Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day For Techies..

Today is the day you are supposed to retune your televisions. VT does ours..he has taken ages to do the ones in the middle room and the upstairs, and got there in the end. he did very well actually.It's all above me, i would just like things to be left alone as they are. You just get the hang of the different channels and bang they change things. Progress I suppose.
We went over to Ormskirk this morning to have a mooch, and get a few things. Very quiet there, you could have parked anywhere. There was only VT and me in the little cafe we usually go into, and no-one shouting two thick toasts!!
As I am typing this Gladys Knight is on the radio talking to Steve Wright..what a legend.Sounds like a lovely woman.
Went into Superdrug this morning , needed some night wrinkle cream..not that it does any good they charged me too much for a product that was on had to wait ages for a refund..after they had checked it first. Makes you feel stupid. VT came in to see what was going on..he loves it when I get things wrong..but..this time it wasn't my fault.
Tonight we are having the M&S meal. 1234 dine in meal.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

In Today

Stayed in today to do bits and pieces. Did some ironing this morning which has been building up for a bit. Will have to start putting the summer things away since the weather is definitely turning. VT says the garden is drying up, and it is the green bin turn this week so I think he is filling it with stuff from the plant pots. It is an early Autumn this year, after all it is not the first of October till Thursday, but the trees are going, and the bedding plants are giving up the ghost.
Renewed the library books this morning too, so they are done till the endish of October.
Tried to order some books from the book people, but the card is playing up, and the expiry dates will not register. Total rubbish, don't know what is happening there.No doubt VT will come up in his way and tell me that I am not doing it right!!
Tonight we are having:
Maybe the 1234 dishes we bought from M&S yesterday.
Stirfry with lentils and chick peas
Paneer cheese.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Spinach Muscles again...

Up earlish this morning again and off to Aintree Hospital for another doase of Venofar. Timed it just nicely, just as the nurse was giving out the coffees and teas. Got my dose of venofar put into the arm, and sat and did puzzles while I waited. Out fairly quickly, and back again next week same time same place. A queue to get in the car park today there but we didn't wait long really, I think they were doing something with the barrier, anyway we got in on time. No queue to get out though, and you pay your £2 aqnd off you go.
Then went to M&S in Aintree since it is on the way back. had a nice cup of coffee which VT deserves. It is so pleasant there, and a lovely shop. You keep seeing things that you would like, but no space. it would be nice to be able to start again really, except that a lot of the home wear is almost retro at the moment, stripes and spots etc.Not sure I like that.
Bought some veggies for the week, and treated us to a 1234 dine in meal. You get 1.. A tray of paneer cheese,2 A pack of stir fry vegetables and chick peas, 3.. A tub of sauce..we bought coconut and chilli lime sauce, and 4..A pack of rice..we bought the mushroom rice. That was £6.99 A bit of a treat but then we don't eat out much do we..
Not having it tonight though..
Tonight we are having..
Garlic Kiev
Baby roast potatoes, 8oz
Vegetables of choice from the fridge.
Sauce with some mushrooms.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


A nice normal pizza today. VT has been experimenting the last few weeks, and we have had a glorious array of different beautiful pizzas. Today we are having one with our usual roast vegetables.
He went out this morning to let the next door's cat out, and came back to say it was asleep on their landing, when he went back a bit later it had woken up and was sitting by the door waiting to go out. VT said it hadn't used its cat litter so it must have had crossed legs! Its a lovely lttle cat, ginger with a real character, and a bobble on the end of its tail.
Did some washing this morning and went to peg it out on the line. Astounded by the huge great weeds in the garden in among the flags, so VT and me attacked them with the hoes. Cleared up a bit, but still a lot to do.
Did the crosswords after lunch. Mine (the You magazine) was a bit tricky, but got there slowly. VT finished his except for one he had to check on the puter. Finished the MOS one a bit later , nothing dificult, just ones you had to look up.
Tonight we are having:
Roast vegetable pizza,
Salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes etc.,
Potato salad and cous cous salad for VT.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Computer Glitches..

This afternoon the computer went a little bit crazy. I clicked on something as usual and got a totally blue screen with a serious error message on it. Looked pretty serious too. nothing was moving and nothing was doing.Went hotfoot down to tell VT but when we got back it was doing something again. I will never understand the workings of a computer. They will always remain a mystery to me.
Today has been quite quiet, next doors are away in Rome, and nothing is moving on the other side. VT went to get some cat chicken this morning, and came back with an interesting looking book called "Travels with I Claudius" about a girl who travels across America with her cat. Can't see our cats travelling! They can't even go to the vets without kicking up a storm and crying all the way!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring rolls,
egg fried rice,
Stir fry vegetables,
Sauce of some sort.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Another one sold!

