Friday, 31 October 2008

Off to The Shops...Again!

We took my money to Sainsbury's today, we were just saying that there isn't so much choice here in Hightown. it is either Waitrose in Formby which is really expensive, or Tesco which we don't like any more. Sainsbury's in crosby is too small, and Aldi don't have the choice.
So, Sainsbury's Walton today..
Bought our usual weekend things, it is not Chinese week tomorrow so thinking about something else.
VT got up last night to go to the bathroom, then got back into bed and started shivering. The whole bed was going, and he got quite grumpy. I told him to put the electric blanket on, and he dropped off then a bit later. I had a hell of a job getting back to sleep, and when I did I woke up a bit later and the bed was cooking! he had the blanket on number three! So we over slept a bit this morning. Doesn't matter really though. We still do what we want.He is fine this morning..must have just got cold.
Tonight we are having:
Hot Dogs. Vegetarian Sausages,
Onion rings,
relishes and pickles etc.,
Maybe a few chips.

VT is getting to be a pain going round the shop!!! he was going beep beep everytime we went near anything he thinks I shouldn't have.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

A Bit of This and a Bit of That...

Sort of everything day today. VT did a lot of ringing up for me today. He rang the surgery to check about ear syringing, which has to be done at the hospital apparently. Something to do with ear perforations. Then he rang the hospital to be told that we need a referral from the GP. So ring the surgery again and told a letter would be done.
They rang back later to say that it was ready and we could collect it.
The Vet Mr Dixon rang at "Dawn" to say the little Rusty's blood results had come back, and her thyroid levels were down to normal levels again. So that is good news. She has to stay on them but is good again.
Did the to of the cooker. and VT did a lot of clearing up outside, planted some bulbs and cleared away some leaves etc. Isn't he a good boy, bless him.
Lovely bath and a good read and a square of Green and Blacks chocolate and my candles this afternoon...Bliss!!
Tonight we are having :
Pasta Bake with asparagus, tomato sauce and a tiny bit of cheese on top.

Weigh in this morning..Guess What..
We are both the same..

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cold Weather Cuisine...

We were up early this morning because we had to take Little Rusty to the Vets again for a blood test. It is to do with her Thyroid problem, she is still on the tablets, twice a day which VT does. She miaows a bit there, just to remind us she isn't happy about it, but isn't so bad on the way home. She was a very good little girl in the vets, and Mr Dixon seems pleased enough.
We were done and dusted and back home by 9-15, took about an hour there and back..not bad really. We had a cup of coffee fed rusty who must have been starving, and then went out to Crosby to return a book that I couldn't renew because it was needed. I hadn't read it actually because the print is absolutely tiny, so didn't mind renewing it. Walked along College Road for a bit of a look, but nothing much has changed, quite a good Deli at the far end, but we didn't buy anything today.
Sainsbury's then because we needed some Chicken for the babies, and a couple of other things, Very cold weather today, definitely more wintry than Autumnal, so something warming tonight.
Home for a change of clothing, and we then had a nap, intending to have a few minutes rest. We woke up a bit later, ready for lunch!! a bit naughty, but it was lovely and cosy.
Bobby has just come upstairs and flopped down in front of the heater, loks lovely and cuddly, but beware, if you go to stroke her she will probably bite.
Tonight we are having:
A Hot-pot/ Casserole, with a bit of potato, some pork ribsters (Quorn) carrot,apple, parsnip mushrooms and some good stock. Long slow cooking and a tasdty result.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Diets and Potassium..

Had to go to Aintree Hospital this morning for an appointment with a Renal dietician. This was after an appointment in Juse with the Renal specialist. Anyway, she was very nice, youngish called Emma, and she went through my diet, what we eat during the day, for the week. Our diet actually sounded quite healthy, in fact we should be like runner beans VT and I, because we have changed our diets a lot over the last year.
Potatoes seem to be a problem, especially when they have not been boiled, and potato products. Potassium must be a water soluble vitamin and it is better to boil the veggies apparently. Not going to do that though, we much prefer them steamed for the flavour. Apart from all of that we seem to be doing the roght things and she seemed pleased enough.
It is very cold today, might even have a fire tonight, VT has cleared the grate out ready for one.We could do with ordering some Peat, that makes a lovely fire, just ticks over and keeps the radiators warm.
VT came in with a pair of his underpants he is throwing about see through!! The elastic had come out of the top waistband, and the seat was see through!!! Not like he doesn't have enough pants either.He bought himself two packs in M&S the other week..why does he store them up I wonder!!
Tonight we are having:
Sausages and Mashed potatoes,
Cabbage and leek,
Gravy with mushrooms,
A yorkshire pudding.That should be ok Potassium wise.

