Friday, 30 November 2007

Ready Steady........

Getting ready to go on our annual pilgramage to Bath tomorrow. We got organised this morning, made a nice Sourdough Loaf to take with us, but put more white flour in it this time. It is presently proving while I am typing this.
Took the poor little pusses after our lunch, little Rusty has been following us about all morning, I'm sure she knows what is going on. As soon as VT got the cat baskets out of the shed she disappears..Cute eh!
We have had to take them to a new Cattery, because our old one that we have used for years has closed down BooHoo..Peter Walker has been a good friend to our two for a long time now.
This one is called Sunnyview Hotel..and is over in Lydiate, quite a bit further on but it is really nice for them. Peter Walker recommended it and he's not wrong. Beautiful pens and plenty of toys for them to play with. At least they're safe.
Came home, mopped the floors and then did our packing, not taking a lot with us, and we can always buy things there, it's not like going to America. We always mop our floors! it's something silly I have to do before we go away. I wonder what other people do?
Tonight we are having:
Fish Cake and Chips, and Mushy Peas if we have any or something out of the freezer if we haven't.
So this will be the last I will be doing this for about 9 days.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Getting Ready!!

VT is preparing for our journey to Bath. He has a formidable list and never forgets anything. It all goes on a list and then there are lists about lists...but it's all useful.
I am off to the dentist later about a back tooth with a little chip in it, but I don't want to leave it till we go away or something is bound to happen. We did the bedding today so have a nice clean bed to come home to..that sounds as if we don't wash the bedding but we do, and it happens to be the right time.
I'm sure the cats know when we go away because they adopt a strange manner. Follow you round the house, and peer into the boxes! Lovely little Rusty is presently on my knee as I am typing this, and it is very difficult to type like that, but you go round them. Bobby is stretched out on the middle room floor in front of the heater trying to tell us it isn't warm enough! This little Rusty's ears are gorgeous, so velvety and soft, I could stroke them for hours..
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and Pepper Quorn Escallopes..mainly because they were only 99p at Sainsburys!
Carrots,maybe some peas,
Some little potatoes left from the other night.
Mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Library Books and Bits..

Had to make a special journey to the library this morning. VT rang up yesterday to renew the books and some stupid person wanted the book I was reading. Can't think why since it is absolute rubbish, an Agath Raisin book . So I had to skip read it last night and take it back .
Went to the dentist since a bit has chipped off my back tooth last night and fortunately they can fit me in tomorrow at 5.10 so that was lucky. VT also called in at his dentist too and made an appointment fior after our holiday.
Last night we had:
Tomato Qourn fillet,
Tesco frozen pasta and vegetables in garlic sauce,
carrots and green beans.
Tonight we are having:
Goulash with veggie meatballs,
4oz rice

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Christmas here Already??

Spent the mornin decorating the Christmas trees. We have three, one in the front room window, one in the middle room, and one in the extension. Each one is a bit different the extension one is very simple just lights and silver decorations. The front room is mostly older decorations, a set we got from Liberty's years ago, I thought they were so expensive at £1.75, well that was a lot of money then.. We used to go to London on the Persil Vouchers.
Grumpy VT has been huffing and puffing all morning poor boy, it's his shoulder, still sore. He rang up the library to renew our books and one has to go back. It's the one I'm reading at the moment which is a pain but never mind.
Tonight we are having:
Totally and completely no idea!!! It will be something out of the freezer since we wanted to use things up.

Monday, 26 November 2007

A Pain in The............

