Saturday, 28 February 2009

Little bit of a touch of Spring in the air, but still coolish. VT went out this morning to get some fuel for the fire, and I stayed in to do a couple of things, mostly on the computer.
Washing today , the bed linen, but nowhere near warm enough to hang it out yet, Must have been awful in the olden days when we didn't have Tumble Dryers, and everything had to be dried round the fire.
Caught up on a few programmes we hadn't yet watched, last weeks Antiques Road Show, and a Lark Rise to Candleford. I remember doing that book for O Level years ago and really enjoyed it, but the TV version is very twee. I'm sure country life was nothing like that in reality.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai curry with Quorn pieces,
Basmati Rice,
Stir Fry vegetables.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Return of Friday...

Friday again, and since we were out yesterday all day, we didn't fancy going far today. There are roadworks on the Formby By Pass so we wanted to avoid those. We ended up in formby at Waitrose, it was a toss up between there and Tesco so that was it really. We are trying to keep out of Tesco these days since they are taking over everywhere. and Waitrose was the choice for my money today.
We bought the things we needed for the weekend, and a few extra items and the bill in the end came to £43 ish. Not too bad for us really, we did show restraint today.
It is a pity that there isn't a bigger Sainsbury's shop in Crosby , the one there is far too small, and one of my most unfavourite shops on Merseyside. There was a talk in the local paper of them enlarging the word it needs it.
Lovely scented bath and candles this afternoon. That is one of life's luxuries for me. Better than teaching anyway!!!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers,
Chips 200 grms,between us,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me.
Baked Tomato.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Out for the Day...

We decided this week we would go out today, so we went over to the Cheshire Oaks. We arrived by ten o'clock when it starts opening up, and you could have parked anywhere. One of the good things about going there is the parking, you don't have to pay,so you don't have the problem of going back to the car to put more money in.
Quite a nice day too, overcast but didn't rain..however as I type this it is raining now, and has gone quite blowy.
Had a look in our usual shops, Next, Thorntons regatta etcx., but didn't buy anything. I bought one Bobbi Brown eye shadow in the cosmetics shop, and had a godd big free squirt of their Origins Ginger Essence which is my favourite.
Had our usual coffee in Costa Coffee, I have a Soy Latte, and VT has one with a Vanilla shot, and a couple of lovely little shortbread hearts,Mmmmm.
Nothing in M&S and nothing in W H Smiths either. got a cvouple of things in Whittards, and some nice flavoured coffees. By this time it is nearly lunchtime so we went to Pret a Manger, but it was crowded so we went back in a little bit. I had an Avocado and Pesto sandwich, and VT had a Falafel Melt. Both really fresh and tasty. Made our way back to the car. VT bought a new corduroy jacket in Cotton traders I had spotted for £5 yep that's right a fiver, and it is a lovely jacket. Then he bought a new everyday coat from Regatta, so he did well today. it is usually me who buys things so he did fine for a change.
Home fairly early today, just in time to beat the rain.
Tonight we are having:
Carrot and Swede Mash,
Mashed Potato with leek,
Maybe Lamb Grills or Chicken Style Kievs.

By the way last night's meal of Almost Cheeseless Pasta Casserole was delicious. It was a recipe I had not done before, and I was surprised at the different flavours. Lovely.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


What a pain. We have an Epson printer, and all VT wanted to do was put in another printer cartridge. Information sheet in pictures was no use at all. certainly not user friendly. VT is usually very gadget savvy but this was taking forever. First nothing happens, then it says printer not ready, then it says printer offline then nothing! A total pain.
We went over to ormskirk this morning for a bit of a look round. it was nice to begin with, but very cold, then it started drizzling which got you wet. Bought some more Acidolophus tablets from Holland and Barrett which luckily were on offer, and our fishless fingers for friday, and some meatfree pepperoni like sausages which are great on a pizza.Got another pair of trousers from Bon Marche and a nice top. they had an offer of %20 off everything, and that makes a difference.
Finished off in Morrisons to get a few items to gety the car parking fee back.
This afternoon has been spent trying to get the printer going to print off a recipe for our tea tonight.
Almost Cheeseless Pasta Casserole Recipe
From 101 Cookbooks, a truly wonderful site covering vagetarian dishes from America. This recipe has squash, spinach and brown pasta, and a sauce made from greek yoghurt and an egg yolk.
So Tonight we are having:
Almost cheeseless pasta recipe from 101 cookbooks.
Baked Tomatoes and Mushrooms and a tiny piece of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day!

