Tuesday, 30 September 2008

What A Change..

In the weather. Really blowy and cold today. Mr Ken next door's aerial has blown into a bent shape, and Grahams two doors down is the same. They will be getting frosty reception tonight. Very dark in the house, can't move without putting on lights. Since we didn't go anywhere today we did the kitchen floor. It is a quarry tiled floor which is great, but needs mopping out every now and then to keep it looking good. Then the cats come in with their muddy paws and leave little trails. They have been going out and running straight down to the little shed or rabbit hutch. Following on from that we did the bathroom floor, and the front porch. I did the bathroom out, so we are nice and clean now. VT finished off round the bath, isn't he a good boy..well housetrained house husband!
Nice lunch of a sandwich with cheats ham and salad, at least I had salad VT didn't because he most definitely isn't a salad lover, only has it under sufference.
Tonight we are having:
Not exactly sure.. Because it is coolinh, I thought I might do something warming.
Maybe meatballs in a goulash sauce, or
Quorn pieces in a sauce,or
A curry, we like delia Smith's egg madras and spinach one with rice.
We shall have to see what the freezer throws out at me when I go down.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Cook Books,

Just been listening to the radio, and they were discussing a new cookbook by Gordon Ramsay. How many more cookbooks can the nation stand I wonder? Apparently this one has gone back to basics, and the woman was saying there is a picture of Gordon on every page! That would put me off I'm afraid, not a Gordon fan at all. much prefer Delia.
Nigella Lawson is all over everywhere at the moment, she has a new book out too. How she stays as lovely as she is I don't know.. Her husband has been on a diet recently, and lost four stones, looks really thin now. His diet is NINE eggs a day!!!! wouldn't fancy that at all.Can't be good for the Cholesterol.
Since the weather was very iffy this morning, dull and rainyish we decided to go into Crosby Sainsbury's to get a few veggies. We got a half hour parking ticket, and just about got out in time. Bought a Butternut Squash because we had seen a nice recipe for Butternut Squash and Sage risotto, but they didn't have any fresh sage, so we got some dried. hope it works out. not making it tonight though, it is more of a mid week dish. Maybe Wednesday. No particular offers,did get some ordinary veggies and a bag of Spinach, I can always use that in something. Saw a beautiful recipe in one of my favourite Cooking Blog sites..101 Cookbooks, and would like to try it.
It is a lovely looking Quinoa salad and I have often wanted to make that sort of dish. She is a really talented cook who uses mainly vegetarian or vegan dishes, but they are so good looking, very tempting.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes, of some sort,
Little potatoes squashed,
Vegetables, Carrots and Green beans,
Mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday Makings,

Started off with a bread. I do the Sourdough starter overnight to make sure it is lovely and bubbly, and we made a Potato and Oatmeal loaf. nice dough today which rose very well, not as craggy as last week's. Then we did the roast vegetables to go on top, and the pizza dough once the bread was out of the breadmaker.
Lovely day again, so VT went off to Maghull for his mooch. He got some really nice Gallo wine last week from "The Cheap Shop" he goes to, but they didn't have any left. That is the trouble with cheap shops, you buy what they have before they run out!
Just called down to VT to watch Channel three, because there is a good programme with Fred?? who used to be the weather man on This Morning. He is in The Lake District walking. Energetic man.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with home made dough
Our tomato sauce,
Roast Vegetables,
Goat's cheese, and anything else he fancies putting on it.
Salad, with avocado baby plum tomatoes and cucumber etc.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sunny Saturday..

Another lovely day, nice and sunny with blue cloudless sky..mostly anyway. Coolish though.
Not much in the Saturday papers, mostly about the financial situation these days. Must admit mine would be a lot better if the tax people hadn't taken an extra £50 a month of me in tax!! I am actually really annoyed about this, and I really don't think it is fair. It isn't like I get a huge ammount of pension in the first place, and I manage very nicely thankyou, it is just the principal of the thing. I did write to my MP this week, sent an e-mail, the first time I have ever done anything like that, and got a standard sort of reply back, but at least it was a reply and only two days later too. Claire Curtis Thomas has actually been a very good MP for Crosby since she took over, it is a shame that the constituancy is being re-organised, it will possibly mean the Conservatives getting in here..God Forbid..Debi Jones should get in!!! She is a real air-head,a former minor shopping channel presenter!! Ah well.
Tonight we are having:
Spring Rolls,
Sauce of some sort,
4oz egg fried rice,
Stir Fry vegetables.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Sunny Day..

