Friday, 30 May 2008

The Big Shop!!!

Wasn't intended to be a big shop, just turned out that way. Took my money off to ASDA this morning to do the friday shop, intending to get the weekend bits and pieces, and ended up spending £80 quid!!
Mind you there were 6 bottles of wine in that, and £7 pounds worth of cat food. A lot of things on offer so they had to go into the trolley, and a lot of things that you just cannot go by without putting them in the trolley too, hence the bill. Got a good stock of things now though, and you do get a lot for your money from asda.
Don't bother looking at their clothing, I tend to find it very poorly made, and I wouldn't buy anything advertised by Colleen WAG., not a good recommendation.
Went to Boots before asda and I bought some of the miracle No7 serum cream which is supposed to be excellent, and is presently on half price offer. Because I had spent over £25 I got a free gift, which proved to be a very good deal too, a nail varnish, lipstick, all sorts of creams, mascara etc., very good value. We shall see whether the serum is worth the money.
Tonight we are having:
A treat...
Tacos..we haven't had those for ages, and they are tasty.
Meatfree mince made into a chilli,
Lettuce, salsa, soured cream (but we use creme fraiche)
A tiny bit of grated cheddar cheese.
You can make them healthier if you are careful.
Got my QVC parcel tning, left on the step, a lovely Quacker Factory jumper, pink and blue stripes with a cupcake on the front and a few sequins.
VT actually said you look slimmer!!!!!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Tesco...Every Little Helps...make you poorer!!

Off to the big shop who shall be avoided as much as possible this morning! We tend not to go there very much these days, don't like their Tescopoly thing that they have going. But, we needed some Quorn deli range and they do stock that, so off we went. VT wanted some printer ink too and it is local to us. Came out having spent £70 odd and that wasn't for much either, but it did include the printer ink which was £21. We seemed to get a few things that we had run out of, and they do have a good range of the frozen meat free goods too, like the little meat free swedish style balls etc.
Quite nice and sunny today, makes a change from all the rain we have been having lately, and the little cats have been out a bit today too. Little Bobby loves sitting in the sunshine..aaah.
Haven't heard from Jane for a bit, must be too busy, maybe one day she will come home for a visit...some'd see more of her if she lived in Australia!! Bit mean really, you only have one set of parents!!
Tonight we are having:
Peppered Steaks, with a mushroom gravy,
New potatoes,
Tender stem Brocolli and Green beans.

We are still the same weight both of us, which is a good thing I suppose, but we aint losing any either, and we are fairly careful and healthy in our eating plan. Ah well.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

May Weather (2)

Another wet rainy May half term day. Woke up this morning to a really horrible rain soaked Village. Grey overcast clouds showing no sign of improving.
So we made Marmalade!
We had the ingredients, the oranges and the sugar and Whisky in the cupboard so that is what we did. By lunch time we had made 8 beautiful jars of orange Marmalade with Famous Grouse Whisky. Looks lovely on the unit. VT, when looking for the glass jars found quite a number of tins in our food cupboard that were well out of date so we have ditched those, since it is black bin day tomorrow. Made a bit of space there.
Tonight we are having:
????? Not sure tonight..
Maybe Thai fillets with green lentils and green beans,
Sausages and mashed potatoes and green beans.

Last night we ended up having what I said but with a really nice little tomato sauce. very tasty.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

May Weather????

Really cold today for May, more like March.
We went into Formby this morning to get a parcel that had come on Friday but could not be delivered because we were out. It was in a great big bag, from QVC and contained quite a big box, inside was a tiny little plastic bag with my bracelet in it. A Lola Rose one to match my black heart pendant.Honestly the packaging was over the top!We couldn't believe it.
Anyway we got some veggies from Waitrose then home for coffee. looks like rain all day but nothing materialised yet.
Tonight we are having:
Broccolli and squash bakes,
Little new potatoes,
A mixture of vegetables like green beans carrots etc.,
A little tomato sauce to go with the bakes.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday..

