Wednesday, 29 February 2012


After a lot of looking, and some prevarication i have finally bought a Kindle machine. Bit awkward to buy because my first order charged me delivery, but I cancelled that, and went via another route. You have to buy it by the "add to basket " method then you get the super saver delivery free system.Got there in the end, and it is now ordered.
I have been thinking of getting one for a bit now, mainly because there are some paperbacks that I want to read, but the print is too small for me to read especially at night, and you can alter the text size on these.
looking forward to getting it now.
I stopped in this morning to do all the ironing, mostly bedding, while Vin went out to get a new tube for one of the little lights over the worktops, and get a few things from Tesco which is opposite. he also went to Specsavers to look at glasses but didn't see anything he fancied. Brought one of their magazines back with beautiful people all wearing their glasses. Why don't they have normal people wearing them? Same with the beauty programmes on television, when the advertise wrinkle creams and there isn't a wrinkle in sight, and the models are about twenty.My face is wrinkly and I use that cream!!!
Jane has just rung up, she is off today, and was just making Spag Bog for her tea. She said she had a real craving for a McDonalds chocolate milk shake..she always did like those. Exam week for her, chemistry was easy, but Biology was more difficult, she wasn't sure how she had done on that, Physics tommorow, so that was the revising she was doing today, with a break for her Spag Bog.
Oooh can't wait for my Kindle now!!! Shall order "Before I go To Sleep", I really fancied reading that, but the print was too small.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the Hole
Mushroom gravy,
Butternut squash and sweet potato.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Lovely hair cut Jane!. This is Jane (on the right) in the Biology Lab at her college. The tutor was away and they found the skelington so were messing around with it, then posing for pictures. "Mature Students?" I love the picture though.
We went out this morning to Waitrose to get a few veggies for the rest of the week. Then the plan was to go over the way to the garden centre to get our free coffees from there before february runs out.
Had a very quick look round Waitrose, didn't get a big shop, and just enough veg to do the week. They do have nice veg there even if it is expensive, not too bad nce in a while. The cats would be pleased anyway because we got them some chicken!
Little look round the garden centre, didn't buy plants because it's a bit early, but they have a really good gift shop so I always have a mooch to see if I can spot anything for birthdays etc. Did get two very cute coasters, one of sheep with balloons which says Happy Birthday to Ewe, and the other of a row of sheep with little tiny babies which says Family album. Very sweet. Nice and light for posting to Australia too. if i get the Call the Midwife DVD as well that should make a good set of presents. Ann's birthday isn't till May but it's good to get ready.
Tonight we are having:
gruyere cheese escalope,
Carrots broccoli and cauliflower
mushroom in a cheese sauce
Baby potatoes sliced and sauteed.

Monday, 27 February 2012

What a Day!

Today revolved around my appointment at the Diabetic clinic at 1 O'Clock. Stupid time to have an appointment but can't be helped, at least it wasn't an early start and problems with traffic.
Got to Aintree at around a quarter to One, and waited for the blood tests etc. brand new spanking Diabetic centre, and all very swish, white everywhere and blue touches with blue lights. Huge waiting foyer just for the Diabetic centre, with a very posh receptionists desk.yet you get called to go and get the weight, blood pressure and blood taken in a tiny little room which is not much bigger than a cubby hole!! Where is the sense in that. All readings the same as last year it seems and then went out to wait again for the Dr. There is one Dr., there who keeps coming out of his room, walking round and talking to people, had a little bit of hope that I wouldn't get him when he called someone else into his room. Oh Dear, a bit later he came out again and called my name. Heart sank, I've had him before and he prevaricates a lot and asks irrelevant questions, writes a lot down mostly my list of medications, and has a bit of a look at my feet. Good job we did my nails last night..two coats of beautiful lilac nail polish! Well done would have made a great xhiropodist.
Dr. W says that my readings are fine and better than last year,and he will see me again next year! Not if I see him first thinks I.. At least I got my blood test done for the renal clinic as well so didn't have to make a repeat journey to get that done. So one good thing done anyway.
We had taken some sandwiches with us today because of the stupid appointment time, so we went back to the car and drove out of the car park £3.50 parking! for about an hour and a half! And, Vin drove to the M&S car park where we had those..would have been too late if we had waited till we got home.
very drizzly with rain which turned into a bit of a real rainy spell. Quite nice sitting in the car eating sandwiches watching the rain coming down.
Oscars last night.."The Artist" won a lot of awards, which is odd because it is a silent film. To be honest I can't see the point of paying a lot of money to see a film which has no sound. Good for me though I suppose. There is one film that I quite fancy seeing, called "The help" which looks very good, must watch out for that. Another one is "Thevery Exotic (Something) Hotel, based on a novel by deborah moggagh called These foolish things. Terrific cast, with Judi dench, penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy,Maggie Smith, Tom Wilkinson and a load of others. looks really good.A lot of films that are on Sky at the moment are comedy which we don't go in for, or horror which largely are rubbish. we like a good drama or a good thriller.l