We like pancakes, but this year I bought a pack of frozen Aunt Bessies ones from ASDA!!!! isn't that terrible or what. We like ours with lemon and sugar, very traditional really but the best way I think.
We went to Dobbies this morning to get our free coffees before february runs out! Very nice too. we saw some beautiful palish blue primroses in the garden section so bought a tray for the front garden. Since all of our plants are in containers, it is inevitable that you will lose some during the winter. A couple of the ones in the front have gone very spindly and are shot, so want re doing. These little primroses should fill the pots nicely. I am actually very impressed with Dobbies, the quality of the plants is excellent.The plants that VT put into the two baskets in the back and the one at the front are lovely. A true little splash of colour in the grey of Winter. The yellow ones in the back are a mass of little yellow flowers and buds. An excellent buy.
Didn't get anything else there apart from a birthday card for Rachel but we went through Formby on the way back so called in at Waitrose for a bag of salad, and some of their Smoked Oatcakes. these are VT's favourites and he had ruun out.
Tonight we are having:
Sage and Onion turkey style escallopes,
Cranberry sauce, and bread sauce,
little baked potatoes,
Mixed vegetables, and maybe a touch of Hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 23 February 2009


Where we went today was decided by a coupon in the paper at the weekend. The Daily Something gave away a free DVD at Blockbusters, so VT went and got one yesterday at the Maghull shop. Can't remember the name of it actually, but it was quite good. Not memorable exactly, but watchable. So we recorded everything last night and watched that. Quite enjoyed it.
Therefore we had to take it back today, so went to Sommerfield for our veggies today. He went to take the DVD back, and I went round the shop. Got a good selection, including a reduced pack of braised red cabbage, so that determined what we are having tonight.
The Oscars last night were all won by Slumdog Millionaire it seems, and Kate Winslet won the Best Actress award. Glad about that one, I like her. After watching "There WEill Be Blookd" on Saturday night, I can well see why Daniel Day Lewis won the best actor Oscar for that one. Very good film but a tad too long.
Didn't bother having a look round the shops because we wanted to get home for our coffee. Well we do like our coffee, and VT does make exceedingly good coffee.
Jane has gone off to London today to see "Wicked" I think it is for Rachel's 30th birthday.They were picking up rachels sister in the Midlands then going on by train to london. for the day and to see the show.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Sausages, in an onion gravy,
Braised red cabbage,
mashed Potato, and carrots.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Weekend Doings..

Combibing the two days together today. For some reason I forgot to do yesterdays one. never mind eh as they say.

Did a nice Hovis loaf this morning instead of the Sourdough we usually make. Then did the pizza dough to our usual recipe. VT decides which flour to use then the rest is the same as always. Roasted some vegetables, but only used courgette, red pepper for VT and some little tomatoes. Looked quite a nice mix actually. VT wanted a slightly different pizza today so he is doing a different topping.
Both of our crosswords were easy today, he finished his in record time and I finished mine a little later. Then he started the MOS one and did a whole load of those. I only had a few to do on the net.
Last night we watched "There Will be Blood" which we thought was very good actually. I can see why Daniel Day Lewis won the best actor award for that one. Quite a long film though, some would say too long, but we found it compelling.Well worth watching.
VT went out this morning and came back with some bits and pieces mainly cat food and honey. Also a little jar of Marmite for Rusty! She has a piece of toast every morning with some of my cheese spread on it and a scraping of Marmite. She will then take about five minutes to lick it off!
Last night we had:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice and stir fry vegetables,
Plum and ginger sauce.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato topping,
Pineapple, and vegetarian pepperoni type sausage,
Roasted courgette, tomato and red pepper,
Goat's cheese to finish and sliced mushrooms.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Once a Week it is Friday!!

