Friday, 31 May 2013

Is It Getting Warmer?

Mmmm Maybe. The sun is definitely shining today and the sky bluer than it has been for a while.  With the weekend approaching I suppose it will get cooler though.
Vin took himself and my debit card off to Tesco's this morning to get our weekend things. He didn't seem too keen to wait for moi, and I think I slow him down, because I browsee. He goes round with his zoom shopping list, and gets everything in a few minutes whilst I look at everything and take much longer. Anyway he came back with all of the right things so well done as usual.
Had a lovely long letter from John and Ann this morning, at least the birthday things arrived ok and were liked. Glad she liked the scarf it was lovely to post because it was so light. I actually got one for myself because it was so pretty.
Vin is out in the garden with little Rusty who follows him everywhere. he says he isn't doing anything with the plants but i think he will probably do the hanging basket for the front.
Tonight we are having:
Pasties from Waitrose,
Leftover veggies in the fridfge,
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Guess Where we Went?

Yep..over to Dobbies. fine by me. it is nearly the end of the month so voucher to be used up. fairly busy today, people with kids, mostly littler ones.Vin wanted to get some plants for a hanging basket for the front of the house, so it killed two birds with one stone really. I had a bit of a look round but didn't see anything that I fancied or wanted today which makes a change!
Had our coffees, Vin had a Lite white which is the same as a flat white but with lighter milk, and I had a black filter. Very nice too.
Went and got our hanging basket plants, had to hunt around a bit but got there in the end. Found two nice trays for two for twelve pounds which were good and he went off to get a bag of compost, while I minded them.  Home via Waitrose where the purpose was to get our pasties for tomorrow, but in the end we ended up with a basket full of things and a bill for eighteen pounds odd. All things that we needed of course of course!!
Rainy when we came out of Dobbies quite heavy too, but now sunny and the sun is streaming through the window as I type this.  odd!!
Tonight we are having:
Mushroom and goats cheese tart,
baby new jersey Royals boiled with a touch of spread
Veggies like a bit of butternut squash, asparagus and carrot.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Seems to be working today!

OK I'm mystified. the wonders of computers never fail to astound me. yesterday I couldn't get anything done on here. The gremlins were well and truly at work. Nothing would load, nothing would post, and nothing would be shown either. Total nightmare it was. Now today it all seems to be fine, with everything loading fairly quickly and progress made. I shall never understand them.
Still cool today, started out fairly bright then it got duller and now it is raining. You would never know it was the end of May and the beginning of June on Saturday. Aren't the weeks flying by!
Spent the morning ironing, all of the bedding that was done yesterday needed to be ironed which is a twwo man job with the folding and pressing. I quite like doing the sheets though, getting them all smooth and the creases in.  We still have the patchwork quilt on the bed and it looks like it will be on for some time yet the way the weather is going.
Tonight we are having:
Probably pasta with mushrooms and asparagus
A few carrots to go with,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Slow Today!!

This computer has the gremlins today..really bad, and so slow to respond.. I have just typed a load of this post and then it disappeared..just like that! lord knows where.
Washing day today, we stripped the bedding once Bobby had moved. You don't dare move a cat once it is settled they look so comfy and peaceful so you leave them. She did move eventually so we moved quickly and got the sheets off.
Went to crosby today to get our weekly veggies and a few other things, and had a look round the new look Sainsburys. it is quite a small store by their standards but the have enlarged it a lot, and reorganised it so that it looks quite a lot bigger. Didn't have tim,e to have a good browse because we were on the free 1/2 hour parking but I was quite impressed with the new layout. At least the Quorn and veggie things are easier to see now instead of being stuck behind a pillar! Got our usual veggies, at least Vin knows where everything is which saves time,
This is continued the next day!!
Can't remember what else I wrote because everything disappeared and neither Vin or I could retreive it. So we gave it up in the end!
Last night we had:
broccoli and cheese escalope
baby Jersey Royals...yummy!!
Carrots for moi and broccoli and cauliflower for Vin
Chhesey sauce.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holidays!!! Grrr!

