Monday, 31 January 2011

Just an Ordinary Day...

Monday...and it dawned grey and coldish. Not frosty, but there is still ice on the water in the garden so VT says.
Very ordinary weekend with our usual things going on. Good crosswords done yesterday quite easily and no real problems. Saturday had a very VERY strong aroma of garlic in the house..all over the house. Especially in the middle room where we live, and in the hall. It was knocking us out and making our eyes water for a time!!! As we were going out this morning we were chatting to our neighbour who was washing her car. i said "What were you cooking on Saturday?" and she said a curry from scratcvh which had a lot of garlic in it.. I said i thought she was doing that chicken dish with 20 bulbs of garlic in it... It must be the floorboards in these houses, because we used to get the aroma of baking cakes from next door the other side when they used to run the coffee shop in the garden centre. One of the pitfalls of living in a terraced property!
Went out to Crosby this morning to Sainsburys to get our weekly veggies... didn't get much extra were home quite early for our coffee.
Last day of January already, it doesn't seem long since Christmas. It will be the funeral this week for the next door neighbour. Still foind it hard to believe he isn't coming home, it all seemed to be so quick really. Poor woman, she is going to find it very hard to come back home, and since it is a rented house one wonders if she will stay. Her family seems to be down south. We shall see. The little ginger cat is very good, beautifully behaved, and VT has got her in every night except one. She greeted our car again this morning when we returned from shopping, it's lovely the way she does that.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalopes
bread sauce
Little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables.

Friday, 28 January 2011


Beautiful bright sunny day today. Blue skies this morning, going cloudy later, but when we went out to the Sainsbury's it was really cold. I had put a thinner jumper on because it looked so nice, but there was a real chill in the air.I was glad I had my gloves.We went over to the store in Aintree, opposite the old Walton Hospital. That place is all but derelict now, no idea what they are going to do with it. I miss that one, it was always a friendly place to go to, and you knew where everything was. The new big Aintree hospital is a different kettle of fish entirely, and the parking is terrible.
Sainsburys was quite quiet, at least you can get round that one, unlike Crosby which is too small.Got a load of things for the weekend, and took our own coffee which saves us a fiver!VT does a wonderful Americano which costs a bomb in a coffee shop. We had coffee out on Wednesday in M&S and that was £4.80 with a small pack of biscuits. They weren't big coffees either!
Before we went out VT let next doors cat out, and it was sunning itself on our front garden so we left it. No sign of her when we came home, she usually greets our car, but she did appear later so he let her in again. He said she had something sticky on her side, but he couldn't get near her to get it off. he said it was like a resin, maybe she had rubbed up against a bush or something. Anyway, she is in for the evening, and warm and dry.
It seems an awful long time waiting for the cremation to take place,. He died on the 16th of January and he is being cremated on the 4th of February. Apparently that is normal, but it must be hard for her and the kids. Still can't believe how quickly that all happened. Such a shame.

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Tartare sauce
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for moi.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Didn't go out today, because we have been out a bit already this week. Stayed in and did floors, only to discover that we had run out of floor cleaner..isn't that the way. So Vt went down to our local shop and came back with a bottle of "Stardrops". He said the woman in rthe shop was actually cleaning her own floor with it,and she said don't be put off by the smell it leaves your floor nice and fresh. Too true, it smells a bit like Dettol, but is clean smelling anyway. I can remember my Mum using Stardrops..what on old fashioned name..sort of smacks of the fifties . You can imagine the advert with the curly haired housewife in he apron with the mop and bucket of Stardrops cleaner...Aaah nostalgia..
Our morning chat today, amongst other things was about King Wenceslas!!! Why King Wenceslas..well VT had been reading an article about him last night before going to sleep. Written by The Archbis of Canterbury, it was headed what the story of King wenceslas could teach the Coalition about poverty. Just what the Archbish of Canterbury knows about poverty beats me but still...we ended up talking about King W. I ended up singing the refrain, consequently I can't get it out of my head now.