Friday again today, so we go off with my money to ASDA in Southport. We actually went via formby because I had told Jane that I would put some money in the bank for her. The trouble was we couldn't park anywhere. VT went round and round and nothing was moving, so we gave up and went off to Southport. he said he would go in to crosby to the bank this afternoon to pay the money in.
Southport ASDA was quite busy actually, the half term really makes a difference with kids running around.Had a look at the clothing but nothing appeals. The trouble with their clothing is it all looks badly made so you just know it wont last. No books I fancied either so didn't buy any of those either. Must be slipping. I am reading a Jodi Picault book at the moment, but I am getting bored with it so might not finish. It is a library book so no problems there. If it was one I had bought I would feel obligated to finish it, but library ones are fine for that.
VT and I both read a lovely article in the Mail magazine about a cat called Dewey who was dumped in a library in Iowa on one of the coldest nights of the year, and bevcame a library cat. Lovely little story, I'd love the book. Apparently it is going to be a film starring Meryl Streep. Would be nice.
Bought the usual in Asda,Chinese this weekend. Also got three bottles of wine for £10 including two Arniston bay which is a lovely white.
Tonight we are having:
Spaghetti Bolognese or A Pasta bake..
green beans and butternut squash.
little bit of garlic bread.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Pretty Cats

VT put new collars on the cats yesterday, Rusty has a lovely new deep red one with a round red tag, and Bobby has an elegant black one one with a yellow tag.They do look really pretty, I must take a photo of them.
Tonight we are having:
Stilton and Broccoli Quiche
tin of weightwatchers spaghetti, and a few little fried potatoes.

Short and sweet today, Lovely jane was chatting on the phone..

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Well they got me... I had sworn to keep out of Tescaw..but I got their clubcard through the post this morning. It had a couple of vouchers in it, and a £3 voucher, which shows how little |i have been in there this year. One was a £1 off Nescafe Parisienne coffee which we like, and so we went to get a couple of things. Principally the chicken for the cats!! Came out £23 poorer! So they got me again.Didn't have much of a look round because we wanted to get back for our coffee.Didn't even have a look at their books which is pretty unheard of. Mind you I have about 50 odd books by the side of my bed to read, so that is a good job.
I started a new one last night, I got from the library, a new Jodie Picault one "Keeping Faith" but it is in large print, and weighs a ton! The one I have just finished was excellent.."Inside the Whale" and I really enjoyed that. It had really good short chapters, unlike the Jodi Picault one which has horrendously long chapters, so you can't finish a chapter before you go to sleep. Pain, I hate that.
The postman woke us up this morning with my QVC parcel. I had ordered a set of three little Steiff key rings. They are so cute..I have put one on my handbag and am going to send the other two to Ann n Australia.
Really cute...
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kievs,
Cauliflower with a bit of cheese sauce on, and carrots,
Baby potatoes maybe sauteed.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Day In Today

Spent the day in today. VT went over to do a bit of shopping. It is all very well doing a load of shopping at M&S but you can't get the basics there and there were a couple of things I forgot, like a bag of lettuce. So he went out for a bit of a look round, and I stayed in.
It really is a very quiet month this month, totally nothing doing. Had a good go on the computer today, there were a couple of sites I wanted to have a look at so it was a good opportunity to do that.
Jane rang up this afternoon, she had been to an open day at a place near where she works. She is considering doing a course which would take two years, and use the credits from the degree course she did a couple of years ago, and she would end up with a degree at the end + accreditation for youth work. That sounds more up her street, and would enable her to finish what she had started. Good on her..she will get there in the end.
Tonight we are having:
Goats Cheese and Butternut Squash Lasagne,
Mixed vegetables and a little bit of garlic bread.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Another New Place...

Just having a nice chat on the IM with our daughter in Manchester. She is off on a Monday so sometimes she is on the computer at the same time as I am.
She is now thinking of doing a probation Service course in Manchester, and is going to an open day tomorrow.
We went to a new place this morning, in Aintree. We noticed an advert for a new M&S in Aintree in the papers, so we took my money there. It is quite a big shop..bigger than I thought, with an upper floor too.Nice cafe as well.
Do have to say at this point that Everyone was coming out with nice expensive clothes..what do I come out with..a set of saucepans!!
I have been after a set for ages though so thoyught I'd treat us. My pans are oldish now and these look really good.
Bought our weekly vegetables there, so are set up for the things we need. More expensive but good quality.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and Cheese Escallopes
Mixed vegetables..chanterey carrots aand beans,
little baked potatoes 8oz.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Poor Cat Cont..