Monday, 27 October 2008

A Change is as Good as a Rest....

Monday, so we usually go for some veggies somewhere. This morning VT had to go to his garage in Southport to arrange about his car. It needs a Winter service and something doing so we went there to begin with. Then along to Dobbies in Kew to get our free coffees. Very nice too and a bit of shortbread to go with. VT bought that. Last of the big spenders..£1.24 for that. Did a bit of buyi g as well, got a pen each for John and Ann, and a calendar for them of English Landscapes. Also got a couple of things from the food hall for keeping.
Then back towards home to Tesco for the veggies. Must admit I don't like going there these days. It used to be a good shop, but I think they have got too big for their boots, and it isn't a nice shopping experience going there. Sainsbury's is much friendlier. Tesco's is wel brash these days. We rarely go there any more, we tend to go to the other ones.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn of some sort,
Sliced potatoes sauteed,
Mixed vegetables with a Hollandaise sauce and a few mushrooms.

The site I use with the Delia Online via MSN is shutting down, so they are migrating to "Multiply" This is proving to be a bit of a problem. I was sent an email but didn't get anywhere with that, but hey presto this morning it worked, so I am entered on that, but haven't got into Delia Group yet. You need patience at this game.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Weeken One..

Didn't do a blog yesterday, which is quite ususual really because I like to keep it up each day. Didn't get round to coming back upstairs to do it though, so this is a two day one.
The clocks went back last night, so we got an extra hour in bed which is nice. A lie in but a proper one. Still got our coffee and biscuit in bed though.Courtesy of VT bless him.
Yesterday was very wet and cold and blowy, not a nice Autumn day at all. Wish we were in New England really, it is lovely there. This time last year we were there, leaf peeping. The way the dollar is going though it is a good job we aren't there at the moment. Hope it will go up again by next year.
Today it was quite nice, but just started to rain. It is pitch black now, and at 6 o'clock that is getting a lot earlier.
Made a Sourdough loaf this morning White potato and oatmeal loaf, which is still rising in the kitchen. Also did the roast vegetables, and the pizza dough for tonight.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our tomato sauce made earlier in the week,
Salad with avocado and baby pomodoro tomatoes cucumber etc.,
Potato salad and a cous cous for VT,
Goats cheese and other bits on top.
Jane rang us up last night she was on for quite a while, and was talking about her web site for where she works. Globe...
They have very good menus and is well worth browsing.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Communal Fix-Its..

Yesterday it was the hedge cutters, today it is the battery charger, the other day it was the long ladders..The men folk in this road should have a communal shed for storuing things. It has been a year of sharing things this year.
Today being Friday we took my money to Morrisons in Ormskirk. I do quite enjoy going there actually, because we can have a bit of a look round then a cup of coffee in our cafe, then finish off with the shopping in Morrisons. Forgot to get some Ben and Jerry's ice cream though which was on offer, but maybe that is as well. We bought our usual things for a Friday,except I bought a long sleeved nightie from the Bon Marche shop. Why can't you buy long sleeved nightdresses in this country? Plenty of them in America, in Wal-Mart last year I could have bought any number of them and gorgeous designs and patterns too. But in this country forget it. They are all pinks or blues or lemons terrible things!! I wish someone would wake up and design some really nice cheap night clothes.
Snoopy the cat from the Liz Jones column is doing OK. I sent her an e-mail on Sunday, something I never do . but I was worried about the little cat, and she had written about it so beautifully, and I got a reply yesterday!! wasn't expecting that. She said that he has kidney failure, and is on lots of medication but is doing ok. I hope she has one of those pill thingies that VT uses on our little Rusty. He is great at doing that, she has to have a tablet twice a day, and she takes them quite well really, but VT seems to have the knack.
I hope little Snoopy does well.
Tonight we are having:
Meatballs in a Swedish style sauce,
Rice..white basmati,
Mixed vegetables, butternut squash and fine beans and peas.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mops and Pants!!