Cup of coffee and a cow biscuit in the morning and a chat..good way to start to the day.
Ventured out to do the front door brasses this morning..when we come in you notice they need doing, then you get in and unpack shopping etc.m, and forget them, so went and did them today. I have a brass letterbox, and a key plate, and a plaque with the house name on it, and it is surprising how quickly they get tarnished. they do look good when they are done though.
VT went and let the little cat next door out when he went for the poaper, but it didn't stay out for long it was too cold. Mind you our two aren't out for long, they go out and come straight back in again.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey garlic kiev
Mixed vegetables
Baked potatoes..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


What is it with this shop? you go round and you just want to start again with everything. We went to the one in Aintree which is quite a big store now, and has a Boots next door and a next store also. VT wanted to go to Halfords to get a new door mirror glass, his last one cracked in the snow we think. It hasn't been bashed, it had just cracked through the centre.So he went along there and i went round M&S for a bit on my own!Clothing..why is it that everything purple jumps out at me! lovely purple jumpers and a beautiful purple coat, but I do have enough coats...don't I? This one looked lovely and warm though, sort of down filled... but I do have enough coats. Ended up in the jewellery section, they do have some gorgeous jewellery, and bought a necklace and earrings set in what colour...oh yes purple!! really pretty, I'm glad I bought that. Not too long, it will fit beautifully under my tops.
Had a good cup of coffee in their coffee bar, which was very busy, and I had a job to find a table, then a bit of a look round upstairs. Ended up in the foods on the ground floor, bought some offers, 2 Spinach and ricotta cannelloni's and a potato gratin for a fiver..and three ciabatta pizzas for the same, so we had one of those between us for our lunch with an egg salad. Very tasty.
When we came back and drew up at the gate, the little ginger girl from next door came out to greet us!! What a little star that cat is, it knows VT's car, and comes out to its sound, not to anyone elses. So the first thing he did was to let it in.
Her owner won't be back for a while yet..the funeral is on the 4th of February, I had no idea that it took suchj a long time for a funeral at the moment..apparently there is a big backlog. I suppose when that is over she will come back. Poor girl, that will be hard.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a spinach and ricotta sauce,
Green vegetable medley
A bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Doing Day...

We stopped in today, and did various things.I did all the ironing this morning which is the time consuming bed linen mostly. VT sorted the cat out next door, it came out, then when he opened the door again, it wanted to go in. It's becoming a bit of a home loving cat recently. But i think that is because he has trained it that way now.
We sorted out the parcel for John's birthday which is 2nd February. In the end it was a letter, some snow photographs, two CD's of The Goon Show, and a card. Didn't feel like it weighed much but it was £4.62 to post!!!

Beautiful birthday card actually. The art work is incredible. So often you buy a card and don't really think about the artwork that goes into them. This one is so detailed, amazing drawing. We got it from the In Shop ibn Ormskirk, and it wasn't hugely expensive either. Wouldn't mind the original of that one. I remember being with a friend in a Sainsbury's one day, who is an art teacher, and she pointed out that the biscuit tin for some biscuits I was looking at had been drawn by a friend of hers she used to work with, but had gone freelance. When you actually looked the detail was amazing. You just don't think of someone drawing that.
Tonight we are having:
A sainsburys broccoli and stilton quiche
Sme tomatoey thing like spaghetti, A gluten free christmas pudding and some custard as a treat!

Monday, 24 January 2011

The percher!!

One little cat perching on my hip at some ungodly hour this morning...woke me up, so of course I ended up going to the bathroom. VT puts the light on because it is dark, so we end up sleeping in longer than we should.

This is what she does on my hip!!Right on top of my kidneys!! and you just don't have the heart to move her.
We went to Crosby this morning, and VT said when we arrived at the car park that it looked like rain, then when he went to get to ticket it began to drizzle. Horrible wet drizzle. Good job he keeps his umbrella in the car. VT had his memory card from the camera so we went to the photo shoip first. Quite quick to do, and we printed off some pictures of the snow etc for John, to go in his birthday packet. I have bought him two Goon show CD's and a card so want to get them off tomorrow if poss.
Then went to Sainsburys to get the weekly veggies
There was a man outside the store today, one of those dressed all in white from top to toe stood on something high. he must have been frozen, Gave him a bit of dosh anyway. i think VT thinks I'm mad, but I like things like that.
Home in time for a baby coffee and a boring lot of post..early for a change.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with mushroom sauce,
Mixed vegetables
Baby potatoes

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Tricky Questions...