In my humble opinion they should be abolished. They are boring, usually ridden with terrible weather as today is, and there is nothing to do because everywhere is teeming with people. yep..grumpy. We were woken up for some reason this morning because the sun was streaming through the window of the bedroom, and I turned to Vin and said what time is it? he replied five o'clock..night night! I thought it was about eightish. For once there weren't any cats on us so we got back to sleep, to be woken up again much later to cloudy skies and the promise of rain.
Vin hung his jacket out on the line after breakfast and lo and behold a bit later it did start to rain. Plus it is really cold today, everywhere we have been we have been putting the little heaters on. No wonder the electric bill is higher than it has ever been!! He even had soup for his lunch!! here we are at the end of May, the first of June on Saturday, and he is having soup. What a country. Apparently in London it is quite warm and a lot of degrees higher than here. Wouldn't like to live in London though:(
Tonight we are having:
leftover pizza with mushrooms and pepper for Vin.
Green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and sweet noodle salad for vin.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Nearly the Weekend Again!

Gosh the weeks are flying by these days. not that we are doing anything exciting, just mundane ordinary things really. Here we are again with the bank Holiday weekend nearly upon us. With that in mind we thought we would just go to tescos for our weekend things, it's the nearest shop and easy to park there. Plus we had the odd voucher to use and Vin wanted petrol.
It was actually quite busy there I suppose with the kids off on half term next week too.  Very gusty there as well. The tunnel that you go into in the middle of the car park was more like a wind tunnel, I nearly got blown off my feel, and my hair looked like wild mint when I got inside. terrible hair at the moment actually, it seems to have thinned out a lot since I had my op for some reason. I'm still on the vitamin B12 and D and am waiting for them to start kicking in.  I could do with a dose of what little Rusty has, she has amazing energy, or some of Vins energy even.
Tonight we are having:
fishless fingers
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
tartare sauce.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


A bit of ironing..some of the clothes that I wanted to get freshened up for the warmer weather...Maybe!! and the kitchen floor done and dusted. Mostly the cats stay out of the way, which is just as well or they would get mopped up too.
Weather is funny. Quite sunny but cold, and Sally traffic on radio 2 this morning was talking about a road blocked in Scotland with....yes snow!! Here we are in the middle of May and snow. Funny old country isn't it.When we had done the floor and it was drying Vin took himself off to Homebase to get something to fix the outdoor solar lights that we have on the back yard wall over the hanging baskets. I love those lights, they are really pretty and glow at night beautifully.

You can just see them over the hanging basket. The ones we put there yesterday aren't in flower properly yet, which is probably just as well considering that the weather is so cool.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato and mascarpone sauce
Mushrooms and veggies to go with
Garlic bread for Vin.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Free Coffees???

Not quite so free after all! We went off to Dobbies thiis morning to get some hanging baskets for the back yard, and Vin wanted to have a look at some new solar lights. we had vouchers from the little post magazine thing they send you for extra points if you buy something from the cafe.. points if you spend over £30 and £5 off if you spend over £ we took all of those too. What cheapskates!! had a good look round, inside and out. Some quite nice hanging baskets both indoors and out, but Vin said the outside ones were a bit dry. I had a bit of a mooch then we met up and went for our coffees. For some reason today it was heaving..normally quite quiet there, but there was a bit of an event on I think.
Vin went and got the hanging baskets, while I had a look round the food area. got some more shortbreads, some mint crisps and a jar of damson fruits for cheese. Vin caught up with me and he had got some solar lights and the hanging baskets so we had a bit of a trolley full by the time we had finished and they made quite a bit from us today and our free coffees!!!
Lovely and sunny today, but very breezy. Pictures on the news today and in the papers of the terrible tornado in Oklahoma. Absolute devastation with whole areas of land just flattened. Awful.  Must be heatbreaking. The governor of the state was on the television saying "we will build up again and come back stronger" !! can't believe that she said that. how can you come back stronger when so many people have been killed including a whole class of children?
Tonight we are having:
Something from the fridge,
potatoes maybe boiledsince they are jersey royals,
mixed vegetables
bread sauce

