Friday, 31 August 2012

In which Vin has his Car Done!

Big day today. It was the day of his MOT test. Jane had hers done the other day, (Wednesday) and hers needed a bit of work done £320 worth!! Thankyou bank of Mum and Dad! Vin got up earlyish this morning because it was booked in for around ten. So he left about half nine, and took it so he could get the bus back. There is a little bus that runs from Crosby to our village, and it runs every hour, so he wanted to make sure he got it. Used his bus pass too so a free journey! They rang up at about eleven thirty to say it had passed, so he could get the twelve o'clock bus bck. Worked out very well actually. There were a couple of advisories but nothing too much.I think he is quite chuffed really. it hasn't done many miles since the last MOT though,at least we haven't been very far recently. mostly stop start shopping visits or hospital appointments. I rang the appointment number thismorning to check on the eye clinic appt., and that is now the 4th October. While i was n the phone I asked about the appt for the Colo clinic and that apparetly is the 28th september! And that was supposed to be an URGENT appt!!! Haha good grief.I said I hadn't had any letters and she said that the eye clinic one was sent out on the 14th august and usually takes about two and a half weeks!! I wonder just how long you have to wait for a non urgent appt??? Odd day today, bright to start with, but as I type this it is pouring down. Forecast for a nice weekend though. Tonight we are having: Pasties from Waitrose baked tomato Rice pudding from Waitrose.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Our cats.....

Thought I would do a bit about our two lovely cats. Our furry friends. Both of them are rescue cats. Rusty and Robyn (Bobby). We got them from the Freshfields Animal Rescue centre in Ince Blundell.Had them a long time now, and they are both much loved members of our household. Quite different in characters and what they do. Rusty is a dark tortoiseshell and Bobby is mostly white with tabby/ blackish patches. Rusty actually chose us at the rescue centre. We were having a look at some cats, and she was running up and down the passageway and wouldn't leave us alone. Such a sweet little thing so that made up our minds. The lad who was looking after them was a bit reluctant to let her come out because she had cat flu, but actually as soon as we brought her home she got better. She currently has a thyroid problem that means her having a little tablet every twelve hours which Vin gives her, and she often spits it out, so he has to be vigilant. She is little, never been a big cat, and is extremely agile her jumping is so stylish she seems to glide silently in front of you.
Just lately she has taken to jumping on my knee when I sit on the sofa, sits there for a while and then goes into her basket. We say she is recharging her batteries!. She also follows us up to bed every night without fail, and sits in between us being stroked until we go to sleep. Really loyal little thing she is. Bobby is totally different. She has taken years to trust us,and you still have to be a little bit careful when tickling her tummy or she will turn on you and give you a bit of a nip. She is a big girl. About twice the size of Rusty, and not as agile by any means. Sleeps a lot more than Rusty too, but is very loving in her own way. She will come and find you, and have a cuddle, and you fell very honoured then. Bobby is a real sun baby, and will go out in the sunshine and sit for hours there. Sits on a seat, or on top of their hut soaking up the rays.
Bobby on the left. The two of them have never really been close even though they have lived here for years, and wouldn't sleep together in a basket, but have been known to sleep on a bed quite near. So...those are our babies! Haven't done much again today. Vin has been sorting out some paperwk that has not arrived at its destination, ready for posting on Mondday. Tonight we are having: crispy fillets quorn ones vegetable gratin.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Seems to be a day of car things today. Vin went off to crosby this morning to arrange his MOT which he has booked in for Friday morning. So he is fussing over the bits and pieces that he does before it is done. he has things he does to it to make sure that it is in good order, like putting on new windscreen wipers etc., jane on the other hand just puts hers in without doing these and hopes for the best I think. She rang up at lunchtime to say that the car needed things done to it to get through.. so bank of Mum and Dad will fork out again. Around £320!!! Sometimes I think it would be cheaper If I had a car myself. Trouble is I can't drive with my eyesight so no use to me. Her car needs new suspension bushes and some other stuff done, including two tyres that have been fitted wrongly! Also her car tax is due, and her car insurance! What an expensive month. Me...I just sit here waiting..and waiting ..and getting nowhere. It's like being in prison. Only been out of the house around seven times in the last three months. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? i wonder. Strange day today weather wise. Alternately sunny and showery..with a torrential thunderstorm at lunchtime,Sun currently blazing through the window, but not exactly hot. Tonight we are having: Pasta bake with mushrooms and a bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Is it Monday???

