Thursday, 31 October 2013

In Which Vin has his Hair Cut..

It's Halloween today..trick or treat day. Don't really go in for it much round here probably because there aren't any children much along the road. We haven't been bothered for the last couple of years but we don't answer the door anyway. 
Vin went off to formby to get his hair cut this morning. he hates having to wait in a queue so said that if there was one he would come back. So, I was surprised when he rang up not long after he went and it was him saying he had had his hair cut and there was only one man in the queue. Very quick in the end then.He went to waitrose then to get the pasties for friday, so that was another job done.
While he was off I attempted to get the letter finished for John and Ann.I'd already done the most of it, but couldn't get the printer going properly. As usual!! It never works for moi.
At least he was back in time for a decent coffee today, which was nice. I had a cafe hag crema and he had an Americano with milk. Mmm, lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Something out of the freezer
Baby potatoes
remaining veggies that are in the fridge
Mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Coffee Table Rage!!

Off we went over the road this morning to get our free coffees for this month before the month runs out. When we got there, it didn't look too busy and ours was the only car in the little parking bay away from the main car park. Huh! When we got in, we had a bit of a mooch round and we both spotted some things that we wanted to get for Christmas etc., or general use. Vin was looking for some candles or more specifically tealights because we seem to have had a lot of not very good ones lately.
Time for coffee so we took ourselves off to the cafe part..Absolutely Heaving.. for some reason today, really really busy. I wandered round to try and get a seat for us, but no spaces anywhjere. eventually spotted a table right by the queue where we wouldn't normally dream of going, but had no choice today. Tables all full and loads of clearing up to do as well. So noisy you couldn't hear yourself speak. So we had our coffees and decided we would go pretty quick. I got up to move and two women rushed for the table. It was really funny, one little old woman said "I've got it " in a big loud voice and the other woman gave in. What a scream!!
Anyway, left them to it. Went round the gift shop again, which is very good actually, Vin got his candles, and I bought a nice little decoration to pop in John and Ann's Christmas parcel. 
Weather quite nice today,at least it was till about half three then it started to get darker and is now looking like rain. Not very warm now either.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a four cheese sauce
mixed green veggies with asparagus
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Still Playing Tricks.!!!

I Thought this had been cracked. Still seems to be playing up even though I signed up to Google Chrome which was supposed to help. Grrr.Can't make head nor tails of this at all.  Ok I give up!
Today is the veggie shopping day so we took my money off to Sainsburys since we had a voucher for two pounds off twenty. Obviously we came out having spent double that! Typical. my fault putting all sorts of extras in the trolley. 
We did get a few things that we were in need of however. Parked right outside and Vin got a trolley that already had the pound in it so a bonus. Why do people leave the pounds in their trollies i wonder. just absent minded or don't care. You wouldn't catch Vin doing that  !
Still blowy today with some very strong rainstorms too. We have missed the worst of the weather though, it appears to have been bad in the south. Loads of trees smashing cars etc.,
Tonight we are having:
gruyere cheese escalopes,
White sauce with mushrooms
Mixed vegetables
Small baked potatoes.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Blow The Wind Southerly.. was supposed to be the storm of the century so far. We were told by the weather forecasters that there would be 80mph gales etc., but mainly in the South. there have been trees blown down and the papers are full of pictures of cars squashed by trees etc.,four people killed by various means and terrible delays on the trains down south, and planes cancelled, so a lot of disruption in the lower regions of the country.
Up here in The North, it is a funny day. very changeable bright sunshine one day and pouring down the next. In fact it is absolutely pouring as I type this.  Quite gusty but not enough to blow things down or over. 
We weren't planning to go anywhere today, because I had arranged for a courier to collect a parcel for the kaleidoscope company. it was a coat i had ordered with a fur hood in a nice blue colour for a change! but I had ordered a size too big. So wanted to return it and get a size smaller. Unfortunately they don't have any in stock but may be getting some in so will wait and see. 
Vin went off to Formby to get his new glasses from Specsavers which he got for half price. very nice they are too..really smart. There is a horrible Specsavers advert at the moment for glasses for the older man and the "model" has one of those absolutely horrible spiky half beards..Uggh! Vin looks much better in his glasses.
Of course he was back for his coffee. Lovely Americano for moi today.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with mushrooms and peppers for Vin
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
potato salad for moi and sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


There seems to be further advances to the site.. Goodness knows what. It appears that you have to twiddle around with the buttons to get somewhere. I haven't a clue what is going on really, but will try anything to get it back to normal. 
All i want is my little blig back :(. 

Friday, 25 October 2013


OK It's officially beginning to drive me mad now. What is going on here I have no idea but it will not let me sign in officially simply. Real psin in the neck now.

Off we went to Tesco's this morning after I had a phone call from the Health Suppliers,We had one of those vouchers for £4 off £40 so that was a good incentive. We needed the weekend things so had to go somewhere and it is quite easy to make up the amounts with stock items. Really nice this morning, bright sunshine with the sun blazing through the car windows, Now it's gone very dark and has started to pour down too so hope Jane isn't getting wet going to work. Haven't heard from her for a few days so hope she is ok.
Vin is funny going round tesco..he sort of steers me round..either with his arm or with the end of the trolley. The idea today for him I think was to get me back, done and out of there so he could get home for his coffee! Whish was accomplished. By the time I got on the blog today i had got fed up with it so it will be short and sweet.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

What a Pain!

I haven't a clue what is going on with this blog site at all! I have been running it for years now and for the most part haven't had any problems, but for the last couple of weeks it hass brought up all sorts of trouble. So difficult to log on and use where it used to be simple. Yesterday was particularly problematical and today is the same. Vin says it;s because Google has taken it over and it wants everyone to go through Google. I wish they would leave things alone or tell us what they are doing. Putting me right off Google I know that much!!
Stay in today because the ironing wanted doing. Did that then Vin did the floor in the kitchen. While I did the ironing he did the leaves in the front garden to put in the green bin for disposal tomorrow. The bigt sycamore trees at the front of the house are a real pain, cause problems all year round but the resin is the worst, sticks to everything, and makes a real mess of the cars.
Nice machine coffees today, Vin had a capuccino today while I had a cafe intenso which is flavourful and quite strong.
I ordered a pair of Murano glass earrings for Ann for Christmas hope they come in a better box or I will have to find a suitable one. Also ordered a book from Amazon for my kindle today too.  Building up a nice collection of books on it now. My order for my case arrived today too, it is a lovely wine purple colour with a light to make it easier to read at night. We have ow energy bulbs in our bedside lights and I do have a bit of a struggle reading with them.  Hoping this will help.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer
Remaining veggies that we have left
White sauce or a bread sauce depending on what we have.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Goodness Knows!!

What happened with this blog yesterday and for the last few days propr to that. It all seems to have gone mad, and I couldn't get on at all yesterday neither could my husband who is usually excellent with computers and fixing things. Had a little bit of a fiddle today and appear to have got somewhere, although goodness knows what I did!!
I will try this out anyway.
Today we went over to Ormskirk to our vets to collect the tablets that little Rusty takes for her thyroid problem.  Quite a nice run although not as Autumnal as we expected. On the way back Vin decided that we would call in at the Costa in Tescos for a nice coffee for a treat. His treat, which was lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato sauce
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
Mixed green vegetables.

Monday, 21 October 2013

In Which Vin is Out Early..

Not me out today, but Vin on his own to go for an eye test and new glasses. his appointment was quite early, so it was an alarm clock jobbie so he could have his coffee before he went.
He was up, showered, cats fed, all before I woke up this morning!! he puts me to shame. I wish I had his energy!!
So he ws off to Formby Specsavers for an eye test and some new gasses. he said his sight hasn't changed much in the two years since his last test, so that's good. Then he was off to Tesco to take back an avocado that I bought on friday for last night's salad. When i cut it in half it was very bruised and bad and it was £1.25 so worth taking back, and he got petrol while he was there.
Weather a bit changeable today, very dark and grey when we got up but went sunnier later. now overcast but not blowy. Said in the News today there was a mini tornado that hit hayling Island and areas with trees blowing over and cars crushed etc., looked pretty bad.
Tonight6 we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and peppers for vin
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for me and barbecue noodle salad for vin.
(P.S.) I had written quite a lot more but the site is playing up, and I couldn't find what I had typed so gave up!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Vouchers again!!

