Friday, 30 March 2012

Queues...What Queues?

We went off to Formby this morning to get our things for the weekend at waitrose, and on the way there passes the new Texaco garage. Since there wasn't a queue Vin decided to get topped up with petrol, we are going to pick Jane up next week or so from Manchester, so need to make sure we have enough for that. Wondered why we had to wait a while to get directly to the pump, and then it transpired that their payment machines weren't working so he had to use the old fashioned swipe machine. Got there in the end though, and he is now full of petrol.
Went from there to Waitrose to get our stuff, and was quite quiet, won't be next week when the kids are off school I suppose.Got a few extras, some good items on their reduced section, and came out about twelve thirty, so home in time for our coffee.

The little cats are inside today, haven't been out much at all, but it is decidedly cooler with a bit of a breeze going.
Our new neighbour on the right, is putting up a new covered swinging seat in their garden. Maybe they are expecting some sunny weather coming. never seen anyone in that house buy so much stuff before, the garden is looking quite full already, with a big table and chairs, a barbecue, chimnea and now the swinging hammocky seat. I wonder if we are in for a hot summer?
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers and tartare sauce
Chips 200grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Free Coffee!

Another nice day, but a little chilly. We took ourselves off to the garden centre ovver the road to get the free coffee before the month of March runs out, which won't be long! Vin wanted to get some plant pots to put his little clematis plants in, and i wanted a look at their gaarden benches.
As it turns out, they didn't have any of the kind I am looking for, the Jack and Jill ones, so it looks like it will be Dobbies for one of those. Vin said that the stone planters were too dear, and he will look somewhere else. He got some little pots though so at least he can pot on his clematis.
Went into the cafe which was heaving, really busy..wouldn't mind shares in that place.! Spotted a lovely little old lady who lives doen the road from us. We see her quite often actually because she walks "round the block" twice every day on her two sticks. She was there with a friend having her lunch and they had a nice big glass of wine each..very nice too..Good for her. must be doing her good, she is at the other end of eighty.
I had a bit of a look round the gift shop and bought another light thing to go in Ann's oarcel for her birthday, a scented sachet, in a pretty pack.
To my shame I trod on little Rusty at lunchtime. No idea how it happened, she was eating her chicken in the extension, and i was putting something in the bin and must have trodden on her tail. Horrible screech Vin shouts out, and she runs like the wind under the cat flap and down the garden out of my way. Vin followed her, but she ran under the back door> She did come back a couple of minutes later and he lifted her in to finish her chicken.

So sorry Little Rusty! Wouldn't hurt you for the world..Ever. Of course Vin won't let me forget it now, and is making the most of it.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey Kievs,
Little baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stamp your foot down!

Vin went to the Post office down the road this morning to get his car tax, and also to get a lot of stamps at present prices. The thing is..stamps are going to rise in April by 14p on a second class stamp!!! they can get away with doing that is beyond me. it's a 39% increase on the price of a stamp. So he went down to get an absolute load of stamps which he keeps in a box upstairs then we buy them back! works for us anyway. If you buy your Christmas Card stamps now at 36p you will save 14p obn each one which is not to be sneezed at.
We stopped in today..i did all the ironing, and Vin has been out in the garden dealing with the weeds which are growing apace in this good weather we are having. can't believe this weather, very sunny, Bobby went out this morning though and came back in fairly quickly. Maybe it isn't as warm as it looks.
Little Rusty is presently out with Vin in the garden, he has just come in and said he has given her a good brushing, and I wouldn't believe the hair that had come off her.

She just likes being out there with him, and will follow him all over the place, little sweetie.
Enjoying reading my book on kindle still. i am now 91% the way through it. it's a bit strange reading a book on one of those, because you haven't got the physical book to look at to judge where you are up to. I guess I must be nearing the end..and you can't cheat either, which I don't ever do actually, but you can't with one of these.Love it though, and will be sorry when it is finished.
Tonight we are having:
pasta bake with a bit of garlic bread
Butternut squash to go with it

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

One Fine Day...