Yet another lovely sunny day here, not exactly warm but really nice. Has been like that since the children went back to school actually.
Took my money off too Sainsbury's in Walton this morning. It is a bit of a trek, but it is a good store, and they aren't as nasty as Tescaw..Hate that shop now. Don't go there at all if I can help it.
We were up latish this morning because I woke up in the night with a low blood sugar. Lovely VT got up and got my meter and a drink of Horlicks, and a biscuit, he had a cup of coffee and the same. Then we went to sleep again, well it was 5 in the morning!
We got quite a few items that we needed to stock up on, and got a coupon for money off petrol. Since he needed some, he put thirty pounds worth in and got £1.50 off which all helps.
Tonight we are having:
Hot-Dogs, with nice buns from Sainsbury's
Onion rings..frozen ones,
Relishes and assorted pickles.

Thursday, 25 September 2008


We were going to the library this morning because it is ages since we have been ther. But I was a bit iffy, so we didn't go. VT went to Formby to get a car wash and some sat chicken. They have a bit of chicken every day at about lunch time, and we would feel guilty if they didn't get any. So he went to horrid Tesco to get his car washed and the chicky.
Bobby comes into the kitchen every day at about 1.30 and just sits in the middle of the kitchen floor patiently waiting. I chop it up really small to make it look more and put it on two separate plates for them. Because Bobby does a little hop when she sees the plate we call her Hoppy. They eat that then you don't see them again for hours.
I like Thursdays because VT goes down for the papers and brings my magazines back. I get Full House, Take a Break, Chat and Pick me Up every Thurs. On a Tuesday I get the Best mag as well. I do all the puzzles in them. Not that we win much..I have had a £25 and £1000 last year which was really good, but we keep trying. VT does the admin, posting them off and the texting, and I work out the puzzles, except for the spot the difference which I can't see.
Keeps me quiet anyway.
Nice bath with L'Occitaine bath foam this afternoon, it is a gorgeous scent, that and my candles..lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Lamb grills..Quorn ones,
Little potatoes, squashed,
Mixed vegetables and mushrooms.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pills and Potions!!

Went over to Ormskirk this morning to get a bit of fresh air and a few things we needed. I ended up spending a fortune actually. I needed some hair nails and teeth pills from Holland and Barret, they were on offer so got two of those. VT needed his multi vitamins, so got those from Superdrug and they were on bogof too so got two of those. Didn't buy any clothing today, very restrained. Got loads of things from H&B including vegetarian hot-dog sausages which seem to be quite hard to get hold of these days.
Came home for lunch time, and VT went to get my prescription from the chemist. Came back with a big bag of everything whether I needed it or not. He said he joked with the chemist..if he needs anything to come over and get it from me!
I came up to do a bit of surfing and VT has cleaned the oven downstairs!!! Isn't he a good boy.. It had got burned on Sunday because the pizza had got caught on the top and every time we switched the oven on it smelled burnt. I kept forgetting to do it till I put it on again. Couldn't see it anyway I don't think.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with roast vegetables or maybe a rice bake with roast vegetables.
Carrots and beans mixed and mushrooms.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rusty's Visit..

We were up quite early this morning since we had a return visit to the Vet'sin Ormskirk. It is a fairly long trek, but we have been with these vets for years, ever since we got our first cat from Rosemary Harris all those years ago. Loyal I suppose, because we vould have moved nearer to one in Formby, but they have always been good.
We had to take little Rusty two weeks ago because she was definitely under the weather, and was dribbling too much. Turned out she had a cut on her tongue which was infected, and an ear infection too, so it was a good job we went. The vet gave her a shot of an antibiotic, which he said would last for two weeks and to take her back. Well her tongue has healed, and her ear has healed up too, so she is doing really well. The only thing she has is a rotten tooth, which he says needs doing, so we are going back in about a week.She miaows all the way there but ok on the way back, like she knows she is going home.
Other than that we have had a quiet day, I have done some silver surfing, VT has given his feet a treat! Pedicure time. He has lovely feet actually.

Tonight we are having:
Lamb Grills,
Baby potatoes,
Chanterey carrots beans,
Pomegranate jelly, and a little mushroom gravy.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Getting Younger....

