Thursday, 31 July 2014

In and Out...

Since we were out yesterday we were in today. Vin wanted to have a go at the garden shed, it is grey bin tomorrow so a bit of a chance to get rid of some rubbihy bits and bobs. 
he had a good go at that and got some stuff redone in there, we just about had our morning coffee outside but it was very overcast, and looked like rain. So he got back to work. Finished off for lunch which he hurried u a bit because it really looked like rain. Then....he just about got the stuff back in the shed and.... the sun came out! typical...It is really quite warm now. What freaky weather we do have in this country.
I did a bit of ironing and bought a book on the computer! I had been watching the new J.K.Rowling book "The Silkworm" for ages, but it was £6.99 on Amazon. Anyway I looked this morning and it was down to £1,99. So I snapped that up. What a bargain, and I do love a bargain.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe lamb grills with gravy
Boiled new potatoes
Carrots and broccoli.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Little Outing!

Today was going to be an at home day, because we did go out yesterday. But, last night I suggested to Vin that we go over to Ormskirk  (a) to get little Rusty's tablets and (b) to see if the holland and Barratt shop had any fishless fingers. 
So, off we went to Ormskirk. it was a very overcast and grey looking day anyway so we wouldn't have been sitting outside anyhow.  We parked in the middle outside M&S which was fairly busy today, and when Vin got out of the car to get the parking ticket, he was called over by a woman in a car who was moving out. She offered him her parking ticket which actually had an hour left on it so that was a good start. We walked through  to the centre and to the H&B. As luck would have it they had quite a lot of fishless fingers so we bought three, also some of Linda McCartney's sausage rolls, so we are well set up now. i went over to superdrug for a mooch and  Vin went into W.H.Smiths. I got a few things but he didn't see anything he wanted. Back to the car and he did go over to the B&ms for batteries, while I listened to the radio. 
Down to morrisons for a coffee. they do really nice coffee for a supermarket, vin had a latte and I had a black one. got a few things in there afterwards to get the parking fee back,
Home in time for lunch, and lo and behold the sun is shining and it has gone quite warm again. 
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a four cheese sauce,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
butternut squash and broccoli. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bathroom Bliss!

Off we went to get our weekly stuff today, but first we had to go and get our shower kit from Homebase. they have a %10 deal for over 60s on a tuesday, so although Vin went and had a look at them on  Saturday so he had a good idea of the one he wanted. But, we waaited to get them till today.
we went to homebase first and then because we had an avocado to take back to Waitrose the plan was to go there afterwards. The shower bit was easy actually. A few to choose from but he got one that has a terrific new big head on it, and four settings to cover everything you need. The power shower bit looks fantastic. I bought that with the money I got from doing my YouGov surveys which was £50, so that was paid for with that. I always like to get something that you can look at and say I got that with my YouGov money! Whilst we were at it we also go a new toilet seat, our old ne has had a bit of a bashing to say the least!
Nice little quick trip round Waitrose then to get our veggies. I do like their veggies. A few other bits that we needed and then we went for a free coffee. Vin took the avocado back, and got double the money back too, so we have done quite well today. free paper too so that saves 50p.  Note...Old men should not be let out in short shorts. i would never let Vin out in short shorts! there was an old man in the cafe part with shorts mid way up his thighs, white knobbly knees and varicose veins! No definitely not!! Shouldn't wear socks either!
Home and Vin being Vin started to fix the shower in place, which he did remarkably quickly. He is really good at fixing things, very clever with his hands, and a screw driver.  Now he is fixing the new toilet seat which will revamp the bathroom quite a lot.  very well done Vin..good job!

Tonight we are having:
Escalope with mozzarella cheese and pesto
Potatoes sliced and fried
Mixed veggies,
Hollandaise sauce to go with the veg.