Typical quiet bank holiday, not raining here but very blowy, and too cold to sit outside. Way too cool for the barbecuers, not that we are sorry about that.
VT went out this morning and did the windows, now sparkling clean on the outside anyway. We made a nice loaf in the bread maker, a crusty white which has risen beautifully and just come out of the oven. Would be gorgeous with some lovely butter on it..but that isn't healthy eating is it?
Good programme on the radio with the 20 Ultimate ABBA songs..number one was Dancing Queen..good choice. very easy to listen to the whole programme I mean.
Tonight we are having:
Escallope of some sort,
Carrots from M&S and
Little Jersey Royals from M&S.
Will I do a sauce..not sure yet, depends on the escallope.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sunday at Leisure...

In our house it means..make the bread, make the pizza dough, do the roast vegetables, VT goes for a mooch, Jenny does the computer things, do all the crosswords, make the pizza eat our tea to Coronation Street if we are lucky, watch something mindless then bed time.
Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is its usual murky self. Not raining today but certainly very windy, the trees over the way are blowing like crazy. Someone in the big hous at the back of our house has a lot of conifers in their garden, and they are very welcome. The difference that having ours removed is amazing, it made the garden so much bigger, and allowed a lot more light into the garden. You don't realise just how big they can grow to really.
The little cats are fast asleep on their respective beds, look so peaceful.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough,
Tomato sauce home made,
Roast vegetables, Goats cheese,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes cucumber and Italian salad mix.
Potato salad with coleslaw and a pasta salad for VT.
Enough left over for lunch tomorrow..yum yum.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Another Slow Day with the Computer! and Cats!!

It is getting really slow these days. takes forever to do a process, not like the ones you see on the television where they key something in and it appears on screen immediately...
VT went off for a bit of a mooch this morning and came back with some cat food and bits and pieces. These little cat babies cost a fortune...someone somewhere made the mistake of getting them some reduced chicken once upon a time..ha ha ha now...they sit in the kitchen everyday at about 1.30 waiting for their chicky to be chopped up for them. Together with Rusty's cat milk which has to be warmed up at 10 seconds in the microwave, and the bit of cheese and chive dip that she has in her little white heart shaped dish!!! How sad is all this...but anyone who has cats will know!
Little Rusty is on my knee as I type this purring away with contentment..and wagging her tail. it is quite difficult to do the typing with a cat on your knee, but you don't move them. Oh no..definitely not.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz,
Stir fried vegetables with extra pepp er for VT
Honey and Coriander sauce.

The McAfee thing keeps coming up on the screen every 3-5 minutes. Driving me mad because it slows everything down. You clear it off then it is back again in the next 3 mins. Technology...keep it..Oh for the days when everything was simple.

Friday, 23 May 2008

B****y Computers!!!!!!

It is one of those days today. EVERYTHING is taking about ten minutes to process. the stupid McAfee thingy keeps coming up on screen and slowing it all down, and I started to do this and the computer stopped and restarted itself...Fed Up with it today Really, Really fed up today.
Not had a look at any of my normal websites, and I've been sat here about an hour so far.
We took our money to Sainsbury's in Walton this morning, got the usual things plus extras since it is a bank holiday weekend. Shop wasn't that busy actually.
It was one of those days when we couldn't decide what to have for either of our meals. Honestly I get so fed up sometimes with deciding on all of the meals. VT will do anything to avoid salads which doesn't help, but we had a piece of left over quiche from the freezer for lunch with a nice little salad, so he had no choice!!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Cornish Pasty
New potatoes fried in fry light,
Carrots and beans.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I've Been Everywhere Man!!

