Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Early Christmas!

this year we had somewhat of an early christmas. Jane is working over the Christmas holiday or some of it anyway so wouldn't be able to get home for a real break. She did have a period in the middle of November she would be able to get home for three days so we had a Christmas then.
it was lovely actually, we put the decorations up, and the lights outside and all of our little bits and bobs . Got her presents and other bits of treats, and we had a great day. Our Christmas dinner was nice this year too. I made a "meat loaf and Vin had bought a linda McCartney celebration roast which he and Jane had. little roast potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce carrots and sweetcorn for V&J
Our pudding was chocolate brownie with thick cream and raspberries for vin and me and ben and Jerry's ice cream for Jane.  Yummy.
Yesterday I should have gone for a podiatry appointment at Aintree but couldn't go becaus  I had a bit of an upset with the colostomy so was bed bound, that appt was cancelled and another made for early in December. 
This is my Christmas present from Jane. A gorgeous little yankee candle snowman with a nightlight in him. Isn't he beautiful..I LOVE him, he just makes me smile. Thankyou JaneXXXX

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


ince the nursey at Aintree had done the dressing really badly I was actually quite happy to do that. Lovely nurst at netherton, Did everything blood pressure checked for pressure sores etc., and redid my dressin beautifully, she could do with teaching the nursey in Aintree some lessons in bandaging actually. 
Posted off my Bauble swap yesterday Monday 23rd Nov.  and put together for sending to Australia. Just have to finish off their letter, always a bit late with that.. Never mind it will get there. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Definitely Wintry!!!

No appointments today so decided to go out somewhere..ended up in Tesco. We needed a few top up bits and bobs and thought we'd get those then go for a Costa afterwards. I went round with the support of a trolley instead of my wheels, so did a little bit of browsing as well :) Got some things for our Christmas like Christmas cake slices and stollen slices which Vin loves. Also got a few things fr the fridge so I have some items to select from. Make a change from omelettes!
The weather is horrible today, When we came home and were having our lunch it was hailstoning very heavily,Really battering the windows, glad we beat that. Would have been a good day for soup except that we were both full of gingerbread lattees so only wanted a light lunch.
Jane just rang up a little while ago and said it was cold there, but no hail as yet. FB entries from the family in Australia showing bright sunshine and blue skies and lovely beach scenes..seems odd for Christmas weather!.
Cheers to you all in Oz!Wish my hair was like this is so thin nowadays despite all of the vitamins!!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hello My Friend.. Nice To Be Here Again :)

Well..back again.. Been a while. Started on August bank holiday Sunday with a with a badly infected toe which required hospital treatment and one thing led to another and seven weeks in hospital!¬!! two weeks in Aintree then removalto the royal in liverpool for removal of said toe, three and aq half weeks including five days in the HDU unit, and finally two weeks in Aintree for two weeks in the rehab ward where they got me on my feet again. Now home for a month and gradually getting mobile again with the help of all the NHS staff and a Zimmer frame a souped up one with wheels called a Delta frame and a ordinary one for inside and upstairs. is great to be home.
Jane has been home for the last three days for HER Christmas!! It was lovely actually. We have all of our trees up, decorations and everything, and we had a Christmas dinner last Tuesday the 18th of November!. She starts her new job on the 1st of December and will be working at Ticketmaster on Christmas so couldn't get home.

Ooo0psw clicked on the wrong was meant to be a pic of the "Christmas" table. never mind I'll get it right one day!. Jane took some greatt pics on her camera, just waiting for her to upload them for us. We took her back to her car which she parked at Aintree while she was here.Visit was a success I think. poor Vin is ready for a rest now, he has worked like a Trojan over the last few weeks getting everything ready. Bless him XXXX

Friday, 6 November 2015

My Goodness! I Actually Went Out !!!!

Yep..Actually got out of the house..was beginning to wonder if I was wever going to get out. Got up earlyish because Vin had rung a nu8mber he had seen in the village shop tahat he had seen some days ago. It was for a bloke who was looki9ng for bikes to be recycled, and it so happens that we have had two bikes in our back yard under plastic for about three years if not lon ger! Well he rang back this morning to say he would come and collect them this morning which he did. Hooray..they have gone and the yard looks a lot tidier now. 
I got a pair of trousers yesterday and Bon Marche sent the wrong leg length sending 27" instead of 29" that I always get. So I decided that we wouldd go to maghull to return them and get a Costa there at the same time. Great parking and in I went to the shop to change them. The lady swapped them straight away for a navy pair of the right length. While I was in the shop I also got a pair of slipper socks for Jane when she is at home and a pack of three pairs with cute little cats on them. Hope she likes them! Went into the card shop next door and got a card for John and Ann, then into the pound bakery next to there to get a pakin that I had seen in the window for £1..Can't BEAT THAT.
Our Costas were lovely. Vin had a gingerbread latte with a sweet little mini gingherbread man, and I had a salted caramel capuccinno which was nice but I wouldn't rave over it..his gingerbread one tasted nicer. We shared a pack of wafer biscuits.
Home for lunch and a parcel to be collected from the village shop which was a wrap I had ordered for the coldeer weather. Then the doorbell went..Amazon with the things i had ordered.. a calendar for Jane and some coffee pods to make up the amount needed for free delivery. So a very successful day today :) :) 
Tomorrow i havee an appoint,ent ay yhr pofistry clinic in Litherland to get my foot dressed.
Hey Ho  !!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

*I Did Nothing...Vin Bought a Freezer!!

I fully intended to go out today..I really wanted to go and have a loojk at freezers in the shop in Formby, then go for a nice coffee out in the village somewhere, m aybe Cafe Nero...but...
By the time he looked online and rang a coyuple of places up it was getting on for half past eleven so I told ghim to go and buy one then come bck for coffee, therefore I ended up not going anywhere.  So off he went with instructions to buy the Hotpoint one which will be delivered to the shop on Tuesday. At least we will get a freezer for next week. We will then be able to get a bit stocked up for when Jane comes home on the 15th onw.
There was a delivery from Bon marche of some jogging pants but...when I looked at the label the leg length was 227" and I take 29". Grrrr... This means they will have to go back Grrrr. That's a pain, and Vin isn't pleased. He thought I had ordered the wrong size so I had to go online to show him that the website didn't give you an option of leg lengths and it stipulated they were 29" inside leg.
Ah Well!  that was my very boring day today....

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bits And Bobs!!

Today is a day of doing bits and bobs really. Started the day off I with a lovely shower, which is actually quite a palaver because the bathroom has to be got ready, the frame dismantled from around the loo otherwise there isn't any room the bathroom being so tiny. I also have a contraption called a "Limbo" which is used over my bandaged leg to cover it up when in the shower so it doesn't get wet. very clever...but you do have to be a bit careful because it does tend to be a tad slippy on the bath mat. Anyway, job done and  I enjoyed a blissful shower. i have a number of aids in the bathroom, like grab rails over the shower, and by the side of the loo, also a seat over the bath to make getting in and out easier. The occupational therapy girls are great, really helpful.
Then sorted out a drawerful of bras because I had a delivery of two new spare ones from Bon Msrche in a smaller size, my other ones are too big now. trying to find somewhere to send the old very good ones to to recycle them. Have actually been waiting in all day for a delivery from Amazon which was supposed to come today but as of yet hasn't arrived. not sure what time they deliver to though.
Vin has done the bulbs in the barrel at the front of the house this morning, a little bit later than usual but doesn't matter, they will all come up around the same time. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Out For A Costa!!!

Hooray...out for a Costa coffee this morning, at long last! There was a time in the hosps when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get there again, but here we are.
Firstly this morning the District nurse arrived to re-do the dressi9ng on my toe and leg. She rang up first to ask where we were in the village and arrived in a few minutes. lovely young girl, very friendly and nice. She did the dressing and when we said that we could get to a treatment clinic she tried to ring them but apparently the phone lines are out of action so she rang back at lunch time. She or someone else will be out on Friday unless we hear otherwise so at least we know where we are. can plan the rest of the week now.
Arriving at Costa tesco looked fairly busy, but got a good parking place near the entrance. went inside with the help of my walking wheels BUT the Costa was heaving..absolutely full so decided to give up and i went back to the car and vin went to get the bits we needed. Back at the car after that he said there was a space then so off we went back again and lo and behold there were loads of free spaces including our favourite table. I had a lovely skinny latte and he had a Grande soya latte with caramel flavour. Gorgeous...NOW I am on the road to recovery :) :) 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Another hang around day!!!

Yep another hanging around day. Waited round all day for the District nurses to come and change the dressing on my foot. The Podiatry lady said  she would get in touch with them and they wiould probably come on Monday (today) Anyway, even though Vin rang up and left a message sso far nobody has been and I don't think they will now, so that messes up tomorrow now too. Ah well I am not in a position to moan all of the attention I have had
  So that takes care of tomorrow now too.
Vin did some gardening this morning, he cleared out the barrel by the front door in preparation for planting some daffodils, we are a bit late but they will go in sooner or later. 
I had a bit of a session catching up on the computer. ordered two new bras because i am down to one in the smaller size, and another pair of jogging pants as a spare set for round the house. 
Vin also had a bit of a baking session and made a beautiful brioche loaf. he did the dough in the machine and we always finish it off in the tin in the oven. makes the house smell wonderful.