We did see the end of the series of "Cloudstreet" on Saturday night which we were very impressed with. It is an Australian series which was extremely well done and well worth catching.
Tonight we are having:
The remainder of last night's Pizza which we usually have for lunch on a Monday.
Egg and potato salad, with avocado
The remaining salads that were left from last night.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Spoke Too Soo0n!

very grey and drizzly today when we left the house to do our weekend shop. dried up now though and is quite sunny again. You just don't know what to put on these days.
Went to ASDA in Southport today and had a good look round there. Vin wanted to look at their glasses section but didn't see any he fancied. "Should have gone to Specsavers!" which he does actually. I only went to ASDA for glasses once and wasn't very impressed, thought they were quite flimsy, got much better ones in Specsavers. The last ones I got which I am wearing today are the reactions lenses and they were really quite dark when we came out of ASDA today, funny how the weather changes in a short time.
We got everything we needed quite quickly then had a lovely coffee in their car park. Well we've had one out already this week.
We were listening to a very interesting item on "The Jeremy VineShow" Radio two, about the series of Call the Midwife. He was interviewing a couple of midwives who were delivering babies in the fifties, and they were saying that the series was totally correct, and that was exactly what they used to do.I think I will get the DVD for John and Ann, make a good birthday present.
Jane has just rung up on her way to work, not raining there but cold. She has sent a picture via email of her standing next to a skelington which is all dressed up. She said she dragged herself out of bed to go to her biology lesson and the tutor wasn't there, so they were messing around a bit, and they saw this skelington and dressed it up and all had their pictures taken with it. I'll try and get Vin to put it on the blog sometime.
She has had her hair cut really short which looks great, makes such a difference.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
Baked tomatoes
Rice pudding from Waitrose..gorgeous.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Beautiful day!

Lovely sunny spring like day today, no sign of grey skies and no rain in sight either.
We went over to the Aintree industrial site, because Vin wanted to get a new memory bit for his Netbook. he is now the owner of a 2GB memory card which he says makes the netbook much quicker. It is a really good little machine, and he uses it for the Internet and for the crosswords at the weekend. Really useful little thing..shame it's black! i wanted to order a blue one, but he stubbornly stuck to black. Ah well, he should be grateful it isn't pink!
Since we were in the same area, we went into the M&S, and I had a look round while he walked to Halfords. Didn't see anything I fancied and the clothes are quite expensive. The only top I quite likedd the look of was £29.50 and it didn't look worth that.I'll stick to Bon Marche thanks.
Went and had a coffee in their cafe which is way too small and could do with being twice as big. We had a job getting a table but did eventually. Place seemed to be full of young mums with babies in buggies, or grandparents with babies in buggies. very noisy today, but the coffee was nice.
Had a very quick look round the food area but didn't buy anything there either. First time in a long time I have come out af an M&S without buying anything, They must be slipping.
Jane has just rung up, and said she had been to the Dr's and she has tonsillitis so had some antibiotics. She was on her way to work, but didn't feel like going in.She can't afford the time off though.
Tonight we are having:
Remaining potatoes left over from a bag, maybe peeled and mashed,
Mushroom and ale pie and gravy, Mixed vegetables.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Spoke too soon...