A medical day today. Started at 9.30 with a visit to thwe Chiropodist for a check up. That was short and sweet, and all clear, no problems there, just go back in about 3 months.
Then home for lunch and a bit of a mooch then lunch. Then a Diabetic review at the Drs surgery with the nurse.That went ok but the blood pressure was up a bit. Everything else fine, but since I was at the diabetic clinic only two weeks ago seems a bit of a waste of time. Still who am I to argue.
Then in to see the Dr. for a medication review.. nothing to change there either. Blood pressure up a bit, and he said tyo get it done again in about a week or chance..
Then into Sainsbury's over the road for a few little things for our tea tonight, then home. Do my blog up to date and finished for the day.
Tonight we are having:
A recipe using a jar of sauce from M&S Chablis and mushroom I think it is...
Extra mushrooms Asparagus, and courgette.
Carrots and green Beans,
Either some squashed potatoes, or new potatoes or 4oz of white rice.

Wednesday..A Day Late..Again!

Couldn't do it yesterday because the darned computer froze and wouldn't move, then I ran out of time!
We nipped into Ormskirk in the morning just to have a mooch and a look round. Didn't buy much, but did get a pair of black pants in a size smaller, which is a good thing.
Sunny day but too cool to be out without a coat yet,
Last night we had:
Quorn Lamb style grills,
Squashed jersey Royals, I peeled these and then squashed theem with the masher so they were just like a mashed potato but still had the shape,
Carrots and peas with a few mushrooms,
Gravy lightened up with a little creme fraiche.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tuesday, Caught Up...

Sitting here in the mid afternoon, with the sun shining through the window but VT who was in the garden has just come because it was too cold. He touched my face with his hand and it is frozen! We went into Crosby this morning to get a few vegies form Sainsbury's, and I had a coat on and wasn't too warm either. Alan Titchmarsh is just on the radio talking about the Chelsea Garden Show, and saying it is chilly there but sunny. I do like the programmes that htey do on the show they always have such lovely gardens. Not a weed in sight!!
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere Cheese and Leek escallopes,
JERSEY ROYALS..not swamped in butter though. VT got them in Sainsbury's yesterday, on a bogof..I just love these, but he isn't as keen as me.
I think I will do them with their skins off and just boiled for the first time, with some Butter Buds on them and some chopped parsley Oh Yum!
Veggies, carrots and fresh peas maybe, and a few mushrooms.

Monday's Post on Tuesday..

Didn't have time to do my post yesterday because we were late home from the hospital, so I'll do it today.
Went for my eye clinic appointment this afternoon. really, really busy in there.VT said he would come back in an hour, but when I saw the length of the queue I knew it would be longer than that, and wasn't wrong. After reporting in, I sat in the waiting area for a full hour before being called in for the eye test, and the drops, then out side again.More waiting. Then called in to see the doctor after about 20 mins. Nice little Chinese girl, but very softly spoken, couldn't hear her properly. Anyway she said that the cataract on the right eye has grown, so it would be worth removing. Signed the form. then had to go to the pre-op nurse. That was another wait, down in the day centre, about 20 mins. She took all the history, did the tests then I had to go and wait for the measuring of the lens.That was about ten with her for about 15mins, then out into the sunshine..Poor VT he is so patient was about 2 hours all told.
Last night we had the remaining pizza from Sunday night, with our salads and a nice salad with a lovely avocado.All very tasty, nice to have a meal that you don't have to think about for a change..

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Crosswords, Bread and Sunshine..

Crosswords a bit awkward today, one or two clues we had to look up, a couple of very difficult to find ones too. But, we got there in the end. There is a really good site called Quizzes and Answers which is excellent for getting the harder ones. There is always someone who will get the answer for you. I couldn't get the birthday quiz one today, knew it was george but couldn't get the surname. Turns out it was george osborne, shadow chancellor. I thought he was older than 37 actually.
Made a nice loaf of Sourdough potato and oatmeal loaf this morning, but thought it was a bit dry, so grated an apple into the mix. That looked good, but the loaf is a bit flat on top, since the fddough was actually a bit sticky. Didd the usual pizza dough in the breadmaker as well, we have that off to a fine art now.And, a batch of roast vegetables to go on top of the pizza. So quite a busy morning .
Tonight we are having:
The Pizza with our dough,
Roast vegetables and home made tomato sauce,
Goats cheesetopping,
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes and different salads, potato and pasta.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Whatever happened to Spring??