No idea what happened to the post but it disappeared..
Anyway, i trod on her paw, while I was drying somw cutlery. Then there was an almighty shriek and she ran off about eighty miles an hour. VT had to run after her, making the most of it!
Anyway he got her down for her chicken so she came round..and..she is sitting on my knee as I type this, nudging my hand so she must have forggiven me.. Bless her.
Made a beautiful Sourdough Oatmeal life today using my Red Sea Starter.Then did the Pizza Dough and the Roast Vegetables..Bit disappointed with the roasting vegetables,they had an awful lot of big chunks of red onion in them..i think the ones we do ourselves are the best.
The bread is baking in the oven as I type and smells gorgeous, it is a really nice loaf today. I leave VT in charge of the baking while he has his cup of tea and watches Time team, which I hate, and he loves.
We did the crosswords really quickly today, just a couple to look up on the net which isn't too bad.
Last night's curry was really nice..Delia Smiths Egg and Spinach Madras Curry.
The pudding was lovely actually. 2 for a pound from Morrisons Pannacotta, and vegetarian as well. I did them with a few raspberries, very nice and a real treat.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables, Goats cheese,
Salad with avocado and cucumber and seeds,
Potato salad and rice salad.

Poor Cat...

I trod on her paw. Little Bobby

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines Day..

Didn't get a card this morning. We were out yesterday and we both said we wouldn't bother with cards. Sorry now is the first year we haven't done that. It is a shame.I wish I had got one now, it is the effort isn't it really.
It's all very commercialised though these days. for weeks before the CD's start being advertised, and the red things start appearing in the shops. Like everything else it spoils it somehow.
Very little doing today, no post either, the postmen are probably too busy delivering cards!
It is a still quiet day today, nothing much moving, and the cats are both in their beds fast asleep. Said on the radio yesterday that cats sleep for 70% of their time, and I can well believe that..especially Bobby.
We have had the new duvet on the bed for a full two weeks now, and I do have tosay that it has proved to be excellent. very light, and no weight to it, but extremely warm and soft. Glad I bought that it has proved to be the hit of the winter so far. Trouble is you don't want to get up in the morning!
Tonight we are having:
Egg and Spinach Curry, Delia Smith recipe,
Rice (one pack)
Stir fry vegetables,
Mango chutney, banana, poppadums,
I bought a Pannacotta from morrisons yesterday, and we will have that with some raspberries left from Christmas.
Champagne...I don't think so!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday Outing..

Off to Ormskirk today with my money for our friday Weekend things. Quite quiet journey, nothing much moving. No snow or anything just quiet. Parked easily, and the centre itself was quiet too. had a bit of a look round, but nothing tempting to buy. Not often I go into the shops with money in my pockets and don't get anything, but nothing appealed today. I am very well off for clothes, and didn't see anything in Superdrug either so saved my money.
Went into M&S after our coffee, and it was busy with people buying the Dine in for 2 deals. Can't sy that appealed either, because the veggie option was mushroom nut roast which we don't care for. We did get some of out salady things there though, and a few other bits and pieces.
WEnded up in Morrisons, for the bulk of our shopping. Well I suppose you find your level!!
Did get us a Pannacotta as a treat for tomorrow, and we decided to do a curry on Saturday since the curry sauce was 1/2 price in M&S. We use their Tikka Marsala Sauce so it is a good deal at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers,
Chips (Weighed our..200grms)
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.
Baked tomato and tartare sauce.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A Cheerless Day..

A typical sort of February day today. Very grey and cold out. Nothing phone calls..and nothing to do much.
Did some ironing this morning didn't go out anywhee. VT went for the papers and Thursday magazines and we decided to stop in. I have a beautiful array of candles in the bathroom, and when they are lit it is so luxurious, a book, lovely bath foam and candles. now that beats teaching!
Last night in the end we had.. Peppered style grills, Little baked potatoes, carrots, vauliflower and peas. and a Madeira gravy.