Little Bobby out in the sunshine today..she likes getting warm, and sits on top of their hut for ages.
We were up early this morning because Vin was waiting for a delivery of Aranesp for me. he hears the doorbell, but in fact he saw the bloke coming before he got to the bell.
I was reading my Kindle while he waited, am nearly at the end of the first book.."Before I Go To Sleep" which is excellent. very cleverly written will make a good film i think. It is certainly one of those books you don't want to put down, I shall be sorry when it is finished.
Since we were around earlish, and Vin wanted to get som e more logs, we decided to go to Dobbies , get a coffee and buy some logs. Really warm today, lots of people out without a coat,not me thugh. Dobbies was quite quiet, and we had a look at some garden seats. I've had my eye on a Jack and Jill bench seat for a while, and they had two there which looked good. £10 difference, it's really a matter of choice. Maybe we will have a look at the garden centre over the road and see what they have too before we get one. We need to get rid of the green cast iron ones which are really uncomfortable to sit in, and tidy up the patio a bit. I think one of those would be nice.
free coffees again, very pleasant, Vin has a flat white with a fern pattern on the top, and I have a regular black one. Some lovely cream cakes there, but resisted the temtation!!
He went and bought his logs and some Quince paste to go with his Manchego cheese, and that was it today. Windows open on the way home, it was so warm, very unseasonable, wonder when we are in for some wind or rain etc.,
Tonight we are having:
Red Leiscter and onion plait,
Mushrooms sauteed in fry light
Baked tomato
A few little baked potatoes.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Beautiful day..

Very odd weather at the moment, sunny and bright but still coolish. lots of people out in shorts etc though,Our new neighbour is out n his this afternoon tearing down some greenery at the end of their garden..white t-shirt, white gloves, and white shorts to his knees. very fetching.Fun from the neighbours on the other side last night..
We had neighbour fun last night!
We are in a terraced block, and the neighbour to our right is a woman who lives on her own..a bit snooty, but quite nice. Her "boyfriend" lives in the next house along, and they have a gate in their party wall to go in and out.
The boyfriend likes a slurp or two, and once was found absolutely bladdered in the path to his house..she was away or she would have been mortified.Last night vin went down to get some logs and heard some moaning in her garden. She was in bed and he was swearing and cussing because he couldn't get up. he was on her patio. She comes out and askes him what he is doing on her patio, he says he is going to bed :lol: :lol: Get up she says, I wov you ******very slurred voice... Never mind that she says, get up off my patio! Missed the corner says he..well go home says she.. Eventually she moves him..
methinks someone will have a sore head this morning, and she won't be speaking to him..
Funny thing is they appear to be such a uppity pair, he is a respectable Surveyor, and she was an accountant.. go to the church and everything.
Just shows you what goes on behind closed doors.
We took my money off to Crosby this morning, quick whizz round Sainsburys in the half hour free parking, and home for coffee. The original plan was to get a coffee in the garden centre on the way back, but Vin didn't fancy that so we came home for a free coffee anyway!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with broccoli and cheese
mixed veggies with a sauce
Little baked potatoes.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Forward!...

The clocks went forward one hour last night. So, we have been deprived of an hour's sleep, the mornings are light thus waking the cats up earlier, and the nights are definitely getting brighter. As I type this at six forty five it is bright sunshine.
new neighbours next door have been away the weekend leaving their back door open a bit! and she is now sat in their garden. Vin sat outside yesterday, and is now sitting out there with his cup of tea. We have finished all of the three crosswords, and are done for the evening.
Choice of viewing tonight. Upstairs Downstairs on BBC and the new Titanic series on ITV. Good job we have a recorder.Great new television in janes room, a Toshiba, and the remote control arrived yesterday, so Vin got it going. Makes a real difference up there, much smarter, with a bigger screen even though it is a small television.
Gorgeous day today actually, quite unseasonal, and very warm, but i suspect that it will go cooler once the sun goes in.
Vin went off to crosby this morning , he had seen a good new shower mat in B&M's that he wanted to get for the bathroom, very smart, and a really nice shade of blue, goes with the touches of blue in there. it's a tiny little bathroom so what you put in makes a defference. Must be lovely to have a big bathroom. lottery dreams i suppose.
Tonight we are having:
Margarita Pizza with basil, mozzarella and fresh tomato
egg and potato salad with avocado
potato salad for moi and spinach and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bargain Shopping!