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


little done today really. We had to stay in to wait for a delivery from my Healthcare people..Bullens. they deliver a big box with my bags and other accessories. Must cost a fortune..dread to think of the cost of all the things I now need. Well stocked up again now. Trouble is where to put them all. I have a tall chest type thing outside the bathroom door which holds quite a ot, then a box with a fgew things in by the side of that. One of the problems of having a small  bathroom is that there isn't anywhere to put things. Ah well never mind we cope.
Quite nice and sunny today, but coldish. It was funny yesterday at the garden centre, when we were having our coffee Vin said a group of women carried their food and drinks outside to eat in the fresh air. Well the air must have been too fresh because they soon came back inside to sit at a table!! The sunshine is very deceptive. At least we din't have tornadoes like the one in Oklahoma yesterday. Swept through a town flattening everything in sight and killing a lot of people including a lot of children who were ina school and were drowned. So sad...
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort from the freezer.
Baby Jersey Royals boiled and a tiny bit of butter
Veggies from the freezer with a sauce. Hollandaise?

Monday, 20 May 2013

In tomorrow Out today!

I am getting a delivery tomorrow of my bullens Healthcare things, so we decided to go out today to get our veggies for the week. As luck would have it we got a mailing from tesco in our post this morning with quite a few coupons for the items we buy so decided to go there.  They really are very clever sending the vouchers for the things on your shopping ist so I suppose they know you will go back. Well it worked this morning. We bought the items that we had vouchers for plus a £3.50 points coupon and our shopping only came to £14 something. Not bad. Pity Poncy Waitrrose don't do the same!! Wasn't very busy either, des[pite the Sainsbury's in Crosby being closed for a refurbishment. Loads of car park space.
From there we went to the garden centre at ladygreen along the bypass to get our free coffees for the month of may. Had a bit of a look round too, saw a couple of nice things I liked, including a lovely little box that would be nice for Ann for Christmas. bit early I know! Also saw a really nice figure of a woman in a red dress that I really fancied. if Vin hadn't been with me I would have bought that!!
Had a lovely coffee and a seat by the window and a nice chat. It was quite busy actually and very noisy. A lot of very chatty loud women in there I think!
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza from last night with mushrooms and pepper and mozzarella
Potato salad for moi and a wheat salad for Vin
Green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado.

Friday, 17 May 2013

More Energy???

Well we went out to get our weekend things today. Started off at Waitrose where it was a beggar to park and very busy. Vin ran into the shop to get our rice puddings and pears and came back saying it was heaving n there. must be plenty of people in Formby with money then:). Then, because we didn't want to pay their very unnecessarily high prices we went to Tesco, who seem to have come back into favour with this family! So it was a quick car journey over the bypass to tesco where it wasn't so busy and reasonably easy to park. Had a good look round and bought all of our weekend things. Vin steered me round because he knows where everything is now! and we got a few extras which I threw in the trolley. Why have flowers become so dear? I love my fresh flowers and usually have a bunch in the kitchen but they are getting to be quite an expensive item now.
Vin took the bags back to the car and I sat in Costa waiting for him. he said he was going to treat me to a coffee there which was really lovely. I had an Americano which is my favourite and Vin had a flat white which came in a cup with a really pretty fern pattern on the top. He said the girl behind the counter said they get a badge when they can do the patterns. He asked if they got paid more and she said No..shame! it's a lovely little area now, you wouldn't know you were in a supermarket.  I really enjoyed that, a nice little treat.
Don't really know whether it is my imagination or what, but I actually feel like I have a bit more energy today. On Wednesday I started taking a Vitamin D3 tablet, and also two Vitamin B12 tablets daily, these are both recommended for fatigue and it is odd but I do feel a bit more with it today. Could be being treated to a nice coffee though!!Give it a bit more time eh!
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
 A few green beans for moi and some sauteed mushrooms for Vin
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Can't put it off any longer!