The day started out quite bright and sunny, but it didn't last and it is now grey and raining. The girl on the weather forecast last night said it would be raining today, and we were saying they must be wrong..but isn't nicve right now.
We did the top of the cooker this morning, really scrubs up well, and is now sparkling white. I lovemy gas cooker.
Vin has spent the day sorting out some old and new papers, getting rid of waste ones and the last I saw of him he was sitting n the floor surrounded with little piles of papers. Organised in a way I suppose.
I've been playing on the computer a bit today,I was looking at the DVD of Call The Midwife, thinking I'll buy it for Ann's birthday in May. Sounds a while off but I like to get a few things beforehand. Think that they wud enjoy that it was such a lovely series. I see from the papers that they have comissioned a second series which is good news.
Bobby and Rusty haven't moved much today, I'm sure they go into hibernation mode in the Winter. Mind, Rusty has been up since the dark hours perched on my hip and wobbling there merrily. I tend to need to turn over after a bit, so gently tip her off in Vin's direction,but then when I've turned back she bounds back again. She is a very light cat though so she doesn't feel heavy on your side, and she is a little sweetheart.

Nights are drawing out a lot these days, it's getting towards around 6ish befor it starts getting really dark now. Much better for people coming home from work.
Tonight we are having:
A freezer job. Something from the many things that we have in the stock.
Mixed veggies that I bought on Monday.
second thoughts, might have a pasta dish just a simple asta vake with the same veggies.
And, a bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Is It Springing? & Pancake Day..

Woke up fairly early this morning with the usual catty alarm clocks. Decided to go and get a few more logs from Dobbies, which should see us through the rest of the Winter, if we hopefully don't get any more snow or frost. Gorgeous logs..£9 a bag, but they are kiln dried and really burn beautifully. Vin puts one on the fire and the flames lick up round it like one of the gas fires that you see, but so much nicer.
So we went to Dobbies this morning , there are touches of Spring around, the primroses are in full flower, and the crocuses were very much in evidence at the garden centre. lots of snowdrops around but not really daffodils yet, maybe a couple of weeks.
had a bit of a look round but didn't see anything that I fancied apart frrom a jar of irish goat's cheese in herbs and oil, which will go on our pizza on Sunday. So they didn't make much mney on us today, in fact I had taken a necklace back that was too tight and a bit uncomfortable to wear, so got my money back on that.
Lovely and sunny on the way back, but cold still in the shade.
I have now got a little furry purry on my knee! She stands on my knees and stares at the screen. Maybe she is following the mouse!! So I am trying quite hard to type round her...not easy.
She is jumping up and down a lot today, unlike Bobby who could sleep for cat England! She has had her thyroid tablet too, Vin gave it to her before, he has a knack of giving them to her, and can tell when she has swallowed it or not. Today's one she spat out once then it went down properly. They don't get wasted, if she spits it out it gets put back in at £30+for 100,they are quite expensive. Should be a NHS for cats!
Tonight we are having:
A small quiche with sstilton and cranberry with
a tin of something tomatoey and a potato croquette.
not sure whether we will have a pancake, we don't tend to do puddings except the rice pud on Friday.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Cat Screech...

Got up from the breakfast table this morning to get some stuff put away, put little Rusty's saucer of cat milk down for her, moved back, and must have trodden on Bobby's paw or something. i only had my slippers on, and she was on the carpet, but she let out such an almighty screech it nearly deafened us. poor little thing..I just hate doing that, but I didn't ssee her at all. I generally look round, but she was waiting for Rusty to finish her milk, so was at the back of me.
makes you feel so guilty, I wouldn't hurt the cats for anything. Vin of course makes the most of it, and keeps asking Bobby how her poorly paw is getting on!! How on earth can people be cruel to cats? they are so trusting, and by lunchtime she was letting me stroke her back as usual.
Went off to crosby this morning for a quick whizz round Sainsbury's for the weekly things. Some quite good offers too, and the Easter Eggs have now replaced the valentine's things. how the supermarket march on.
just starting to rain when we came home, and we had just got in when the post arrived. Jane had sent us a parcel on Thursday and kept asking us had it arrivved. Well it did this morning, a jiffy bag with a bag of dark chocolate herschey's Kisses in it. Bless her, she had seen them in the big ASDA that she goes to, thought we would like them and got them for us. We used to get big bags of them when we were in America at Wal-Mart, and they were really cheap there. Aaah she's a good girl.
Funny thing as I was typing this she rang up and we were having a bit of a chat. She said she has a sore throat, so is going to get herself dosed up, but doesn't want to take time off work. Horrible time of the year to be going out to work with a sore throat.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and broccoli escalope,
Mushroom sauce,
Carrots and beans,
Baby potatoes squashed and baked.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


