Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hello Again Blog !!

Well here we are again after a bit of a dodgy few days. Laid out with yet another blockage which does take a bit of time to recover from. Trouble is it is a lot of extra strife for lovely Vin who is a saint really, up and down stairs like nobody's business.
The girl from Occupational Therapy came this morning..Louise, who was lovely. She asked lots of questions, wasn't hurried andd went upstairs to check things like the bathroom. She is going to arrange for things like another hand rail up the stairs, a grab rail by the toilet, and the shower, and a board that they use for when you are having a shower to make you more stable. Very helpful she was. Gosh our NHS is really good, all the things they do for you.
The dorbell went mad this morning. At last our replacement umbrella stand arrived, this was the one we had for years and I went headlong into and broke. Silly me! Then the post arrived with a parcel of things I had ordered from Bon Marche..that was very quick, then a parcel arrived for the lady next door.  Some days you get nothing..then three come along at once!!
 Huge amount of packaging on the umbrella stand which looks really nice by the way, good job it is the brown bin tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, for Vin.
Maybe a poached egg for me.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Short and Sweet Today...

Very short and sweet today, mainly because we haven't done anything much really. we stayed in today because we have been out a few times this week, so had our coffees at home this morning. 
We are still waiting for a delivery of an umbrella stand which we ordered through Amazon. Bit slow actually since it has been ordered for quite a while. I ordered a pair of slippers from Amazon earlier than that, and they arrived within two days! and they sent emails about the delivery times too.  Vin is really pleased with them too, lovely leather ones by Rohde.
I was trrying to do some of the letter to AAnn in Australia for her birthday, but am stuck for something to write about. Tend to write in bits and pieces when I get a few minutes so tends to be a bit disjointed. 
Started off sunny this morning, but has gradually become more evercast as the day has progressed, now looking quite grey. We haven't had much rain lately so maybe it will rain later. 
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lovely Sunny Outing..

Since we were in yesterday we were out today. We decided to go off to Dobbies to get our free coffees for April, and we haven't been this month yet. Vin has just said that it is five weeks since we have been to Dobbies..doesn't time fly really, it certainly doesn't seem that long. 
We had a bit of a look round, I went into the food hall bit and Vin went off to have alook round then he caught me up. Very quiet today, the kids are all back at school now so that makes a difference, all there was was a screaming baby with an ear splitting noisy scream..but they went after a bit so that was ok.  Two really nice medium lattes and a bit of usual people watching.
Bought some biscuits, and a fruits for cheese and Vin went off to buy some of the bread mixes that he likes from there. Took those back to the car and he went back to get a hanging basket for the front of the house, came back with a really nice mixed colour basket of violas which look lovely. 
Jane just rang up as I was going to start this, they had let her go a bit early because she was going to work at Ticketmaster. She was on CT today which she said was an assessment but she thinks she is ok for that one.  It is all getting there bit by bit. Well done Jane. XXX
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer..not sure what yet.
Any veggies that we have left.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Costa at Home Today !!

No outing today, well we have been out for the last two so we stopped in today. Started off with the ironing mostly of the bedding and other bits and bobs...
Vin rang the insurance company to see if I could get a replacement hearing aid at another firm other than Ormerods, and apparently we can. So we gave it some consideration and decided to go to Specsavers in Formby. Would seem to be the most suitable solution because they are nearer to home and easier to get to. So he rang them up, made some enquiries and made an appointment for the Friday the 8th of May which is k with the insurance company.  When I went down the stairs last week I broke one of the hearing aids in the process goodness knows how I did that, so it is that we are claiming for on the insurance.  I had been considering going to Specsavers anyway for a hearing test, so it's forced my hand really.
Vin's slippers arrived today too. A beautiful pair of Rohde leather ones which he seems pleased with. Got them via Amazon, and the firm sent an email to say they would be delivered between 12.30 and 1.30 and at a quarter to one the doorbell went. Very good delivery that was. 
Also had a phone call from one of the A&E doctors at Aintree to say they were reviewing my CT scans etc., and just to let me know that I did have two little fractures of the bones in my neck/top of spine, and was I aware of that. They had explained that when I was in actually and Jane and Vin were more aware than I was. Doesn't reqquire any treatment just leaves a sore back for a few weeks. Well aware of that thankyou.  Good of them to ring though.
Another lovely sunny day today, Vin is presently out in the garden doing a bit of mooching before we have our teatime coffee. 
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and sqquash, and a bit of broccoli for Vin.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Woke up really early this morning before the alarm went off actually. I had an appointment at Aintree for a renal clinic. Had to cancel the last one because of the gastric problem so this was the replacement, at 10.15. Left the house on time today, didn't leave it late like we did yesterday..hate being late for anything, always have done. 
Got there and was sent straight round to the clinic, waited a few minutes then called in for the blood pressure, weight and sample tests, then wait again. Not too long, then a nice little chinese Doctor called my name and I went in. Vin went off to move his car in the car park.  Quite hard to understand her, I had to keep saying sorry, pardon etc., but got there eventually.  Kidney function stable, blood pressure a bit low..makes a change! and she was worried about the weight issue.  Really makes me laugh that does,all my life I have spent trying to get slimmer and lose weight, now they are concerned because the weight is low! Grrrr.You can't win. Anyway she wanted another blood test done, so we had to go round the corner for that. Was expecting a long wait, but wasn't too bad actually only waited about ten minutes or so. My little friend jennifer did the bloods, she must be getting used to me by now!
Out in good time for a coffee, I had it in mind to go to the Costa by the Maplins where Vin wanted to go anyway. It is on the same retail park, so we went off there.  Nice Costa too, a specially built one and plenty of seating. We had medium Cappucinnos each which was very good too, I haven't had one of their cappucinnos before so made a nice change. Lovely cocoa imprint of coffee beans on top, wish I had taken a photo of them to put on here but the battery was low on my phone. Will have to have another sometime HaHa.
Home after Vin had nipped into Maplins for the things he anted. 
Beautiful sunny day again today,reaal Spring weather at long last. The blossom trees are out in full force, the hedges are greening up and the rape seed was a lovely bright yello on the way home.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with a cheese sauce,
 Garlic bread for Vin.
Veggies to go with.