Well we went out yesterday so didn't do the ironing then. So that meant today we had to get it done or it would be sitting in the extension looking at me. That was the morning taken care of. It is quite difficult to iron actually. Beautiful bedlinen but it creases badly when it comes out of the drier so needs a fair amount of pressing. Worth it though! I actyually quite like ironing, I like getting the creases out of things and getting them nice again. Sad!
Vin has been looking at electricity companies today. it seems to be an absolute minefield, with them offering different deals and tariffs. He is looking at a number of small companies now who seem to offer a better deal.  At least the weather is a bit sunnier today. One of the problems with last year's bills was that because of my health problem I was stuck in  most of the year, so had lights, heat on etc., this has made a difference to the bills of course.  Have only got one bar of the heater on now:(.
So, not a lot doing today. Quite a mundane day really. Nice though!
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey kievs
jersey Royals sliced and sauteed,
Mixed veggies that we have left.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ventured Out..

Well when we woke up this morning the weather looked ominous. it was dull rainy and blowy, and the trees outside the house were going like crazy things. We had decided to go out today over to Ormskirk to get a bit of fresh air, which it would indeedd be over there!!
so, since it had stopped raining and was showing signs of clearing up at breakfast we thought we would carry on with our plans, so went over to ormskirk in the end. To be honest I'm not that keen nowadays since my beloved Bon Marche had closed their shop down there..but I did want to get some things from Superdrug and other bits so we went anyway. In the end it was a good trip. I had wanted to get some Vitamins from Holland and Barratt. I have been reading about the benefits of Vitamin B12 against tiredness/fatigue etc., and also Vitamin D3 for other things so wanted to get some in their penny sale. You get one bottle of capsules for the full price and get another for 1p which is ok by me. So got those, also some fishless fingers so we are well stocked up on them. got my bits in Superdrug, very helpful little girl on the cosmetics counter so I did ok. Trouble was then there wasn't anywhere else to go so I mooched around for a bit and Vin caught up with me coming out of Dorothy Perkins which is full of horrible clothes i wouldn't dream of buying!! Went back to the car, and he popped into M&S where we had parked to get a couple of things and we journeyed down to Morrisons.
Had a lovely cup of coffee there and a breather, only £1.05 a cup and in proper mugs with nice biscuits. Got round there quite quickly and bought some things we can't get anywhere else mainly to get our parking fee back and home for our lunch. Nice trip in the end, although poor Vin didn't buy anything. I think I hold him up a lot. I'm hoping these Vitamins do some good. Mmmm we shall see!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a sauce,
Vegetables maybe butternut squash
garlic Bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


we had to stop in today because of the roofing man coming to do the roof on the extension that had been leaking. This had been a problem at the weekend when we had some heavy rain. it was dripping quite badly over the window so obviously couldn't be left. vin is very good at sorting things like that out, and he asked the ladies in the shop if they could recommend anyone. The told him about a local chap who has a roofing company so he came out yesterday, had a look and returned this morning to do the job. It was a hole in the roof apparently, which had been repaired with a bit of Mastic by the last firm we had in 2004 ish!  So he took tiles off, replaced some of the roofing felt and a tile and we hope that has done the job. That cost £140, which we thought wasn't too bad considering the stories that you hear about some firms. He is going to come back to have a look at the main roof too and has cemented some part of it over the bathroom which had also developed a leak when heavy rainfall. You aint ever finished with a house. Always something to do to repair.
So it was a day of stop in for moi, Vin went off to Tesco very quickly after the roofing man had been, and was there and back in no time having got the veggies for the week and some other bits. He said it was very quiet there and was a good time to go. We also have done the bedding today so that will probably be one day later in the week ironing. Oh Joy !
Tonight we are having:
gruyere cheese escalope
Jersey Royal potatoes (first of the season) I love em!!!
Mixed veg, broccoli and carrots
Hollandaise sauce

Monday, 13 May 2013

Wet and Windy!

Wet and windy today, quite blowy outside. Didn't go anywhere because Vin wanted to sort the roof out. over the weekend we started to get a leak in our extension to the kitchen. It was coming in over the window and dripping water when it rained. So he wanted to get somebody to look at it asap.  He rang a bloke from the village today, recommended by the women in the newsagents who are usually very good, and he said his van was broken but would come and look tomorrow. Anyway, he rang up a bit ago and said he could come after lunch so he did. He will come and fix it tomorrow.  So that's tomorrow taken care of.
Apart from that we did a bit of Spring cleaning today,  Vin started tidying up his bits and bobs, (flat surfaces!) and I did the oven and the brasses at the front. Bound to rain now after I have done those. Bright sunlight now though, I have just had to pull the curtain to shade Bobby who is on the basket on the stool in Jane's room. Actually she has just moved. I wonder if she has got too hot? It is right in front of the window.  Yesterday was quite cold, especially in the afternoon, so Vin lit a fire which was nice, heats the whole house.
Vin has just come up to say that Rusty has helped with the Spring Cleaning! He said he had a pile of old papers waiting to go through them, and she has just chucked up all over them, so they have had to go!  Oh the joys of cat ownership!!
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza from last night,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and chilli noodle salad for Vin.

Friday, 10 May 2013

What is it with the British Weather?

Gone cold again today and yesterday. After the lovely warm Bank Holiday weekend we are now back to cold almost wintry weather again. What a weird climate we are having. All the seasons seem to be running into one another, a very long Winter, hardly any Spring, goodness knows what sort of Summer we are going to have! As long as it isn't too hot. i don't like the weather too hot.
Jane rang up this morning trying to find a garage near to where she was, and her battery was nearly dead too.  She rang back anyway and said that she was at a Sainsburys one in Salford..turns out it was the one we used to go to when we used to visit her in halls etc.,
Vin went off to tescos this morning to get our weekend thing. he is so much quicker than I am when shopping. he knows where everything is and gets everything n his list. Superstar he is. He got some good offers too, and took some vouchers so got quite a bit off. Well done Vin!
Bullens Healthcare rang this afternoon for the next ostomy order. Delivery for a week on Tuesday. Very helpful firm I do have to say.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless  fish cakes,
Mushy peas for Vin  and green beans for moi..

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ascencion Thursday..

Apparently it is Asencion Thursday today. Not that it means anything now to moi, since I don't go to the church any more, and haven't done since I got married.   They didn't like us getting married in a Register Office. Well tough, it's lasted a good length of time anyhow!
Very cool again today, a far cry from monday when it was lovely and warm and people were flocking to the beaches.  Quite blowy today as well, the trees are going like mad.
Poor Vin has been doing a mopping up act all today. For some reason little Rusty is chucking up everywhere, and is under the weather. Always on a good mat or carpet too!

He tries to pick her up and put her outside but its catching her while it is happening. So we are watching her now and not giving her anything else that is too rich.
One thing we did today that was good was to post the Birthday parcel to Ann in Australia. I had bought a necklace from QVC which was a nice Butler and Wilson choker type. I have two and they fit really well. Since the DVD didn't work out..wrong region. I was getting a bit desperate for something else that was light and I saw a nice chiffon scarf on QVC so ordered that. Came this morning. Perfect, so Vin went and got a Jiffy bag and we printed off the letter and sent it all off this morning. £7 postage though, it is quite an item now.Nice to send parcels off though. Hope she likes them.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
Potato croquettes
mixed vegetables
Maybe a little sauce

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mini Outing..

Had a little outing today because we went over to Dobbies in Southport. We wanted to get some hanging baskets for the back garden wall to replace the ones that we have with the primroses in them. They have been wonderful all winter given the type of weather that we have had, but are getting to the end now. Dobbies have advertised ones at £5 a basket which is a good price. Unfortunately too good a price because they really didn't have any!! The only few they had, were filled with horrible marigolds which looked quite weedy so we didn't bother.  I had a mooch round because I am still looking for something for Ann's birthday parcel, but didn't see anything at all suitable. So, Vin treated us to a coffee in their restaurant, which was really busy today. Full of old ladies who were stuffing themselves. Looked like a coach party. The last time we went there it was quiet and loads of free spaces, what a difference a few days makes.  So we left there with nothing today. very rare we come out of there wioth no purchases at all!
Quite surprised on the journey at the numbers of blossom trees in full bloom at the moment. really pretty just now, Not as warm as it was yesterday, fairly blowy and looked like rain although the sun has just come out.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some sort,
Tomatoey sauce with mushrooms
Butternut squash
Garlic bread for Vin

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hair Today..

I was desperate to get my hair cut this week, so I rang my hairdressers early this morning. I wanted a morning appointment really, but the only one they had with the girl I wanted was  Friday morning at 9 which was a bit early and too late in the week. So she then said would today be alright if you come in at three. So I took that ne..desperately!! So, that was today sorted. We were going out to the shops this morning, but Vin said why not you go to the hairdressers and I'll nip along to Waitrose about five mins away and get just what we need. Great. So that's what we did. Made a change for a Tuesday.
Anyway when he was in Waitrose he bumped into a woman he used to work with in Huyton at the training centre, so they had a good chat. It worked out well after all and I didn't feel guilty for making him drive me out to the hairdressers.
So glad to get my hair done I must admit.  It had become so straggly and the ends were awful. It is now a much tidier bob style thank goodness. Trouble is my hair has gone so thin lately, but I think that is to do with the anaemia, apparently it does make your hair thinner. keep on with the iron tablets!
Jane has just rung up, she was in Tesco buying nice things like pears and tapas, and grapes and cheese for her tea. She got %78 for her exam practical so that is good. Well done Janey..I'm proud of you!
Nearly forgot to say "Phew" it's hot today. Too nice to be out with a coat on.
Tonight we are having:
escalope with gruyere cheese,
Mushroom sauce
Little potatoes sliced and sauteed
Mixed veggies.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Ah Bank Holiday Monday!!

Neighbours out doing their front gardens, must be bank Holiday. For a change it isn't gloomy or rainy but is actually quite nice and sunny. Vin is presently out in the garden going through some ld magazines for interesting articles, while I am up here catching up.
Quite a normal weekend with our usual activities. Jane rang up on friday night to say she had got a girl out of trouble. She was driving home a different way because there had been an accident on her usual road, and came across a young girl about seventeen stumbling over the road in front of her car. She said she was crying and obviously didn't know where she was. Carrying a pizza as well. Jane stopped her car and asked if she was ok, and she started crying again saying she was lost. Her mobile was dead too. So Jane got her phone number off her and rang her home, her dad answered who'd been asleep, and Jane explained that he had better come and collect his daughter, and she waited with the girl while he came in his pyjamas. it turned out she only lived a few minutes away but she didn't know where she was. The dad was very grateful. I bet he was..Anybody could have picked her up, you hear such terrible stories. Really well done Jane. You are a good Samaritan. I'm proud of you.
Today is nice and sunny but not terribly hot, although it is supposed to be sizzling. Nothing on this week and no appointments but I must make one to get my hair done. It looks terrible at the momjent, all stragggly and thin and lifeless. Definitely needs a makeover. Will ring up first thing in the morning to get an appointment for that. Hate having horrible hair. One of the worst things about being n hospital was not getting a hair wash for 11 days! I was desperate for a hair wash when I got home. Pity there wasn't a way to get your hair done while you were in there. it would make you feel so much better.
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza with tomato sauce and mushrooms. Peppers on Vins one.
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
Potato salad for moi and sweet noodle salad for Vin.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday's Doings...

We got up latish this morning for some reason. Vin got up earlyish to go to the bathroom then went back to bed, so we slept in a bit. Doesn't matter in the least because there wasn't anything to get up urgently for. No appointments this week for a change. The cats were on the bed..little Rusty on my hip and Bobby in the middle somewhere. Both very patiently waiting for Vin to move so they can be fed.
Vin went off to Formby to get the shopping, he wanted to go to Waitrose to see if they had any cheese and onion pasties..they did, so he got a few things there, then went to Tescos to get the rest because they are cheaper. I don't like tescos, but it is a fact that they are a lot cheaper then Waitrose, and they have better offers.  He had a whole bag full of cat things, in fact it looked like their shopping cost more than ours! with cat food, and cat litter, it's quite an item loooking after two cats.
I stopped in mainly because I wanted to finish the letter to Joh and Ann for her birthday.  I did that, then when Vin came home he said he wanted to check it for mistakes..cheeky beggar! he tried to get it printing, but it wasn't printing anything. We seem to have the gremlins at the moment!. He's cleaned the printer and hopefully it will get going later.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
Any veggies left over from the week. broccoli for Vin and green beans for moi.
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mayday weekend

Is loomng ahead. it was the First of May yesterday and  Hares and Rabbits to that!. Beautiful sunny day today with the sun streaming through the window as I type this. Makes a change after all of the horrible Winter weather we have been having this year. It seems to have gone on for so long.
Big load of ironing this morning, all of the bedding which does take quite a bit of ironing but is very worth it.  While i was ironing I put the television on to find nothing working and no signal. Vin had a look at the box to find a wire that had come out f the back of the new box he had bought last week from Maplins. So he decided to go over there to get it replaced which is a trek..well done Vin. He got back really quickly and fitted that which worked only to go off when he stood near a wire that runs by the fire!!  Grrr.  Still it is working again now fingers crossed.
I got my parcel from QVC today. I think they should offer loyalty points on your account, if you bught the same goods in a supermarket you would get loads of points. I got a really nice top from Quacker Factory, one of my favourite brands. It's a lovely blue colour with little sequin butterflies round the neckline. Really pretty, and just sparkly enough to be attractive without going over the top. Very pleased with that.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey Kievs
Little potatoes sliced and sauteed
Mixed vegetables, carrots beans and broccoli
Maybe a bit of a white sauce.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Retail Therapy...

It's amazing what a bit of retail therapy does for the spirit! i got a catalogue from my Bon Marche shop the other day with a %15 voucher off if you spend £20, So i asked Vin if he would take me this morning. We parked in the square at Maghull and
It's amazing what a bit of retail therapy does for the spirit! i got a catalogue from my Bon Marche shop the other day with a %15 voucher off if you spend £20, So i asked Vin if he would take me this morning. We parked in the square at Maghull and you get 1/2 an hour free so that was good to start with. I had a good browse round, I realy wanted some new trousers in a size smaller so that was the priority. They had two pairs for £22 or £14 for one so I got a pair of navy and a oair of black. like a glove. Also picked up a pair of slippers for £9 and a really nice t-shirt top in stripes for half price at £7 so did really well. I was dead pleased with my shopping. It is an age since I went there and I really really miss the Bon Marche in Ormskirk. used to spend ages in there just brrowsing.
Trouble is I need to go through my wardrobe now and have a big clear out of clothes. I have a lot of things in there that are too big now so i need to get them ready for the charity shop somewhere. Bit of a Spring Clean coming on I feel.
On the way back we stopped at the Sefton Meadows garden centre and had a really nice coffee. Vin had a latte and I had a black as is usual.  It is such a long time since we went to that one, and they have changed a lot. they have a nice seating area with leather couches as well as the conservatory area where we sat. really pleasant morning. Thankyou Vin for driving me.
Vin got his cheque this morning for the crossword that I do! £50 from the Daily Mail which was nice. Might put that towards a new garden bench for the patio area. We have seen a nice one in Dobbies but are waiting for a voucher or offer.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with cheese sauce
garlic bread for Vin
Butternut squash to go with