Oh we like bargain shopping... The plan was to go to Formby this morning to get the weekend stuff, mainly because Vin wanted to go to Specsavers to get his glasses altered a bit. They were loose on his head and falling down at the front a bit, so they needed the side arms altering a little.
So, that was the first port of call, since it was empty for the time we were there, he was dealt with quickly. In and out in a few minutes actually. Then just along the shops a bit and into the M&S food store. We had received a voucher for £10 off our shopping the other week, with no minimum spend either, so we wanted to use it up before it expired at the end of the month. We got a basket full of shopping, which came to around twenty pounds so the voucher made everything half price actually. I like that sort of shopping.
Then back to the car park with those things and into Waitrose for the rest of our weekend stuff. The only trouble with M&S is that you can't get ordinary things there. very good for ready meals and treats, but no good for everyday things. So we nipped round Waitrose, trying to remember what we had already bought from M&S. got those, didn't forget anything then back home for coffee. Bobby hadn't moved! she was on my pillow when we went out and she was still there when we came back. At least Rusty met us at the door!
Vin said there was an advert in the shop window down the road for two little cats that need rehoming due to domestic circumstances. Wonder what's happened there. It said they must be homed together, because they'v e been together since they were litttle. Poor little things I hope they find a nice home soon.
Tonight we are having:

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

We had decided to stop in today, with going out for the day yesterday. Vin was going to set up the new little Toshiba television in the middle bedroom, which he did. Got it on the shelf,got it plugged in, went to set up the menu and programmes with the remote control...Nada..Nothing!
Blooming remote control wouldn't work. he tried everything, new batteries, a bit of tinfoil on the contacts even..Nothing. So he rang the Toshiba shop where we bought it from in the Cheshire Oaks, and they suggested he try the remote against a digital camera ..still nothing.Obviously it wasn't working. he rang them again, and they said they woud send us another one by post. So we have a lovely little tele which can't work till that comes. Never mind. it's a bit frustrating though. You do expect that when yu open the box and get everything out that it works.
What surprised me yesterday was that Vin had looked back in his diary and it seems that it was last May when we last went to The Cheshire Oaks. i couldn't believe it. I thought it was around September or October. Certainly didn't think it was that long ago.Amazing, how time flies.
Otherwise quiet today.Bright sunny day though, even though it was quite cool last night.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey kievs
Mixed vegetables in a white saucewith some baby potatoes.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Up and At Em...

Seemed to be a reasonable day today, with no forecast of rain so we decided to go off to The Cheshire Oaks for the day. Little Rusty had already woken Vin up at around seven upchucking in the bedroom, thankfully on the carpet. A little alarm clock maybe!
So we were out by nine, thereby beating the rush hour traffic. It takes about three quarters of an hour to get there, but the traffic was very light today so we made good time. great parking there, we tend to always park in the same place outside Next, then we walk round in a clockwise direction.There are a lot of shops to get round, but a lot of them we don't go in anyway, like sports shops or high class dress shops. Went in the kitchen place and got a new piping bag and two cute uittle butter knives, so we have a set of four of those now. Saw a couple of very nice little televisions in the Toshiba shop which caught my eye. i had been thinking of getting another one for jane's room for a whie, and these are a good size, just right for a bedroom, plus one had a DVD player also. Didn't get that straight away and went to the Costa Coffee for a good morning coffee. It's a great stop, since it is half way round and gives you a breather before you carry on. Perfume shop, but they didn't have any of the Origins one that I get. We were quite surprised at the middle bit which has been refurbished, all painted white with new benches and trees in pots. they coulod do with doing that on the rest of it. Not many shops gone..Past Times has which is a shame, i always liked going in there, and there is a new Cloggau Gold store with very expensive jewellery, won't be going in there often.
M&S was crowded as usual and hard to get round. Got a couple of bits in there and made our way back to the car to go to Sainsburys for lunch. Nice Panini with tomato and mozzarella and a bottle of water between us..£8 odd.
Then got a few bits in there, and back to the main area to the Toshiba shop, to get the television. £139.99 which I think is a good buy,nice slimline black television which will look good in her room. She is planning on coming home over Easter, so it will be better for her.
Home by fourish to two cats eagerly awaiting their chicken.. All in all a good day out today.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta and Cheese with a bit of garlic bread
green vegetables to go with.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

He Did Go To Specsavers...

