Friday, 30 June 2017


30th of June today and it is really cold. So much so that when Vin asked me what I wanted for my lunch I said Yogit, he shivered and  then said he was having soup. So that is what we had. Carrot and Coriander Baxters which was very nice.Warming too. Terrible isn't it only last week or so we were sweltering in the heat, now we are back to having soup for lunch! 
Neither of us really felt like going out today so we didn't . We were toying with the idea of going for a Costa to Tesco's but instead we had our coffees at home, I had a beautiful Cappuccino and he had an Americano  with a milk pod, and a nice shortbread biscuit each. All a heck of a lot cheaper that going to Costa as well. 
Little Jessie has been doing her normal things, sleeping  a bit, eating quite often, going out through the cat flap and having a mooch about  garden. She is very good about going out and coming in again, and is easily frightened when in the garden so doesn't stray far. 
Having a nice little rest after a tiring day!!  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Getting To Be a Habit!

Stayed in again, but it is quite cold, at least I think it is  but then I'm always cold!!
Vin did some mooching round and about, it was a bit drizzly outside but  quite a bit of recycling mostly of papers and old clothing etc., I have been up here on the computer for a couple of hours this morning trying to do a bit on John and Ann's letter. I always write them in bits and  bobs as something happens, and since  that isn't very often there is usually a bit of a gap between starting and finishing.
Little Jessie has mostly been in today, she isn't at all keen on going out and getting her feet/paws wet, so finds a basket and has a nice sleep. Just for a change!!
  Doesn't she look appealing? Like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Till her daddy goes to tickle her tummy and she nips him  :) 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Sometimes they just get on your nerves!  I have had to restart this one twwice today, to get it going. What a pain!  You see them on the TV and on films using their computer and everything is done immediately. They press a button and it is done. They never break down and never have to be rebooted either. Proper fiddle.
Today it is cold and a bit miserable. Vin went off to the garden centres over the way to look for plants  for the barrel at the front of the house. The daffodils eventually died off and were removed for the green bin and there is just a baby conifer in the middle . So he wanted to fill round it with  some small plants that wouldn't grow too high or leggy. There are two garden centres over the by-pass in Ince, both next to each other. He went to them both and got what he wanted  at the smaller one actually.   The other one is much bigger with a big cafe  and tends to be quite expensive, the smaller one is a bit cheaper usually. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today, not out very often because it is drizzly, she doesn't like being wet.
Oy Look at me Daddy.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

In Today!

We did indeed stop in today, at least I did but Vin went out to crosby to Sainsbury's because he didn't go there yesterday. So it will probably be a short and sweet post today. 
I did get a phone call from the Dr that I saw yesterday to say that as a result of the blood tesst I had done my sodiumlevel was a bit low, so she would like another one done because sometimes it can vary and it might be a one off. She would leave a form with the podiatry dept., and I could collect it so we will do thaat next time I go there. 
Apart from that call one from an indian site who rang off when we picked the phone up. Why do they do that? it's so annoying. 
It was quite dark this morning and a bit blowy, and little Jessie didn't wake Vin up so he had a lie in a bit this morning. When it is sunny she is up with the lark. He fed her eventually, and she then went back to sleep again for most of the morning. Only waking up when he came back from Crosby. 
Very tiring being a cat isn't it?
Poor Vin has a terrible cough, he got some cough mixture from the pharmacy over the road,  so he is taking that every two hours. Hope it works for him it sounds rough poor lad. XXX

Monday, 26 June 2017

Podiatry? Diabetic?