Monday, 28 July 2014


Vin goes off to get a Christmas rose plant!! In the middle of july. Nice plant he came back with though, he got it from over the road at the Ladygreen nurseries. 
We got up this morning quite late, mainly because we didn't actually plan to go anywhere, and didn't need anything, so no rush. We don't tend to go out as much while the kids are off on holiday anyway, so it doesn't matter. We will go somewhere tomorrow because vin wants to get a new showerhead and hose from Homebase, and they have %10 off on a tuesday.
Saturday evening the annual tennis Club musical evening was on the plot of land at the back of our house. it belongs to the dentist who is two doors down from us, and is landlocked so is mostly a garden. Every year they have a "do" there, with different music. One year it was a very good jazz band with a really good girl singer. This year it was a bloke singing sea shanties, got a bit much after a while really. Plus every year mostly without fail it rains!! looked  like  it was going to be lovely and sunny, but saturday it was quite cool, and then in the evening just after they got started to pour down, really pour. What a shame.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushrooms
Green salad with mint and oregano dressing.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Posh Today...

Today we had a posh day and took ourselves off to Waitrose for our weekend things. One of the draws of course was the free coffees that they give, so it was a quick whizz round, got our things and then went for coffees. very nice  very surprising actually that because it was really quiet today with loads of tables free. Plenty of grandparents who seem to be on childminding duty today. Lots of little kids running around.
Vin has just come back in, he was outside but came in because it was too hot, the sun in the back garden is scorching hot, and doesn't go until it sets later on. 
big crowdes in Liverpool today because it is the day of the giants which is aloways a big draw. they are terrific, no doubt they will be on the Northwest news tonight.
Jane rang up this morning quite upset because she has failed her practical exam and has to retake it on the morning of her birthday. Apparently she missed the patella off her kneecap. She just cannot understand this because she said you just can't do that. It is like taking a picture of a hand and missing off the fingers! Oh dear..what a shame.
Tonight we are having:
Burger with chips 200 grms
Spaghetti hoops and mushrooms.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Big iron...

Well it was inevitable, we did the washing on monday so today followed up with the ironing. 
At one point Vin came into the kitchen and said if you knew how much ironing was involved with this bedding would you have bought it? Well, sometimes maybe. It is nice bedding though, and it is lovely sleeping in Egyptian cotton sheets, and it is too late to turn bak now!!
very warm again today. We enjoyed our coffees outside on the patio, with a bit of a breeze going it was very pleasant. It has gone very warm now though (mid-afternoon) mainly because the sun comes round the back of the house after noon and we get full sun till it goes down in the evening.
Vin was outside before but has come in saying it is too hot for him and he is going to do some of his paperwork in his study.  little Rusty was ut with us briefly this morning but is now in her hole under the coffee table in the middle room. She is tending to cme into the kitchen to just flop down n the quarry tiled floor where it is cooler I suppose. Aaah Bless her.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with cheese
carrots and beans
potato croquettes
Hollandaise sauce.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What a Scorcher!

Very warm today. bright sunshine , blue skies and hot. Makes a nice change from the wintry weather we have been having though.
We decided that we were going out today, and since I wanted to go and change something I had bought online from Bon marche that it would be Maghull where there is a branch. Lovely journey, the air-con in Vin's new car is just brilliant, keeps you cool without having the windows open and being too hot. The air con is definitely a real plus factor in this weather. Good choice Vin.
Parked in the square and I took my item back to change. Got myself some shortsleeved nichties instead so was happy with them. Vin went off to do some of his own shopping in B&M etc.,  He wasn't outside when I came out so I nipped along to Superdrug, and got some stuff from there. Night cream to keep the wrinkles at bay. (Not!)  Then it was round to the costa Coffee shop ( of course) Vin was saying that he thinks that I only get stuff online so I can take them back and then go to Costa! Ooops...Caught!!!
I had a very nice Americano medium and he had a "caramello" which loopked beautiful frothy top with a drizzle of caramel syrup over the top.
Tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce
A bit of garlic bread for Vibn
Green vegetables.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Gorgeous Day!!