Like policemen, Doctors are getting younger. I have just been for an MOT to my local surgery, not because I wanted to but because the repeat prescription form had a big ring round it. The doctor I saw, looked about 20 and sounded about 15. Very quietly spoken, so I found myself just nodding and sayint yes and having no idea what she was talking about! Ah well! She said (Ithink) something about a blood test but didn't give me a form, and did the blood pressure which was a bit high. She said to go back to the practice nurse in about two weeks for another blood pressure test, and gave me a long list of prescriptions on a repeat form and that was it.
Tomorrow we are taking little Rusty to the Vets to be checked, and she will I am sure get much better treatment.
Why do so many Doctors talk to their computers? it is so annoying when they do that. The worst ones are when the computer is facing away from you, so they have their back or side to you..hopeless.
Then we went over to Sainsbury's to get just a few veggies as we do on a Monday, some chicken for the babies, and that was it.
Tonight we are having:
The remainder of the Pizza from last night,
Salad with the rest of the lettuce,
Potato and rice and pasta salads,
Maybe a few strawberries afterwards.

I bought a new salad lettuce from ASDA on Friday, which proved to be good. It is in a pack with roots and is supposed to keep fresher, and it does actually, different types of lettuce on the one root base, and needs washing in my salad spinner. Very nice though.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sunday Making...

I love Sundays, we have such a good routine, we get up latish, and listen to Steve Wright's Love Songs on the radio. Then breakfast, the VT usually gets the papers and we have a bit of a read of those, and he goes off for a mooch somewhere. Today we put a Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal loaf in the breadmaker,I put some walnuts in it today, for a bit of a change. VT decides what flour to use, some spelt, and oak smoked flours.
I put a tray of Roasting vegetables in the oven, and we get a pizza dough going when he gets home. The sourdough is a tad wet today so hasn't risen a huge amount but it looks a good bread anyway.
Then after our lunch we do the crosswords, VT does the Sunday Express one and I do the Mail Magazine one. Then we do the Mail On Sunday paper one.Usually the MOS one needs the internet for a lot of it, but it seemed easy today. VT did most of it before I took it upstairs to finish. It was done by fiveO'Clock today, incredibly early.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our home made dough, and tomato sauce,
Mixed roast vegetables,
Goat's cheese,
Salad with baby yellow plum tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado.
Potato salad and rice salad.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Washing day today, we do the bedding today, usually two loads in the washing machine. VT pegged it out on the line and then it is all back on the bed by late afternoon. I notice the lady next door..Jan..is doing hers as well. She has had two lines full drying. Not actually a very good drying day, because there isn't any breeze, but there is enough sunshine to get it going, then finish it off in the tumble dryer.
Not a lot in the Saturday papers today, mostly about the banking crisis, and the state of the financial market.Can't say it affects me much, the only thing that does is the state of the tax system which has removed £50 a month from my pension each month..Now that is a disgrace an d really annoys me no end. And, to think I have supported Gordon Brown since he took over too..
VT nipped into Maghull this morning..not for long, because we got up late actually, even Jane had got up before us this morning, she rang up as we were having breakfast and she had already been to ASDA, called us lazyb******s. She is quite right too, but we were comfy this morning and didn't want to move.
My book is wonderful, "The secret life of Bees", I shall be really sorry when I've finished it, I have got to know and love the characters, and you don't do that very often with a book. Can't wait to see the film.
Tonight we are having:
Burgers, Quorn Red Onion and beef style ones, with buns,
Thin slices of cheese,
Lettuce, tomato and relishes,
A small packet of fries from the freezer.
Tasty change from Chinese.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday Foray..

Today we took my money off to ASDA in Southport,we like to vary where we go so we get different products. We both had a look round the clothing sections but didn't get anything..apart from a pair of slippers for moi. I seem to be going through an enormous ammount of slippers, at least one pair every couple of months. I think it is something to do with my foot with nine toes, it is that slipper that becomes loose. I wonder why?I have now gone down in size too, take a size 6 instead of a size 7. Goodness knows why.
I bought a nice salad for my lunch, potato and egg..VT said he would get something..he had a look at the sandwiches but they were dire..why on earth is it so impossible to buy really nice vegetarian sandwiches? you can in the States. Pret a Manger aren't too bad but they are few and far between.
I want a sandwich that looks like this...
Now that is a sandwich..
Anyway he came home..went down the road to get some potato cakes..no good..so he rummaged in the cupboard and emerged with a tin of beans and veggie sausage!
My egg salad was lovely...
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fishy fingers,
Mushy peas and green beans for me,
Baked tomato and tartare sauce.