We weere a bit undecided as to whether to go to The Cheshire Oaks today or tomorrow, but in the end decided on Wednesday. Good job..quite early this morning the phone went and it was Specsavers to say that his new glasses were ready. That is pretty good going because they weren't due in till tomorrow, so off he went into Formby to get them. He also went to Waitrose, got some money out of my bank, and then got his pasties for Friday and the rice puddings. Then went to the new garage to get some top up petrol for the trip tomorrow.
His new glasses look really smart, they are what are called semi-rimless frames, so they have a frame on the top half, and a cord round the glass to hold them in. Lovely frames actually, and he was pleased because they should be £99 but he got the complete glasses for £81. With the Medicash money back, they will have cost him £1 !! Now that's a bargain.
I stopped in and did a bit of ironing, just bits and bobs really, then had a look at books on the Amazon kindle site. I do have to say I'm a complete convert , it is a fantastic thing to use, and the range of books is incredible. The only problem is that it is hard to choose which to read next.. At least on Amazon you can look at a book and read the first few chapters and get a flavour of what a book is about, and I don't have to worry about the size of the print now, which is a huge bonus.
If we go to the Cheshire Oaks tomorrow, it will be interesting to see which shops have changed and what new ones there are.
Tonight we are having:
Sausageless rolls
Little potatoes sliced and fried in fry light
A small tin of something tomatoey.

Monday, 19 March 2012

One Fine Day...

Another lovely day today, bright and sunny but cold..still coat weather.
We went to crosby quickly this morning to get our week's thing, and there are little clumps of daffodils along the side of the roads which are really Spring like. It is a nice time of the year, the beginning of the green shoots of growth, shame the Budget this week has to spoil it all!
The cats have been out a bit today, but not for long really. Bobby went out and sat on top of the little hutch in the sunshine, but actually came in after a while, maybe she decided that it wasn't quite warm enough yet. I somethimes wonder what goes into their heads. little Rusty who has been fast asleep on the bed behind me since I came upstairs has just suddenly jumped down and gone downstairs. I didn't disturb her at all, she must have just wanted to. She does like being near Vin, maybe she heard him doing the fire downstairs. She is a very sociable little thing,

and likes being where we are. As soon as we come up to bed at night, she wakes up and comes up to join us. Jumps on the bed, and goes on Vin's chest while he is reading his book.He is reading a book with very small print at the moment, and he says it is quite difficult holding the book over the top of her so he can read it. He should have a problem there. I love my is really great to be able to read it easily. I am now 51% through my book..Before I go to Sleep. Super read, can't wait to see how it finishes..apparently it is a good ending. One thing yu can't do with a Kindle, is to cheat and look at the end! Not that I tend to do anyway..never really done that. What an amazing piece of technology it can download a book in less than one minute..incredible.
Got our things for the week, and other bits and bobs, and home in time for our coffee. very teaching anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope..whichever needs using up from the freezer,
Baby baked potatoes
Mushroom sauce
Mixed vegetables.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Beautiful Day...

really nice today, the sort of day when you go outside your glasses immediately turn dark with the bright sunshine. Warm too, but it does say on the forecast that we are due for some clouds at the weekend. typical.
We took my money over to Walton Sainsburys, getting there eventually after waiting in a queue at some roadworks. Didn't matter because we did get up a bit earlier anyway today, which was surprising because we didn't put the lights out till twenty past one last night. I was reading my Kindle..(Best buy of the century so fay) and looked over at the clock to see that it was ten to one. So read for a bit longer..the next time I looked it was twenty past one..much later than we usually read till. It is such a good book though, I am really getting into it I am now 40% the way through it and it is a darn good read.
Sainsbury's was quite quiet, Mother's Day stuff everywhere flowers all over the place and pretty boxes of chocs. The usual.
We got round fairly quickly and then went to the back of the car park in the bright sunshine to have our coffee. very pleasant.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Chips!! 200 grms between us,
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi,
tartare sauce.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