On the crosswords today. One or two that caused us to waste time loking ofr the answers which is a pain. One of them..a cry of a cat..I had put in miaow which fitted, but it turned out to be miaou..which isn't even in our crossword machines!! if it wasn't for the answerbank site we would have struggled. Anyway we did them in the end albeit a bit late.
Another quite grey day today, it seems to be the norm for the month so far, at least the snow is keeping away which is good news.
The little cat next door has been out a bit today, but not for long, VT had to go back in after it this afternoon because it had been sick on their carpet, so he went and cleared that up, and it's ok now. Ours have been in most of the day today. Rusty is a bit on edge, because she was sitting on her shelf this morning, and saw the great big black and white cat in the garden. She started really screeching at it, which is very unusual for her, she hardly ever miaows, and then jumped down and ran outside after it. What a brave little girl she is. I'm so proud of her. Full front battle mode fur up, massive tail and chased it to the back gate.
Bravo Rusty..

Tonight we are having:
pizza with tomato sauce mushroom and mozzarella
Potato salad and pasta salad
Egg and potato salad.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Like the Rue Morgue!!

As i type this it is really misty outside..when it goes dark it will be like murder on the Rue morge...that old classic film from years ago. The little cat next door doesn't want to go out in this, and VT said it was playing this morning with some rolled up newspapeer. At least it is warm and dry in there. It seems like she will be away for quite a while yet, because the cremation isn't until early February, since there is a backlog of cremations and bu5rials apparently. I didn't know that, but it isn't something you notice unless you are involved in a funeral yourself. Still seems terrible that they all went away for Christmas and he won't be coming home again.
We went out to ASDA this morning. It is a bit of a trek, but the thing is it makes a change, you get tired of the same supermarkets, well we do, so we vary them a bit. They are all quite good except Tescaw, which we don't like at all.I do like ASDA, and we always seem to come out of there with a good trolley full of stuff for a cheap price. I had a bit of a look round but didn't see anything today, but VT got a smashing pair of jeans, beautifully made in his size ecaxtly which isn't easy because he has short legs. Fantastic value at half price £6.25.. you couldn't make them for that. He was well chuffed. Got a load of our sign of Christmas stuff out now, but the Easter eggs and Valentines things are out. It must be horrible working in a shop, you must never catch up with yourself!
VT had put the flask in the car, so we had a really lovely mug of coffee in the carpark outside before we came home. Don't like ASDA coffee shop, horrible tables and even more horrible plastic cups..Yuk!! very cheap and nasty which is a real shame.
Doorbell rang when we got home and VT had just put his new pants on..still had labels on them. it was Janice next door with my Amazon parcel..Gosh they are quick..I only ordered them the other day..two CD's of The Goons for John for his birthday. I kniow he used to be a fan..hope I'm not wrong..
Tonight we are having:
Pasties from Waitrose,
Rice Pudding for a treat.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Play Misty for Me...