VT has got the selling bug now. he put another book on Amazon the other day..Call of the Wild, and there was a notification in the emails that it had been sold. So he had to rush to finish it, and it has been posted off. I think he's got the bug!
We took my money off to Asda this morning. We went there last week, but I bought a shirt that was terrible, cotton so thin you could almost see through it. So I wanted to change it, bought a jumper instead, and got £8 back so that is a better deal anyway.Not impressed with Asda clothing actually, most of it is poor quality, and very much made to a price.
Bought the usual things for the weekend, while VT went and had a mooch at the Range shop.We had a good stock up last week so needed less, but they are good for offers. I got some Quorn things for £1 which makes a really cheap meal, and is tasty with vegetables.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I have a Dream......

That we will win the Lottery and I can have a cleaner to do the house all over!! There is a shelf in the kitchen tat we keep knick knacks on and we spent the morning cleaning it. VT did the shelf and the window and I did all the plant vases glass thingies and other bits and pieces. he also redid the grouting on the tiling so it looks lovely again. I find cleaning very boring, but it does look nice when it is done. Funny thing is when we go away on holiday, we always clean up before we go, vacuum everywhere,do the kitchen and the bathroom and the floors. Don't know why it's just something we do. Maybe it is the equivalent of going out with clean underwear on..drummed into us by out parents.
Nice relaxing afternoon, reading a book in the bath to the light of my candles and one little chocolate bar. Just a nice treat.
Next door's are off to Rome tomorrow, lucky things, I went to Rome Florence and Venice in 1970 when I started teaching and it cost us £35! Saw everything it was a great trip! Never forgotten it really. Three coins in a fountain and all that, and the Cistine Chapel, where you all walked round with your neck cricked looking at the ceiling.
Last night we had.. Quorn escalope, carrots beans and sweetcorn, and a hollandaise sauce.
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni Cheese from M&S
tenderstem broccoli
Maybe a slice of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


VT was up earlish this morning to answer the door which i don't hear! It was my delivery of L'Occitane products that I had ordered last Saturday. Beautiful soaps which are a delight to use, and smell fantastic, and a little bag of treats like shower gels, soaps, hand and face creams etc. All in a gorgeous bag from L'Occitane. Well worth it. I think you do get what you pay for as regards bath products, and the L'Occitane range is at the top. If I won the lottery I would have a bathroom full of it.
We went out to get a car wash this morning because VT's car is sticky with the sappy stuff from the trees, so we got that at the BP garage. Then we went to the shell garage to get some petrol, because VT had a voucher for £1 off. Then off to Dobbies for our coffees, always nice there. I got a DVD for John about Triumph motor bikes, that I will send with their calendar.Also a fake lavender plant for the windowsill in Jane's room which needed something to brighten it up a bit.
Called in at Waitrose on the way back, to get the cats some chicken, they had run out. Actually their chicken was the most expensive item in my shopping basket! £4.65 for chicky for the babies! We must be mad..

But they are worth it aren't they.
Tonight we are having:
Macaroni Cheese from the count on us range M&S
Tenderstem broccoli to go with.
Maybe a slice of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dig In !!

Up reasonable this morning..after a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit. We have a "cow" biscuit. these are malted milk biscuits that have a cow printed on their fronts. They come in cute little packets done in black and white pattern, and the biscuits have cute names such as Moo-dy, Cowasaki, Uddersfield, Moostache and so on..
Small things and all that!
Had an appointment at the clinic in thornton to have a blood test, only 11.20 so we didn't have to rush.
As we went through little Crosvy the children from the school were all lined up outside in the carpark along the fence dressed in Victorian garments. The school is celebrating 150 years of exsistence, so they are having a Victorian week. They were waiting for a horse and cart to come along, and we had just overtaken them.
The dig in bit of the title referred to the woman who took my blood today. Four goes !! three in the right arm and one in the left arm which I am supposed to save. Good job I'm not afraid of needles, only spiders! Feel like a pin cushion at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages,with gravy,
Mashed potatoes with spring onions,
Carrots or green beans or both.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Spinach Muscles...

