Thursday, 30 April 2009


Awoke to a dull, blowy and cold day. Had to put lights n everywhere it was so dark. Brightened up now though but rainy showers all day. Signs of Spring all but gone. the daffodils are dying out and the blossom is beginning to come off the trees like snow falling.
had my physio appointment this afternoon and he manipulated the neck area again. He certainly touches the spot, and you feel it afterwards. It is a case of keep up with the exercises and back in two weeks. Got quite a few appointments this month, it is a case of write them on the calendar or you'd miss them.
Qufiet day today otherwise. VT is trying to sort out his car insurance. he has rung up various ones and found that there is little difference between them.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with meatballs, and tomato sauce.
Carrots and beans to go with,
A tiny bit of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

He should have gone to Specsavers...

Well he did this morning..VT took himself off to Formby this morning while I did the bedroom a bit better. Why he didn't get some on Monday I'll never know because we were in there long enough with my eye tests etc., but he likes to think about things. Anyway there was a car he wanted to look at as well so he went there too. he came back at coffee time and said he had chosen a pair of gold coloured ones, so that will make a change for him, he tends to go for steel colours. It seems we are both having a change this week.
I tidied up our dressing table which has become a bit untidy to say the least. There is a basket on there where we put all those little bottles of free cosmetic things you get in hotels etc., and it was literally overflowing. So the shampoos are downstaire waiting to be used, and the bath things are in the bathroom the same. In fact I used one this afternoon and it was lovely smelled really nice.
Tonight we are having:
Baby saute potatoes,
Escallopes of some sort, Broccoli and Cauliflower cheese.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swine Flu..

Pig Sick..all over the papers these days. Swine flu coming from Mexico, pictures on the news of people there wearing masks and 150 and counting people died from it there. No-one died here yet but a honeymoon couple from Scotland with it confirmed but doing well. the usual panic everywhere and the Foreign Office warning against going to Mexico unless absolutely necessary.
Here in the Woodford house things carry on as normal. we did venture out to Dobbies this morning mainly for our free coffees and VT wanted to get some fence paint to go with his spraying machine. Went to Waitrose on the way to get some more vegetables and a few things we had run out of. We like their flour for breadmaking, it seems to give a good loaf and better than others. Surprised they don't sell bread mixes though.Nice shop to shop in but very expensive , I still miss the Morrisons there.
Gone quite cold this afternoon and cloudy. VT says it is too cold to do the spraying today, but I think you need a day at it to do it properly. We were looking at bedding plants for hanging baskets in Dobbies but again it is a bit too early for those.
Tonight we are having:
Mushroom bakes with a melting cheese centre,M&S
Butternut squash and mushrooms
Not sure about potatoes might not need those. Could do a couple of potato croquettes.i will make up my mind when I get down there.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Should Have gone to Specsavers....

Well I did..this morning, had an appointment for eleven.I had looked at some glasses on the Internet over the weekend and seen a couple I liked. The first pair I picked up looked nothing like the ones I saw on the site. They looked quite a dark brown on the face but were more like a beige colour. really looked like old woman glasses!. good job I had VT with me he put me off them. I was looking for something a bit lighter and more of a change from the ones I am currently wearing, and ended up with a pair of purply coloured ones that look half way decent.
The optician did all the testsand has sharpened up the vision on the left eye and has put the bifocals in both eyes. the vision on the right eye at the moment is rubbish..but will probably clear like last time. So, £114 later I will get them next Tuesday. Medicash will cover a lot of the bill, and they will end up costing about £30ish.Not bad.
Went to M&S to get a few veggies, but was a bit disappointed with their range. Got a few basics and then came home for a cup of coffee.
VT had a look at the glasses in Specs as well but he said he didn't find any he fancied. The glasses at the moment seem to be a lot of the trendy little oblongish frames. He likes the Aviator style ones which suit him beautifully.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style Kievs..maybe,
Little baby potatoes baked or squashed,
Mushrooms and carrots and peas.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Makings..

Dawned nice and sunny, and awoke to see a Cat's face staring at me. Lovely Bobby staring down at us. She looks so cross but she isn't really , just looks that way. She has mellowed over the years and is now quite a softy, but she will give you a nip every now and then to remind you who is Boss! I was reading Liz Jonse's column in the Mail Magazine about missing her cat Snoopy who had died recently. I feel for her, you always miss them. We still miss Lucy and Inky who are in our garden with plants on them. Poor little things.
We made our usual Sourdough Oatmeal loaf today. VT said the other day I have all these bread books..I do.. loads of them by all manner of people, and I still end up making the same loaf!! He's right I do, but we like that loaf and it works. then we did the roasting vegetables and the Pizza dough which is again our usual one we have evolved over the years. We make them in the bread machine which makes it so easy.
With our own tomato sauce we have a good mix for the Sunday.
VT is in the garden with his cup of tea and the cats I think.He came back from his mooch this morning with a fence sprayer..God help the cats ..they will have to watch out he will spray everything. He says he will be like the man ion the advertwho laughs at his neighbours while they are painting theirs. Well if it keeps him happy.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our dough, and tomato sauce
Salad with baby yellow plum tomatoes cucumber and avocado
Potato salad and Cous Cous salad for VT

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Nothing in them these days. We usually enjoy the papers at the weekend. The Sunday ones are OK because we generally end up doing the crosswords, but the Saturday ones at the moment are rubbish. Nothing in them of interest. VT didn't get the Liverpool Echo today I think I gave him a shock last week when I told him it was 12/6d old money. we couldn't believe that, more than 10 shillings for a paper! i remember when a ten shilling note was a huge birthday gift..something to be enjoyed and would buy you loads of things. 50p now would barely buy you todays paper!
Quite a mixed day today, a bit dull and quite blowy but with sunny spells. No rain though so VT hung the washing outside and it is blowing away, will dry soon. Pegging the washing outside does make it smell lovely actually and it is nice to sleep on a bed with sheets that have dried outside. Still looking for new bed linen haven't found any we like at the moment. There are an awful lot of almost sixties style bedding fabrics around at the moment.
VT has just put his head round the door to say he has done the bed. We put the top quilt on before but the sheets were still drying. Anyway, he has sneaked up and finished the bed off. He has this thing where he tries to get the beed done without me noticing. I do though mostly..He is now going to sit outside with a cup of tea...eugh..can't stand tea. I think it is a bit blowy for me outside today.
Tonight we are having:
Green Thai Curry using Quorn chicken style pieces
Mushrooms with it,
1/2 a pack of white rice each,
Stir fry vegetables.
We make a lovely green thai sauce with reduced fat coconut milk and green thai curry paste.

Friday, 24 April 2009


Dawned cloudy and a bit dull and blowy this morning. VT missed his coffee and we didn't get one when we went out either. We went over to ASDA and their coffee is not good, they serve it in horrible plastic cups which are awful so we don't bother. Most other places we fo to we get a coffee but not there.
Bought a lot of stock up items and of course all of the things we get for the weekend. I do like their fruit and vegetables, it would be good to go there on a Monday but it is just that bit too far really. We tend to go somewhere nearer on a Monday.
My QVC earrings arrived this mortning and I only ordered them on Wednesday..better than the Carpet Sweeper which I ordered on the 4th April and I am still waiting!
Got in touch by e-mail the other day and they are going to send me a letter about claiming a refund or some such. We shall see.
Tonight we are having:
A M&S Count on us Cannelloni Spinach and Ricotta.
Broccoli and a bit of garlic bread.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dem Bones!!

Up early this morning for a Physiotherapy appointment at 9-30. Don't wait long when I get there and I am seen for about ten minutes so it is a quick one really. Very nice youngish bloke but he certainly knows how to hit the spot! Right on it, and it is quite painful acrually, the neck is very stiff now and he has given me some more exercises to do and go back in a week.
We went from there to Waterloo library which is only over the road. They have re-furbished it and it is terrible now, you can't find anything. because the neck was hurting it was making looking sideways at the books awkward so only grabbed a few books from the top that looked fairly interesting. Got a couple of Vegetarian cookery books to browse through though so shall look at those. Also ordered:
Dewey The Library Cat...and
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
That costs £1-60 so it is cheaper than buying them.
The only trouble with getting up early is that it makes it a looong day, and we were home for coffee at elevenses! Beautiful L'Occitan bath this afternoon with my candles and book..Bliss!!
In my E-mail today there was one from 101 Cookbooks which I do love. Today's recipe she talks about it being a heat wave in San Francisco and the temp is 90degrees. That's hot for Spring. Her recipe for the day is Pea Salad which does look tempting.
St. Georges Day today..not that you would notice actually. Apart from a few people on Television wearing red roses that is it.
Should be doing something properly English, but we are having:
Homity Pies. No idea what these are but they look nice.
Squashed potatoes,
Mixed Vegetables.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bedding Woes..

We decided to go and have a look Dunelm Mill to see what their bedding was like. Needn't have bothered really. There was nothing that caught our eye at all. Bedding is funny at the moment, it is either very contemporary or almost retro with big floral patterns. Too much lke the sixties for us. I was really disappointed actually, I did think we would have got something decent in there. I don't really have a style in mind but I will know when I see it. We also had a look in Matalan, but theirs was worse. They seem to have gone down the "celebrity" route, with people like Jordan and Linda Barker ranges. Definitely not for us. So we came home bedding less.
Called in at Homebase on the way back because VT wanted a new Immersion timer switch to replace ours which is broken. Then we went to Tescaw over the way to get the cats some chicken!. Got a few little items plus a big jar of Gold Blend for £3 whicxh was a good buy. VT decided to use the self scanning machine to save time. Needen't have bothered . He scanned everything till the last item a lowly bag of carrots which wouldn't scan despite him trying about ten times. So eventually he went a collared a woman who came over and snapped at him to put them on straight..which of course he had done! Horrible woman. Tesco is not a user friendly store at all.. I hate it actually. I know I'm in a big minority because they are currently making £1 Billion pounds profit a WEEK! but I never like shopping there and we now go as little as possible. Much prefer Morrisons or Sainsbury's. Anyway who cares I'm sure Tesco don't.
Tonight we are having:
Goats cheese and cranberry escallopes
Sauteed potatoes,
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom sauce.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Where Oh Where did my little Blog Go??

I spent ages yesterday writing this, then pressed the publish post tag and whoops it all disappeared. i wonder where they go to, all the mis sent pieces of typing. Of course it was the most interesting blog piece I have ever done.. The nobelprize winner..The booker prize for fiction award winner. Not.. never mind.
It was a piece about men in shorts I think. We had gone to M&S in Aintree for our Monday veg shopping and saw it seems a lot of men in shorts. Some men should just not be allowed in public in shorts, especially with milk white legs and socks with shoes. That is a total no-no. There is a place for them like your back garden or on holiday in some sunny spot abroad, but not a busy shopping centre.
We went over to Aintree for a change really and did the normal Monday thing. M&S veggies are very good and of excellent quality but you do pay for them.
Sunny yesterday that is why the shorts were out which is what prompted the musings.
Last night we had:
Quorn toad in the Hole,
Squashed potatoes,
Mixed vegetables green beans peas and carrots.
Onion gravy.

Today...tuesday dawns sunny but cooler. But, it is brightening up as I type.VT was out in the garden this morning but came in cold but has gone out again now. He is making real headway with the clearing up and now says he can get into the shed.
We did the kitchen this morning and did the floor...then I went to get something out of the salad drawer and spilt a tub of couscous on the newly mopped floor. Always the way..never just before you do the floor, always just after. Is it called Sods Law!
Did the brasses at the front too, they haven't been done for a bit so needed quite a bit of elbow grease. Keep saying I will do them regularly but never do.
Tonight we are having:
mini Kievs with
Half ofd a tray of Cherry Tomato Risotto from M&S,
Mushrooms to go with and some green vegetables. Broccoli and green beans.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Makings..

Another nice day, quite sunny at the moment. We were really quick doing the crosswords today. VT had nearly finished the big MOS one and I only had to do three on the internet! Isn't he a clever boy! Mind you he does have a little machine with a Encyclopaedia Britannica function on it which helps. Funny how the mind goes blank at times though..there was one clue..The 44th President of the United States Of America..O-A-A..wouldn't be Obama would it! My one was tricky because it was states of America which was awkward till you got some of the letters. So they were all done by 5ish today.
Made a lovely Sourdough Oatmeal bread this morning, but was a bit disappointed with the starter which wasn't as bubbly as usual..still it has worked and made a lovely loaf. Then did a beautiful pizza dough which we have got off to perfection now, got the home made tomato sauce out, and roasted the vegetables for the toppings. So, a good morning's work today.
VT is sitting outside with a nice cup of tea and the papers. I have left him in charge of the bread, he is good at that.
Very sad to read in the "You" magazine of Liz Jones's cat Snoopy who has died. He has been frail for a long time now but in today's column that he has gone. She writes very movingly of the last hours, she is clearly a huge cat lover..and it made really sad reading. God Bless Snoopy..
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce, and Roasted Vegetables
Salad with Avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato Salad and CousCous for VT.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sunny Spring Day..

