Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Been a While...

I don't usually like to miss this because it is by way of being my little sort of diary. However, with another health blip for a few days, then appointments when I often type these in the afternoons  I couldn't get it done. Anyway a bit of a catch up.
Yesterday was a Nephrology clinic appointment. At 4.30 in the afternoon, which is not ideal but yu can't pick and choose. We actually got there at four so were in plenty of time. Got weighed, still low, blood pressured moderate and sample in and then it was dead slow stop! Eventually got in at about a quarter to five to see a Dr., that I have only seen once before I think. One of those women who talks to the computer. Spent most of the time looking at things on the screen with the odd question..just to keep me happy I think.
Didn't change anythinggave me two blood test forms with dates on and that was it.
The plan was to go to M&S and get a coffee but we were too late for them so we went to the Costa on the retail park instead. I had a cappuccino and Vin had a Cortada which he hadn't had before. Looked lovely act6ually, came in a glass with no handle and looked very pretty.  My cappuccino had three perfect coffee bean shapes in chocolate on the top..love the way they do that. :) 
In today, Jane phoned at lunchtime, she had been to the hospital to hand in all of her documents, the registration, birth certificate degree award, (did I mention she got a First!!!) proof of where she lives and proof of ID. Everything was photocopied she said and all she has to wait for is the occupational health to sign her off. Then it will be all systems go.  
Vin is looking after the cat from the end house where Michelle and the two girls have gone on a short break to London. It's is a lovely cat called Charlie..a girl, black and white with a persian looking face.  I went in to have a look at it yesterday when we got back from Aintree and when Vin opened the door it was at the top of the stairs waiting and ran down to greet us. I really miss that with our two..they used to do that.
Jane and I are trying to get Vin to get another, there are so many in the rescue centre where we got Rusty and Bobby from and there are some terrible stories. Jane and I fancied one little black one called Tilly, but Jane said that it had got a reserved note underneath it when we lookedd. Aaah I hope she is going to a good home.  There is another called Donna that I like the look of a black one, but don't like the name..that would have to go! Most of our cats have had names that end in a y, like Lucy, Inky, Bobby and Rusty.
Normally here I would always put what meals we are having for tea, but that is all gone by the board these days because of my eating habits now!! Ah well. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer!!

Definitely summer today. Gorgeous blue skies and no clouds in sight..not yet anyway. We sat outside this morning for our coffees in the lovely sunshine and enjoyed that.
After doing all sorts yesterday we are in today not doing a lot.Vin did some weeding and I sat and watched him!! It is surprising just how fast the weeds grow really, but we have had a lot of rain in the last few months so it is to be expected really. Our garden is mainly plants in containers which was supposed to be maintenance free but in actual fact anything but. They get weeds just like anything else, and it is green bin on Monday so Vin wanted to get some of them in that
I was trying at this point to download a pic of the garden but don't seem to be able to do that for some reason today. The photos I want aren't coming up.  What a pain!
Short and sweet today. .

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Killing Two Birds With One Stone...

So to speak...We were up with the lark this morning which is unusual for us, we generally get up in a leisurely fashion!  Anyway I had an appointment at the clinic in Litherland for an eye screening which is done every six months.I used to have to go to the eye clinic at Aintree but a few years ago the farmed them out to community clinics instead. Much better actually, the parking is easier and it takes at most about three quarters of an hour instead of sometimes hours. So, good, today we got there on time and we were out by ten. Then, since I had to have a blood test donefor the renal people at Aintree and we were already halfway there we went on there afterwards. Great plan..saved two separate journeys, the queue was short. Vin dropped me off, walked up to the blood place with me because the eyes were blurry from the drops!! and went to find a parking spot..short stay over the way, half hour free. By the time he found me again I was just going in. Great timing!
So, I decided to treat us to a Costa, and it was off to the one in the retail; park which was quite busy actually. I had a skinny latte and Vin had a soy milk latte with a shot of hazelnut, and we sat and chatted and people watched for a very pleasant three quarters of an hour.
Home again..just in time to see the courier lady pulling up outside the house with two parcels for me from QVC. A pair of black jeans from Quacker factory, and a jacket for wearing round the house with sparkly bits on. Both fit perfectly and even Vin said the jeans looked good! Praise indeed. Can't get used to all of these thinner clothes, the only trouble is that I have a lot of very good things in my wardrobe that are now way too big, I really need to have a huge big clear out. Charity shop here we come. 
Funny thing was that after having the blood test, when we got home a letter had come from the renal clinic with an appointment for next Monday so that was good timing too. Not a bad day in the end..very successful for a change. 
The new hearing aids are really good, they are so much clearer and it is easier to hear people speaking to me which is a big bonus.  Oh dear! I am sounding like a feeble little old woman..never used to be like that..just a blip for the moment I hope. Vin is incredibly patient , does all of the driving without complaint ..I got a diamond there. Thanks Vin XXXXX
Jane is working today 12 o'clock to 8 o'clock, so will ring tonight on her way home I think. She is still getting over her Ticketmaster lurgy and still had a sore throat yesterday but was getting better. She has a couple of days off at the end of the week and is going out on Thursday with her friends for TM for a pizzaq at Crazy Ped4ros so is looking forward to that. She will really miss that job, she has loved it there for the last five years and has made some good friends.  She thinks it will be the beginning of October when she starts at M.R.I. because she has jury service for two weeks an the middle of SeptShe has already deferred it once because she was supposed to go in the middle of her exams in June. It will be good for her to get properly working again, but at least she got the job she really wanted. They interviewed ten people for that job so she did well there. Clever Jane XXX
Jane with her two best friends Jo and Lauren. It was great meeting them, they were all a really lovely bunch..and all with jobs too! Quite something these days. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

All Clear!

Well that is one clinic down. Went off this afternoon to the clinic in Formby where I have been having my arm dressed and when they removed the last dressing it has cleared up beautifully, so I have been discharged from there. So at least we don't have to trek there any more.
Since the clinic was just up the road from Waitrose we went in there to get a free coffee. It was surprisingly busy in the caffe section actually, but when we got a table it started to clear so very quickly it was empty.Funny that! Then we did a little bit of shopping  and home.
This morning was quite quiet, Vin rang up about my Aranesp injections and it is in the process of being sorted. Also he has filled in the Medicash to get the allowance for the hearing aids. They will be blacklisting me!
Tomorrow it is the eye clinic in Litherland which is quite early so it will be an early night tonight I think. Poor Vin he must be getting tired of getting me to all of these appointments! Bless him, he never complains either. Thanks Vin XXXX 

Friday, 7 August 2015

What a Difference!!

A day makes!  Today for me was HA Day. The day I finally got my new hearing aids.  So, this afternoon was an appointment at the clinic in Formby to go and get them. I should have got them some weeks back bbut was too ill to go and had to cancel the appt.  Rearranged and today was the day. Specsavers in Formby. VERY impressed with them and their service, very nice girl who had them all ready for me and turned them on to the computer as soon as I arrived. Bit of tweaking bhecause of some feedback but that was soon done and she explained all about them. What a huge difference!! I am really surprised just how much more I can hear with these, and the technology of them is terrific. They are Siemens ones and come with 4 years free batteries and after sales service as well. Vin had the money from the insurance company so that bit was painless. Great!!!
From there I had to go and get a blood test done in the same clinic as it happened and that was 3.00 so fitted in beautifully The lady there did the test the first time, no trouble at all. I still think it is all about confidence. 
Then I had decided that we would go along the road to Waitrose, to get a few bits of shopping that we don't get any where else. Plus of course get a free coffee! It is an absolute age since we have been to Waitrose and some of the biscuits that we like from there we have run out of plus some other things.Lovely coffees..I had a latte and Vin had a capucinno, then he went off to get the bits n our list and I joined him for the last bit. Job done and a very good afternoon.
Jane rang up just before we were due to go ut on her way to work, she has the dreaded Ticketmaster lurgy..sore throat, cough and generally feeling off colour. Aaah poor Jane.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Nice Outing!!

No particular rush this morning, so up leisurely. Had to go to the Homebase in Formby to collect an iron that we had ordered online yesterday and do a bit of shopping at Tesco over the road..very handy because we could then go for a Costa!!
The iron was ready for us. In actual fact they keep a few items in stock even though it is a collection point and that was one of them. So we are now the proud owners of a mew Russeell Hobbs colour changing iron bought with our vouchers from the National Shopping Monitor that we scn our groceries for. 
Then it was over the road for our coffee out for the week. Vin had been looking online for something different and he had a Mocha which is a chocolate with espresso. I had my medio skinny latte which was lovely.Some nice little wafer biscuits and we were done. I sat with the bottom half of my latte while he ran round the shop getting the things on the list. Good job Vin.
Jane rang up this morning on her way to work at Ticketmasters. She is going for waffles and ice cream tonight with one of her soon to be colleagues at M.R.I. Gosh it was a good job she got that job I think she would have been devastated if she hadn't. She is really going to miss Ticketmasters though. :(
Big day tomorrow. I am off to the clinic in Formby to get my hearing aids at long last.Looking forward to that. Then a blood test at 3.05 which should leave enough time to get them done.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hooray!!! Our daughter the radiographer.

Well, our Jane didn't ring up till quite late ast night after her interviewso we were beginning to get a bit worried. Turned out she had a bit of a run in with a woman who is in charge of the department, who had told her that she was silly giving up the job at Salford, and they had interviewed some very good candidates already. Well that threw her confidence she said and affected her performance in the interview. Oh dear!!
Anyway she rang this morning to say that she would have to give up her job at Ticketmaster which she is really sad about, because they had just informed her she had been offered the job at M.R.I. 
So it is now all systems go..she has her First, and now the job she wanted, and she had done really well in the interview too.
Really really well done Jane..we are so proud of you. !XXXX
We stayed in today to do bits and bobs. Makes a change not having anywhere medical to go to. Vin came up to say the iron was leaking very badly, maybe because it was dropped yesterday! so we went online to Argos to order another. Very painless, just click and collect tomorrow from their depot point at Homebase at Formby which is just opposite Tesco so I feel a Costa coming on :) :) 
Vin also rang up about my blood test and conveniently got an appointment at the clinic in Formby for 3.05 and since I am going to get my new hearing aids at 2.30 is excellent timing. Well done Vin..
Jane..Clever girl..with her mentor who was terrific through her three years, Carol. I love this picture. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back again like the proverbial...

Not been on for a bit for one reason or another. Started on the 15th of July when I went for a routine endoscopy test at Aintree and they wouldn't do the test because my blood pressure was too low, and they wouldn't let me go home either. So they found me a bed and there I stayed for around ten days. Had loads of tests and they didn't really come to any conclusion but have tweaked my medications a bit. 
Then when I finally got home the computer decided to play up and is  still going off as I type this. real pain in the neck..you are typing away and the annoying lady's voice says " Goodbye" and everything locks. Grrrr.
Seem to be spending our time going to medical things these days. Poor Vin is very patient, but the waiting around must get to him. No wonder he is getting grumpy with me, and I am getting more depressed by the day. Ah well onwards and upwards as they say.
Today was a waste of a day because I was supposed to go over the way to the surgery for a blood test but the nurse couldn't get any blood out so she has given us a form and said go to one of the clinics. That wasn't a good day to begin with.
Jane is off to an interview at M.R.I. this afternoon for a radiographers job.