Off quite early to Aintree Hospital this morning. Had a letter last week to say a course of Venocave injections had been arranged so I had to present myself to ward 25 at 10-15. We agot there early of course because we laft early in case there was traffic..there wasn't. and went into the ward at about 10.20ish. then waited for about half an hour before the nurse did anything, and eventually she put the drip up at eleven o'clock. Stayed there for about forty minutes leaving at around ten to twelve. Can't say the muscles feel any stronger though.
We tripped off to the M&S in the Aintree retail park and had a lovely coffee there before doing anything else. Got our weekly veggies there along with some other treats. They do have some nice things in M&S..I always see things I covet.
Bought the ever patient VT some lovely pure Canadian maple syrup which he likes on his waffles when he has them.
Since I have to have a course of five more of these drippy thingies, we will be getting used to going there for our veggies on a Monday.
VT did a really gorgeous pizza yesterday. One of the tastiest he has done. We finished it off today for lunch with some salad. It was Tomato base with bacon bits (Quorn) ones which were surprisingly good. Sliced baby mushrooms, mozzarella cheese basil and herbs to finish. Scrummy.

Tonight we are having:
Not sure actually.
Maybe macaroni cheese and broccoli with a little garlic bread
Escalope with vegetables and potatoes.
Will decide when I go down later.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Every Sunday VT and I do three crosswords. Sometimes they are tricky, sometimes not. today they were remarkably easy to do. in fact we had finished them by five o'clock, which is quite a record for us I do have to say. I do the one in the You magazine, and he does the Sunday Express general knowledge one, and we finish the Mail on Sunday one together. Usually with the help of the internet for the tricky ones that don't come up on the crossword machines. Must admit I like doing puzzles and crosswords they do keep your brain active.
Made a lovely sourdough loaf this morning, today's one has risen beautifully. and looks very tempting. The aroma of baking bread is all over the house as I type. We have also done the pizza dough too, ready for later.

Beautiful day today actually, a real autumn day, with the sun shining and not a breath of breeze. But plenty of dozy wasps around so it is difficult to open the back door. Not a day to be making apple chutney.
We are still enjoying our damson cheese with our lunch though,

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with bacon bits (Quorn) and pineapple,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes,
Potato salad and cheese pasta salad for VT.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wash Day..

Washing today, didn't peg anything out mainly because it wasn't sunny or blowy so we dried in the drier. bit of a faff but yoy get there in the end. Ironed the pillowcases but not the rest. it is 350 thread count cotton so does get creased, but the fitted sheet straightens out on the bed as you put it in, and the quilt cover is covered by the top quilt so you don't see the creases!
Very quiet day today, nothing on the news much, and not a lot in the papers either,we ended up watching last weeks "Come dine with me" that we record during the week. it is always interesting to see what people serve at dinner parties, and what characters they are.
VT went off on one of his mooches, he wanted to get cat milk for Rusty, but couldn't get any in Maghull, quite surprised at that. The new Morrisons there is only small though and doesn't carry a huge number of lines. Should have got some yesterday.
Ordered some more L'Occitane soaps today, on impulse really, but we are running out of them. They are beautiful soaps, and last for ever. I was looking at the one in the bathroom last night and noticed that it was nearly finished and lo and behold they were on offer today on QVC on 3 easy pay, so it spreads the cost. Also ordered some trial bath to bedtinme products. I like L'Occitane treats.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really,
We have a pack of stir fry vegetables,
A packet of rice,
Maybe a chilli or a curry.
Poppadum then and a banana etc.

Friday, 18 September 2009


He sold it! I was laughing at him last night said he would never sell it, but lo and behold this morning there was an email saying it had been sold! must admit I was surprised, I thought £4.99 for an old book was too much, but it just shows you. So it is winging its way to sunny Brighton as we type!.
We tripped off to ASDA this morning with my money. Bought the usual weekendy things,and some extras as we always do when we go there.They do have good value things there though, like little trays of pineapple for £1 all cut and juicy. I bought a top there though and not terribly happy with it, so might go back next time we go. Their clothing is very thin and wispy cotton. Good styles but the material is rubbish. not worth it in the end.
Got some wine three for £10 which is quite good, all bits and pieces, nothing huge today.
Tonight we are having:
Hot Dogs..we havenb't had these for ages.
Onion rings, and maybe a few chips.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Delivery and Hair Do.and Wild Horses...