Tonight we are having:
Casserole, done with a stew pack..leek, carrots, parsnip butternut squash and sweet potato.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Big Mammas Pizza Sauce Factory..

We stayed in today, so made a big batch of pizza sauce for the freezer.
We use:
4 tins chopped tomatoes..2 value ones and 2 Napoli ones.
1 finely chopped onion,
1tablespn Italian herbs,
Dessertspn sugar,
Good squirt of garlic puree
Good squirt of tomato puree,
Salt and Pepper.
Saute the onion first to soften, then add all of the other ingredientsm and simmer gently for ages till the sauce is thick.
Pot up in plastic containers and freeze when cold.
This makes our signature tomato sauce for Sunday Pizzas, and is much much cheaper than buyingit. Tomato pizza sauce is now around a pound a jar so is quite an item.
Last night in the end we had a Quorn meatballs in goulash sauce, with 1/2 a packet of microwave basmati rice, and cabbage and leeks. Very tasty too.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, and vegetaables. I have some cauliflower left, and some baby carrots so will use those up.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Coffee Treat..

Went off to Dobbies this morning for an outing. The weather is still cool, so not really conducive to going much further afield, and we wanted some more Primroses. the free coffees are a bit of an incentive anyway. It is a huge place to walk round but they have very good plants well cared for. We got another tray of the little yellow primroses "Emily" which are a beautiful bright colour and perk up the garden a lot.
Had our coffees, and a bit of a look round then came home for lunch. I made a Wholemeal loaf on Sunday which turned out a bit flat on top, I think the dough was a bit wet, but it has made a lovely textured bread, and very good toast and sandwiches.
The nights are definitely getting lighter these days.It is now five to five and it is still well light.
I love our cats. Little Bobby..well Big Bobby has just come up to me to give my hand a nuzzle. She has now jumped up on the bed where we have temporarily put our old quilt and settled down in the middle of it. She looks gorgeous, and will probably stay there till the fire warms up later.
Tonight we are having:
No all..
Normally I have some idea of what we are having, but apart from the veggies I haven't tonight. So I will go down and check what there is in the freezer and work round that. But, it will be something healthy!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Bush Fires..

Terrible bush fires in Australia we seee on the news.They are in Melbourne, so over the other side of the country to where John and Ann live in Perth, and they look devastating on the news pictures. 170 people dead so far and many unaccounted for. Quite a few have died in cars trying to escape, and countless animals have perished. They have been having temperatures of 46 degrees, and droughts for the last ten years so it is all tinder dry. Strong winds and lightening strikes don't help. Meanwhile we moan about a bit of traffic hold up because of the snow. I know which I would rather have.
We took my money to Crosby this morning to get our weekly vegetables.Had a bit of a look in Farmfoods but they didn't have any reasonable Quorn today. Not to worry though the freezer is full of it. Got some nice veggies from Sainsbury's, carrots, butternut squash and sweet potato, cavbbage and leek etc., enough for the week anyway. I don't plan the meals for the week, but look to see what there is in the veg rack and base my menu round that on the whole.
Tonight we are having:Sage and Onion fillets,
Bread sauce, cranberry sauce,
Little baked potatoes 8oz between us,
Carrots and Broccoli.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday Snow...

I began one of my letters to John and Ann in Australia, my brother and his wife. Saw on the news yesterday that there have been horrendous fires in Melbourne. This is the opposite part of the country to where they are but it is mighty hot there. temperatures of 46degrees!! way too hot for me. I remember when my foot was bad, nearly three years ago we had some extremely hot weather and it was pretty bad, but nothing like that. And, further up the coast in Queensland they are having dreadful floods, and people on the lookout for crocodiles!. Here we are moaning over a little bit of snow!
While I was writing my letter we were watching the snow fall outside, but very briefly, quite nice, big fat flakes and very pretty..if you are not out in it!
Did a bread mix loaf today for a chanage,and am not too pleased with it. The last one I did was excellent, really nice and well risen, this one os a brown one and quite flat, but I am sure it will taste good and toast well. Did the roast vegetables, and the pizza base for later, that is rising beautifully.
The crosswords today were really fairly easy. VT did the MOS one almost all on his own, and I finished it off while he had a cup of tea and watched Time Team. I hate that programme, can't stand the voice of the host. he gives me the creeps. We watched Lark Rise to Candleford while we did our crosswords and enjoyed that. It has been a really good series with an exc3ellent cast. Very twee..but watchable.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables,
Goats Cheese or Mozzarella or both.
Salad with avocado and cucumber and baby plum tomatoes,
Potato salad and Rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

In Which Daddy Goes a'hunting.....

Not really..but he was going out to Maghull on one of his mooches to get cat food etc., so I told him to get some of the bargain toilet rolls from Lidl. Charmin ones at £6 odd for 24..pretty cheap. Now he wasn't too keen on this, but he rang up before to tell me he had got "my" bog rolls. He said they had loads and lots of people were buying them.
Haven't been in that shop much at all, well it is a bit out of the way really, off the beaten track, but he says it is a big shop with a big car park so maybe we will make a visit some time.
Neither of us wanted to move this morning..I do have to say the new duvet is gorgeous. It makes the bed too comfortable though so you don't want to get up and face the cold. We have put the old one in the middle room on the bed, and Bobby has settled on that..she looks lovely, all curled up and innocent looking. Mind you she was crawling all over me at some ungodly time this morning, tickling my face with her whiskers, and picking my neck with her claws. I know it is lovely, but it still wakes you up.
Cheese scones from Farrington Gurney todaly for lunch, I will warm them in the oven later. It is a lovely farm shop..and it is a good job it isn't nearer, we would be as fat as pigs!
Last night in the end..we did a casserole with...potatoes 8oz, 2 carrots 1 parsnip 1 leek 1 swede all chopped in big chunks. A jug of stock, and a tin of chopped tomatoes, and tucked some quorn meatballs in the middle of it all. Absolutely delicious actually. With it I did some Aunt Bessies red Cabbage and apple which was really good.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese.. Egg fried rice with 4oz of rice,
Quorn popcorn bites,
Cashew sauce,
Stirfry vegetables.

Friday, 6 February 2009

The friday Outing..

Over to Sainsbury's in Walton today for a change. Still no snow around here but the traffic news on the radio is full of blocked roads and traffic chaos especially in the midlands.
We went via the Aintree retail park to have a look at where the new M&S is opening, but the one we thought it was in wasn't. No sign of it there so must be in the other one. Very mysterious...we expected lots of green signage but no sign of anything. We shall have to expl;ore it again another time.
Did a bit of weekend shopping in the Sainsbury's. It was really quiet today, so we were able to get around really easily.Got the weekend things as usual, and a few treat things also. We do try to be careful with what we buy so that it is healthyish..and so we watch the calories. We did buy ourselves a Deli sandwich today though, and really nice it was too. it was four cheese and sweet red chutney in a panini..for half price. Gorgeous too..4 minutes in the microwave for the two of them and done. Lovely, snd so quick.
Tonight we are having:
A casserole.. I want to use up a pack of casserole vegetables I bought the other day.Might do a cheese sauce on top if VT wants it or might not. Will play it by ear when we start.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Stop Ins...

Stayed in today. Did some household stuff, like vacuuming and tidying up. needs to be done every so often, so the house looks reasonably tidy.
It is still very cold today with a very few flakes of snow in the air, but there is a lot around the country. the midlands are particularly badly hit today and a lot of counties are running out of salt for gritting. Poor Gordon Brown I suppose that will be his fault too, like everything else seems to be.
Not sure what to have for tea tonight.:
I have a tray of stewpack vegetables, and some potatoes but was thinking of having a pasta bake of some sort. I will see what VT fancies when he comes down.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Still Snowing..but Not Here..