Really quite cold today, been overcast all day and a bit rainy, but really cold. I have put my sweatshirt back on again, way too cool for a t-shirt. And, I've put the heater back on too.
We did the bedding today, and were contemplating taking the quilt off the bed, but no way, not yet anyway. Don't think it is warm enugh for the bed with just the duvet on it.
Very quiet at the front, not much traffic going up and down, must be the football, keeping everyone in their houses. Quite quiet on the websites too, not a lot of conversation either.
We had some nice cheese and biscuits for lunch today, the oak smoked goats cheese from VT proved to be very tasty, you don't need much of that for a good flavour.
Tonight we are having Chinese :
Goujons or Spring rolls,
4oz egg fried rice,
Stir fry vegetables,
Maybe a satay sauce for a change.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Friday Again!!

I'm sure friday's seem to come round twice a seems no time at all since we were out last Friday.
Anyway, we took our money off to Waitrose this morning, and M&S, but the main shop in Waitrose. Funny thing, just before we went a letter came from them with vouchers in it, £4 off £40 spend etc., VT said we probably won't need them all but will take them in case. Good job he did since we ended up spending £68 !!!. It was one of those shops, kept seeing things that were too oak smoked goat cheese..yum yum.
Mind you it is an expensive shop, no doubt about that, wouldn't want to shop there every week.
Got some Gold Blend coffee on offer two 500 grm jars for £6, which is a good buy, and a jar of fairtrade coffee for £1.86.
Tonight we are having:
Tomato Butternut and Spinach curry,
With banana and poppadum,
And, 4oz of rice or a microwave pack.
Maybe we will have the two ice creams that have bween in the frreezer for ever.. well they are Ben and Jerry's.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The grumps!!

Really grumpy of those days when you just felt grumpy, no particular reason, but everything annoying me. Football all over everywhere last night, and corrie was on at 7.o'clock.. Couldn't think of anything for tea and that annoyed me. In the end we hada lovely little pasta bake with some teddy bear pasta from M&S..and a jar of tomato and mushroom sauce, and carrots and soya beans as a side.
Went briefly over to Maghull this morning to get a few plants for a hanging basket, and a few things from Summerfield. I had a quick look in Bon Marche and bought a white polo shirt for £4 for round the house..Good value that.Had a bit of a look in Summerfield and bought some stuff for tonights tea.
Tonight we are having:
Frittata, with potatoes, eggs of course, a tiny bit of cheese, asparagus and tomato and spring onions.
A bit of a side salad on the side.
No doubt VT will complain about that!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Why is it that weeds grow like magic, and other things don't? And, why is it that they grow in between the tiniest little crack in paving stones etc., The very devil to remove.
I don't like gardening, but I do like sitting in the garden though. When I win the lottery i will have a gardener to do it all, keep everything weed free, and nicely brushed, and all the plants looking perfect. Dream on Mac...
Very bright outside today, very sunny, a bit too bright for me, I find it quite hard to see in the sunshine.
Tonight we are having:
No idea whatsoever...
I have struggled this week really..found it quite hard to think of things every day, day in day out, and whatefer we have doesn't seem to affect the weight loss now at all..
Getting a bit disheartened with this plateau go through a stage where you think.."What the Hell" might as well have a blow out!!!
I shall see what is in the freezer..might do a pasta dish.Might not!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sunshine and Blooms...

Beautiful sunshiney day today, we took ourselves off to the Garden centre this morning to get some stuff for the garden. We needed things for the hanging basket at the front, and some plants for various pots at the back.
VT picked up a lovely wicker hanging basket from a cheap shop in maghull, and it is crying out for some good plants. I got two really nice fuschia plants from M&S the other day to go in the middle so we wanted things to go round the edges to trail over.
Spent £28 on trays of bedding plants, then VT offered to buy us a cup of coffee in the cafe, so we had that. Lovely too. Then we had another look. He bought a catmint plant which Bobby has all but destroyed, and I got a really nice lavender bush, and a beautifuyl herb basket with a load of different herbs in it. Very decorative. Spent about another £17 ..Good job I get paid again in a few days time...
VT planted the hanging baskets this afternoon, but it was very hot and bright outside. He has sprayed his jacket, and is now going to try and get the fountain going again...what a busy little beaver eh!!!
Tonight we are having:
Stirfry cabbage and leek mixture,
Potatoes sauteed.