Very early delivery this about half past eight. The man in the van with the delivery of Aranesp. Luckily VT heard him, I don't hear anything once the hearing aids are out, so he got up and got it.
He nipped into Formby this morning to get his hair cut at his barbers. I think he only goes for the woman barber!! Nice haircut though.
Then at lunch we had a discussion about Susan Boyle, who had been on the news. She was singing at the final of America's Got Talent, and she sang a slow song he said. I know I said it was a Rolling Stones Classic called "Wild Horses" Oh No says he very adamant that it was a slow song and not that one.
This time my love I was right because I had been listening to it earlier on Youtube. She sang it beautifully..really beautifully. Well Done Susan. They just love her in America. Aaah Bless.
Here is the video if you want to listen VT..
Tonight we are having:
Carrots because I have a load left,
Meatballs Quorn ones in a tomato sauce.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Out and About...

Up early this morning and off out. We were gone by 9.15, and apart from a traffic hold up just before the dock road, where there were road works, we made good time. got to The Cheshire Oaks by 10.20ish. Being very much creatures of routine we tend to park in the same place, and go round the older bit first. I go into next.. God knows why because they never have anything I fancy, and VT does Clarks. Then we start to walk round the other side. A few places we go in, The kitchen shop..where I bought a fetching new pair of reading glasses!! Then to the important business of the day, into Costa is our treat when we go there. Lovely soy latte, with a shot for VT, and a little bag of beautiful shortbread biscuits.
Then round to do the other side. Have to say we didn't buy much today. I got a necklace from Past Times I love that shop. VT got some flavoured coffee from Whittards.
Paninis from Sainsburys and a quick whizz round there got some quorn they don't do round here like bacon bits, that would be great on a pizza.
Home by 3.40ish.
No sign of the ginger girl next door. VT is supposed to be looking after her, but she wasn't around yesterday, and isn't around today, and she hasn't had any of her biscuits that are on the front step. A bit worrying, but it does go wandering, since she doesn't have a routine like ours do.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe Garlic Kievs,
Cauliflower and Broccoli with a bit of cheese sauce,
Baby potatoes roasted with a bit of salt and rosemary.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Is it Tuesday or is it Thursday?

This is VT's Spinach Pine nut and Ricotta Pizza that he made but I couldn't find it yesterday to post, but have today.
it's tuesday of course, but we did a few different things today that we usually do on a Thursday. We did some washing..two loads actually because it seemed that after the first wash it wasn't smelling clean so we did it again. Then we did the kitchen floor, which always looks good after it is done..till someone spills flour on it..or drops cat meat.
Quiet day today, we are planning to go out tomorrow, providing we get up early enough. it's ok nce you get up, it is the getting oging first. We usually aim to be out by 9.15ish, then we are at the Cheshire Oaks by 10ish when the shops open.
It is about ten weeks since we last went there so it will have altered a bit. There are always changes to the shops..makes it more interesting.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn mushroom and leek pie.
Carrots and peas maybe.

Is it Tuesday or is it Thursday?

Monday, 14 September 2009

Blood tests...

tried to make an appointment for a blood test this morning. What a palaver! Thornton clinic where I usually go said their computer was down, so couldn't make appointments. Other clinics gave ones that were in the distant future, gave up in the end . Will wait for the Thornton one. Not like Doctors is it..where everything is done instantly!
nipped into faormby this morning when we eventually gort going, I went into Waitrose and VT went to a few places in Formby that he wanted to go to. He caught me up in the shop, said he thought I would have got further round than I did, but he didn't allow for the b5rowsing did he. We did get round quite quickly actually and were hime for 12.10 for our morning coffee. He said that's £4.50 saved, and he's not far wrong either. He saw in the paper last week that a couple of coffee shop chains are struggling, I think Coffee republic was one, and pret a Manger certainly. I thought they were doing very well too. Just shows!
Going there on a Monday is quite good really because they often have some vegetables reduced. i got a few packs of different types for the week. they keep very well actually.
VT's pizzas are getting so good these days. This is a Spinach and Ricotta and Pine nut one he made last week. Only just got the photo on the site.