Funny thing today. All day I have thought it was Monday, don't quite know why very strange. So that is the end of the Bank Holidays until Christmas now. Vin says there are signs of Christmas things appearing in the shops already , the Halloween things have been out for a while already! must be awful working in a shop. he has just come in from outside in the garden. he went out to brush Bobby who is leaving copious amounts of white fur patches on the carpets, but he came in to say it was too cold..not blowy cold but draughty cold, so he is sorting out his car stuff ready for his MOT. he took my money off to Sainsburys this morning in crosby because he wanted to go to some other places as well. Came back with a good load of things that we needed for the week, mostly veggies. If it's on the list he gets it!! I stopped in and did some ironing, waiting for a letter again, it's all been long enough now ...think I'll ring up again tomorrow if nothing comes. feel like a prisoner now!! Patience jennifer.. Tonight we are having: Escalope with mushroom sauce baby potatoes Mixed veggies.

Monday, 27 August 2012

August bank Holiday...Typical!!

Yes..sitting here typing away. It's blowing a gale outside, dripping with rain, I've got a heater on..yep typical bank holiday weather. It's a sort of can't be bothered doing anything much today, so we didn't. Vin decided to stop in and do his paperwork, he had some finances to sort out and I fiddled about on the computer. no word from our lovely daughter yet, and it's her birthday today. She is the ripe old age of 29 today. can't believe where the time has gone..all thse years! She has largely been a good kid, apart from around thirteen when the hormones kicked in and she was the stroppiest kid on the planet. thankfully she has grown out of that, and is a hard working smart daughter now. love you Loads Jane XXXX She wants money things for her birthday, like her car insurance, and other bits towards her car. we have also topped up her ASDA student card so she has a bit more money on that to work with. It's a really good scheme that is, you buy the student card, you have one and the student has the other. You can top it up either at any ASDA store or online which we did today. Excellent idea, wonder why Tesco don't do it. It's a huge market they are missing out n there. listening to Elton John on Radio Two who is playing his favourite records and a very good choice too. A really good mixture, he does have quite good taste actually. Watched some terrible rubbish on the box last night. Some zany detective programme that had got good reviews but was really stupid..sort of funny but not worth watching the second half tonight. Then a drama on BBC2 called ..forgotten..never mind...that too was highly rated but absolute rubbish. We watched about twenty mins of that and then gave up. At least there is a new series of New Tricks tonight which are always good. Like those, and we have rrecorded the Inspector George gently for another night when there is nothing on much. God bless the recorder. I wonder if i will hear about an appointment next week? If not then I'm going to have to do some more phoning's long enough now..patience is wearing thin. Tonight we are having:Last nights Pizza with extra mushroom and cheese potato and egg salad with avocado..hope it's better than last night's which was very soft and black Potato salad for moi and a rice salad for Vin

Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy birthday to my Gorgeous Husband...

Our wedding anniversary yesterday, and Vin's birthday today. Janes on monday too. My lovely toy boy husband is four years younger than I am, but he is wearing very well! I bought him some L'Occitane mens range. A shaving balm, shower gel and soap in one range, and a shaving balm and shaving gel in another, because I couldn't decide which one to get, so got them both. They smell gorgeous too and well worth buying.he has used the after shave balm and it is really nice, not cloying or over spicy like some of them are. Happy happy birthday Vin my star! Funny thing, while we were having breakfast this morning, there were absolutely loads of little sparrows in the garden. now that is something we don't see much of these days, we always used to have a lot of birds in the garden, but having two cats probably saw an end to that. not that they chase them actually, they don't really chase much at all touch wood! Vin went off to Waitrose this morning with instructions to get something that he fancies for his tea.And a pudding! he came back with a nice looking mushroom risotto and two portions of cheesecake, plus all the shopping for the weekend. He said it was quite busy, probably the bank holiday weekend shopping. He bought himself some lovely Japanese fusion wraps for his lunch, with a vegetarian filling and soy sauce ginger and wasabi sachets. I had a mozzarella and tomato sandwich with my bread. very tasty. Still waiting for a hospital appointment letter. if i don't hear soon I shall ring them up again on tuesday..i think three months is quite long enough to wait now! Don't know who else to contact really. Tonight we are having: mushroom risotto with a bit of garlic bread Cheesecake slice for a pudding treat!
Cheers My beloved...