We got up at our usual time this morning, with a cup of coffee and a cow biscuit..lovely VT does that every morning when we have the time. Did the kitchen floor, and the other hard floors in the house, bathroom and front porch, so all is looking cleaner. I wish we could mop the dust away too.
VT is presently altering the lengths of a couple of pairs of trousers, he seems to have the craze for it at the moment. He used the wonder hem stuff that you iron on and it works very well. The trouble is, he has very short legs, and some of his trousers are just the wrong length, especially the bargain ones he buys!!
Nice bath and candles this afternoon, a good book and a square of chocolate for a treat..Can't be teaching anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a Chicken style cheesey garlic kiev, or
Vegetable quarterpounder..
Vegetables Gratin.
Just simplee, use up something from the freezer and tasty.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rusty's Little Journey to the Vets..

Well we were up with the lark this morning, and off to see the vets in Ormskirk. Rusty had to be taken without any food, so Bobby was fed when VT got Rusty into the basket. This was no mean feat either since she disappeared when he went to get her. As soon as they see the cat baskets, they know they are going somewhere, so they run off. Cute as a cart load of monkeys.Anyway we got her into the car and off we went. She miaows all the way, with VT going "It's all right Rusty" and me sticking my fingers into the cat front, we got there. She saw the Head Honcho today, Mr Dixon himself, who looked at her and said he wouldn't do the dental today because he wanted her on the thyroid tablets for another week. She has put weight on in the two weeks, and he said her heart was sound so looks good. We have to take her back for a Thyroid check next week, and they take another blood check to see what is going it is all the same again next week..Poor Rusty.
We were going to go into Ormskirk when we had left her in the Vets, so that had to change. We brought her home, then nipped into Formby, to Waitrose to get a few things we had run out of. They didn't have any Chicken for the babies, so we went over to M&S. Bought chicken £3.99 !!!! for cat's chicken!!!! a few potatoes 40p, and a salad for me tomorrow.
God it's a long day when you get up so early. We are not early risers at all, generally get up about nineish or thereabouts, and we had taken Rusty to the vets and back by that time this morning. Must admit I dropped off after out lunch today..feel like an old woman.
VT has been a lot more energetic today, he has been in the garden dealing with the hedge from next door. He borrowed Brian's cutters and has chopped the hedge right back to the fence line. Given it a short back and sides! then he has attacked the weeds with his weed gun, and is trying to burn them away. The idea is to fill the green bin which is due for collection tomorrow. Busy Boy...
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with a Tomato and Marscapone sauce and a few vegetables.
Green Beans.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

In which we make Tomato Sauce, and Have a Book Delivery...

Well it sounds good. We made a big batch of tomato sauce for our Pizzas this morning. We used 4 tins of tomatoes, all different makes so it was like a tasting test, and that was interesting. There seems to be little difference in between them, except the Sainsbury's value ones are very good. The Dettori's are thicker, but not much, and are a lot more expensive too. So the conclusion is that a mixture is good.
Jenny and Vinnies Great Tomato Sauce for Pizza Recipe...
4 tins of chopped tomatoes,
1 medium onion choppes very small,
1 Tablespoon of mixed herbs,
1 Dessertspn of sugar,
Seasoning, good pinch of salt and pepper,
A squirt of garlic puree,
Tsp of stock powder,
Saute the onion in a little oil or Fry Light, till soft.
Add the tomatoes and all of the other ingredients.
Simmer, preferably with a lid on the pan because it will bubble like Vesusius, until it reduces and goes thick.
Cool then we put it into small tubs and freeze. This ammount makes enough for about 8 pizzas.

So that was made and cooled, then after lunch we were footling about and The Book People delivery came. That is such a good firm. They never mess about with the orders, and they always deliver promptly within a few days.
I have ordered some Derek Longden cat books, The Resurrectionist, and a book called Cherry Cake and ginger beer. This one is for my Secret Santa parcel, but I might have a look first.
VT ordered a book about the Countryside, and a book by Oz Clarke about wine which looks good.
So, a successful day today.
Tonight we are having:
Pork Ribsters, cooked with apple and mushrooms in a little gravy.
Vegetables, beans carrots and peas,
Mashed potatoes with spring onion.

Monday, 20 October 2008

New monday venture..

We took ourselves to the new Aldi in thornton this morning. Usually on a Monday we go out for vegetables for the week, so we went for those. It is a new store, and quite good and very clean,mind you the vegetable selection it has to be said is not great. The trouble is that all the packages are large, so you get big packs of potatoes, carrots, apples pears etc., and if you don't want huge quantities of anything you are stuck. I got some potatoes, salad and sweet, cheap asparagus, mushrooms, chanterey carrots and a few other bits and pieces. Did buy a couple of bottles of reasonable wine, very cheap milk and Parmesan cheese, and my shop came to around £25. Must admit that I had thought it would have been more than that, so was surprised at the total bill. There are clearly items that are quite a lot cheaper,and it is worth going there, but not every week. We do like variety.
Very Autumnal today, a lot of leaves on the ground, and the trees outside the bedroom window are looking a lot thinner,VT reckons he will fill the green bin with leaves this week.
Tonight we are having:
A Quorn of some sort,
Potatoes probably sliced and sauteed,
Carrots and beans,
mushrooms in a little sauce.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday Makings...