We don't get much snow here on this coast. It has to be bad to snow in this area. I can only remember being snowed in once and no-one could get out of Hightown at all. We couldn't get to work that day, and after that the Authority said that anyone who couldn't get to work lost their pay! never happened again though.
The papers are full of schools closing, thousands all over the country, but none in Merseyside.
We nipped over to Ormskirk this morning for a bit of a look round. The centre was very quiet,a lot of the shops closed now..well three anyway,Woolies, a jewellery shop and the Ponden Mill shop. Some of these were quite big shops too so really make a difference. Didn't buy much today just a few bits and pieces.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Minced beef pudding. I was going to have that last night but it was frozen, and it needed to be tonight.
Mashed potato and leek,
Last night in the end we had...Broccoli and cauliflower au gratin,
Saute potatoes in fry light,
Garlic Kievs. very tasty actually.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Gone...

But, very cold. Since we didbn't go out yesterday we made up for that today. VT had an early appointment at the dentist in Waterloo, 10.30, so we got up reasonably but not before our coffee! We stopped at the library, where the car park was full, but we were lucky and a car was just pulling out. It is ages since we went to the library, well before Christmas. We tend to renew the books we have online now, you can do that easily now. I just renewed my Handmade Loaf book which \I have had out for an age, then got some large print reading books. The library has been re-organised and so now you can't find anything! which is par for the course. Took me an age to find the cookery books, but then I didn't see anything I fancied getting out. Truth be told, a lot of the cookery books are so heavy, and I didn't fancy lugging them around. VT came out of the dentists very quickly and caught me up at the library, and then we nipped off to Sainsbury's to get our veggies for the week.
It said in the Crosby Herald which I had a quick look at in the library, that the Sainsbury's in Crosby is looking to upgrade their store to one four times the size. What a good thing that would be. It is my most unfavourite store in Merseyside, apart from any Tescaw that is! It is so small, and you can't move in there. We just get the free half hour parking, then whizz round as fast as we can.
Got a good selection of veggies though, so have enough to keep us going for the rest of the week. I am aiming to use things out of the freezer for the next few weeks, so just need top ups of veg.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn mince style puddings,
Baby potatoes crushes,
Vegetables..carrots and broccoli.
Well it is so cold today you really want warming things.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Let it Snow..let it Snow..Let it Snow...

Awoke this morning to a covering of snow. Only light here but it is heavy elsewhere in the country, especially down South, London and areas. Seems to have brought the country to a halt, no buses or trains and flights cancelled. They need to get their acts together in this country, they seem to manage ok abroad like in the States.
We didn't go out today and have decided to use things from the freezer. Haven't really got any fresh vegetables, but will use frozen ones instead.
Well the new duvet is proving to be a good buy especially in this cold weather. It has a higher tog rating than our previous one, and is of all goose down rather than feather and down. Plus our last one had a big hump of feathers in the middle rather than over usso that would probably lessen the tog rating I should think. The cats seem to like this one anyway.
Snowing a little bit today, very light flakes, but not sticking. Rusty and Bobby haven't been out much today though, they seem to want to stop in.It is just saying on the radip that up to six inches of snow fell in London. What a shame!
I wonder if John got his birthday card in time..maybe not but it won't be long, the post to Australia seems to be good, better than ours anyway. We sent Jane some Toastabags the other week and she hasn't recieved them, and that is only Manchester. Something not right there somewhere.
Tonight we are having:
Something out of the freezer..not totally sure what yet, but will find something.
Potato Croquettes,
Mixed vegetables, carrot, peas, and soya beans.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Busy Day!

Sunday is probably our busiest day of the week really. We start with our coffee and then it is all go. Neither of us wanted to get up this morning because the bed was very comfortable. We put the new Goose Down Duvet on yesterday and it is really warm and cosy. We were surprised how light it was, which worried me slightly, but never fear, it was lovely. it is now of course going to be much harder to get up in the mornings!
Made a beautiful Sourdough loaf this morning, mostly white with jumbo oats in it. As U type this the aroma of freshly baked bread is surrounding me, very appetising. Then we did the roast vegetables and the pizza dough.
VT went to Maghull and came back with some hanging baskets he had bought, really nice ones. If we put primroses in it they look very colourful.
It is very cold today VT says, he came back from his mooch quite cold and said the Farmers Market there was getting smaller. What has made the difference in Maghull is the Woolies closing, it makes the Square look quite miserable now.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza homemade dough with our tomato sauce, Roasted Vegetables
Salads..potato and cous cous,
Salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes,