Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Busy Week !

We have had a busy week so far this week. yesterday was a stay at home day, but started off quite early, Vin was awake so he did the ironing! what a star!! Then we did bits and bobs pretty much all day.  A few phone calls, including one from the Specsavers girl who said she had ordered some hearing aids for me and she had gone with the £2,225 ones which are right for my level of hearing loss, and were Siemens which were the ones we were keen on too. So they are on their way, should take about two weeks. then she will get in touch and make an appointment to arrrange fitting etc., So that was a good thing done.
Today I had an appoint6ment at Aintree at nine o'clock so we had to get up early today to get going and beat the traffic. In the end we did it and got there on time. Not long to wait, weighed and blood pressured..low blood pressure again,  then caled in to the doc. he seemed quite happy apart from the weight thing so told me to eat more and drink more. We were out really early but had to wait around for a bit while  Vin went to the pharmacy to collect some Aranesp injections in the larger strength. So that wasted a bit of time, and we left finally about a quarter to eleven.  We made our way to the Costa on the Aintree retail park, and had our coffees there for a change. Vin had a Soya milk latte and I had a sdkinny medio cappuccinno. Beautiful, and a really good people watch. very pleasant way to spend the morning. Nice this retirement lark.
Jane rang up for a good chat yesterday too, she had been to Salford and given them their job back so she can wait for one to come up at M.R.I. I think that was a l9oad off her mind, she wouldn't have been happy there she said.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and salad for Vin,Orzo salad to go with. 
I might have a poached egg with a bit of chopped spinach.

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Mundanity of Life....

Poor Vin...He has really been lumbered with moi.  Seems ages since we went anywhere or did anything really, he must be getting tired of life in the Mac household. Running round after me is making him sigh a lot, and I never wanted that. Fingers crossed for better days eh!
The labels came this morning for us to send the Bose box back to them for repair, trouble is it is extremely difficult to find a box f the right size. You can't buy them anywhere except in numbers for moving etc., He is going to try some places tomorrow to see if he an get hold of something. trouble is it is an odd shape long and also fairly thick which is an unusual shape.
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work while she was driving. She had got up reasonably this morning and gone over to the cinema over the road to see "Minions" They are cute little blue and yellow characters, and it is a cartoon film. She said it was really cute, the cinema was very quiet and it was well worth going. So glad she is having some fun at last...so well deserved. Day of big decisions for her on Monday, she is going to Salford where they offered her a job before she got her results, and she does not want to go there. So, she is going to give them their job back and wait ofr M>R>I> to put some jobs up which she says should be soon. Till then she has her job at Ticketmaster which she loves anyway, so she has morny coming in for rent etc.,
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Turned Up Again...

Nt been on for a few days again ..another digestive blip which held me back. Wish i knew what is the real cause of them. poor Vin leads a merry dance up and down stairs and getting no sleep, just doesn't seem right somehow. 
The weather has been a bit unpredictabe these days quite nice today and we were able to sit outside this morning with our coffees. Jane rang up for a chat on her way to work, whie she was in her car. She had rung up briefly earlier to give us the number and heading for her professional registration which has to be sent by cheque the only other way was to get a postal order and that would have cost another fourteen pounds. No point in wasting money she says.We had a look at last year's graduation ceremony online and it looks quite nice. It is at The Lowry so should be a nice day. Gosh she has worked so very hard for that, can't believe the time has cme.
Tonight we are having:
Meals are very difficult at the mment. I must be driving Vin mad because there are so many things that I'm a bit wary of eating. 
Last night he had a lovely looking pizza and salad,
I had a blob of mashed potato and a poached egg.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Waiting Around!!

The district nurse was supposede to be coming today, as of yet mid afternoon, no-one has come yet. Think they have forgotten. Never mind. My legs feel better anyway definitely not stinging any more so must be healing.
Bedding done today, enforced actually we won't say why :) :) but it was ready for doing anyway.  So we have mooched around the house today at a bit of a loose end, always the same when you are waiting for someone.
Quite cold today, not at all like summer weather, must be one of the coldest Junes on record. So far we have only sat outside once this year because it's been too windy and cool.  Still warm in Oz according to their FB posts, and it's their winter. Maybe they will send us some sunshine later. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure.. depends on what he feels like and me.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Things Done....

It was aayof getting a variety of things done. We weren't going out so started off by getting up earlyish for us. The chap from the council was coming this morning to fit the shower rail in the bathroom at nine, and he arrived spot on the time. Did the fitting in about ten minutes and it is excellent, solid as a rock. I think that will be really useful.
Last night the lady came as recommended from Specsavers to clear out my ear of the wax deposit. She was excellent, used a vacuum to get it out and it was totally painless, all you could hear was a sort of sucking and a few high pitched whines. Then she did the impressions for the aids so that saved some time too. 
This morning then we weere able to proceed with the insurance claim, and Vin made quite a few phone calls. He contacted the lady from Specsavers to find out what is the correct way to go. they had sent an estimate and some information, and they would deal with the insurance co. That was next so he rang them and was told to email  them with the estimate and contact information. This he has just done so that is well under way now, and all we have to do is wait for the insurance now. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really at all.
Probably something from the freezer and any veggies that we have in the fridge. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Out Today !

We escaped the house this morning. Nothing in particular on today, well not until tonight anyway so we went to Costa for a coffee out, and to get a little bit of fresh air. Horrible day here today. very cool and drizzly, Vin had his windscreen wipers going most of the way there. that sort of rain that gets you wet without you realising.
Costa was moderately busy and we had to sit on a table around the corner, not our usual bench seats, but it waas nice anyhow.  Vin had a mocha with a shot of espresso and a beautiful chocolate heart shape on the top, and i had a skinny latte medio which was lovely. i do like Costa coffees they can always be relied on. 
We didn't need any shopping today, but i did want to get some flowers for the kitchen, so spent a whil;e looking. Chose some pink roses for a change and a nice bunch of irises which has done two vases so not too bad.  We shall have to see how long they last. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to Tesco to get a card for her tutor at M.R.I. then off to Greens to get a voucher for a meal to go with it, then off to the hosp  to give her locker key back and have a chat about jobs there. She really doesn't want to go to Salford and wants to stay there so she is going to get the lie of the lanmd. It's all decisions for her, but i really hope she goes where she is happy.
I have a lady coming tonight between 7 and 8 to do my ear wax removal and do the impressions so hopefully we can move on with the insurance claim, and get some new aids. 
Tonight we are going :
Amy's meals mac/cheese
Butternut squash
garlic bread for Vin and mushrooms

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Well it turned into a busy day what with everything going on. 
We got up earlyish because we were expecting the district nurse to dress my legs as ordered by Aintree Hosp. In the event she arrived about three o'clock so we were waiting round most of the day and beginning to think that no-one was coming.  Anyway she did and will come again on Friday, then it will be a case of go to a dressing clinic somewhere. 
Also contacted by Specsavers because we hadn't heard from them Vin had rung yesterday. The lady said she would contact the audiologist and ring back. She did and gave us the number of the lady who does ear wax removal. Duly rung and she is coming tomorrow between 7 and 8 to do that. £30.  She will also do the impressions for the moulds so that's moving forward. 
Jane rang this morning too to ask if I could write a cheque for her professional registration fee. Delighted to do that anyway. It appears that they will only accept a checque or postal order, but you pay another £14 for one of those! and she says it is a waste of money. Good for her! She is off to see Jurassic World tonight with one of the boys from Ticketmaster, they are going to a late showing at a cinema in Manchester. Nice to see her having a bit of fun XXX
Vin sorted out his pension plans and insurances so he did a lot of that today. He seems too be a bit further on now with that. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with salad and pasta salad for Vin
Poached egg on a slice of bread for moi. I actually had an omelette last night.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Back Again !!

Like the proverbial...been away for a few days. Started with a phone call from Aintree to say they had a bed for me that day !!!! was supposed to be an overnight stay, it was for a CT scan with a special contrast so I needed to be admitted for renal function observation. Then it turned into a two day stay. Did the scan on Thurs which was clear apart from a lung infection which I am being treated for now, and blood pressure problem which is called postural hypotension. This means when you are sitting down your blood pressure is fine, but when you stand it drops drramatically. This was probably why I fell down the stairs. and up the stairs for that matter. So, I escaped on Sunday on another set of tablets, which touch wood seem to be working. 
While I was in there Jane rang on Friday to say she had her results, and wanted us to know first. She had been to her badge ceremony that morning, and the results we4re emailed through to them. She got a FIRST !!!! Isn't that amazing. So well done, and so well deserved, she has worked incredibly hard for that. All the way through at Ticketmaster during the evenings at weekends with barely a break with her placements.  She has a job at Salford, but isn't sure about that at all. She quite wants to stay at M.R.I. where she is happy and likes the people. Tricky decision.  We are delighted for her, gosh has she worked for that. Well done our jane. Only four in the year too so really well done XXX
Poor Vin is having a bit of a breather today he has been visiting me of course twice a day bless him, which is tiring in itself. I rang the community dietician to cancel the appointment there in July since I saw a dietician oin Aintree last week.  Vin has rung Specsavers to enquiere about the hearing aids which we haven't heard about. They have left a message at Southport for the girl tomorrow.  So, all underway. 
Two proud parents and a clever girl. XXX