We were out today for our last appointment of the week. It was actually at the Diabetic clinic, which is in the same building as the Podiatry and shares the same reception desk.  It was funny today going in the same entrance, and using the same entrance but not going to get my foot done!
 Saw a couple of the Podiatry girls who greeted me with my name, which is nice but went to sit over the other side. Only there a short while then called in to get my weight, blood pressure, and urine done, finishing  with a blood test, then the waiting area again. Vin had parked the car by then so he waited with me and we chatted for a bit and was called in very soon. Saw a nice Dr., Allen female, who went through all of my readings and everything appears to be very good. She was pleased with all of the results and said I was actually on the borderline of being diabetic now which is good.  See you again in a year, and the appointment was made for then at the desk and we went off to the Co-op for a little picnic lunch!
Vin went in to get a couple of things from the store and we returned home about ten to three. Good going. 
Little jessie was in her basket, having not moved since we left. We had sat down with a tiny coffee when she decided to have a bit of an explore around. She climbed up on the television table and had a sniff about, jumped on to the chair and had a sniff at the things on the unit. Wonder why she is doing that she has never done that before. Must be getting curious. 
She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth really doesn't she.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Much Cooler Today!

Thankfully! It has been very hot for the last few days but today there is a nice fresh breeze blowing in from the coast I think. It does look a bit like rain, but that won't do the plants any harm and will water the surfaces at least. 
Little Jessie woke her Daddy up at around half past seven this morning so he went down to feed her then came back to bed. I didn't hear that at all, he said he went into the bathroom and when he came out there she was on the landing looking at him then went straight downstairs to her feeding bowl. Talk about getting him trained. 
She knows what she like too, is inclined to be a bit fussy when being fed, likes some more than others. I can just imagine Vin perusing the aisles looking at all of the different nes to see which she would prefer!!
Our Jane rang up this morning when we were about to have our coffee to say she was on her dinner!, I was expecting her to ring at half past four which is what her shift should have been but apparently she had volunteered to work till eight because they were stuck. She took the other afternoon off as holiday because she was really tired so she says this will make up for that and she won't lose any of her holiday.  She will probably ring up again about eight tonight on her way home. 
Nothing much in the news today, it mostly seems to be about "Brexit". Hate that name they use it all over the place now. The Tower disaster has slipped right down the ratings, except for the odd article now and then in the papers, it hardly figures. 
We didn't go out anywhere today, we were out yesterday, and we have the cancelled appointment on Sunday so that will do. For this week anyway.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Out and About!

Out and around today, since we haven't been out this week we thought we would today.  One of the reasons we didn't go out yesterday was simply that it was too hot. However, today it was lovely and fresh when we got up, although it is now really warming up again. 
We got to Dobbies, and Vin went for the wheels to get me round and we started looking at the food hall, when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off so it was everybody outside. I felt sorry for the people who were in the middle of coffees or meals, they would have had to leave those.  We werelet in again after about ten minutes, and everything seemed normal so maybe it was a fire drill. If it was I wasn't very impressed because I didn't hear anyone tell me to clear the building!
We had a look at the bedding plants because we wanted some for the barrel, but there was nothing suitable, everything was either too pricey or would have grown too leggy, we want something that would be slow growing and not too high. We will try the little one over in Ince.   We did have a lovely coffee there our free ones for the month. I had a flat white and Vin had a latte sat and people watched for a while. A lot of young mums with babies in buggies, and grandparents with little ones. 
Home to a sleeping Jessie in her basket doesn't come to the door to greet us. Charming!!
She did get up a bit later to get a bit of food though. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Still a tad warm!

Bit overcast this morning with a bit of a breeze going as well, but it hasn't actually cooled down much.  Vin went over the line just before to take a prescription to the Dr's and he came back to say it was really hot again. Supposed to cool down by the weekend though. Steve Wright has just said on the radio that this is the hottest June day for forty years! 
Not much activity today, Vin went down the road to one of our friends to get an insurance form signed. He was a man I used to work with, and we used to share cars back in the day. They have three children and the oldest a girl they said is retiring!!!! Couldn't believe that, it only seems like yesterday when they were all in the back of my car being dropped off at school. Good grief, talk about ageing!
Vin said that little Jessie woke him up a little bit later this morning. He says she doesn't even have to keep miaowing now, she miaows once then makes her way down the landing because she knows he will get up and feed her :)  Talk about wrapping him round her little paw!
One phone call from and Indian caller, and ne from Bullens the healthcare people, and that was it this morning. The day was left in the air really because the appointment at the dressings clinic was cancelled for this afternoon, we might go out tomorrow now to Dobbies. 