Must admit, I quite enjoy Sundays with our bit of cooking done. Started off with a loaf. Today we used a packet mix , one of the Laucke ones, which was a sweet yeast one. We didn't put any fruit in this one, and I really wanted to make a Maple Syrup and Walnut one but we have run out of walnuts, so it ended up as being a maple syrup one only, and fine for that. It has risen beautifully and was well worth doing. Then we did the roast vegetables to go on the pizza, and the pizza dough in the bread machine once the bread was out. I never cook the bread in the breadmaker, because we don't like the shape, so we do it in a normal bread tin.
Read the Liz Jones column/article in the Mail on Sunday magazine, and it was very sad today. It was all about her cats, and one of them is not good, she had to take him to the vets, and then treated him with her oils and electrolyte liquid. I really hope he is all right for her. I love reading about her cats, but mostly her column is about her sex life..we don't want to hear about that, only about her animals.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with tomato sauce..(we need to make some more)
Roast Vegetables,
Salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes etc.,
Potato salad and Cous cous salad with sun-blush tomatoes.

6.30 and it is pitch black outside now.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

October is rolling on and The Days are drawing in as they say...

That means that it is starting to get darker earlier. i suppose it won't be long before the clocks go back. At least this time round we get an extra hour in bed which is a good thing.
We have done the bedding today, all dried in the drier because it is too dampish to peg out. nothing like a lovely clean bed. looking forward to that tonight.
VT took himself off for a little trip this morning..I needed some red kidney beans so he had something to go for. He rang up when he wasd out to say he had seen a Ladies Detective Agency book in a charity shop did I want it. Course I did..only £1.29 a bargain..liovely condition too, looks like it has never been read.
Not a lot in the papers today, mostly full of doom and gloom and despondency. because of the financial situation. I got paid yesterday, and they have taken the extra £50 pounds a month tax off me..the ba*****s..totally not fair. Really made my blood boil that has.
Tonight we are having:
Tacos with chilli quorn mince,
Lettuce, tomato, soured cream and guacomole, and a tiny bit of grated cheese.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Friday Shop..

Took ourselves off to Asda this morning, for a change. We have been going to Sainsbury's for the last couple of weeks,the journey is a bit of a trek really, but it just gives us a change.
We got our usual things, but were a tad annoyed because they have moved everything round, especially in the fruits and vegetables dept. Must admit this gets up my nose because you do tend to look in the same places and they aren't there. Totally different. Ah well. Got the cats their chicky, so they are happy. lots of Halloween thing around, and some beautiful pumpkins for £1.50 for a huge big pumpkin. They are cheap this year. I love the American idea of putting them on the doorsteps as decoration. Not sure whether I would have the nerve to do it here though.
We will miss the craft fairs this year, I loved them last year especially the one at the Publik House that was gorgeous. Some fantastic crafts we don't have here.
Did buy some wine this morning Banrock Station 3 bottles for £10 so we bought 6 bottles 4 white and 2 red. Some people mock these wines but I am not a wine snob and I like the type of wine you get. Can't be doing with wine snobbery. Saw some horrible little cakes in Asda bright yellow/orange with a black plastic spider on the top!!!! couldn't even have that in my shopping bag!!!Ugh!!!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers,
Chips and mushy peas and tender stem broccoli.
Maybe a baked tomato or two.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Up and At Em!!

up with the lark this morning, nice and early to go out. We went off to The Cheshire Oaks this morning and afternoon.
Bought quite a few things I wanted. I'm in a Secret Santa exchange this year on the Delia Site, and my one wanted an apron and some cookie cutters so I got those. Bought a set of celebration ones, a bottle, champagne, candle parcel etc., and also a set of heart shaped ones in a whole load of different sizes. Got an apron in the kitchen shop, which is a James Martin one and it was reduced too so did well. So I have all my SS things now, all I have to do is post them nearer the day.
Also got a nice bag for Emma's baby present and some tissue paper and a nice card, so that is done as well. Didn't buy anything for myself today boohoo, but BT bought some new knickers, and a pair of trousers. Designed by Nigel Hall for M&S Autograph range. Should have been £35 reduced to £15 reduced to £11.99 reduced to £2.99!!!!!!!! yes you read it right £2.99. Since he is the original bargain lover he is well pleased.. and so he should be..a pair of designer trousers for £3.
For lunch we had a nice panini in Sainsbury's, very flat pepsi so we got some bottled water instead.
Tonight we are having:Quorn Escallopes of some sort..well we do have an awful lot of them..
Mashed Potatoes with leek,
Carrots and Swede

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Day In Today..Day out Tomorrow??