In the absense of anywhere exciting to go today we ended up going to Tescos. mainly because we had a coupon for £4 off £40 so that was a bit of a draw. They know what they are doing these supermarkets.
So off we went round all the aisles with Vin totting up the costs as we went. I did put in some things that we can keep for Christmas to put in the box upstairs, so some of it was stock up items. trouble is that the shop has moved things around....Again!!! which is a real pain, and it makes ordinary shopping quite confusing.   But, we got there in the end.
Home in time for our coffee even if it was a bit late. Doesn't matter though.
Watching the television Sky news this afternoon just after lunch and it was showing forest fires in Australia just North of Sydney. Absolutely terrible totally devastating. trees just totally blazing away and homes left in ashes almost. Poor people and animals.
Tonight we are having:
fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Mushrooms and green beans for moi and mushy peas for Vin
Chips 200 grms.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday it was wet, grey and really gloomy. Today the sun is shining and the trees are still and it is a nice Autumn day.
We stayed in today mainly to do bits and bobs. Vin wanted to do the bench outside while the weather was decent. he has wiped it down because it was wet from yesterday, and put some wood treatment on it. We have bought a cover for it to protect it from the ravages of Wintry weather so that can be tied on now.
Sorted out the freezer this afternoon, and got rid of some redundant things that have there too long. it's amazing how things get left in a freezer. You buy them thinking they wil be useful stand byes then they end up not being used probably because you don't fancy them or there isn't anything to go with them. Didn't waste a huge amount though.
I spent some time this morning trying to think of something interesting to put in John and Ann's letter. it isn't their Christmas one, but one to thank them for sending Vin's birthday cards etc., One really good thing that happened from Janet and Tony's visit was that Jane showed me how to use the FB site a bit better and I get some of the posts from the girls which are lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere cheese escalopes
White sauce with mushrooms
Baby potatoes sliced and fried,
mixed veggies.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lovely Autumnal Weather..Well No !!

No it isn't like this today at all! Wish it was..and I wish we were in New England obn a lovely tour/drive holiday. here today it is pouring down with rain..blowing a gale and as dark as the hobs of Hell.. In other words it is an absolutely horrible day.
Didn't start off too promisingly when I had a phone call at breakfast time from the District nurse at Thornton, telling me that the hospital had been in touch to come and do my Aranesp injections. Since I have been doing these for years without any problems, I said I wasn't happy about that because they were quite busy enough without an extra unnecessary one to visit. She said she would ring the G,P. surgery and get back to me. Which she did, and they don't have an appointment for tomorrow but to ring for one for next week.  What a terrible waste of NHS time when I can do them myself perfectly well. Suppose I need to get in touch with the Consultants secretary and check whether it is necessary. I'll do that tomorrow.
We had planned to go to Dobbies today, have a bit of a look round and get our coffees for the month which we did. just about to leave the house and the Heavens opened. Terrible rainstorm, but we went anyway. had a good look round, bought a few things and a very enjoyable coffee. Quite busy there actually, and Christmas stuff everywhere but nothing that I fancied. Massive numbers of Christmas trees with lights that would drive you mad. Some quite nice ones though, although we have enough.  Home via Waitrose where Vin ran in and got our pasties for Friday and some butternut squash for tonight.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a four cheese sauce,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
butternut squash and asparagus and mushrooms

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The value of a Coupon!

So, the last time we visited Sainsburys we got a voucher for £2 off £20 with our shopping. hence our veggie shopping for the week was done in Sainsbury's this morning. On the plus side it is local-ish, and only takes ten mins to get there, on the down side the parking for free is only 1/2 an hour so you have to rush round, and...the range of goods in the store seems to be less these days for some reason. They have re-vamped the shop but don't appear to have as much on offer. Very odd.
For some reason I had a coughing fit when I got inside. Very embarrassing and Vin went off to get a bottle of water for me bless him. God knows what set that off but it went. Whizzed round and got our weeks supply of veg and a couple of other things we had run out of, then home for our coffee from the machine. very nice too.
One telephone message when we got home..guess what..the boilers one.These come with monotonous regularity these days, and they shout down the phone at you too. really irritating.
jane hasn't rung up for a bit, must be busy. i know she was doing a special assessment today so that is probably why.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with lemon and black pepper
baby potatoes baked in the oven
mixed vegetables
White sauce with mushrooms

Monday, 14 October 2013

Eye Eye!