Tonight we are having:
pizza and salad for Vin with a pasta side salad
Poached eggon a slice of my toast for moi.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Very big news here today. Jane has just rung up to say that the results came out at four o'clock and she has passed everything and is now a fully qualified radiographer. Isn't that amazing. It has been a long hard three years but she got there in the end clever girl. She isn't sure what grade she has got but at the very least it is a 2.1 might just be a first, she isn't sure. Fingers crossed! So..well done our Jane.She can have her car now...that was her graduation present a year early because she got it last year :)
Other things going on, I haven't been n for a couple of days because I had another digestive blip, the usual sort of thing, very debillitating but we get there in the end. Poor Vin, is so patient and kind, I must be wearing him out.  It is all so unpleasant and embarrassing but he never complains. Bless him XXXX

Our clever Jane XXXX

Friday, 5 June 2015


The main purpose for me today was an appointment with Specsavers at their hearing aid clinic. This was a departure for me because  for years I have been to Ormerods in Southport. However they have moved to within Boots and not as easy to get to. So, since the Specsavers is in Formby nearly fiv/ten mi9nutes away from us I had decided to go there. 
Before we went there, we both had some hone calls to make. Vin had to phone his insurance companies and I had to phone the dietician only got a recorded message so had to leave name address and phone number and they would ring back. They did mid morning and gave me an appointment for the 8th of July, so that was done.
Then off to Formby after a nice little coffee at home. We got there on time, and we were asked in on time too which is a good start. very nice girl who asked me some general history questions then got to some hearing tests. The usual ones invol;ving headphones and a button that you press when you hear specific sounds. Some high pitched some medium and some low sounds.  She said I had some wax build up in my left ear so had to get that cleared then the impressions could be made for the hearing aids. We didn't discuss types of aids but she did say she would put some things in the post. All in all I was very impressed with her, thought she was very good.
All that took half an hour, and we were out by half past one so on the way back called in at the garden centre over the way to get something for the barrel that Vin cleared in the front yesterday. We ended up with some nice little allysum I think they are called. Whites, pinks and purples, and these are not supposed to grow too tall so should be good in the barrel.
Turning out not too bad this afternoon but by no means heatwave weather. Vin is in the garden now loking after the bulbs and might be doing the frnt garden barrel depending on time.

Tonight we are having:
maybe Linda McCartney kievs which are quite tasty,
Any veggies that we have left over in the fride.
Mashed potato from last night.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bits and Bobs...

I was due for a visit from the physiotherapist this morning at ten o'clock, and we had pondered going outbut in the end couldn't think of anywhere in particular so we stopped in instead. 
The physiotherapist lady who is really nice gave me some sheets of exercises to do to strengthen my leg and thigh muscles, quite simple things really some I can do while sitting down and others to do when standing up. I'm sure Vin will make sure that I do them. :) She has signed me off now. 
So in the end we stayed here. He cleared the front garden, got the barrel emptied which was full of the daffodil leaves and stalks, and he has got them drying out in the back garden now. He also rang the LV and renewed the home insurance, which means when I have had my hearing appointment tomorrow the broken hearing aid can be dealt with.  Got two letters today, one for the eye screening which is in July at Litherland town hall centre so easy to get to, and there isn't usually any waiting. The other to ring for an appointment with the dietician in Netherton so will have to ring tomorrow for that.
Jane rang up just before I came up here to say she was on her way into work, but that she had the results of her vivas and she had passed that plus one of her assignments. The oral was the one she was really worried about because she didn't answer one of the questions but it can't have mattered. I am thrilled for her it is another step further. 

They were lovely while they were growing wonder if they will last for next year. 
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, 
Veggies from the fridge..butternut squash, carrots broccoli etc.,
Mashed potato and swede.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Is It Warming Up??

There does seem to be a few signs of the weather finally warming up a bit.  As i type this it is sunny through the window and is looking quite nice outside. Vin has gone out to do a bit of tidying up and recycling, at least his little plants that he has been nurturing so carefully will get a little sunshine.
He got going fairly early this morning, I am definitely not a morning person so it takes me longer to wake up, and he had already started the ironing bless him.
Then it was off to Crosby Sainsburys to get a few veggies for the rest of the week. He is a really good shopper now and gets whatever we need. It's half an hour free parking so he doesn't take long then he moves to the other park. I stopped here and started a letter to John and Ann in Australia, but was having difficulty with the font size. It was way too big and I couldn't figure out how to change it because it wouldn't do what I wanted it to do and stay there. Kept changing back again. real pain. Did make a change that seems to have stuck though, so hope that keeps. This tecnology defeats me sometimes.!!
No phone calls today for a change, very quiet, and one doorbell ring for another house! 
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some sort,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
Butternut squash and broccoli.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Winter in June!!

Very odd last night. We were sitting after our tea watching Corrie and there was a sort of pop and all of the lights dimmedff. We thought at first it was something that had blown in the house but Vin heard all sorts of alarms going off. Then the l9ghts went out completely. We were left in the dark. There was a bit of light from outside but because of the wind and the rainit ws dark in the middle room. Good jb Vin had lit a fire earlier or we would have been cold as well. Anyway the power came back on again later on in the evening at about nineish so we caught up on Corrie on the plus channel!
Today, up early because I had an appointment at Aintree at twenty to eleven, so we needed to leave by tenish. Got there well on time and went straight round to the clinic6 but had to wait a bit, it seemed quite busy, Got weighed and blood pressure taken, then more waiting. Weight gone down again but has gone up a bit due to Vin feeding me puddings. Eventually saw quite a nice doc who asked a lot of questions different ones to Mr Skaife the other week! and was very thorough. He did the blood pressure as well but didn't say how it was doing.  had me sitting down then standing.  He ended up by saying he wanted a scan of some sort and it would involve a day in while they did it. Uuug..more appointments. Poor Vin I do feel sorry for him, it must be a pain taking me there all of the time. 
Left Aintree then we wanted to go to Maghull to take some lights back, and I wanted a few things from Superdrug and take a kimno back to Bon Marche because it was too big. Had a bit of a prob parking in the square so Vin dropped me off outside BMs and he went off to park. I changed the item really quickly but didn't want to buy anything else, so went out to wait for him. Saw a card factory next door so got a birthday card for Anne C., and he caught me up in there. Walked over to Costa then to get coffees. Really nice in there. I had a lovely skinny latte and he had a soya milk latte, and we shared a pack of wafer biscuits. Weather very odd, while we were in there it was alternately sunny and pouring with rain. most people in wintry coats though I notice. 
Went back towards the car and I went into Superdrug while he went round to Home and Bargains, then home for lunch..carrot and coriander soup again.. very nice too.
Well timed delivery of the Emma Bridgewater item that I had ordered for Jane for her graduation. 
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls Linda McCartney ones,
Spaghetti and potato croquettes
Mushrooms for Vin.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Hares and Rabbits..Again...

My goodness how the months are flying by. here we are in June today, and supposed to be the summer now. However, we have the heaters on and the lights on because it is dark. What is going on?  The newspapers do say that we are supposed to get a heatwave at the end of the week! believe that when it happens!!
Stayed in today because we are out tomorrow, I hae an appointment at Aintree at the renal clinic. They rang up before to remin d us, but we knew anyway.All our appointments are written on the calendar.
I started off with a lovely shower using the new board which is great, bedding being done but not hung out because it is drizzling today and quite blowy.  Vin has made a beautiful loaf in the bread machine. Pumpkin seed bread this time, and presently the house smells absolutely gorgeous. I don't think there is any smell in a house that is nicer than the smell of baking bread.
He is presently outside braving the drizzle cementing the hole where the old clematis used to be. He cut a paving stone to fit and is now cementing royund that. What a clever boy ghe is..he can turn his hand to anything.From breadmaking to cementing in one morning!
Jane rang up earrlier to say that she is having her M.R.I. scan this afternoon becauswe she was in the department and had said she was due for one, so they said they had a gap this afternoonand could fit her in. One of the perks of the job.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza and green salad for Vin
Pasta and chargrilled mushroom side salad
A poached egg for me possibly.