Really hot and sunny todaya beautiful Summer's day actually.
We needed to go out to get our things for the week today, and also to get some photos printed off to send in my letter to John and Ann. So off we went to Crosby to Sainsbury's. We had a voucher for £2.50 off £15 anyway so that decided us in any case. Not a bad offer that, no doubt that the vouchers/coupons draw us ito the stores!!
Loads of parking available quite why I have no idea, and you do get 1/2 an hour free parking. So the plan was to go and get the photos done, and then whizz round the store. Which we did and all in the 1/2 hour which was good. Got the photos done very quickly, and they turned out beautifully, so when the printer is cleaned and printing again they can be sent off.
Home in time for our coffees outside on the patio. if we go out tomorrow we will get a Costa in maghull.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie with gravy
Carrots and green beans or broccoli.

Monday, 21 July 2014

V & J At Home...

We didn't go out today because we had bits and bobs to do so we were at home today.
Did our bedding todfay because the sun is shining and you never know what it is going to do tomorrow. Hanging on the line it is drying nicely, ready for the big iron on Thursday probably. 
We did have a lovely coffee outside on the patio this morning. Vin had a Colombian and I had a Kenco Crema. i wish we could find somewhere they sell Chai Lattes, no-one seems to stock those lately. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to the car. She often rings up for a chat then and we have some lovely little chats either in her car or when she is walking to it. She bought some Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday for a treat, and was taunting me with them. She knows I have always fancied one of those, but yu can't buy them round here :(
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and cheese
Hoisin noodlee salad for Vin
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes

Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy Birthday To Meeee...

July the 18th and it's my birthday today. Only 68! Gosh where did the years go to? Got a nice card from Vin (with the price on the back! ) and one from John and Ann in Australia. Vin bought me two bunches of flowers, and John and Ann sent me a lovely little bag with lavender in it, and a really nice friendship bracelet. I love them, the way they click on a table or surface. Jane rang up at lunchtime to wish me happy birthday too, she was on her way to Uni to drop off some papers then off to work.
Funny day weatherwise, started off very blowy but not cool, quite humid actually, Now the sun is shining and it's gone warm again.
Vin went off to Tesco this morning to get the weekend things, I had to wait in for a delivery from Bullens, which actually didn't come till mid afternoon. We had a nice Macchiato on the patio this morning, that was a bit of a treat, because I don't often have a milky coffee. Very nice too.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onin rolls,
green beans for moi and spaghetti hoops for Vin
A few sliced potatoes fried or chips 200grms

Thursday, 17 July 2014

It's a Hot One...

Very warm today, temperature is well up in the twenties. We sat outside for our coffee this morning but it was getting a wee bit hot then. Little Rusty came out for a bit but got herself under the bench on the shelf in the shade then went back inside!!
Vin has spent the morning on his little netbook trying to get on PayPal and Ebay. All he wanted was a pack of rubber drive bands for the stero in the extensin which is currently not working because the drive band has stretched. It took him quite a couple of hours because he had to redo the password, log on again which was easier said than done, Then he had to do that again with the Ebay site because we haven't used that for ages. What a performance!! Whoever said that using the internet was easy! And all he wants is a pack of rubber bands.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer..not sure what yet,
Any remaining veggies that we havi over
Potatoes sliced and fried

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Expensive cat litter!!

We woke up this morning and thought we would go out somewhere for a coffee but couldn't decide where to go. not a huge amount of choice really, and Vin decided that we needed some cat litter..well not us! but little Rusty who uses it now that Bobbie is no longer with us.  So off we went to Tesco.
 Got a trolley but didn't exactly do a lot of shopping, just cat litter and a couple of other things, then we went for a Costa. Vin had a Soy milk latte with a shot of cinnamon which smelt lovely actually, and I had my Americano.  very  pleasant break and a good chat. We are in tomorrow for a delivery so it will be a coffee at home tomorrow anyway.
Very overcast today, and a bit drizzly but Vin did put the car through the car wash, Parking under the trees is not a good idea. Especially in Spring/Summer with the birds around.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce..macaroni cheese style,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
Butternut squash and broccoli.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What a Night!!

