Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Back to Normal..

Went to Ormskirk this morning so back in the old routine. We have missed half term so that was a bonus and the town centre was quite quiet. Stocked up on some items that we had run out of like Quorn slices etc., so are really nearly back to where we had been.
Big weigh in this morning. VT is 11 stonesw and I am 11stones 12lbs, so gone down to where we had been before we went away. I am still very surprised that we hadn't put a shed load of weight on but maybe it is the walking? We certainly had our share of cookies and meals out Pizzas etc.,anyway it is nice that all my clothes still fit!!
Last night we ended up having.. Quorn Gruyere cheese escallopes,
Cabbage Leek and Broccolli M&S,
6oz tiny little baked potatoes between us
And it was really tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Thai style stir-fry,
Loyd Grosman curried quorn bits, with mushrooms and a green thai curry sauce.
4oz of white rice.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Spent the morning putting things away, of vcourse we bought loads so it all has to be put into a home. Started with my clothes so had to throw away a drawer full of redundant items to make space for the gorgeous things I bought in Dress Barn and Liz Claiborne, where everything is $9.99 or less. Which is of course £5!! What bargains.
Good news about our weight eh.. only put on about 2 maybe 3 lbs., I thought it would have been at least 7lbs. We ate our share of choc chip cookies and muffins etc but we did watch it and didn't go mad. A lot of Pizzas but we always had salads with them, and some fantastic Flatbreads...God I love that place.
Getting back to normal now, we were both quite tired over the weekend, especially with the clocks going back too. Very confusing. VT had a really quiet spell on Saturday night but is totally normal again now Bless Him.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallope,
Vegetables butternut squash and others,
4oz small potatoes baked in the oven.

Monday, 29 October 2007

We are Back!!

Back from our wonderful holiday to New England. We visited two areas, North Conway of the famous outlet malls and Sturbridge of the Old Sturbridge Village fame. Both terrific bases for exploring.
Weather was great, it rained the day we arrived then it warmed up, one day being so hot I had to go into a shop and buy a cool shirt to wear!
Food...well the food is let's say American! very big portions, and I do mean very big, and very little for those who are trying to eat a healthy diet. An awful lot of large people about..not as many as in Florida, but enough.
We had a few memorable meals while we were there, two at "Flatbreads" where we had oven fired Pizzas, and one at a very "posh" restaurant called Cedar Street, where we had our special meal. The one we didn't have last year when I was sixty and we missed VT's birthday because I was having my toe done.
I had Mixed Olive Tapenade with pitta bread and roasted garlic,
VT had a platter of cheese tasters,
Then.. Pumpkin and Pear Rissotto, and a Penne Pasta dish with a spicy romatoish sauce.
We shared a trio of Sorbets, Blood Orange, Guava and Strawberry..All Delicious. The bill for this sumptious freast was $84.36 or about £43!!!

Now to The Healthy Eating Plan!!!!!
News is, we barely put anything on!!! about 2lbs at the most!! we couldnt believe it either of us...I had fully expected top put on about 1/2 a stone. We didn' t stint, but we were careful-ish. We had cookies and Pizzas etc., but we did do a fair bit of walking I suppose.
Anyway we are back on the Plan today..
Normal Breakfast, Normal lunch and...
Leek and Butternut Squash roast for our evening meal
Vegetables...probably roasted and there is a tomato sauce in the roast.
VT is 11 Stone and Jenny nine toes is 12 stones GOOD EH!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Packing Up A Storm!! Bye Bye Bloggie XXX

Well my case is packed and ready to go. If I have forgotten anything it's too bad, it's not as if we are a million miles away from civilisation anyway. I've tried to cover evcery eventuality, warm clothes and decent clothes etc. It's very difficult knowing what to take and you always take too much anyway. Probably bring half of it back unworn.
So I won't be posting for two weeks now, I shall miss it actually because I've become quite used to doing it most days. I'll try to keep a bit of a log while we are away so I can make a record of what we have had.
Weigh in this morning showed both of us to be a pound under the stones mark. VT 11stones so 10stones 13 lbs, and myself 12stones so 11stones 13 lbs. So I can say it has been a successful exercise since June 29th when we started.
It remains to be seen what we will put on when away, we will try not to go overboard, but there will of course be more meals out and Pizzas etc.And...American portions are HUGE! Sometimes a child's portion is enough.
Tonight we are having:
No idea..Something out of the freezer, something light really,
Carrots to use up.
So Bye Bye Bloggie for the time being....
I Will Be Nack!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Up Up And Away...Nearly..

Today we spent most of the day packing. Making terrible decisions about what we are taking to wear etc.,
My suitcase is now done so if I have forgotten anything it's too bad, we will just have to buy when we get there.
The poor cats have got wind of what is going on and little Rusty keeps sitting on top of the case and going to sleep, so I can't pack anything in. Crafty.. They have had their chicken treat and are off to the cattery tomorrow morning. Absolutely hate that bit, you feel that you are deserting them.
Tonight we are having:
The Thai fillets
Stir fry vegetables
Mushrooms and a green thai sauce. 3oz rice.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Last Minute....