VT has taken it upon himself to start getting all the Christmas decorations down. Now this is despite having a sore shoulder and walking around like Quasimodo with a list to one side! I wanted to wait till the house is clean and ready, but no..ever impatient VT has to get going. So now we have boxes everywhere and two trees out ready to decorate.
The reason we are doing this early is because we are away next Saturday, so if we wait till we come home it will be a rush.
I am putting him in a hot bath this afternoon, that will keep him quiet!
Doorbell busy this morning, first a delivery of Peat from Hortex, and then my parcel from QVC...busy busy.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
Carrots and peas,

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Bread and Pizzas

Started the bread off this morning, a nice Oatmeal and Potato loaf with sourdough starter. Then put our pizza dough in afterwards. Just a simple dough with wholemeal and white flour, yeast bread improver and honey. It is presently rising like mad in the coolish kitchen with the loaf.
The crosswords have proved very awkward today with the big Daily Mail one not finished yet. One or two particularly difficult ones to do, which take a lot of finding.
Tonight we are having:
Sourdough pizza with home made tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables and Asparagus we are posh tonight.
Salad with butterhead lettuce, avocado, cucunmber and baby tomatoes.
Poor VT has hurt his shoulder today, he did it last night reading the newspaper!!!!! I have been putting Ibuprofen gel on it for him today and he says it is easing.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

All Singing All Dancing printer..

VT has spent the morning installing our new printer, copier, photo printer etc. It looks a nice machine and a good colour, much tidier on the desk top. It has replaced our old one which is a bit antiquated now, and this one does so much more.
It is an absolutely horrible cold wet windy day here today, not a day to be going out, and I fell for anyone who has to set foot outside. Going dark about fourish now and completely black by five.
Says on the news that Australia has a new prime minister and has gone Labour. Wonder how they all feel about that. Maybe John and Ann will say in their next letter. I posted their Christmas card and present today with a quick letter inside. Bought them a Crabtree & Evelyn scented amulet with a bottle of oil to go with. We got one as well in the C&A shop in Sturbridge US. They had some lovely stuff there but we had to watch the baggage!
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable spring rolls,
Egg fried rice with 4oz rice.
Stir fry vegetables with a sauce to be chosen later.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Yet Again Friday Shop Day..

Took my money to Tesco this morning. Friday comes round with monotonous regularity, but we have to stock up for the weekend. Next weekend we are off to Bath again for our yearly visit, so the idea was to not buy very much, just the basics of what we need! Ha Ha we still came out having spent £50 !! Mind you that included wine because it is on offer at 25% off for 6 bottles. Got 4 of white and 2 of red . Two bottles of Kumala which I like, at 3.99 which is a good buy.
Bought plenty of veggies but didn't want to get too many since we are away next weekend.
Had to give poor little Bobby her anti-biotic today, poor VT tried to use the pill giver but she spat it out again. Then tried to give it to her in the chicken but she licked round it. Crafty VT stirred the chicky up a bit and she ate it then, so she has had most of it. The lengths you have to go to!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish cake..
A few chips,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi, I don't really like mushy peas..
A few baked tomatoes or maybe some tomato sauce, not sure yet.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Cheshire Oaks Visit

Well we did get up early this morning and took ourselves off to the Cheshire Oaks. The day didn't start promisingly because it was raining quite heavily, but it actually cleared up during the morning.
Had a good look round, bought some origin chocs at Thorntons, then into Next. Never find anything in there though the clothes aren't as good as they used to be. Saw some beautiful little espresso cups in the kitchen shop which we later went back for. Round to Costa Coffee for our usual tipple, a soy latte for me and one for VT with a shot of something in. Quite crowded in there. I think it is the first stop after the coach station!
Round to M&S and Smiths. Bought our Christ,as Crackers in M&S. Last year we got some cheap ones from Range and they were awful, I'm looking for a big improvement this year!
Beautiful sandwiches from Pret a Manger, Brie and Cranberry. Really really nice, some of the tastiest sandwiches we have had since we came back from US.
Walked past Clarks, and went in to see if they had any slippers. When we were in about Aug. they said too early for slippers!! Daft that is! They had a deal, £8 a pair or 2 pairs for £10, so I am now well stocked up on slippers. We had looked in almost every shop for sweat shirts, but couldn't find any till we went in Cotton Traders. £7 each so we bought one each, mine is a fetching shade of pink VT's is a fetching shade of dark bottle green!
Then home..quite pleased with the purchases today, pity they weren't at US prices though.
Stopped at Sainsbury's on the way back to get the babies some chicken, well they have been on their own all day, and got some nice pasta and sauce for our tea so tonight we are having:
Pumpkin Ravioli.
Tomato and Goats cheese sauce
Asparagus and a tiny sprinkle of parmesan.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bits and Pieces.

