Friday, 28 September 2012


Appointment day today at Aintree hospital for the general surgery clinic.  Vin did a sterling job of driving as usual, he dropped me off at the front entrance and then went and parked the car in the multi storey car park. Caught up with me in the clinic later. 
After a wait of some minutes I went in to see the Consultant, at least I saw the head honcho and not a registrar this time! he asked me lots of questions took down loads of information, I was well organised and had taken all the blood pressure charts, medication lists, and a list of what I had been given in terms of tests. Think he was quite impressed with that..good bit of organisation.
He explained what the problem was that it involved the diverticular disease, and I needed an operation to remove the section of the bowel that was involved, and a repair job.  I signed a consent form, and the next job is to see the anaesthetist for a per-op beforehand.. Last thing I said to him was I'm not going to get lost in the system again am I? not in my department he said. Didn't like to say that I already had been once!! So, that's another step taken..wait for a hospital letter now.
Home in time to have a bit of a breather and watch Doctors which we recorded, and watch the rain. It was actually quite warm today, even though a bit windy. I had put my lighter winter jacket on, and was getting a tad warm in that. It's hard to know what to put on this weather.
Surprised to see the fields on the way to Crosby absolutely full of water. really quite flooded looked like the Lake District! Ditches full to overflowing also.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties  Waitrose
Baked tomato and a few veg.
Rice pudding.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Another day inside..

Another boring day inside today. Am I getting used to it? No not really. Enforced imprisonment, without doing a crime!  I certainly didn't think when I went to the G.P.s back in June it would take this long to get sorted. Not good enough really.  Times like this you wish that you had expensive private medical insurance. Tomorrow i have an appointment in the afternoon at the hospital..been a long time coming that one!!
Poor Vin has been an absolute Saint..he's done all of the shopping and getting very good at it too now..Thanks Vin XXX
he took himself off on the train this morning to Formby to take the library books back. We usually use the library in Crosby, but it's a bit of a trek to get there, and the car park is chargeable now so not worth going to. You can now take the books back to any library in the borough so we've used Formby a couple of times now. He got some local history books out which he likes, so he's happy. I am happy with my Kindle books and the ones that I have in store by the bed ready to read, so I'll stick to those.
I download some from Amazon now, and some of them are real bargains too.; It's a great little machine, and I have this cute little zip up cover with cats all over it. Love it.
Tonight we are having:
Cheesey pasta bake with mushrooms and green veg.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Death of a Legend..

Andy Williams dies aged 84..R.I.P. Andy..
Total Legend! An absolute star in the real sense of the word.
We had the good fortune to see him in Liverpool some years ago and he was wonderful. Just him..a good size orchestra and some backing singer and him and his voice. We came out to a torrential thunderstorm thunder and lightning and we got soaked but it didn't matter. We had seen the Legend!
Thanks for the music Andy. I will always remember that evening XXX
Stayed in today Idid the brasses at the front of the house, and  Vin did some sorting out of the cupboard under the units. He found a number of items that were out of date some by a coule of years. mostly tins of things that you buy to have in stock intending to use them for casseroles etc., but don't get round to in the end. Not a huge amount, and not much wasted.  just a nice easy day today, at least it isn't raining! in fact it has cleared up a little bit even, and the sun is shining.. Funny always rains after I have done the brasses!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


And still it rains! What a month for rain this has been. All sorts f flood warnings on the news and rivers overflowing all over the place. Jane has just rung up on her way home and she said it was pouring down there too. Mind it always rains in Manchester. She has had a day of lectures today, and she is knackered now. Said she was in bed by half eight last night!!At least it's keeping her busy. Vin went into Crosby on the bus this morning to go to his bank. He was saying that the roads on the way through little crosby were getting flooded and the ditches were full. Must be worrying for the farmers. He did go to the stationary shop to get a bottle of ink for his fountain pen and was shocked to find it was £4.80 for a medium bottle of Quink ink!!!!!! Good grief..why is it so expensive?? A little bottle of ink.I couldn't believe it when he said that was the cost. Be cheaper to write in petrol! I am in the house again as usual..nothing much going on except waiting for an appointment on Friday. It's all been going on so long now it's very wearing. Suppose we'll get there in the end. The little cats are very dormant at the moment. They seem to be turning night into day. Bobby is up at three thirty in the morning treading all over us, then she sleeps all day! Ok for some. She generally likes going out, but with the weather as it is at the moment she stops in and who can blame her. Tonight we are having: Escalope with broccoli and cheese broccoli and carrots Potato croquettes A little sauce to go with.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