Lovely day today. VT actually dragged me outside today, and it was quite sunny in the back garden. It does get the sun in the afternoon, and since we had the conifer removed we get the sun for most of the day. It was bright out there and I will have to dig my sun hat out for sunny days. Can't be doing with the bright light since I had the laser treatment on the eyes.
Bobby was out there this afternoon and VT was giving her a brush. She quite likes this until she has had enough then she turns on you and gives you a nip. Rusty wouldn't dream of doing that, she has never bitten anyone..not in her hature.
Done a washing load today which VT has hung out to dry. Well that is a good thing saving the electricity, and it makes the washing smell nice too.
No sign og the sweeper yet..God knows what has happened to that.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese spring rolls,
Sauce possibly honey and cashew nut
Stir fry vegetables with mushrooms and peppers
4oz egg fried rice.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Again!

Don't Friday's come round quickly. One good point is that the children should be back at school again next Monday so things will be quieter.
Took my money off to Sainsbury's this morning. It was surprisingly quiet actually, we could get round very easily. We only went for the weekend thing but somehow ended up spending £72. Goodness knows what on.. we seemed to get some stock up items,and some impulse things too as usual.
VT says it is the growing season again, he says the weeds are growing like mad, and he is working at clearing them a bit at a time. The sun is shining this afternoon and the blossom on the trees is lovely at present. It is all green when you lok out of the window. He is working very hard on the garden, if someone could get rid of the spiders I could be inclined to go and help him.
Still waiting for my parcel from QVC, had thought it would have come by today really, wonder if it has gone astray. Like I said yesterday I seem fated with that product.I'll give it a few more days then I will get in touch with them.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Waiting for...

A parcel which never a pain. A total pain. I have ordered a GTech carpet sweeper from QVC on the 5th April, and a watch on the 7th April. The watch has been tried and returned because it was too big with no method of making smaller. I am still waiting for the sweeper. I wonder if I am fated not to get one! I have ordered twice before and had a problem. I'll give it a few more days..after all it was over the Easter holidays.
We stayed in today therefore..I suppose it will come tomorrow because we go out to get our weekend things.That would be typical.
VT went out into the garden to do a bit more bless him. He says he is going to do a bit more each day till the garden is straight again.
Finished my book in the bath. I have to say it was one of the most boring books I have read in a long while. The characters were not the best developed, and the dialogue was very strained. Endless "How do you feel?" I would havve slapped her.
I seem to have had a number of odd books lately I could do with a good Patricia Cornwell or a James Pattison. This one was called Healing Flynn..and the Flynn in question was a horrible character with terrible language. Totally unsympathetic.
VT has just come out of the bathroom and said something like "We need more pit cream in the bathroom!!!!!" That can't be right. Bl***y hearing ears and these Bl***y ears. It must be lovely to have good hearing. He is so patient. I wouldn't like to klive with me. He has just said it again and it sounded like Zit cream..No try again..Dick cream..No definitely not ! So he spells it out..Aah.. Cif Cream!! Well they all sound the same to deafa lugs..
Tonight we are having:
A Quorn pudding with mince,
Mashed potato
VT says he is doing a garden makeover, fence painting, garden wall painting.. re grouting and weeding. Good For Him.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Outing..and returns..

Awoke to a dull morning but then it brightened up. Decided to go into Formby to return a bill from Waitrose. They had charged us twice for a bag of salad, which we notice because we are in the National Shopping Monitor and scan evcerything we buy. Therefore we do notice if anything is wrong on the bill. Also the Houmus that we bought had exploded!! well before its sell by date too. So we got our money back on those.
We moved on to Dobbies Garden Centre. It was quite busy actually, I think the warm weather is bringing people out to do their gardening. It is a nice place to wander round though if you are looking for gifts if it really good. We had a lovely cup of free coffee and our own biscuits, and sat in the little coffee area on sojme very comfortable sofas. Could have sat there all day really. But, we moved on to have a browse round. I wanted to get an artificial plant for a pot in the kitchen. Now in place and looks totally real and brightens up a corner. Then got some shortbread and some Easter Simnel slices reduced. They seem to have stopped selling the little pots of fruit cheeses which is a shame, we will have to find another source for those. Some cheese shop somewhere I suppose.
Last night in the end we had
Quorn fillets in an M&S jar of watercress sauce with mushrooms. Very tasty indeed. With that we had green beans ,fresh peas and asparagus. Looked beautiful and was extremely tasty too.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in a pasta bake. Done with a carton of fresh tomato sauce.
Bread and butter puddings..left from the meal deal we bought last week.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Back to Normal..

After the Easter weekend. We went over to Ormskirk this morning mainly to go to the Vets for Rusty's tablets. £17 for a few weeks supply. Anything to keep her healthy is worth it. She is definitely chunkier and less hyper, so something is doing her good.
ormskirk was busy actually, it seems that everyone had the same idea tocome out for a blow. And, blowy it was..quite breezy on the hill in the centre. It has now gone wintry but is Spring like at last. The trees are all out in blossom, and looking out of the window here the Apple Blossom trees in the Dentist's plot are in full bloom and look lovely. The plants in the pots are beginning to green up and the daffodils are coming to an end.We had a beautiful show this year. Well done VT.
Bought some night cream in Ormskirk and little else..too early for summer tops and too late for wintry tops. Keep forgetting it is Tuesday today, the bank holiday really throws you out.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs with pasta..maybe spaghetti maybe pasta shapes.
Mixed veg to go with and a tiny bit of garlic bread.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday..

Very quiet today. A typical Easter Monday in fact. The weather outside is sunny at the time of typing, but was quite dull this morning. VT went out for a bit of fresh air, and came back with a few veggies and potatoes. So we have something for tea tonight.I had a bit of a go on here, just checking my favourite sites to see what is going on.
Did have a look at Youtube to see the lady that was on "Britain's Got Talent" on Saturday night. She came on looking very ordinary, and said she wanted to be like Elaine Paige. She got very odd looks from the audience and the judges. Then the music started and she began singing!
What a revelation! Wonderful voice singing "Ihave a dream" from Les Mis. Totally blew everyone away. Good for her. I hope she goes on to win.
One example of many on the Youtube site.
These programmes do throw up surprises..ordinary people with a talent that is just amazing. I can see us voting for her anyway.
Lovely bath this afternoon with the candles and the book and a really nice bath foam.
Shall now have a nice cup of fresh coffee and a little cake, and a watch of Countdown and Deal or No Deal. We record these and fast forward all the slow bits so it makes them shorter, then read the papers at the same time!
Tonight we are having:
Little baked potatoes, maybe squashed.
Roasted butternut squash and carrots,
Mushroom sauce,
Some sort of Quorn type meal.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday..

A beautiful day it is too. Quite sunny and warm. No eggs for us though, they don't fit into the healthy eating plan, such as it is! I did sneak up a tiny snack size Toblerone bar to have while VT was having his cup of tea.
VT was outside this afternoon and has started on his outdoor work. He says he has scraped down some of the back wall ready for a coat of paint, and has done a bit of weeding. He aqlso brushed the furry babies, and said he got handfuls off little Rusty.
We made a bread mix loaf this morning, a white Hovis one they turn out very well actually. Then we did a few roast vegetables and a Pizza dough which is our speciality. Our pizzas on a Sunday are the best...
The crosswords proved to be a bit tricky today, I couldn't get one of the proverbs on mine till the very end and VT's one was a Jumbo one which had a lot of Easter references. Quite enjoyable actually, but some tricky clues. We got them all done in the end.
Tonight we are having:
The usual Pizza with our pizza dough base,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad and pasta salad both from Waitrose.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Weekend...

