Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Off to Podiatry today, the appointment was for 1.30 so we took some lunch with us.  We had a lovely mid morning cappuccino and a shortbread so that put us on nicely, then went up to get ready. 
Got there quite early, so waited outside for a few minutes then Vin walked me to the waiting area. The receptionist there (Bob) well knows me by now, I have been there so often ! so i had a sit down and a short wait because we were early. Vin went off to park the car and was back within  a few minutes because he found a space lower down.
Called in by Lyndsey today, who is very quick and efficient. We had a bit of a conversation about nurseries, the children's ones and she said she pays £46 a day !!!! I was floored, gosh that is a chunk out of your salary every week. Anyway we got done quickly, and went off for our butties in one of the car parks that is miles away from the main hospital. Nice and quiet and a pleasant place to stop. Then we set off for home and a baby coffee to go on with. Well we have to have our coffees!
 I have an eye screening appointment at Litherland town hall next Tuesday, so when we got home Vin rang up the treatment centre to make an appointment for a dressing change, hoping he could get something there on Tuesday. Brilliant! He got one for 3.30 which follows on from the 2.20 eye one. Good timing.
Little Jessie of course hadn't moved since we went out. She was in the front room on the sofa by the basket that Vin was going to take to the animal rescue charity because she hadn't used it. Of course she uses it all the time now!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

M.O.T. !

Today was worked around the fact that Vin had to take his car to Formby for its MOT, which was a quarter to two. Wasn't too much of a bother really, we had  our coffee at the usual time and he took some sandwiches and a can of coke with him to the test and had a bit of a lunch there.  He said it was the quickest test he had ever had and he was home by about a quarter to three, really quick. Everything fine and no advisories either, great news.
I have just spent the morning messing abut on the computer with strict instructions not to move on my own Like being tethered! Only kidding.:)
Little Jessie was out this morning for a while, but while Vin was out he shut the cat flap so she couldn't get out on her own. He opened it when he returned and she went out for some sun, came back in on her own a while later which he was pleased with. 
 Trying to hide,  not very successfully either.  She does this at night when on Vin's front. She is a funny little cat, not what I would call a lap cat, she isn't one for going on your lap, but does go round Vin's shoulders when he is on the sofa.  

Monday, 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday and Guess What!!

It's raining! Isn't that typical. We have had lovely weather for the last week or so and today when people want a nice day to d things it is dull, cool and rainy. What a shame. Start of the half term holiday too. 
We don't tend to go out on a bank holiday so we stayed in. I caught up a bit on the computer which for once wasn't acting up, and Vin was doing things downstairs, starting his Spring Cleaning he says :)
Loads of recycling  papers and magazines and some clothing. It is really quite amazing where it comes from, but the Sunday papers alone are quite bulky. 
Little Jessie has been outside in between the drizzly bits. Jane rang up about half past three, and she was out then sitting on the back doorstep. She looks lovely sat there, her little face is beautiful. Big eyes and little white bits round her nose.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Warm Day!

Beautiful warm day today, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and the cat is in its basket in the front room keeping cool.
Vin went off to Formby this morning to sort out his MOT on his car and get it booked in. He had called in at the tyre place first to see about the back tyres and the chap there said that one of his back ones might get an advisory note but the bloke in the MOT garage had a look and said it looked ok, so he was happy about that. Next Tuesday it will be done. He usually takes it in for the test then walks to Tesco which is over the road, so it is a handy place to go. 
Jane rang up this morning on her way to get her glasses done so we were chatting about all sorts of bits and bobs. She is off till Tuesday, which gives her a nice break especially after  Monday night. She must have been so shattered.
I have been doing bits and bobs on the computer today when I had time, in between talking to our Jane, having coffee and lunch. Makes us sound really busy doesn't it! 
Tomorrow we have an appointment at the podiatry clinic in Aintree, which is a fairly early one, so we will have to get up and going. Little Jessie will have to be left to her own devices, but I expect she will have a nice restful sleep in her basket. 
I am always quite surprised that she doesn't topple out!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Out and About.

We were aiming to go out somewhere today but didn't have a clue where. Vin had been fretting about my foot which was last dressed on Friday when we went to see Mr. Butcher, but we don't have another appointment until Friday and he said that was too long. He did ring up the Health centre the other day but there were no appointments available so he had to leave it. Anyway he rang up this morning to see if there was anything going and there was a cancellation at Litherland so it was there for 2.15 which we made on time. Lovely woman did the dressing called Cathy, and she was quick too. 
On the way back home Vin suggested that we go to the garden centre to get our free coffees for May, which we did. Very nice too, we got large cups as well which was a bonus. Quite quiet in there mainly because there were a lot of orople outside in the sun but it is a bit bright for me without sunglasses anyway! We were fairly early as well so it was a nice relaxing coffee. 
Don't think little Jessie had moved, she was still in her basket where we left her, but when we came home Vin opened the catflap, and she went running out to sun herself on the patio. 
This cat looks so peaceful when she is asleep. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Terrible Events!