Last minute bits and bobs. Went into Formby to get my new glasses this morning. VT is such a gorgeous man, whatever I ask him to do he does bless him, so we went to get the new specs. I ordered them from Specsavers, mainly because I wanted Reactions lenses. The sun on holiday tends to be quite bright and I didn't want to be fiddling with sunshades.
Then I went to M&S to get a new belt. Since we have lost the weight some of my tops are too loose and I wanted a belt to nip them in a bit.
Then we went to Maghull so I could take a twin-set back. I swopped it for a nice new top and a new bra. Well a girl can't have too many bras!! and it is a pretty one.
Didn't buy a speck of food today except for cat food!!
Tonight we are having:
Cauliflower and Broccoli au gratin,
Something from the freezer, new potatoes.
Thai fillets,
Stir-fry vegetables,
3oz rice

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday Crossword

Usual Sunday crossword day, today they were quite easy to do with the help of the Internet of course. Made a nice Sourdough bread too so have been rising that all day, well all afternoon anyway. We use some of the dough to make the Pizza as well so that saves a job.
Didn't do anything towards the holiday today except worry about what clothing I am going to take. Don't want to take too much, but need to cover all sorts of weathers.
Tonight we are having:
Our usual Pizza, Sourdough base, Home made tomato sauce,
Roasted Vegetables,
Goats cheese,
Mushrooms in brine,
Salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sorting Out..

Trying to sort out clothes etc., for our holiday this morning. What a job... i was determined not to take a load of stuff this time so I have plenty of room to buy things when I'm there. But...I keep seeing things that I think I will need, and I know I won't. What happens is that you end up wearing the same things you wear when you are at home. One of the troubles is that since losing the weight clothes are fitting better so it makes you want to take more.Then there is shoes and make up and toiletries and jewellery and......
VT is painting the front door, well around the front door, it was looking scruffy and the paint was peeling off a bit, so he has re done the black gloos. He's done well this year. I have spotted a nice restaurant cxalled Cedar Street in Sturbridge so I am planning to take him for a nice meal there when we are away to make up for all of the ones we missed last year, my 60th and our anniversary and his birthday. We had a horrible year last year really so will make up.
Tonight we are having:
Chinese..Mini Spring Rolls from M&S,
Stir-fry veg done in fry Light,
Honey and coriander sauce,
4oz of Egg fried rice.
Weigh in this morning a mini one and we are both down another pound!! so that is good, and a bit of a boost. I reckon we have lost about 16-17 lbs each.

Friday, 5 October 2007

More Getting Ready.

Did our weekend shopping in Ormskirk this morning. Changed my £100 in pound coins into Dollars to be used for trips etc., when we are away. VT did that and he got $1.97 to the Pound!!! Can't wait to go..all that shopping and at half price, you look at everything in Dollars and halve it, wish you could do that here.
Bought some more toiletries, I like to take everything new so got a new lippy and mascara etc.,so have a nice new set of things in my make up bag like Bobbi Brown eye shadows..There's posh!!
Tonight we are having:
Fish Cake and Chipss. Calorie counted of course.
Carrots and Mushy Peas for VT.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Getting Ready..

Got the suitcases down today ready for the holiday next Friday. We have lots of things ready to go including new coats and other bits and pieces. All my parcels have been delivered which is just as well since there is a postal strike for the next three days!
Have to decide what clothes we are taking now, the trouble is you always take too much and end up not using most of it. The clothes are so good there anyway and so cheap compared with ours, if you run out of anything you can always buy it.
Tonight we are having:
A cheat meal!!
I bought 2 Spinach and Ricotta Lasagnas at the new M&S in Formby,
Sliced green runner beans and carrots.
Come on weight...SHIFT!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Housekeeping and other things...

Raining at the moment, which is quite a good thing since it hasn't rained since the roof was repaired. So it will be a test.
Did boring things today like the ironing and the kitchen floor which was getting grubby. Would have loved to make a cake really, but no go. I am at the stage where everything is looking tempting and I could really eat something very tasty, but must remember what we have accomplished and resist!!
Big weigh in today and guess what!! we are firmly stuck on a big plateau just on the stones 11 and 12 and not moving. It is SO frustrating when we aren't cheating at all. But, we have been here about 3 weeks now and it isn't fair. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopeswith mushrooms,
Crushed potatoes 4oz.
Carrots peas and beans.
Let's see if we can shift another pound or two.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Busy Day in the end..

Today was supposed to be quite a quiet day , but turned out to be a fairly busy one in the end. VT started off early ringing the PO to arrange for a parcel to be delivered to the PO down the road. We missed it yesterday because of the hospital appointment. Then he set about arranging the holiday insurance. That had proved to be a problem yesterday mainly because of my toe!! You start filling out the forms then get to the pre existing conditions section and have to go through screening. When you get to the bit where you say there was an operation last year most of them don't want to know! This morning he looked at the Martin Lewis website which recommended another one that he rang up and got that sorted. £140 instead of £240 for 2 weeks from Saga!!
So we then went to Formby to arrange for me to get a new pair of glasses with Reactions for the sunshine. I get £75 back from Medicash so am quite chuffed. Whilst we were there we had a look at the new M&S which is very impressive, even has the Per Una clothing range as well. Bought a bag full of stuff and VT had a £3 voucher so we only paid £2.18 !! very restrained for us!
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in Goulash sauce mushrooms and peppers for VT.
4oz pasta or rice,
Carrots on the side.

Monday, 1 October 2007


Today has been a day of appointments. First one was mine in Walton Hospital with the diabetic nurse. She was quite pleased weight has gone down and the long term control has gone down as well so good news there. She also gave me a letter to take to the airport confirming needles etc., so that was useful.
Next appointment was VT at the dentist to get some teeth done. Since his was gfor 12.30 we had some time to fill, so we did some shopping in Sainsbury's for the weekly veggies, and had a cup of coffee there too. Then we called in at the library to change books and see if there were any new guide books for our holiday. I got some good reading books including a new "Cat Who" one which I haven't read before. I love those books..
Then we came home for lunch and had the remainder of the Pizza with salad. Lovely the next day.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn of some sort.
Cauliflower and Broccolli with a little cheese sauce,
4oz new potatoes boiled and crushed with butter buds.
I am determined to shift a few more pounds before we go away. Another 2-3 would make a difference. Just get below the Stones mark!!