They come round with mnotonous regularity it seems. once you finish your working life they don't appear to be as important in your life and routines change accordingly. All the things that were crammed into a weekend now are done at leisure during the week. it's a very nice state of affairs really.Saturdays and Sundays during the Winter anyway I tend to stop in, and Vin goes off on his rambles round the various places near where we live. Any bits and pieces we need or have forgotten he brings bgack with him, and I have a good go on the computer so everyone is happy.
Now Sunday evening and i am doing this after watching Dancing on ice, and a vonus edition of Corrie..Lovely. Voted for Andy Wyman who plays Kirky in Corrie and is a really lovely bloke, hope he gets through another week.
Vin made a gorgeous Pizza, he really is a dab hand aat them now and they are one of the highlights of the week. Well done Vin!
Jane rang up this afternoon on her way to work and said it had gone really cold there..manchester..
Recording the Call the Midwife which has been a great series. Wonder if it would be a good one to send to Australia for john and Ann. Depends how much it costs.
Tonight we had:
Pizza with tomato sauce portobel;lo mushrooms andpineapple, pepper
Egg and potato salad with avocado pear
Sweet chilli noodle salad for Vin and potato salad for moi.
Really lovely.

Friday, 17 February 2012


or should it be guttered! Last week our neighbour had said that he had talked to a local builder about renewing the gutters over our houses, and we all agreed. Well they arrived this morning to do them in the drizzly rain too. So now as I type this we are all proud owners of a row of spanking new gutters over the front of our houses. Vin says they are nice shaped black ones, I'll take his word for it. So the front of the house is nice and tidy now, and there will be no leaki9ng gutters.
We went out of the way to Sainsbury's in Walton, we were going to go last week but got up too late so didn't get there. Quite quiet actually, we thought it would be busy because of the kids being off but they must be all doing something else. Had a good look round and got some stuff that we don't get anywhere else.
The usual cup of coffee in their car park, really quiet and no-one ever parks in that bit. Very pleasant actually, Vin gets it all ready and we listen to the radio.
When we came back the men were doing our gutters having done the other end and were finished very soon after that. Vin says they look really good, so now the row of four little houses all match. neat and tidy!

This is the row in the snow..Ooh that rhymes! matching icicles!
Did get one letter when I returned home from the renal clinic at Aintree Hospital. Cancelling the appointment that was made last week cancelling the one that was made some time ago! So that is three cancellations altogether. No wonder people don't keep their appointments. I wonder how they get away with it, none of the other clinics do it, why just the renal one? Not on really. I shall make a point when I eventually go!!

Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
tartare sauce
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
Chips! 200grms.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


I spend ages doing competitions in magazines and we do our weekend crosswords as well. Been doing them since I finished work and before and only won bits of things except for £1000 once. Then Jane rings up at lunchtime on her way to get her hair cut and says she has won a holiday to venice!!!! Includes flights from London..three nights in a 4* Hotel, a Gondola ride and water taxis to and from the hotel!! Jammy beggar.I have been to venice but Vin hasn't, she will have a great time.
We stayed in today and did bits and bobs of tidying up.
Will go somewhere tomorrow.Do a few more competitions later!!
very quiet today with nothing much happening,a phone call about solar heating which seems to be a popular one these days. Lord knows where we would put solar heating panels on our roof!
next door neighbour called last night to say that the chap that had been looking at the guttering will do the lot for around four hundred pounds and our share will be about a hundred because we still have some of the bits. So the row of three will be nice and tidy then with heavy duty plastic gutters ready for the icicles next year!!

Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer with some baked potatoes and the mixed veggie pack that we still have.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Off Out..

decided we would go out today so had a mooch over to Ormskirk. One of the reasons for going was to get little Rusty's Thyroid tablets on the way which we did. £30+ for 100 tablets.They will last till around the 15th of April, she better hadn't spit these out!
Car park in Morrisons very quiet which was unexpected,loads of spaces. Walked up to the town centre, quite a blowy wind, and went to Holland and Barratt to get our fishless fingers. luckily they had some so got three packs to put into the freezer.
I wanted a few things from Superdrug and Vin showed me which shaving gel he wanted so got those later. then went nect door to my Bon Marche shop which is closing down, apparently on 10thy March. So sad, a lot of the stock has gone but I found two nice tops which I can use. feel so sorry for the women who work in there, they are really nice and helpful, and always pleasant. Such a shame. I shall really miss that shop. I always found something in there that was nice, and fits me well, going to the Maghull one won't be the same.
Went back to the Morrisons to get a coffee, very cheap and a really good coffee too with decent biscuits. then got a bit of stuff from there to get the car parking back.
Home in reasonable time for lunch with the cats just about waking up to greet us. Such a hard life being a cat!