Bit hard to type this because I have had the drops put in the eyes to dilate the pupils. Therefore everything is blurred and very light so makes it harder to see.
Today revolved around an appointment this afternoon at the eye clinic for the diabetic eye screening to be done. I last had it done at Aintree in October last year and it was horrendous, we had to wait for four hours till we were finished.  I got a letter a couple of weeks ago giving me an appointment at Southport hospital, didn't fancy that one but you could go online and change it, so we got it transferred to Litherland Town hall which is much nearer. The appointment was for twenty to three and I was called in as soon as I got there. had an eye test   and then drops in the eyes and had to wait outside for twenty minutes. Went back in and she took a photo of both eyes, and that was it. Excellent, we were out of there really quickly, and home by four, so that was all pretty painless.
Funny weather day today, we came home in rain, now it is bright shining sunshine. very odd. Been like that all day really on and off.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with a bit of extra cheese and mushrooms
green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
Potato salad for moi and coronation rice salad for Vin

Friday, 11 October 2013

Change of Plans...

The idea today was to get up and go over to Dobbies, have a mooch there, and get our coffees for this month.  However, I had bought some Royal mail shares yesterday, and wanted to sell them today for a quick turnoverr. The idea was to make enough money to pay for the clutch repair on Jane's car which was £210.
Vin got onto the website earlyish this morning and found that if they were sold now they would make about £230 so that was it. Sell up, nice quick turnover on my money.
Therein lay a bit of a problem because he couldn't get onto the website he bought them on, it had obviously been overworked. So had our breakfast and tried joy. Too late for Dobbies so he went off to  Tesco for the weekend things instead. Really was a rush round with his list and no impulse buys like there would be if I went. :)
Back in time for his coffee really quickly, I was surprised when he called out that he was home.  His coffee worked fine, then at the end of the making of his one which was a latte, the red light started flashing which meant mine wouldn't work. So madam had to have an instant today..been spoilt really, I am used to really good coffees now.
After coffee he tried again to sell the shares, and kept on trying but no joy at all. Gave up in the end when it got to lunchtime. Eventually got on during the afternoon, and have made £238.15. Very good profit. Nice to make a bit of money out of this government!!! So your clutch Jane has been paid for by the government!!

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers with tartare sauce
Green beans for me and mushy peas for Vin.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

House Chores..In and Out...

An in day today. Nowhere to go and nothing to go and buy so it was in the house for us. I did the bedding ironing which is time consuming, while Vin went out to do the front garden. It is the green bin tomorrow so he wanted to get the leaves swept up from the front garden for that.  The big sycamore trees at the front of the house on the road are shedding their leaves a lot now, and they just land in the garden, settle in the corner and get wet and mushy when it rains. Pain. So he did that. He also cleared out some pots that were overgrown, and planted some nice little mini narcissi and daffodils in the barrel for the Spring. All looks lovely and tidy now.
Jane rang up just before in Tescos..she said her car was driving like a new one with the new clutch. She frove it round the car park last night to try it out, and hadn't realised just how bad it had got till it was done.  She was telling us about her course thing that she has to do on Tuesday. They have to work with a dummy that breathes, and talks and bleeds and everything, so is used to simulate and emmergency. Sounds different anyway. Doesn't sound like a boring course.!
Nice coffee inside today..too cold to go outside now really. Vin had a Latte and I had a Carte D'or cafe intenso. A couple of mini shortbreads left from Costa the other day and that was it. Tasty offerings from the Tassimo.  What a good machine that is.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
Baby potatoes I might peel and mash,
mixed vegetables left over, carrots squash etc.,
Mushroom sauce.
This is the barrel in the summer, now cleared out and planted for the Winter/Spring.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


We wanted to go out and get a bir of fresh air this morning so off we went over to Ormskirk. Weather didn't look promising, started off very grey and blowy but cleared up as we drove over there. Quite a nice drive actually, very rural, passed Farmer Teds which is a little farm place that people go with kids. Quiet there, not many cars.
Parked behind the M&S store and for some reason loads of spaces today. Usually when we go there it is parked up and you go round for ages. So, that was a bonus. Went into Holland and Barratt to start with to see if they had any fishless fingers that we like. They did..another bonus so bought three..all they had, one for Friday and two for the freezer. I went over to Superdrug for some bits and bobs and Vin had some places he wanted to go so we met in the middle a bit later. What I really miss is the Bon Marche..such a shame that shop went. :(
Back down in the car to morrisons, and had our coffees there today. vin had a latte and I had a filter. Wanted a few things from there because we don't go very often, and actually they had everything in today. It was one of those days when everything went right for a change.
Vin has just come in to say that the Post Office shares are very highly oversubscribed so it doesn't look like we will get many. If it pays for Jane's clutch that will be a good thing. 
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato sauce or cheese not sure yet,
A few asparagus tips to go with and some butternut squash
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Up and Running...

Today was a stay at home day but a busy one. Firstly it was the delivery from the Aranesp with my injections. Then it was strip the bed and put the laundry on (roll on Thursday and a lovely load of ironing !!)
Breakfast and Vin set about getting the new television up and running. I got out of the way while he did that.. but he said it was easy to do actually. One good thing is the picture is bigger and clearer, and also a bonus is that we no longer need to watch awful Welsh channels with Pobol y cwm or words to that effect!
Second delivery from Bullens today with my bag things seems odd that they both come on the same day, but at least it saves staying in for two days though.
Vin has bought some Post office shares for us today, and is getting some for himself tonight when I have transferred the money over. Jane rang up this morning too to say that she had been to the garage with her car, and it is the clutch causing trouble, so they are going to do it tomorrow for her.  I'll give her the money for that, she needs her car, and I don't want her standing around at bus stops at some of the hours she comes out of Ticket Master. Poor kid, she works hard enough as it is with the job and her Uni work and placements.
Can't wait to see a good film on the new tele,we have Skyfall on the hard drive so that would be a good one.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalope
Mixed veggies with a sauce of some sort,
Little potatoes baked in the oven

Monday, 7 October 2013

Big Buy !

Well this weekend we made a decision to buy a new television. We had £300 worth of vouchers for Argos from doing the National Shopping Monitor scanning. Vin does the scanning and I put our stuff away so it workd out ok. For that you get points, and the points add up. We took out about 3000,000points worth a few weeks ago and decided to use them on a new television. That way you can actually see what the scanning has bought us.
So on Saturday with the papers came a catalogue for Argos with some teles in it n sale and I had a look online. Saw a Bush 32" Smart tele which was £250 seemed reasonable, so we had a look and reserved it online at the Kew store. Thought we would get the television and get a coffee at Dobbies on the way past. But, we had some tomatoes that had to be returned to Tesco because they had gone mouldy,so change of plans. Vin didn't want to go to Dobbies anyway. Collected the tele from the Argos..the poor girl having to scan in £250 s worth of ten pound vouchers which took her ages, box with the tele in surprisingly small, just a bit bigger than the television itself. very thin these days too. Drove past Dobbies in the way back and must admit I felt a pull..but never mind we will go later in the month.
Called in at Tesco's on the way back and took the tomatoes back for a refund. I suggested that we got our veggies today as well since Vin would be doing
 the tuning in tomorrow which will take a while, plus it's bed washing day, and I have two deliveries tomorrow. Aranesp, and Bullens with my bag things.  So, we got a good selection of veggies a lot on offer too, and I dragged him into Costa for a nice coffee. mainly the time was getting on, and plus there had been a bad accident on the by-pass that we had passed on the way going, and turned out they had actually closed the by-pass both ways so must havve been a very bad one. We had to come back via the back road and the Pheasant to get back home. It was a very good job we had our coffee out in the end then.
Jane rang up this afternoon, she has been having what she thinks is cklutch trouble so has booked it in to the garage tomorrow morning so will find out what is going on then.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese,
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes..not mouldy ones.
Potato salad for moi and chinese noodle salad for Vin.

P.S. Turned out that the accident that was on the bypass there was someone killed in that so no wonder the road was closed.

Friday, 4 October 2013

One of Those Days!!

It has been one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Waited a while for the postman this morning because I was expecting a parcel from Amazon with a Kindle cover, but he didn't cme. typical ! Went off to Tesco and couldn't park near so had to walk  miles away..(not really)  Wanted to get the weekend things and found they had moved everything ! Again!! nothing was in the same place. I do wish supermarkets wouldn't do that. Don't they know how annoying it is. They seem to have changed suppliers too because a lot of the items were differently labelled. Grrr. None of their own make cakes either, and Vin couldn't find the brioche buns he likes for burgers. Grr.  wanted to get something tasty for tea tonight to go with chips but they didn't have any sausage rolls ( the Linda McCartney ) ones, or Quorn ones..or crispy fillets.. they seem to have reduced the frozen Meatfree ranges.  Ran out of Cow biscuits this morning..fortunately they had some of those.
Home..still no post. he arrived later and we missed him. Unfortunately the parcel came through the letterbox so instead of refusing the package as we were going to do it was plan B. That involves printing out a return label..guess what the printer wouldn't Vin had to play about with it for ages and eventually got the label done. it can go back to a newsagent in crosby on Sunday.
Some days you are just better not moving!!
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and cheese flan..
Something tomatoey
green beans for moi.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bulbs and Coffee!

Nipped out to Sainsbury's this morning mainly to get a pack of cappuccino coffees for the machine. We were going to have one yesterday but found we had run out, and we had the new stencil that we were dying to try ou! So, it was a quick trip out to Crosby. The idea was to get a few bits from there and then go to the garden centre over the way to get some miniature daffodil bulbs for the barrel at the front of the house. Got our free half hour parking, and did a bit os shopping, bit disappointed at the lack of stock though ! Anyway, on our way out, after having our groceries thrown down the conveyor belt by the checkout assistant, and my Nectar card thrown at me, we paid and were going out. Then Vin spotted a display of bulbs that we had missed earlier, so went back in. Got a lovely bag of fifteen bulbs for £5 nice little miniature mixed daffodils etc., so were well pleased. Didn't need to go to the garden centre and wended our way home for our coffee instead.
Got a nice letter from john and Ann today, with a photo of their new car. Looks really good..a Hyaundai Oddyssey..which is an estate type looking car and very smart. They sent Vin a pair of leather gardening gloves, very nice they are too as a belated birthday present, and there is a little present for Jane in it too. Must do a bit more of their letter which I tend to do in fits and starts.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere cheese escalope
Remaining veggies that we have left,
Baby potatoes baked in the oven
Cheese sauce to go with the veggies.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

In Which Vin Makes Bread!

We didn'y go out today, mainly because there wasn't anywhere to go, and no-one to see, so stopped in. Vin took a leaf from his Prime Ministers book today and made a loaf in the breadmaking machine. With everything in the papers recently about the PM not knowing the price of a loaf because he used the breadmaker, he remembered that he had a packet of bread in the cupboard. So, out it came,a nice pack of wholemeal bread and was duly made up.  It's made a beautiful loaf actually, and he has some dmamson jam with sloe gin that he bought from M&S a bit ago, so he'll be having that for his breakfast I should imagine. He likes different things for breakfasts, teacakes toasted, toast, crumpets etc., me, I just have a rice cake with a light cheese spread on it everry morning!
We had a delivery the other day from the betterware people of a Cappuccino stencil, it;s lovely really. In three, one pattern is a heart, one a flower, and the other a star. So the plan was to have one at our morning coffee. Best laid plans and all that!! We went to the cupboard, and the cupboard was bare!! No packs of cappuccino Tassimo drinks at all. We had run out. So we had something else which didn't work really. Never mind well get some somewhere tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese a macaroni cheese,
Asparagus and carrots
Garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hares and Rabbits..

Again..another month slips by and Autumn is creeping up on us. Quite a bit cooler today, and it's gone faily blowy today too. No chance of sitting outside with our coffees this morning. Way too chilly.
Vin went off to Crosby this morning, mainly because the shop didn't have our paper in and had run out, and also to get some window handles for the bedroom. One of them had broken so needed replacing, and the ones in Crosby were pounds cheaper than in Homebase Formby. Nice ones too. He fitted them when he got back and they have tarted up the window quite a lot, and we can shut the window properly now.
He was back in time for his coffee so we decided to have one of the new ones that we had delivered yesterday. A Macchiato  (less sweet) You can't buy them here except by mail order, these were all printed in german. very nice though. looks really pretty when it's in the glass in its three layers. Almost too good to perhaps not !!
Jane rang up at lunchtime as we were just about to get our sandwiches ready, to say she was off sick with a cold/flu/virus. She said it was doing the rounds and some of her friends had it last week. She does get really miserable when she's ill but it isn't easy when you are home alone with a virus.
Tonight we are having;
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Mix3ed veggies,
Baby potatoes baked in the oven
Maybe a sauce or bread sauce.