We need some bedding plants to replace the daffodils in this barrel 
which have well finished and gone. Head gardener pulled them all out to put into the green bin. All we have to do now is decide what to put in next for the summer.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Another Hot One!

Really is another hot one. Little Jessie is currently sprawled out on the landing keeping her cool. Vin was in the front garden this morning doing some pruning, weeding and pulling out the well finished daffodils from the barrel in front of the house. It is cooler out there because by the time he got out there the sun had gone round to the back of the house which is now sweltering. One of the joys of living in a terraced house is that you only get the sun on two sides. Front and back , sides are adjoining.
Hanging baskets looking good in the sunshine though, hope they don't get too leggy. The one by the front door is looking really nice, haven't got a photo of that though, must get Vin to take one of that on his phone.
Love this photo of our Jane on her graduation, taken just on two years ago, at The Lowry centre in Salford. Lovely memorable day, except it rained all day but it didn't matter, they all look so happy. Hard to believe it was two years ago. 

Monday, 19 June 2017


Scorching day today, really hot. Too hot for little Jessie, and too hot for Vin as well. He went out in the garden for a shrt time this morning but came in after a few minutes because he said he was getting baked! Little Jessie seems to be finding the coolest spots in the house which at the moment is the front room. The middle room which is the one we use the most is cool until about mid-day when the sun comes round then it is really warm. So it is blinds down, windows open and try to get a draught going. 
I bet our Jane is glad she is not in work today, she is on 12 to 10 tomorrow so hope it cools down for her. Terrible pattern of shifts they have, don't know how she remembers them.
Blooming! The garden looks quite nice in full sun, if it wasn't too warm to sit out in !!
Little Jessie when it wasn't quite so hot!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Hopping Out!

Out and about this morning, I had a podiatry aappointment at Aintree. at eleven o'clock. So it was up and about fairly early for us. Of course Vin is woken up early by his baby, who gets him awake at around half past five in the morning! He goes down to feed her and got himself a cup of coffee then comes back to bed, in fact he didn't he had a shave and went for a paper then got the breakfast ready. So he will be tired tonight!
Traffic was great, very light, and we made good time. It was the day to  see the Dr., so it is usually busier, but at first there didn't seem to be any movement, and we waited about half an hour. The original plan was to go to  M&S after the appointment, but it became apparent that it was getting too late for that. Anyway got in eventually, and saw Jo who we haven't seen for ages, the toes are looking quite good actually and am now waiting for the op on 14th
July. They made another date for a few days before that and in the meantime I go to the dressings clinic on the Wednesday. 
When we left the house little Jessie was nowhere to be seen, she wasn't in her usual spots and I think Vin was a bit worried, although he had set the cat flap so she could come in but not go out.  Anyway when we arrived home for our late coffee she appeared, to be greeted with "Hello Darling!!".What a pair. 
 I think it is mutual!!

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Couldn't for the life of me think of a title for today's blog so just put that. :) Nothing doing much today so not a lot to write about. Got the letter through with the date of my foot operation which is 14th July just four days before my birthday.Lovely timing!! Ah well hopefully then I can get sorted out with proper type shoes.
Very quiet in the house today, no phone calls apart from a "health" survey which turned out to be a rubbish one. Vin put the phone down on him. He can't stand these type of phone calls. 
Little Jessie has been in and out today. She does go out of the cat flap on her own and comes in on her own too. She tends to confine herself to just the garden and is too timid to go any further. In fact, Vin was saying if she sees a bird she will run in out of the way. Aaah!
Trying to hide in the garden!. 
It has been quite a nice day today. The sun is coming down now and is lovely and bright at the back of the house. Little Jessie usually comes in out of the bright sunshine it's probably because of all her black fur. Of all of the cats we have had, Bobby was easily the most sun loving and would find the sunniest spot in the garden wherever it was. Still miss her and little Rusty  lovely little cats they were.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

S**t Happens!