The little cats seem to be better today. Bobby is still quite tired but Rusty is back to her usual self. Poor little Bobby it has really knocked her out.
VT is messing about in the garden, filling the green bin day you see. he has planted some spring bulbs in the containers. Last year the daffodils were gorgeous, and the little pots of snowdrops really pretty. Well worth him doing. Get in the garden James!!!
We are off to the beautiful city of Bathnext week. Well just outside Bath actually. We go every year to stay at High Lyttleton in the same cottages we have stayed in for years. We used to go at Christmas, but it is a bit expensive now and we miss the cats. Plus we have some nice things at home and prefer our home luxuries. It is a great time of the year to go, because the Bath Christmas Market is on and that is really pretty with some lovely stalls. You always get something unusual. We like going to Wells as well, that is a lovely small city with some great shops and a small town feel. They have a good market too on a Wednesday and a Saturday, with a little farmers Market.
Not going to take a lot of stuff this time, it's only a week and you do end up wearing the same things all the time.
VT went out to Crosby to get some smokeless fuel and came back with the USB lead for the printer as well.
Going to finish this as I am going to have a bath. Candles, nice bath foam and a good book..can't beat it, and it beats teaching anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato with celeriac,
Carrots..well we got a big bag and they need using up,
I think sausages but not sure, I will see what is in the freezer.
In the papers today that Saint Delia is returning to the screen in a new series of Cheats Cooking. Well I've been doing that for years, a bit of home made cooking and a bit of convenience foods as well. Good blend of both.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Poor little Pussies!

They had to go to the vets today for their yearly check ups and vaccinations. They absolutely hate going in the car and cry all of the way, and one or other of them usually has a wee or worse in their basket. And, they didn't disappoint either. VT has a rescue bag and stops to sort them out. When they get there they are as good as gold though and take all the poking and prodding like troopers. Bobby has a prblem with her teeth so has some antibiotics, and has to go back when we come back from Bath. rusty is fine. She has lost 1/2 lb., which is more than we have!!
Then we came home had a cup of coffee and a biscuit, and went off to Tesco. Yesterday we noticed that they were selling a printer (Epson) for £49.99 so we went back today to get one. Our printer is quite aged now, it was bought when Jane had her first computer, so doesn't owe us anything. This one is a printer, copier, scanner and does photos as well.It should free up a bit of space on the unit.
Tonight we are having:
Roast Vegetables, onion pepper, courgette and the remainder of the butternut squash roasted.
Quorn sausagesor a chicken style steak.A few new potatoes roasted in with the veggies.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Proper Post now!!

Monday today so we generally go for some veggies for the week. Went to Tesco's for a change don't really like going there but they do have a good range of goods. Got a wide pile of veggies, carrots, onions leeks green beans etc., so have a lot to choose from for the weeks meals.
Managed to get £44 worth of stuff in the time, God knows what we bought really, just seemed to get a load of things we had run out of.
Went past a display of printers reduced for early sale, one type was an Epson DX400 which we looked up on the internet. Seemed to be a good buy at £50, for an all-in-one printer copier and scanner. Will probably go back and get one..then I bet they have all gone!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes, with soft cheese and ham,
Small potatoes,
Carrots and butternut squash. Maybe a few mushrooms.

Sunday's Post...A Day late..

Got caught up in the crosswords today, they were particularly awkward with a number of clues that were difficult to finish. So, therefore I was left with no time to do the blog.
VT @s mission was accomplished...he came back from Maghull with his two free bottles of Bishops Finger Ale. Big bottles too so good value.
Tonight we had:
Pizza with a dough mad3e separately,
Home made tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables onions pepper tbaby tomato etc.,
Goat cheese and mozzarella
Salad with golden baby plum tomatoes avocado and cucumber.
Gorgeous pizza too..wholemeal flour and some spelt for flavour.
VT is good at these by gum!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday Do Not a Lot Day..