Stopped in today, didn't need to go out anywhere so didn't. VT has been clearing out his "study" come junk room, and keeps coming out with bin bags of stuff, but it never looks any tidier!! how can one man accumulate so much stuff? it is beyond me. he does get rid of things, but it is still there..
I cleared out the Freezer this morning and discovered some things out of date, but not a lot actually. Bits and pieces relly. Did find an awful lot of Quorn though, it looks like we live on Quorn! We need to use some of it up now. A lot of Escallopes of a variety of types. We had a nice one the other day, got it from Waitrose, it was a Sage and Onion Turkey style escallope and it was really tasty, would make a good Christmas dish. You could have all the bits and pieces with the dinner then. Last year we had a Chicken Style Roast, but it wasn't really that nice. Maybe this is the answer.
We are thinking of going to the Cheshire Oaks tomorrow. It is quite a good day out and at least it is under cover so if the weather is iffy there is some protection.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni from the use up and free a bit of space!
Tender stem Broccoli or green beans not sure which yet.
Maybe a little bit of garlic bread.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Not Such a Nice Autumn Day..

Later getting up this morning because I was watching a programme about small girls doing the beauty queen pageant circuit in the States. It was an interesting programme, but the children were done up like little dolls..very weird.All lipstick and eye shadow and mascara..odd.
Not such a nice Autumn day today, very drizzly and damp. Little Rusty ran down the garden and straight into the hut at the end of the garden. There she stayed for ages, and then ran back and sat on the back step getting wetter so she came in soaked. VT stood her on a paper and dried her off. Bless.
My parcel from QVC arrived this morning , a gorgeous pendant from Murano Glass, looks really nice, but I need a chain for it now.Keep a look out.
VT is shredding away in the back room, then he comes out with a black bag full of shredded's a scream.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure exactly...I have some nice veggies to use, so it might be a Vegetable gratin with Sausages (Quorn) or Fillets, or I might do a Roast Vegetable mixture with something from the freezer. I think it will be one of those meals that I will decide when I go down..
More at a later date... Watch this space!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday Veggies..

Took my money off to Formby this morning for a bit of a change. I saw a little leaflet in the local newspaper last week from Waitrose which advertised a bag of british Vegetables for £4. Thought that would be a good buy for the week, but when we got there there was no sign of them!! What's that all about as they say!
Went into M&S too, and actually came out without anything!! even VT said that must be the first time we have come out of there without buying anything!! The shelves seemed to be not filled, the veggies weren't appealing at all, and very expensive. So didn't bother. Went over to Waitrose least their shelves were full, and the veggies were plentiful with lots of choice.
Had a little look in the hardware shop too, trying to look for cookie cutters for the Secret Santa parcel. My one has requested those, but there weren't any different ones really. She also wants an apron, so I think a visit to The Cheshire Oaks is looming. There is a very good Kitchen shop there where I should be able to get things like that.
Lovely Autumn day today, the trees are really turning and it was very obvious in Formby which is quite leafy. Not too cool either, be lovely in New England right now,wish we were there. Maybe next year eh. Still have plenty of dollars to spend!
Enjoyed the Stephen Fry in America programme last night. He went up the Mount Washington little cog railway, like we did and had the same driver!! Mike!! that was good to watch.Programme was a bit rushed though he did about 6 states in the hour!!
Tonight we are having:
New Sage and Onion Quorn escallopes, which look lovely. Would make a good Christmas alternative.
Little potatoes, baked in the oven,
Tenderstem Broccoli andChanterey Carrots.
Mushrooms with a little sauce.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Usual Sunday Doings..