Monday, 12 May 2008

May Appointments..

Went off to the Diabetic Clinic at Walton Hospital this morning. Appointment at 11.o'clock, eventually got my weight , blood taken and blood pressure done at 11.30, then had to wait another half hour before seeing the Dr. Did see the top man today though, that's a first, I usually see someone with an unpronouncable name I have trouble hearing because of the deaf thing. Anyway, this man was very nice, and quite pleased with my weight loss, and the fact that all is stable.
Lovely VT went over to Sainswbury's and did the shopping for the veggies etc., He goes armed with a list, and gets everything on it and no more..not like me at all. Still spent £25 though. Home by 1.15 so not too bad.
Next Monday is the eye clinic, in the afternoon, and that is often longer.
Tonight we are having:
Little baby potatoes, done somehow, not sure how.
Quorn something or other,
Veggies of some sort,
It can be seen then that tonights tea is a bit of a query, not really sure what we are having actually.
Play it by ear then...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Weekend Catch Up...

Forgot to do this yesterday!! Ran out of time I think. But, never mind eh...
Yesterday we had the usual Saturday things, with a Chinese for tea.
We hadd Spring Rolls from M&S which were good..I really must have a go at making my own one day, can't be difficult. The usual stir fry and fried rice.
When I say fried..we use a very tiny quantity of oil, and mostly sprays to lubricate the veggies.
Today (Sunday) we have been doing the usual things as well. Made a good wholemeal loaf this morning, followed by a pizza dough. Put the roast vegetables in with the bread, and that was it.
The crosswords weren't too bad, but some of the MOS Sunday Mail ones quite difficult. I think tyhe compiler is trying to catch people out today!
Beautiful day today, bright sunshine this morning, the clouded over this afternoon. Then Thunder at about 50'clock, expected it to scare the little cats, but it didn't actually, they didn't move at all...Aren't they brave!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our own dough,
Home made tomato sauce,
Roasted Vegetables,
Goat's cheese.
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes, cucumber etc.,
Potato salad and couscous for VT.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday Mooch...

Took our money to Morrisons and M&S this morning. Spent about £25 in each and managed to get everything we needed. We were going to go to Walton Sainsbury's but since I am going to the Diabetic Clinic in Walton on Monday we didn't fancy going in that direction twice.
ormskirk was quite warm today, I was going to take the coat off, but then the weather turned a bit dull. It's sometimes very difficult to know what to put on, you put something summery and then it turns cold...
Bought a nice new bra from Bon Marche, spent £8 and gave my card in to be completed, this meant I got £5 off the purchase, so it only cost me £3. What a bargain eh...
Got the library cards this morning, to say that the books we had ordered are both in stock..what a service that is. I was going to buy The Book Thief, so that has saved me loads.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
A measured amount of chips,
Green beans for me, and mushy peas for VT,
Tartare sauce to go with.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

"Spring" into Action..

VT has sprung into action, decided to do the bedroom. He started with the lights, and the curtains. It is surprising how long you leave curtains for qactually. The label said dry-clean, but they were washed on a coolish wash and have come out perfectly. So well done hem. We tidied up, stirred a lot of dust about, and vacuumed the carpet properly. No sign of my earring, which is a shame, it must be somewhere. It is a nice little leverback pearl earring but I should think it is in the room tucked away some place...Come back little earring.
Absolutely gorgeous day today, bright sunshine, and a light breeze, lovely to be off somewhere.
Had a delivery this morning from...The Fine English Cheese Company..Bath. I ordered some little jars of fruit preserves, Damson, Fig, Lime and Chilli, Quince and Gooseberry, and some duplicate pots to make up the order. You could say when you wanted them delivered, and I said Thursday before noon, and sure enough they arrived. Excellent. They are a little treat for VT, hope he enjoys them.
Tonight we are having:
A mixture of vegetables with a cheese sauce on top, with a fillet of some sort, possibly cracked black pepper ones.
I have a number of veggies to use up so that will do the trick.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Red Eye...

