Thursday, 30 June 2016

Eventful Day!!

Certainly up with the larks this morning. We had to be at Aintree for an M.R.I. scan at eight o'clock, so we had set the alarms for six to allow plenty of time to get ready.  I kept waking up through the night though and must have driven poor Vin mad by asking him what time it was each time ! Anyway we did get up on time, indeed early enough to have a little coffee and biscuit before getting ready.
The roads were really quiet, I was expecting it to be a lot busier. Vin dropped me off at the front entrance and went to park the car, he was back in a couple of minutes because the car park had loads of spaces!!  We actually got to the radiology department before it opened, the shutters were still down, so we went and waited at the front for a bit,, and then went back.They did the scan on my foot, took quite a while actually first with the foot up and then with the foot flat on the board. We were done and dusted by nine so we went for our breakfast to Costa on the retail park. I had a lovely flat white and Vin had an Americano, and we both had rounds of toast, butter and marmalade each. I do have to say at this stage that their toast is absolutely gorgeous. Crispy yet not over crisp. Beautiful.!
The Costa was full of men having business meetings over their food and drinks, papers spread over the tables! I'm glad I'm not working!! 
Home by ten thirty,little Tootsie at the door waiting for  usually we are just getting up and moving by then! Post arrived with another appointment letter, and the courier a bit later with a parcel with my re-ordered nail varnishes from QVC.I thought it was the wrong order but I have decided to keep them because the colours are quite nice anyway.
Lovelylong letter from our John in Australia. Really interesting read telling me of some of the things that occurred when he was younger. It took the form of a "Whatif" series It is odd the direction that life takes and the choices you make that affect the whole of your life.
Quite cool today, in fact I am sitting here with the heater on and it is the first of July tomorrow!
  Waiting at the door.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Our Day In!

Since today dawned cold and wet and liable to rain we weren't going out. The District nurse was due so that sort of curtails any plans you might make. They did arrive quite early actually about just after tenish so we could have gone somewhere but it didn't matter. We have to be up mega early tomorrow because I have an M.R.I. scan tomorrow at Aintree at 8 o'clock in the morning so we will have to be up and about at some ungodly hour!Yuk!! I don't really do mornings but never mind needs must! 
Horrible weather this morning,showers and more showers, but oddly it has cleared up a bit and there is sunshine breaking through. Vin has just gone out into the garden to get a bit of fresh air, but Tootsie hasn't followed him, she is in the front room fast asleep on the chair. 
 Little pot of sunshine. This is just a gorgeous colour,don't know what it is called but it is such a lovely colour.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"The Mousetrap"

No not that one! This lovely little cat who looks like butter wouldn't melt, brought in a mouse last night, at least we think it did. 
So today the job was to go and get a humane mousey trap from Homebase. And...with Homebase being right opposite Tesco's guess where we went. Right..Costa. Vin went into HB first then it was over the road to Cossta. Parked up so I used my wheels to get there, I had a skinny Cappuccino and Vin had a popcorn latte. Gorgeous. Trouble is it fills you up,so a very light lunch later.
Extremely cold today for the middle of June. Real downpours of rain too, not very summery weather at all. certainly not sitting out in the garden weather. 
This is Vins homemade hanging basket which is doing really well now, got flowers all over it. 

Monday, 27 June 2016

Got one Missed one...

Well sometimes things don't go according to plan. We should have had the District nurse this morning and a Diabetic appointment at Aintree in the afternoon. We stayed in all morning but no-one arrived. We had our coffee about twelveish but still no sign, we were beginning to think they had forgotten us so got ready to go off to Aintree. Got there for my yearly appointment for diabetic review, and surprisingly nobody in the waiting area. I'm not used to thst, it is usually very busy, but I wasn't complaining. Called into the little room for the weight, blood pressure, urine test, and blood tests The bloke doing the bloods also did my one for the renal clinic, so that was a bonus as that saved me from having to go seperately.. All done, sit in the waiting area again. Vin caught me up there after parking the car, very quickly too I might add.
The doctor called me in then really quickly too. Turned out he was the lovely smiley friendly chinese doctor who let me go the last time I was in the ambulatory ward having fluids. He went through all of everything, medications, feet, eyes, the lot and the end result is that he was very pleased with the way things were going all seems to be on an even keel. Nice and steady. Next appointment is for a year hence. !
Lunchtime for us was butties in the co-op car park which is actually quite pleasant. Then Vin goes into the supermarket to get some bits for the week.  Home by four. Good going this afternoon. Found a card on the doorstep from the District nurse, who came at two thirty which is unfortunate but can't be helped.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Well We Are OUT!!

Votes cast on Thursday, results out Friday..Post Mortems ever since.
Quite a historic day really, Great Britain has voted to leave Europe by quite a decent majority. The whole of Scotland voted to Remain and Wales and Northern Ireland, but the rest went with Leave.
Vin went round to vote, I was in my bed unfortunately indisposed, but voted in spirit!
Now we are having endless post mortems about what will happen in the future. David Cameron has resigned so there will be a new Prime Minister by OctoberThe Labour leader is keeping his head down, very wisely. So, we shall have to see what happens in the next few months.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Mostly today has centred aroubd my podiatry appointment at two-thirty. Here I must say Hats off to Vin for organising all of my appointments and getting me there and back so patiently. Often waiting for long periods while we wait for the appointment or going for prescriptions etc. He is one of life's true stars and I will always be thankful for him. XXX
Todays podiatry one was at two thirty so we had our coffees then took our sandwiches with us to have in the co-op car park when we had finished. It is actually quite nice sitting there watching people come and go. There is a little primary school nearby so parents drive into the car park go and collect their kids then drive out again.You see the same people each time, for example the little obvious grandad who collects his granddaughter. Sometimes they drive straight off but today they went into the shop. All shapes and sizes and a lot of young mums and also young dads too.Sign of the times1
After we had our lunch Vin went into the shop to get a few things we needed like veggies and a flan for tea.Then home for a baby coffee and a bit of a mooch before the evening. That means me on the computer and vin in the garden playing with the cat. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Trip Out...

Lovely day today, blue skies and nice and warm. Wewanted to go out for a coffee somewhere so Vin decided we would go to Dobbies to get one there. Paid for out of our lottery winnings which he keeps for things like that. We didn't have any free ones left for this month we had used them up. He wanted a plant for a tub that he had empty so we had a look round there.Trouble is there is a huge amount of choice so it is quite hard to choose. We settled on a spirea of which we have many in the garden However,  we know they do well in our garden, and this one has a nice foliage which is a bit diffe5rent, and quite a pretty white flower. 
We also bought some loaf cakes which we like, cherry toffee and butterscotch.
Then to our coffees. For a change we sat on a sofa which was very comfortable if very low dowm. We both had flat whites which were delicious.
This is going to be short and sweet because the computer is playing up  and wouldn't load up so didn't have much time to do this.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Numb Nose!!

Just another Monday! The district nursie this morning and the dentist in the afternoon.Getting to be a little routine.
That was. the last visit to the dentist though all my fillings done now and broken teeth repaired.Hence the numb nose!! Vin has just brought me my lunchtime antibiotics and glass of orange to swill them down which I have just dribbled down my front!!! :) Hope it goes before I have my afternoon coffee.
The nursie this morning was nice and didn't put so much padding on as the last one.Even the dentist noticed the difference.
Today is the first day of summer. We wokeup this morning to dull dark and rainy weather. It has brightened up as the afternoon went on though and is now quite sunny but not exsctly warm.I think Vin has ventured into the garden though. He went to the garden centre yesterday and bought two new lavender plants for the little pots that are on the steps of the patio. I love lavenders and they are good for bees too.
The little square pots that are on the steps that our lovely little Rusty is just walking to. They did have some lavenders in them but they didn't really grow very well.So it is try again with two more.

Friday, 17 June 2016


Mine that is, not the cat!. Today was a change from the usual podiatry appointment which is normally on a Wednesday,this one today was the one where you see the Doctorbut today it was the one I like, lovely smiley chapwho tells you how it is. Apparently the right foot is getting there slowly just taki9ng time. Not for want of attention I might add.Twice a week from the district nurses and once eevery week from the girls at the podiatry clinic. What a great bunch of people in the N.H.S.
Since we had an earlyish appointment we went for a coffee afterwards and Vin drove us to the Aintree retail park where there is a Costa. Wouldn't mind shares in that company, they must be making a fortune. We both had medium cappuccinos mine was a plain one Vin had one with popcorn flavour syrup. I thought it soundedd awful but it was actually very nice, and made with soya milk.We shared a little bag of shortbread biscuits shaped like little flowers..Aaaah! Both came wwith a beautiful palm tree done in chocolate on the top, seemed a shame to spoil them by drinking them! The only trouble is that they fill you up so you don't want any lunch. 
Tootsie (the cat one) is a funny little thing. Must put some more pics online to choose from. I'm not very good at using the media technology there are some somewhere but as yet I haven't workedd out where!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Day Of Rest...

Thursday, day of rest for us, that means that there are no appointments.There is an earlyish one tomorrow though so it will be a fairly early start. 
Vin did nip into Crosby this morning to get a few things,he is a bit disgruntled with the council because they have abolished the free 1/2 hour parking in the car park outside Sainsburys, but he did ring up to say somebody had given him a parking ticket so he was happy about that.  30p fo a 1/2 hour parking is a bit much really.
He was home for coffee quite early which is always enjoyable,
the rest of the day was a bit mundane but enjoyable for being just  that.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Foot and Mouth!

Indeed foot and mouth day today.  The district nursey came this morning quite early actually before we were ready, I was still in my pyjamas actually. They don't seem to mind though. This is the one who puts loads of padding on and I thought the padding that she did on Monday was big enough the one dressing that she did thios morning is even bigger! so much so that we can barely put the shoe on!.Ah well I am at the podiatry clinic on Friday so they will put that right.  Had a nice mid morning coffee  and a lunch of a pot of yogurt because I was still full of coffee then it was the dentist at three o'clock. Yet another filling with some more on Monday.   At least the dentist is only two doors down so Vin doesn't have to ferry me anywhere. 
Little Tootsie is in and out as usual, doesn't come near me much but has a lovely rub of Vins legs wgen sh wants feeding. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Free To Roam...

What that means is that we have a free day, that is one without appointments of any sort. Pretty rare at the moment. So, we decidid to go and use our free coffee vouchers at Dobbies before they disappear into the mists of time. Vin rings ahead and orders a wheelchair for me because hobbling round is a bit difficult at the moment. Especially since the last District Nurse who is lovely got a bit carried away with the dressing and put so much padding on my right foot it is twice the size of the other one and is quite difficult to walk on actually.  
Started off in the foodie bit and got a couple of things we wanted, then had a look at the plants. I spotted something that caught my eye, green leaves and a lovely deep red flower, can't remember the name of it but it will fill a plant pot that currently has nothing much but weeds in it. Went back later and got one of those. Then it was the coffee and biscuit, we take our own biscuits so it doesn't cost us anything :) Two beautiful large lattes, lovely pattern on the top of a leaf, and large cups. Beautiful very generous coffees, very enjoyable. Sit and chat and people watching for half an hour or a bit more. 
Home via Tesco for a few bits and groceries that we needed for tonights tea. Coffee was very filling so I had a yogurt for lunch. 
Nice morning out.

Monday, 13 June 2016


Monday has dawned dull and rainy with drizzle and some big raindrops.  Quite cool too.
The district nurse came fairly early to do the dressing on my foot and has given me a foot which is as big as two feet bound together. Well protected though.  This afternoon I have an appointment at the dentist which is two doors down at two thirty..the obvious joke I didn't say. It is for a filling and is an awkward one so is a double appointment. Suppose I will have a numb mouth for the rest of the evening after that.Broke some teeth while I was in hospital so it is quite a big repair jobbie.He said it is a combination of poor health, medications and the diabetes. Just falling to bits really. :) :) 
Television is mostly football at the momentso we are taking the opportunity to catch up pon some of the things we had recorded while I was away. Watched a very good Vera last night, a good story well acted, always enjoy those. 
Short and sweet today mainly because I am going down for my nice ca cappuccino now :) :) 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Toes and Things!

Lovely and Summery today, blue skies and lots os sunshine at last. Routine morning did without our usual coffees and had an earlier lunch instead, because the Podiatry appointment was going to be a double one. Foot dressings followed by a date with an orthoptist who makes proper orthopaedic shoes and was going to fit them, or one of them today. 
Podiatry went well foot is getting there slowly but is healing no doubt due to the very diligent attention given by the district nurses and the podiatry girls. The chap from the shoe fitting brought a pair of shoes in order to try them on and decided they need some adjustment. The shoes look quite nice actually I was quite surprised. Thought they were going to be clodhoppers!
That was all quite quick so we headed ff home nice and early. Vin wanted to get some compost and a couple more plants from the garden centre on the way back so that is where we went. Then he surprised me by turning into the posher garden centre for a little coffee in their new coffee shop cafe area, which is a complete change from what it used to be like. Lovely decor, and very nice tables and sofas etc., And...a really lovely coffee to boot. What a treat Bless him. I really enjoyed that.  Thankyou Vin I enjoyed that.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Up quite nice and early this morning because we had an appointment at the E.N.T. clinic at twelve o'clock. So we got ready. left the house at eleben ish and went our usual way to Aintree. Needless to sy the traffic was light so we got there early. Vin parked in the waiting area in front got me a wheelchair and went off to park the car.  Caught up with me a bit later in the foyer and we went up to the clinic. The receptionist looked at the computer because she couldn't find my notes and found that we had an appointment alright but it was for the 7th of July not June. !!!! Ooops. Anyway she said she would see if they could fit me in and cancelled the one for July.
I did see a registrar quite quickly actually who asked questions, examined my ears said there was not much on the MRI scan except some fluid which could have been the infection at the time, de-waxed both ears which is great if a bit noisy :) 
Then he discharged me from that clinic which I thought they would, and we set off to the co-op down the road whwere we had our sandwiches for lunch. So in the end what could have been a disaster turned ouyt to be excellent.
The cats along here have all been doing funny things. Our Tootsie has been asleep on our next door but ones bed!! and on his front room window sill and wouldn't move. Vin had to go and get her. Then we had the cat from the house at the end in our bedroom. Think they have been having some sort of mad cat week. What is that all about!! 
Podiatry appointment tomorrow. At least we know that is right!

Looks like butter wouldn't melt :) :)