We nipped out to Tesco this morning, just to get a couple of things that we had run out of..namely chicken for the cats! very important members of our family they are, and if they don't get their chicken..Well! who knows what they will do.
Quite cool out today, and there is a misty tinge over the fields here. looks almost end of Octoberish. I thought the weather forecast said we were going to have very sunny weather coming up..doesn't really look like it. We whizzed round tesco,got what we wanted then came home for our coffee. not a store i want to browse round I do have to say, in fact I feel quite guily for going there in the first place.
Just played the Adele record "Someone like you" a really lovely record, but Steve Wright always spoils it by talking over the end.he does that when he plays a Harry Nilsson record. Drives me mad..especially when it is "Without Her" which is the most perfect record in the world.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was in ASDA, and was talking away on her phone while she was shiopping..I don''t know how she can do that. She says that someone is covering her Saturday before Easter so she will be off for around a week, so can come home which will be nice.She has exams when she gets back, so will be working, but she does her own thing so it doesn't matter.
Very quiet today otherwise, not much happening here and the cats are in hibernation mode at the moment. The word cat nap is right that is exactly what they do.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalope,
little roast potatoes
Carrots and beans
bread sauce and cranberry sauce.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Should Have Gone To Specsavers!

Well he did! We weren't doing anything in particular this morning, so Vin decided he would go and have a look at glasses at Specsavers in Formby. We are both in Medicash which is a wonderful thing to be in, and you can get an allowance of £80 for glasses each year. This runs out at the end of march so he wanted to use his up.So, on the spur of the moment he took himself off to their shop. he had spotted some in their magazine for £25..cheapskate..but when he got there he found that the lenses would be on top of that, making them a lot more expensive since he has varifocals. The lad showed him a couple of pairs, then said he had some in the back of the shop and came back with a pair he really liked. What is more, they were a discontinued line and should have been £99 ! but the lad said he could have them for the £80...So with the additions, they would have come to another £49..
Vin is well pleased as they say here!. he does love a bargain!
he was back in record time, and the glasses will be ready in a weekk.
I had a ver exciting morning too. I did the brasses at the fronmt of the house. Been meaning to do those for ages. So he filled out his Meddicash form, trotted along to the Post Office, and no doubt he will have the money in his bank account before he gets the glasses.
I ordered the DVD of Call The Midwife from Amazon..for Ann for her birthday in May, £11.99 free P& that's her sorted. I'm sure they will like that one, it was such a lovely series.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta Bake with mushrooms and tomato and mascarpone sauce,
A bit of garlic bread,
Somr green vegetables.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

In The Middle Of....

Just having a lovely chat with Jane, who usually rings up on her way to work, and little Rusty jumps up on the side of the computer, walks round the back of it and then tramples all over the phone, so cutting us off. End of conversation, so Jane has to ring me back. She was a bit annoyed today, because she got up at half past seven, got washed changed had a coffee then travelled through all the traffic in Manchester to get to college. Waited outside the room, talking to some of her friends, waited some more, and the B***** tutor didn't turn up. She said she was shattered too, so she went back home and went back to bed for an hour before her next lecture. Now she is on her way to work..that's a long day for her bless her.
We have had a day in today, I did all the bedding ironing which takes a good while, and Vin sorted out some of his papers.
he had a magazine with a Sudoko competition in it for £1000, and i said I'd do it, but he thought that there would be a programme somewhere on the web that solved them for you easily. he found one, on his netbook, and I found one on my computer upstairs. his one took a while to solve, mine was instant. When I think of the time that I have spent doing them, and sometimes getting quite stuck, i know what I shall be doing in future. Cheat...
The little cats have been in most of the day today, i think it is still a bit too cold for them. Bobby likes the sun, and will go out in the garden when it is nice and sunny, and it is still overcast today.

My lovely orchid plant is not quite like this again, but has some more buds on it. What a great buy that was, it's over two years old now, and has flowered a few times. much better than a bunch of flowers!

Tonight we are having:
Not absolutely sure really,
Maybe a pie with mushroom gravy,
mashed potatoes
mixed veggies.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Phone Calls...

Seems to be a morning of phone calls today. Vin got one this morning from an Indian lady called Janey !!! Why on earth do they give them such silly names. I can't belive there are Indial ladies called Janey, or Diana that I had the other day, or Veronica that I had a bit ago. I wonder if they have an A to Z of girl's names and they just go through them? I mean..who are they trying to kid really. Whatever name they call themselves i still have a problem understanding them. Mind you Vin took a call as we were having our lunch from a Welsh lady, and he said he couldn't understand her either!The only call of any use today, was the one from the people who deliver Aranesp my iron injections, good job we didn't bark at them n the phone.
This morning we took my money off to crosby Sainsburys to get our weeks stuff. There were a bunch of kids outside the store in the main centre, and I said to Vin they must be on a feild trip. he said They're french! Poor kids, fancy coming to's a horrible shopping place, and has nothing to commend it at all. A trip into liverpool would be OK though and the Anthony Gormley statues on crosby Beach are good. Not a very nice time of the year for visiting though.
Very quick trip round the store, and got everything we needed Vin went of to the paper shop to get his free Double decker bar from the morning paper. Very nice of them..not that we eat them though, they usually get put on the shelf and left there for ages. We don't eat a lot of chocolates, just the off ferrero Rocher on a weekend with our after lunch coffee, Do have a soft spot for those.

Lovely Spring flowers at front and back of the little house now at the moment. Well done Vin XXX
Tonight we are having:
Escalope from the freezer...
Mushrooms in a sauce
Pack of mixed vegetables
Baby baked potatoes 8oz.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Short and Sweet...

Didn't want to go far this morning, so went to Formby to the Waitrose. We intended to get just the items for the weekend, but as usual picked up other interesting looking items. never mind, they all will get used and fill up the storecupboard.
really nice and sunny, but still cool, certainly not warm enough to go coatless yet. Did see a man in shorts in there though! Parked right outside which was a surprise because the park looked busy.
We were watching a programme last night on the television called "The Tube" about
the London tube service. We were quite astounded by how busy they were.. can't imagine living in such a busy place, it would be my idea of hell really.So crowded..where on earth do they all live??
home in time for coffee this morning, and the cats still asleep. What a lovely life they lead, just about manage to come down for their chicken at one thirty. I mean don't strain yourself! Aah but they are worth it. horrible case in the Daily Mail this morning of a postman who had tortured a cat, bashing its head on a bin, and then throwing it over a wall. There were witnesses thank goodness and they made a 999 call which was played in court. He was heard swearing to them. At least he has been jailed..I hope someone gives him a tast of his own medicine in jail! Poor little cat, he was 14..didn't deserve to die like that. How can people do that..beyond me.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose,
Baked tomatoes
Rice pudding from Waitrose too.. Tonight it is a Waitrose fest!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nice Morning But...

Very blowy here anyway. We went out today for a bit of fresh air, so went over to Dobbies because Vin wanted to get some more logs.; They have terrific logs, hardwood and kiln dried so they burn well and don't spit or cause a problem with the chimney. reduced too..10% off so a better deal than usual.
Very blowy when we got there, you really had to hold onto the car door to stop it blowing away.Beautifully sunny though, my reactions lenses went quite dark.
Had a bit of a look round, they have the Mother's Day and Easter things out at the moment..shops are so commercial.It must be awful working in a shop, you never catch up, and everything is out so far ahead too. Didn't spot anything I fancied so just got the logs and our free coffees and made our way home. Called in at Waitrose on the way back, Vin wanted his pasties and I wanted an egg salad for tomorrow, so drove in and parked right outside. Got some money out of the ATM..that you can barely see. Had to guess that what I was doing was right, the screen was so dull. Not exactly user friendly for the sight impaired!
Poor Vin will be tired tonight, he was up at three o'clock this morning tending to little Rusty who was sick in the bedroomhe hears her I don't, so he jumps up. Once my hearing aids are out and I have my good ear on the pillow that's it..nothing wakes me up, except the light going on when he is looking after her. What a time to choose..still I don't expect they know. One of the joys of looking after a cat!
just had a phone call from a woman called Diana with a truly peculiar accent..Ooh we are so lucky we have a promotional discount reducing the price of our Sky from £150 to £70. Very odd..since it is not in my name suppose they wanted the creduit card details. As if I'd give those over the phone. Afraid I cut her off, her voice was terrible. She hasn't rung back..i wonder why.
Tonight we are having:The remaining pack of mixed vegetabklecheesey garlic kievs
Sliced potatoes sauteed in fry light.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'Twas On A Wednesday Morning...

The coalman came to call.. quite early this morning actually. Usually they arrive nearer lunchtime, but they ccame mid morning.
haven't done much today, did a pile of ironing this morning and ordered a bottle of my scent from Debenhams who are offering 10% off at the moment and free P&P. I use Origins essence of ginger and you can't seem to get it anywhere round here, so I have a spare now. Lovely.

Vin moved some of the plants from the back of the house to the front, so the front looks very Springlike now. Lovely pots of little baby irises, and daffodils, the dwarf ones that look so pretty.
I think it is quite cold today, really sunny but cold out of the sun. Jane is off today and is doing her assignments. She has sent her Physics one to us via email, and Vin read it because it is double dutch to meLooks very well done to me though. She rang up before to say that she had got her parcel, and was pleased with everything in it. She liked the monkey that I had spotted in M&S when the sales were on. It is a child's toy but really cute, and was sitting all on his own on a sale of reduced items table.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta witha Spinach and Ricotta sauce
A bit of garlic bread and parmesan cheese
A pack of mixed green vegetables.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sad Little Shop...

Beautiful day today and since we are stopping in tomorrow for the coal delivery, we decided to go over to ormskirk. Lovely trip actually with lots of pockets of daffodils here and there. Still cold though, even if the sun is shining.
Had a good look round the town centre, parked in Morrisons where there were loads of spaces today, and walked up to the centre. very cold in the shade it was, but nice in the sunny bits. Went to my bank, then into Holland and Barratt for our fishless fingers, everything there is on buy one get one half price so we did quite well there.
over to my Bon Marche sad..everything is at the front of the shop, with the back of the store totally empty now, and closing down sale signs everywhere. I feel so sorry for the girls in there, it has been a lovely shop to go in, and I will certainly miss it when it closes aat the end of the week. Still can't understand why they have kept the Maghull and Southport ones open and closed the Ormskirk one down, it's always been busy in there. Suppose it will become another charity shop!!
Had a lovely coffee in Morrisons, and got a few things to get our car parking pound back, then came home for around half one.
Jane has just rung up, her Dad posted her parcel this morning..£ it should arrive tomorrow morning. Hope she likes the things in it.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages in mushroom gracvy,
Mashed potatoes 8oz
Butternut squash and sweet potato.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Bright and Sunny..

