Friday, 29 August 2014

What a Grey Day !!

Starte4d off grey and dark today. You certai9nly would not think that it was still August. no sign of sun today, more like grey skies and rainy.
We took my money off to Waitrose today. We wanted a few things from there and we could of corse get a free coffee too and the newspaper frree too!. Car park wasn't too bad, but we did find a spot near the front..very puddly though. Pouring down when we got there. Checkouts heaving, and really cold aisles especially where the cold/chilled foods are. Why are they so cold. We got all of our weekend things and some extras, and by that time the queues had gone down and the cafe was quieter, so we went for our coffee. Got a table by the window, but it was really cold, so when vin came over with the coffees we moved to the other side of the cafe. It became clear that the one by the window was just under an air wonder it was cool! Two nice lattes later and then through the checkoutts, much quieter now.
Tonight we are having:
Southern fried escalopes with bread sauce
Broccoli and green beans
Baby new potatoes sliced and fried. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

That was Nice!!

We had planned to go out somewhere today but hadn't decided where. I couldn't think of anywhere, and there wasn't a need for anythingso i was at a loss.
Vin decided that we should go to Tescos because there were a couple of things on his list that we did need, and i wanted some Quorn fillets anyway so that was the plan. And, of course then he said we would get a Costa with our lottery winnings Costa card so that was it. Off we went.
Blast...I have just noticed that I must have put the caps lock on here and it's all shouty, but I just can't be bothered to type it all again so I aint! Never mind eh!!
The white orchid in the kitchen has flowered today. They are lovely plants. We have tw of them, both bought as birthday presents. there is a purple one which we call Mrs Orchid..I know daft, but doesn't matter. The white one is called miss Orchid and that is a bit younger about two years old. The good thing is that one finishes flowering and goes dormant before the other flowers . The flowers last for an absolute age, and we will see just how long this time because we have noted it on the calendar. I recon about eight weeks!!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in white wine and herb sauce
Coconut rice
butternut squash and broccoli.
Mushrooms for Vin.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy Birthday Jane XXXX

Jane is the one on the right at Greens!
Indeed a really really Happy birthday to our smashing jane. She is 31 today. Unfortunately she had to go to the University today for a practical session, and she rang up a bit aago to say that it had left her very confused actually. Too many people  doing things in a different way to each other. She is better when she works on her own, so she isn't sure that she is going tomorrow. 
She was going home via tesco to get some bits for her tea, to eat Crispy creme doughnuts lounge around in her pyjamas play video games and chill out. I said well old people need their naps!!!
We didn't go anywhere today mainly because we were out yesterday. Vin has done a lot of clearing up and we did some washing of bits and pieces, We did sit outside for our coffees this morning, but it was touch and go with the weather being decidedly dodgy a bit sunny and quite blowy. Not your typical August at all. Quite good for drying washing though.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really, maybe pasta or maybe cottage pie.
Butternut squash,
gravy if the pie or baby potatoes if something else. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wow!! bThat Was Quick....

Well it was the quickest ever! 
We had decided to go over to Aintree hospital for my blood test today, getting up earlier and to get there in reasonable time, then go to the M&S complex site after that. So we were there about ten forty fivish. Vin parked his car outside the front in the drop off can have twenty minutes there and we went up to the first floor where the blood tests are done. We walked round into the waiting room for the clinics and it was quiet..really quiet. Went round the corner to the blood test sect6ion, and no-one there!! Huh!! Don't usuallly get that. Pulled out the ticket and the voice said from inside  "Come in" In and out in five minutes! back down to the car, and off over to M&S a bit of a detour because the road we normally use was diverted. Had a nice mooch about while Vin went to have a look in Halfords. Didn't see anything that I fancied though apart from a lippy and some eye shadow. So, we went for our coffee. 2 Americanos and a really nice shortbread a good table and a bit of people watching.
Vin bought a pair of slippers that he had seen reduced, and then off to the Food section for our veggies. They do have good veggies there in M&S,Quite a few offers and then a bit of a look round for treat things that we don't normally buy. Bought a fair amount of stuff then back to the car and home. An enjoyable morning actually, and a lovely journey in his great new car. Thanks Vin XXX No little Bobby to greet us when we get home now miss her.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and broccoli escalope
baby new potatoes
carrots and broccoli
cheese sauce.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Typical Bank Holiday!!