Awoke this mornng to a really misty, almost foggy day outside. Cold too, VT went down for the papers and to let next door's cat out, and he came back and said the pavements were quite icy.
The little cat..Ginger Girl..he said came out when he opened the door, stayed out for about five minutes then stood at the door miaowing to be let in again.Definitely not soft that one...
We went over to the garden centre to get our January free coffees, plus VT had been given two vouchers for a free scone and jam and cream so he got those as well. Since we couldn't face a scone etc at that hour of the morning, we wrapped the scones up in a serviette, put the jams in our pockets, and the two little pots of cream together in another serviette!! What cheapskates we are, but they are better enjoyed in the afternoon.
Had a bit of a lookround the gift centre, they actually have some nice things, and I bought another necklace in guess what colour...Purple.. I loved it as soon as I saw it, and it will go really nicely with my purple tops. Also got a little fold up bag with Ann on the front pack, which will be a nice thing to send to Ann for her birthday in May.
Still very misty /foggy when we came home, which is actually what my eyes see but not quite as bad, so I felt at home today.
VT has just said they have arrested a 32 year old man for the murder of Jo yeates in Bristol. Her body was found on Christmas Day under deep snow. He is a man who lives in the same apartment building and is an architect. We shall have to wait and see what happens there..but they must have some evidence to go on. Terrible case that one.
Tonight we are having:Sausages,
Apple Sauce,
Little baked potatoes
Cauliflower gratin.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Today was a day of phone calls one way or another. The landlord of next doors property rang us up this morning to see if we had heard anything about Ken.We hadn't actually for quite a while now, and VT had the number of his sisterso he said he would ring her. Answer phone to that number, so left that as it was. Jane rang at lunchtime full of woes..she had applied for Salford University and has been rejected for there, and she is having a lot of trouble with her shoulder too. She has been signed off for another two months, and is waiting for her solicitor to get moving.Not a happy bunny at the momernt.
Then a bit later the doorbell rang and it was the coalman with our delivery. 4 bags @ £70. Fit coalman..about 6ft tall and humping coqal around like they were bags of feathers.
Then a bit later after that, Ken's sister rang in response to the answerphone message. Very sad news about him..she said he had passed away on Sunday 16th of January. His wife will be devastated they were a really close couple and lovely with each other. Nice family too a grown up boy and girl, both of whom are in London. What a shame...he was a really nice man, and it seemed so sudden really, only a few months but cancer is like that. Very unforgiving.
VT has been in to sort the cat out, and he has sorted a few things from their fridge that had gone off. Their Christmas things are still up. but I think that one of his relatives will help sort that out. She won't want to be doing that. We are really quite shocked, he was using VT's ladders to go up on the roof only a few weeks before Christmas when their aerial had come down. Only 55 too, no age really.

R.I.P.Ken Blundell.

Tonight we are having:
Steak style and mushroom pies
Mushroom gravy
Carrots and beans
Baked baby potatoes.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Out and About...

VT fancied a mooch out today so we nipped over to Ormskirk. We will be in tomorrow to await the coal delivery, so went out for some fresh air. It was surprisingly cold actually, and I was glad of my gloves. It always is a cool spot up there though since it is on a hill.
VT went off to get his stuff, and I went to my usual places, bought another jacket for wearing round the house, in a gawjus shade of....purple!! what else!. Tried to find a birthday card for John , his birthday is on the 2nd of Feb so it will need posting fairly soon, some awful cards with brother on..gave up in the end. Most of them have beer, or footballs or bikes or cars on them dreadful. Was looking round the In store and was approached by a woman who said something about All Saints. Couldbn't for the life of me remember her name, and she couldn't remember mine anyway, so that was even. I did actually remember her name when we were having lunch..I knew it was something foreign, in the end it was Elsie Cantalejo or something like that. She has obviously finished work, and looked quite a bit older, but there again so do I....
To be honest, I haven't seen many people from work since I left, but that's not surprising since they come from all over the place.
VT let the ginger girl out earlish this morning, and when we came back from Ormskirk it wanted to go back in so it is asleep inside. Problem is now, if he lets her out it will run round and play silly beggars tonight and he ends up chasing it round to get it in, and it is cold today. Darn shame they don't have a cat flap, they make life so much easier.
Tonight we are having:
Moussaka with quorn mince and a stewpack we bought on Monday.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Lo! There appeared in the paper yesterday morning a voucher for £5 off £30 at guess where we went this morning. Car park quiet so a pleasant trip, and no snow to negotiate either.
Easter eggs out already!! big display of them at the back of the store. Good grief, we've only just got over Christmas...
Trying to go round and keep to the thirty pounds. which isn't difficult in that store! In the end we ended up apending about forty five!, but that included an expensive bottle of maple syrup for VT. He puts it on his porridge and pancakes when he has them. Got all our veggies for the week,and some other top up things, and back in time for coffee.
The weekend was quite normal...still haven't heard from next door who are still away,and the little ginger girl was playing silly beggars last night.She has beren very good actually, and has been in every night since they went away, but last night VT went in to check its food, and it came out. He went back three times, and it was playing games, so when it got to our bedtime, about midnight he said he'd leave it. You can't chase it round all night...and bless him, he did go out at about a quarter to one, and it still was playing, so he came to bed, and left it. Guess what was on the step first thing this morning?
Ginger boy from next door the other side was on the shed roof this morning, so he must have recovered from his operation, he was looking very perky anyway.
Usual things on Saturday and Sunday, crosswords a bit tricky, mine had a Las Vegas theme and once that was sorted it was OK, the big one needed the computer and they were all done quite quickly then.
Tonight we are having:
Not absolutely sure...
Maybe an escalope of some sort,
Mixed vegetables
Mushrooms in a sauce.