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Another test Done!

Went for an MRI scan today, this afternoon at Quite interesting actually. At least it didn't involve drinking gallons of moviprep haHa.. Got there via the back door, which was nearer, andbooked in, given a form to fill in and sent for in about ten minutes. Changed into the ubiquitous hospital gown then waited in an area which gave noises like a very noisy dentists waiting room! Went in after a while and had a port put into my arm for an injection apparently. Poor nurse had three goes and couldn't get it into a vein, so went off and got the Radiographer. Wonder if jane realises that she is going to have to do injections?? She got it straight away, then went into the main MRI area. On bed, deaf as a post because I had to take my hearing aids out, and had headphones pout on. guard over my middle then slid into the big machine. Siemens actually. Different noises, and a bit of vibrating few more noises the removed and an injection in a bit more, and another injection. Quite time consuming really, different levels then another injection and back in again. Quite complicated. Then all finished, suppose it was about 20 minutes out and had the port removed,changed again and then left for home. £3.50 car parking. So that is the tale of our wedding anniversary.38 years today..Doesn't time fly! My lovely husband did the driving and waited around while I had the test done. What a Star I married..god Bless Him XXXXX love you for ever VinXXX Tonight we are having: Escalope maybe Mushroom sauce little sauteed potatoes Mixed vegetables/

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Scam calls!!!

We seem to be getting an awful lot of these lately. The phone rings..just as you are about to put your lunchtime sandwich to your lips. vin goes to answer it.. hello my name is an Indian voice. Are you aware that you are owed some money? Vin says..what is the name of your company? can't tell you that says Samantha. How much money am I owed..Can't tell you that..Samantha..Who owes me the money? can't tell you that..and so it goes on. Rings up when she gets the idea that she isn't getting anywhere. Vin checks on line. It's a well known scam where you are supposed to send money for an administration fee and insurance. What I don't understand is that they can't take the money out of the money that you are owed!!! mugs wanted!!Well they won't catch Vinny out!! Did a load of ironing this morning, while vin did some vacuuming using the new cat and dog vacuum. Can't believe how much cat hair it picked up, filled a bag full! And that was just downstairs, and jane's room where Bobby sleeps.
Stop shedding hair Bobby!!It's what you get with a white haired cat I suppose. She is lovely though. Wouldn't be without her for the world. Still no notice from the clinic, but I do have an MRI tomorrow so maybe..just have to say it's all getting me down now a bit.I've been holed up since the beginning of june except for the odd hospital appointment. patience is wearing a bit thin now... Tonight we are having: Penne with a cheese sauce, done like a macaroni cheese. garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Time to Change!

Catastrophe this morning! i have a very favourite watch that I wear every day, and have done for years. the patent leather strap has been looking dodgy for quite a while now, and this morning when I went to put it on it completely fel apart. Vin did a bit of supergluing..he's very good at fixing things.. and said he would look for a new strap for me in Formby. he was going to Formby to get the things for the week, so he said he woulod have a look in the shops. One he went in had straps for £39 reduced to £20 !!!!! the watch didn't cost that much! so he went to a little jewellery shop further on. He got one there which is really good. not a patent leather one but a textured black one, so we are back in business. he did a bit of fiddling with the strap, got the holes in the right position and hey presto, a refurbished watch. He got a lot of stuff this morning.As always everything on his list, and a few offers besides. Some frozen things to stock up the freezer a bit, and a good selection of fresh veggies. Funny how the stores vary with regard to fresh veg. Some are better than others. never found tesco too good, and it's difficult to find where they are at times. Waitrose is excellent, but you do pay for the shopping there. Sainsburys is pretty good and well stocked, and I do like Morrisons , really miss the one that used to be in Formby that became Waitrose. Turned out nice again...where have I heard that before/ could it be George Formby! lovely and sunny now with a few spots of rain at lunchtime. vin posted Jane's birthday card off this afternoon, she is 29 on Monday. Can't believe where the time has gone. Our wedding Anniversary on thursday..38 years..and we are celebrating it with an MRI scan!!!!! Ah Well!! Tonight we are having: Chicken stye kievs little boiled potatoes squashed Mixed veggies.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Still Waiting!