I don't think there will be a lot of people on the beach today! typical Bank Holiday weather, overcast, grey and looking like rain. Dark and cold too we have heaters on at the moment. Vin recdkons there is a touch of Autumn in the air. 
we stayed in today which is fairly normal for us, we don't usually go out on a BH. Did a pile of ironing which has been looking at us, and vin did some vacuuming and cleared the cleaner out. There was a ton of dust in the bag, mostly a lot of Bobby hair! poor little Bobby, really miss her around. 
Saturday was our wedding anniversary 40 years ago on August 23rd 1974 we were married at Alexandra hall registry office. All those years ago..where has the time gone. One great daughter later, whose birthday is on Wednesday, highs and lows some great moments . Not bad eh!

Vins birthday yesterday too, what a week, very quiet day though, but we did get to sit outside in the sunshine so at least the sun came out for him.
Flowers he bought me.

Vin has put some nie pics on the puter but I don't seem to be able to get them on here for some reason..oh well. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushrooms
Green greek salad with baby yellow plum tomatoes and avocado.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Waitrose and Rain...

Nice start to the day, little bit of sunshine, then it all went downhill. Started to rain when we went off to Waitrose. At least Vin now has a car that has proper windscreen wipers now!!
We went round to do the shopping first, didn'thave a list today but we had a rough idea of what we wanted. tried looking for something special for tomorrow night's tea since it is our wedding anniversary our 40th actually! can't believe where the time has gone!!
Ended up with some treats, and a pair of nice creme brulees which we both like. A pudding is a bit of a treat for us anyway. Picked up some stuff that we don't get anywhere else, so stocked up a bit. Then we went for our free coffees. very nice Lattes,and a packet of biscuits actually found a little table which was good because it was busy today. 

lovely surprise when we got home, vin had bought me a really lovely bunch of flowers and there they were sitting in a vase. beautiful. You do get nice flowers from Waitrose.
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers and tartare sauce
Chips 200grms
mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Out this morning. for once it was quite a nice day even if it is a bit blowy still. We had decided to go over to Dobbies since it was a whiloe since we had been there. 51/2 weeks in fact, the middle of July. We were going to use our free coffee vouchers for August.
It proved to be quite busy actually, lots of kids and grandparents by the looks of it. We had a bit of a look round first, i actually wanted to buy some cards for this week, but don't get a chance to go anywhere much these days. Ah well!
We looked for a few things from the food hall, but the chutney that we usually get they didn't have. Why is it that as soon as we get used to something it disappears off the shelves never to be seen again?
Went for our coffee then, although it was definitely busier than normal I did find a seat at a table where we usually go. Every time we go there we notice a girl who wanders round with a spray, cloth and blue gloves clearing the tables. Slim girl..must be all of the walking, and sometimes she sits down while cleaning up, but usually quite efficient. She didn't look a happy bunny today though.Banging things around and missing tables. Think she was fed up today poor girl. There was anot6her girl doing the same thing and she cleared about six trays to her one. Wonder what was up!
Nice coffees and chat, I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white, and we took our own biscuits..cheapskates that we are!
Tonight we are having:Escalope with gruyere cheese
Broccoli and carrots and asparagus
Baby new potatoes sliced and sauteed.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What is it with this weather?

I don't get it really. Supposed to be our summer and it is really cool een cold for me today. Bedding to be washed and pouring down with rain. We were going to do them yesterday but it was raining then so put it off. Thing is it has cleared up quite nicely now so some hung out and the rest in the drier. 
Did the floors then so the kitchen is nice and clean is remarkable just how much dust and fluff and cat food bits one little cat throws up in a few days! love her though and wouldn't have it any other way.
Vin is now having a bath and soaking his feet he says. Looking after his tootsies! Nice L'occitane bath foam in too. Very pleasant.Makes the house snmell gorgeous too. 
tonight we are having:
pasta with a cheese sauce.
butternut squash and asparagus. 
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Out Again..