Well what a night that turned out to be!  The last thing I said to her when she rang up  on her way to work was " I hope you have a quiet night!"  However, later on in the evening there was an explosion at the Manchester Arena at a pop concert given by  Ariana Grande, with 22 people killed and about 60 injured.Can't go into any details about what she was working on but enough to say she said it was horrible. A lot of children injured also adults, parents who were there with their children. She started off in the main hospital dealing with x-rays and ended up in the Children's for around five hours because she was familiar with their wquipment and they only had two on duty so she volunteered to go and help there.  They were doing adults as well because the parents understandably wouldn't leave their children. 
She rang us up this morning from her bath where she was trying to unwind but I don't know if she would get much sleep.  Good luck with that sweetheart. 
There has been news coverage all day today with bits and pieces being leaked out, it seems the authorities know who was responsible, and they have arrested a young man also. The suicide bomber was of course killed at the scene.  No doubt there will be a lot of information on tonight's news. 
We stayed in today because we were expecting a delivery which came at lunchtime, also Vin was doing a lot of paper clearing out for the brown bin tomorrow. 
Little Jessie has been outside a bit today, sitting in the sun. It is quite warm today which is nice to get some sunshine. 
Vin has fitted a new doorbell on the front door, she tends to scoot upstairs whenever the bell goes, but she still did it with this one even though it is quieter. Don't know what it is with doorbells, she absolutely hates them and appears terrified when they go off. Poor little thing.  

Monday, 22 May 2017

Twas on a Monday Morning...

Nobody came to call really. It was a day of bits and pieces, we both made a few phone calls, my one was to Bullen's who rang me up last Friday but we were out. They said they would ring back but didn't so got in touch today to find that there would be a delivery tomorrow. Unexpected, and also delivering a few items I didn't want. Never mind they can go into stock. 
Vin has been sorting all the papers out and doing some gardening because it is green bin today, usually they collect later afternoon or early evening. 
Lot of banging outside this morning our neighbour next door but one is having his front garden redone. They seem to be doing the paving stone pathway and a green plastic lawn! He must have given up on the lawn mowing because he has one at the back as well. 
Vin has been doing all sorts in the garden, trying to tidy up . He also fiddled around with a pair of wiper blades that he had in the shed refurbishing them so he has a spare set now to go with the  ones he bought last week. He said he was chasing little Jess around having a play. I bet she enjoyed that. She seems to like him chasing her, and doesn't run away now but comes back for more!
I see!!!
Toorrow we are having a delivery apparently so won't be going out because you never know what time they are due, but never mind.  Vin is fretting about my foot a bit because it was done on Thursday and he rang the health clinic this morning but there are no appintments available. I am due at the podiatry on Friday but he said it is too long so he will do it!!!! Good grief, is there nothing the man can't do :) :) 

Friday, 19 May 2017


Today we took ourselves off to Dobbies, the garden centre over near Southport. We go there most months because they do a lovely free coffee if yu are in their garden club which we are.  Plus this time we wanted to get some hanging baskets to replace the Winter ones at the back of the house, and the slightly bigger one at the front of the house.  I like the hanging baskets it is almost instant gardening, and they give lvely colour all summer. 
We had a bit of a mooch around because it was also20% off day so it was worth getting a few bits that we needed. We got some nice candles, a couple of cakes and biscuits and of course our free coffees. Quite busy today probably because it was the discount day, it is worth getting the plants and things at the discount.  We went back to the car, and then Vin went to collect the baskets which he brought back to the car. Done and dusted and home by about a quarter to two.   Jessie of course was asleep in her basket.
She did get up to greet us though, probably because she was hungry!!


Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment at Aintree Hospital with Mr Butcher who did my right foot, very successfully too. After the foot had been undresses frrom all its bandages etc., he came in to say what he was thinking of doing. Basically it was to remove the sigmoid bones from under the big toe, and remove the first bone of the third toe which has an ulcer on it. Insert a wire to support it and thus solve all of the problems!
H the file down for pre-op. The nurse contacted them and we went upstairs for that to be done. Very time consuming and we only left at ten to five, after having blood pressure, weight, height and an E.C.G.. Then a lengthy talk with a male nurse who went through the medical history very thoroughly and carefully. That took ages, but like I said to Vin at least doing it that way saved us a separate journey. One odd thing was that when Vin was waiting in the waiting area he heard a name called which was my name before I was married! The exact same name. He said he looked round in case they had got my name wrong but another woman had got up!. Last thing was blood tests and then that was it, homeward bound! Finally getting home about fiveish.
Little jessie I don't think had moved at all, she had been in her basket all of the time we were away. 
Couldn't finish this yesterday because the computer network was really playing up badly and would only let yu type a couple of minutes at a time so I gave up in the end. Managed to save what I had done and just finished it off now.What a pain!! 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nowhere and Nothing!