Friday, 14 January 2011

A lot Milder...

What a difference a week makes. last Friday the snow was falling,and while we had planned to go to Walton, we ended up in Waitrose because of the weather which looked like it was settling in for another snow fest. Today, the sun was shining and it looked almost like there was a touch of Spring in the air. Early days yet though.
I had a quick look in Next and picked up a nice little necklace and earrings set. Didn't have a reduced price on it, so took it to the till. £13
she said, so I snapped it up. I do like a bargain.
We got our weekend things from Sainsburys, and couldn't decide what to have for tea tonight till we spotted some Hollands cheese and onion pies reduced so that's tea sorted. Store was very quiet, and we got round really quickly. Had a lovely mug of coffee in the car park, looking at a bush away from the sun, with a little robin looking at us!
Next doors still not back, and last night their landlord rang our bell to see if we had heard anything. VT gave him their number where they are and he rang later to say that he had contacted them, and he was still in hospital very seriouskly ill. So that isn't looking good. Chichester is an awful long way from home to be in hospital there. The little ginger girl is fine, and still comes running to meet our car so she can be let in. He is next door at the moment, sorting her out, and putting her food ready.She seems quite happy to be out for most of the day, and go in for the evening. He has got her into a lovely routin in the three weeks.
VT had his plumbers hat on this afternoon. The toilet in the one and only bathroom has been taking longer and longer to fill up after a flush, so after lunch he said he would go and have a look. A short while later he said that's fixed and it's working properly now. They are useful these men! That would have cost a bomb if we had a plyumber oyut. He is very good at fixing things actually, he loves tinkering around with things. He should have been a scientist I think.
Tonight we are having:
Hollands cheese and onion pie,
Chips 200 grms
Something tomatoey and saucey to go with.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hair Doos...

We both went out this morning to get our hair done in Formby. I go to a hairdresser called Venue, which VT found for me by his Barbers ages ago now. I got a good haircut the first time I went so have been there ever since Emma finished.
She was my lovely mobile hairdresser who went off to do Radiology so finished doing hairdressing..Big shame..
VT's barbers have changed hands a few times since he started going there, and it is a woman now. He said "I'm not going in if it's busy..I'm not sitting by a load of pensioners" He gets grumpy where his haircutting is concerned..I think it is a mans thing.
Anyway, when I came out, he was done and dusted, and had been speaking to Jane on the phone. She got her money..I put into the bank for her yesterday, and was still talking about her shoulder which is giving her a lot of trouble. The solicitor still hasn't sorted the claim out yet, and it's been years bnow. it seemed to be coming to and end before Christmas, but has slowed down again since. Dare say they will get there eventually.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey garlic Kievs
Mixed vegetables..cauliflower and broccoli
A few potatoes.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Doesn't the weather make a difference?

We went out today mainly because we didn't go anywhere yesterday, so nipped over to Ormskirk. Everywhere is very wet and soggly looking, and sort of dead looking. When we got to Morrisons car park there were quite a lot of empty spaces so obviously the sales are getting to an end now. Just a really light drizzle when we arrived but we didn't see any need for an umbrella, it wasn't looking too bad. Wrong!!! when we got to the centre the heavens opened and it rained quite heavily, so we sort of played shop dodging for a bit. VT went into the ones he wanted to and I went into the ones I go to. Got another top from Bon Marche half price and a steal really They do actually have some great clothes and a very good price too, it's a matter of ferreting out what you like.
Had our coffee in our little coffee shop while the rain eased, with the big television blaring out David Cameron at Question Time..don't like that, but it is a good little cafe. The VAT going up has added an extra 10p onto our's a little nibble here and a nibble there and all your outgoings rise. Typical Conservatives!!
Went to Morrisons and just got a basket..most unlike us, then home to some of their broccoli and stilton soup...lovely. As we drove up. outside the house, the little ginger girl appeared on the pavement. It is amazin how she knows VTs car. She hears it arrive, and comes from nowhere, and just sits on the pavement till he goes in for their keys. Then she belts round and scoots up their stairs when he opens their door. AAAH, it's a lovely little thing.
Ginger Bo*****s next door has been in the wars. VT was having a co9nversation with janice yesterday, and he has had to have a big operation on his face..hope he is getting better.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce and mushrooms,
A bit of garlic bread
Maybe a tart and a bit of cream.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What a Lovely Day...Not...