Today dawned with a not very nice rainy flourish. Pouring down then sunny. Decided not to do the bedding mainly because it couldn't be hung out, leave it till tomorrow see if it is better.
So, off to Tesco's for us eventually. Postman arrived wioth two mail order parcels for me, then the courier lady who Vin knows by name to take two parcels to be returned by next door neighbour. Vin reckons he is going to let himself out as a personal concierge service. Good plan. between cat minding and parcel minding he is halfway there. 
Anyway off to Tesco for some stuff for the week. Very quiet in there, hardly any children, i think most of Formby must be on their summer holiday. Loads of space in the car park, and the aisles extremely quiet. lovely. Wish it was like that all of the time. Got round quickly and then went for a Costa. i had my Americano and Vin had a caramelly which looked lovely. We shared half of a bag of shortbreads and then only noticed when I went to put them in my bag that there was one short! Diddled. We only had seven instead of eight. Funny how annoyed you get with that. Not that you could do anything about it you can hardly take half a bag back! AQh well,saves a few calories!
Home for about oneish, and I tried my mail order things on. Excellent, won't be sending any of those back. One is a new firm Boden who seem very good. It was only a tee shirt but a lovely proper scoop neck in a purple. Suits me. the other is a jacket/cardigan from M&S arrived very quickly, and is beaautiful.Pockets too.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese or lemon and black pepper
A few baby potatoes
carrots and broccoli.
bread sauce.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Internet Trouble!!

Real big problems today so this blog is likely to be very short indeed. It has been going off and on all day and will not settle down at all..driving me mad. 
very gusty this weekend, not at all like mid August and the middle of summer! We couldn't even sit outside with our coffees in the mornings it was just too cool.Funny thing is that I see posts from the family in Australia of pictures with blue skies, blue seas and walks along the coat, and it is their Winter!!.  They have had a bit of rain the last couple of days though but as they say , they need it too!.
Very quiet day today Monday. Vin did my hair this morning used the touch up roots , he makes a good job of it too. He has done some clearing up of books in the bedroom and has a bag of them to take to the charity shop. Well done Vin. XXX
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom
green salad for Vin

Friday, 15 August 2014

Funny Friday...

Well it is a bit of a funny Friday. Vin  said that since I wasn't eating a lot at the mment it wasn't worth going to tesco for weekend things so he didn't want to go and he didn't. No matter, the freezer is full and we can live off that for ages anyway.
He had seen in the parish magazine that there was an exhibition in the C of E church about the First World War and he wanted to go and see it. So off he went. He came back ages later to collect some thin gs he had and took them back. he said it was really interesting and there was a very interesting guy there who told him lots about the war and things that he didn't know. When he came back we had our morning coffee outside in the sunshine under a blue sky with lots of planes going overhead. very noticeable today too, Vin could even see what type of planes some of them were.
We got to talking about the exhibition and he was telling me different things about it and chatted about my Uncle james Latham who was in the war, and was killed by an accident just after the war had ended. He looked it up in his computer and found all sorts of information. One bit I didn't know was that he had won the Military medal for bravery in the war, and also that he is buried in Little Crosby churchyard  with other members of his family.  Mum never really talked about him much well not at all really and I didn't ask because you just didn't talk about those things. Vin is very good at finding things out so I think he will keep digging. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure..something from the freezer anyway.
Potato croquettes
Any veg left over.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Still Blowy...

Not a nice day today, quite blowyand now looks like rain but it's difficult to know what it is going to do.
I am a bit under the weather today, one of those not very good days,had a terrible night with the rumbling. So didn't get much sleep at all. Very tired today and don't want to do anything.
I had just said that it looked like rain..Well we have just had the mother and father of rainstorms don't think Vin would be out in that. Unbelievably it is almost exactly a year since \Janet and Tony came to see us from Australia. That's gone quickly!
Tonight we are having:
No idea..possibly a cottage pie with gravy

Monday, 11 August 2014

Blown Away...