The red refers to a blood test this morning. Last time I had to go to the Drs Surgery for the MOT, nursey gave me a forn for a blood test, so I went this morning. Only in about 7 minutes, and some of that was the nurse talking on the phone. Came straight home for a cup of coffee, then VT said he wanted to go to Formby to Specsavers because he wasn't happy about his glasses. So that is the "Eye" bit.
I took the chance to go with him and nipped into M&S to get a few salads etc for tonight's tea.When sorting out the freezer the other day, spotted a quiche in there which wanted using up. It is really warm today so a good opportunity to have a coldish tea.
So, Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion Quiche,
New potato and egg salad from M&S,
Potato salad, Greek salad, and Soy bean salad.
VT won't be keen on this, he isn't a salad fan, but if there are some good accompaniments he will be happy.
Why do men always complain about salads???

Red Eye...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Teeth and Books!!

This morning VT had to go to the dentist for his 6month check up. Since the library we go to is only a few minutes away we dacided to renew the books we both had. Last time I went I was hardpressed to find any books I fancied, today there were loads..that's the way it goes. So, got quite a few to choose from, and I ordered "The Book Thief" which some of the Delia crew have recommended. I got "A Thousand Splendid Suns" which has had rave reviews, and that was in large print so a bonus. I hope it isn't one of those books that is reviewed but is hard to wade through. I found The Time Travellers Wife one of those. Everyone raved over that, but I found it so hard to get through, and in fact didn't finish it, which is very rare for me.
VT's dental check was fine, and his next appointment is for February next year!!
We called in at Sainsbury's on the way back to get a very few vegetables, then home for a cup of coffee.
Tonight we are having:
Thai Green Curry with Quorn chicken style pieces,
Low fat coconut milk,and green curry paste, and mushrooms.
Stir fry veg to go with,
aparagus in with the curry sauce.
4oz rice or a 1/2 pack of microwave rice.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday..

No it isn't raining, but it isn't ver6y warm either. Fun run went past the house this morning but I do have to say a number of them didn't look like they were having a lot of fun . Got to admire them though.
Not many out and about..VT went into Crosby this morning to get the babies some chicken, which they had run out of. They sit by our feet at lunch time and look so hurt if they don't get any, that we haven't got the heart to refuse them! How sad is that. There was a piece in the paper this morning about some cats that have been dumped in animal rescue homes for one reason or another. Some very sad cases. I hope our two realise how lucky they are. They are both fed and watered and are now tucked up in their sleeping places without a care in the world.
Best place to be on a Bank Holiday really...
VT has just finished his Monday crossword so that is them done for the week. He seemed to do it quite quickly today just two or three to look up on the internet, so fairly easy. This is one he doesn't let me do, he does this on his own usually without looking things up, but there were a couple of awkward ones.
Doing very little today, just messing about, Jan next door pegged out a load of washing earlier, but has taken it in now so I think maybe the weather has beaten her. Personally I think it is too early in the year to put washing out, better waiting till the sun is shining properly.
Tonight we are having:
Goat's Cheese and Cranberry escallopes,
Carrots and beans,
Little baby potatoes done in some way, not sure what yet.
Mushroom sauce to go with.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend...Guess what it is doing!!

Yep.. Raining..isn't that the usual. Got to feel sorry for people who havee things planned, but at least it will keep the baarbecuers away. We have those pleasures to come...
Busy today, made a good Sourdough loaf this morning, a Potato and Oatmeal with oatflakes on top. Then did a Pizza dough in the breadmaker, and a batch of Roasted vegetables for its topping. All of which make the house smell gorgeous..
VT went to Maghull, he had a coupon for a free item from Superdrug and he had a look at the Farmers Market. He said that was depleted now and not many stalls really. it is in the wrong place though, it would be better in Formby where it is busier.
Did all the crosswords very quickly again today, finished by 6-15 which is quite good.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza..base of yeast bread with olive oil and mixed herbs,
Tomato sauce,
roasted Vegetables, and Goats Cheese.
Salad with avocado and baby pomodorino tomatoes and cucumber etc., topped off with seeds.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Poor Gordon..