My QVC parcel arrived via our next door neighbour, lovely necklace which I have fancied for ages. i have a bracelet to match so a nice set I am really pleased with.Magnetic clasp too so nothing to fiddle with.Gorgeeous.
Tonight we are having:
Mushroom and ale pies,
Squashed potatoes
Mixed vegetables with a mushroom gravy.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Blooming annoying. Twice today the phone has gone. Once while we were having breakfast, and again when we were having lunch. How on earth do they know?
You get to the phone and sometimes you get a siloent tone at the other end. Sometimes you get someone with an Indian accent who asks for someone with a name that sounds a bit like yours and when you say they aren't available they hang up. Sometimes you get a long beep at the other end. The other day I answered one and he..(Indian) says something about computer security.. keeps on about it, and I keep saying I don't want any. Then I finally say "Look..I am not interested in buying anything" and he puts the phone down on me. Very rude.
Still quite cold today, Vin has been doing some work outside because it's green bin week this week and he likesto make use of it. i had the big ironing day with all the bedding to iron, plus a load of clothing. Nice when it is all done though, and the cotton sheets are just gorgeous to get into.

Jane rang up yesterday it's her half term from college this week, and she was doing bits and bobs she says, including having her hair cut. It probably looks like this with her fringe all over her eyes.
She said that she got into work..Ticketmaster..early the other night and they jumped on her becausethey were mad busy. So they said if she could start straight away they would pay her double time.She said it was football tickets for the Cardiff and Liverpool game at wembley. One man bought 36 tickets at £72 EACH !!! Good grief all that money to watch men kicking a ball around a pitch.
She said it was really foggy there and the driving was quite bad. Fog is terrible to drive in, and she didn't leave work till late.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a pasta bake with butternut squash and a bit of garlic bread.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The Start of Another Week...

Child alert this week and what a difference it makes too. Much busier everywhere and kids roaming into your trolley. Quite a nice day today so there were plenty out.
We went to crosby to the Sainsburys where you get 1/2 an hour free parking before you hae to pay. if you whizz round it's fine, and we knew roughly what we wanted so were able to just stay within the time.We probably will stop in most of the week tomorrow will be ironing day and maybe we'll go out somewhere on Wednesday. Otherwise not nmuch doing this week.
Seems to be very quiet in the world too at the moment with little in the papers and on the news. mostly the news is about Whitney Houston and her Autopsy etc. The authorities are not giving out mush information except to say they are awaiting toxicology reports which will take around 6-8 weeks. Not like the television version of CSI where the results come up almost instantly. A lot of her songs being played on the radio today, she did have a fantastic voice when she was at her height of fame.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and cheese escalope
Baby potatoes sliced and sauteed
Mixed vegetables
mushroom sauce.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cold and Busy...

Still cold today, but Vin reckons it isn't quite as cold as Friday. Jane rang up on her way to work and said it was looking a little bit foggy there and she hoped it wouldn't ghet worse because she doesn't like driving in the fog. The cats have been in all day apart from a few minutes going out each, but not for long. Not soft those animals.
The news today is full of Whitney Houston who has died yesterday aged 48. Very sad, suppose it will be drugs of some sort, but the results won't be out for about six weeks apparently. Not like CSI on the television where they get immediate results. very sad though.
Did our crosswords this afternoon, mine proved to be quite taxing, and the theme was cakes too so should have been easier to do for me. The other two weren't bad, did them by about half past six when the Dancing on Ice is on. I love that, and am rooting for kirky from Corrie, or Andy Wyman. he is such a lovely bloke and is skating really well. Won't be one of the stars but is very popular. Should be fine for a few weeks anyway. Hope so.
Saturday we had:
Vin had a curry with Quorn and rice and poppadums and I had
A little quiche from Waitrose a couple of baked tomatoes and a few chips.

Tonight we had:
Pizza with bought tomato topping (we have run out)
Portobello mushrooms pineapple and mozzarella cheese,
Egg and potato salad with avocado
Potato salad for moi andd coronatin rice salad for Vin.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Too Late!!