Another weekend gone by and still no further really. nothing in the post, and no phone calls except for Indian ones about computers, and one about loft insulation! this has all been going on since the first week of June..i went to my GP on the 7th june actually. I thought when I went to see her it would be done with in a few weeks..How wrong I was! Here we are in the middle of August and still waiting. Running out of patience now. I am due to have an MRI scan on Thursday so that's another week done. Nice and sunny today. The weather forecasters got it wrong this weekend, we didn't have the blazing hot weather they said we would, and it rained quite a lot yesterday.We did two big loads of washing which we couldn't hang out because of the threatening rain showers, so the tumble drier was in action most of the day. You don't expect that in the middle of August. Jane rang up just before lunch, she still has her chest infection. i think it's because she is working too many days at a stretch, and not getting enough time off. She is trying to build up her money a bit, not that that is easy with bills going out. Not long now till she starts at the University on her Radiography course. Hope she enjoys that. Tonight we are having: pizza with extra mushrooms and pineapple egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and a cous cous salad for vin.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Blood Letting...

Start the day with a bit of blood taking today. had to go to the surgery to get a blood sample taken as requested by the Dr from the Renal clinic. At least that will keep him happy! Avoidid the spiral stairs..I hate spiral stairs wonder why people have them installed.At least they have some back stairs to use though. Came back from there and Vin went off to Waitrose to get the stuff on his list for the weekend. he reckons he was in there 18minutes! No browsing there then. he has his list and that's it. Got everything on it though.18 minutes and he still spent £31 !! tis an expensive shop though. You get a lot more for your money from Morrisons or ASDA, Rib still sore, must have banged it the other night when I went for a burton in the bathroom. Should take more water with it next time!! Weekend approaching and don't really feel that I'm getting very far. still got the problem that I went to the GP with at the very beginning of June, and no sign of it being settled yet.Still more patience Jennifer! Vin got a little parcel in the post today. tiny little lavender plants that he had sent off for. Amazing how strong the scent of lavender was coming off them. They are little plug plants that he is going to pot onm. I like lavenders in the garden, they attract the bees and they are good and hardy too. Watched a Peter Kay programme last night. he is so clever. Wonder how he remembers everything. Trouble was the laughing made my ribs ache. LOVELY MANCHESTER AUDIENCE REALLY GETTING INTO IT WITH HIM. hE'S VERY POPULAR IN mANCHESTER BECAUSE HE'S A bOLTON LAD AND HE'S TRUE TO HIS ROOTS TOO, UNLIKE SOME SO CALLED NORTHERNERS WHO DRIFT OFF DOWN SOUTH. just noticed that the last part is in capitals. can't be bothered to retype it so leaving it. Tonight we are having: cheese and onion pasties from waitrose. Rice pudding from Waitrose. Yummy

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Nice quiet day today. Very odd weatherwise. One minute it is pouring down with rain, the next the sun is shining. We were sat in the garden this morning with sunglasses on then when we came in for coffee the Heaven's opened. Torrential rain. Jane rang up this morning twice..the first time she wanted her Dad to give her the dates that she had been in her houses. This was needed for a CVR check and she said the dates had to be right otherwise the form would be spat back at you. A lot of forms now are filled in online these days. She has one to be filled in for her bursary. She was having a stay in day today too doing her washing, cleaning and her hair.So our family is all staying in today!! I have a sore rib today, lord knows how I did it, probably the other night when I had a bit of a fall in the bathroom, must have banged my side. very painful actually and a pain in the neck on top of other stuff not what you want at the moment. Vin has repotted my purple Orchid this morning in between rain showers.he has put it into a new pot, with new orchid compost and teased out the roots a bit. it looks very weird actually, the roots are like something from another planet. Amazing how they put up such gorgeous flowers. my white one is still in full bloom and that was bought for my birthday on the 18th july.
Tonight we are having: Escalope with mushrooms Mixed vegetables, carrots broccoli and beans Potato croquettes.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Lost Day...