Monday, 20 April 2015

An Outing...

Went out today for a little outing which was nice. I* had an appointment to go and get my hair cut this morning..baqdly needed too I mi9ght add.. The ends were so straggly it looked terrible. So, rang up on friday and got an appointment at The venue for 12-15 today. Got there on time after a little bit of drama about my socks. Vin had put my socks in the wash and I had to find another pair and the only pair I had were horrible brown stripey ones. They went straight into the bin when I got home :) :) :) 
Anyway, got to the hairdressers on time in the end, and Charlotte did my hair beautifully, a really nice bob, which makes it look better by miles and makes me feel better too. Vin went off to the library just up the road to take some of his books back. He usually gets loval history books from there, we don't go to the one in Crosby any more really because there is a parking fee now which is a bit mean.
When he picked me up we went off to the Costa in Tesco for a coffee. Mmmm lovely. I had a medium skinny latte and he had a soya milk latte and we shared a packet of wafer biscuits. Had a lovely sit down watching what was going on, actually it was quite quaiet the kids have gone back to school now after the Easter break so none running round. He left me with the end of my coffee and he ran round with a basket to get a few veggies. I have an appointment at Aintree tomorrow at the renal dept., so won't be able to get anywhere, so killed two birds with one stone so to speak. He only spent £4 and got a good spread of things too.
Beautiful day today..sun is shining and it was quite warm, he had the air con on in his car today for a change from the heater. I had my big coat on but have brought my lighter one down for tomorrow.  He has hubng the washing out too and it should dry quite nicely in this sun.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with a green salad
Pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts.
I might have a poached egg on toast. Or a baked potato.

Friday, 17 April 2015

A Moochy Day !

Not a bad day today, bit of this and a bit of that. Vin was doing his chores and I on the computer starting a letter to Australia to go with  the things that we will be sending for Ann's birthday in May.
We didn't go out today, Vin thinks I am still a bit battered and bruised so we stopped in. That's ok, give the stairs time to recover.  :) 
Jane rang up yesterday afternoon n the end, the battery on her phone was giving her a bit of trouble because she couldn't charge it at work like she usually does. She is off today but was going to take her forms etc., to Salford HR dept., about her job. All quite exciting really. She is worried about her dissertation though..hope it goes well for her.  She rang up again on the way home from work last night n her way to get waffles with her friend Jo, so that should cheer her up a bit.
Tonight we are having:
No idea whatsoever. Seems to be a pick and mix series of meals these days. Ah well. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Yay Hair Wash...