Thursday, 18 September 2008


We both love our coffee, any kind really as long as it is a good one. We have a cup most mornings about 12 O'clock, and a cup after lunch..small, and a pot of Cafetiere coffee real ground coffee at about 5ish when we watch Countdown. Forgot to mention the small cup that VT brings up to bed every morning as well. That is a luxury, and we have a cow biscuit. We have been in the habit of having a Squidgy coffee in the mornings but it seems they are getting harder to find. We think they have stopped making them, which is a shame.
We went into Formby this morning so went into Waitrose, but they don't have them either, so that's it now.
Got a few things that we have run out of from there. Don't know about Credit Crunch, it doesn't seem like it in Waitrose! Bought some lovely pears, they are god at the moment and these were a pack of four ready to eat..yum.
Tonight we are having:
Pork Ribsters..eventually..now we have the Apple sauce,
Little Roast potatoes,
Broccolli, with a Hollandaise sauce over.
Dribble of gravy.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wednesday In..

Decided not to go out today, we are getting a bit bored with going off to Ormskirk on a Wednesday, so VT went off to Formby on an errand, and I cleared the Fridge out. Supprisingle there wasn't a lot of rubbish in there. We doo use it for a lot of jar storage etc., as I suppose everyone does, but most things are in good condition and not ready for throwing out. Wiped it all out and now looking good.but not much more room. It certainly doesn't look like the Barefoot Contessa's one with nothing in it.
The little cats are quite quiet today, apart from Rusty who is meithering in the kitchen, after bits and pieces, and then she follows VT into the gaarden, I think she is frightened that he is going to run off...
I sent some Sourdough Flakes off today to someone in Devon, did them last night and got the instructions photocopied and it all sent off. Hope they enjoy them. It all looks complicated till you get going then it is all quite simple.
Last night we didn't have the Ribsters actually since we didn't have any apple sauce, so we had a Quorn Escallope instead, which was lovely anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a tomato sauce,
Asparagus and mushroom topping, and a little parmesan. May do a tiny bit of garlic bred..not sure yet.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Jane's Phone Calls...

It seems that you don't hear from Jane for a while, then you get a few phone calls at a time. Today the phone went and it was the Nat West bank in Crosby wanting to speak to her. VT gave them her number in Manchester and then we had a call from her later on in the morning. VT went into Formby this morning to take his teeth to the dentist lab. needs something doing to them. Then he went for a hair do..sorry hair cut..£7. What a price these days..must be money in barbering.
Meanwhile I was left at home doing a big pile of ironing. I put the ironing on the table while I sorted it, and Bobby immediately jumped on top and settled down. Well, you don't move them do you, so I had to keep pulling bits out without disturbing her.
Then VT came in and we had a really nice cup of coffee and a read of the papers. Busy morning eh.

Last night in the end we had.. A Quorn pie with a gratin of vegetables which was really tasty actually.
Tonight we are having:
Pork Ribsters,
Little baked potatoes with salt and rosemary,
Vegetables mixed, and
Mushroom gravy, and apple sauce.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Tax Rant!!!

I received a notice from my Teacher's Pensions this morning with the account for the year. My ncome tax has gone up by £50 a month!!!!!!!!
How can that be right?? VT says it is beause of the 10p tax rule which was introduced in the last budget.Apparently I am one of the losers in it all. Not right at all, a tax hike of Fifty pounds a month is not on. Gordon Brown has had it now..I have supported him since he took over, but not now..that is it. it isn't as if I get a huge salary or pension, but £50 a month is too much..it is what you call the straw that broke the camel's back.
Enough is enough.
What seems so wrong to me is that people on benefits are exempt from paying taxes, and get their council taxes paid and other allowances, like the new one for free insulation etc., and yet I have worked all of my life..teaching inner city kids, and paid all my taxes etc., get penalised. I wish someone could explain to me why people on benefits don't pay their share??
Ah well..Rant over.. VT is treading on eggshells in the house today. Monday morning and you get that, not what you want is it.
Went into Crosby this morning to get some veggies for the week. VT wanted to go to a dental lab, but it has moved and we couldn't find it.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallopes,
Little baked potatoes
Vegetables, probably carrots and beans with a few mushrooms fried in fry light.
B****y Taxes!!!!! They have never reeally bothered me in the past, but I am insensed at that rise, it is just unfair!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunday at Home..

We had a Sunday at home today..VT didn't go out anywhere because he reckoned he had left it too late. So he stayed in and we did our usual Sunday things.
Funny with the cat..he was reading the paper on the floor, and gave Bobby her mouse which she flicked on the paper and sat on it. So he put the mouse under the paper and she sat on that bit. He said you can't win.
We made a bread mix bread this morning, a crusty white. The mix said 415 mls of water and he put 400mls in it. Well you have never seen such a wet mixture..so what's all that about as they say. Took me ages to get it right, but did eventusally and it turned out lovely actually. Also did a good batch of roasted vegetables, and a pizza dough. VT did that all on his own actually, followed the recipe, and it has turned out beautifully. We do the dough in the machine and then put it into a basin to prove till it is ready to use.
The crosswords weren't too bad today, but a couple of ambiguous ones though.. one in the MOS Mail magazine, said.. "Asian snack" and both pakora and samosa fitted ..makes it a bit awkward.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with VT's homemade pizza dough,
Tomato sauce,
Roasted vegetables,
Goat's cheese,
Salad with avocado pear, baby pomodoro tomatoes,
Potato salad and rice salad.

Some good things on TV tonight, there is a new Poirot, and Tess of the D'Urbevilles on BBc. Quite good watching, I think we will be using the recorder tonight.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sunny Saturday..

Actually quite nice today, VT dragged me outside this afternoon to sit out in the sun. He had a cup of tea, I didn't have anything. Was nice until the sun went in and it went a bit colder. God the chairs outside are hard, it's like torture.
Bobby was outside most of the afternoon, and little Rusty came out for a while too. Really nice to see them moching about.
VT went out for a bit this morning, and I stayed here. Nothing much going on today really. I am reading a book called "The Secret Life of Bees" which I am really really enjoying. Looked it up on the Google, and lo and behold I find that it has been made into a film. We will have to go and see that when it comes out later this month I think. The book is a wonderful read, one of those you get to know the characters through the way it is written. I shall be sorry to finish it, but I do have a bit to go yet.
I love reading, anything except science fiction, but I love drama novels, and crime fiction, I have a stack of books by my bed and I will have to read for donkey's years to read them all, but I can pick and choose when I want.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..dippers with
Egg fried rice 4oz
Stir fried vegetables,
Sauce of some sort

Friday, 12 September 2008

Sainsbury's Shopping..

Took my money to Sainsbury's in Walton this morning. Quite a nice day today too, not warm enough to be without a coat though. Did all our usual things and got some extras too, but nothing really high priced like wine. Big holiday company crash on the news today, and a fire in the Channel Tunnel so traffic chaos. Shame for the people who are stranded due to the holiday crash. It has affected thousands of people everywhere, some stranded here, and some abroad. One bloke on the Delia Website was due to go on their Honeymoon tomorrow to Turkey so that is gone. Real shame. Tonight we are having: Use up of vegetables,potatoes, and a Quorn and mushroom slice. Peppered beef for VT and a mushroom one for moi.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Cheshire Oaks..

We got up early this morning and went over to The Cheshire Oaks to see what was going on. Not much actually, no new shops and nothing much closed down either. But, we had a good look round, and it was a nice day, sunny but coolish. Didn't buy much, I bought a belt and necklace from Next, mainly because I wanted the cord from the necklace really. VT bought a pair of pyjamas from M&S, and a pair of trousers from Sainsbury's !! yes Sainsbury's. We went there for our lunch, and then went inside because I wanted the magazine. He had a look at the men's stuff and found these trousers on sale..£6 well that's a good bargain.
Had a coffee at Costa Coffee and a lunch from Pret-A-Manger, a very nice sandwich but not that filling.
Bought some interesting chocolate from Thorntons..70% dark chocolate with balsamic vinegar so that should be worth a try. Would make an interesting chocolate mousse!
Tonight we are having:
Sausages and Mashed potatoes,
Broccoli and cauliflower cheese??

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Shopping...and Rusty...

Firstly little Rusty seems to be a bit better today..which is good. She isn't dribbling as much, and she ate her chicken which we give them at dinnertime, both her and Bobby. She is presently sleeping on our bed and looks really comfy, she had a good night's sleep last night, didn't move I don't think.
VT went out to Tesco this morning, to get the free milk that was on offer in yesterday's paper. He is never one to turn down a free offer. He asked me whether I wanted anything and I said just some rice cakes and a packet of frozen veggie quarter pounders. He came back with just those..except he says I've made a mistake, I got the crumbed ones!!! we never buy those because no-one likes them. He says..never mind I'll eat them. I said..guess what you are having for tea!!
Tonight we are having:
Veggie quarter pounders,
Little potatoes fried,
Carrots and beans,
A little mushroom sauce.
Yum Yum !!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Rusty's Trip to the Vet...

We hadn't planned to do much today, we had decidd to do a bit of clearing up in the middle room. So I cleared away a load of magazines, that were well out of date, and VT did a bit of clearing up in the extension.
We had also decided when we got up to make an appointment to take little Rusty to the Vets. we have been a bit concerned about her for the last few days. She is definitely not right..you know when your cat isn't right and she has been dribbling a lot, far more than is normal, shaking her head, and generally not herself. So VT rang up and made an appointment for 4 O'Clock this afternoon. tell you it is a better service than the NHS. Prompt attention and no waiting. The vet gave her a good going over, listened to what we said, and had a look in her eyes mouth etc., Anyway, he said she has a cut tongue, which was infected, so that was probably the reason for the dribbling. She also has some bad teeth, but that was to be expected in an old lady!! Also she has an ear infection and a polyp in her ear, but that would be a big operation and not a good thing to do to her. He gave her an injection of anti-biotics, and said he would see her again in about two weeks. the anti-biotics would last for two weeks.
We came out £33 pounds poorer. Money in Vetting then! Worth it though if it gets little Rusty right. It is a long journey and she miaows most of the way, but she was really good in there bless her.
Tonight we are having...
Green Thai Curry with quorn pieces, and mushrooms
4oz rice and carrots and green beans.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Crossword Machine..

Nipped over to ormskirk to take my crossword machine back to Argos. The collins one I bought I wasn't happy with at all, for a number of reasons so decided to take it back and get a new Seiko one, similar to the one I had but upgraded. Glad i did the new one is great, really a lot better and with a larger text too.Ormskirk was really quiet, makes a huge difference when the kids go back to school, the centre was almost deserted.
went to Morrisons to get our usual veggies for the week, and they had some good offers, got a good trolley full and only spent £30. Not bad.
I did a huge blog yesterday, and then as I pressed the publish post, the computer said "Goodbye" and it shut down. Wouldn't start again, so don't know whether it has taken. I suspect not.
Tonight we are having:
Wensleydale and Blueberry escallope,
Baby potatoes,
Vegetables of choice..not sure yet.
Mushroom sauce.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Simply Saturday..

Nothing doing today, read the papers, and the magazines. yet another article about Colleen Rooney, I don't know, they can dress her up all they want, and she still looks like an ordinary Liverpool girl, and sounds like one too. No class!
Sent VT off out this morning for his usual Saturday mooch, with a list of choices for tonight. it was either, burgers, hot-dogs, fishless fingers mushy peas and chips or a green thai curry. the chips won, so he came back with the green beans. I knew he would, it was the easiest choice. Amazing we couldn't get either burgers or hot dogs at asda yesterday.
Watched a lovely little film about Squam Lake this afternoon, only 10 mins, it's nice to see a film of somewhere we have been. Makes me want to go again, the colours were fantastic.
Got a parcel from John and Ann yesterday, of dinner mats. Absolutely gorgeous colours of flowers and bushes natural to Australia. Ah bless them..so kind.
VT has just tried to creep past me to do the bedding but I heard him. Don't know why he does that, but it's a bit of a challenge I think.
Tonight we are having:
Not Chinese!!
fishless fingers..veggie nes but they are very good,
Mushy peas for VT and green beans for me,
Chips, a weighed out amount,
tartare sauce.

Friday, 5 September 2008

September is the new January...

Someone on one of the websites..The delia Online one put that yesterday, and they aren't wrong..it is really cold today, very wet and drizzly, and blowy. i went out in my new Hotter Shoes this morning, and I must say they are very comfortable. That is a really good firm, I am well impressed. I got these on mail order..VT had a catalogue through the post..God knows why he got one.. and he got a sale one sent. So I had a look through, and ordered a pair of sandals, which were lovely, but didn't suit my feet. Wasn't their fault, it was mine for having nine toes!!! So I sent them back free returns, and ordered some black Mary Jane shoes. Well they are gorgeous, really comfy. Won't be sending them back!
We took my money to ASDA this morning, to do the weekend shop. We've had a bit of trouble deciding what we were going to have for tea tomorrow and eventually decided on Hot-Dogs..problem...no veggie hot-dog sausages..What's all that about! No quarter pounders either!! so we couldn't have burgers, our second choice. Not good. Got everything else though. and spent enough.
Pouring down when we came out, nasty day all round.
In the centre of Liverpool, there is a huge HUGE mechanical spinder on the walk around town, it has climbed down from from a big building in Lime Street, and is on the move. Glad I'm not in town today...

Tonight we are having:
A chilli, with veggie mince and rice, or maybe tortilla chips..not sure.

Thursday, 4 September 2008


VT was up fairly early this morning to go and get his MOT done on his car. It seems to come round really quickly, at least twice a year!. he rang up a bit later to say that the bus was late or he had missed it, so he was staying there till it was done.then he rang up later than that to say that it wanted a few minor things done so he was waiting for it. Anyway he was done and home by about twelve ish for his coffee. So that's passed for another year.
I did the top of the cooker then decided to make a batch of tomato sauce for our pizzas. So the top of the cooker is all splashed with tomato blobs now!!! Always do that, don't know why I bother. So we have a lovely batch of beautiful tomato sauce now. We freeze that then use one each week.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly, but we have a few vegetables left from the week so will use those,
A few potatoes I will mash, and maybe some fillets of some sort.

Last night I did a Goulash in the end which was delicious, with a little rice and carrots.
Weight still the same actually. We don't lose any, nor put any on really!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Back to School..

Most of the schools are back today, except for the private ones, who always go back later then everyone else. Everywhere should be quieter now, so maybe we will venture out to the Cheshire Oaks next week again..I feel a Costa coffee coming on!!
VT has gone off to Ainsdale to sort out his tyres. He is getting the car MOT'd tomorrow, so needed to get his tyres checked first. he goes to a garage in Ainsdale where they check them for him. It is a good job he went since he needed two new ones, which had to be ordered so he had to go back this afternoon.
Today has been a cold and fairly wet day today. We have put the quilt back on the bed today, since we both felt cold last night, at least it will be cosier tonight. I can't remember having the quilt off the bed for such a short time before, it only seems like last month that we took it off the bed. It really has been a rough summer here, with little hot sun, and not much need for wearing skimpy summer tops etc.,No wonder people go abroad for holidays. At the time of typing this I have put the heater on in the room, since it is chilly, and I'm back in my sweatshirt.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs with a goulash sauce..a la Delia,
4oz rice or pasta,
Carrots or green beans or both.

We need to make a batch of tomato sauce for our pizzas. Might do that tomorrow. VT is going to crosby to get his MOT done, so could get that on and simmering.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Crossword Machines..

Decided we would go over to Ormskirk Argos and get a new crossword machine for moi! Mine has after years of work given up the ghost. You can't see the words anymore, and there are lines all over the screen. So went for a Collins one with a good dictionary, thesaurus and crossword solver. We also nipped into Aldi while we were there since it is next door. Can't say I am an Aldi lover, they don't carry as many lines as the other supermarkets, and I find it hard to find things. I actuall6y wanted a bag of salad but they didn't have any!!! These days that is not good.
We came home for lunch, and a bit of a mooch on here after lunch. Jane has just rung up, been to the hospital this morning for some consultation and she has to go back for an injection of steroids i think it is. Good job she doesn't live in the States.
Tonight we are having:
Sliced new potatoes fried in fry light,
Cauliflower and Broccoli in cheese sauce.

Monday, 1 September 2008

New Orleans Hurricane...

You have to feel sorry for the people of new Orleans. They are still getting over Hurricane Katrina and now they have another one coming, so they are all being evacuated again. The news shows lines of cars etc., making their way out of the state. Shame.
The other main news is the tragedy in the house in Shropshire, where they have now found three bodies, one identified so far, and the others pending, house gutted, stables and outbuildings too. 4 Horses shot and the family dogs. All sorts coming out in the papers, the owner was in a financial mess, despite having all the trappings of wealth.
This morning we went over to Maghull to get the Monday veggies. Mainly because VT wanted to get his free road atlas from Summerfield!! He says "It will be a change" as if I don't know what he is going for!!
Bought a new top from Bon Marche, half price in the sale, and a pretty new bra..excellent value.
Tonight we are having :
Gruyere and leek escallopes Quorn,
Cabbage and leek and mushrooms,
Little baked potatoes or squashed potatoes not sure yet..