No blog done yesterday..I had my endoscopy done at Aintree Hospital in the afternoon and the preparation for it was rather dire to say the least!! A large envelope arrived in the post last weekcontaining two lots of sachets of Moviprep. One lot to be taken at seven o'clock the evening before the test after not eating anything from after one o'clock. it is made up into a litre of the most vile tasting liquid and drunk in four glasses over two hours. Then you wait for it to work, which it does very quickly. The second lot is taken at six o'clock in the morning and the same procedure followed. great! It is a really horrible procedure and my test was done at two thirtyish the same day, Tuesday. Since neither of us got any sleep the night before we were completely washed out last night. Watched a couple of things on the tele and went to bed reasonably early. Slept well last night I must say. Poor Vins head was asleep before it touched the pillow. he has been a absolute star. Can't imagine what I would have done without him. So lovely and supportive Bless him. Must admit that I expected a follow up appt yesterday but that didn't come, so now apparently i have to ring the consultants secretary to find out when the appt is!! there seems to be an awful lot of documentation floating around that hospital in cyberspace. Nothing about any of this has been straightforward at all, and it's been going on for around three months now. Patience Jennifer!!! Terrible thunderstorms last night. Sweeping lashing rain and Vin said he saw lightening also. It had been really warm yesterday, most people in sleeveless tops and short sleeved shirts,Vin had dropped me off at the entrance and there were lots of people outside with cups of coffee and cigarettes. I had forgotten just how horrible cigarette smoke is, you have to walk through a fug of it to get to the door! I noticed one woman while I was waiting for Vin to get the car coughing like a banshee and chain smoing!! Good grief..some people never learn. Today we feel like jet lag, it's still all catching up with's like when you come back from America and you aren't used to the different time zone. gradually getting back into the routine again though. The next thing is a blood test on Friday morning and an MRI scan next week on our wedding anniversary! lovely. At least that is straightforward. Tonight we are having: A light pasta dish with a spinach and ricotta sauce Some green vegetables to go with A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Monday, 13 August 2012

One day at a Time..

Monday. one day nearer to my first appointment at Aintree which is tomorrow afternoon. Not looking forward to that..but needs must!Today is a sort of preparation day. no food after 1 o'clock, and only drinks of a clear type. Ah well should lose a few pounds anyway! Vin stopped in today, did his Monday crossword, mooched around a bit and did the ironing that was left from the weekend. next door (new neighbours) were invited to next door the other way for a barbecue last night! they are obviously on the "A"list..we aint! Charming!Next time they want parcels taking in maybe we;ll think again. Along with millions of others we watched the closing ceremony of the Olympic games last night. it was actually quite good, with bits of good music. Some parts we didn't get, and I can do without the rap type of music, but The Spice girls were good, they are still looking great for their ages, posh looked amazing after four children. must admit that I found the whole Olympics thing fairly boring, taking the view that it was a London thing, but they did involve the country quite well. Enjoyed bits of all the sports, especially the tennis. Still sad that my Roger didn't win, but Andy Murray did a good job. Some terrific stars emerged, mo farah the runner, jessica Ennis who will I'm sure become a big celebrity, ben Ainsley of course and numerous others. Well Done everybody... Tonight we are having: i am having...Nothing!! Vin is having a mexican Chilli he has bought for himself.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend stuff.

Same old same old. vin goes out I stop in. Have two outings next week though! one on tuesday afternoon to Aintree hospital for an endoscopy and the other on friday morning for a blood test at the surgery over the road. What an exciting week in the offing! not. Vin went off to Dobbies yesterday and got a really nice little acer tree to put into a spare pot. Oh and he got his free coffee for the month too. Sat in their car park with one of their take out coffees and rang me up. At the moment the phone in the computer room has broken, which is a shame because it was a good one with big buttons and easy to see and hear through. he's put another there but it has a ring bell and isn't so easy to hear especially when the radio is on. We'll have to get another one.probably Argos. today he went into Formby to get a few things from Waitrose, egg salad and stuff. Back quite quickly in time for his coffee. he does like his coffee my husband! Tonight we are having: pizza with egg salad and avocado Rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 10 August 2012

In Which Vin Goes for A Trip!