Almost a year in office and he is at the lowest the Labour Party has ever been, and the Cameron twit is crowing.
At least we have been more successful on our Healthy Eating Plan than he has. VT and Me have gone down about 1 1/2 stonesso that isn't bad. Since we started on the same day I think we have done rather better really.
beautiful sunny day today but a bit blowy. Did the usual bedding wash but haven;t hung any outside yet, not warm enough so far.
Jane rang up this morning with a moan about her shoulder that is now infected, so she is on antibiotics. good job she doesn't live in America, she would be bankrupt. Maybe one day she will ring up and ask how we are and give us some happy news for a change..
Tonight we are having:
Chinese again like every Saturday.
Well we are a family who have the same every Saturday and Sunday so why break the habit eh. During the week we have a variety and a choice of different foods and recipes.
Last night for example we ended up having Quorn Meatballs, in a lovely tomato sauce with a splash of greek Yogurt and a medley of beans asparagus and carrot, and organic spaghetti. Very tasty too.
Just been thinking about that, maybe I should have put a splash of Vodka in it, maybe next time.
Chinese tonight then..
Goujons, with a Sauce,4oz Egg fried rice, with egg and peas,
Stir fry vegetables with mushroom and peppers for VT.

Today is the first anniversary of the missing Madeline McGann, they must be having a hard day. Someone out there must know what happened, it's a shame they can't get an answer. Ah well I'm thinking of thenm.

Friday, 2 May 2008


This refers to the fact that I went for a Hearing Aid check up this morning in Southport. These are the aids that cost me about £3000 three years ago. Supposed to be all singing all dancing ones but in reality quite ordinary really. Would be better if you could operate the volume of them, but you need to be linked up to a computer to do that!
Anyway he said my right ear is completely blocked, and needs to be cleared to get a hearing test done, so I suppose that means a visit to the Drs.,Pity!
While we were in Southport we took our money to Sainsbury's, basically because we were parked there, and only got the weekend things,since it is a smallish store. Then we walked along to a shoe shop to have a look at the shoes we got a catalogue for. Not very impressed really, it is one of those shops where you go in and they bring the shoes to you. A bit poncey really, and the shoes were very dear too. Had a gorgeous cup of coffee in Costa Coffee though, kindly bought by VT.
We then had a look at the Brantia shop but not very impressed there either, found them quite expensive actually. Then we came home to soup for lunch, on one of the warmest days of the year so far! but it was nice.
Tonight we are having:
Spaghetti Bog. with 4oz of spaghetti, and vegi-mince.
Mushrooms and asparagus...
Or: Meatballs, in a tomato sauce with pasta, and mushrooms and asparagus that is left from last night. Yes that sounds better.. go for that I think.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bits and Pieces

Little bits of all sorts today. Did a bit of this and a bit of that.
Went round to vote this morning..local council elections.
Debi Jones was in the church hall, so slid past her..God help us if she becomes our next member of Parliament. Don't think she is of the same calibre as Claire Curtis Thomas, who has been a good MP.
The computer was extremely awkward today, I had to restart it to get it going, and only had a look at a few sites. It's a pain when that happens.
Just getting out of the bath this afternoon and the doorbell went.. why does that happen? do people sit and wait for that to happen I wonder?
Tonight we are having:
Something with mashed potato since I have two nice potatoes remaining.
I was going to make a sort of Shepherds Pie, but not sure I can be bothered.
Also got some Tenderstem Broccoli left so will use that.

Last night's Spring Ragout from 101 Cookbooks, and it was delicious..will certainly do that again. Made it healthier with creme fraiche instead of cream and it was really good.