm I ordered the plum shade to go with the bedroom.
They arrived yesterday so we put them on the bed this afternoon. Must admit they make the bed look very classy and oppulent, and the cotton feels lovely against the skin. Looking forward to a luxurious night's sleep tonight!
Quite warm and sunny today, next door people have all been out in their garden today sunbathing. VT has just taken his tea outside and has his hat and shades on. Bobby is out there but Rusty is in her basket in the middle room, in the window with the sun on her.
In the news today Delia Smith has a CBE in the Queens birthday Honours list. Pity she hasn't been made a Dame though that would be well deserved. Anyway congratulations to her.
Tonight we are having:
Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz,
Stir fry vegetables with mushrooms,
Sauce of some kind..which we decide when we are cooking it.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Busy..

Two deliveries today, one from the postman the other from a courier which we missed somehow, and it was delivered next door. New bedding for our bed, egyptian cotton duvet set with 4 pillowcases and a fitted sheet. it is in a very small package..hope it doesn't have to go back!
The other was a top for moi, quite nice too, I actually went shopping in it.
Went over to Ormskirk today with my money. Spent a little less in Morrisons. Do wish the one in Formby hadn't gone I do like that shop.
Bought a new top in the sale in Bon Marche..go with my brown trousers, and some things in Holland and Barratt.
Called in at M&S mainly to get the cats chicken which we did and ended yup getting a few other things, mostly salads etc.,
Poor VT has a sore mouth today and is suffering with his teeth. He needs some new dentures that fit properly not the NHS ones which arte rubbish. I told him that NHS hearing aids are rubbish and I wouldn't dream of getting those, you get a much better service going privately, but he is a stubborn cuss!!! won't listen to me!!Never does..but he is nosy where my appointments are concerned though!!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me.
tartare sauce

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Waiting In..

For a delivery..due at about lunchtime, between 12 O'Clock and 2O'Clock. In the event he came at 1O'Clock, so that was right on the mark. It is a set of pre loaded injections to do with my iron level. Now I have to ring the renal nurse to find out what to do with them since no-one told me. Do that tomorrow.
We were talking about Jane when we were having our coffee and lo and behold she rang up a few minutes later. We had seen something about someone she used to be at school with who has been arrested in Spain for the murder of his girlfriend who has been stabbed a number of times and had her throat cut!! She already knew actually had heard last week, but it was only in the local paper today. Then we asked her about whether she had heard from her solicitor about her compensation but she hadn't.
The she rang up a short while later to say there was a letter from him when she got home about the medical reports which agreed with what she had said, so that was looking good for her. A lot of co-incidences today though.
VT went to Maghull this morning while I stayed in for the delivery, and came back with....cat food! He always comes back with cat food Bless Him.
Another delivery came light bulbs for VT from the Daily Mail and a parcel from St Tropez for Michelle the girl in the end house.
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all.
The rest of the Jersey Royals,
The rest of the vegetables,
Something from the freezer.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

One of Those Days..

We were intending to go out today, maybe over to Ormskirk. But, we awoke at about 8O'Clock, and VT said Hello..it's too early so we turned over and we then woke up again at ten to ten! So we had a cup of coffee and took out time. We usually have a bit of a talk in the morning and discuss things, so by the time we did get up it was too late to go anywhere.
VT decided he needed a hair cut so he went off to Formby to get one. Came back with it quite short, and £6.50 pooror but it looks good. I stayed here and cleaned the top of the cooker.Boring but it needed doing.
He was back for a nice mid morning cup of coffee. He has spent the afternoon cleaning his Mamod steam engine, got it running again but it needs a new rubber band to get it running properly he says. I paid about £35 for it or maybe a bit less, andthey are now around £100ish new!He saw one in the Oxfam shop the other day for £50 which is a bit dear really, and he said it was well used too.
Tonight we are having:
Sage and Onion Escalopes,
New Jersey Royals, sauteed,8oz between us.
A bit of bread sauce,
Carrots peas and beans.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Diets..and Dieticians.