Well we were going to go over to the Walton Sainsburys this morning, but for some reason we got up late. I think the problem was two little furry bodies that were trampling over us very early this morning! I had one on my hip and another in front of me, so just found a nice warm spot and turned over. vin normally gets up a bit earlier to go and get the coffee but he said he was too warm as well. i think the problem is that the bed is just too comfortable, the duvet that we have is Siberian Goose Down and is just gorgeous, then there is the Egyptian Cotton bedding. You simply don't want to move.
I remember the days of my childhood when we had sheets and blankets and eiderdowns on top of the bed in Winter. A freezing cold bed to get into, and you would turn over and all the eiderdown things would slip off. Cold lino floors and frost on the inside of the windows...Aaah the good old days!
So, we went to Waitrose in Formby instead. Quite busy but we parked ok. Just went round and got the things that were on the list, plus some others thatwe spotted, like Vin saw a fruit loaf from the Paul rankin range that he fancied for his breakfasts, and stuff like that. The good thing about going there is that it is so near we can come home for coffee quickly.
Phew, Jane just rang up on her way to work, and was chatting away about her exams and work and her college stuff, and when i turned back to the computer it had gone into the stand by mode. Moved the mouse and got the AOL home page, clicked the get rid of cross and the screen went blank. Where had my post gone?? Oh Shucks! anyway, I got on to the edit posts and lo and behold I could retreive it. I hate it when that happens. It turns out that she isn't coming home for 1/2 term because she can't get her shifts covered so she is stopping there and getting some work done.and is planning to come home for Easter instead. At least she wants to come home which is nice.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasties from Waitrose
Some baked tomatoes to go with
Rice pudding from waitrose.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Freezing Rainy and grey...

A real february day today. Really cold, and a bit rainy and looks like it is set in for a while bnow. The cats are barely going out but we had to this morning to get their chicken. So, we just nipped out to tesco up the road. We tend to avoid going there but needs must at times and it is the closest store to us. Weather alerts all over the radio, they must be expecting something bad coming.
tescos was quite busy actually, mind it always is that store, but we parked right outside.
Vin had a list so we got those things we had run out of, bearing in mind we go for our main shop tomorrow. Can't say I think Tescos is particularly cheap, one thing I was looking for was radox bath foam and that was quite dear, we'll get some at the pound shop, it's cheaper there. There's one next to Sainsbury's where we are going tomorrow. I hope Jane is well wrapped up when she goes out tonight, at least it is lighter these nights for her driving.
Tonight we are having:
A use up night..
Baby potatoes sliced and sauteed in fry light.
Butternut squash and sweet potato
cheesey kievs.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bits and Bobs..

One of those days when we stayed in and did bits and bobs. Vin had some banking he wanted to do, and we madee tonight's tea this morning too. We did a lovely kedgeree which we haven't had for an age. Must make one for Jane when she comes home it's one of her favourites. We don't make it with smoked haddock though we use Quorn chicken style pieces and get a great result.
The cats stayed in a lot today too, must still be too cold for them outside. can't help thinking of poor little Rusty six years ago when she was missing. She must have been so frightened because they are both home birds really.
Had a lovely long bath this afternoon with the book, candles and my tiny little bar of chocolate, only a teeny weeny toblerone tiny bar..not too sinful, but a bit indulgent.
I'm reading the Hamish Mcbeth books at the moment. very entertaining but not great literature..but who cares. Good to go to sleep with at night.
Said on the news that harry rednapp had been found Not Guilty of tax evasion. How does he get away with that when I have to pay tax on my little piddly pension. makes you cross.
Jane hasn't rung up today it is her day off too, so she would be working and doing her bits and bobs. She really is working very hard i'm proud of her.
Just played an Adele record on the radio. Some stupid german Fashion designer is in trouble for calling her fat!!!! She is gorgeous. If I looked like her and had her voice I would be well chuffed. he can talk he looks like an old prune!! leave her alone.
Tonight we are having:
Kedgeree with a little bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Went out this morning to get a bit of fresh air, and to put some money into jane's account for her. My bank is in Formby so we went there first, drove round the block about three times and no sign of a parking space so gave up and decided that we'd go back later at lunchtime.
Tripped off to Dobbies to have a mooch there. Vin wanted to get a couple more bags of logs, and a "Chocolate" plant that he had seen the other day. they have them fo 2.99 which is quite reasonable. Hope this one grows.
had our free coffee for the month,then a bit of a look round. i spotted a really nice necklace to go with a good pair of earrings that I have so well pleased with that. Plus a naughty little bag of Thorntons chocs on offer at half price.
Called in at Formby again on the way home and lo and behold there was a space so wenbt in and opaid some money into her account. She had bought some new trainers yesterday so was a bit short of money.
Jane's pens arrived this morning from Amazon. Terrific firm for getting orders delivered quickly. Vin has nabbed one already, and I have taken one for my puzzles. They are a thicker Biro and write really well. box of 50 for £11 which Jane reckons is about 20p each. She had been getting tham from tesco for £2.50 for four!!
Cold today, with frost lying around on shaded roofs, but not on the sides in the sun. Much lighter these nights, its still very light now at nearly five to five.
Jane rang up this afternoon and we had a long chat, while she was walking to work..Walk and Talk.She has firm plans for the year, with good targets about what she is doing. keep going Jane I'm proud of you.
Tonight we are having:
vegetarian Toad in the Hole,
Potato Croquettes or maybe a bit of mashed potato.
Carrots and beans.
Mushroom gravy.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Still no Snow!!