Usual Sunday makings indeed. Made a Sourdough loaf this morning, which at the time of typing is rising very very slowly on top of the cooder. it seems to be not doing terribly well today, maybe not wet enough, or it maybe the flour which was the Oak Smoked flour, and quite brown. Still, we can leave it a long time to let it get to the top of the tin. See what happens.
Then VT made the pizza dough which is lovely and rising beautifully. Used a mix of flour on that not just brown. Did the roast vegetables too and took the sauce out of the freezer, so a good morning.
Did the crosswords fairly quickly today, it is now 5.30 and all finished. The star celebrity was Davina McCall again.
Did a bit of silver surfing, not looking for anything in particular, just browsing really. I like the Delia Smith website, generally look on that most days, and the MSN site which is allied to that. There is presently a Secret Santa and a Bauble Swap running both of which I am doing this year again. I have the bauble, I got that in Street last year at the Past Times shop. Really pretty, just hope I haven't forgotten where I have put it! The secret Santa is a bit more difficult. My person has asked for an apron, and some cookie cutters and a subscription to a magazine. Well I'm not getting that you can't wrap that, so will look around.
VT went off to Bootle to the Toyota centre who were having some sort of day to look around, but he was a bit disappointed. No bargains to be had, quite an expensive estate car with 40,000 miles on the clock for £10,000 !!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with roast vegetables, and tomato sauce,
Goats Cheese topping
Salad with baby pomodoro tomatoes, avocado cucumber etc., Seeds and spray dressing.
Potato salad and wild rice salad for VT.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

New Arrival..

VT collected the post this morning. Usually on a Saturday we don't get any, but we did today for a change. he said the ginger cat from next door was miaowing outside the door, so he opened the front door to put some biscuits out for her, and there was a parcel on the step. He reckoned that it was miaowing to tell him there was something there! Anyway it was aparcel from QVC that I had ordered for Emma. It is a Steiff Man in the Moon mobile, and is really gorgeous. Yellow plush material with a blue hat and a smily face. It is musical and has a star that you pull to make it work, and a little Steiff button attached. lovely.
Not done much today really, just a bit of this and that. Spent a while this morning trying to find the English translation to the tune that the mobile plays, which is a German lullaby about "The Good Moon" but can't find one. Keep trying.
Nice lunch of cheese and biscuits, and other goodies, and a sit down with the papers. Saturday afternoon is dire on the television, nothing of interest to watch unless you like sport!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese, Spring Rolls,
Egg fried rice 4oz with spring onions and peas,
Stir fry vegetables,
Sauce of some sort,

Friday, 10 October 2008

Running Rusty.....

Funny this morning. VT was trying to give little Rusty her tablet, she has to have one twice a day, and she ran off. He found her sat outside the back door in a cardboard box that he had thrown out. So he opens the door with the tablet syringe in his mouth and she takes off down the garden at a pace. So he runs after her, and she goes to run under the back door. VT turns round and she runs back after him..he turns again and she runs off again. This goes on for a bit and she gets on to the fence where he grabs her, opens her mouth and puts the syringe in. Got there!! talk about as cute as a cartload of monkey's! She knew exactly what was going on..clever little thing.
This morning we took my money to Sainsbury's in Walton. VT had a coupon for money off petrol from the last time we went shopping, hence the visit. We got our usual things and a few other bits, including a jar of curry sauce for 4p! Shopping was £58 ish though, but we did get 2 bottles of wine and some mints etc., bits and pieces really.
Tonight we are having:
Little tarts from Asda
Tenderstem Broccoli and beans,
Potato croquettes, and a touch of Hollandaise sauce.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bath Book and Candle...

Sounds like a good title for a novel..but it isn't. Thursdays we quite often resort to a luxurious bath, with the baath oil of some sort, and a good bookwhatever I am reading at the time, and the lit candles on the edge of the bath. Always treat myself to a tiny square of chocolate in the bath. Real luxury.
VT went off on a bit of a mooch this morning, no particular reason, but he came back with cat food, and my chat magazine which they didn't have in the village shop. The cats are quite quiet today, Rusty seems a bit quiet, maybe it is the thyroid tablets kicking in. We shall have to see.
Weather a bit dull today, and I think it is a bit cold too. VT says I don't move around much which is true, but it isn't exactly a huge house to move around in is it!! Got the heater on in the bathroom anyway.
Tonight we are having:
A sort of Moussaka,
A healthy version with veggies, carrots potato and a cheese sauce on top.
I have some tomatoes to use up, and some mushrooms so could make it quite tasty but reduce the calories as well.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Rusty's Day Today...