What a night indeed. one of those nights..i was rumbling all night and wouldn't stop. Poor Vin was kept awake with it so we didn't get much sleep at all. I had a delivery expected from the Aranesp people and he rung them up to see when it would arrive, which turned out to be between half eight and half ten, so he went and got the papers, and we had an early little cup f coffee. Dropped off for a snooze then little Rusty woke him up a bit later.
Consequently we have had a quiet day today, just messing about a bit, and I did a bit more of my letter to John and Ann. At least the rumbling has of those things I suppose. Lovey sunny day today too, so we sat outside in the sunshine with our mid morning coffees. I had a nice Americano and Vin had a Chai latte that he made from Soya milk and one of the discs. Smelt is a very aromatic drink and I think even I could be urged to try one of those, although I hate tea.
Little Rusty is very quiet today too  Vin washed her paw today in the sink because it was a bit gacky with her nost thing, and he said she wasn't best pleased either. One of those times you have to be cruel to be kind.
Jane rang up before, on her way to Tesco to get something nice for her tea. She has been in theatre today and wasn't best impressed with some of the doctors up there who shout at the nurses and them too.
One of the lovely chocolate cosmos plants that Vin has grown from bulb. It has an unbelievable scent of chocolate in its flowers and the most beautiful colour.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Little new potatoes sliced and fried
Some veg from the selection
Cheese sauce.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Little Outing..

We decided to take ouselves and the new car off to Dobbies this morning.  We wanted to use our free coffee voucher for the month and have a bit of a look round.
Just had to stop doing this while i answered the phone. it was some bloke with a completely foreign accen that i couldn't understand a word of who insisted on calling me Mrs jennifer!!! Then when i said I couldn't understand him he hung up!!! How rude.. They get worse these foreign calls.
Anyway, off we went to Dobbies. Vin went off to look at plants and I had a mooch round the gifts. did see some nice bangles that I quite fancied and would have bought one if we had gone past them on the way out, but we didn't. Ah well, maybe next time. Actually we didn't buy anything this time which is unusual for us. We did have a nice free coffee though, Vin had a flat white and i had an Americano..very nice too..we shared a jam sandwich biscuit between us. It was very quiet in there and loads of room today. Must be a good day to go.
Vin's hanging baskets looking really good this year. the colours are lovely especially against the white wall. It's a nice view from the kitchen window.
Tonight we are having:
pizza with mushrooms and cheese
green salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Noodle alad for Vin

Saturday, 12 July 2014

It's the Weekend...

They do come round with monotonous regularity do weekends. generall we don't go anywhere, we leave that to the poor sods who have to work during the week, but Vin often goes off in his new car to get bits and pieces he wants to look at.
Today he wanted to get a handle for the attachments that he got from the gardening section of Tesco yesterday. I stop in and have a mooch on the computer. Rusty goes in her little hole and has a sleep till Vin gets back.
This is Vin's Toyota being driven off on a lw loader after having been sold. AAAH Bye bye old faithful.
This is his new obne outside our house. lovely Nissan Note..the colour is Cafe Latte!

This is Vin's "Selfie" with the baby..otherwise little Rusty.  Smile Vin XXXX

Friday, 11 July 2014

You wait Ages...

For one delivery then two come along at once. We had t wait in for the P.O. this morning before we could go out. Then at about eleven ish the bell went and Vin went to answer it, coming back with not one but two parcels! I didn't tell him about the other one!! Two very nice T-shiorts, one a pink/red Bob mackie one and the other a lovely white Quacker factory one..both from the clearance sections. Very leased with both of them.
Then off we went to Tescos for the weekend things, a bit later but it didn't matter. nice warm day so the air con in Vins new car was welcome.  Had a god look round T's and got all of our things plus Vin got a couple of gardening tools he had his eye on. that took us over the fifty pounds mark so we got the seven pounds off the shopping which was good.
His hanging baskets look good this year..
Can't find the ones he downloaded today so put this one on instead.Actually the ones done this year a really lovely but they seem to be hiding somewhere n the puter. Come out come out wherever you are ! !
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls linda McCartney
Chips 200 grms
green beans for moi and something tomatoey pasta hoops?
We miss you weeks on monday XXXXX

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rest and Relaxation...