Just a bit of this and a bit of that today. Bit of washing and a bit of reading the papers, so quite a quiet day really. The thing about being retired is that you don't have to rush out on a Saturday any more you can spread things out through the week. Your weekends sort of disappear really.
Coupon in the Saturday Express for £5 of a spend of £10 in Crabtree & Evelyn, so VT rushed out to buy another paper! Well it saves money and we like their things. Since there was also a coupon for a buy one get one free bottle of beer at Threshers it is q2uite a good buy isn't it. We can use the C&E coupon in Bath when we go in December there is a nice store in The Podium.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring Rolls,
4oz Egg fried rice,
Stir Fry vegetables,
Honey and Coriander sauce.
We seem to be stuck in the Stones routine again. Not putting weight on but not losing any either..a bit boring really. If we could drop a pound or two every other week that would be good, but it isn't happening. I think it must be the cheese and crackers at the weekend that does it, but we like those. We do eat carefully during the week and have cut out a lot of the things we used to have, and certainly cut down on the portion size so there should be a bit more progress. It's a bit disheartening but we'll keep at it till Christmas..

Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday Shopday..

If it's friday it must be a shopday. We decided to give our money to ASDA today, so we spread our money about a bit! Went to the Southport one, so had a cup of coffee at the Range store first. They do a surprisingly good and large cup of coffee, but no biscuits maybe we should take our own ha ha..
Nearly bought a diamond pendant from ASDA today, in fact I would have but there was no-one at the jewellery counter. So they lost out. I have a very favourite pair of diamond earrings that VT bought me some years ago when we were going on holiday to New England, he bought me them at the airport and I love them. Need something diamondy to wear them with to match. Sorry I didn't go back now. Got a mini statement this morning and both my pensions have gone in, the staate one and the teachers one so my bank balance is looking more healthy than it has ever done. I never had this much money when I was working anyway, was always in the red, now I have pots of money, and buy what I want. Lovely!!
VT has bought a digibox from ASDA, he won a premium bond so has spent that on it. He has put it in the bedroom for now, and I must say that it has a very good reception. Just been watching the news on it, excellent.
Did a load of shopping, got all the weekend stuff, and a good bargain in wine with Baanrock reserve Chardonnay at 3 bottles for £10 so I got 6 bottles of that. Should be £8 a bottle so a great saving there and a really nice wine.
Tonight we are having:
Shepherds Pie, with Quorn Mince,
Mashed Potato topping, with cauliflower,
Haven't done a Shepherds Pie for ages so that will make a change.

Still wish I had bought that pendant now boo hoo!!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Slow Day Today..

We were thinking of going out today, maybe Cheshire Oaks, but found our bed was so comfy we didn't stir. then VT bless him got up and made us a cup of coffee and a cow biscuit so we really didn't move. But, that is the joy of being retired, if you don't want to do something you don't. What the Hell, no-one cares do they!
Did some ironing, vacuumed a bit, wrote a bit of a letter to John and Ann in Perth Australia, had a bit of a mess around on the puter then lunch. Very busy day eh!! Cats booked in for their check-ups next Tuesday 10.45 poor little things hate taking them there. They cry all the way, but it's for their own good . They will be going to a new cattery this time we go away, because the one we usually use is closing down Boo Hoo! they have been going there for years so it's a real shame.
The post seems still to be rubbish at the moment. I got a parcel from QVC this morning that was shipped on the 2nd November, and they usually take about 5 days. This took more like 11. Also got a Secret Santa parcel from the Delia Website. Looks interesting, all wrapped up in brown paper and rattles a bit. I sent my Secret Santa off to Cellardoll (Nina) in Germany yesterday and the bauble to Chillie in Switzerland. Got them off in plenty of time because going abroad you have to allow for the delays etc.
Tonight we are having:
Another of my not sure days really!!
Maybe a pasta meal since we haven't had pasta for a while now. I have some frozen pasta dishes from Tesco in the freezer so will use one of those, and have something with that. I will see what the freezer shouts out at me.
Sometimes it's a case of just looking to see what needs using up, or what is in the fridge or freezer and working around that.Sometimes you know exactly what you are havin, but I don't really plan menus at all, and try to vary what we have. A lot of Quorn though but that is the nature of being a Vegetarian.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Quietly Mooching.

