Friday, 30 October 2015

Footsie Dealings...

Today were  expecting the chap from the podiatry clinic in maghullwho was coming to deal with the dressing on my foot  However he did say he was going to contact the wound nurse to possibly come out with him, but in the end she rang up in the morning to say she would come at about two o'clock which she did.Very nice lady called Sue who spent an age looking at my foot and putting dressings on. Funny how everyone does dressings differently! I now have a dressing half way up my leg and I look like I have a broken leg now! :)  What a good job we don't live in America all this would have cost a fortune by now and we would probably be bankrupt!
Another nice Autumnal day here, sunny but coolish at least I think it is but I am always cold anyway. So we had soup and toast for lunch. We quite often have baxters carrot and coriander but they didn't have that in the small Morrisons in Maghull so vin got some heinz instead and it was surprisingly very nice too..we enjoyed that. He is in the process of sorting out a shoppng list for Tesco tomorrowso I am giving that some thought. Vi9n puts everything on a list and sticks to it, where I am very much a pick things up as I go round and also somewhat of an impulse shopper. Good job we are all different. At present without a freezer it is hard to store things so it all has to be stuff that can be stored in the fridge.Ah well we will get one sometime..hopefully before not too long.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Out..To days on the run!!!

Didn't have time to come on here yesterday because events meant we were out for the afternoon. Vin rang the District nurses in the morning because no-one had turned up from the podiatry service as expected and we wanted to know what was agoing on. It was over a week since my foot was dressed and I didn't want to leave it any longer. Anyway the only slot they had available was at ten to four at Maghull health that was where we went. Very nice podiatrist there did my dressing and said he would come out on Friday morning to do it again.We offered to go there but he said that he was on calls then anyway so he would come to us.Ok then...
Today we took my eight tootsies and my Delta frame off to Dobbies for a bit of an outing. Very enjoyable too. We had a look round lots of Christmas things, bought some for the Christmas box upstairs and a few things for presents.then went for a coffee. I thought we were using our free vouchers for the month but Vin said we didn't have any for October so he treated us to our coffees. I had a lovely large capuccinno and he had a large latte and we shared a shortbread biscuit It was actually quite busy but a large enough place to get round. Just as well since I am still learning how to get around with the wheels!! HaHa.  Home for a soup and toast lunch and eventually up here for a mooch. Lovely to get out though I might add. 
 Very big surprise yesterday. The doorbell went at lunchtime and on the doorstep was a delivery of these from a florist in Waterloo. A most gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a lovely white pot. From Ann and John and Janet, Tony and the Australia mob. How unexpected and such a lovely thought. I was thrilled to bits that they should do that. What a treat..Bless them
The one thing that surprised me going out today was just how Autumnal everywhere is since I was last outside. being in a hospital room/ ward you lose all sense of time passing really, the colours all lovely this year, it was just nice to drive in amongst them. Leaves falling everywhere .
.Me and my beloved before the trouble of the last two months. What a star XXXX

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Another Day !

Just a quick visit today because I have been waiting in for the podiatry person to come and do my dressing n my foot. now presently 5 O'Clock and so far no-one has been so don't think anyone will come now.
It is getting really dark too, the nights are really drawing in but the clocks did go back on Saturday night so that is to be expected really.
Will be going down for my coffee in a minute and a little watch of something.
The physiotherapist did come out this lunchtime, and she had me going up and downstairs for her, and also outside for a little walk up the road with my delta frame . Hope nobody was watching this little old lady walking very slowly with a frame. :) :). Must get vin to take a photo..or maybe not!!!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Here I amAgain!

Well here I am again indeed. Eight weeks in hospital, and home a weekend. To be honest it is just lovely to be home and enjoying the peace a quiet and doing normal things.
Suppose i should change the name of the blog to Jenny Eight Toes now since I am one toe down on each foot now.. save a bit on the toe nailo varnish though :) 
Vin insisted that I went to a walk in centre on August Bank Holiday Sunday with a swollen toe and foot and they wouldn't do it and said it needed to be seen by A&E so off we went to Aintree. 2 weeks there and they decided to toe had to go but couldn't do it there so sent me to The Royal Liverpool where I was for 31/2 weeks including 6 days in HDU unit. Back on ward 8Y then back to Aintree for a further 2 weeks on the rehab ward 35 for a final 2 weeks. A bit of a haul but we got there. Now home wwith a Zimmer frame for inside and a Delta frame for outdoors..lucky me!!!
Vin has been a star! What a trouper, visiting twice a day every day apart from one when we had new carpet fitted on the hall stairts and landing Hooray!! The parking has been horrendous, £7 a day in The Royal, and £3.50 in Aintree so a lot of my money gone on that, plus all of the other extras that were needed. It was so lovely to see him each day that really perked me up es[pecially some days that were worse than others..generally the weekends. Yesterday we did our crosswords by the fire and read the Sunday papers..Lovely.
Can't believe the Autumnal colours, driving home on Friday the trees all golden and loeaves falling remi9nds me of our holidays in New England..Oh to be there amidst the pumpkins and the gorgeous scenery.
Vin had his pizza and salad for tea last night and I had a really nice little poached egg on toast just nice and simple and a real change from the hospital food which was dire in Aintree it has to be said..not much choice for vegetarians. Most days I ended up with egg sandwiches or mac/cheese or a jacket potato with cheese. Being a veggie there isn't easy at all.  Oh well at lest I wasn't paying for it! The food wastage though must be incredible, but that is another matter. 
So to live another day! Will visit again tomorrow.