Monday morning and it is one of those days when you are so glad that you don't have to go to work. Dark, dismal and endlessly raining. teeming down this morning, and even the cats wouldn't go out in it, and who can blame them! it is definitely colder at the moment, and we have lights on and heaters on everywhere we go at present. certainly Winter is knocking at the door. Poor vin went off to Crosby to get our weeks stuff, and said that he had got soaked in that time just going from the car to the store. He went off with his little list in his hand and got everything on it plus a couple of extras. Well done Vin!! We put a book up for sale on Amazon on Friday, it was a cookery book that I had on my shelves for an age, and hadn't used mainly because it was too small print, and also a lot of meat recipes in it, which are no use to us. So, just on the off chance we stuck it on the selling list, and priced it at two pence difference to the lowest priced similar books on the list. Funnily enough on the next day we noticed that two other sellers had reduced their priced by two pence under ours! So we thought that would be it, we were third on the list, anyway, yesterday evening I looked at our emails and noticed that we had sold our book!! might mave been becauseI had listed ours as like new, and the two top ones as good. So it was dispatched this morning. The postage was £3.30 because it was a really heavy book, and Amazon allow £2.80 for postage and packing, but we still have made some money on it. Hope she enjoys it and gets pleasure from the recipes.Hope it arrives ok now... Tonight we are having: Remaining pizza from last night Egg and potato salad with avocado pear Potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 21 September 2012


Received another catalogue from "The Book People" today. Made me think about how book buying has changed over the years. I used to buy a lot of books from them in the past, and Vin got the odd one also if I was getting an order. Don't seem to get so many nowadays, wonder if it is the Kindle that is taking over. I have a number of books on there that I have ppurchased, some of them at a bargain price too. In fact I've just finished one that was 20p to download, and it is an up to the date book as well. I do have to say, it is an excellent way of reading new authors without having to fork out a large amount of money for them. The other thing is that it is now a bit hard to read small print now, and I can have the Kindle on a big print for me. A big plus. Currently reading "The Midwife's Confession" by Diane Chamberlain which is really excellent. Such a good read, and I haven't read any of her books before. Only £1.99 too an absolute bargain. haven't been to the library for an age, we just keep renewing our books online. trouble is they are now charging for the car park there and it puts you off, seems a shame when they are competing with Kindles etc too. Very shortsighted it seems to me. Vin took my money off to Tesco today to get the weekend things. It is our nearest store actually, and he had some vouchers for there too. the plan was to go there and then to Waitrose a few minutes away to get the egg salads that we like, then home for coffee. A bit of a plan change though because tesco had a deal on a Chicago Town Pizza and a tub off Haagen Daaz ice cream for a fiver which is a very good deal, and they had vanilla which is quite hard to get. So he went to Waitrose, then back to tesco for the deal.He is a smashing shopper now and is getting good at picking up the offers too. Well done Vin. Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers Chips..a real treat.. Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi A baked tomato to go with .

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Disturbed Sleep...

I seem to be waking up at different times of the night these days. Some nights it's three o'clock, maybe four, last night it was sixish. if I wake up early I get back to sleep pretty quickly after the bathroom visit, if it's later it is more diffuicult. The problem is that I usually wake one or both of the cats who then like to jump on the bed and settle just where it is most awkward. So, we sat down after our lunch and i have just cdat napped. Does recharge the batteries though. Jane rang up this morning to say that she had got her placement at the hospital she wanted. She was really happy about that because it is the nearest to where she lives and she can get there bby bus quite easily. It all seems to be falling into place for her at the moment, she is stopping where she lives which is a nice little house, and it appears that she can work her ticketmaster job as well. So she was one happy bunny anyway. I transferred the £200 for her bus pass into her account for her which isn't bad for a year's bus travel. So she is sorted. I think she will make the most of this chance, it's a good opportunity to get a really decent job with a bit of security. The little cats are fast asleep at the's alright for them to wake up at some ungodly hour in the morning they can make up during the day. What a lovely life. Tonight we are having: Crispy fillets, Sliced sauteed potatoes A small tin of something saucey A few sliced sauteed mushrooms.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Short and Sweet..

yesterday's post was very short and sweet, mainly because I was just about getting it going when Jane rang up for a chat. I haven't got the hang of typing and holding the phone at the same time so gave up in the end. Just did a few lines when she had gone. She was telling me about her day at Uni., which seems to be going well..Touch Wood!! Watched a really good film last night on Sky Premeire. Jane Eyre..the story of course is a well known one, and there have been countless versions of it on the television and cinema screens, but this was excellent. We really enjoyed the whole thing. Terrific acting with a very believable Jane and Rochester, and Judi Dench as the housekeeper. Wonderful scenery and very atmospheric. Quite a little surprise. We only watched it because there wasn't anything on last night and I channel hopped a bit. Glad we did. Vin went off to crosby this morning on the little bus that goes through the village, and using his bus pass. It leaves on the hour, and you get around thirty minutes he said before the return journey. He had some banking to do, and didn't want to use his car, so a good little trip for free. He has just come in to say that it is freezing in the garden, both the cats are out there with him, but they have furry coats of course. Put a Cookery book on Amazon today. I have a number of books that I don't use any more, and this one's print is too small to see. Plus there are too many meaty recipes for us, so have put it for sale. Wonder if it will go? terrible case in Manchester yesterday, two young policewomen lured to a house to attend a burglary and then shot when they got there. One 32 and about to get married and the other only 23. very dark day for Manchester Police, and for their friends aand families. just terrible. Very much a life of routine otherwise for moi. getting a bit tired of it all now, and still being patient, waiting for the appointment on the 28th. get up, breakfast, mid morning coffee, bit of mooching about and then lunch. Bit more mooching then mid afternoon freshly ground coffee and Countdown, then the news and time for evening meal. Totally boring really. Never mind. Tonight we are having: Pasta with a pea green bean and asparagus sauce A little garlic bread and parmesan.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Perils of Internet Shopping !

These days i do quite a bit of online shopping. For one reason, I am stuck in the house so can't get out to get my bits and pieces or clothing needs etc., For another I have obviously got the time to do it these days. I got a package this morning which was two packs of briefs both the same size and one arrived as a different size!! So got in touch with themand they are sending a replacement item. What a pain!! Vin took my money off to tesco this morning because he wanted to go to Homebase for some paint. Got all the stuff for the week and did very well too. He has proved to be a really good shopper now. Just shows you what you can do when you have to. Jane has just rung up on her way home for Uni..had a good day today with a lot of inductiuon things going on. She gets her uniforms on Friday for which she has to pay £85 but she thinks she gets that back eentually. Tonight we are having: Escalope with cheese and broccoli Baby potatoes squashed Mushroom sauce Mixed veggies

Monday, 17 September 2012

Return of a favourite...

Hooray! Downton is back. We got settled down to watch it last night, and it was just great viewing. Superb costumes, strong stories and really good casting. Terrific for a Sunday night. Can't wait for next weeks one and the wedding. Vin has spent the morning doing some painting outside, to be exact his wheelbarrow. it is now a fetching shade of blue with black trims. Just about got it finished and dry before it started to rain. As usual I have stopped in..another week in the funny farm as they say. About two weeks to go before my next appointment a week on Friday to be exact..that's been a long time coming. certainly didn't think when I went to the G.Ps at the beginning of |June it was going to be this long. The wheels of the NHS grind exceedingly slowas the saying goes. The little cats haven't been out much today, Bobby just about got up for her chicken at lunchtime, I think she was too comfy on my pillow on the new bedding! Not the pillow that I slleep on but the lower one which is underneath.What a lovely life..I'm coming back as a cat in my next life. Not too sure about the cat meat though! Tonight we are having: Leftover pizza with mushrooms Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Getting Cooler...

Definitely seen the end of Summer I think. Was there one anyway? The nights are beginning to draw in now and it's getting darker by around 7.30 now. We are starting to use the heaters too..a5t least I am, because Vin doesn't feel the cold as much as I do, he is still in his thin short sleeved shirts..must be mad!! Not nice today though, it's quite blustery and very wet..typical English weather really. Put the new bedding on the bed today..very luxurious 400thread count cotton in a fetching shade of Mink..or a sort of dark coffee shade for a change. Looks gorgeous anyway. Vin went off to Crosby this morning to get some stuff and when he got back, the girl in the end house asked him in to help with her kitchen tap which was leaking. Some problem with the stop tap though so he couldn't do much, a plumbing job I think. Jane rang up this morning too, she is off today, and looking forward to starting at Uni tomorrow. Good Luck jane..hope this course goes well for you. Tonight we are having: Pizzas with extra mushroom Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and a couscous for Vin

Friday, 14 September 2012

A veggie life...

Sometimes being veggie means you have to be a bit creative. Not having meat as the main course in our house often means a Quorn alternative of some sort. last night i had a pack of butternut squash and sweet potatoes, a pack of mixed vegetables from Tesco with beans, carrots, sweetcorn and broccokli, and the remainder of a bag of new potatoes. So, i st3eamed them all, then put them into a dish. Made a cheese sauce and added two beaten eggs to it. Poured that over the top of the dish, a bit of grated cheese on top and baked in a fairly high oven. very tasty too. Well it was a sort of vegetable moussaka. Got a nice letter from the income tax people today with a cheque for £490 and 40p. Wonder where the 40p comes from? Gone already unfortunately since Jane rang up about her car insurance, and bank of mum forked out for the second year.! Phew..that was a bit of a hectic few minutes..Just typing this and Jane rang up laughing about the Mother message that her Daddy sent yesterday. She said she had two messages on her phone, that one from us and then one from her insurance company warning her that her insurance was about to expire. So she is sorted for a bit anyway. Then the doorbell went and it was Janice from nexct door about her cat, so I gave her the bag back and the phone went was Jane again, she'd been in the shop so was finishing her call. She is happy at the moment and looking forward to going to Uni again on Monday..fingers crossed this time that it all goes well. Tonight we are having: Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose, Baked tomato and green beans for moi and broccoli for Vin. rice pudding Yay!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little trip Out!!

Up earlish this morning and out at 9.30 or thereabouts. Over the road to the G.P.Surgery. Can't say it is exactly busy over there, me, a man with a laptop, and a young mum with a baby..makes a change from the one in Crosby which was usually heaving with people. Reason for going was a diabetic review,with the nice nursey. This is the one who does the diabetic cases, and actually she is very thorough. Does everything on the checklist, eye, blood pressure, urine sample, weight, and feet. All seems ok actually. The weight has gone down by 9lbs since I last went not through trying, but as a result of the condition that I have at the moment.She was quite surprised at the length of time that it has taken to get to the right clinic, said it was a let down. nearly there though, 28th Sept is the next appointment. So, did fairly well this morning, and don't have to go back till dec for bloods. Back quite early so did a bit of online mooching. Did transfer some money into Jane's account for her car insurance, £470 to be precise..hope she appreciates it. Vin sent her a text message headed can be very dry sometimes. Tonight we are having: Something with.. A pack of sweet potato and butternut squash A pack of mixed vegetables Some little baby potatoes.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Horrible day!!

What a day...grey and blowy to start with, then tipped it down all morning. Clearing up a bit now though. Stopped in again...there's a surprise, and did some ironing. Vin went round for the green bin and came in soaked, and a bit annoyed because they hadn't emptied it. Don't blame him actually becausehe had put quite a lot of weeds in it from the week. Ah well. He posted off a parcel to Jane today,with a new mirror for her car. Let's hope that it lasts longer than the last one. boring day today really, so not adding very much here. tonight we are having: pasta with a cheese sauce A bit of garlic bread for vin Veggies to go with.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Funny Old Day...

Doesn't seem to know what it wants to do today. A bit sunny and a bit breezythen cloudy. Vin has been out in the garden doing some weeding and other bits and pieces. it's green bin week this week and he tries to get stuff in that on time. he took my bank card off to tesco today for a change, Came back with a load of different things. funny how the supermarkets have their own styles of doing veggies. All a bit different.We don't go to Tesco very often actually so their things make a change. Vin said it was very quiet today, makes a difference when the kids go back to school.No post even, and all we had today was a delivery of my Aranesp injections which come by special delivery van. Someone just rang the doorbell..Vin went and said it was someone with a card selling stuff. We don't get as many door callers as we used to years ago. we used to get all sorts of people selling things or offering services. i remember the knife sharpener who used to come and get your knives and sharpen them, the fish van who always came on a Friday. Then the religious ones, the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Poor Clare Nuns. They were ones my Mum always used to give to.They used to come from Liverpool I think.
My orchid is still looking gorgeous. vin bought me this for my birthday on the 18th July and it still looks as good as then. Wonderful flowers. Well worth the money. Did do a bit of online ordering today. Saw some bedding in the colour I wanted a nice browny tint..called mink. 6 piece and on easy pay so you don't have to fork out all at once. Also bought some new Sloggis from debenhams..half price sale today, so good value. keeps Vin busy answering the door next week Haha :) Tonight we are having: gruyere cheese escalope Mixed veggies with a mushroom sauce baby potatoes boiled and squashed.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Twas on a Monday morning...

The taxman came to call... Vin came upstairs where I was n the computer to say the post had been and it was mainly junk but I had a letter from the Income tax. Wasn't best pleased..usually means that it is an increase in the tax code. bit of a surprise when I went down then to find that I have overpaid by £490 !! so will be getting a cheque for that amount. very nice too..Now..what shall i spend it on?? Beautiful weekend for a change, but today is very showery. and at the moment it is tipping down. Good job we didn't hang the washing out!! just caught a glimpse of the Olympics parade in London and it doesn't look too bad there but a bit windy. At least the Olympics was blessed with good weather. been a good year for Londoners all in all. Wouldn't like to live there though! jane rang up a couple of times during the weekend, usually when she is on her way to work for a chat. She is starting at her Uni next monday..that's come round quickly.getting a bit stressed about her money, she can't seem to sort out her hours at ticketmaster which is a was a good job for her.No doubt something will turn up. Tonight we are having: pizza from last ni9ght with mushroom egg and potato salad with avocado potato salad for moi and couscous for Vin.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Another weekend Looming...

They do come round with monotonous regularity these weekends. Friday, so Vin went off to ASDA for a change. He wanted to go to the Range shop to get Jane her new car mirror for the inside of her car. That has proved to be a bit of a problem,he diud buy her one but it kept falling off. he had a long list for the ASDA shop, because it is a bit away from us we never went that often, and they do have some good things that other stores don't have. Some things do change though, we used to get a really good chinese sauce in little jars from there but he says that they only do it in big jars now which is a pain because you don't use that much. He came back with some really good things, ones that we had run out of and that we don't get elsewhere. One thing about ASDA is that you do seem to get good value for money. My order from Amazon came this morning, it was a new Kindle cover in a good bright orange with cute cats all over it. Only trouble is that is smells very strongly of some sort of plastic, so will leave it out for a bit till it goes off. Would knock you out at bedtime I think. Phew!!! Phone went a couple of minutes later, Vin telling me where he was up to, then Jane rang a bit after that too. She is worried about her Ticketmaster job that she won't be able to keep that up when she starts Uni in Sept., We shall have to see what happens there, she does worry a lot. Suppose it will be a bank of Mum and Dad job. Tonight we are having: Fishless fingers Chips 200grms Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi baked tomato.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Lots of bits and bobs this mornng. Started off with the ironing,did a load of the bedding that had been looking at me for about three days.Vin did the cat things ready for the floor to be done later. Then it was the bathroom. Then the kitchen, so now the quarry floor is sparkling, no doubt something will be dropped on it later!! I had to ring the G.P.s at 1.30 about my cholesterol! Ooops..time to confess that I hadn't been taking my statins. So rang the nursey at the appointed time, and she explained that my cholesterol had gone up from 5.5 to 6.1 within a month which isn't good. Not like we have a lot of fats or oils ar butter etc., and in fact I am eating less than normal lately, and very careful what I eat too at the moment.So unexplained really. Anyone she said that I needed a chat..and I said that I had an appointment next week anywayso she has lengthened that by ten mins to cover this. Deep sigh...once they get you..they really get you. Nice day again today, Vin is in the garden doing a bit of weed burning, I think the cats are out there too, or at least Bobby is.Enjoying the late summer sunshine. Tonight we are having: Not exactly sure. Maybe something from the freezer, Carrots and green beans Sliced sauteed potatoes in fry light.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September Sun..

Always the way isn't it. As soon as the kids go back to school the sun comes out.At least the shops should be quieter now. Little bobby was out and about for a while this morning soaking up the sunshine. She loves the sun and is a real sun baby.Good job she doesn't have white ears, you have to be careful with cats with white ears apparently. Rusty has been following vin around as usual..a real loyal little thing. Vin went off to tesco this morning to get some things he didn't get yesterday, and also use some vouchers he had. We got up a bit late today, probably because we were up early yesterday, so he didn't go till mid morning. he got some petrol, seems ages since he last bought £40. he is presently in the garden burnng some of the weeds that have grown up in all of the wet weather, and just come up to say little Rusty is on the catmint so beware. it drives them maddoes catmint. He came back with everything on his list today..well done. Phone call from the surgery today. Vin was passing me the phone as I was saying Oh God and the receptionist heard and quickly said it's ok it's nothing to worry about. i need to talk to the practice nursey about my cholesterol! Ooops ..guess who doesn't take her statins. Stopped taking them about oh well years ago..never really liked the side effects. Caught up with me now though. Big sigh..another black mark on my notes!!!! No doubt nursey will tell me off next week when I have the check up. Doorbell went a few minutes ago..a woman standing there with a clip board and before I could open my mouth she says..I'm not selling anything! Have you heard about a government grant for loft insulation? i said yes we had it done last husband did it.
Loft with insulation! Tonight we are having: Pasta with a three cheese sauce Mushrooms A bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blood tests Again!

Up early this morning with no cup of coffee and cow biscuit. This was needed for a fasting blood test at 9.20. Saw the nice friendly nurse at the village surgery who got my vein the first time. Funny how some of them can do it straight offr and others dig away for England. When I had the MRI done last week I had to have the port put in and that nurse had three goes and then went off to get someone elsee who did it right off. Home in a few minutes after the nurse booked me in for the diabetic review next week. just couldn't get out of it again! Breakfast and then Vin went off complete with list to the Sainsbury's in crosby for the weekly veggies and other stuff. Forgot my loaf though...even though it was on the list!!!!!He got himself a lovely big Burgens loaf however!!! Only kidding..can't complain can I !! Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work. She is quite excited because she has got her timetable for the course she is starting in a few weeks..radiography.I think she will do well at that..she is smart, and good with people and it will give her a job with structure. She did mention that her car insurance is due up and the renewal will be £470 !! and that is the cheapest quote she got.Bank of Mum and Dad paying out again. You never think that when you have a baby that you will still be forking out at the age of 29 do you! I think she appreciates it though..I hope she does. Her dads birthday card didn't arrive, even though she swore it was posted. Wonder what happened to that? Vin waslooking online last night at the cost of school fees for the school she went to in Crosby..St Mary's. It is currently £3000 a term!!! No way would we be able to afford that nowadays.Then you have all the extras, the expensive uniform, the trips of which there were many, the holidays all of which she went on, even Australia! the musical instrument etc., etc., games equipment,no end to it. I think you would need a very deep pocket to be able to afford that these days. Tonight we are having: Cheese and broccoli escalope Baby potatoes squashed Carrots and beans Mushroom sauce.

Monday, 3 September 2012

getting Through!!

Started the morning off with a phone call. Should have been so easy. The plan was to cancel the appointment for the gynaecology clinic that was made so I "didn't get lost in the system". The consultant from the gynae suggested that I had an appointment so that I could be returned there if anything went wrong in the refferal. Rang the number given on my letter to the gyn. and was told to ring another number the general appointments number! rang them..they don't deal with gyn appts so was given another number to ring.Rang them..and eventually got through. Cancelled the appt. Phew that was hard work! Four phone calls and tied up in knots.Seems that some of the depts deal with appts separately others go through the general booking system. very confusing. No wonder people give up. Meanwhile Vin spent the morning doing his car up. he has vacuumed the inside, done the car mats and other bits and pieces so he is chuffed with it now. Looks nice and smart too. Tonight we are having: Leftover pizza from last night with mushrooms Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin

Sunday, 2 September 2012

September..and another weekend!

First of September on Saturday ..Hares and Rabbits. i wonder why we say that? Usual things going on. Vin went off to Formby to get some stuff from Waitrose and have a look at Homebase. I as usual stayed here. got a letter from the hospital on Saturday with an appointment for the 28th of September. That is supposed to be an urgent appointment too! This has all been going on since the 5th june now! Bit too long now really. You certainly need patience in this game!! Saturday night Vin had a curry with mushroom rice and I had a poached egg on a piece of toast. Sunday dawned a bit dull and cool, but has brightened up as the day has gone on.Now quite sunny and Vin is in the garden with his cup of tea. We did the crosswords fairly quickly today, all three of them didn't prove too much of a problem. Hour long corrie tonight, what a treat. Sue Johnston is due to appear by Wednesday, that should be fun she is a terrific actress. Tonight we are having: A selection of pizzas Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and a sweet noodle salad for Vin.