It's a grey day today really, nothing much doing, and not a lot of traffic in front. No reason, it isn't raining or snowing or anything, just one of those dull January days. happens to be the 11.1.11 today too.
Got a nice card form John and Ann in Australia with some of their family photographs. They have a beautiful family of grandchildren and children..lovely looking kids.VT said he will scan some of them in so I will post them when he does.
They had received their Christmas parcel anyway, and were enjoying watching the Downton Abbey DVD that we sent. There was a picture of the Rudolph that we sent, sitting next to the snowman from last year, and Ann said that the poodle was n her best bag now. So they seemed a success.
I spent a lovely morning ironing!!!! there was a huge pile of bedlinen on the chair staring at me,so I did that. there was all the Christmas linen too, it's a shame it is only used once a year..mind you it will last for ever at that rate.
VT came in from outside with a parcel it was a bottle of champagne for Graham two doors dowwn, wonder what he is celebrating? he had been in the front garden trimming a few shrubs, and the delivery man caught him. Little ginger girl from next door did too, she came running up to him and wanted to be let in..must be a bit cold for her.
Janice from next door called for grahams parcel, and she was telling him about her ginger Tom. He has had a big operation on his face which was gangrenous..poor old Tom. So he has to stay indoors and wear a big collar, she said he isn't happy at all. No wonder. It's a real little community of cats along here. When VT was in the front garden he said the little ginger girl was growling..he said what are you growling at, and a little black and white face appears in the hedge..that's another one, from down the road a bit, and comes visiting.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort,
Mixed vegetables with a sauce of some sort,
Little baked potatoes.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Back to Normal...

We seem to be getting bavk to normal last we have a week without bank holidays and breaks.Just a nice normal week.For a change.
We got a raft of post today..which came at lunchtime..which is normal for here, and got another Christmas card with it. Also a Pashmina VT had ordered for me quite a long time ago, and a lovely bracelet that I ordered from QVC. Two hospital appointments, both for Feb/March so have written them in the calendar.
Went to Sainsburys this morning and whizzed round there in the 1/2 hour free parking time so got back for some nice Starbucks coffee that was on offer.
VT is still attending to the little cat, ginger girl from next door. Poor little thing it must wonder where its Mummy and Daddy are, i feel really sorry for it, but at least it is in the warm and safe. VT is lovely with it, has looked after it beautifully. Would have cost them a fortune in the cattery. He let it out when he went down for the papers, and when we were getting in the car to go to Sainsburys it comes running up to our gate, about ninety miles an hour. So he switches off the car engine and goes in to get the keys to let it in. He comes down our path along the wall and up their path. The cat races along the wall, about a hundred miles an hour, and he opens the door and it scoots in and up the stairs. It's amazing how it knows our car. Aaaah.
Our two are just spoiled brats...but l;ovely with it.
Tonight we are having:
Thai Green Curry,
1/2 packet of rice
Stir fry vegetables.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Snowing Again!!!

Had to get up early this morning to go over for another blood test at ten o'clock. Just before we went over it started snowing again, quite heavily too. The plan was to go and get the blood test done and then go over to the Aintree Sainsburys. However, because the weather was awful, and looked like it was going to stick and get worse, we decided to go to Waitrose in Formby instead.
Went round there quite quickly..I'm sure VT only goes there for the pasties!! whizzed round the store, and got everything but the cats chicken and then came home again.
Actually, by the time we got home the snow had stopped and the roads were cleared and it wasn't looking too bad. The only trouble with going to Waitrose is that it is an expensive shop, and I always come out of there having spent more than I intended. Too many tempting things..
VT went to let the little ginger cat out next door, and he said it ran out, went down the road a little bit, then followed him back to our door and miaowed at him. he said "Do you want to go back in?" and it miaowed again so he let it in their house again... Smart cat that one.
Tonight we are having:
Pasties I guess
Rice pudding from Waitrose to follow!! Naughty naughty..