Quite nice today actually, if a bit cold still, but that is to be expected in february really. The cats, at least Rusty anyway was jumping round the bed at five o'clock this morning. The favourite seems to be a sort of trampoline game from one sleeping body to another. Then she settles on my hip, which is fine unless she suddenly starts scratching and ear or wriggling and then that wakes me up.Don't mind though, she is such a sweetie she can do what she likes. presently, she is having a nice siesta in her basket in front of the window in the computer room.That's her little routine. They are very much creatures of routine are cats. Like us I suppose.
We took ourselves off to Waitrose this morning. relatively quiet, and parked right outside nearly, which is always a bonus. I do like their veggies, and Vin was pleased because he got the pasties for Friday!. The only trouble is that it is expensive. I spent as much as I spent in ASDA on friday and didn't get nearly as much. You get different things from Waitrose thugh, like more expensive biscuits etc., so it mounts up.
Home for a nice coffee, and no post today either. seems these days that we hardly get any post, except for bank statements and the like the rest is rubbish.
Jane has just rung up to say that she had bought a new pair of trainers, Nike ones from a sports shop in Manchester. She was on her way to work, and we have a good chat while she is on the move.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and leek escalpe
Mixed vegetables
Mushroom sauce
Baby potatoes squashed and baked.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow? What Snow?

Snow was forecast for the weekend and heavy too. However it didn't hit us here. Not even a flake at all. Yesterday..Saturday was really cold, and freezing rain, with little icicles on the shed roof, but today while it is cold a bit milder. they seem to have had snow in central England and down South.
jane rang up yesterday morning..i picked up the phone and a little voice at the other end said " It's snowing Mummy, and it's freezing" She was sitting on the bed with two quilts round her to keep warm, then she was going to have a bath to get warm before she went to work. Poor kid. i don't envy her going out in the cold and the dark to do her night shift. jane I'm proud of you!
Vin went out yesterday morning to Dobbies to get some logs in case we got snowed in, and he came back pleased as Punch because he had got his Dobbies card back which he had lost. It was at the Customer Services desk. So, he was a happy bunny.
last night we had:
Chinese He had Spring rolls and I had dippers
1/2 a packet of egg fried rice
Stir fry vegetables.

Today he didn't go out, we were a bit late getting up and it was cold anyway so he stopped in. We did the crosswords this afternoon, very pleasant sat by a lovely log fire and he watched his recorded Railway Journeys done by michael Portillo.
Tonight we had:
Beautiful Pizza with our tomato sauce
Portobello mushrooms pineapple courgette and red pepper for Vin
Egg and potato salad with avocado
Potato salad for moi and cheese pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Bumps a daisy!!