Woke up at some ungodly hour today, with little Rusty on my hip. She gets on there and sits wobbling like a jelly, and you daren't move in case she falls off..which she never does.
We had to get up early, to take her to the Vets in Ormskirk to get her teeth done. Couldn't feed her so Bobby got some food when Rusty was in the gaarden, then it was removed. Poor Rusty must have wondered why she wasn't getting any food. Took her to the vets by nine o'clock, and she had her pre op check. The Vet, a nice young Australian lady, told us what was going on, and VT signed a form for some blood tests. Then we left her, and went into the town for a look round. Had a coffee, and VT checked his phone to find a missed message. It was the Vet to say she had done some bloods and Rusty's Liver ws a bit high so she was going to do a Thyroid test, if that was high then it would be better not to do the dental as it could be a problem. Anyway, VT rang again in a bit, and were told it was a bit high so we could collect her with some pills to take for two weeks.
Since we were still in Ormskirk, that was no problem, and we did that. Paid the bill... £90.86 !!! £35 for a pre op check, money for her worming tablet and her thyroid tablets and another £30 for another check...
Ah well..she is worth it. Poor little thing miaowed all the way home and purred when we let her out of the basket. She ate almost the whole tin of cat food, must have been starving. She is presently chasing her Daddy round the garden and the house. Aaah.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta, with Asparagus and meatballs.
tender stem Broccoli and mushrooms.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


VT was sorting through a pile of magazines this morning, with a view to taking them to the re cycling, and he came across a magazine that had only been half done. Can't imagine why it hadn't been done, but there you go. So we set to finish it this morning. Since it was a wet and windy day, it wasn't a problem, and was quite nice to do.
Everything we did today was sort of on a time delay. VT woke up at four o'clock this morning in the dark, because he heard a cat being sick somewhere. Turned out it was little Rusty, who usually sleeps on the end of the bed, but she had thoughtfully jumped down. Bless! So lovely VT got up to deal with that. Took us a while to get back to sleep again, so obviously we slept a bit longer this morning. Got a very mini cup of coffee and a little tiny cow biscuit. Very welcome too.
Fortunately we hadn't planned to go out anywhere, since we have to be up and out early tomorrow to take Rusty to the vets. Weather was dire actually, wet and dark, everywhere you went in the house you had to put the lights on. Cleared up now though, and the sun is out a bit.
Watched the end of a good series last night, "Place of Execution" was done over three weeks, and really good story. Great cast and acting too. Juliet Stephenson was the lead. So often you watch things over two or three weeks to be disappointed, but this one was good to the end. We have seen a couple of good films recently too. American Gangster with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington the other night was excellent. Very long film, we watched it from ten till half past twelve, but worth it. Don't usually see Denzel Washington as a baddy, but he was excellent in it. Quite menacing in an understated way.
Not sure what we are having tonight. Last night in the end we had Quorn Ribsters, done in a gravy with apples and mushrooms, Mashed potatoes and carrots and peas. Lovely.
Tonight we are having:
Saute potatoes.
green beans and carrots and soy beans with mushrooms.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Treat you To A ......

Coffee....those immortal words..I love to hear. We went over to Sommerfield in Maghull this morning for our vegetables. We didn't want to go to Sainsbury's again, and I don't like Tescaw..and neither of us wanted to go to Formby, so that was where we ended up.
Had a bit of a look round the Square, I nipped into Bon Marche to see what they had. It is a better shop than the Ormskirk one, bigger and they have really pretty bras. I bought a lovely new black one with sequins. Really nice.VT went to the cheap shop and got some more cat food and other bits and pieces, then we went to get our veggies.
On the way back we went past the Sefton Meadows garden centre so he said want a cup of who could resist. 2 Cafe Lattes later, lovely. Didn't look round the garden centre because we didn't want any more plants. The next thing to do is the bulbs for Spring. VT likes doing those.
Tonight we are having:
Pork Ribsters, with a light gravy,
Vegetables, maybe carrots and swede,
Potatoes..maybe mashed?
Apple sauce and apple slices.

Treat you To A ......

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Easy Crosswords..

Is it my imagination, or are the crosswords getting easier? We seem to have done them very quickly this afternoon. Vt did the Sunday Express one and I did the Mail magazine one.Then he started the Mail on Sunday paper one and nearly finished it, I only had about four clues to find on the computer, normally we have a lot more to do than that.
Last night we didn't have Taco's after all. We ended up having the Paninis that VT brought back from Maghull. Very tasty they were too. So we just had them for tea.We will save the taco's for another day.
Made a bread from the Bread mixes this morning VT wanted the Fibre White one, and it has made a beautiful loaf. Also made our pizza dough for later, and did the roast vegetables.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with our dough and tomato sauce,
Roast vegetables topping,
Goats cheese,
Salad with avocado and baby pomodoro tomatoes.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Wintry Day Today.