Poor Vin!  He looked out of the bedroom window this morning and a naughty bird or birds have pooped all over the top of his car :(  So, one of his first jobs today was to go out and wash the said car top.  He did say it was a bit embarrassing with all sorts of people going by. Ah well all clean now. 
The main news today has been a terrible fire in a high rise block in London. Started at about one o'clock and took only around half an hour to engulf the block. Looking at the news now there are at least six dead with the numbers set to rise above that. Many injured most with smoke inhalation and some critical. Terrible watching the flames engulf the building, seems that they are blaming the outside cladding but only speculation at the moment, no doubt there will be a lot of investigation done.
Janet and Tony rang up last night having decided to stay in Liverpool for a couple of extra days. They sounded like they had seen everything, been on the wheel, across the Mersey on the ferry, and they also did "The Beatles Story " which they really enjoyed. Posted some terrific pictures on FB which really give a flavour of their stay. Off to Plymouth today and are hoping to do some of Cornwall. Gosh they have really got around. 
Jane rang up as we were having our lunch, she had finished early because she had been to a conference of radiographers  and she had a look round, got a few free pens and came home. She was popping in to Tesco and sent us a picture of the offers she had got. All nice healthy stuff! Pizza Express, dough balls and ben and Jerry's ice cream, all half price.  She does love a bargain our Jane :) 
Little Jessie is currently out in the garden with her Daddy. He says she isn't keen on the full sun but finds a shady spot.
What a little poser!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Tootsies Done!

The first appointment of the week today, so all we didwas centred around that. Didn't have our mid-morning coffee but went straight to our lunch at twelve thirty. Nice little cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps. Tasty.
The appointment was at Litherland  so not too far, certainly not as far as Aintree. Left at a quarter to two and got there on time , no parking so Vin dropped me off and went to park. I only waited a few minutesand was called in. The girl who did the dressing was really quick and efficient. Foot looking quite good and ready for the op now! 
Nice and sunny today in fact I had to use the sunglasses in the car it was so bright. Vin is at present in the garden doing some tidying up which means weed clearing. Why is it that weeds grow much stronger and greener than anything else. 
Little Jessie has been in her basket having sleeps most of the morning, waking up when we came home to chase her daddy. The reason being that he feeds her! No matter that I buy the cat food,  that doesn't matter!
A very favourite spot!

Monday, 12 June 2017


Started off  quite early with a phone call. Most of the phone calls we get early or late are selling something or other. However this one was from Mr Butchers secretary giving me a date for my other foot operation. July 14th which is a Friday and just before my birthday the 18th.  At least we know when it is now.
OOOPS!  I told our Jane that yesterday was Father's Day, and it isn't  it is next week.  Oh dear! That was my fault.  The good thing is that she has got her card in early. This is the picture that was on the front  of the Moonpig Card. That arrived on Saturday morning which was pretty good actually.  On the back was a little photo of Jane and the cat.
Vin has just come up to say that he has been in the garden having a mooch and little Jessie was out there  having a lovely time. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Meeting Up !