Hooray..Hairwash day !! After the trouble at the weekend I had a superglued lump at the back of my head and was told not to wash my hair for five days. Well the days were up today so I could at last wash my hair. What a difference.. I hate my hair not being washed, normally do it every other day and it was in need of washing anyway when I banged my nonce.  Vin washed it for me this morning very carefully but to be honest not a lot of the glue has come out yet. Maybe next time. I have also rung up to make an appointment to get a hair cut  Monday morning at 12.15, so that will make it look better.
He has been doing a lot of vacuuming this morning,Mostly the hall and stairs and it is now on the list to get a new stairs landing and hall carpet, the one we have at the moment is quite old and needs replacing.
I ordered a new umbrella stand to replace the one my head went into!!!it is a ceramic purple floral one so will make a bit of a change too.
Lovely smell of bread coming up the stairs. Vin has made a beautiful sourdough loaf which is now baking happily in the oven. Mmmm.
Tonight we are having:
Chilli slice for Vin,
Mashed potato and swede for us both
Poached egg for moi to go with. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


That's me. Well I cant go anywhere till my hair looks at least presentable.So Vin gets up and toddles off to Homebase and Tesco and I have a fiddle on the computer. 
He was back in time for coffee...just... and we had that late really. Our routines are all to pot these days. My fault because I don't get up early enough, so everything is later. Wish I was ne of those people who jumps out of bed when they wake up, but never been like that. Jane isn't either, she is more of a night person too.  Trouble was I was reading my book till a bit late last night trying to finish it but didn't get there yet. It is a really good book by John Grisham.. Sycamore Row and is quite a long book. Very nearly at the end though, maybe finish it tonight.
Wonder if I can wash my hair tomorrow? Certainly hope so, I still have this great wad of superglue at the back. Grrr. What a stoopid thing to do go flying down the stairs.  Got away with it luckily though apart from some battle scars.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure again.
Maybe something with mashed potato because we have one in the fridge.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Achin All Over...

As the song goes! HaHa . Vin says I am developing some nice bruises on my back now..battle scars eh! The only thing I really want to do is wash my horrible hair and get it cut, but have to wait till the cut has healed a bit. Patience woman.
Vin rang the insurance company to see if I was covered for a hearing aid which was broken in the fall..turns out that I am so that is good. What we now have to do is arrange for a hearing test and get it organised.  The whole thing is broken, with just little wires exposed!! You do wonder what you pay for sometimes. The technology I suppose.
Vin had a bit of a rant at me yesterday..don't blame him fault causing trouble, but he is ok today, seems back to his lovely self.
So, not really going anywhere for a while, at least not until I am presentable. HaHa.
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. Something from the freezer, and a few veggies.

Monday, 13 April 2015

What a Numpty !!

Saturday morning dawnwd as normal. Got up to go along the landing to go to the bathroom, and the next thing I know I am at the bottom of the stairs going "Ow". Fell the full length of the stairs, hitting a pottery umbrella stand at the bottom and cutting the back of my head quite badly. :(  Vin called for an ambulance which arrived quite quickly . Two absolutely lovely ambulance paramedics arrived,Chris and John, checked me everywhere, checked the stairs, and said because of the cut to the head I had to go to hospital..Aintree. Complete with one of those head and neck supports very uncomfortable by the way.. They contacted Aintree.. because it is a major trauma apparently..and I was shisked in strraighaway when we got there.. Checked everywhere again, sent off for C.T. scan head and neck. Good news..I still have a brain :). Waited..that was clear except I have a fracture in one of the bones in my neck!!  So, sent off for another scan of spine in case. Xrays of chest and abdomen..assorted bloods etc., Upshot kept in overnight. Scraped the skin off the front of my shins so packs and packs of steri-strips and plasters, and a big cut on my back more steri-strips. 

Yesterday, seen be the Occupational therapist..remember this is Sunday..and a Physiotherapist. Everybody really really lovely. O.T. is arranging for a visit at home for things like grab rails in the the bathroom and P.T. arranging for a walink frame  !!!!!.

Suddenly I have turned into this little old woman. :) :) which I aint :)  One of the lovely young doctors had my blood pressure checked sitting down and the standing up and it seems that when I stood up it dropped remarkably..the nursie said you had better sit down before you fall down :) She thinks that might be the problem. After years of having high blood pressure I now have low BP. You can't win can you. Also the weight is an i9ssue again after years of being overweight I'm now underweight :) don't mind that though!

Poor little Jane was very worried, but she has the medical knowledge about the bones now..Lovely part, she arrived on Saturday afternoon which made my day really.

Nice bonding time for her and her Daddy too.  God Bless our N.H.S. and all who work in her.
 So, I'm officially a little old lady :) :) And, officially a Numpty. Very very could all have been so different. 
Stopping in today,well since I have a great big superglued patch on the back of the head, I  for one am not going out till my hair is washed and can't NO Way Jose!!
Vin went off to crosby this morning to get his car serviced. I had to promise not to go wandering aabout!! Any he was back in about three quarters of an hour. Then the OT person rang and asked how I was getting on..and what my height and weight was for a frame!! Oh God, now a little old lady!! 
Then the garage rang and  said the car was ready so he went for that just before lunch, so off he went. Collected his car..washed and valeted and called in at Sainsbury's on the way back to get a few veggies. Busy morning in our house then.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with gravy,
A few veggies.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Up and At Em !!!

Well up a bit earlier today which makes a change. Things have been a tad difficult in our house for about a fault.. poor Vin has been an angel.  Because of things happening during the night with me. Picking up a little bit today I think, and not before time either! Vin is trying his best to get me to take some nourishment he says..what he means is fatten me up!
Jane hasn't rung up yet today, probably will later. Vin has been out in the garden fixing his shed door which had warped. At least he thought it had but then he found out that it was the shed not the door! So solved the problem by sawing a bit off here and there, and getting it straight. Tok him quite a lot of the morning in the end though. :) Bless him. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really these days. My appetite isn't good but Vin still wants a good meal. Last night he had a really nice pasta bake in the good ofr you range from Waitrose, with a bit of garlic bread.
It is up to him what he fancies tonight!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Here I Am Again!!

Yep here again. Not done my blog for a few days, mainly because I have had another of the blockages that have plagued me for a whie now.Haven't a clue what is causing them it doesn't seem to matter what I eat either. Oh Well, never mind.
Jane has been ringing up each day with her news. The biggest snippet of news is that she has a job!!! :) :) Well done our Jane, I am really proud of you.The job is at Salford Royal which is where she wanted to go, it is to be a major trauma hospital for Manchester apparently so that is the area she is keen on. Also they take children which she likes. So she is well happy, apart from all the work she has yet to do. Not that long now sweetheart.
Vin has been a saint yet again, up aand down stairs doing his tending to moi. I hope he isn't wearing his legs out!! Nice day today, so he is n the garden looking after his plants. He has some begonias and some hellibores that he is taking care of. Shame we don't have room for a greenhouse, that would be easier but we just don't have the space. 
Tonight we arehaving:
Not sure really, My appetite has gone, but Vin is getting himself some nice meals, so it will be what there is in the freezer or fridge probably.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday...

Well it's cold and wettish and a grey day so it must be a Bank Holiday. Correct, it always seems to rain on good friday. Nothing moving outside anywhere and nobody seems to be doing much. Not that you would be in the garden on a day like today.
We stayed in today because we don't tend to go out on a BH. Vin did some sorting out and I had a mooch on the computer, otherwise we didn't do a lot at all. Oh apart from Vin nearly setting fire to outside with the hot ashes which burst into flames. Luckily they were in the yard and he was able to dash out and drown them with water!! Another Bank Holiday Barbecue..a bit of an in joke in our house because the last time that happened the ashes were at the bottom of the garden and the neighbours thought we were having a barbecue!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls 
Spaghetti in tomato sauce
Chips or potato croquettes
Any veg left over
mushrooms for Vin

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Out For A Change!!

Nice little outing this morning. The day dawned bright and sunny looking but still on the cold side.
I had a top to take back to Bon Marche because I wasn't happy with the style, so that meant a trip to maghull. Vin doesn't mind though because it means a nice coffee out at the Costa there. 
Bit of a problem parking in the square there was a bit of a queue, so he dropped me off at the BM and I went in there while he parked, then he caught me up.I swapped the top for a pair of trousers in a smaller size that I usually buy they are a size 14 !!!! I have never had a pair of trousers that size ever!! and they fit too!!! Took a bit of a chance on them because I didn't try them on in the shop..couldn't be bothered, but they actually fit very well
Went to the Costa then for our coffees. I had a skinny de caf latte and Vin had a Soy milk latte with a shot of hazelnut. Lovely sit down in a sofa bythe window.
Jane hasn't rung up yet since her interview yesterday wonder how it went. She has just rung up now..and she has a job!!!! EXCELLENT :) :) 
Well done Jane XXXX
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really, something from the freezer.
Veggies to use up. broccoli carrots and sweetcorn..

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Lets Make a Loaf !!

Nowhere in particular to go today so stopped in. The weather is a tad iffy an6yway.Very cold still and it is the first of April today too. (Hares and Rabbits) ! I wonder why we say this on the first day of each month? It is still blowy but not as much, and it is now rainy.  Hope our Jane isn't getting wet on her journey to Salford where she has an interview today at 1 o'clock. Wonder how she has got on.
Vin made a nice loaf this morning..pumpkin bread in the bread machine and finished it off in our own loaf tin in the oven. The bread looks gorgeous, you can see the pumpkin seeds in it and the whole house smells just gorgeous. It must be ne of the most appetising smells there are, apart from fresh coffee. 
This isn't the loaf he made today but one very like it.
Had our coffees in today therefore, we both had Americanos and Vin had his with a milk pod which looked lovely. 
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some sort,
Cheese sauce
Veggies butternut squash goes well,
Mushrooms for Vin.