Had to get up early this morning to keep an appointment at fazackerley Hospital. One of the problems of going there is the parking which is a nightmare. We went to Sainsbury's first because the cats had run out of chicken. They have a 1/2 a chicken breast every lunchtime as their treat and we didn't have any for them. They come down each day and sit waiting for it so that if we haven't got any you feel so guilty. I know it is silly but they are a part of our family!
We got to fazasckerley at about a quarter to eleven and waited at one of the car parks..and waited..and waited. Eventually VT drove off and dropped me off outside the Outpatients, then went to the other car park. I went to the clinic and only waited a few minutes and my name was called.
Saw the dietician today, and she was quite pleased with the progress. Everything is level and on a fairly even keel, and the low potassium diet seems to be working fine. Just stay on what we are doing. They don't need to see me again, and I was pleased about that, it is one less clinic to have to go to, and a bit less driving for the ever patient VT.
VT saved a little blackbird this afternoon, he said it was down at the bottom of the garden struggling, so he took it over to the plot and set it down there, where it could be tended by the parent birds. Aaaah! I hope the many cats that are around don't find it.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in a M&S Watercress sauce, with mushrooms.
Carrots and peas and
4oz of white rice to go with.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Posh Nosh...

Today I took my money off to Formby to Waitrose and M&S. At least going to Formby you are there quickly and home quickly, so we were back in time for a cup of coffee which is nice.
Bought the usual veggies, there is a good choice but they are expensive, and a lot dearer than say Morrisons. got enough variety to last the week though, with the little Jersey Royals becoming a bit scarcer and a bit bigger too, but I shall get them whilst they are in stock because it is such a short season.
Must admit Waitrose is a nice shop to go round but you go there jknowing that your bill will be a lot more, still it makes a change, it gets boring if you keep gpooing to the same ones.
Tonight we are having:
Mozzarella and Pesto escalopes,
Jersey royals boiled and squashed,
Mixed vegetables,
Mushrooms in a hollandaise sauce.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday usuals..

Made our usual weekly bread loaf. today a Sourdough oatmeal white bread, which has been baked and is now resting before being bagged. That usually lasts us a week, with toast, and sandwiches, so it is a good make.One day I will take some photos from start to finish right from the starter to the finished loaf.
Also made the pizza dough, but we have run out of tomato sauce so have had to buy a jar of it for today. VT is doing one a bit differently this week and is using pineapple and courgette and sausage, not a meat one but a very good pepperoni style one from Holland and Barrat.
Still quite cool today, although not raining but overcast, and a bit blowy. Flaming June it is still not..
VT went over to Maghull, he said it was the Farmers Market, but not many stalls and the cheese man wasn't there today. He got our pears, and some pizza sauceand white flour for the starter.
tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato, pineapple, and some roast vegetables.
Salad with cucumber, baby tomatoes, and avocado.
Potato salad and wild rice salad.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Flaming June!!!Not...

Cold today..very cool actually. We are back in sweatshirts and heaters today. As I type this I have the heater on in the room and the cat was sleeping in front of ot. How the weather changes in a week, at the beginning it was lovely and sunny, VT was out in the garden doing his bulbs in his shorts and sun hat, if you were out in that today you would freeze!
We spent a large part of the afternoon watching the very very last episode ever of ER.Excellent it was too. It had everything, a bit of sadness, humour, lovely touches, and a lot of the old faces from the past. Excellent..I really enjoyed that. it was a longer episode than usual, and worth every minute, only George Clooney missing which would have made it perfect, but you can't have everything!
I have watched that series from the beginning before it was ever a cult thing, and it has been by far one of the best series to have been on television. 15 series..and all finished..can't believe it!
VT went over to Maghull this morning, said there isn't much progress on the Morrisons. and no signs of any opening date yet. Came back with the usual things from B&M etc. he was reading in the paper that they are one of the fastest expanding stores/groups in the country. Started with one store in Old Swan and now have 250 stores. Wouldn't mind shares in them.
Tonight we are having:
Curry of some sort..maybe a green thai curry,
Mushrooms and a vegetable
Banana and a weightwatchers naan bread each.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday Trip..

Today was to Sainsbury's in Walton. Fairly busy too, but not so much that it was crowded. We seemed to whizz round and got everything we wanted, and finished by 12.15. So, parked the trolley..with VT telling me to keep an eye on it..twice.. and had a nice cup of coffee for the second time this week.
No particular bargains but one or two items caught my eye, like a beautiful punnet of fresh strawberries (English too). Might have some tonight with some creme fraiche.
VT had quorn sausage rolls with baked beans for his lunch, I had a egg end potato salad which is one of my favourite meals. I could cheerfully have a salad every day given the chance.
Quite sunny today..well it was this morning, but it has now gone dull. VT is in the garden sorting out his bulbs which he had taken up yesterday. He has put them in bags and will store them until replanting in about October.
Jane rang up last night and said that they had been robbed. Must have been late at night I think, Rachel had fallen asleep on the couch and Jane had heard banging from downstairs. She shouted "Shut the F*** up" and then went to see what the banging was all about, to find that they had had things taken. Poor rachel had only bought a lap-top the day before and that had been stolen, and Janes phone.nit's a good job Rachel didn't wake up..God knows what could have happened. They will be moving soon from this house I bet they will be glad of that.
Tonight we are having:
Spag Bog..
4oz of spaghetti, with tomato sauc3e,
Quorn mince.
Carrots to go with and a Weight watchers naan bread.Or, maybe a bit of garlic bread.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election Day...

Only the European elections but we still go round to the village hall and vote. I'm not saying who I voted for but it certainly wasn't Conservatives their candidate was a Lord something or other!!!! Well he isn't going to stand up for the everyday man is he?
Supposed to be cool today but the day dawned nice and sunny so they got that wrong. Supposd to be cool tomorrow as well so we shall have to see.
VT spent the afternoon in the garden taking out some daffodil bulbs from the pots. He saves them for next year and plants them again in about October.
Funny package in the post today..something about a delivery of injections. Can't say I was expecting that. and the Renal nurse said on Monday that I might need iron injections and that was it. No further details other than that. Must be about that i suppose. Maybe crosby will get in touch.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn lamb grills with gravy,
Jersey Royals squashed
Carrots and peas.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gordon in Trouble..

I started doing my blog on the day that Gordon brown became Prime Minister..nearly two years ago now. At the moment his cabinet members are resigning by the dozen nearly. David Cameron is jumping up and down banging a big drum wanting another general election. God Help Us!! i think the country needs to settle down a bit first.
This morning started dull and overcast, and we took ourselves off to Dobbies. the intention was to get some plants for the hanging baskets and the barrel in the front garden.Since we were there of course we had to have our free coffee and biscuits!! So, we got those then had a bit of a look round, Bought a few things in the food hall, and then got some very healthy looking plants.
VT spent some time after our lunch doing the front barrel and the baskets, and the sun came out, so it was quite hot.
He has just come up to say that little Bobby had followed him all round the entry at the back of the house, and sat on the steps at the end when he took the bin round. She is a loyal little thing really, bless her. Mind you I wasn't blessing her at 6.30 this morning when she was doing the tickling face routine on the bed!
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kievs,
Small Jersey Royals boiled and squashed,
Cauliflower with a 1/2 packet of cheese sauce.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Stop Ins..

Stayed in today..well you can't go out every day.
VT did the front garden, removed the daffodil bulbs from the barrel and got them ready to store away.
I did the ironing which was all over the downstairs and has been looking at me for a few days now. Mostly wintry things which need putting away for the summer. At present..(the second of June) the weather is lovely and sunny and very bright, but according to the weather people it is set to change by the weekend. It is quite pleasant at the moment, not too hot and good enough to sit out. The little cats are feeling the heat a bit though and Bobby is finding shady places to sleep in.
Really quiet today..no post at least fr me, VT got a few, and nothing happening, maybe go somewhere tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn toad in the Hole,
Cabbage and Leek with mushrooms. Steam the cabbage first then add the sliced myshrooms.
Might or might do gravy..depends.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Up Early and At Em!

Very early (for us) this morning...I had an appointment at Walton with the Nephrology clinic at 9.20. So, because of the traffic we started out at about 8.10. in the event the traffic wasn't too bad and we got there at a quarter to nine so sat in the car park and listened to the radio till it was nearer the time.
Went in, got weighed, had the blood pressure done and waited. Saw a clinical nurse this morning rather than a Doctor. She didn't say much really except to say that the levels were fine, but the iron level is still a little bit low. No changes really there then..keep on the tablets.
Went from there to Sainsbury's over the road to get the veggies, but we had a nice cup of coffee first. The Cafe part was very dark and gloomy and quiet. The woman said the shutters were broken so that explained the dark. Coffee was fine though.
Did the shopping and bought the usual things from there. VT had gone next door to get kitchen rolls and said there was a woman in front of him who had spent £97 in there!!!! God knows what on.
Came home by about 11.45ish, so we had some really refreshing melon from the fridge instead of a drink. Lovely.
Very hot and sunny today, the little cats are still quiet. I don't think they like the heat really..must be the fur coats.
Poor Susan Boyle is struggling this morning..and has been taken off to the Priory for a rest, suffering from exhaustion. The stress must be awful for her, and as it turns out she has learning difficulties. Her brother was on the news at lunchtime and said all she really wants to do is go home to her cat Pebbles. Aaah! Hope she recovers soon.
Tonight we are having:
New jersey Royals boiled,
Quorn Escalopes,
Mixed vegetables,
Hollandaise sauce.with mushrooms.