In our veggie ife,we have certain things that we both enjoy. one of them is the occasional fishless finger tea on a friday night.We have a treat of some chips with that.a measured portion that is, . the only trouble is that they are quite difficult to get hold of. the only place that we know sells them here is the Holland and Barratt store in Ormskirk. So vin decided that he'd ring them up this morning, and they had three packs, so that's where he went for our weekend things today. We usually like to go to ormskirk as a bit of an outing, but that isn't n at the moment, so poor vin went on his own. he said there have been some changes in the shops in their town centre since the last time we went which would be the beginning of june i think. My Bon march store which closed is now a discount brands shop, and a gift shop which we used to use is now guess what..a charity shop. As if there aren't enough in Ormskirk anyway!! vin rang me up from the car park at morrisons to see if there was anything we'd forgotten on the list, and said it was really warm. he had bought a chilled Starbucks iced coffee macchiato drink to cool him down a bit. very nice. It's quite hot today actually, a bit of the summer we haven't had so far this year. very bright and sunny. Bobby is outside trying to find some shade, and Rusty has been inside under the table in the middle room asleep, but she was up at five o'clock this morning though. Hospital letters in the post. One cancelling an appointment for the 2nd of September and moving it to the 5th instead. The other giving all the information for the endoscopy on Tuesday. horrible procedure, I'm not looking forward to that at all. Ah well. So..Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers, A baked tomato Chips!! 200grms between us Mushy peas for Vin and a few green beans for moi.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gardening day..

Vin has had a good day in the garden today, he went out there this morning and got rid of quite a lot of rubbish and weeds. I went out there mid morning and it was really pleasant and warm, just sitting in the sunshine. Actually quite a lot of the plants he says are getting dry, and there is an almost autumnal tinge to some of the Spireas. Rearranged my eye clinic appointment from the 15th August, mainly because I have tw appointments at Aintree the day before, and i couldn't sit for 2-4 hours in the eye clinic at the moment. otherwise a very quiet day for us today. Only upside is that we haven't spent anything today!.Jane hasn't rung up today either for a change, she usually gets us on her way to work, Bobby has had a really good brushing outside this morning, and vin got a load of white fur off her. It's amazing how much they shed their hair. rusty was nowhere to be seen, think she was hibernating, but she was up very early.bobby was just really enjoying the sunshine. Tonight we are having: No idea at all. depends what is in the freezer, Little baked potatoes Any veggies that we have left over from the week.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Phew finished!

Finally finished my letter to john and Ann this morning. this has been an ongoing project since June really, with snippets of information about what is going on here in Blighty. Quite a lot to write about, with the Jubilee celebrations (seems a long time ago now!) the olympics and other matters of a family nature. i tend to write my letters in bits and pieces a little here and a little there till it gets done. i sent two Hamish McBeth books as well as the letter, and vin packaged them in a padded envelope and posted them this afternoon. £8!!!! for a letter and two books!! Ah well worth it I hope. Phone call from Jane this morning on her way to work. She said she had a horrible day yesterday because she had to deal with some nasty people. She was on the wheelchair line which deals with the tickets for people in wheelchairs or ambulant, on crutches and might need a wheelchair to get them to the venue. A woman was on who was really nasty, and demanded two carers tickets as well as the wheelchair ticket. Her son was on crutches and didn't need the w/chair space so Jane pointed out that the spaces were for people who were in w/chairs all the time. They get one carer ticket free, and this woman wanted two, so had got very annoyed. very complicated business. She wanted the manager who came on and said exactly what Jane had said. Another phone call from Aintree this afternoon from the right clinic this time. It was to arrange an endoscopy appointment for the 14th August, and had been requested by the Consultant that I haven't yet had an appointment to see. All very strange. So, I have a blood test in the morning over the road, and the endoscopy in the afternoon. An appointment at the eye clinic the following day which I might re-arrange. What a month! good job we don't live in the States. Warming a bit to Andy Murray..turns out he has a border terrier the lad can't be too bad. our Rusty was up and about a tad early this morning. About five o'clock! Bit too early that is Rusty. Vin said he got up to the bathroom and she followed him, so he went and fed her, then she came back into the bedroom. Jumped up on the bedroom windowsill and was running so fast she slid off the end and on the floor!! Aaaah. Sounded like something from a Tom and jerry film. Vin went out very quickly to Formby this morning to get his new glasses. he had a pair of good frames reglazednow he is very smart..not that he wasn't before! Tonight we are having: macaroni cheese with a few veggies A bit of garlic bread for Vibn.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Post What Post..