Not...After having the day out yesterday to the Cheshire Oaks it was a day in today.  Started off with the ironing, the usual big pile of the bedding which is a pain to iron but looks good on the bed when it is done.  So that is the best of the morning actually.
then we did the floor in the kitchen.  A bit of a breather then a very nice Cafe macchiato outside in the sunshine with little Rusty. Very pleasant sitting out there in the quiet with just the birds and the little cat.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was on her way to work at Ticketmaster, and was walking back from her car park to work. She was starting a bit earlier so will get a little bit more money for her shift. Well done Jane you work very hard. I'm proud of you. XXX
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a cheese sauce
butternut squash,
Any veggies that need using up,,mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Got One!!

Up earl;yish this morning because we had planned to go to the Cheshire Oaks outlet place in Ellesmere Port.  It is the first time that Vin has used his car for a good journey rather than just local, and we were there around ten thirty. Started off by the Clarks shoes and he went in there while I went into next. Don't know why I bother going in there never get anything and the quality is terrible these days. Then we went over to ht other side and hjad a look at the L'occitane shop. bought some liquid soap refills and some hand soaps, and because we had spent over thirty five pounds Vin got a mans shower gel for free. Nice one too.
Coffee break then..guess where..Costa. we always go there when we visit Cheshire Oaks. vin had a soy milk latte with hazelnut and I had a medio Americano. lovely break, and fairly quiet after we had arrived. 
We walked round t the Lulu guinness shop and I bought one...a handbag. lovely black leather with the lips design n the front. just the right size to carry all my bits without being too big like the one I ordred from the website online last week. And cheaper too, so i am well chuffed..really well chuffed.
Lunchtime by then so went round to the Sainsburys. Very little choice actually, so i ended up with a jacket potato with cheese and Vin had a tasted cheese and onion sandwich and ate my salad with it Looked for Chai Latte tassimo discs but they didn't have any so got some latte ones because they were on offer. back round to the M&S I had a bit of a look rounmd there while vin went to W.H.Smiths, but he didn't get anything there. he had already bought his ink from the Cross shop £4.40 for a bottle of ink! it is actually quite hard to buy ink these days, a lot of card shops etc., don't sell it.  left there at three minutes to three and were home by twenty to four. good going eh!
lovely day out, really enjoyed it.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie with veeggies carrots and butternut squash.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Short and Sweet...

Bit dark this morning so little Rusty didn't wake us up so early..hence we didn't get up till about tennish. quite late waking for us, she usually gets round Vin's face fairly early on so he gets up to get the coffee.
Didn't matter because we weren't going anywhere. It is bed washing day anyway, and we did go out yesterday to get our veggies so no need to go there. I think we are planning to go to the Cheshire Oaks tomorrow before the kids break up for the summer and it gets busy, so it was a day in instead.  Weatherwise it is a bit unstettled today, Vin went to put the washing out but it started to drizzle, now it has cleared up and is really sunny. jane rang up before to say that it was pelting down there and she was going out to get a treat to keep her going through the revision session. She calls it incentive revision!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope Southern fried
little sliced potatoes fried in fry light.
carrots and broccoli
bread sauce

Monday, 7 July 2014

Eye Eye!

Lovely bright sunny day today. I had an appointment for an eye screening at litherland health centre at ten to eleven, so our day centred around that. this was the appointment that we cancelled about four/five weeks ago because we set off for it to Aintree hospital and on the way the Heavens opened and Vin's windscreen wipers packed up! So we had to cancel it and arrange another.  As a consequence of that he was sort of forced to buy another car..which is beautiful by the way!
Got to the appointment right on time and waited about a couple of minutes and the girl called me in. Eye test and then the drops put in each eye. Back to the waiting room and wait for about twenty mins. Thought it was quite busy when I got back but people were waiting for other professionals like chiropody etc., The time went quickly and she called me back in. took about six pictures of each eye and one of the front, and that was it. Out by twenty past eleven.
the plan was then to go along to Formby Waitrose to get our veggies while we were out so we can stop in tomorrow. we could get our free coffees as well which would be nice. Went round the veggies and selected some nice mixes for the week, and a few other things that we get from there that we don't get from anywhere else. they are very good for crackers of the more unusual types that noone else has. Lovely break for a free coffee . Almost had a bit of a catastrophe because half way round i found I had lost my sunglasses. thankfully Vin noticed them in the carrots!!! must have dropped in when I was picking out some carrots from the bottom shelf. Good job he found them because the sun was so bright outside the store my eyes couldn't see anything..the drops are effective for a few hours.
So quite a busy morning.
Tonight we are having:
pizza and salad with baby plum tomatoes
Cous cous salad for Vin.

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Fourth of July...

Not exactly a nice sunny American type day it was tipping it down today. our next door neighbour was having a garden party for the church today which was a shame. Don't know what they did in the end. Aaah the vagaries of the British weather. It's clearing up now too.
We went off to Tesco this morning for the weekend things. Quite quietthere the lull before the kids break up for the summer maybe. had a bit of a mooch but stuck to the list of what we had planned. No Costa today either because we had one out yesterday which was a bit of a shame because it looked nice and quiet too.
Jane rang up at lunch time she had been to uni to get a book out for her revision, and she was going to town before work to get a pair of trainers. She said hers had holes in the bottoms! Then she rang up a bit later to say she was trapped in her car because it was pelting down and she would get soaked. her plan was to get her tack suit bottoms on and take her good trousers with her. Ever resourseful our jane.
Tonight we are having:
fishless fingers and tartare sauce
Chips 200 grms
mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Yesterday in Today out...

See weather house people. today dawned grey and a bit drizzly. We had planned to go over to maghull today, Vin had a few places he wanted to go to and I can always find something in the Bon marche and Superdrug. We parked in the square and both of the parking machines were broken so we had free parking. Always a bonus.
I started off in BM and found a really nice light jacket to wear over t-shirts etc., and a sparkly jumper with a bit of bling in the sale. Pleased with them. off to Superdrug and got some day cram I had run out of a some other bits. Vin took them back to the car and we went round to the Costa. very nice comfy seat at the front on one of their sofas, he had a soy milk latte and I had a medio Americano. We shared a 1/2 pack of little shortbreads. really pleasant in there people watching.
Cleared up when we got home and it is actually a really nice sunny day now. Typical july I suppose.
Tonight we are having:
escalope with gruyere cheese
potato croquette
mixed vegetables

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weather Vane people...

We are like those little weather house day we are in the next we are out. Today is an in day. Lots of bits and bobs to do so didn't go anywhere today.
Started the day with a bit of ironing and a load of washing on. Just about drying on the line but it is a bit overcast now and looking a little bit like rain.
jane has just rung up and said that it was quite nice in Manchester but is getting a bit blowy now. She has been at Uni all day today at an Open Day showing people around. She gets about £150 for doing that so is worth it's another thing to put on her CV she says.
Vin has been in the garden this morning getting a lot of tidying up done, weed burning and sorting out of some of the plant pots that have become a bit pot bound. Well done vin XX
Wonder if my handbag has been dealt with. I bought a Lulu Guinness handbag which was really nice. black patent leather with a Marcel wave design on the front..but...when it arrived it was just too big for me. much bigger than any bag that I had ever had before..such a shame. So, it had to go back unfortunately. Ah well maybe another time i will get the right one.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato and mascarponme sauce
Asparagus and butternut squash
A bi9t of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Nice and Sunny...

To try out Vin's new camera. We went off to Tesco this morning to get our veggies for the week and some other bits and bobs.
Vin wanted to get a memory card for his new camera that he bought yesterday, and he came up with an 8GB one for tryinh it out with. I went over to have a look at them with him and told him to get the 16GB one which obviously holds a lot more pictures. might as well get the bigger one to start with than faff about with two smaller cards.
He has been trying it out in the garden, and the pictures are fantastic, really good quality. When he has worked it out how to download them on to this computer i will put some on here. or rather he will!
No we didn't get a Costa coffee today either which I was a bit miffed about i do like my Costa coffees, but he had said before we went that we would have ours outside on the that is what we did. Was quite warm actually until the sun went behind a cloud and it got duller. nice day now though, bright and sunny.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn cottage pie
carrots and beans