Wonder why we say this? Anyway Jane rang up just about lunchtime when we had got back from our shopping, to say she had bumped into some man in a car at some traffic lights in Manchester. She reckoned that he had stalled andand she went into the back of him, but he got out and said there was no damage and drove off. We said we thought it was probably a company car and he wasn't bothered. Anyhow they didn't even exchange names etc so she seems to have got away with that.
We went off to ASDA this morning for a bit of a stock up and get our weekend things.We were a bit ;ate setting off but got round ok. I had a look at the clothes but didn't see anything I fancied..(never do) and Vin walked along to the car place. Wanted to get some of their chinese sauces which are really nice. Got everything that we wanted and the bill always surprises me there it seems low for what you get.A lot better value than Waitrose anyway.
Had our coffee in their car park in bright sunshine..don't know where this big freeze is coming from. it is cold, but not that cold.
Late lunch because of phone calls etc., but got there in the end.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
Chips 200grms.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

dentist and Books...

Up fairly early this morning because Vin had an appointment at the Dentists for a check-up. he goes the same time every year now and it is exactly a year since he last went.
The plan is that we go to the Library which is a short walk from the Dentists and get some new books. To our shame it appears that it is a year since our last visit to the Library as well!!! Since we renew our books online these days we don't tend to make the journey there, plus we buy a lot of books too, or Vin gets them from Charity shops so we don't have the need to go there in person as it were.
First surprise...we drove into the car park which is usually heaving to find it empty!! Vin got out to see if the Library was was...then he spotted a parking machine!! What is that about? Suppose it is to stop people parking there all day. Well it's done that alright, there were only around four cars on the whole park. And, the Library was extremely quiet. Unaturally so. Shot themselves in the foot there I think, it has obviously stopped people going into the Library. Apparently they were installed at the end of November, so we hadn't been aware of that. You get 1/2 an hour for 20p but we knew we were going to be longer than that, so paid 80p for the longer period! Personally i think that's a disgrace, doesn't give you long enough to browse and will stop people going to the library it seems.
Anyway, i went inside and Vin went off to his dentist for his checkup. I had a good look at the Large Print books, then he joined me later. he likes Local History books from there, so chose some of those and we left to come home for our coffee.
Jane rang up at lunchtime, to have a chat. She is doing very well with her science course (Touch Wood) and is getting distinctions for her exams. She is very short of money though, and she has to pay back some overpaid tax credits that she got last year!!! poor kid, she is really trying at the moment, all day a college and working evenings at Ticket master too. no wonder she is knackered she says.
Vin has set me up with online banking this afternoon. really quick to do only took a short while, and when I get something called a card reader i can set up a standing order to help her out a bit.
She says she is going round tesco with ten pounds in her pocket looking for bargains. Oh dear!
Bobby has just come into the room where the computer is and given me a lovely nuzzle and butt of her head. She is a real home loving cat and likes her ciddles just as much a Rusty Bless her.

Rusty tends to be more openly affectionate but bobby will choose her moments too, then you feel very honoured.
Vin has just stuck his head round the room door and made me jump sky high. Sort of crept up on me, being deaf i don't hear him so he often makes the most of that.
Our john's birthday today. Happy Birthday John. I hope he is warmer where he is than we are today. it is very hot in Perth according to the papers. freezing here today. very frosty this morning and took ages to clear up.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with mushrooms
Pack of mixed green veggies
A bit of garlic bread.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

D-Day and Hares and Rabbits again!

Stopped in today mainly because we were awaiting delliveries today. One earlier in the morning for my Aranesp injections. They are brought by a courier in a van, and we had to exchange the yellow sharps box which was full of old injection needles etc.
The other delivery was for four bags of coal, which came at lunchtime.Four bags at £74.. Vin reckons that should last us until around March, together with some of Dobbies logs and the peat we have.
I spent the morning doing the ironing of the bedding which is Egyptian cotton and needdds a lot of ironing but so worth it.
very bright today but Vin says it is really cold out. He has been over to the recycling centre and down in the garden tending to the bunker.The cats, don't seem to venture out that much in this weather really. Bobby sleeps a lot of the day, but Rusty is up and down the garden especially if Vin is there. She follows him everywhere, and he was saying that this morning she made him jump because she had got into the coal bunker. naughty little thing. She is a nosey little cat and will look into anything going. We made sure she was in when the coal arrived though.

She sat in the window and watched what was going on.
1st of feb today so Hares and rabbits...something we always say on the first day of the month. No idea why.
Tonight we are having:
Chicken style drumsticks
Little baked potatoes
Bread sauce and cranberry sauce
Mixed vegetables that we have left ocver.