Yesterday we had a Pizza Napoletana which we finished off for lunch today. Delicious.
Tonight we are having:
broccoli and Cheese escalopes,
Tenderstem Broccoli,
Carrot strips.
Mushrooms in a white sauce.
Saute potatoes.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


I will never understand them. This one has been so slow today, and seemed to give up the ghost before, not letting me into any of the sites easily. So, I thought, I would close it down and try restarting it. Wonder of wonders it worked, and the sites seem to be behaving themselves. god knows why this happens, they are a mystery to me.
Well our Damson cheese seems to be a big success. We opened one at lunchtime to have with our cheese and crackers, and it has a beautiful flavour and texture.Well worth making, and a lot cheaper than buying it too, so that's a plus.
Beautiful sunny day today, well at the moment it is. Weather person says it will be chilly tonight, but I don't mind that.
Made our pizza dough as usual, today's is going to be a Pizza Napoletana, just very thinly sliced beef tomato as the base, then mozzarella on top of that, then basil leaves to finish. it is supposed to represent the Italian flag, being red white and green!
Crosswords were done very quickly actually, VT only had to look up one on the internet, and I did mine fairly easily. The theme this week was Monopoly and the streets on the board. not terribly challenging really.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza Napoletana,
Salad with mixed baby plum tomatoes, Avocado cucumber etc,
Potato salad and lentil salad for VT.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Autumn preserves..

We bought some damsons in Ormskirk yesterday, intending to make some Damson Cheese.
This we did this afternoon. We kept the doors and windows shut because of marauding wasps, and set about the job of turning 2lbs of damsons into some jars of cheese.
First..we simmered the fruit in a quarter of a pint of water until it was soft. The stones were supposed to come to the top but they didn't actually. Then we left it to cool for a while, and then sieved it to remove skins and stones and to leave the pulp.

This was a bit of a faff, but done quite quickly. We were thebn left with about just over a pint of pulp or puree. The most divine wine colour.

We added just over a pound of sugar to this then boiled it with a squeeze of lemn juice till it was a thich cream like consistency, leaves a glimpse of the bottom of the pan when stirred. then we bottled the result. Made three full jars of a gorgeous deep wine red confection. to be eaten with cheese or cold meats if you eat them or spread on bread or toast. Quite pleased with the result.

Considering we pay £3.99 for a tiny little jar of damson cheese from the Fine Cheese Company we have done well I think.
Nice photos too, except that VT says the batteries are going on the camera.
Beautiful day today, really a touch of Autumn in the air. very sunny, and warm.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz
Stir fried mushroom vegetables,
Sauce of some sort.

Friday, 11 September 2009


Over to Ormskirk this morning. had a good look round, and bought a few things from the usual shops. It was a gorgeous sunny very bright day, and not like Autumn at all. More like the summer we haven't had this year. The Indian Summer that usually comes when the children go back to school. Shame really. It seems to happen every year.
VT spotted some damsons in a shop in the town centre this morning. We like a product called damson cheese that we buy from the Fine Cheese Company in tiny little pots, and it costs a fortune. he says we should be able to make our own, so he bought 2lbs (or the metric equivalent ) and I have spent some time this afternoon looking for recipes. they mostly seem the same. damsons water and sugar.Will have a look at a few more later.
Jane rang up just as we were having breakfast this morning, chatted to VT for ages which delayed us a bit, but we got going eventually.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me.
tartare sauce.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Spring Clean..No..Autumn clean..

I seem to be having a bit of a cupboard clean fest at the moment. the other day I did my herbs and spices one and got a bit of a shock at some of the out of date ones. Today I did the one where I keep my cakes (only Mr kipling ones) and biscuits and crackers etc. Also the tablets and pills that I have. It looks lovely now, all clean and tidy, with quite a lot of space. I do intend tyo go round the cupboards and have a bit of a clear out but will do them a bit at a time.
Nobody went out today, no reason except nothing in particular to go out for. Lovely radox bath this afternoon with my book and my candles and my bit of chocolate treat. Beats teaching anyway.
Beautiful sunny day today actually, would have been a nice day for an outing, but we didn't have one planned. never mind.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with some sort of sauce,
a slice of garlic bread,

green cabbage.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Lovely Autumn Day