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A little trip out...

Just went out quickly this morning to get our free coffee at Dobbies, and to see what they had in their sale. Had a good look round, and eventually bought some little gold hooks for hanging decorations on, and some very attractive fretwork wooden decorations for next year. So quite pleased.
Had our free coffees..very nice too, VT has a latte and I have a black one. We were sitting by a group of women on about three tables down, and they all got up to go and get their meals. Left their bags, mmobile phones on their table while they did so..totally out of sight. Madness..then they wonder why they get things pinched!
Didn't have much in the food hall, but VT go a plum loaf he was pkleased with so he is a happy bunny.
Still some bits of snow here and there even though it was raining slightly, you'd think it had all gone by now.
All the decorations are away now, nothing left to move, so that's it for another year...Aaah. The nights are drawing out a bit too, it is twenty to five as I typ this and it isn't really dark, still a bit of light left.
Queensland in Australia looks pretty bad with the flooding, good job John and Ann aren't still on that side.
Tonight we are having:
Small baked potatoes,
Mixed vegetables,
Something out of the freezer that we fancy.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

That's It for Another Year!

Gosh hasn't the time gone quickly! Can't believe it is all over for another year,it doesn't seem long since we put them up. We have said that we will put them up a bit earlier next year to get more benefit from them.

All packed away for another year, the ornaments off the trees, and the wreaths off the doors and so on. It is pretty much a day's work putting them up and taking them down, but VT has it off to a fine art now, and bosses me round spmething terrible! I just let him get on with it..bless him.

Had a bit of very sad news today. Received a letter handwritten which is unusual these days, and Vt opened it. It was from someone whowas related to an old friend from schooldays.We had been at primary school together, Vaughan House a convent in freshfield, and gone on to secondary school together. She was just a year below me in school. Pat lived one stiop down the line, so we used to get the train together, there and back, for all of our school years, and always kept in touch at Christmas. I actually hadn't noticed that we didn't get a card last year, and sent mine as usual this year. The letter said that she had died on St. georges day 2008. What a shame...RIP Pat..I shall miss our exchange of cards. The last one I remember said that she was looking forward to retirement from the Care Home that she worked in, and apparently that was where she died. I am absdolutely thunderstruck with this news, it seems such a shame.
It's odd how your Christmas card list alters year by year for one reason or another. I certainly didn't expect that.
The cats have had a good time today ferreting about in the boxes, and Rusty has had a good time chasing the dangly decorations. The house looks really bare now,
Tonight we are having:
Quorn chicken style pie
potato Croquwettes
Mixed vegetables.
Mushroom gravy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Out for the New Year..

Ventured out today over to Ormskirk,. The weather is dull but surprisingly cold. i think it is probably because Ormskirk is on a hill, and there were still bits of dirty looking snow around there. The car park at Morrisons was full and we had to go round a couple of times before we found a space, then VT spotted a lady moving so we pulled in quick.
Got round our usual shops, VT wanted to change his diary at W H Smiths, and I had a look at the sales things in Bon Marche. Got myself a nice new warm fleece for the house in....purple, and a new pair of trousers in dark blue. I noticed my last pair were covered in muddy stains and the hem had come undone, and I'm sure I have gone out in them!!!! God...I'm letting myself go...not really.
had our coffee in our little cafe and got some stuff from Holland and Barratt. Time was getting on, can't think why, so we got ur shopping in Morrisons to finish. Didn't see much in the sales actually, and meither of us felt like looking around today, it was such a cold and grey day.
VT is still looking after the little ginger cat next door. her owner rang up this morning to say that her husband is in hospital down where they are staying,so they will be there for some time longer. They are having a rough time at the moment it's a shame.
Tonight is the last night we are lighting the tree etc., we will take them down tomorrow. i will miss them, I love the decorations, they cheer everywhere up in the Winter.

Tonight we are having:
Quorn escalope or a garlic kiev,
Mixed vegetables
baked baby potatoes.
Back to normal now.

Monday, 3 January 2011


Wasn't expecting that today. the doorbell went and it was one of our neighbours with a pile of parcels for us. We have a doorbell that we carry round with us when we are expecting something, but with it being a Bank Holiday we didn't bother today.
I got my jewellery from QVC that i had ordered a while ago, and a pair of boots from Hotter that I had ordered before the snow. i contacted them last week, and they said they would send another pair out so i will probably get some more in a few days!! We also got a Christmas parcel from John and Ann in Perth Australia, with our Christmas presents in it and a letter. She always writes interesting letters, and now prints them on their computer so they are easier to read./ She included a photograph of their Golden Wedding etc.,

The picture on the left is of their wedding,at which I was an 11year old bridesmaid, and slightly to the right of that is a drawing that VT got an artist friend John griffin Green, to draw for them of St Mary's Church little Crosby where they were married. The framed picture on the right is of their golden wedding 50 years later.. and four children and umpeen grandchildren. Now that's good going.
So sad to hear on the news about the flooding in Queensland, it is such a huge country,the area affected is the size of Germany and France combined!!! They used to live in Queensland when they went over as £10 Pommies all those years ago, but came back to UK after some years, then returned this time to Perth where they are now. The floods look dreadful, haven't been on the news very much, only just now starting to get film of it all.
We were going to go out somewhere this morning but didn't get up too early so decided to stop in. I finished ironing the quilt which I had forgotten the other day, and has been sitting like a lump in the drier all over New Year. VT has been tending to the little ginger cat next door. he went and let her out, and came in for a while, went to the shop, and he said she was at the front door miaowing to go in again. Aaaah.
Nice case in the paper today of a girl who had a kitten when she was six, and it went missing some weeks later. Well it has turned up again, on Christmas eve they got a call from the RSPCA to say it had been handed in...only 11 years later!!! It had been chipped so they were traced from that. Wonder where it has been for 11 years? It looks just like little Rusty...but she only went missing for a month.
A sad bit of news today too. The actor Pete Postlethwaite has died at 64. Such a shame, he was a terrific actor, and a really nice unassuming man too. he will be sadly missed. He was one of those actors that you knew whatever he was in would be good viewing.Quite local too, he was aborn and raised in Warrington not far from here.
Tonight we are having:
The other Dr Otker pizza,
Egg and potato salad VT bought yesterday,
Potato salad for moi and rice salad for VT with avocado and baby plum tomatoes.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

De Clutter...Not Me!

One of the websites that I use..the Delia site had a thread about taking down Christmas decorations, and many people had already done that. Not us..we take ours down on the 6th jamuary which is the traditional day for doing that. I love the decorations and the fact that they make everywhere look so cheery.

We will leave them up another few days while we can. I cqan understand that if people are getting straight for work again on tuesday that they would.
Further tale of the Microwave. VT went on the net last night to look up the model, and discovered that it was the "Wave guard" that was the problem. This is a small square piece of metallicy card at the top of the microwabe that had become burnt. Apparently it is easy to fix for about 5.99. so VT has saved the day, and the poor little microwave lives to fight another day. Aaah..I was already to send it to the scrap heap...Aaaah.
Ordinary day today, VT went out to get a few things and we did the crosswords this afternoon. Like doing those, it is a comfortable way of passing an afternoon, but they were a bit difficult today keeps your brain going.
Tonight we are having:
A bought Dr Otkers pizza!!!! a four cheese one!!!
Salad with egg and tomato,
Potato salad for moi and pasta salad for VT.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year...

Our Christmas table this year...
New year's Day already, but it doesn't fee; any different to any other day really. Saturday papers full of not very much, and the weather grey and drizzly today.
last night our poor little Microwave died on us. I had put a bag of frozen steamer vegetables in to heat up, and it started making funny noises and giving off a very bad electrical smell. VT said the Magnetron looks like it has melted! We have had it for 26 years!!! so it doesn't owe us anything at all but it seems like it has been ther for ever. it was a Sharp Carousel Mark Two...wonder what mark they are on now?

This is little Rusty at the stroke of midnight on the back of the sofa..not bothered by the fireworks this year...

And this is Bobby a bit more alert in front of the fire..the best spot in the house.

And this is us..we take one every year in the same spot..have done for Donkey's years..and VT said don't look at the I didn't. he always looks worried as if it isn't going to flash.
Tonight we are having:
Picky things with a salad..