As I type this it is getting dark outside, and it is only six-o-clock. The nights are drawing in as they say. It is also pouring down with rain too and very dark in the house. We did all the bedding this morning and were just about to put it back on the bed when we discover that we haven't dried the sheets. Also Bobby is sitting beautifully comfy in the middle of the folded duvet. Do yu move a cat..Well No you don't you leave them where they are.
VT went for his mooch this morning and came back with two Paninis from Somerfield. One of them was free because he had a coupon from the paper a couple of weeks ago, and he bought the other one. So that will make a good meal one day next week. For once the offer was for a vegetarian option which was good.
Not a lot to say today, we haven't been anywhere or done anything really. Jane did ring up this afternoon, she has bought a new television. It is a 37" one and she is so proud of it she sent us a photo on her Daddy's phone! Aaah Bless. She said it was a bargain, as it was £329 pounds which is good for a television that size.
Tonight we are having:
Tacos with mince, chilli beans, lettuce, tomato salsa, grated cheese..a tiny bit..and a dollop of soured cream.

Friday, 3 October 2008


Not a people squash but a Butternut Squash. Last night we had a really good tea, which was Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage.
It was lovely, one of those basic recipes that you know you will make again often. Last year when we were in New England we had a meal at The Cedar Street restaurant Wonderful place. We had a beautiful flavoursome pumpkin and pear risotto, at least I did, and VT had half of it.
Anyway last night in the end I did the Butternut and sage one, which was really good. With it we had, tenderstem broccoli mushrooms and asparagus. Truly yummy.

This morning we took my money to Sainsbury's in Walton, bought our usual things and some extras, almost filled a small trolley full.
Did go to the Poundstretcher next door, in the hopes of finding some Cafe Switch, but no good. I don't think there is any more to be had anywhere.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers,
Green beans and Mushypeas for VT.
Chips!!! this is a treat.
Tartare sauce.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


Is as good as a they say. This morning we took ourselves off to the Dobbies garden World. It is a new one just outside Southport. very nice too. Quite a big place with a food hall and garden centre and a large gift centre. We had a good look round, and VT joined the garden club where you get vouchers for two cups of coffee a month. We had our first two this morning. Nothing fancy but ok coffee.
We bought some of the Fine Cheese Company Fruit Cheeses, a Damson, Fig and a Gooseberry one. Also got a nice apple and ginger chutney, some Oval Albert biscuits and some little oatcakes. Worth going back especially if you are loking for a gift. they had an excellent gift dept.
Stopped in at Waitrose on the way home because I wanted something to go with tonight's tea, and some cash from the machine. Got some pears, broccoli and peas, and grapes etc., I do like that shop, just wish it wasn't so expensive really. everything you buy is so much more than everywhere else.
Tonight we are having:
Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto, A recipe VT spotted from the recipe of the day in the Daily Mail.
With it, Asparagus, tenderstem broccoli and peas.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Books and more Books,

Took ourselves off to the library this morning. The weather was really cool, wet and blowy, saw a few umbrellas blown inside out!
The library has been refurbished, so you can't find anything. I wandered round for ages looking for the Cookery books, and eventually found them miles away from where they usually are. All the books are on smaller bookshelves now, and they are quite hard to look at. You never look at the bottom shelves, too much of an effort to strain the neck. Got a couple of books that look good, one is a new Kathy Reichs, but when I got home I found I had read it. A really nice looking Jane Asher baking book, with some gorgeous recipes in it, but I will never make any being on the healthy eating plan!! VT got some new local history books, which are his favourite, and a PC one for difficulties with the computer.
We then went to Sainsbury's because we had run out of Chicken for the babies, and I wanted a couple of things. The new Sainsbury's magazine was out so that will give me a good read tonight. Had a look in Farmfoods for "Switch" coffees but to no avail,I think we have had it with those now. Shame. According to the website they have been discontinued which is a real pity.

Last the end we had..A green thai curry, and very tasty it was too. We had a stir fry vegetables and a pack of microwave rice. Those are very useful, we share a pack between two of us, and keeps the calories down. Lovely tea anyway. We both enjoyed that.
Tonight we are having:
Again not sure really. Maybe pork ribsters, with apples,
Carrots and beans and peas
Butternut Squash and Sage risotto, except that we had rice last night, so might have that tomorrow.