Four years since we last met up we met again. This time, because Janet and Tony had been around this area Vin thought it would be better if we went to them at their hotel. Jury's Inn, which is situated on the Albert Dock, just opposite the Echo Arena and the Liverpool Eye.Must admit we were very impressed with the hotel, far superior to the last one we stayed at which was next to Speke Airport and miles out of Liverpool. 
This one is very central to everything, and a great centre for getting around.  Drop off point at the entrance which gives you 15minutes where we met them, and Janet and I went off upstairs while the boys went to park the car in the multi storey over the way. 
The boys joined us in a few minutes. Parked the car on the level one which was great.  We started off with Costa coffees, I had a lattee, and Vin and Tony had cappuccinos, which surprised me because Vin doesn't usually drink those.  Seemed to enjoy them though. 
Lovely catching up on the news and hearing about what John and Ann are doing.  Got some lovely presents, totally unexpected, an Australian cheeseboard, beautiful pendant for me,  a 3D notebook, and fridge magnet. We gave them a set of dessert spoons which are made in Scotland and heart shaped. I also gave them a card with the money for their entry to the Beatles Story, I had tried to do them nline, but the only trouble was that I wasn't sure which day they wanted to go, so that way they could choose. 
Time passed quickly, and we all shared a very nice pizza together.  Got to about three o'clock and we decided to leave them to it, so they had some time to look around.  Can't believe how the time went!.
Oh the joys of selfies! The four of us outside the hotel. 
All in all a really nice day. Both of us were amazed at just how much liverpool has changed, all the hotels, and one massive, massive cruise ship berthed in the new cruise area. Incredible. !

Friday, 9 June 2017


Well, it is all done and dusted! Not quite actually because after all that it was a hung parliament. Conservatives have more seats but not enough to form a majority, but they seem to have got into bed with an irish party which has allowed them a majority. We shall now have to wait and see what happens.
We have stayed in today because we went out yesterday, and we were waiting for a communication from Janet and Tony who are n their way to Liverpool.  In fact he has just rung up to say they are in town and we are meeting them tomorrow morning for a coffee in their hotel. There is a Costa coffee in the hotel which suits us very well. 
Jane was on nights last night so is possibly still asleep. Not sure what she is on tomorrow. 
Jessie has been in and out today, Vin is in the garden at the moment so she is probably out there with him I expect.
Love this one. Jane gets nearer to Jess than I do!!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day!!

Finally come round, after weeks of wrangling mud slinging and debates.  Seems to have gone on for weeks.
We went round vote in the local village hall, and it was quite busy too mid-morning. Very blowy out as well, almost got blown over. Both voted but goodness knows how this constituency will go. 
We then went off to Tesco in freshfield to the Costa there which was fairly quiet today too, which is always a bonus. I had a small latte and Vin had a soya milk latte. Enjoyed those with a little bag of shortbread biscuits which are lovely. 
Visit to the petrol station to get fuelled up, and I suggested we get a car wash, which we did with a bit of grumbling.It was covered with bits from the trees outside so ready for doing really. It will probably rain now!!
Home for lunch and sent a message to Janet and Tony who are due here in Liverpool tomorrow, no idea what time or any details as yet. Seems easier for us to go to their hotel on The Albert Dock which is quite central, but we will have to wait and see what they think. 
Jane is on nights tonight, so will be ringing about 6.30 ish. She had her MOT done on Tuesday because she was on an eight thirty to four thirty day so coud pick it up after work, it passed as fine so that was good.
Little Jessie was up early as usual, Vin went down to feed her,then apparently she went back to sleep in her basket, which is more than can be said for Vin who is awake then, wriggling away as usual. She was still there when we went out and only moved when we came back!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Drier Today!

Better than yesterday, at least it isn't pouring down like it has been. outside our house there are a number of large sycamore trees which are a real pain. All year except for the Winter, they drop bits and pieces, and the weather over thelast couple of days has dropped loads of leaves, sticky green bits and whirlygigs now. They go all over the car as well,and tread into the house too. Pain!
We didn't go out today because we had a big outing yesterday filling in two appointments. Vin has been clearing a lot of papers for disposal, and vacuuming the middle room while the cat wasn't in there. She isn't fond of the vacuum, mind, none of our cats have liked them some of them scooting out of the way like they have been shot! This one is really nervy and runs a mile if the front door bell rings!
All you see is a blur of black and white running upstairs!
general Election tomorrow, between Labour and Conservative.  Must say the Conservative woman hasn't been in evidence much here where I live, and we have had no leaflets hardly either, whilst the Labour man has sent some good information in leaflet form anyway.Plus he has worked quite hard for this area. Might not agree with the Party's politics, well, the leader anyway, but he is local. 
It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.  