Funny our post is. one day you get loads of bits and pieces, the next nothing..nada as they say. today was one of those days, the postman just wanders past and nothing drops through the letter box. Makes a change from getting lots of bills and fliers, and junk mail. Vin went off to Tesco this morning to get our weeks veggies, and came back with some good coffee..costa, which is nice, plus everything on his list.I tried to do a bit more on my letter to Australia nearly finished that, so it can be sent off maybe tomorrow with two books that i have read in a series that I send to them. They are Hamish McBeth books from M.C.Beaton, which they enjoy and then pass on to other people, so they get quite well travelled across Australia. Come to think of it..where are Australia in the medals table? they used to be much better than they are these days. not even any n the tennis medals. I remember Australian tennis players dominating Wimbledon..rod laver, the great Margaret Court, Yvonne Goolagong who was such an elegant player. they don't seem to have anyone these days. not much in the swimming either as you would expect.I thought they were such a sporty country too.Wonder what is going on there. Another lovely day today, the weather has been so kind to the Olympics really, nothing rained off at all. tonight we are having: Escalope with broccoli and cheese, White sauce with mushrooms mixed vegetables Tiny baby potatoes boiled and finished off in the oven.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Patience is a Virtue..

is it..still patiently waiting. Think I'm lost somewhere in the system. Got a phone call from a Dr again in Aintree about a blood test, that's two phone calls now, but not the dept i need. He had sent a blood test form out on the last day he rang, and in fact it arrived this lunchtime which is when our post arrives. rang the surgery about my appointment for the other clinic, and arranged an appointment for a blood test. August the 15th 10.20. So that will keep them happy. Vin says I'd be better off going to the vets. We take rusty for a blood test, the appt is made for the next day, and we get the results that evening!! Some difference eh!. Jane rang up at lunchtime and was having a nice chat about her future plans. She was also telling me about a little old lady who was on the phone to ticketmaster, and wanted tickets for yesterday's athletics. She said she was 84, and she wanted to see the running. Jane said the tickets were 287£ !! and the lady said blow it, I'll go anyway, I want to see the young men in their lycra shorts and if I have a heart attack I'll go happy. She would take her binoculars and have a good time. What a great attitude. Jane said she didn't want to be responsible for that heart attack, and little old lady said she would be really happy about it. I bet she had a great time. Jane said she couldn't speak for laughing, she was so funny. Aaaah! The Olympics still going great guns, with lots of medals and team GB third in the medals table which is pretty good. Must admit I enjoyed the tennis, can't say I've got into anything else much. Cycling on at present, don't really understand that.I like the first past the opost easy stuff. Little cats in and out today. bobby was up at six this morning which is a tad early, but she settles by me, with her head on my pillow and her whiskers brushing my face purring away. I have my arm around her and stroke her around the collar on her purring button. She seems to like that. then after a while she pulls out backwards and goes off. very comforting they are. Little rusty at the same time is perched on Vin's hip while he is fast asleep!Lovely little animals. Aaaah! Tonight we are having: A Pizza half with mushrooms and a bit more cheese Salad with egg and avocado potato salad and pasta salad.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Word!!!

Aren't Team GB doing well this weekend. Jessica Ennis absolutely superb in the Hepthlon, Ben Ainsley today winning his 4th gold medal, and Andy Murray winning Gold in the mens tennis singles. must admit I was rooting for my roger federer, but he looked tired today, didn't look like a winner today. Aaah! otherwise a normalish weekend, Nice weather,with the sun shining for a change. must say the weather has been kind for the Olympics actually,with next door newneighbours actually using their garden this weekend. Vin went to maghull yesterday to get some stuff he had forgotten, and crosby today for a mooch. I of course stopped in confined to the house still further. Very pleasant afternoon today doing the crosswords, did them fairly quickly today too. Mine had a theme of musical terms which was a bit tricky, but got there in the end. little cats in and out today, taking advantage of the better weather. just heard the news though and heavy rain is forecast. seems to be up on the borders of Scotland that there is flooding. Tonight we are having: Pizza with mushrooms and Egg salad with avocado potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Still waiting...