Nipped into Crosby this morning for a few bits and some smokeless fuel. We haven't had a fire yet this Autumn/Winter so that will be a first. I went into Sainsbury's for a few items, I really hate that shop. You can't move in there it's so small, and if you get someone having a chat in the middle of an aisle it all backs up. They need to move to a bigger shop.
Just messed about today really, not intending to do much..nice isn't it.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and Black Pepper Escallopes,
Cauliflower and broccolli Gratin,
4oz saute potatoes.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Secret Santa- Secret Bauble-and Rain!!

Today is the sort of day that you are really glad that you don't have to get up and go to work. You can just stay in and do whatever you want.
So...We started the morning by getting the things ready and packed for the Secret Santa parcel on Delia website. Mine has gone off to Cellardoll (Nina) in Germany. She is going to Australia for Christmas so wanted to get that off early. I bought things in US and tried to get fairly light things but the postage was still over £5. I sent...a little wish list book for putting on the tree, a set of cocktail napkins from The Pier, a set of silicone cupcake cases in bright colours, and a book about cupcakes, and a little microplane zester.
I also did the Santa Bauble which went off to Chillie in Switzerland, I bought this from a Craft fair in North Conway so that will have been well travelled. I sent her a little wish list book too, from Sturbridge village. We have packed John and Anns present too and that is awaiting a letter to go inside. Well organised this year for a change!
It is absolutely tipping down today and is really quite cold so will have a gorgeous bath today with my book and my teaching eh!!
Tonight I am going to do a casserole of some sort, we have plenty of veggies and some baking potatoes I can use as long as not too many.
I shall use a leek, carrot, celeriac, and a couple of lamb burgers, so it will be like a hot-pot. Haven't had one of those for ages so will be a change.
Sign of winter coming on doing casseroles.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Oh What A Night!!

The little cat who was so loving the other day caused me problems last night. She settled in the middle of the bed between VT and me, but more on my side. I woke up at 4.40 and found myself getting colder, the quilt half off my side and a draught of cold air blowing in. Once awake I couldn't get back to sleep so tossed and turned till we got up at 7 am.
Early rise today because I had two appointments at Walton Hospital, the first one at Mr Graddon's clinic at 9o'clock. The second in the Diabetes clinic at 9.45. Didn't think we would make them both on time but we did, and with time to spare too.Made full use of the NHS today alright, had a chat with all of the Dr's and most pleased with the weight loss.
VT drove me as usual bless him, and waited patiently inside fo me to come out. Since he normally sits in the car this was nice. It is good to have someone to talk to while waiting to have the various tests etc.
Then we went to Sainsbury's for a nice cup of coffee and a shortbread, and get a bit of vegetable shopping.Got a few more bits for the freezer since they had some offers and it is now so overstocked that you can barely open the door!! must refrain from buying any more till we have used things up....
Tonight we are having:
Goats cheese and cranberry Quorn escallopes
4oz small potatoes probably baked,
Vegetables, maybe cabbage and leek, maybe carrots with ginger.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Love of a little Cat...

Just come upstairs to use the computer. put the lights on drew the curtains, it is now pitch black and only 5o'clock. Waited for the computer to warm up, and heard a thump. Little rusty who had been fast asleep on Jane's bed all curled up and fast asleep had jumped down. Sorry for disturbing you Rusty. next moment she is on my knee, in between me and the keyboard purring away like an engine. god I love that cat.. what a little darling.
Had a busy morning. Made our usual Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal loaf in the breadmaker, we use the dough cycle only. Then did some Roasted Vegetables for the Pizza. VT went to Maghull to get some bits and have a mooch, and returned at lunch. Then he made a batch of tomato sauce for the pizza bases. We do a big batch then freeze it in little tubs for about 6 weeks.He makes a damn good topmato sauce too.
So the sauce is cooling and the dough is rising and all's well with the world.
Now come upstairs to do the crosswords as we do every Sunday.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made sourdough base,
Tomato sauce home made by VT,
Salad with avocado if it is ripe enough!
Baby plum tomatoes cucumber and salad seeds,
Potato and pasta salads to go with.
Nice eh! it's one of the best meals of the week!!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Spreading the Word..