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eye Eye!

eye screening today so the day was revolved around that, hair washed, baby coffees at coffee time and an early lunch. Then off to the appointment. Good thing about it was that Vin had arranged a dressings clinic appointment for the same afternoon at 3.20 so that fitted in beautifully. 
In fact we got there early so the woman doing the camera tests did me first, and we were out by a quarter to three. Then went round to another department to get my foot redone. We were early for that too but since we were boked in and there was no-one waiting we were seen and done quickly. Out by 3.15 when we should just have been going in. 
The weather is horrible today, blowing a gale, and wet and drizzly. You would think itt was Autumn if you didn't know any better. 
Short and sweet today, run out of time.!
Waiting to trip me up!!

Monday, 5 June 2017


If you didn't know any better you would say that it was April not June 5th.  I notice our next door neighbours have their heating on because there is clouds of steam coming out of the vent, and I don't blame them in the least.  It is blowy and rainy and horrible outside, and little Jessie hasn't put a paw outside today. Very sensible. 
Just noticing the date, it would have been my mum and dad's wedding anniversary today. They were married in the 1920's but not sure which year. long time ago though. 
We watched the Ariana Grandee concert in Manchester last night till about nine o'clock but recorded the rest. I must say it was extremely good, some top line acts. She sang Somewhere over the rainbow at the end which was very emotional. 
Jane has just  rung up from Manchester n her way to collect her  car which has had its MOT and a service. She says it is pouring down there too, but they rang up to say it was fine and all done at lunchtime. It is a really good little car a little Citroen1 in red and a big difference from the last car she had which had everything leaking and falling off!!
Vin has been dusting downstairs and doing some clearing up in readiness for the visit by Janet and Tony at the weekend, and there is a lot of clearing up to be done. It is a very cluttered house after all!
One little cat has been very quiet today, mostly in her basket. 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Quieter Today!

Not so much of a cleaning frenzy today, thank goodness! I think he tired himself out today. He has however, found a good spray which he is currently going round the house with doing all of the pictures, so they are now all gleaming.  Little Jessie has settled in the front room on her basket out of the way. She did have a nice chasing game with him earlier though.  He runs after her in the kitchen and she darts into the middle room, then stops and turns round for more!! What a pair they are.
Jane rang up at coffee time which was a bit later because Vin went off to get his hair cut in Formby. She said that some of the roads near the MRI were cordoned off because the police were looking at a white Nissan micra car that was of significant interest. She was a bit bothered about parking because she is on a two to ten shift today so had left a bit earlier.  She did get parked but some way from the hospital because there were diversions. Also the Duke of Cambridge was in Manchester talking to some of the people who helped on Monday night , fire, ambulance hospital staff, police etc., so I don't expect that helped.  Anyway she didn't ring back so she must have got sorted.
Little Jessie didn't wake him up too early this morning which was good. She is presently in the front room asleep in the basket which was going to the charity shop but isn't now since she has claimed it.
She does love sitting in the front room window, also the kitchen window too, and will sit there for an absolute age. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Very Early Awakening!

Not me but Vin! Poor lad, he had the cat waking him up at five o'clock this morning!! He reckons her internal alarm clock isn't working properly. he did fortunately go back to sleep again because it was a wee bit early. No doubt he will be tired tonight.
He has had a bit of a cleaning frenzy today, putting me to shame.! He started with the bathroom which he did from top to bottom and it now smells of clean spray and bleach. Then he moved on to the porch and did the overhead light shade which actually was incredibly dusty, it isn't something you look at really but it is now sparkling. He did the brasses yesterday too and they look lovely then a welcome (for him) break for coffee and a breather. After lunch  I went upstairs to do my blog and he set to on the black and white wall which is on our landing, and decided to clean all the pictures. They are now gleaming. Well done Vin! Good for making me feel guilty too :)
Little Jessie has been spending the day in her basket sleeping. Well she did get up early didn't she. 
 My two lovely babies!