Lovely day today but cold still. We went off to crosby this morning to get our stuff for the week. Vin went off to get a free Wispa bar from Martins courtesy of the Daily Express, very nice of them, and I started round Sainsburys.
Flowers first, I like my flowers, just got a bunch of not very inspiring carnations, but at least the keep well.Then round the veggies, trying today not to get too many, otherwise we have a fridge full by the end of the week. It's a bit like a corner shop for us this one, at least you know where everything is. Got all our things, then came home for coffee.
Parcel arrived with the earrings that I had ordered, our next door neighbour had taken it in for me. Nice too, to go with the collar necklace I had bought from butler and Wilson. Scanned all the shopping, and Vin brought the coal in from his car that we had got from the garden centre.
Thought my Kindle cover would have come today, but it hadn't, tracked my order and it hasn't been dispatched yet. The Kindle itself came extremely quickly, ordered it mid afternoon one day and it was here mid morning the next. really enjoying using it too, I am reading "Before I go To Sleep" which is proving to be an excellent read better than struggling with a small print paperback anyway.I love it actually, and it is really easy to use.
This afternoon Vin packed a "Survival" parcel for jane. he is going to send it via the next day delivery service, because she is in on Wednesday morning so he'kll post it tomorrow. We have sent her..Some cash..i save £1 coins in little tubes so have around £50, there is also an ASDA card with £60 on it for her shopping.
Then some treats..a box of Maltesers,a pouch of new posh coffee, which Vin says she won't appreciate, A cuddly monkey I spotted in M&S..she likes monkeys!and some more of the special Biros that she got me to order for her. nice little parcel altogether.Hope she enjoys it.
Jane has just rung up actually, and said she has got her holidays through, so should be hom,e at easter for a bit which will be nice. Not sure the cats will like that though, they rather like her bed!
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and broccoli escalope,
Little baked potatoes
Mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Quick Note...

Before I go down to watch Upstairs Downstairs. just had our tea..another wonderful Pizza from Vin the great Pizza maker, and enjoyed watching Dancing n Ice. voted for Andy Wyman.. Kirky off Corrie and hope he gets through again but it is getting dodgy now, i do have to say.
Did our crosswords this afternoon, Vin did his in record tome but mine took a bit longer until I could work out the two proverbs. they are always tricky.Cats fast asleep, one upstairs in Jane's room the other down in the room with us. Lovely life.
Tonight we had:
Pizza with our tomato sauce, portobello mushrooms pineapple and courgette
Egg and potato saladwith avocado pear
Potato salad for moi and Waldorf salad for Vin.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Touch of Spring...

Nice day today, the sun is shining and we were awoken quite early with little Rusty jumping on the bed and landing n my hip. Seems to be a very regular routine nowadays, but I don't mind. It's somehow quite comforting, and lovely that a little animal feels an attachment to you.
Sat in bed last night reading my new kindle. Must say I am very impressed with it. very easy to use,print east to read,and page turning uber quick. I am reading "Before I go To Sleep" which is proving to be a good buyabout a woman who loses her memory, and a thriller apparently, although not yet thrilling. Enjoyed a good long read of it, much easier than reading the large print books from the library, they weigh a ton.
Just bought a case for it from Amazonin a nice blue and purple (What else!)so that will protect it from scratching etc. Looking forward to that arriving now.
Vin had received a voucher in his tesco clubcard stuff this month, for £6 off £40, which, as much as we don't like tesco, is a good saving so we went there this morning. Called in at Waitrose for egg and potato salad first, then off over the road to the dreaded tesco. Usually the parking is terrible there, but today for some reason there were loads of spaces. Good Sign. Vin got the money out of the bank that we are sending to jane in her parcel, and off we went shopping. Actually iot wasn't too busy at all, often you can't move in there which is one of the reasons we don't gop. got all our stuff and extras that we don't get anywhere else, got our £6 off the bill and home in plenty of time for our coffee, which pleases Vin no end!!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers with tartare sauce
mushy peas for vin and green beans for moi
Chips! 200 grms between us
baked tomato each.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ding Dong..Kindle Here...

I ordered my Kindle very mid afternoon yesterday, and this morning mid morning too the doorbell went and there it was! Now that's good service for you, amazing actually. Vin got it up and running, attached to the WI-FI and we downloaded a book that I wanted. "Before I go to Sleep" which I have fancied for ages but the print was too small in the paperback. Vin has downloaded a free bok about Victorian Broadmoor which looks very interestingtoo. Text size nice and readable for me, so that solves the problem.
Very impressed all round.
Stayed in today which was just as well or we would have missed the delivery. Did a clearup in the kitchen, so that's all tiday, and Vin has been getting a parcel ready for Jane with some bits and pieces in it.
Really lovely baths this afternoon but not with the Kindle though! Otherwise nothing much doing today..very quiet and peaceful.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style drumsticks,
bread sauce and cranberry sauce
Potato croquettes
The remaining pack of mixed beans carrots and baby broccoli.