Good friday yesterday, and I forgot to do this, so am catching up today.
We went into Formby to get the weekend stuff and ended up in Waitrose which was surprisingly busy. The man in the next aisle was heard to ask whether Tescaw had closed. We were due to get only a few things but nevertheless I ended up with £59 worth of things. It seems everything in Waitrose is just expensive to start with.
had a nice tea last night. I got a pack of Quorn Bolognese Ravioli which was reduced and it was very tasty actually. With a carton of tomato and basil pasta sauce (reduced) and a pack of vegetables I did in the microwave. Very tasty tea turned out like a bistro meal in the end.
We always have decent crockery, candles and eat at the table so it is a nice meal.
Saturday doing the bedding which I have washed in the machine in error twice! so that will be good and clean anyway. Read the papers this afternoon while watching a programme about two choirs which you don't have to concentrate on. Not much in the papers today actually nothing much happening in the country it seems.
VT went out this morning to get some fuel and to get Rusty's tablets, but the vets was closed so we will have to go next week.
he is presently in the garden burning the weeds which grow in between the flags. he uses a weed gun on them but it has to be done when it isn't windy or the flame blows away.
He got the first Christmas catalogue yesterday!!! in a paper. Studio cards in April..pushing it really.
Got a letter from Horlicks this morning, we had sent back a pack of Horlick which I had opened and it tasted revolting. So he rang them up and they sent an envelope for us to send it back and vouchers for £5 which was ok. Anyway it was the machine that is used to seal the jars that had overheated and burned the top so tainted the powder. At least we got a reply.Didn't put me off the product at all.
Tonight we are having:
Filo Spinach and Ricotta parcels Tesco's £9 meal Jane had bought us sor a treat.
Mixed vegetable medley to go with.
Maybe a couple of potato croquettes.
Pudding..bread and butter pudding (Tesco aagain)
Blob of creme fraiche.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Royal Visit..

Well we have had a Royal Visit. Number one daughter Jane came to visit. First time in three and a half years!!! She was in Liverpool for a job interview, and decided to stay on the train and came to us. It was lovely to see her though. She hasn't changed a bit..eats and sleeps and does what she wants. it must have been funny for her really because we have changed quite a lot..done decorating etc., but she didn't complain.
We had to take her to Tescaw because she said we didn't have any "Jane" food, and she bought all sorts of goodies.She treated us to their meal for £9 so we will have that on Saturday, and she ate the chips last night. Wasn't impressed with them really much prefer the McCain ones! She slept in her bed last night for the first time in about four years! like being let out of prison!!
Poor little Rusty is scared out of her mind..she doesn't know what is going on at all, and she disappeared out of the back door this morning and has only just come back in.
We took Jane back to the coach station this morning, the coaches run every hour, and she got the twelve o'clock one.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta?? maybe..not really sure.
Or..quorn fillets in white wine and mushroom sauce with pasta and green beans.
And a tiny bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I love a bargain. I got a leaflet from a shop that I frequent the other day..Bon Marche. It was proclaiming that it was offering %25 off everything and as VT wanted to get a few things from Maghull we went over there this morning.
I bought quite a few things in the end. Another pair of black trousers, a set of Sloggis, two new bras..they have really pretty bras and extremely good value. Then went back and bought a David Emmanuel top and another bra. So I have plenty of really pretty bras now. So they got all my money this morning.
Walked past Sommerfield which has a big notice on the store saying it is closing on the 5th of May. Doesn't say whether it is reopening as anything else though. But, they have been bought out by the Co-operative Society so maybe it is going to be one of those.Hope so, I quite like the Co-op.
Home in time for the gorgeous coffee that VT makes, then a nice lunch of my Sourdough bread sandwiches with Quorn ham today and salad for me not for VT. He only has salad on a Sunday!
Tonight we are having:
Meatless meatballs in a Swedish style sauce,
Potatoes boiled new ones,
Carrots and green beans and Broccoli.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Quick Monday Mooch..

Went into Formby for a very quick trip to get the weekly veggies. The car park was surprisingly quiet, we were expecting it to be a lot busier with it being the Easter Holidays.There were plenty of spaces. Left the car and walked over to M&S to get our vegetables. Their veggies were quite expensive but they do have a few offers, and they are good quality. So, you tend to get less but they last longer.
I have a bunch of asparagus to use up tonight so will have to think of something to go with that.Don't want to waste those.
No post today,just one letter for me which was one of VT's anyway. Nothing doing in the road either, everywhere is very quiet really.
Cats are asleep on the various beds, they are staying in out of the cold because it is surprisingly cold today with a nasty breeze.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Fillets with Asparagus and mushroom sauce. Might concoct a sauce with 1/2 a packet of sauce and the asparagus mushroom etc.
Small squashed potatoes
Carrots and beans.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