Today it is bright sunny and a blue sky day. We went to Dobbies this morning mainly because we got up too late to go to Ormskirk. We had a walk round there, and a look at the autumn plants, but didn't buy any this time. in fact we actually came out of there without buying anything at all, which is very unusual for us actually.
VT did point out a dvd of triumph motor bikes that he saw, and I thought would be great to send to John in Australia, but we weren't sure of the region code. This had a region O, which apparently is uncoded so can be viewed anywhere in the world. I will get it next time I am there, I shouldn't think it will have been sold by then!.
We had a lovely mug of coffee and then went up the road to Aldi and Argos. VT wanted to look for a bathroom heater. The one we have is getting a bit ancient, but Argos only have one and it didn't have a thermostat, so we didn't get that.
Aldi proved to be surprisingly cheap. I wouldn't like to do my main shop there, but we did get some things that were good value. I got baking paper which is excellent, and cling film. Mushrooms chanterey carrots, a bag of limited edition mini toblerone bars, a box of biscuits for cheese, plus some other things and it was only £8.18. I thought that was good value.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic kievs,
Saute potatoes,
Carrots and cauliflower/broccoli with cheese sauce.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Cyber Woosh.........

I spent ages yesterday doing my account for the day, then presses submit..and woosh it disappeared into God knows where.
Yesterday we were up early since I had an appointment at Walton in the Renal clinic. Saw and Indian Doctor, who spent a lot of time talikng to the computer, rather than me, and was really quite difficult to understand too. I had to keep asking her to repeat what she had said, and she was beginning to get on my wick. Didn't say anything about what was going on, and left me distinctly underwhelmed.Asked me what one of the tablets was..was it for HRT? no say I it is for a hand tremour.!!! Ah well.. 4 months to the next appointment. Maybe get more sense next time.
Last night we had:
Quorn Gruyere cheese and leek escalope,
Carrot, cauliflower and broccoli,
Baby baked new potatoes.
White sauce with mushrooms.

So to today..
Jane telephoned this morning to tell us about her friend Ruby's uncle. He has been murdred in London, outside his mosque by a gang of young boys. Terrible case, it happened in front of his three year old granddaughter. We saw the case in Monday's Daily Mail but didn't of course make the connection. Jane was friends with the three girls who live here, Sophie Jasmine and Ruby. Lovely girls. Ruby is a really sweet girl who is so friendly and nice. What a family tragedy.
Jane was moaning because her mobile phone had been dropped down the toilet!! she said the best thing to dry it out was rice!! Never heard of that one. But, there again I have never dropped a mobile phone down the toilet..there again..don't have a mobile phone!
Cleared out my cupboard that holds my spices and condiments this morning. It is amazing how long you keep them for really. Some of them smell nothing like what they are supposed to.The cinnamon smelt horrible. The cupboard looks quite bare now, so will have to stock up a bit.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn pieces in a sauce with mushrooms,
Green vegetables and carrots,
Potatoes or rice..not quite sure.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Roots...Levi and Hair..

Watched a Levi Roots programme this afternoon. It was actually very good, well done with some good food ideas, and some gorgeous scenery of Jamaica. Did our crosswords then did my that is. They need touching up every now and again, and VT does the parting for me. he is good at that.
He went into Crosby this morning because there was a few things he wanted to get, but he said there wasn't much going on. Never is in Crosby, terrible town centre with nothing good to recommend it. We only go when necessary really.
Made the pizza dough this afternoon, but not a bread loaf. Think we will do that tomorrow and it will be fresher.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza!!! A sort of Hawaiaan one with
Quorn ham and fresh pineapple and our tomato sauce.
Salad with baby yellow plum tomatoes avocado and cucumber,
Potato salad and cheese pasta salad for VT.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Washing Day...

Day to do the bedding. There was an item on a website I go on which was about How often do you wash your bedding?
It varied quite a bit,with a lot washing once a fortnight, and a lot once a week. Some wash twice a week, but maybe they live in hot areas..this was an American website. Someone washes her pillowcases every day..personally I think that is a bit much, and every fortnight seems to suit us ok. The new bedding I bought a bit ago from QVC which is 350thread count cotton, needs ironing, and that would be a pain more that every fortnight. Can't remember how often my Mum used to do the bedding, but it was sheets and blankets then, and the laundry was a lot more of a faff to do. No washing machine, or tumble dryer and there was a spit iron on the hob too. The Good Old Days..I don't think so!
I don't think it will be long before the quilt goes back on the bed, it is definitely getting cooler at night, and the nights are drawing in too. Going dark at about 8.30is to a quarter to nine now.
VT went to Maghull and Ormskirk this morning. He had to get some more pills for little Rusty, this time he came back with 100 which cost £27.Nearly as expensive as human medicine. But she is worth it.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn satay sticks,
Stir fry vegetables,
Egg fried rice 4oz.
Satay sauce

Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday ..busy start,

VT had to jump up this morning because the doorbell rang. It was the postal delivery with my calendars. I had ordered two Thomas Kinkade calendars from QVC, one for us and one for John and Ann in Australia. Then the doorbell rang again a few minutes later and it was another delivery with the post. VT was about to tell me off for ordering too many parcels when he discovered that they were for him. Some mens cologne/aftershave and moisturiser. Smells nice anyway.
Had breakfast, then VT packaged up my book for delivery to someone in Yate Bristol. I had put the book "Dough" by Andrew Bertinet on Amazon for sale yesterday, and it was gone within a couple of hours! I was quite amazed actually. Anyway we get £7.82 on the deal. VT packaged it up beautifully, in card then in a big jiffy bag, so it would be quite secure. Cost £2.50 aot post so that was ok.Quick couple of quid, and it gets the book out of the way.
We took my money off to Asda this morning, haven't been there for a while. it wasn't too bad since most of the kids are back at school now. Bought our usual things,salads for the weekend and other bits and pieces.Nothing much on offer really, we were looking for coffee but noone has any at the moment.
Tonight we are having:
Stuffed Mushrooms..a recipe I saw in an article on diets from Slimming World,
A small side salad to go with.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stormy Weather...

You wouldn't think it was the third of September, we awoke this morning to strong winds blowing the trees outside the bedroom window. VT says it is the end of a tropical storm coming from the Atlantic, but there isn't any warm weather to go with it.
We decided to stop in today, and did some clearing up in the middle room. I tidided away a lot of magazines..well you can't keep them for ever and VT got rid of some of his stuff. There are two bags of things for the charity shops, some books and other nick nacks that are surplus to requirement. I also put a book on to the Amazon books site. It is a book that I already have and I got at Christmas, so it would be good if that could sell. Actually I have just had a look at the Amazon site and found that it has disappeared. Checked my Email, and discovered it is SOLD.. Gosh that was quick.
Jane rang up this afternoon and said that the festival was really good, and they all enjoyed it.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kiev,
Mixed vegetables,
Saute potatoes.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

MOT Day..

It can't be that time of the year again! It only seems like it was the other month. VT got up early to take his car into Crosby to get its MOT done,He came back on the bus and said he had overheard a conversation . two little old women cackling away on the bus..talking about a young girl who had been on holiday. She had a gorgeous boob tube, and a lovely light tan, and she had bought him some cigarettes and a bottle of Jack Daniels. She was a lovely girl, wouldn't take a penny for them. The things you hear.. it's the stuff of novels really. I bet Alan Bennet would make a play out of that.
Anyway he rang the garage up and it had passed, so he went back on the granny bus to pick it up.Back in time for coffee at twelvish. All done and dusted as they say. He did go to the cheap shop and bought a new umbrella, which is great actually, a golf one but one colour, with HEAD logo on it. Only £3.99.His old black one has given up the ghost.
VT has just come in with a copy of The Liverpool Echo wfrom 1990 which was 20p then. It's now at least 50p. We don't buy it any more, we used to get it every night but now only on a Thursday when the food items are in it.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta 4oz
With broccoli, asparagus and green beans.
A sort of pasta carbonara maybe or a pasta bake.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hares and Rabbits...

The first of September, there is a coolness about the air nowadays that heralds the start of Autumn. The children should be back at school this week mostly, probably apart from th Private ones, and everywhere should start to get quieter..
We seemed to have run out of a lot of things, so today we went to Tesco. not my most favourite shop but bearable, and they do have some of the things we wanted at a cheaper price than Waitrose.
We needed things like coffee, creamer cat food etc., so got those plus some extra vegetables to see out the week. I want to try and get us back on the healthy eating plan again this week, we have strayed a bit recently with birthdays, and anniversaries so we need to watch it again. Must dig out the Rosemary Conley books again.
Received two parcels this morning,one from QVC which was a top I ordered before the chain tat arrived last Friday and was sent back. Different posts, one is parcel post. The other was a parcel from Australia, with cards for Jane and VT and an anniversary card for us. Ann is so good at remembering dates. There is a letter in with it, but I haven't read that yet. I love her letters they are always so interesting, and full of snippets about people they know. She is a really good writer.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages Quorn cumberland ones,
Mashed potatoes 8oz
Carrots and beans