VT who has been glancing at this Blog of mine, mainly to see what I am saying about him I think, pointed out that it is referred to in Google search. I had no idea really, I use it as a sort of diary, charting what we are doing and to keep a record of what we are having for our veggie healthy eating plan. VT says he looks on occasionally to see what we are having for our evening meal!! Funny man.
Must admit I have a real yearning to bake something today. A lovely sponge cake or a poppy seed loaf or a nice batch of scones...why is everything so tasty so fattening?? Who could imagine a small scone with butter and jam and clotted cream could be a zillion calories..Just not fair!!
Yesterday the doorbell went and it was a parcel. Quite a big parcel and it was labelled chilled products. No idea what it was and was surprised to see when I opened it up that it was a tub of Clover Margarine. Now this is special Clover margarine because it is a new lighter version that I have been asked to try. Nothing on the tub so it looks very unusual. I did an online survey a few days ago about spreads and this is the result. Must admit I am a Clover fan so it isn't a hardship, and so far anyway it is proving to be a tasty spread.
Tonight we are having:
Guess what Chinese.
4oz rice egg fried, VT does this and beautifully,
Stir fried vegetables,
Chinese sauce of some sort,
Quorn Goujons or Dippers we shall see.
Lovely to get vback into our usual chinese routine again.

Friday, 9 November 2007

If It's Friday It's Shop Day!

We like to spread our shopping around a bit, so today we went to Morrisons in Ormskirk. When we arrived there were stalls in the centre, and you couldn't park easily. It transpired that it was a Farmer's Market, and quite a good one too, but the only thing we bought was a Honey comb included for VT who likes such things. Quite a lot of cheese stalls which we would have bought from, but being on our Healthy Eating plan we didn't. Aren't we good.
Mooched around the town a bit, I bought a new nightshirt from Bon Marche with a beautiful little kitten pictured on the front and the words "Sweet sweet Dreams" Aaaw. Well a girl can't have too many nighties! and a bargain bra! only £7 in the sale..Well a girl can't have too many bra's either!!
My little cat keeps jumping up on my knee when I'm on the computer..stands there for sometimes ages then jumps off. Bless her..she is the sweetest little cat, a perfect cat really, never does anything wrong and is so affectionate. About 18months ago , a year last February she went missing for 5 weeks till we got her back from one of the big houses over the line. She was extremely thin like a razor blade actually but recovered with lots of TLC.
Our other cat Bobby (Robyn) is completely different. No-one would say she is the prettiest cat in the world but she makes up for that with personality. And, Boy does she love her Chicke, if you stand at the door and shout Chickie Bobby, she will run from anywhere. Bobby is a big bruiser of a cat but very loving in her own way.She is a sort of Jo Brand of cats I think.
VT is shredding again!! All I can hear from his "Study" is the steady whine of the shredding machine as he gets rid of things. God knows what he did before he got it..
Tonight we are having:
Vegetables of the mixed variety since I have a bag left over!
Vegetarian Kievs from M&S,
4oz potatoes unless they have gone green!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

What a Grey Day!

Grey and dark today and a bit blustery. Went to Formby briefly thius morning because I needed some Ryvita rice cake crispbreads from Waitrose. These seem to be getting in short supply and we cannot buy them anywhere else but Waitrose now.
Lovely shop to browse around though, they do have the more unusual items, and are beginning to get the Christmas things going. Very tempting and have to resist items that are bad for us.
Big weigh in this morning and we are still the same..stuck on the stones..11 and 12!! Mind you we did go over the top a bit on holiday for the two weeks, so lucky to have got away with that really. I am still amazed we didn't put loads on, but we must have done more walking.
Nowhere to walk round here exactly.
Tonight we are having :
Carrots with ginger, because I have a big bag of carrots that need using up.
4oz small potatoes boiled then fried in fry-light.
Probably a quorn item of some sort.

VT did his deeds with the Big Green Wheelie Bin this morning. Still seems silly not to have a weekly service wonder what it will be like in the summer??

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Mystery of the Vanishing Post.

I spent ages yesterday typing in a post only to have it vanish when I went to look at it. God Knows what happened because I don't. Maybe some button I pressed wrongly knowing me. Ah Well, perhaps today will be better.
Big thing happened since we went away was the delivery of The Wheelie Bins!!!!! One back for general rubbish and one Green for garden waste. Removal every other we have to remember which week is which. Today VT has been clearing the garden to fill the green one, so now we have a leafless and clear front garden. This is what is called progress! can't see it myself. We do our share of re-cycling, bottles glass and papers etc., and don't actually generate a lot of garden waste.

Back on our healthy eating plan...since we came home we have been careful again, and we are sticking around the stone mark...again!!
Tuesday night the 6th we had a very tasty evening meal:
Tomato Quorn fillet,
Tesco Penne and vegetable pasta with garlic sauce,
Mushrooms and Asparagus with a small dollop of 1/2 fat creme fraiche.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages with gravy,
Small new potatoes baked in the oven,
Cabbage medley with apple.

I kept a record when we were away of the money we spent on food and roughly speaking we spent about $300 a week.
This included a few very good meals..2 Flatbreads and one special meal at Cedar Street Restaurant of $85!! a lot for us.
The food was quite mixed some excellent some absolutely awful. Fairly difficult to get good vegetarian food especially evening meals. I don't think we had any fresh vegetables all the time we were away. It was lovely to get home to some Quorn and veggies!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Going Dark Part Two..

Part two here. Since we came back from America the nights have been drawing in with speed. Five to five now and it is very nearly dark. What was funny was the fact that the night we returned the clocks went back so that was really confusing. Weather not so wintry or even Autumnal yet though. We went to the library this morning and were too warm, VT went to the dentist for some new teeth this AM so I had a good browse amongst the cookery books. Nothing new though.
Last night we had: Leek and Broccolli bakes from ASDA which were excellent,
Mixture of small potatoes, carrots broccolli and cauliflower with mushrooms in a savoury white sauce.
Very tasty actually.
Tonight we are having:
Tomato Roma Fillets Quorn type,
tesco frozen penne with green vegetables.

Going Dark..

Monday, 5 November 2007

Back in the Old Routine...Yay!!

Saturday night we had our usual Chinese..and very good it was too. When we were away in North Conway we went to a Chinese restaurant called "China Chef" which was actually quite good. Not like ours..but not bad! and VT enjoyed the free tea! I didn't. Can't stand tea, haven't had tea since I had Jane 24 years ago!!!
Sunday was the usual crosswords and bits and pieces day. For our evening meal we had:
Pizza!! A real home-made sourdough pizza with tomato sauce
Salad with Avocado and yellow baby plum tomatoes
Roast vegetables and some frozen artichokes which were a real success.

Today we went to Tesco to get some vegetables, and ended up spending £47.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Busy Day Today.

Early start this morning because of a hearing aid clinic appointment, supposed to get a hearing test, but apparently the ears are blocked with wax so wouldn't give a correct reading. So short and sweet in there.
Went to Boots to get some pictures developed, which was quite good, then went to Range to have a lovely cup of coffee.
ASDA next to get the pictures put onto a CD but this proved to be very long winded..and took ages. We ended up with about 6 CD's for some reason, but they are gorgeous photos, some of the colours are fantastic.
Didn't do the blog yesterday because we were watching the photos on the screen, so last night we had:
Quorn Garlic and Herb fillets,
Mushroom sauce,
Chantnay Carrots,
4oz of little fried potatoes each.

Tonight we are having:
4oz of chips each,
Fishless fishcake,
Mushy peas for VT and Green beans for Moi.
Tartare sauce.