Tired today..never really woke up. Had a good night's sleep too..just one of those days.
Made a lovely Sourdough loaf again today, and followed that with our pizza dough. Then did the roasted vegetables for said pizza so all organised.
Presently listening to the new Paul O'Grady show on Radio Two..and a good selection of music too. Just playing Josh Grogan You wake me up..very nice.
I like my music tuneful with someone with a decent voice. I like Neil Diamond, Andy Williams and even a bit of Amy Winehouse! she is a silly girl with the drugs and all but her music is good. We listen to Radio Two mostly, Ken Bruce in the morning and Steve Wright in the afternoon. Desmond Carrington on a Tuesday night VT records and we listen to that at the weekend with our lunch. He used to be on a Sunday and we still miss him.His selection of music is such a never know what you are going to get.
VT went out this morning for his mooch and came back with guess what..Cat Food!as ever. They're funny our cats..we (I) buy Whiskas and Felix and other expensive makes but he puts doen some he gets from the cheap shop and they wolf it down. They definitely have their preferences..som,e of the you put down and they sniff it and turmn away!! Fussy little beggars. We get some chicken breasts for their daily treat and sometimes that costs more than our food! Stupid really especially since we are confirmed vegetarians!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce
Roasted Vegetables,
Goats cheese and mushroom
Salad with egg and potato avocado pear and baby plum tomatoes.
Potato salad and a rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

It was a Grand National..

The Aintree Grand National today. We do always have a little bet on that. VT picks five horses and I pick five horses. Last year I had the winner..this year most of my horses fell over or refused the fences. One finishes 16th out of 17 and one of VT's ones finished 17th. But he did have the second..Comply or Die which won for me last year!So, we shouldn't be a huge ammount out of pocket..hopefully. I wish I had the winner..100/1!! MonMone what a good bet that would have been.
Next door have suddenly sprouted a big tent in the garden I wonder what that's all about? It is a fetching deep rose colour..very girly.
VT went out for a bit this morning cme back food! it's all he ever comes back with!
Saturday papers today rubbish..hardly anything worth reading in them, and nothing on the television much either. Boring day really.
I think the kids will have broken up for Easter yesterday or at the latest early next week. So we tend to stop in. Everywhere is so much busier when the holidays are on, we go out later when they are back.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Spring Rolls from Waitrose..(Twice as expensive as everyone else)
Egg fried rice 4oz
Stir fry vegetables
Honey and coriander sauce

Friday, 3 April 2009


National jumpers? No Fleas. VT was brushing our Bobby just after lunch and found a flea on her. Then he found out came the Frontline flea treatment. We haven't noticed any for a long time actually that stuff works very well. Bobby is a lot of a white cat though so you see them on her. You don't see them on Rusty with her being darker. Lets hope that sees them off.
Went into Formby this morning to get the weekend things. Ended up in Waitrose today. Didn't want to go over to Aintree because of the racing sand we did ASDA last week so went to the Waitrose. It is a nice shop really but it is expensive. £54 pounds later and we didn't buy a huge ammount of things but we do buy luxury items like VT's smoked oatcakes. Don't begrudge him those though.Sunny this afternoon but I wouldn't say it was warm..the ladies in their flimsy frocks at Aintree will be frozen.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fishy fingers,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me.
Baked tomato. Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Well that's a first..went to Waterloo hospital for a physiotherapy appointment. Took plenty of details then asked to do a number of different movements. The problem is a sore neck which has been bothering me since christmas. I now have some exercises to do involving the neck twists and turns so I will do those then return next week. Same time (almost) same place.
Quite warmish today and it is the first day of the National racing at Aintree.Some of the women on the News at lunchtime were dressed in very flimsy outfits so it is a good job the sun is out.
Didn't do much today really generally tidied up and did normal things.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and leek escallopes.BOGOF at Morrisons..
Cauliflower cheese with little potatoes.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Up early..G20 Summit..Hair Do's..

Busy today, up with the lark this morning. I rang up for a hair cut and blow yesterday and got a 9-15 appointment. So we had to get moving, and were out by five past nine on our way to Formby.
Had a nice girl do my hair, Louise, she is having a baby in 6 weeks time so we were chatting about that. She did my hair beautifully actually, a really good cut,and I have gone back to my fringe again. I've been fringeless for a while now but don't really feel comfortable without one so have gone back to a half one now. Looks much better.
Went from there at about ten-ish to Ormskirk and had a mooch round there. very quiet actually,but coolish. Till we were coming home and the sun came out.Nothing to buy today, saw nothing that took my fancy except a pack of fishless fingers!!
Television is full of the G20 Summit,lots of protestors in London and Barak Obama with his 500 strong entourage! That can't be good for the state of the climate change!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta 4oz with
Watercress sauce, asparagus and green beans and peas. thought of doing a sort of prima verde mix.
A tiny bit of garlic bread to go with and a very small ammount of grated parmesan.