Hurricane bertha..seems to have hit the coast. not too bad here though, Very blowy yesterday and Saturday, still breezy today but bright so very sunny. 
We went over to maghull today. I had a jumper to take back to B&Ms it was a sequin cardigan but when it came it proved to be too blingy even for me, so i took it back this morning. We parked in the square, and I got my refund. vin went off to the bank to pay a cheque in for me and the coins for Jane, then he caught me up back in Superdrug. I got a couple of things there and then we went off to Costa for our coffee this morning. It was actually quite busy, I didn't think it would be being monday but there were lots of kids with parents etc., in there. We found a table by the window but while Vin was getting the coffes I thought it was a bit bright for me so moved to the far wall which was darker. Sat down there for a bit and Vin came over with the drinks. Then two girls moved from the sofa where we usually go so we moved over there. Must have looked like we were playing musival Costa chairs!  I had a lovely Americano and Vin had a milk latte instead of a Soy milk one. Very nice though. Noisy with kids though, be better when they go back to school!!!
Jane rang up bedfore she was going to the dentist for a checfk up and hygenist visit. She needs a tooth done for £56 and has booked that for Sept. She said she was off to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts because they do an offer on a Monday, and she found a £20 on Sunday night in the car park!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom, and peppers on Vins bit!
green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
Noodle salad for Vin.
This is jane's new car. Looking good.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday Again! Quick Tesco and Slow Computing!!

Nearly the weekend again, surrprising how quickly the time goes. We did have a nice day out on wednesday though, and vin did get some pictures on the computer in the end. He really is very clever at finding things out, it had got me totally flummoxed.
This is the three of us with a nice smiley picture too, taken by the girl on the reception desk. 
This was Vin's kedgeree which he raved about, said it was really tasty.It was a lovely menu actually with loads of choices. jane had a very nice burger which she said she would have again.
I did pinch a couple of her chips though!.
It was sunny this morning, now it is thundering, weird weather for August. Jane rang up before on her way to work and said that it was tipping it down there, we said it's lovely here. Spoke too soon!
It was Tesco for us this morning to use up some of the coupons that we got through the post. very quick shop then home for coffee outside in the sunshine with little Rusty.
Tonight we are having:
Sausage rolls Linda McCartney ones
Mushrooms for Vin and green beans for moi
Something tomatoey
Chips! 200 grms.

Our trip to Greens on Monday.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

What a Loveely Day Yesterday...

Yesterday we went over to see jane in Manchester. She is off this week so it was a good time to go. We had bits and pieces to take with us so aimed to go just after lunch. She had already booked a table at "Green's" which is Simon Rimmers restaurant in Didsbury not far from where jane lives, and is a fully vegetarian place so plenty of choice for us.
Took us just over an hour to get to hers, we had a tiny hold up in Thornton, but very good time otherwise. Was lovely to see her looking good. Vin took her new doorbell over and fixed that so they at least have a functioning doorbell now, they didn't before.  I gave her the money from the pound coins that I save for her, and a Tesco card that I put money on, and vin gave her a costa card that he had loaded up for her. So, she did quite well yesterday. 
She took us over to the Tesco that she goes to regularly which has a Costa and weall enjoyed a nice Costa together.. I had my Americano, she had a large skinny latte and Vin had a soy milk latte.
Went back to her house and she had a fiddle with a Blackberry that she was giving to Vin, and we enjoyed a chat. Then off to greens for our six o'clock booking.  I was parked inside while they went off to park the car. then the nice waiter lad came and said we could have parked in front. I tried ringing them on the phone, but they had already parked round the corner. \No matter.
Vin and Jane had starters. jane had hummus with flat breads, and vin had Artisan bread and oil and butter. I waited for my main.  Jane had the green's burger which was lovely, came with chips and other bits and bobs, i had leek and goat's cheese tart which was a starter as my main, and Vin had a kedgeree which was a real hit. he really enjoyed that.  I had a pudding which was raspberry custard cheesecake and Vin had sticky toffee pudding which he said was really sweet. but looked lovely. my cheesecake was gorgeous.
Then we went back to janes for coffee. The bill wasn't too bad..around 65 with tips. Not too bad for three.  Staff were very nice, really friendly. 
We set off for home at about 8.30 and were home by an hour later. Made very good time on the way back. Little Rusty was fine, looked like she had been asleep. 
I would love to post some pictures but the thingy isn't working for some reason!!! Grrr.
Today we have stopped in, did a pile of the bedding ironing, The Tassimo order arrived so unpacked that. he is pleased because the Chai latte arrived so he had one for mid morning coffee.
Vin has also sent off the form for jane's log book which seems to have gone awol, so that's another job done.
Tonight we are having:
not sure really, something from the freezer. veggies,
potato croquettes.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Shower!

