Friday, 30 December 2016

It's All Over!

Well it is all over for another year and we have a New Year to look forward to now.
We had a nice Christmas this year, Jane came home from Manchester for a few days and it was lovely to see her, even though she  slept a lot!! Due to Vin's good shoppingwe had enough of everything and were well stocked up. Plus he did all the cooking over Christmas too. What a star!!
Jess was a very welcomeaddition  at Christmas, it is solovely to have a little cat in the house again. She is such a sweetheart, very very timid and runs a mile if the doorbell goes, but she seemed used to Jane again which was nice and she got some great pictures of her.
Jane bought her a stocking which had inside a toy that contains little biscuits that come out through little holes, so they knock it round and the biscuits come out. She loves it, and the other morning Vin came up with our coffees and said he had been ages picking up biscuits from the carpet! So she got the hang of it then.
Footwise, the toe operation had gone well. I still had my big toe when I woke up which I wasn't expecting which was a bonus so that was good. Still hobbling around on bandaged feet but they are looking quite good and seem to be healing. Down to once a week visit from the District nurses now which is great, and podiatry seem to be pleased. 
Another year for the little snowman that Jane bought me last year to go with the advent calendar from Yankee Candles. 
Here's looking forward to a better New Year :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Day in for me and Jess

I was quite rumbly the last couple of days so didn't really want to go out just in case! So i stopped in with Jess, not that yu would know she was there. She sleeps a lot during the day under Jane's bed which makes her feel safe I suppose. Then at about lunchtime she comes out to play.After that she settles down in her basket next to Vin on his sofa and there she stops for ages. She is really a pretty cat and I think we have all fallen for her. 
 Vin took himself off to Crosby this morning to get some more coal and logs, and some more bits and bobs for Christmas. Came back with quite a few items that are useful, including the yorkshire puddings that we didn't get in Tesco.  I think we are pretty much sorted now all we need to get is some fresh veggies nearer the day.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Out Yesterday...

Yesterday we had quite a nice day for a change. The district nurse was earlyish in the morning so we got moving by elevenish. We had planned to go to Waitrose, we haven't been there for an age, but we did get some vouchers through the post plus Vin had four vouchers from his points in the Daily Mail so it would be worth going.
The parking was fine actually not too busy at all, and Vin got me a wheelchair to go round with because the walking would have been too much.  The aim was to get some treats for Christmas, and we had a list of things we usually get from there. You know when you go there that things are going to be somewhat more expensive than any of the other supermarkets, but for a treat that's ok. We did stop for a break and our free coffee on our cards which was a very nice latte, and a few tiny shortbreads, then continued the shopping. Something for everyone too including some Waitrose cat food for Jess.  She got a Christmas card today from her former mum, poor woman, I do feel for her. I wonder if it is their first Christmas without her. 
Today we have had a fairly quiet day, didn't go out and no nurses or anyone so just us. Vin has lots of bits and bobs to do he says, and I have catching up to do on here so everyone is happy. Little Jess doesn't like the front doorbell, she disappears upstairs when it goes but comes down again later. She really is a timid little thing, quite a few things make her jump like sudden noises on the television etc. I suppose she will get used to them though. 
Jane rang up at lunchtime (hers) I think she only rings to see what the cat is doing :) :)   She got her hair cut yesterday, not before time either, she really suits it short, but it had got quite long. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Day In For Me!

After being out for the last two days I was in today catching up on computing mainly. Vin went off to Tesco to get some stuff for dinner tonight, and some other things.  He came back with some super things, he really is getting to be a super shopper, and can spot a bargain a mile off.  I think we are getting pretty well organised now, just a few bits and bobs to get.
 Not many Christmas cards arriving yet, the post is a bit disappointing. Still a bit quiet.
Little Jess is developing quite a little routine these days. She is up early in the morning, Vin often wakes early and goes down for a small cup of tea and a play with her, then she is about a bit and and goes under the bed in Jane's room till mid-afternoon when she comes out. She stays with us then mainly in the middle room till we go to bed, has a play every now and again, and a sleep in her basket, and a feed when she wants it. Nice life. :) She has completely bonded with Vin and he is totally smitten with her, keeps the ladies in the shop informed about how she is getting on, well it was where the notice was put in the window so they have a vested interest. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Out and About...

For a change we had a day without hospital appointments. It has really been a year of too many of them, so a day off is quite precious. This week fortunately we are fairly clear. Yesterday we had a podiatry clinic one at 2.30 so didn't have time to come on here by the time we got home. 
Didn't really make it much clearer what had been done to the foot except that the toe is still there, but feels a bit wobbly!!! Will have to wait to see what Mr Butcher says next week at his appointment. 
Today we took ourselves off to Dobbies to get a few things we had run out of and also to get our free coffees for December.
Not a nice day, very drizzly and wet underfoot, but doesn't matter there since it is all indoor. We had a mooch around and spotted some foodie items we got later, then went for our coffees. We both had a lovely large latte and a bit of prople watching then went to look at holly wreaths for the front door. Very disappointing, buta we got the other items we saw earlier.  Then off home. Really nice trip out it was too.
Called in at Homebase on the way home but their wreaths were too big and expensive, so kept along the road to Ince Blundell nurseries where he got exactly the one we wanted for a reasonable cost too.  Job done. 
Home for a light lunch and the doorbell went with a delivery. It was Vins Christmas present from Paxton and Whitfield of their Christmas cheese selection. Since it was perishable goods he had to open it but I think he was pleased. Glad I spotted that. 
Little Jess has joined us in the middle room these nights which is lovely, she still jumps at noises, like the doorbell. She really is a cutie, and adorable. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Long Time No Write!!

It is indeed a long time since I posted.  Variety of reasons for that. Both Vin and I were laid low with a really nasty cold virus thing which was terrible, kept me in bed for about ten days two weeks but Vin soldiered on like a trooper.As soon as he got over his though he made an appointment for a flu jab because he said he didn't want anything like that again. 
We have also had numerous hospital appointments which have kept us busy for a long time now, and still they arrive!! two more this morning, plus a phone call to say they had changed a podiatry appointment on Monday from 3.30 to 2.00 which actually suits us better. 
I did have my foot operation last Friday. When I went into theatre I thought they were going to remove my big toe on right foot, but when I came round afterwards it was still there sticking up! so no idea what they have actually done to the foot. Bandaged up which has to stay for two weeks or so then back to dressing clinic to get it checked.  Follow up appointments, maybe that will shed some light on the matter :)
Biggest news is that we have a new little cat called Jess. She is a black and white sweetie, who is fast becoming a daddy's girl.  It was quite a little story really.We lost our last cat "Tootsie" a few months ago because she was run over, Vin had been really close to her and she was a real little character. He had been very reluctant to go back to the animal rescue for clear reasons.  Anyway two weeks ago he had seen a notice in our local shop window looking for a loving home for an 11 year old cat. So he rang up and made enquiries and found out that she Jess had been owned by the young woman since she was a kitten. However her little boy 4 had developed very bad breathing problems, asthma etc., so Jess went to live with the granny over the way, the boy improved so clearly poor little Jess had to go. hence the notice. The girl who owned her was very upset. Vin said he felt terrible taking the cat away from her,she has been with us two weeks now, and has settled in really well really. Jane came home last weekend mainly to see her, and they got on very well really. She hid under the bed for most of Saturday, then came out on Sunday and made up for it by being around a lot.  Jane was able to take a load of photos on her very good camera phone, and we will get them on here a.s.a.p.  She is proving to be a little sweetie and a real Daddy's girl. I am so glad he got her, the poor girl who owned her must be heartbroken, it's a real shame after having her for eleven years. The good thing is that she is extremely timid and doesn't show any sign of wanting to go out unlike "Tootsie", who couldn't wait to go out, which unfortunately was her downfall. This one seems to be more of a house cat which suits us very well. Bless her.