Nowhere to go and Nothing much to do really, so we stopped in today and yesterday. Vin has been doing a lot of bits and bobs round the house and is working away at clearing up. Quite a job in this house with all of its clutter!  There is stuff everywhere, sometimes I'd like to have a big chuck out and start again!
Little Jessie has got herself into a really nice little routine. She tends to wake him up first thing in the morning and gets him up to get her breakfast, then goes into her basket to have a nice sleep. This morning was quite dark so she didn't come up too early, so he had a sleep in. The day is spent between sleeping and going outwhich she does very confidently through the cat-flap. 
Presently well away in her basket. What a life!
Jane s on nights again tonight so she will probably ring about 6.30ish. They have had a rough week in the NHS with the cyber crash last Friday. Ransomware was to blame also some hospitals using out of date systems apparently.  Don't know whether my appointment tomorrow will be affected, hope not, it is a lot of faff to go all the way there to find it isn't on, but I'm sure it will be ok.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bits and Bobs...

Stayed in today since we are out early tomorrow for a 10.O'Clock appointment at Aintree. Started off the day with a lovely shower and my favourite hair shampoo Linco Beer. I have just one tube left which is very precious since they stopped making it years ago for some reason. Can't imagine why it was a really lovely shampoo. 
Vin has been in the garden in bits and pieces today doing some pruning in the back garden and tidying up the front too. Very nice coffee at midday and a break for him. I have been catching up on here a bit trying to get on top of the posts in various forums. It is surprising how much you miss when you are away from the computer. 
Little Jessie is at the moment asleep in her basket, she did come up to see us before we got up this morning whichis getting to be a bit of a routine now. She sits firmly on her Daddy but she will let me stroke her. Just!
Look at that little face and imagine that staring at you in the morning till you get up to feed her! No not me, but her Daddy XXXX

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hobble Hobble,

Along to Podiatry today at 1.30. We had a babyish coffee before we went, and then a bit of a lunch in the Co-op car park when we had finished. 
Quite good feeling about the foot which is good news, Joanne did some clearing out, and a very good dressing which is always comfortable when she does it. Very good she is. 
Little Jessie was of course asleep in her basket when we got home. A nice few hours left undisturbed so she makes the most of it. Vin is presently in the garden so she might be out there with him in the sunshine. When we are out he locks the cat-flap so she can't get out otherwise he worries about her.  He has just come up to say she has come in because it is too warm, I suppose she feels it with all the black fur.
Look at these faces, aren't they gorgeous! 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Nothing Doing!

Not today anyway, just enjoying being at home and not tied to a hospital routine, not that much happens at the weekens there anyway.
Little Jess is still waking Vin up at some ungodly hour in the morning, meithering for a feed, so he goes down to feed her then she follows him back to settle on his stomach and only moves when he gets up for a shave.  She greeted me very nicely at the front door when I came home but doesn't actually go near me apart from that. 
A favourite pose of madams!
Jane rings up  most days . Yesterday she called on her way to manchester to go for an eye test, she then called afterwards to say she had chosen  some new frames that were Tommy Hilfiger ones. She was deciding whether to get two frames or just the one. I thought that it is always useful to have a spare pair, and she could claim on her Health plan anyway, so would get a good bit of money back.  She ordered those and they would be ready for Thursday..good going.
Vin has been doing bits and bobs in the garden, at the moment he is weed burning.  Why is it that weeds grows so much faster and more vigorously than anything else. !
 Beautiful show of daffodils in the barrel at the front of the house. 
 Real look of Spring if they are a bit late!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Home Again!

Back in the fold again!  The thought of yet another boring weekend in Aintree was driving me mad. However, after a lot of badgering  eventually I persuaded them to set me free. So home I am and having a lovely  "normal" day today. Nice for Vin to have some respite from all of the visiting, I know he was getting tired of it, and I don't blame him. 
Little Jessie met me at the door when Iwe came home, so don't think she has forgotten me, at least she didn't run upstairs out of the way!
While I was away, Vin said that the kettle had broken, so Itold him to get another one which he did from Curry's.A nice Russel Hobbs one for £39. Then he rang the firm to mention that it had broken because he had found it was still in guarantee, and they said they would send a new one!! That arrived this morning which is next day delivery. Good service eh!  We can return the new one back to Currys, probably next week sometime, and get a coffee somewhere at the same time!