The post comes and the post goes and still no appointment letter. getting really fed up with it all now. It seems such a long time since the gynae appointment, and yet no further on really. patience Jennifer!! Rafts of medals now appearing in the games. can't say that i understand many of the sports, except the easy ones like the first past the post ones, or tennis, but the cyclists seem to be doing really well. They look so weird with their black wheels and their super sleek helmets. Haven't a clue what judp is about, or the beach volley ball for that matter. Everyone seems very excited though. Lovely picture of Prince William and Kate cheering on the cyclists yesterday, really happy pic of them hugging each other. can't see his dad doing that somehow! Vin went out to Formby this morning to get the weekend things. There was a coupon in the Mail yesterday for £5 of a spend of £25 so he went there for the stuff. there were a number of things that we get from there anyway, so it wasn't too difficult to spend £25. He got some good offers too..stone baked pizzas for three for two, two salads for an offer price etc., he's getting to be very good at shopping. mind you he says he misses having me to push around in the shops. he has a terrible habit of "guiding" me out of the way when someone is going past, drives me mad!! Just watching the news before, and the jury have returned a guilty verdict on the Shafilia Ahmed case on both of her parents. terrible case that one, she was a 17yr old who was quite westernised and the parents didn't like it, so they murdered her. it was a long time before the body was found and the both of the lied dreadfully. Both the police and the prosecution service have done well on that case, as did their older daughter Alesha who gave evidence against them and really broke the case for the police. The parents have got life with a minimum of 25 years each.Good..that poor girl must have had a horrible life. We have had a lot about the case on our local news because it was a very local case and it has been interesting seeing the case unfold. So justice for Shafelia at last.
My birthday orchid is looking gorgeous and in full bloom, which is more than can be said for moi!! Thankyou Vin it was a lovely birthday present.XXX Tonight we are having: pasties from Waitrose with some little baby sauteed mushrooms. Rice pudding from Waitrose..big treat!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Busy Half Hour...

We were having a day in today. vin didn't have anywhere to go so he was catching up on stuff. Just after our mid morning breakfast, the doorbell rang..It's one of those cordless bells that you can carry round, but happened to be in the kitchen. Vin has changed the ring tone, so it now goes..ding dong ding dongding dong, i think it's awful. Anyway he went to answer it and it was the gas meter man come to read the meter. Then as he was doing that, the phone rang, and it was Jane on her way to work and looking for a chat. She could talk for England that girl!. Then the doorbell went again, and it was the courier lady who brought the bedding yesterday, come to collect it back again. Bit embarrassing that, so vin explained that it was their fault for sending the wrong colour! Just shows..all the technology, very good ordering system and paying etc., and it's the human weak link in the chain where it goes wrong. Someone in the warehouse picks up the wrong package and it all goes belly up as they say. Funny day weatherwise here. sunny and nice to start with, then went very dull and rainy, now it's sunny again. if you were going out it would be hard to know what to wear actually. Tonight we are having: pasta with a sauce. maybe a pasta bake. mushrooms green veggies.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gold at last!!

Bemoaning the fact that we had no gold medals in the games, then two come along at once. one for the coxless women's pairs rowing this morning, and the other for bradley Wiggins for the time trial cycling this afternoon. Well done them. What a year it has been for Bradley Wiggins firstly winning the Tour De France, the first British man ever to win it, then an Olympic gold today. Good on him. Locakl northern boy too. Vin went off to get some shopping in this morning, he went to Sainsburys in the drizzle and rain, it's cleared up now actually, and he was back within the hour. A pretty nimble shopper he is. I of course stopped in as usual.Feels like being n prison :) Got my parcel this morning from QVC, I had ordered some new cotton bedding in Latte, to give us a bit of a change really, and that came this morning by the courier lady. Only trouble was that when I opened it up it was WHITE!! definitely not a colour we would have with two cats in the house! So had to ring them up and they put in place a refund and organised the collection of the parcel. Only problem was that the double in Latte had sold out so will have to wait again till something turns up. Pain in the neck. One of the troubles of ordering online! normally they are excellent though i do have to say, and there was no argument on the phone. I think Vin has gone out for a while because it's finally stopped raining. he really got grumpy last night. i was a bit restless and was moving my legs about in bed, and he said stop doing that, every time you do that it's like a bellows blowing cold air in the bed! That made me want to do it more then Haha. Got back to sleep again eventually, until a furry friend woke me up at some ungodly hour sitting on my hip. Jane rang up at lunchtime to say she was going in to work. it should be her day off, but they are doing double time again, so she was doing 11 to 4 then going into the town centre to do some shopping. She needs some clothes and a new bag for work and Uni. primark it is I think, nice and cheap. Tonight we are having: Escalope with a mushroom sauce, potato croquettes mixed veggies.