Well I tried out the new shower this morning. i do have to report that it is...FANTASTIC!. It not only looks good but it works properly too. terrific shower nozzle, and a really powerful spray. It makes the old one look terrible really. You had forgotten just howpoor the spray was on the old one. So, the YouGov money has gone to a good cause.
getting bits ready for our jane visit today, did the bedding too and it is a really good blowy day for drying outside. Quite a few things to get ready for jane, forms, pound coins money, i save them up for her in little tubes, and there is about a hundred and a bit more now. So that should help her out a bit.
She rang us up earlier, she had been to Gay Bingo  in a club in Manchester last night! Some of the gay lads in her work had been getting her to go, but she has been on placement the day after so couldn't , but she is off this week so went with her housemate and some of the lads. She said it was really good, proper funny. They won a packet of chocolate fingers, a bag of popcorn, a bag of gummy ollies and a Vienetta. I said what did you do with the Vienetta, so she said that it would have melted by the time they got home, so they gave it to some homeless people on their way home. She said they were well pleased, dead excited and set about having a bit of a party. Aaah. What a nice thing to do.
Tonight we are having:
gruyere cheese escalope
carrots and beans
Potato croquettes
Sauce of some sort.

Monday, 4 August 2014


Because we are off to see Jane in Manchester on Wednesday we thought we would go and get the veggie things today.The easiest place is tesco so off we went there.
We actually didn't need much so got our veg quite early,just enough to do the week really. There wasn't a lot on the list, so we got round pretty quickly.
I wanted to get a Tesco gift card for jane so got that seperately, and Vin got her a Costa card too, so she will do quite well when we see her. Got a nice box of celebrations as well so she can have a treat to keep her ging.

very quiet here today, lovely and sunny so we sat outside with our coffees today. The sun shining and the noise of the saw somewhere in the near distance, very pleasant though.
Nice news in the post on saturday..a letter from The daily Mail to say that I had won £50 in the You magazine crossword, so that will do towards the meal out on Wednesday. 
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom and peppers for Vin
Green salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes
Pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Costa calls....

Well it was a case of using up the vouchers today, and the lure of a costa helps too of course.
Since it was tipping down with rain this morning it was a quick tesco visit. Fairly fast whizz round the shopping armed with the vouchers etc.,Got eerything we needed today plus a box of Ferrero Rochers with our £4 coupon, nice little treats for the Saturday and Sunday after our lunch! Well we don't have too many sweets!
Then it was a Costa time. I wish I had shares in that firm. They have really caught on in this country. They are a lovely place to sit a while and enjoy a coffee though, and you know you are going to get the same coffee at a good standard every one you go into. Quite quiet today actually, that surprised me but maybe the costs are too high if you have kids as well.  Well that is their first week of the summer holidays over, only five more to go!
Vin got petrol on the way out, he had a coupon for 7p off a litre so he got about £30 worth  of my dosh. I always buy the petrol..well it's only fair because he travels everywhere I want to go and doesn't grumble.
Got my order from BM this morning..both sale items on free P&P so worth a chance. One is a jumper/top which is nice and I am keeping, the other is a cardigan which is way too blingy even for me, so I think we will be going to Maghull again sometime soonish. Ooops!!
Tonight we are having:P
Fish fingers without the fish!
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi.